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How climate change is affecting mental health in some of the Caribbean's Indigenous communities Netballers may have a new pay deal, but the sport remains in a precarious position How to stay hopeful in a world seemingly beyond saving Could visiting a museum be the secret to a healthy life? Australia's first mobile cooling hub is ready for searing heat this summer – and people who are homeless helped design it As the temperature rises, so do rates of domestic violence What does El Niño do to the weather in your state? What's the difference between 'reasonable and necessary' and 'foundational' supports? Here's what the NDIS review says Councils are opening the door to tiny houses as a quick, affordable and green solution Friday essay: blind people are often exhausted by daily prejudice – but being blind is 'inherently creative' We thought we’d find 200 species living in our house and yard. We were very wrong I’m an expert in diplomatic gift giving. Here are my 5 top tips for the best Christmas present exchange Harnessing the oceans to ‘bury’ carbon has huge potential – and risk – so NZ needs to move with caution When 'rights' divide: Trans kids need supportive families How ChatGPT can help you do archival research — but never replace archivists The sky's the limit: A brief history of in-flight entertainment Bringing Justice to Child Victims of War World News in Brief: Russia’s LGBT ban condemned, unprecedented Africa malnutrition crisis, health after childbirth The Peasants: this oil-painted film of Władysław Reymont's novel is a visual masterpiece From rented Christmas jumpers to ‘shwopping’, the secrets of successful business-charity collaborations Billions have been raised to restore forests, with little success. Here's the missing ingredient North Korea: electoral reform prompts speculation that Kim Jong-un is grooming his daughter to succeed him The longstanding mystery of Mars' moons – and the mission that could solve it Dear politicians: to solve our food bank crisis, curb corporate greed and implement a basic income Ukraine recap: western divisions an ominous sign for Kyiv as the aid funding tap begins to dry up Boris Johnson at the COVID inquiry: sullen, evasive and a danger to democracy OCD is so much more than handwashing or tidying. As a historian with the disorder, here's what I've learned There's no norovirus outbreak in the UK – so why is a sharp rise in patients being reported? New investment labels aim to help savers spot sustainable products – but won’t always stop greenwashing This 17th-century portrait was given plumper lips years after it was finished – an expert explains why Seven original 1970s skateparks that show why these urban treasures should be protected Climate 'tipping points' can be positive too – our report sets out how to engineer a domino effect of rapid changes Why Israel's intelligence chiefs failed to listen to October 7 warnings – and the lessons to be learned How bird feeders help small species fight infection Holocaust comparisons are overused -- but in the case of Hamas' Oct. 7 attack on Israel they may reflect more than just the emotional response of a traumatized people Israel/OPT: US must not block a resolution to demand an immediate ceasefire How EU-registered vessels use flags of convenience to mask illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing practices in West Africa When research study materials don't speak their participants' language, data can get lost in translation Disinformation is rampant on social media – a social psychologist explains the tactics used against you What does weight-inclusive health care mean? A dietitian explains what some providers are doing to end weight stigma Why dozens of North American bird species are getting new names: Every name tells a story How I identified a probable pen name of Louisa May Alcott Biases behind transgender athlete bans are deeply rooted How new reports reveal Israeli intelligence underestimated Hamas and other key weaknesses Apartheid in Namibia: why human rights and women are celebrated on the same day 4 east African countries are going for nuclear power – why this is a bad idea Terror in Uganda: what's driving the Islamic State-linked rebels Yule – a celebration of the return of light and warmth Stories from the UN Archive: The man who defined genocide Russian fascism: the six principles of Putin’s nationalist ideology Politics with Michelle Grattan: Bill Shorten on making the NDIS fit for purpose Helping the Pacific financially is a great start – but Australia must act on the root cause of the climate crisis Unprecedented drought in the Amazon threatens to release huge stores of carbon – podcast Benin: Sparkling new tourist projects cannot hide the spectre of forced evictions. Nigeria: Military attempting to cover up mass killing of civilians Water crisis in South Africa: damning report finds 46% contamination, 67% of treatment works near to breaking down Grattan on Friday: winners and losers in end-of-year report card on Albanese ministers Lebanon: Deadly Israeli attack on journalists must be investigated as a war crime Israel: Strikes on Journalists in Lebanon Apparently Deliberate Barefoot exodus in Gaza If humans disappeared, what would happen to our dogs? Nepal: District Court’s historic verdict a welcome step for justice for Dalit community Nigeria: Erroneous Military Airstrike Creative bureaucracy is possible. Here are 3 things cities do to foster innovative local government How agriculture can make the most of one of the world’s biggest carbon stocks, soil Creative bureacracy is possible. Here are 3 things cities do to foster innovative local government Nobody reads T&C's – but the High Court’s Ruby Princess decision shows consumer law may protect us anyway Sexual orientation and earnings appear to be linked – but patterns differ for NZ men and women Recommendations to reboot the NDIS have finally been released. 5 experts react COP28: Turning the tap off slowly – why Australia's decision to end overseas fossil fuel finance matters Sri Lanka: Tamils Detained for Commemorating War Dead Peru: Fujimori’s Release Violates International Law Steelpan virtuoso Earl Rodney dies at 85, leaving ‘quality’ music and questions as to whether Trinidad & Tobago could be doing more to honour its cultural icons Carbon removal is needed to achieve net zero but has its own climate risks 5 expert tips on how to look after your baby in a heatwave CSIS sexual assault allegations highlight the need for external oversight World News in Brief: Nigeria airstrikes condemned, supporting Venezuelan migrants and refugees, weapons in Myanmar New York City youth give a shout out to human rights worldwide The Sunnylands Statement sets a positive signal: World leaders gathered for COP28 must build off of it Don't applaud the climate summit's loss and damage fund deal just yet – it might not warrant that standing ovation Noam Chomsky turns 95: the social justice advocate paved the way for AI. Does it keep him up at night? Guide to the classics: the sophisticated aesthetics of Sei Shōnagon’s The Pillow Book The Boy and the Heron is an autobiographical reflection by Hayao Miyazaki in the twilight of his life A great year to be a cabbage white butterfly: why are there so many and how can you protect your crops? What is needle spiking, and how can I protect myself? Earth may have had all the elements needed for life within it all along − contrary to theories that these elements came from meteorites Oh, Christmas tree: The economics of the US holiday tree industry How to encourage China to become a law-abiding member of the rules-based international order Here's how much your holiday dinner will cost this year World News in Brief: Nigeria airstrikes condemned, support for Venezuelan migrants and refugees, weapons in Myanmar Why empathy constitutes the ultimate leadership skill Technology is stealing your time in ways you may not realise – here’s what you can do about it UFOs: how astronomers are searching the sky for alien probes near Earth Rural communities are being left behind because of poor digital infrastructure, research shows Universal basic income: Wales is set to end its experiment – why we think that’s a mistake Five tips on talking politics with family without falling out – from a conflict resolution expert US election: as the first Republican primary looms, a Trump win looks inevitable – but who comes second matters Why dimming the Sun would be an effective tool in the fight against climate change Elliott Erwitt: Jewish photographer who fled facism and spread a little joy in a post-WWII world Climate tipping points are nearer than you think – our new report warns of catastrophic risk How agriculture can make the most of one of the world’s biggest carbon sink, soil How three environmental defenders are fighting fossil fuel injustice and climate change Pakistan’s Air Pollution Shortens Lives Museum of Russian anti-war street art opens online Private firms profiting from your vote: The role of the influence industry around the world Book explores how colleges seek to increase racial diversity without relying on race in college admissions Citizen science projects tend to attract white, affluent, well-educated volunteers − here's how we recruited a more diverse group to identify lead pipes in homes Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the weedkiller Roundup, is showing up in pregnant women living near farm fields – that raises health concerns Intellectual humility is a key ingredient for scientific progress How electroconvulsive therapy heals the brain − new insights into ECT, a stigmatized yet highly effective treatment for depression Sandra Day O’Connor's experience as a legislator guided her consensus-building work on the Supreme Court Tuberville ends holdout on most high-ranking military nominations Kissinger’s obsession with Chile enabled a murderous dictatorship that still haunts the country Your car might be watching you to keep you safe − at the expense of your privacy More than a third of people with dementia don't know they have it – what to do if you suspect your partner has the condition Ghana’s media treats terrorism as a threat from outside – it overlooks violence at home COP28: South Africa pioneered plans to transition to renewable energy – what went wrong DRC elections: three factors that have shaped Tshisekedi's bumpy first term as president Why we need a moratorium on eel fishing Afghanistan: ICC justice should match victims’ demands Wonka: Timothée Chalamet shines in an otherwise pedestrian prequel The new Tesla Cybertruck is super-fast and bullet-proof – but who is it for? An expert analyses the design Attack on Gaza: Israeli rhetoric fuels fears of ethnic cleansing as IDF assault continues to push south The enduring wartime spirit that powers classic Christmas songs What is the government's preventative detention bill? Here's how the laws will work and what they mean for Australia's detention system Why Yemen's Houthis are getting involved in the Israel-Hamas war and how it could disrupt global shipping States agree to do more heavy lifting on disability, in exchange for extra health and GST funding Bahrain: 13 People Convicted in Unfair Mass Trial The 7 charts that show Australians struggling as saving falls to near zero Peru: Investigations against president and security forces must not put justice for victims at risk Libya: Derna Flood Response Costs Lives UAE’s COP28 Promises on Climate, Health Ignored at Home As COP28 launches a Loss and Damage Fund, devastating rains highlight Caribbean islands’ increasing vulnerability to climate change impacts Iran: Security forces used rape and other sexual violence to crush “Woman Life Freedom” uprising with impunity Burundi: Landmark law on gender-based violence must be strengthened to meet regional and international standards It's extremely hot and I'm feeling weak and dizzy. Could I have heat stroke? Can the government's new market mechanism help save nature? Yes – if we get the devil out of the detail Curious Kids: why do some farts smell and some don’t? And why do some farts feel hot? The government hopes private investors will fund social services – the evidence isn't so optimistic Astronomers finally caught radio waves from 40 large galaxies in the nearby universe Afghanistan: Taliban Schools Also Failing Boys Microsoft's ban on third-party controllers on the Xbox excludes some disabled gamers from using the device Seizing Russian state assets to rebuild Ukraine: Will it prolong the war, or end it? Wikipedia's volunteer editors are fleeing online abuse. Here's what that could mean for the internet (and you) Labor down but still has large lead in federal Resolve poll; it's close in Queensland Asher Keddie is outstanding in Strife – but the show gives us an uneven look at girlboss feminism Even More Journalists Arrested in Azerbaijan World News in Brief: WFP ‘pauses’ north Yemen food aid, human rights and sport, Myanmar latest NZ First fears over WHO regulations are misplaced – robust checks and balances already exist Want to know if your data are managed responsibly? Here are 15 questions to help you find out Fact-bombing by experts doesn't change hearts and minds. But good science communication can Australian homes can be made climate-ready, reducing bills and emissions – a new report shows how Abortion is now legal across Australia – but it's still hard to access. Doctors are both the problem and the solution Napoleon director Ridley Scott is calling on us historians to ‘get a life’ – and he has a point. Art is about more than historical facts An inside look at the dangerous, painstaking work of collecting evidence of suspected war crimes in Ukraine Are Australian students really falling behind? It depends which test you look at What is the hospital funding agreement politicians are talking about today? Latin America's solidarity with Gaza defies US imperialism Education should look to the way artists are embracing AI, instead of turning its back on the technology 'Just the rich can do it': our research shows how immigration income requirements devastate families Why did Keir Starmer pen the 'Margaret Thatcher' article for the Telegraph? Our research suggests it may yield votes The climate change we caused is here for at least 50,000 years – and probably far longer Why the UK economy is in such a state – and even the Labour party doesn’t seem to get how bad things are John Byrne: paying tribute to one of Scotland's greatest creative cultural forces Blue Eye Samurai: historian explains what the Netflix series gets right and wrong about real Edo-period Japan Warfare ruins the environment – and not just on the front lines Japan: Myths to Manga – Young V&A exhibition celebrates nature's influence on Japanese culture Low PISA math scores post-pandemic: Policies need to consider both academic excellence and equity El Salvador: Policies, practices, and abusive, arbitrary legislation violate human rights and threaten civic space EU Commission Highlights Disability Rights in Ukraine Violence in Brazil’s schools: ‘No attacks were planned or conceived of offline’ Seti: how we're searching for alien life at previously unexplored frequencies Christmas tree syndrome: why the festive evergreen can make your nose run – and what you can do about it Apple, Disney and other big brands are pulling X ads – why Elon Musk's latest 'firestorm' could bring down the company COVID inquiry: how it works, and when we will know if it is successful Ukraine war: Russia's hard line at European security meeting ratchets up tensions another notch Socotra archipelago: why the Emiratis have set their sights on the Arab world's Garden of Eden How sacred images in many Asian cultures incorporate divine presence and make them come 'alive' Scientists have been researching superconductors for over a century, but they have yet to find one that works at room temperature − 3 essential reads Science is a human right − and its future is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Why Franklin, Washington and Lincoln considered American democracy an 'experiment' -- and were unsure if it would survive Hate crimes are on the rise − but the narrow legal definition makes it hard to charge and convict 'Inert' ingredients in pesticides may be more toxic to bees than scientists thought How a thumb-sized climate migrant with a giant crab claw is disrupting the Northeast's Great Marsh ecosystem Real or artificial? A forestry scientist explains how to choose the most sustainable Christmas tree, no matter what it's made of Hanukkah celebrations have changed dramatically − but the same is true of Christmas Mohamed Amin was a famous Kenyan photojournalist – there's much more to his work than images of tragedy Israel/OPT: US-made munitions killed 43 civilians in two documented Israeli air strikes in Gaza – new investigation EU: Lawmakers reluctant to stop EU companies profiting from surveillance and abuse through the AI Act ‘Code Amber’ turned into the black ribbon: North Macedonia mourns 14-year-old abducted girl found dead New genetic research uncovers the lives of Bornean hunter-gatherers Golden mole that swims through sand is rediscovered in South Africa after 86 years Australian teenagers record steady results in international tests, but about half are not meeting proficiency standards Canada: Amnesty report tracks years-long campaign of criminalization, unlawful surveillance against Wet’suwet’en land defenders Turkmenistan remains unsafe for women Will the RBA raise rates again? Unless prices surge over summer, it's looking less likely View from The Hill: government's announcement tsunami overshadowed by crisis over ex-detainees Global: Record number of fossil fuel lobbyists at COP undermines critical climate talks Uzbekistan: Blogger Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison Could antivirals reduce your risk of long COVID? Where the research is up to on prevention and treatment Global: Amnesty International website launches on Tor network to help universal access Jordan: Security Forces Target LGBT Activists Ghana: Invest More in Mental Health Services Jordan: Security Forces Target LGBT Activists At HOTA, sneakers find their well-deserved place in art galleries at last Fossil CO₂ emissions hit record high yet again in 2023 If you want to avoid ‘giving away your first born’ make sure you read the terms and conditions before signing contracts What does Australian-grown coffee taste like, and how does it compare? Our research describes its unique 'terroir' Pinchgut’s premiere of Handel’s Rinaldo sets a new benchmark for contemporary baroque opera Iraq: UN team issues latest report on terrorist atrocities Humans, rats and dogs pushed the takahē into Fiordland – new genetic research maps its dramatic journey Implementing a basic income means overcoming myths about the 'undeserving poor' Public health errors: Why it's crucial to understand what they are before assessing COVID-19 responses What happens after net zero? The impacts will play out for decades, with poorest countries still feeling the heat How conspiracy theories can affect the communities they attack – new research Rats are more human than you think – and they certainly like being around us Holiday co-parenting after separation or divorce: 6 legal and practical tips for surviving and thriving 'A deeply thoughtful and sensuous show': a rarely experienced intimacy with Louise Bourgeois Will Japanese encephalitis return this summer? What about other diseases mosquitoes spread? Was going to space a good idea? Cruel summer ahead – why is Australia so unprepared? Why do private schools get more holidays than public schools? COP28: with a ‘loss and damage’ fund in place, protecting climate refugees is more urgent than ever Best books of 2023: our experts share the books that have stayed with them Endometriosis: It’s time to change the pattern of pain, stigma and barriers to diagnosis and treatment COP28 president is wrong – science clearly shows fossil fuels must go (and fast) Getting climate funds to conflict zones – a case for working with armed groups and local communities Childhood pneumonia is surging in many countries – while the germs causing it are known, the effects of co-infections aren't Exercise benefits physical and brain health in people with Down's syndrome – new research Collagen supplements may help improve the health of your tendons and bones Why iconic trees are so important to us – and how replacing those that fall is often complicated How a hybrid heating system could lower your bills and shrink your carbon footprint All the video games shortlisted for the 2023 Game Awards – reviewed by experts Uber's U-turn over listing black cabs isn't difficult to understand when you look at its finances Celebrating Dick Marty, a Human Rights Champion Why OpenAI developing an artificial intelligence that's good at maths is such a big deal How A.S. Byatt’s northern identity and anger over climate change informed her fiction The OpenAI saga demonstrates how big corporations dominate the shaping of our technological future Why isn't there any sound in space? An astronomer explains why in space no one can hear you scream Online 'likes' for toxic social media posts prompt more − and more hateful − messages With the end of the Hollywood writers and actors strikes, the creator economy is the next frontier for organized labor Here's what happened when I taught a fly-fishing course in the waterways of New Orleans Philadelphia reduces school-based arrests by 91% since 2013 – researchers explain the effects of keeping kids out of the legal system Texas is suing Planned Parenthood for $1.8B over $10M in allegedly fraudulent services it rendered – a health care economist explains what's going on New England stone walls lie at the intersection of history, archaeology, ecology and geoscience, and deserve a science of their own Certain states, including Arizona, have begun scrapping court costs and fees for people unable to pay – two experts on legal punishments explain why ICC: Combat Double Standards for Justice Burkina Faso: Prominent Rights Activist Abducted Hong Kong protest leader Agnes Chow skips bail and leaves the city for good Tackling climate change can improve public health in Africa – new report highlights how Philippines: Authorities must thoroughly investigate sickening attack on Catholic mass EU: Take Strong Rights Stance at Summit With China From Hun Sen to Hun Manet: The worrying state of free speech in Cambodia Could you move from your biological body to a computer? An expert explains ‘mind uploading’ We're in an El Niño – so why has Australia been so wet? Colombian Disability Rights Activist Honored DR Congo: Mob Lynches Soldier in Apparent Hate Crime UAE: Fossil Fuels Poison Air Serbia: World Bank-funded digital welfare system exacerbating poverty, especially for Roma and people with disabilities Australia: Increase Support for Women’s Rights Globally Stay or go? Most older Australians want to retire where they are, but renters don’t always get a choice At the End of the Land: an avalanche of images that invites us to sit alone in time and space together Two charts in Australia's 2023 climate statement show we are way off track for net zero by 2050 'The Labor family is broken-hearted': Albanese pays tribute to Peta Murphy, dead at 50 COP28: health is finally on the agenda – but there's more to do as we face continued climate extremes A home among the gum trees: will the Great Koala National Park actually save koalas? Nicola Willis warns of fiscal ‘snakes and snails’ – her first mini-budget will be a test of NZ’s no-surprises finance rules For domestic violence victim-survivors, a data or privacy breach can be extraordinarily dangerous The amazing NGV Triennial 2023 makes us question our world and forces us to see it differently Lydia Davis' amusing, insightful stories address the estrangements of everyday life – and resist the hollowing of language Classic Aussie cinema and new twists on old classics: our picks of December streaming Australia has its first framework for AI use in schools – but we need to proceed with caution 4 tips to help your loved one with dementia enjoy the festive season Hyped and expensive, hydrogen has a place in Australia’s energy transition, but only with urgent government support Happy birthday AUD: how our Australian dollar was floated, 40 years ago this week We all know about JobKeeper, which helped Australians keep their jobs in a global crisis. So how about HomeKeeper? In Azerbaijan, five journalists arrested in ten days Gaza: UN rights chief appeals for end to violence and a return to dialogue Silencing Sarah Jama diminishes Canadian democracy Payment controversy over ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ provokes questions about documentary storytelling Equitable sentencing can mitigate anti-Black racism in Canada's justice system Why Canada's Smart Cities Challenge is missing the mark Canada’s Fall Economic Statement signals the ‘right to repair’ your tech devices Government's preventative detention for ex-detainees who pose serious risks set to pass this week Nine out of 10 South African criminals reoffend, while in Finland it's 1 in 3. This is why African countries lost control to foreign mining companies – the 3 steps that allowed this to happen COP28: Migrant Rights Essential to Climate Action COP 28 Should Amplify Voices of Disability Rights Activists It's the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and Trinidad & Tobago still has a long way to go A movement is growing across Africa and diaspora demanding reparations for the impacts of slavery and colonialism A Senate inquiry is calling for a new 'behaviour curriculum' to try and tackle classroom disruptions COP28: 7 food and agriculture innovations needed to protect the climate and feed a rapidly growing world Santos, now booted from the House, got elected as a master of duplicity -- here's how it worked Gaza war: what do we know about the hostage-prisoner exchanges and are they likely to resume? PFAS forever chemicals found in English drinking water – why are they everywhere and what are the risks? Exhibition explores how the Victorians are being reimagined in contemporary art Santos expelled from House not because of what he said but how he said it Why are people still flying to climate conferences by private jet? Sustainability schemes deployed by business most often ineffective, research reveals Destruction of Ukrainian heritage: why losing historical icons can leave a long shadow Artificial wombs could someday be a reality – here's how they may change our notions of parenthood Turmoil at OpenAI shows we must address whether AI developers can regulate themselves Electric arc furnaces: the technology poised to make British steelmaking more sustainable A Year of Anguish: Remembering the Killings and Sexual Violence in Kishishe We continue to risk our lives defending Colombia’s rivers and wetlands ISRAEL/OPT:  Urgent need for a sustained ceasefire to end civilian bloodshed and mass suffering as fighting resumes Generation 2048: time to resist, disrupt and transform FTX and Binance: how latest crypto scandals could influence public opinion on digital currency regulation Emissions inequality is getting worse – here's how to end the reign of the ultra-polluters Why men in 19th century Wales dressed as women to protest taxation Colonized countries rarely ask for redress over past wrongs − the reasons can be complex Who is still getting HIV in America? Medication is only half the fight – homing in on disparities can help get care to those who need it most These programs make college possible for students with developmental disabilities Bringing classical physics into the modern world with Galileo's Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment Why all civilian lives matter equally, according to a military ethicist How the keffiyeh – a practical garment used for protection against the desert sun – became a symbol of Palestinian identity 'Wonka' movie holds remnants of novel's racist past A First Amendment battle looms in Georgia, where the state is framing opposition to a police training complex as a criminal conspiracy Native American mothers whose children have been separated from them experience a raw and ongoing grief that has no end Why some people from the north of England end up leaving everything to King Charles when they die Argentina's Brexit: why new president Milei is threatening to pull out of South America's common market Yes, you can get syphilis of the eye – professor of ophthalmology explains Andorra: Activist on trial for raising concerns about total abortion ban at UN meeting Politics with Michelle Grattan: Chris Bowen's struggle to promote consensus on climate action at COP28 As Nepali villages modernize, mokha art is on the verge of disappearing Birth and Death Intertwined in Gaza Strip Tanzania Tour Risks Whitewashing Maasai Forced Evictions Ukraine: Russian invasion has forced older people with disabilities to endure isolation and neglect – new report A Kid Called Troy at 30: this beautiful Aussie film was one of the most important HIV/AIDS documentaries ever produced Social media ads are littered with ‘green’ claims. How are we supposed to know they're true? UAE: Mass Surveillance Threatens Rights, COP28 Outcome Alleged assassination plots in the U.S. and Canada signal a more assertive Indian foreign policy A Kid Called Troy at 30: this beautiful Aussie films was one of the most important HIV/AIDS documentaries ever produced Which blood sugar monitor is best? Want to cut your new home costs by 10% or more? That's what building groups can do A Stanford professor says science shows free will doesn’t exist. Here’s why he’s mistaken Protecting kids online: A guide for parents on conversations about 'sextortion' With The Pogues, Shane MacGowan perhaps proved himself the most important Irish writer since James Joyce COP28 climate summit just approved a 'loss and damage' fund. What does this mean? Bosnian volunteer firefighters: Courage, leadership, and unity COP28: Why we need to break our addiction to combustion COP28: the climate summit’s first Health Day points to what needs to change in NZ Heat at COP28 Highlights Risks to Migrant Workers Why are school-aged boys so attracted to hateful ideologies? Google's $100 million to Canada's news industry is a small price to pay to avoid regulation Gaza Update: ceasefire holds for now, but array of armed Hamas allies could threaten this fragile truce Do we live in a giant void? It could solve the puzzle of the universe's expansion We don't know how many victims of modern slavery are in prison – why that's a problem Buvidal: is it really a 'game changer' in the treatment of problematic opioid use? Why renewed China-US cooperation bodes well for climate action Can we sustainably harvest trees from tropical forests? Yes – here are 5 ways to do it better Friday essay: can marriage be feminist? – a 'hopeless romantic' says no, but a same-sex newlywed says yes The Australian Curriculum is copping fresh criticism – what is it supposed to do? Controversial claims about extinct humans are stirring up evolution research. Here's how the mess could have been avoided It's beginning to look a lot like burnout. How to take care of yourself before the holidays start The news is fading from sight on big social media platforms – where does that leave journalism? Massive planet too big for its own sun pushes astronomers to rethink exoplanet formation Edward Blum's crusade against affirmative action has used the legal strategy developed by civil rights activists Global: Initial pledges at COP28 to finance the Loss & Damage Fund fall far short of what is needed Nepal Registers Same-Sex Marriage – A First Russia: UN rights chief denounces outlawing of ‘the international LGBT movement’ The closer Venezuela gets to voting on annexation of the Essequibo, the more tense the border dispute with Guyana becomes Gaza war: Hamas's web of allies in the October 7 attacks makes ending the conflict much harder for Israel Doctor Who: what the show gets wrong about climate change and energy justice − new research Being child-free has been deemed 'selfish' for decades – the history of this misconception explained Does having children make you happier? Here’s what the research suggests Raising a child to 18 in the UK costs more than £200,000 – here's why How Frozen became the catalyst for Disney's shift from male-centric tales Henry Kissinger was a global – and deeply flawed – foreign policy heavyweight Women’s Rights Activists Under Attack in Afghanistan Gaza war: a better understanding of the violence on both sides might give us a chance at a solution Shane MacGowan: a timeless voice for Ireland’s diaspora in England Ghana's shea industry is not taking care of the women behind its growth Israel-Gaza: what the term genocide means under international law – podcast COP28 begins: 4 issues that will determine if the UN climate summit is a success, from methane to money Building African cities that cope with climate shocks – experts outline what it will take 'Baldur's Gate 3' became the surprise hit of 2023 by upending conventional wisdom about what gives video games broad appeal Drone fishing in South Africa is a danger to sharks and may be unfair to other fishers – study OpenAI is a nonprofit-corporate hybrid: A management expert explains how this model works − and how it fueled the tumult around CEO Sam Altman's short-lived ouster As plastic production grows, treaty negotiations to reduce plastic waste are stuck in low gear Israel's mosaic of Jewish ethnic groups is key to understanding the country Russian attempt to control narrative in Ukraine employs age-old tactic of 'othering' the enemy Pakistan: Authorities must end impunity of tribal councils as so-called “honour killings” continue unabated Malta: Indictment of El Hiblu 3 “the worst possible decision” Russia: Judgment labelling “LGBT movement” as “extremist” will have catastrophic consequences Russia: Supreme Court Bans “LGBT Movement” as “Extremist” Expert opinions differ on how much of an impact G20 membership will have for Africa How smartphones weaken attention spans in children and adults Grattan on Friday: As Albanese's fortunes slide, people start to wonder what sort of PM Peter Dutton might make Palantir: privacy fears over handing NHS data to US defence provider show how lack of trust is holding back much-needed reform Kindertransport's complex legacy: saving children from the Nazis while leaving their families behind Archie: Cary Grant drama doesn't shy away from the actor's dark side Pakistan: Authorities must end impunity of tribal councils as “honour killings” continue unabated Henry Kissinger has died. The titan of US foreign policy changed the world, for better or worse Reform delay causes dental decay. It’s time for a national deal to fund dental care Climate Inaction Not an Option for Maldives at COP28 Is Winston Peters right to call state-funded journalism ‘bribery’ – or is there a bigger threat to democracy? Henry Kissinger's bombing campaign likely killed hundreds of thousands of Cambodians − and set path for the ravages of the Khmer Rouge As COP28 Opens, UN Should Take UAE to Task New unified theory shows how past landscapes drove the evolution of Earth's rich diversity of life Artificial intelligence is already in our hospitals. 5 questions people want answered Parliamentary report slams mutual obligation, calling for total overhaul of employment services Thailand: Recent Refugees Pushed Back to Myanmar Gentle parenting can be really hard on parents, new research suggests Miniature organs on chips could revolutionize health-care research Aid workers in war zones like Gaza face impossible choices that can leave them traumatized To Tackle Hate against Jews and Muslims, EU Governments Need Better Statistics ‘The eagle has landed’ and Trinidad and Tobago social media users are thrilled COP28: four key issues that will dominate the latest UN climate summit Tech startups with diverse founding teams are more likely to seek IPO or acquisition How science saved the ozone layer Gaza war: how Qatar used its business connections to become a leading mediator in the Middle East COP28: oil pushers scrape the barrel as critical climate talks begin in Dubai ChatGPT turns 1: AI chatbot's success says as much about humans as technology The path to net-zero emissions runs through industry 'How is the Great Australian Novel going?' Not too bad, thanks Christmess is undoubtedly one of the best Christmas films to emerge – from anywhere – in recent years What is a 'just' transition to net zero - and why is Australia struggling to get there? COVID wave: what's the latest on antiviral drugs, and who is eligible in Australia? Australian uni students are warming to ChatGPT. But they want more clarity on how to use it A year of ChatGPT: 5 ways the AI marvel has changed the world COP28: How will Australia navigate domestic climate wins and fossil fuel exports at the negotiating table? 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