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By Georgy Poroskoun

The mercenaries led by businessman and former underworld figure Yevgeny Prigozhin surprised the world with their mutiny and their threats to reach Moscow in an armed column. Who is Prigozhin, whose name is now familiar to all of us? How will this historic event affect the stability of the Russian establishment? And at this point, should Jerusalem look differently at its relations with Moscow? (Full Story)

By Itzik Itzhak Dessie and Meir Elran

Amending the Anti-Discrimination Act, as proposed in the coalition agreements, gives license to generic discrimination against entire groups. This is a shameful moral failure that damages national resilience – and as such, Israel’s national security. he clause in the coalition agreement that permits discrimination against social groups “in services and entry to entertainment venues and public places” is morally and socially objectionable. The initiative is based on exclusionary bias and reflects the notion that Jewish, white, religious, heterosexual males are superior to all others, and further deepens the rifts and existing polarization of Israeli society. Indeed, the very proposal amounts to a blow against societal resilience and, consequently, national security. (Full Story)

By Eunice G. Pollack

On May 25, 2020 in Minneapolis, when a police officer asphyxiated George Floyd, an unarmed African American, by kneeling on his neck, the claim that he or his department had been taught the maneuver in Israel went viral. Although no link ever emerged, the libel endured. The handwriting was clearly on the wall. Yet many national Jewish organizations chose to ignore the signs. (Full Story)

By Itai Brun

What will the world look like one year from now, and how will the corona pandemic affect the Middle East? This article presents four possible scenarios: “continuation,” in which following a temporary interruption of a few months, there is a resumption of familiar global and regional trends from the pre-corona era; “revolution,” in which there is a fundamental change in the patterns that characterized life before the crisis and the world prepares for a new illiberal world order led by China; “breakdown,” in which all global actors emerge wounded from the crisis and the fragile structure of the international system collapses into chaos, expressed inter alia by new waves of upheaval in the Middle East; and “reconstruction,” in which the United States regains its initiative and resumes an international effort to repair the liberal world order and solve burning conflicts.

  (Full Story)

Beijing - Wikipedia
As Egypt formulates and implements its economic reform program, “the Chinese development model” is mentioned with increasing frequency in official Egyptian discourse as a supreme positive example. The Chinese model is identified in Egypt with modernization, scientific advances, foreign investments, integration into the global economy, and mega-projects that stand to yield high economic growth rates and enable a response to the challenges of a rapidly growing population and dire poverty. (Full Story)
La Rambla, Barcelona, site of the attack. Image : Wikipedia
by Saher Fares

How thin can excuses wear every time an atrocity is committed in the name of Islam? When 13 people were killed and scores more injured this week in a vehicle-ramming attack in Barcelona, Spain, and stabbing men shouting "This is for Allah!" on London Bridge and in Borough Market in June, what the victims least cared about was the Western elite pontificating that the latest atrocity "had nothing to do with Islam". (Full Story)

by Oded Eran , Vera Michlin-Shapir

The results of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union show a country fragmented and in a state of political and economic uncertainty that will persist for years. Moreover, the very idea of the European Union sustained a major blow that is liable to intensify during the process of separation. Two groups have formed: countries that are not interested in being EU members, led by Norway and Britain, and countries that cannot belong to the EU because the EU does not want them, including Morocco and Turkey. (Full Story)

By Giulio Meotti, Journalist, Il Foglio
You are sentenced to death. It's just a matter of time." This message, in Arabic, was sent by Islamists to Laurence Marchand-Taillade, National Secretary of the Parti Radical de Gauche (Radical Party of the Left). She now lives under the protection of the French police. (Full Story)
By Assaf Orion

Assaf Orion
In late November 2015, the Chinese and Djibouti governments signed an agreement on the establishment of a naval operations support facility in Djibouti upon the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.  (Full Story)

by Gideon Sa'ar 

Gideon Sa'ar

Over the past decade, Israel has been challenged by large scale migration from Africa, mainly from Eritrea and Sudan. Tens of thousands infiltrated into Israel from the Sinai border in order to find employment. Countermeasures by the government focused on border closure, deterrence, and the encouragement of voluntary exit. However, these measures have since eroded, and hence the question is whether infiltration into Israel will grow in 2016.  (Full Story)

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