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The sensuous, yet unsettling: remembering the groundbreaking Australian photographer Rosemary Laing Strategic silence: Furiosa’s silence in the new Mad Max speaks volumes about women’s agency Politics with Michelle Grattan: Andrew Norton on the Albanese government’s interventionist policy to cut foreign student numbers Hong Kong's first domestic security arrest targets Tiananmen activist Chow Hang-tung and her supporters Wondering how to teach your kids about consent? Here’s an age-based guide to get you started We know the seas are rising – so why are Australian governments not planning for it? Is Australia doing enough to respond to Papua New Guinea’s catastrophic landslide? Ukraine: Russia’s Odesa Cluster Munition Attack Harms Civilians TJ Riggs: “It’s difficult to watch Alabama continue to kill people and to do it so mercilessly and so often” Catherine McKinnon’s panoramic new novel presents a gritty view of war’s complexities Profession or trade? Why training NZ’s teachers in the classroom is not the right answer Pakistan: Abusive Evictions Target Urban Poor Why did primates evolve such big brains? First study of its kind says it wasn’t for finding food Pronatalism is the latest Silicon Valley trend. What is it – and why is it disturbing? The voice in your head may help you recall and process words. But what if you don’t have one? The coverage of Laura Tingle’s comments on racism is a textbook beat-up, but she’s not in the wrong Vivid Sydney’s future seems bright if it can balance spectacle with subtlety – but challenges abound Vanuatu is holding its first-ever referendum – here’s what’s at stake Australia is getting a new digital mental health service. Will it help? Here’s what the evidence says Spending too much time on social media and doomscrolling? The problem might be FOMO We gave 60,000 food products a ‘planetary health’ star rating – see how your favourites stack up 38% of Gen Z Australians identify as spiritual and half of them believe in karma. Why is spirituality so popular? Climate change and mental health: How extreme heat can affect mental illnesses The intersectionality of hate helps us understand the ideology of Donald Trump and the far right NZ Budget 2024: tax cuts and borrowing don’t always fuel inflation – but Nicola Willis has to get the balance right Fears over future of the car industry as sales fall and spare parts become scarce Women’s sports are thriving in Canada — here’s how to ensure it stays that way Religious discrimination against LGBTQIA+ children is deeply rooted in Europe’s religious schools It’s hard to find fossil skin, but a rare discovery reveals clues about the evolution from water to land Arts graduate education in Canada should be redesigned around students’ and society’s needs NZ Budget 2024: the coalition needs a circuit breaker – the National Party most of all New Wayuu documentary tells the story of a return to ancestral lands A trip of grief from Gaza to Cairo Democracy in Africa: digital voting technology and social media can be a force for good – and bad TikTok activism: how queer Zimbabweans use social media to show love and fight hate Pro-Russian breakaway region Transnistria shows limits of domino theory in international relations Fears that English is ‘disappearing’ in England are misplaced – history shows the island has always been multilingual Why are organisational cover-ups so common? Henry Moore in Miniature shows the brutal influence of wartime on the sculptor’s work Why using dating apps for public health messaging is an ethical dilemma Zombie fires in the Arctic smoulder underground and refuse to die – what’s causing them? From health to sports – ears can say a lot about you Digital campaigning is a huge part of elections now – but going viral isn’t everything Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel are becoming increasingly isolated internationally – they need to listen to their friends Kenya-Led Security Mission Prepares for Deployment in Haiti Zimbabwe Courts Seek to Silence Rights Defender Hong Kong: Arrests under new national security law a ‘shameful attempt’ at suppressing peaceful commemoration of Tiananmen crackdown New crossing points and ‘floating dock’ are cosmetic changes, as humanitarian access disintegrates in Gaza, warn aid agencies Carlo Acutis: what the first ‘millennial saint’ says about the Catholic church’s future Isolated phonics lessons aren’t working: here’s a better way to teach young children to read and write Descartes and the deep state: what 17th-century philosophy reveals about Trump and QAnon How extreme weather will affect the insurance and energy sectors How genes shape birdsong, even when birds grow up far from home Understanding how ions flow in and out of the tiniest pores promises better energy storage devices 2 knights, 1 horse − how a legendary Knights Templar symbol has puzzled and fascinated since the Middle Ages For American Jews, interfaith weddings are a new normal – and creatively weave both traditions together Quick adoption in 34 states of Erin’s Law to prevent child abuse shows power of one individual to make policy Americans break election ties in crazy ways − and jeopardize democracy in the process Risky business: Why executives keep finding themselves in political firestorms How the ‘model minority’ myth harms Asian Americans Iran’s intervention in Sudan’s civil war advances its geopolitical goals − but not without risks What QAnon supporters, butthole sunners and New Age spiritualists have in common Is Labour ready for government? Understanding Keir Starmer’s narrative of renewal Deep concerns over ‘inhuman’ detention of Gazans by Israeli authorities Germany Prosecutes Environmental Defenders Chad: Authorities must ensure fair trial rights of detained relatives of killed opposition leader Catching public transport in Queensland will soon cost just 50 cents. Are cheap fares good policy? View from The Hill: Albanese says cabinet ‘crafting an offer for the second term’ as Ed Husic ponders breaks for business Is Australia a racist country? We asked 5 experts What causes landslides? Can we predict them to save lives? Cate Blanchett, like most Australians, thinks she’s middle class. An expert on class explains why that matters Rethinking roads as public spaces – what NZ cities can learn from Barcelona’s ‘superblock’ urban design Changing native vegetation laws to allow burning on private land is good fire management From Mary Poppins to Winnie the Pooh, Richard Sherman wrote the soundtrack of life for generations of children Australia’s new consent campaign gets a lot right. But consent education won’t be enough to stop sexual violence Replanting trees can help prevent devastating landslides like the one in PNG – but it’s not a silver bullet Stand by for a pay rise on top of a tax cut. Here’s why things will feel better from July Swiftonomics: what we can learn from Singapore multiplying millions from Taylor Swift’s Eras tour No, sugar doesn’t make your kids hyperactive ‘Play well, win well’: new Australian sports chair Kate Jenkins faces challenges and opportunities Mad Max: Fury Road was a pioneering portrayal of disability. Furiosa is a letdown Sexual identity is an important part of our lives, and the law should recognize that Work-related health and safety issues must be paid for by employers, not the public Why is the Gaza war tearing us apart? Cost of living: if you can’t afford as much fresh produce, are canned veggies or frozen fruit just as good? How do I keep my fruit, veggies and herbs fresh longer? Are there any ‘hacks’? Future Made in Australia will boost sustainable growth and create jobs as far as it goes, but it doesn’t go far enough Buried kelp: seaweed carried to the deep sea stores more carbon than we thought Who really was Mona Lisa? More than 500 years on, there’s good reason to think we got it wrong Thieves, needlewomen, Aboriginal warriors and a ten-year-old boy: the free people transported as convicts to Van Diemen’s Land How the Middle Ages are being revisited through Indigenous perspectives Norway, Spain and Ireland have recognised a Palestinian state – what’s stopping NZ? ‘I'm going to promote a symphony’ of languages says Indigenous writer and new member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters DNA analysis reveals that there are more species of parasitoid wasps than anticipated How to thrive at work if your older boss expects hustle culture Mayibuye! The 100-year-old slogan that’s stirred up divisions in South Africa’s elections The World Cannot Afford Delays to Anti-Deforestation Rules South Africans go to the polls to choose a new government: what’s different this time Syrian Officials Convicted of Crimes Against Humanity in France Seeing the world through words: How books let us travel Hate speech and disinformation in South Africa’s elections: big tech make it tough to monitor social media Turkey's ruling party targets stray dogs in a new legal proposal DR Congo: Uphold Rights, Rule of Law After Failed Coup World leaders must commit to protecting Syrian refugees as Lebanon steps up crackdown ahead of Brussels conference We found over 300 million young people had experienced online sexual abuse and exploitation over the course of our meta-study Noise-cancelling headphones, earplugs and earmuffs – do they really help neurodivergent people? Eat a rock a day, put glue on your pizza: how Google’s AI is losing touch with reality Your smartphone might be linked to crocodile attacks in Indonesia. Here’s how Volkswagen: Address Uyghur Forced Labor Belarus: Crackdown on Human Rights Lawyers Magic mushrooms may one day treat anorexia, but not just yet Curious Kids: why can some plastics be recycled but others can’t? Riverdance at 30: how Riverdance shaped Irish dance, and reflected a multicultural Australia NZ is changing faster than the census can keep up – the 4 big trends to watch Israel/OPT: Israeli air strikes that killed 44 civilians further evidence of war crimes – new investigation Spectator racism is still rife in Australia’s major football codes – new research shows it may even be getting worse ‘Everybody has not won’: trickle-down economics was an idiotic idea. How do we fix the inequality it causes? No mullets, no mohawks, no ‘awkwardly contrasting colours’: what are school policies on hair and why do they matter so much? Maja Milinković: The musician blending Portuguese fado music with Bosnian sevdah Clothed pig carcasses are revealing the secrets of mummification – South African study provides insights for forensic scientists Decriminalization failures show half measures are not enough to address drug use problems and the opioid crisis Can marketing classes teach sustainability? 4 key insights Why are grocery bills so high? A new study looks at the science behind food price reporting Cyberflashing is a form of gendered sexual violence that must be taken seriously British Columbia needs a unified response to respond to the biodiversity crisis Banning offenders from changing their names doesn’t make us safer Men still dominate Uganda’s party politics – women’s participation is mostly cosmetic Horn of Africa droughts: how a network of groundwater bores could help – study Top economists give budget modest rating and doubt inflation will fall as planned If an asteroid hit Earth and all the humans died, would the dinosaurs come back? The Conversation’s Curious Kids podcast Top economists take a modest view of the budget, and doubt inflation will fall as planned Why May 21 is a day of mourning for the Circassian people A century ago, the women of Wales made an audacious appeal for world peace – this is their story Ganrif yn ôl aeth menywod Cymru ati i apelio’n daer am heddwch byd – dyma eu stori The saga of a stranded horse becomes a symbol of hope amid climate catastrophe in Brazil Politics with Michelle Grattan: Andrew Bragg flags a coalition would use ‘coercion’ of the states to get more new houses built Why small islands need their own Marshall Plan The surge in hydroelectric dams is driving massive biodiversity loss What the economic data told Rishi Sunak about the best date for a general election Louisiana set to reclassify abortion pills as controlled, dangerous substances − here’s what that means Putin’s designs on a Baltic island are leading Sweden to prepare for war Why the Conservative MPs standing down at this election are a huge electoral threat to Rishi Sunak Scrapping FA Cup replays has upset smaller clubs, but they could still win from being matched against the top sides GB News’s first election – how the new channel could affect broadcast coverage of the campaigns Little evidence suggests Rishi Sunak will benefit from a football feelgood factor by holding a July election – it may even be an own goal Does ‘whining’ really make you happier? A therapist gives his verdict Haiti: first Kenyan police arrive to help tackle gang violence – but the prospects for success are slim Depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder linked with ancient viral DNA in our genome – new research Discovering Degas: new exhibition in Glasgow reveals boldness and foresight of early British collectors What to watch for in Trump trial’s closing arguments, from a law school professor who teaches and studies them Election 2024: the stakes are higher than they appear, so quality information is essential Myanmar: UN rights office warns of growing crisis in Rakhine state Israel must comply with International Court of Justice order calling it to immediately halt military operations in Rafah Climate change may be fuelling a resurgence of piracy across Africa ‘It’s between us and gangs’: teachers are on the front line against youth violence Multiple sclerosis: blood test that tracks immune response could be first step in developing better treatments Hit Me Hard And Soft by Billie Eilish review – a flowing queer triumph that celebrates the album as a form Why it’s not ‘alright’ if your dog is friendly How the 18th-century ‘probability revolution’ fueled the casino gambling craze Why the US government is trying to break up Live Nation Entertainment – a music industry scholar explains Why Poland’s new government is challenged by abortion Muslim women who are registered to vote are more likely to donate money and volunteer than nonvoters 6 ways to encourage political discussion on college campuses What Philadelphians need to know about the city’s 7,000-camera surveillance system I want to keep my child safe from abuse − but research tells me I’m doing it wrong Colorado takes a new – and likely more effective – approach to the housing crisis Animals self-medicate with plants − behavior people have observed and emulated for millennia What is a secular state? How South Africa has tried to separate religion and politics EU Adopts Groundbreaking Business Value Chain Law US Supreme Court Allows Racial Discrimination in Electoral Maps The government’s cash splash aims to kickstart Australia’s battery industry. Has it flipped the right switches? Why a new ruling on the law of the sea and climate change matters for Australia and especially our island neighbours As COVID cases rise again, what do I need to know about the new FLiRT variants? Eugen Sandow was the posterboy of physical culture: his 1904 visit to South Africa reinforced racist ideas Europe: New EU due diligence law governing big business is a landmark advance for human rights Türkiye: Authorities must open Galatasaray Square permanently to Saturday Mothers/People ahead of their historic 1,000th vigil for missing relatives Heavy water: how melting ice sheets and pumped groundwater can lower local sea levels – and boost them elsewhere Libya: Arbitrarily Detained Political Analyst Dies Thailand: Investigate Detained Youth Activist’s Death The British election is Labour’s to lose. What would the UK–Australia relationship look like under Keir Starmer? The Matildas and Socceroos are soaring, while participation is growing – but the A-League is missing its moment to shine A rush on critical minerals is coming for our most remote and disadvantaged communities You leave a ‘microbe fingerprint’ on every piece of clothing you wear – and it could help forensic scientists solve crimes How Narendra Modi’s cult of personality was formed by a powerful Hindu nationalist group with a dark history We analysed 30 years of Australian media articles – and unearthed some glaring gaps in the coverage All surface, no substance. Kids will probably love Beings at ACMI. Pity about the rest of us What is a virtual emergency department? And when should you ‘visit’ one? What OpenAI’s deal with News Corp means for journalism (and for you) Married at First Sight NZ pops the question: can the relaunch put a winning Kiwi spin on the global format? Affairs, diseases and menages a trois – real Regency sex was even raunchier than Bridgerton suggests Why the upcoming South African election is a massive milestone for the ruling ANC What the International Criminal Court’s anticipated arrest warrants against Netanyahu and Hamas leaders mean for Canada Drug companies pay doctors over A$11 million a year for travel and education. Here’s which specialties received the most Friday essay: crimes against humankind – Rai Gaita on Israel’s war on Gaza and the student protests How First Nations fashion design can rewrite painful memories and be a powerful method of healing Life’s big moments can impact an entrepreneur’s success – but not always in the way you’d expect Ukraine recap: Putin on top as Kyiv scrambles to play catch-up on the battlefield A new ruling says countries – including NZ – must take action on climate change under the law of the sea Why knock down all public housing towers when retrofit can sometimes be better? ChatGPT’s use of a soundalike Scarlett Johansson reflects a troubling history of gender-stereotyping in technology Vaping in schools: Ontario’s $30 million for surveillance and security won’t address student needs These tips can help keep you safe during a potentially severe 2024 wildfire season How Modi is using TV, film and social media to sway voters in India’s election UN establishes International Day of reflection for Srebrenica genocide Sudan: UN and African Union must act swiftly to prevent mass atrocities in El Fasher Fossil fuels dependency exacerbates Pakistan’s power crisis African Standby Force turns 20: has it helped keep the peace? The pros and cons South Africa: Gold mine pollution is poisoning Soweto’s water and soil – study finds food gardens are at risk How do I plan for my retirement? Step one – start right away Hurricane forecast points to a dangerous 2024 Atlantic season, with La Niña and a persistently warm ocean teaming up to power fierce storms Our research reveals the scale of the EU’s dependency on imports for critical minerals needed for the green transition - here’s how that can change Parliament was in the middle of discussing some very important laws before the election was called – what happens to them now? The UK’s coastal ‘ghost enclaves’ are the result of government failure on low-use homes ‘Woke’ and ‘gaslight’ don’t mean what you think they do – here’s why that’s a problem Ultrasound waves zapped at the brain are being used to treat everything from hand tremors to addiction Saltmarshes do store carbon, but their climate impact may have been overestimated Bridgerton: must-know beauty tips for Regency ladies Women’s sport and social media: the arguments over shared or separate accounts Why the upcoming South African election a massive milestone for the ruling ANC How Detroit techno is preserving the city’s beating heart in the face of gentrification Guatemala: Amnesty International condemns gender bias in the systematic criminalization of justice operators and human rights defenders Bosnia and Herzegovina: Srebrenica resolution an important recognition for victims and their families Grattan on Friday: Growing momentum for governments to fight social media’s grip on children Should Ukraine attack Russian territory with western weapons? The debate in Nato is shifting Scarlett Johansson’s complaint to OpenAI is a new benchmark in the development of machine intelligence Affairs, diseases and menage a trois – real Regency sex was even raunchier than Bridgerton suggests We dropped over 8,000 pieces of litter into a fake river to fight plastic pollution The bacteria in your mouth play an important role in your health – here are four diseases linked to your oral microbiome The US has always had ‘big government’ – even in the Colonial era Calls for divestment from apartheid South Africa gave today’s pro-Palestinian student activists a blueprint to follow Militia extremists, kicked off Facebook again, are regaining comfort in public view 9 justices, many opinions: How the Supreme Court tells lawyers, judges and the public about its decisions and disagreements How Iran selects its supreme leader − a political scientist and Iran expert explains A 25-year study reveals how empathy is passed from parents to teens to their future children Here’s how machine learning can violate your privacy Phone cameras can take in more light than the human eye − that’s why low-light events like the northern lights often look better through your phone camera Most Israelis dislike Netanyahu, but support the war in Gaza – an Israeli scholar explains what’s driving public opinion Election 2024: Rishi Sunak has already lost control of the narrative Biden Should Oppose US Sanctions on ICC Bird flu is hitting Australian poultry farms, and the first human case has been reported in Victoria. Here’s what we know How 17th century refugees used the printing press to fight their oppressors – and laid the foundations of modern humanitarianism Honk! These monkeys have truly legendary noses – now we better understand why they evolved Why Vladimir Putin seems stronger now than he was a year ago Moments of hope: how Indians keep pushing back against the hollowing out of democracy On EU’s ‘Day Against Impunity,’ Stand for Equal Justice Yemen: One year on, Huthis must release Baha’is arbitrarily detained over their religion and end persecution of minorities Critical minerals for the world – or just for the US? Turning Australia into a green minerals powerhouse comes with risks Scarlett Johansson’s row with OpenAI reminds us identity is a slippery yet important subject. AI leaves everyone’s at risk Politics with Michelle Grattan: Madeleine King on investment incentives and the pivotal role of gas Sri Lanka: Crackdown Over Civil War Anniversary DR Congo: Prominent Activist Abducted Zambia: Opposition Figure Sentenced for ‘Defaming President’ Ban on children’s book ‘Same-sex Parents’ backfires down under Yemen: Houthi Landmines Claim Lives, Livelihoods Argentina: Reconsider Supreme Court Nominations The Vatican is cracking down on miracles. Here are the new rules for ‘supernatural’ occurrences It’s not just retiring athletes who need mental health support – young sportspeople need it, too US hostility towards the ICC is nothing new – it has long supported the court only when it suits American interests Singapore Doubles Down on Executions Why the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion is a bad deal for Canadians — and the world Rishi Sunak fires election starting gun with a damp whimper – but Labour will want to play down talk of a landslide How to end the wasteful boom-bust cycle driving NZ’s infrastructure gap: new report Using smart devices to schedule on-demand public transportation can save time and money The Swimmer, Russian thugs, Jesus’ feet: Anne Carson’s lyrical, surreal new work strategically pricks literary seriousness Southerly winds: How Nepalis are perceiving the ongoing Indian elections UK election called for 4 July – what happens next? Peter Dutton wants to cut migration for the sake of housing. Here’s why that’s not a good idea New research suggests girls in single-sex schools do slightly better in exams than girls in co-ed environments We’ve come a long way on gender diversity but what about class? How networks of private school privilege dominate Australian society Parenting a perfectionist? Here’s how you can respond What is ‘Net Zero’, anyway? A short history of a monumental concept Businesses and directors could face multi-million dollar penalties if they fail to disclose their climate impact A rare find in ancient Timorese mud may rewrite the history of human settlement in Australasia ‘Facebook probably knows I sell drugs’ – how young people’s digital footprints can threaten their future prospects Italy Threatens to Ground Rescue Planes in the Mediterranean Kairos by Jenny Erpenbeck wins the International Booker prize – a chaotic love at the end of times Abandoned lead mines are leaving a toxic legacy on Wales’s farmland, wildlife and rivers What are the ICJ and the ICC and how do their power and jurisdiction differ? Dyson spheres: astronomers report potential candidates for alien megastructures – here’s what to make of it How farming could change in a post-growth world Infected blood scandal: government has promised compensation but will justice really be done? Norway, Ireland, Spain recognise Palestinian statehood: what this means for Middle East peace – expert Q&A If Earth gets sick, so do you Asylum housing tycoon is among the UK’s wealthiest – here’s what conditions are like inside the properties his company runs Workplace besties: How to build relationships at work while staying professional Successful city parks make diverse communities feel safe and welcome − this Minnesota park is an example Thinking about polyamory? You’re not the only one Doctors engage the public by bringing a human side to social media Accountability Needed for Pylos Shipwreck Run streaks: is it safe to run every day? Why you shouldn’t take pebbles from the beach – here’s the science Collapsed FTX exchange plans to repay investors - this could be a fresh start for crypto Spirited Away play review: a wonderful artistic imagining of Studio Ghibli’s tale of environmental stewardship Beryl Cook and Tom of Finland exhibition: how an odd pairing bring out the best in each other IF: children’s film shows some of the joy that comes from having an imaginary friend Kenyan president will receive White House praise over troops-to-Haiti move − but lack of action across Americas should prompt regional soul-searching Biden and Trump will fight for Michigan’s votes county by county in a state where little things matter a lot Campus protests are part of an enduring legacy of civil disobedience improving American democracy How opioid treatment centers can overcome bipartisan NIMBYism to build local support An ancient manuscript up for sale gives a glimpse into the history of early Christianity US participation in space has benefits at home and abroad − reaping them all will require collaboration More military veterans and active duty service members are dying by suicide than in battle – understanding why can help with prevention Pets give companionship, cuddles and joy – and also unavoidable stresses Heat waves can be deadly for older adults: An aging global population and rising temperatures mean millions are at risk As international support for an independent Palestine grows, here’s what Israelis and Palestinians now think of the two-state solution As UK inflation falls to 2.3%, here’s what it could mean for wages Masks work, our comprehensive review has found Tanganyika and Zanzibar: Tanzania’s 60-year-old union may need a restructure The world is rushing to Africa to mine critical minerals like lithium – how the continent should deal with the demand The mother of African dance at 80. Why Senegal’s Germaine Acogny is so influential Climate: can young activists still sway the outcome of COP negotiations? What links our Siberian ancestors to a heightened risk of developing multiple sclerosis? Spanish Civil War: how the works of Ernest Hemingway and Robert Capa still define the conflict today Ecuador: Unchecked Abuses Since ‘Armed Conflict’ Announcement Iran: President Raisi’s death must not deny victims of his grim human rights legacy their right to accountability Chickens, ducks, seals and cows: a dangerous bird flu strain is knocking on Australia’s door How risky is turbulence on a plane? How worried should I be? Are some routes more prone to air turbulence? Will climate change make it worse? Your questions answered Labor takes a hit in Resolve polls in Queensland and Victoria Chickens, ducks, seals and cows: a dangerous bird flu strain is everywhere but Australia, for now Ecuador: Unchecked Abuses Since ‘Armed Conflict” Announcement Taiwan balances complex identity tensions at presidential inauguration Activists call for the shutdown of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office after three alleged spies were arrested in London Taiwan International Documentary Festival honors Myanmar filmmakers Strange brew: The stories and culture of tea in Russia Much of Guyana’s Almond Beach has been washed away, but a few residents stay behind to protect the turtles also losing their home Pakistan administered Kashmir faces internet shutdown amidst protests A network of journalists in northern Nigeria is fostering peace and reconciliation through their work The čajovna: a Czech interpretation of tea culture Age verification for social media would impact all of us. We asked parents and kids if they actually want it Help us help your health ‘I’m looking for a man in finance’: how a sampled sound bite can turn a dance track into an earworm He won Indonesia’s election in a landslide. Now, backroom meetings and horse-trading will determine whether Prabowo can govern Telstra says slashing almost a tenth of its workforce will help save $350 million. Why is the business under pressure? Worried your address, birth date or health data is being sold? You should be – and the law isn’t protecting you Japan Aid Project Still Helping Myanmar’s Military ‘I’m on my way home from work when my baby turns into a dragon’. Ariane Beeston’s brave account of postpartum psychosis gives lie to the romance of motherhood A dangerous diagnosis: How ‘excited delirium’ shapes police perception Diddy is just the latest in a long line of musical abusers. How should fans respond? University encampments highlight critical issues about the right to protest Anti-Palestinian racism needs to be included in Canada’s Anti-Racism Strategy Exercise, therapy and diet can all improve life during cancer treatment and boost survival. Here’s how We tracked secret Russian missile launchers in Ukraine using public satellite data Turning the outback into post-apocalyptic wasteland: what Mad Max films tell us about filming in the Australian desert ‘I’m on my way home from work when my baby turns into a dragon’. Ariane Beeston’s postpartum psychosis gave lie to the romance of motherhood Underage vaping is on the rise: here’s how young New Zealanders are finding it so easy to access Glass half empty? What climate change means for Canada’s wine industry Millions in the US at Risk of Losing Internet Access University encampments highlight critical issues on the right to protest Tibet: Mass Relocations of Tibetans Not Voluntary What is wind shear? An atmospheric scientist explains how it can tear down hurricanes Was Beethoven truly the greatest? United Auto Workers’ defeat at Mercedes’ Alabama plants underscores challenges for organized labor in Southern states TikTok law threatening a ban if the app isn’t sold raises First Amendment concerns Expansion of Asian American studies fueled by racial attacks and activism For many American Jews protesting for Palestinians, activism is a journey rooted in their Jewish values In some states that say they elect judges, governors choose them instead A century ago, anti-immigrant backlash almost closed America’s doors Drained but proud: how it felt to organise South Africa’s first democratic election in just 4 months UK-Rwanda migrant deal challenges international protection law Sweet sorghum is a hardy, nutritious, biofuel crop that offers solutions in drought-hit southern Africa Soviet media downplayed the significance of the D-Day invasion Rangers led the way in the D-Day landings 80 years ago ICC’s milestone bid for Netanyahu arrest warrant will have wide political impact even if he evades the court Alice Munro, master of the short story: superlative tales that exalt the drama of the everyday How inclusive language can help to reduce birth trauma As governments crack down on fast fashion’s harms, could Shein lose its shine? Chamber pots, shared loos and DIY plumbing: China’s toilet revolution exposes social inequalities Millions take antidepressants for chronic pain – but there’s little evidence the most commonly prescribed drugs work I sailed across oceans in search of microplastics – a new film charts my journey International development can tackle the climate and migration crises together New fossil brings us a step closer to unravelling the mystery of feather evolution Global: International tribunal sets groundbreaking precedent that will help protect oceans and people from climate harms Synced brains: why being constantly tuned in to your child’s every need isn’t always ideal Nightmares could be an early warning sign of an autoimmune disease flare-up – new study Bridgerton: in a show full of sex, many of the characters know little about it – the real ladies of the ton weren’t so ignorant Kenya is badly prepared for floods: four steps to reduce devastation and deaths Deaf and hard-of-hearing students need more support from their universities – South Africa study We’re helping farmers access future climate projections as easily as checking the weather Hepatitis C: thousands of people are undiagnosed – here’s what you need to know about the virus Met Gala: what fairytales can teach us about modern fashion trends Electric cars: swappable batteries could be the way to revive flagging sales Why Chile has a Palestinian football team – the bigger history How Sicilians are resetting their social norms to strengthen future generations against mafia influence Israel/OPT: ICC applications for arrest warrants for Netanyahu, Sinwar and other senior Israeli and Hamas officials crucial step towards justice Peter Dutton makes Labor’s case. Tax breaks for landlords should be restricted to those who build homes Will government investment make green hydrogen a reality in Australia? Mexico: Authorities use criminal justice system to investigate and carry out surveillance on three women human rights defenders Global: New technology and AI used at borders increases inequalities and undermines human rights of migrants ‘No one can act with impunity’: ICC arrest warrants in Israel-Hamas war are a major test for international justice The budget pledged $12.5 million for free menstrual products in Indigenous communities. Here’s why it’s needed For many Jamaicans, tea is much more than just a refreshing drink At last, Australia has fuel efficiency standards – but they’re weaker than they could have been At last, Australia has fuel efficiency standards - but they’re weaker than they could have been Farewell Anchor, Fresh'n Fruity and Mainland: what’s behind Fonterra’s decision to sell its consumer brands? Australian teenagers are curious but have some of the most disruptive maths classes in the OECD ‘When I’m 80, I want to remember how f***ing hot I looked’: why Bridgerton’s steamy carriage scene breaks new ground Can Iran avoid a political crisis after its president’s death? We still don’t know the extent of the MediSecure breach, but watch out for these potential scams Déjà vu in New Caledonia: why decades of political failure will make this uprising hard to contain What the Iranian President’s Death Means for Human Rights People with dementia aren’t currently eligible for voluntary assisted dying. Should they be? Flu vaccines are no longer free for all under-12s in NZ – children living in poverty and at higher risk will bear the brunt ‘How a healthy community should be’: how music in youth detention can create new futures A pest of our own making: revealing the true origins of the not-so-German cockroach What is fate? And how can it both limit and liberate us? Sri Lanka: Amnesty International’s Secretary General concludes five-day visit Seychelles: floating baby corals can help save damaged reefs – new study Snakebites can destroy skin, muscle, and even bone – exciting progress on drugs to treat them Small businesses can help South Africa fight unemployment if they get proper support – study The Details: could a ‘quiet COVID book’ win the 2024 International Booker prize? LGBTQ+ teachers don’t receive the training and support they need Five ways to keep towns cool in a heatwave Britain’s railways were never properly privatised – here’s how they could return to greater public control Smoking fentanyl can cause irreversible brain damage, report shows How Neanderthal language differed from modern human – they probably didn’t use metaphors US election: why Latino and Hispanic voters are shifting to Trump after a long history of supporting the Democrats The ‘Dark Triad’ and Donald Trump: What sends some to the C-suite and others to prison Our bodies don’t just make gall and kidney stones – from saliva to tonsils, these are other ones to look out for Now You See Us: Women Artists in Britain 1520–1920 – stunning in scope but celebrating female artists with exhibitions isn’t enough Vegan dog food has been hailed as the healthiest – our study shows the reality is more complicated Hedges beat garden fences as wildlife havens and flood barriers – that’s why I’m taking them to the Chelsea Flower Show Today’s record prices don’t reflect the true cost of food – but there are alternatives to asking consumers to pay even more New book provides insights into Jewish life and community in Argentina and Canada With Olympics approaching, it’s time to recognize children as a protected class in sport Climate change is a human rights issue Canadian governments urgently need to collaborate to support refugee students Any online ‘kidfluencer’ content or images of children can be sexualised, as Four Corners report shows. So what can be done? 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