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It took 16 years but South Africa has impeached a senior judge – who is John Hlophe and what went wrong? Understanding how the brain works can transform how school students learn maths Are slushies really bad for young children’s health? Sleep and circadian rhythm problems linked with poor mental health – new research Will Britons work until they’re 71? Expert examines proposed pension age rise Red Sea politics: why Turkey is helping Somalia defend its waters Nigeria’s security problems deepen as Anglophone insurgency in Cameroon spills across border Three secrets to successful climate litigation More than 100K Michigan voters pick ‘uncommitted’ over Biden − does that matter for November? Valencia apartment block fire: can safety regulations keep up with innovation in construction? The word ‘populism’ is a gift to the far right – four reasons why we should stop using it Ghana: Street vending helps migrants to survive in Accra, but it’s illegal – a solution for all is needed Why developing countries must unite to protect the WTO’s dispute settlement system Climate change: alarming Africa-wide report predicts 30% loss of crops, 50 million without water All parties to Gaza crisis may have committed war crimes: UN rights chief Net Zero to the housing crisis: how we’re using expert evidence to help policymakers improve UK society The leap year is February 29, not December 32 due to a Roman calendar quirk – and fastidious medieval monks How media coverage of presidential primaries fails voters and has helped Trump GOP primary elections use flawed math to pick nominees Anyone can play Tetris, but architects, engineers and animators alike use the math concepts underlying the game Mental fatigue has psychological triggers − new research suggests challenging goals can head it off The true cost of food is far higher than what you spend at the checkout counter How educator Gloria Jean Merriex used dance, drills and devotion to turn around a failing elementary school in a year What’s next for $25B supermarket supermerger after FTC sues to block it, saying it could raise prices Low-level blasts from heavy weapons can cause traumatic brain injury − 2 engineers explain the physics of invisible cell death It took 16 years but South Africa has impeached a senior judge – who is Judge Hlophe and what went wrong? Senegal: The seeds of an institutional coup ‘Am Abgrund’: The story of Azerbaijan's influence in Europe With the end of Newshub, the slippery slope just got steeper for NZ journalism and democracy Victoria’s fire alert has knocked Australians out of complacency. Under climate change, catastrophic bushfires can strike any time China: Free Detained Tibetan Demonstrators Why journalists are worried about the five new offences proposed in Hong Kong’s domestic national security law What is the role of the mother? At the heart of Anatomy of a Fall is a critique of anti-feminist backlash Dutton wants a ‘mature debate’ about nuclear power. By the time we’ve had one, new plants will be too late to replace coal Gail Jones’ One Another explores the life of Joseph Conrad and the transformative potential of reading Leap of imagination: how February 29 reminds us of our mysterious relationship with time and space The Lewis Trilogy is ultimately about a love for theatre: the sharing of stories in a strange little room The importance of critical minerals should not condone their extraction at all costs Other nations are applying sanctions and going to court over Gaza – should NZ join them? We can’t say yet if grid-breaking thunderstorms are getting worse – but we shouldn’t wait to find out Should you be checking your kid’s phone? How to know when your child is ready for ‘phone privacy’ War in Ukraine affected wellbeing worldwide, but people’s speed of recovery depended on their personality We talked to dozens of people about their experience of grief. Here’s what we learned (and how it’s different from what you might think) Independent MP Helen Haines has a plan to stamp out pork-barrelling. Would it work? Doug Ford’s political judicial appointments: Good or bad for justice and democracy? Philippines’ Marcos Addresses Australian Parliament Amid Abuses Where does lightning strike? New maps pinpoint 36.8 million yearly ground strike points in unprecedented detail A new Netflix doco shows Alexander the Great as queer, and some viewers aren’t happy. An expert weighs in ‘Who cares for men like Brian Houston?’ The Hillsong leader’s rise and fall is a gripping story, but how was it allowed to happen? Researchers found 37 mine sites in Australia that could be converted into renewable energy storage. So what are we waiting for? Universities Accord: early university offers won’t be made until later in Year 12. Is this a good idea? Universities Accord: there’s a push for a Higher Education Future Fund, but some unis ‘hate’ it Betty Smith enchanted a generation of readers with ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn’ − even as she groused that she hoped Williamsburg would be flattened The ghosts of the past: Pop music is haunted by our anxieties about the future US barrels toward another government shutdown showdown: 4 essential reads Why do some organizations’ boards fail? The answer might lie in how directors perceive their expertise and responsibilities Algerian Activist Keeps Up Fight from Abroad The untold stories of transgender people in Bangladesh as they navigate misconceptions Gifts that live on, from best bodices to money for bridge repairs: Women’s wills in medieval France give a glimpse into their surprising independence The future of work: Why we must think beyond the hype of the four-day week A black hole discovery could force us to rethink how galaxies came to be Would you drink recycled water? Delhi’s electronic bazaars are one of the city’s last non-elite commercial spaces ‘Budget Ozempic’: five ways this dangerous TikTok trend will harm your health Children get arthitis too, with life-changing effects – but exercise can help Economic sanctions can have a major impact on the neighbours of a target nation – new research Maps shape our lives – showing us not just where we are, but who we are RSPB at 120: the forgotten South American pioneer who helped change Victorian attitudes to birds Lee Anderson’s Islamophobia 101: how the Conservatives dodge responsibility for the prejudice that is rife in their ranks Governments must avoid policies that stigmatize those recovering from addiction Unintended consequences of NZ’s COVID vaccine mandates must inform future pandemic policy – new research Hungary: Propaganda Law has “created cloud of fear” pushing LGBTI+ community into the shadows Mavka: The Forest Song – Ukrainian animation echoes the ecocide of wartime Omega-3 fatty acids are linked to better lung health, particularly in patients with pulmonary fibrosis A Texas court ruling on a Black student wearing hair in long locs reflects history of racism in schools What the ancient Indian text Bhagavad Gita can teach about not putting too much of our identity and emotions into work Yulia Navalnaya, widow of Alexei Navalny, steps forward to lead the Russian opposition – 3 points to understand Belief in the myth of outlaw heroes partly explains Donald Trump’s die-hard support E-bike incentives are a costly way to cut carbon emissions, but they also promote health, equity and cleaner air Hundreds of thousands of US infants every year pay the consequences of prenatal exposure to drugs, a growing crisis particularly in rural America How psychology can help people live more climate-friendly lives – lessons from around the world Targeted social media ads are influencing our behaviour – and the government uses them too Could a couple of Thai otters have helped the UK’s otter population recover? Our study provides a hint Russia: Serbia’s history is key to understanding its close relationship with Moscow Macron won’t rule out using western ground troops in Ukraine – but is Nato prepared for war with Russia? Benefits of using cleaner cooking fuels are blunted in urban areas where outdoor air is polluted: findings from Ghana, Cameroon and Kenya Johannesburg’s water crisis is getting worse – expert explains why the taps keep running dry in South Africa’s biggest city Africa needs China for its digital development – but at what price? Burkina Faso: Abductions Used to Crack Down on Dissent Worried about price gouging? For banks, there’s a simple solution Drug shortage: what will happen if you run out of ADHD medication? Russia: Court Convicts Human Rights Leader in Sham Trial Hungary:Propaganda Law has “created cloud of fear” pushing LGBTI+ community into the shadows Russia: Oleg Orlov, imprisoned following appeal against sham trial, must be released Music activism as a form of social resistance View from The Hill: Labor ‘highly unlikely’ to contest the Cook byelection, as Morrison bows out with ‘plenty of scars’ Explainer: what are the protocols around the use of a firearm for NSW police? View from The Hill: Labor ‘highly unlikely’ to contest the Cook byelection How to be kind to yourself (without going to a day spa) Argentina: Amnesty International makes submission to Argentine criminal court’s investigation into crimes against humanity in Venezuela England’s rising rural homelessness is a hidden crisis made worse by looming council bankruptcy Antarctica provides at least $276 billion a year in economic benefits to the world, new research finds Alabama ruling frozen embryos are equivalent to living children has worrying implications for IVF Young people are drinking less in real life. But film and TV paints a different picture The US just returned to the Moon after more than 50 years. How big a deal is it, really? Poland has opened its arms to nearly 1 million Ukrainian refugees, but will they be able to stay for the long term? The biggest threat to Indonesia’s democracy? It’s not Prabowo, it’s the oligarchy To collaborate or confront? New research provides key insights for environmental NGOs Renewable energy innovation isn’t just good for the climate — it’s also good for the economy As Varroa spreads, now is the time to fight for Australia’s honey bees – and you can help Explainer: What is the UN Human Rights Council? How Tumblr raised a generation of feminists From a ‘magic mineral’ to the stuff of nightmares: a 6,700-year history of asbestos Is there an alternative to 10,000 kilometres of new transmission lines? Yes – but you may not like it 70% of Australians don’t feel in control of their data as companies hide behind meaningless privacy terms Universities Accord: almost 50% students don’t feel like they belong at uni. We need to fix this if we’re going to double enrolments The Secret promises we can ‘manifest’ what we want. But if that’s true, why aren’t we all rich and famous? I want to eat healthily. So why do I crave sugar, salt and carbs? Should world leaders worry about another Trump presidency? QANTAS pays women 37% less, Telstra and BHP 20%. Fifty years after equal pay laws, we still have a long way to go A pandemic that won’t go away – as COVID enters its 5th year, NZ needs a realistic strategy Pink Shirt Day must become a call to meaningful action against bullying How a Brazilian journalist working in Portugal faces online hate and sees the political context ‘Tek sleep and mark death': Oil disaster in Tobago is a cautionary tale Mozambique’s unstable and expensive power supply is devastating small businesses – study examines what’s gone wrong ‘Swarm of one’ robot is a single machine made up of independent modules How is snow made? An atmospheric scientist describes the journey of frozen ice crystals from clouds to the ground As war in Ukraine enters third year, 3 issues could decide its outcome: Supplies, information and politics What ancient farmers can really teach us about adapting to climate change – and how political power influences success or failure Anti-immigrant pastors may be drawing attention – but faith leaders, including some evangelicals, are central to the movement to protect migrant rights I went to CPAC as an anthropologist to understand Trump’s base − they believe, more than ever, he is a savior I watched Plymouth’s unexploded bomb being taken out to sea, and recalled the city’s wartime story A blow to the heart can kill you – or bring you back to life Five books to read if you fell in love with One Day Could tardigrades have colonized the Moon? Writing is a technology that restructures thought — and in an AI age, universities need to teach it more Why economists are warning of another US banking crisis Red Sea crisis: with fears of a UK tea shortage, worries are brewing over other crucial commodities How do opposition MPs prepare for government? The six key skills that should be on every Labour politician’s mind Britain’s rising rural homelessness is a hidden crisis made worse by looming council bankruptcy A Nasa mission that collided with an asteroid didn’t just leave a dent – it reshaped the space rock In Putin’s Russia, the death of Navalny has left the opposition demoralised but not defeated Investigating insomnia: our research shows how chronic sleep problems can lead to a spiralling decline in mental health Abusive Interrogation Video in Japan Shows Urgent Need for Reform Israel defying ICJ ruling to prevent genocide by failing to allow adequate humanitarian aid to reach Gaza With eyes on Gaza, Ukraine, UN chief launches rights protection pledge Rare megamouth shark found in east Africa for the first time – why so little is known about it The bog is where forensics and archaeology meet to solve ‘cold cases’ Relationship anarchy is about creating bonds that suit people, not social conventions Taiwan election 2024: how presidential candidates left women voters unimpressed Ditching meat could release vital land to produce energy and remove carbon from the atmosphere – new study NHS dentistry is in crisis – are overseas dentists the answer? South Africa’s apartheid legacy is still hobbling research – a study of geography shows how With eyes on Gaza, Ukraine and beyond, UN chief launches rights protection pledge New domestic security law may affect regular news reporting, says Hong Kong press group A veteran Hong Kong journalist’s choice to coexist with censorship Russia: Sham Trial of Human Rights Leader Draws to a Close Politics with Michelle Grattan: Jason Clare on the future of education in Australia Israel Not Complying with World Court Order in Genocide Case Egypt: Human Rights Group and its Director Threatened and Smeared Secrets in the canopy: scientists discover 8 striking new bee species in the Pacific Egypt: Rights Group and its Director Threatened and Smeared Ethiopia: End extrajudicial Executions in Amhara region, bring perpetrators to justice Now you’re able to look up individual companies’ gender pay gaps From this week you’re able to look up individual companies’ gender pay gaps Our native animals are easy prey after a fire. Could artificial refuges save them? What happens when we outsource boring but important work to AI? Research shows we forget how to do it ourselves Labor steady in Newspoll but down in Resolve; it’s tied in Queensland From viral social media ‘pranks’ to hooning, what makes teens behave so badly? What is Ryeqo, the recently approved medicine for endometriosis? Kazakhstan: Arrest of Karakalpak Activist at Uzbekistan’s Behest So, you’ve been scammed by a deepfake. What can you do? Nicotine pouches are being marketed to young people on social media. But are they safe, or even legal? Critics of ‘woke capitalism’ want to return to a time when money was the only value. But it never existed A ‘war on red meat’? No, changes to Australian dietary guidelines are just a sensible response to Earth’s environmental woes From this week, you’ll be able to look up individual companies’ gender pay gaps As Scott Morrison leaves parliament, where does he rank among Australian prime ministers? Why access to free prescription contraception is a crucial component of a national pharmacare program for Canada FAQ: Why are syphilis cases on the rise in Canada? Health-care AI: The potential and pitfalls of diagnosis by app Here’s what we can learn from Canada’s response to inflation in the 1980s and 1990s Why the West’s resentment of China is so misguided Pregnant women in South Africa should be offered social grants – it’ll save the state money in the long run Universities Accord final report: what is it, and what does it recommend? Universities Accord: the final report mentions ‘equity’ 200 times, but can it boost access for underrepresented groups? Universities Accord: ‘Gonski-style’ funding is on the table for higher education. This will see some unis gain more than others Universities Accord: many students could pay less for their higher education … eventually NRA loses New York corruption trial over squandered funds – retired longtime leader Wayne LaPierre must repay millions of dollars Nigeria’s ban on alcohol sold in small sachets will help tackle underage drinking A debt crisis looms over global majority countries Legion: Life in the Roman Army exhibition delivers exciting finds but fails to go beyond stories of men and weapons of war enough The Body Shop was the scent of my youth – and it’s young people who could resurrect the brand Legion: Life in the Roman Army exhibition delivers exciting finds but fails to go beyond stories of men and weapons of war Vladimir Putin has never understood why Ukrainians want to control their own destiny Modern democracies are in crisis. Could 18th-century political theorist Edmund Burke help us find a way out? Joe Biden has raised more than Trump so far – here’s how US election fundraising is working out Slouching isn’t as bad for you as you might think Javier Milei: Argentina’s new president presses ahead with economic ‘shock therapy’ as social unrest grows Your smart watch isn’t a medical device – but it is tracking all your health data Satellites are burning up in the upper atmosphere – and we still don’t know what impact this will have on the Earth’s climate Violence, dominance and passion on the big screen – and other things you should see this week Russia: Authorities must release Aleksei Navalny’s body and allow access for an independent investigation into the cause of his death Deadly tribal clashes destabilize Papua New Guinea Photo essay: Communities still coping in the aftermath of Morocco earthquake IQ tests: the danger of reading too much into them – and the crucial cognitive skills they don’t measure Nanotechnology promises to help farmers cut pesticide use – but could also make chemicals more toxic Perfect Days: Wim Wenders’ reflection on ageing, told through the toilets of Tokyo Longer sentences for ‘rough sex’ killers may not deliver justice for victims Gut microbiome: meet Lactobacillus acidophilus – the gut health superhero Arsenic in landfills is still leaching into groundwater − 20 years after colleagues and I learned how the ‘king of poisons’ could escape trash dumps How governments handle data matters for inclusion War in Ukraine at 2 years: Destruction seen from space – via radar Making the moral of the story stick − a media psychologist explains the research behind ‘Sesame Street,’ ‘Arthur’ and other children’s TV The Russia-Ukraine War has caused a staggering amount of cultural destruction – both seen and unseen Louisiana governor makes it easier for companies to receive lucrative tax breaks that take money away from cash-strapped schools The South Carolina primary is likely to reveal the eventual Republican presidential nominee - 3 points to understand Early COVID-19 research is riddled with poor methods and low-quality results − a problem for science the pandemic worsened but didn’t create Deadly tribal clashes destabalize Papua New Guinea Afghanistan: Taliban must halt all executions and abolish death penalty Peru's Supreme Court of Justice annuls the judicial process for forced sterilizations committed during the Fujimori government Tunisia: Release and drop charges against opposition activists arbitrarily detained for a year Bushfire smoke affects children differently. Here’s how to protect them YouTube influencer Ruby Franke will go to prison for child abuse. What are the ethics of family vlogging? How people get sucked into misinformation rabbit holes – and how to get them out Why Egypt refuses to open its border to Palestinians forcibly displaced from Gaza Global Voices seeks an Administration and Operations Manager Friday essay: neither a monster nor a saint … Sir Samuel Griffith, Queensland’s violent frontier and the rigours of truth-telling Do pre-sentencing reports really help Black offenders in Canada’s justice system? 40 years after his famous walk in the snow, a look back at Pierre Trudeau’s resignation When homes already hit 40°C inside, it’s better to draw on residents’ local know-how than plan for climate change from above Joining AUKUS could boost NZ’s poor research and technology spending – but at what cost? Saudi Arabia: Amazon reimburses workers for unlawful fees following Amnesty International report highlighting abuses Gaza update: Biden ups the pressure on Israel as deadline for Rafah assault approaches Climate change is fanning the flames of NZ’s wildfire future. Port Hills is only the beginning Extreme environments are coded into the genomes of the organisms that live there What does Donald Trump’s NATO posturing mean for Canada? Side-effects of expanding forests could limit their potential to tackle climate change – new study Victoria’s power outage could have been far worse. Can we harden the grid against extreme weather? Friday essay: neither a monster or a saint … Sir Samuel Griffith, Queensland’s violent frontier and the rigours of truth-telling ABC’s House of Gods: a bold and compelling exploration of contemporary life in an Australian imam’s family Emissions from households’ water use are on a par with aviation. The big cuts and savings they can make are being neglected We discovered two new Australian native mammals – the first of their kind this century ‘Why can’t I wear a dress?’ What schools can learn from preschools about supporting trans children Team Taylor – why Swift’s brand works so well and how it could come under threat Are you ready for it? ‘Yeah-nah’ comes back stronger – with a little help from Taylor Swift ‘Robotax’ is a symptom of a gap in Australia’s tax laws. Here’s how to fix it We looked at 700 plant-based foods to see how healthy they really are. Here’s what we found The secret sauce of Coles’ and Woolworths’ profits: high-tech surveillance and control Does a university undergraduate degree lead to a ‘good job?’ It depends what you mean How advanced genetic testing can be used to combat the illegal timber trade With Beyoncé’s foray into country music, the genre may finally break free from the stereotypes that have long dogged it Speaker Lindsay Hoyle sparks chaos: five steps to understanding why MPs stormed out of Parliament during Gaza vote Deepfakes in South Africa: protecting your image online is the key to fighting them Traditional weather forecasts: expert shares 5 ways Africa’s coastal residents predict floods Kalahari weaver birds lay bigger eggs when they have female helpers to feed nestlings Gaza war: will Israel respond to US pressure to tread carefully in Rafah? There is a precedent Out of Darkness: I’m an expert on human origins – here’s how this stone age thriller surprised me Sargent and Fashion: the American painter brings silks and satins into the limelight US election: Haley’s supporters believe radically different things to Trump. So where do they go next? Man eats raw chicken for 25 days – why isn’t he sick? How to choose a trustworthy mental health app in a market bloated with options Offshore wind farms: policymakers are more influenced by reports that accentuate negative impacts – new study Trump is no Navalny, and prosecution in a democracy is a lot different than persecution in Putin’s Russia UN Scrutinizes Indonesia’s Record on Socio-Economic Rights India: The price of protest must not be death Learning in two languages: lessons from francophone Africa on what works best It Happened One Night at 90: the film that defined the romantic comedy Russia’s economy is now completely driven by the war in Ukraine – it cannot afford to lose, but nor can it afford to win The UK government aims to stop publishing stats on homeless people’s deaths – here’s why that’s a problem Not all mourning happens after bereavement – for some, grief can start years before the death of a loved one Mothers’ dieting habits and self-talk have profound impact on daughters − 2 psychologists explain how to cultivate healthy behaviors and body image Bacteria can develop resistance to drugs they haven’t encountered before − scientists figured this out decades ago in a classic experiment Donors gave $58 billion to higher ed in the 2023 academic year, with mega gifts up despite overall decline Colleges are using AI to prepare hospitality workers of the future EPA has tightened its target for deadly particle pollution − states need more tools to reach it Philly mayor might consider these lessons from NYC before expanding stop-and-frisk How you can tell propaganda from journalism − let’s look at Tucker Carlson’s visit to Russia With Beyoncé’s foray into country music, the genre is finally breaking free from the stereotypes that have long dogged it Algeria: Five years after Hirak protest movement repressive clampdown continues unabated Grattan on Friday: Unshackle immigration from Home Affairs and give it its own department As Israel’s assault on Rafah approaches, Egypt prepares for a flood of Palestinian refugees Israel-Gaza: how opinion polls used in Northern Ireland could pave a way to peace Panama: Key Services Lacking at Climate Relocation Site Ukraine/Russia: Justice for Ukraine means accountability for all crimes committed by Russia since 2014 Despite escalating sanctions, key machines imported from East Asia sustain Russia’s war effort in Ukraine Africa’s debt crisis needs a bold new approach: expert outlines a way forward National Anti-Corruption Commission to warn of ‘corruption vulnerabilities’ ahead of federal election Governments Target Nationals Living Abroad Dating apps are accused of being ‘addictive’. What makes us keep swiping? Outrage culture is a big, toxic problem. Why do we take part? And how can we stop? Sentinels of the sea: ancient boulder corals are key to reef survival in a warmer world We gave palliative care patients VR therapy. More than 50% said it helped reduce pain and depression symptoms Changeling warrior Robyn Davidson has never been lost. She’s a seeker with the courage to keep looking Voluntary assisted dying is different to suicide. But federal laws conflate them and restrict access to telehealth World News in Brief: Ukraine attacks in Donetsk, Afghan quake costs, ‘forever chemicals’ dumped in US, benefits of multilingual education UK urged to end ‘national threat’ of violence against women and girls How colourism affects families in the UK – and how positive parenting can challenge it Universities should respond to cuts and corporate influence with co-operative governance Sporting change: How an elite swim club in Western Canada is addressing bullying Thermoelectric technologies can help power a zero-carbon future Myanmar: Mandatory conscription shows junta’s ‘desperation’, rights expert says World News in Brief: Ukraine attacks in Donetsk, ‘forever chemicals’ dumped in US, benefits of multilingual education The brightest object ever observed in the night sky is a black hole that’s growing by the equivalent of one Sun a day Why bans on smartphones or social media for teenagers could do more harm than good How colourism affects families in the UK – and how positive parenting and love can challenge it The 100-hour war between El Salvador and Honduras is famous for starting with a football match – the truth is more complicated A drug to treat frostbite is finally available Whether inserted, ingested or implanted, batteries are a matter of life and death Future graduates will pay more in student loan repayments – and the poorest will be worst affected Tracking tropical turtles deep down to the seabed reveals their feeding habits Q&A with Sergei Guriev: ‘The optimistic scenario is the departure of Vladimir Putin in whatever way’ Guide to the classics: Yevgeny Zamyatin’s dystopian novel We inspired Orwell and influenced the Western imagination Hard to kill: here’s why eucalypts are survival experts Privilege or poisoned chalice? As deputy chair at next week’s WTO meeting, NZ confronts an organisation in crisis The power and pleasure – and occasional backlash – of celebrity conspiracy theories Working from home is producing economic benefits return-to-office rules would quash ADHD drug shortages: what to expect if you take Vyvanse and can’t access your usual dose Australian passenger vehicle emission rates are 50% higher than the rest of the world – and it’s getting worse Unmarked graves, violent repression and cultural erasure: the devastating human toll of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine Western leaders threaten to undermine Navalny’s legacy in Russia OpenAI’s new generative tool Sora could revolutionize marketing and content creation Global: Delay to establishing the board of a fund for people harmed by global warming threatens to undermine human rights Navigating dreams, survivor’s guilt, and the yearning for Gaza Indonesian presidential winner charms youth vote with dances, TikTok, and cats Does hosting the Olympics, the World Cup or other major sports events really pay off? Gaza war: blaming Israel for October 7 Hamas attack makes peace less – not more – likely LGBTQ history month: celebrating queer memory in our cities Fascist propaganda on the big screen: the history of the NO-DO in Francoist Spain Free movement in west Africa: three countries leaving Ecowas could face migration hurdles Gut bacteria may explain why grey squirrels outcompete reds – new research The Settlers flips the western genre to explore cinema’s role in colonial crimes Alzheimer’s disease: Viagra is seen as a potential treatment, but the research shows contradictory findings Earth’s early evolution: fresh insights from rocks formed 3.5 billion years ago Antibiotic use on Kenya’s dairy farms is putting consumers and animals at risk 80% of premature baby deaths happen in poorer countries. Five simple measures that can help save them What is Alaskapox? A microbiologist explains the recently discovered virus that just claimed its first fatality Making it personal: Considering an issue’s relevance to your own life could help reduce political polarization Potato plant radiation sensors could one day monitor radiation in areas surrounding power plants I’ve been studying astronaut psychology since Apollo − a long voyage to Mars in a confined space could raise stress levels and make the journey more challenging Your heart changes in size and shape with exercise – this can lead to heart problems for some athletes and gym rats Marriage is not as effective an anti-poverty strategy as you’ve been led to believe Donald Trump is already flustering foreign leaders who are trying to prepare for a possible presidency Are fears of saying ‘no’ overblown? Wealthier, urban Americans have access to more local news – while roughly half of US counties have only one outlet or less Young people are lukewarm about Biden – and giving them more information doesn’t move the needle much Switzerland: Acquittals in Kolmar Group defamation trial are a step towards justice Anthony Albanese rules out early election – and wishes federal terms were longer Brad Banducci checks out from Woolworths, signalling a business out-of-touch with its customers Saudi Arabia: Release forcibly disappeared woman facing trial for supporting women’s rights online One man is trying to save a language in Bangladesh with only six native speakers Taiwan’s Indigenous languages are under threat – what can NZ learn from their successes and failures? Australia wants navy boats with lots of weapons, but no crew. Will they run afoul of international law? Why do I keep getting urinary tract infections? And why are chronic UTIs so hard to treat? By boat or by plane? If you’re seeking asylum in Australia, the outcome is similarly bleak President Javier Milei's parcel of laws to deregulate Argentina approved by the Argentine Congress How global warming is reshaping winter life in Canada A botanical Pompeii: we found spectacular Australian plant fossils from 30 million years ago Ridding Macquarie Island of pests pays off as seabirds come back from the brink – but recovery has just begun Marion Halligan was a woman of great warmth and generosity, and a consummate novelist Why 2024 could be a grim year for Ukraine – with momentous implications for the world What ‘psychological warfare’ tactics do scammers use, and how can you protect yourself? A small film asking big questions: The Rooster is a study of fragile, lonely masculinity Canada’s Genetic Non-Discrimination Act has only had a limited impact on the use of genetic information by life insurers Screen time doesn’t have to be sedentary: 3 ways it can get kids moving The Zone of Interest: the dark psychological insight of Martin Amis’s Holocaust novel is lost in the film adaptation ‘Shipping’, ‘slash fic’ and ‘Gaylors’: fans can find community through ‘queering’ idols – but is it ethical? Fire is a chemical reaction. Here’s why Australia is supremely suited to it Ancient DNA reveals children with Down syndrome in past societies. What can their burials tell us about their lives? If you’re worried about inflammation, stop stressing about seed oils and focus on the basics Some truths are self-evident: Joe Biden is too old. But who could possibly replace him? Canada is a suburban nation because of post-Second World War government policy How high school ‘university’ courses matter for all post-secondary access — more than the name implies The ArriveCan scandal: How can we avoid similar problems in the future? Suicide risk is higher in certain phases of the menstrual cycle – here’s what we know about this link The Virgin Mary features heavily in anti-abortion activism – and many Catholics are worried The destruction of Gazaʼs historic buildings is an act of ‘urbicide’ Capital gains: Sunak and Starmer’s tax bills show how the system benefits the rich A single Antarctic heatwave or storm can noticeably raise the sea level Argentina’s anti-government protests offer a lesson for the international struggle against the rise of the far right One million people in England may have undiagnosed type 2 diabetes – what you need to know Christchurch terrorist discussed attacks online a year before carrying them out, new research reveals Cybersecurity for satellites is a growing challenge, as threats to space-based infrastructure grow A message from the Global Voices board 3D printing promises more efficient ways to make custom explosives and rocket propellants Lagos: drugs, firearms and youth unemployment are creating a lethal cocktail in Nigeria’s commercial capital Defying expectations, disabled Japanese macaques survive by adjusting their behaviours and receiving support Bisexuality is better depicted in TV than film, where it’s still linked to ‘transgression’ Dementia can be predicted more than a decade before diagnosis with these blood proteins The energy transition can be fair, just and inclusive – but the window of opportunity is closing fast Religious diversity is exploding – here’s what a faith-positive Britain might actually look like Ukraine war: the west is at a crossroads – double down on aid to Kyiv, accept a compromise deal, or face humiliation by Russia Learning music the informal way some popular musicians do could inspire more school students Why Bolsonaro failed to overthrow democracy – and why a threat remains Social media users say their Palestine content is being shadow banned – here’s how to know if it’s happening to you Why West Africa’s education system needs transforming Anger and grief as Russians in Armenia and Georgia mourn Navalny’s death Overcoming the patriarchy in India's caste system: Minal's story Climate crisis ruins Himalayan pastoralists Ethiopia’s peace pacts with the Oromo Liberation Front have failed: here’s what was missing The psychology of great artists: beyond the myth of the lone, tortured genius South Sudan: some spoilers want peace to fail, putting 2024 elections at risk Women in South Africa’s armed struggle: new book records history at first hand How Lula’s big-tent pragmatism won over Brazil again – with a little help from a backlash to Bolsonaro Nearly 2 million Americans are using kratom yearly, but it is banned in multiple states: A pharmacologist explains the controversy Separate water fountains for Black people still stand in the South – thinly veiled monuments to the long, strange, dehumanizing history of segregation How politicians can draw fairer election districts − the same way parents make kids fairly split a piece of cake Nikki Haley insists she can lose South Carolina and still get the nomination – but that would defy history Murderous mice attack and kill nesting albatrosses on Midway Atoll − scientists struggle to stop this gruesome new behavior Carbon offsets bring new investment to Appalachia’s coal fields, but most Appalachians aren’t benefiting Turkey's search for gold has a massive humanitarian and environmental impact We can do more to help Ukraine Lebanon: Thousands in Tripoli living in unsafe housing a year on from devastating earthquakes DRC: Authorities must protect and assist civilians as fighting intensifies Did your dog dig in asbestos-laden mulch? Here are the risks – and what to do next ‘Free birthing’ and planned home births might sound similar but the risks are very different Politics with Michelle Grattan: Antony Green, Kos Samaras and Tim Costello on Dunkley contest 8 ways Woolworths and Coles squeeze their suppliers and their customers Lebanon: “We are not safe here”: Government fails people living in buildings at risk of collapse in Tripoli Digital surveillance and the specter of AI in Mexico Who was Robert Badinter, the most important Frenchman of whom you never heard? The government has unveiled its Navy of the future. Will it solve our current problems – or just create new ones? What is Sora? 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