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The green energy surge still isn't enough for 1.5 degrees. We'll have to overshoot, adapt and soak up carbon dioxide In fractious debate, GOP candidates find common ground on cause of inflation woes and need for school choice Australian universities have dropped in the latest round of global rankings – should we be worried? What causes lithium-ion battery fires? Why are they so intense? And how should they be fought? An expert explains EU: AI Act must ban dangerous, AI-powered technologies in historic law EU Commission Should Stop Ignoring Tunisia’s Abuses Against Migrants Beyond the PwC scandal, there’s a growing case for a royal commission into Australia’s ruthless corporate greed A journey of discovery and identity formation: The Dictionary of Lost Words makes its wonderful stage debut UN Rights Body Should Extend Ethiopia Investigations We should use Australia's environment laws to protect our 'living wonders' from new coal and gas projects 4 ways to support someone with dementia during extreme heat Bangladesh: Shipping Firms Profit from Labor Abuse GOP shutdown threat is the wrong way to win a budget war − history shows a better strategy for reducing the deficit Canadian media is far too reliant on U.S. tech. Here's what the government can do about it Will AI kill our creativity? It could – if we don’t start to value and protect the traits that make us human Gabor Maté claims trauma contributes to everything: from cancer to ADHD. But what does the evidence say? The disability royal commission delivers its findings today. We must all listen to end violence, abuse and neglect Even if Qantas is fined hundreds of millions it is likely to continue to take us for granted Ukraine and Russia traded barbs in the UN's top court over the legality of the invasion. What could happen next in the case? Transportation paved the way for colonization — it can also support reconciliation Extreme heat, extreme inequality: Addressing climate justice in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside Hidden in plain sight: Women face subtle forms of discrimination and bias in the workplace The enduring appeal of a century-old German film about queer love NZ Election 2023: latest poll trends show the left regaining some ground and NZ First as possible kingmaker US/Haiti: Suspend Deportation Flights to Haiti US urged to end detention of Venezuelan Special Envoy Karabakh: Azerbaijan must ‘guarantee the rights of ethnic Armenians’ Forcing people to repay welfare ‘loans’ traps them in a poverty cycle – where is the policy debate about that? One in six UK species threatened with extinction – here's what we could lose (plus how to save them) A lasting legacy of Ignacio Tomichá Chuvé: Revitalizing the Besɨro language on the internet Portuguese youths sue 33 European governments at EU court in largest climate case ever Lagos building collapses: we used machine learning to show where and why they happen Meteorite discovery: unusual finds by South African farmer add to space rock heritage Somali piracy, once an unsolvable security threat, has almost completely stopped. Here's why Do liposomes make food supplements more effective? A chemistry expert explains common myths about these products Green fuels in shipping face major challenges for 2050 net zero target The silence around vulval cancer means people are missing the signs that they have it Creatine supplement may help relieve some long COVID symptoms Threats of failure motivate some students – but it's not a technique to use on the whole class Antimatter: we cracked how gravity affects it – here's what it means for our understanding of the universe Queer leaders: LGBTQI+ people still overwhelmingly absent from corporate boards Driverless cars could be a revolution for people with disabilities – but they also have good reason to be worried Net zero goal still alive, says IEA – but the world still faces major obstacles to reach it Changing the age of consent is not the solution to protecting young people from unhealthy relationships with adults ‘You can’t even face your own parents’, activist against cyberbullying tells Human Rights Council A lasting legacy of Ignacio Tomichá Chuvé: Revitalizing the Bésiro language on the internet Marina Abramović retrospective celebrates the grand dame of performance art – but questions the genre's future What is an abaya − and why does it cause such controversy in France? A scholar of European studies explains Philly undercounts students who are homeless – here's what parents need to know to advocate for their child Harassment and abuse perceived to harm poor women less − new research finds a 'thicker skin' bias Why central banks should stop raising interest rates Hip-hop on trial: When can a rapper's lyrics be used as evidence in a criminal case? Why some Indians want to change the country's name to 'Bharat' What will this government shutdown shut down? Social Security and the IRS keep going; SBA loans and some food and safety inspections do not Azerbaijan's use of force in Nagorno-Karabakh risks undermining key international norms, signaling to dictators that might makes right Deceit pays dividends: How CEO lies can boost stock ratings and fool even respected financial analysts Treasure hunters pose a problem for underwater archaeological heritage The tantalising scent of rain or freshly baked bread: why can certain smells transport us back in time? Iraq: Four years after Tishreen protests, no justice for state and militia violence Word from The Hill: Assessing Daniel Andrews, the extraordinary Pezzullo story, senators give Qantas chiefs a hard time Does AI have a right to free speech? Only if it supports our right to free thought Portuguese youths sue 32 European governments at EU court in largest climate case ever Who is Jacinta Allan, Victoria's new premier? Is TikTok right – will eating three carrots a day really give me a natural tan? Australian parliamentarians visit Washington to lobby for Julian Assange's release Vietnam: Drop Charges Against Climate Activist India: Government weaponizing terrorism financing watchdog recommendations against civil society Citizen scientists collect more nature data than ever, showing us where common and threatened species live Nobody knows how consciousness works – but top researchers are fighting over which theories are really science China's new anti-espionage law is sending a chill through foreign corporations and citizens alike Family vlogs can entertain, empower and exploit Ruapehu has had a great ski season – but we need to reimagine the future of NZ’s iconic volcano Iraqi Assyrians struggle for freedom of expression amid political and extremist threats Canada's House speaker quits: What the Hunka scandal reveals about Second World War complexities Wildland firefighters face a huge pay cut without action by Congress – here's how physically demanding this lifesaving job is Playful whales can use seaweed as a hat – or exfoliant. This "kelping" behaviour is more common than we realised New study shows we can create value from food waste by turning it into a highly desirable material – nanocellulose What do we know about long COVID in kids? And what do I do if I think my child has it? Why the Voice could be a bulwark against Trumpism gaining a stronger foothold in Australia Millie Bobby Brown's debut novel is a bestseller. Does it matter that the 19-year-old actor didn't write it? 7 ways to look after yourself and your community before and after the Voice referendum Are seniors being pressured into retirement homes by lack of community services? Reclaiming Dada women's art history shouldn't mean amplifying orientalism and sexism Myanmar: ‘Inhumanity in its vilest form’ continues, warns Türk Rights experts warn against forced separation of Uyghur children in China Breaking down India's new data protection law: Good, bad, or ugly? Nagorno-Karabakh: crisis in the Caucasus could destabilise the whole of Eurasia Israel-Palestine: the legacy of Oslo and the future of a two-state solution – podcast Breathing through your nose when you exercise may make your runs easier Online abuse could drive women out of political life – the time to act is now NZ's Green Party is 'filling the void on the left' as voters grow frustrated with Labour's centrist shift Supreme Court supermajority will clarify its constitutional revolution this year, deciding cases on guns and regulations US Rebukes Egypt for Using Child Soldiers World News in Brief: Crisis deepens for Mali’s children, human rights updates from Brazil, Montenegro UNHCR increasingly concerned for refugees fleeing Karabakh region An entry fee may not be enough to save Venice from 20 million tourists On Sukkot, the Jewish ‘Festival of booths,’ each sukkah is as unique as the person who builds it The family home in South African townships is contested – why occupation, inheritance and history are clashing with laws Environmental disasters and climate change force people to cross borders, but they're not recognised as refugees – they should be How to make a perfect romcom – an expert explains the recipe for romance The rich history of black British fashion is explored in an exciting new exhibition How rape myths and unconscious biases prejudice the judicial system against women -- and rape survivors in particular World’s biggest bat colony gathers in Zambia every year: we used artificial intelligence to count them Tyson Fury's Netflix series highlights the mental health challenges faced by Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities Fossil fuel workers have the skills to succeed in green jobs, but location is a major barrier to a just transition Rishi Sunak has ripped up decades of cross-party consensus on climate change How stereotyping increases during economic crises What's the carbon footprint of owning pet fish? An expert explains In Azerbaijan, one young queer activist is defying boundaries 'You have to be everybody’s best friend': how dreams and desires leave TV and film crew vulnerable to workplace exploitation Online safety bill: why making the UK the 'safest place to go online' is not as easy as the government claims Queer film in Africa is rising – even in countries with the harshest anti-LGBTIQ+ laws Lithium-ion battery fires are a growing public safety concern − here's how to reduce the risk This Christian text you've never heard of, The Shepherd of Hermas, barely mentions Jesus − but it was a favorite of early Christians far and wide Microphone check − 5 ways that music education is changing Remote workers are more aware of cybersecurity risks than in-office employees: new study What are APIs? A computer scientist explains the data sockets that make digital life possible Why separating fact from fiction is critical in teaching US slavery Loud sounds at movies and concerts can cause hearing loss, but there are ways to protect your ears Dan Andrews leaves office as a titan of Victorian politics - who drove conservatives to distraction Why an entry fee may not be enough to save Venice from 20 million tourists Thailand: Upcoming verdict in case of murdered Indigenous activist ‘Billy’ must deliver justice Uzbekistan Authorities Keep Wrongfully Imprisoned Lawyer Isolated The Sahel faces resurgence of terrorist attacks Dan Andrews quits after nine years as premier of Victoria Is it time for Australia to introduce a national skills passport? 'I want to get bogged at a beach in my wheelchair and know people will help'. Micheline Lee on the way forward for the NDIS The Albanese government blew its shot at setting a historic new unemployment target The many reviews of the public service miss one vital problem - the language used to communicate ideas 1 in 5 Australian workers is either underemployed or out of work: white paper No gavels, no hearsay and lots of drinking: a law expert ranks legal dramas by their accuracy What do people think about when they go to sleep? From stock markets to brain scans, new research harmonises hundreds of scientific methods to understand complex systems Muscle, wood, coal, oil: what earlier energy transitions tell us about renewables Entrepreneurs are facing a mental health crisis — here's how to help them 7 years, billions of kilometres, a handful of dust: NASA just brought back the largest-ever asteroid sample Europe: Six young people to present landmark climate case before the European Court of Human Rights As Antarctic sea ice continues its dramatic decline, we need more measurements and much better models to predict its future From Luna Park to neo-Nazis – why the Middle Ages still matters to middle Australia Explainer: the philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau is profoundly contemporary Take risks, embrace failure and be comfortable with uncertainty: 3 activities to help your child think like an artist Workplace loneliness is the modern pandemic damaging lives and hurting businesses A national digital ID scheme is being proposed. An expert weighs the pros and (many more) cons Container deposit schemes reduce rubbish on our beaches. Here’s how we proved it Is it normal to forget words while speaking? And when can it spell a problem? The 'yes' Voice campaign is far outspending 'no' in online advertising, but is the message getting through? Sex workers' rights: Governments should not decide what constitutes good or bad sex Ontario's Greenbelt is safe for now, but will the scandal alter Doug Ford's course? National Day for Truth and Reconciliation: Exhibit features stolen Kainai children's stories of resilience on Treaty 7 lands Polish Volunteer Detained for Aiding Migrants Venezuela continues crackdown on dissenters, UN rights experts warn Inflation: I've been analysing the Bank of England's forecast over the past two years – here's how they got it wrong Donald Trump's truth: why liars might sometimes be considered honest – new research Ukraine war: mixed signals among Kyiv's allies hint at growing conflict fatigue Nitazenes: synthetic opioids more deadly than fentanyl are starting to turn up in overdose cases Glue ear: there's a better alternative to grommet surgery Offshore wind: a perfect storm of inflation and policy uncertainty risks derailing the UK's main hope for a low-carbon future Five jellyfish species you may encounter more often in UK's warming seas Palestine: Rights experts call for stronger torture prevention measures Ukraine: Rape and torture by Russian forces continuing, rights experts report Facebook’s news retreat: A death knell for independent MENA local news ‘I felt violated': The women determined to break the cycle of FGM in Uganda 'Design of Coffee' course teaches engineering through brewing the perfect cup of coffee Why does a plane look and feel like it’s moving more slowly than it actually is? Flesh-eating bacteria infections are on the rise in the US − a microbiologist explains how to protect yourself Aerobic and strength training exercise combined can be an elixir for better brain health in your 80s and 90s, new study finds The Supreme Court's originalists have taken over − here's how they interpret the Constitution Kwame Nkrumah: memorials to the man who led Ghana to independence have been built, erased and revived again Traditional downtowns are dead or dying in many US cities − what's next for these zones? How AI and AR could increase the risk of problem gambling for online sports betting Henry VIII’s favourite fool – a new book draws a portrait of the man the Tudor court loved to laugh at The UK just passed an online safety law that could make people less safe South African tourism: informal traders need support, not more red tape Giant sea lizards: fossils in Morocco reveal the astounding diversity of marine life 66 million years ago, just before the asteroid hit Implants like pacemakers and insulin pumps often fail because of immune attacks − stopping them could make medical devices safer and longer-lasting Yemen: End unfair trial against human rights defender Fatma al-Arwali Governments can hack into your phone while you sleep. This is how to stop it Indigenous Peoples Secure Decisive Victory in Brazil World News in Brief: Ukraine nuclear plant update, Sudan health crisis, reproductive rights 'Mum-shaming' of Sophie Turner is part of a problem that harms all parents View from The Hill: 'Player' Mike Pezzullo undone by power play Kindness has persisted in a competitive world – cultural evolution can explain why The story of Ohio's ancient Native complex and its long journey for recognition as a World Heritage site How to create a college internship where students actually learn − and don't want to quit Brazil: Disability Plan Should End Warehousing Australian rugby has reached its lowest point. How did it get here? Pezzullo story points to serious systemic problems in the Australian Public Service In Central Asia, the concerts of pro-war Russian celebrities are canceled in solidarity with Ukraine How popular music videos drove the fight against the Islamic State 1 in 5 Australian workers are either underemployed or out of work: white paper IMF: Austerity Loan Conditions Risk Undermining Rights Iraq: Torture Survivors Await US Redress, Accountability Guinea: Significant Progress in 2009 Massacre Trial Rising Seas, Broken Promises in Panama Government's employment white paper commits to jobs for all who want them – and help to get them Do blue-light glasses really work? Can they reduce eye strain or help me sleep? Government's employment white paper commits to jobs for all who want them - and help to get them Seals, swimmers, bat carers – exploring the world of the pale brown, oft-maligned Yarra River The RMA is dead, long live the RMA: why NZ’s resource laws won't change overnight after this election Labor and Albanese recover in Newspoll as Dutton falls, but the Voice's slump continues South Korea’s ‘Anonymous Birthing’ Bill Fails Women, Children Menendez indictment looks bad, but there are defenses he can make 'An insatiable and unrestrained desire for passionate love': the holy slut-shaming of Mary of Egypt 'Excavating something I barely had language for': two memoirs of disability and family explore Deafness and dwarfism America's leaders are older than they've ever been. Why didn't the founding fathers foresee this as a problem? How to manage exam season: don't forget to take regular breaks and breathe We need urban trees more than ever – here's how to save them from extreme heat Are fish oil supplements as healthy as we think? And is eating fish better? Is it ethical non-Indigenous people get to decide on the Voice? Is it OK for one group to have rights others don't? An ethicist weighs in Debate: Why France needs the Fifth Republic The global approach to serious crimes is shifting to domestic trials – here’s what I found in three African countries Young people with sexual or gender diversity are at higher risk of stopping their HIV treatment because of stigma and harsh laws Ultra-processed foods are not only bad for our bodies, their production damages our environments How long will a loved one live? It’s difficult to hear, but harder not to know Social media is a double-edged sword for the public image of Canadian labour unions Why Einstein must be wrong: In search of the theory of gravity Employment white paper to deliver more highly qualified workers in net zero, care and digitisation Young people attempt to build the city of the future in Russian province, while residents seek the past The youth attempts to build the city of the future in Russian province, while residents seek the past Azerbaijan: Ensure Civilians’ Rights in Nagorno Karabakh The vanishing asterisk: The evolution of the EU’s approach towards Kosovo Union and execs need to shift gears fast once UAW strike is over – transition to EV manufacturing requires their teamwork Ontario's Greenbelt: A step in the right direction, but is it enough to protect biodiversity? Bold Action Needed Following UN Climate Ambition Summit The vanishing asterisk: Evolution of the EU’s approach towards Kosovo Zelenskyy's meetings with Trudeau and Biden are aimed at winning the long war Chinese Court Imposes Life Sentence on Uyghur Scholar Human rights experts: Humanity facing ‘unprecedented global toxic emergency’ Farmed rhinos will soon 'rewild' the African savanna Introducing our latest e-book: Women's Health Matters UN Human Rights Council Should Move to Investigate Beirut Blast World News in Brief: Healthcare crisis in DRC, Türk slams Iran hijab law, welcomes new India bill boosting women View from The Hill: We can't prepare for a future pandemic without fully looking at state governments' decisions in the last one Seven tips for using the back-to-school mindset to help you stick to your goals Four things you need to know about your vagina vulva What would you take with you? Why possessions matter in times of war and displacement Fast fashion's waste problem could be solved by recycled textiles but brands need to help boost production In sport, abuse is often dismissed as 'good coaching' Ukraine war: beware all the talk of 'breakthroughs' or 'gamechangers' – it's going to be a long, bloody and costly struggle Asian women are still a minority in diplomatic positions: this is how we can fix this 4 reasons teens take part in social media challenges Biases against Black-sounding first names can lead to discrimination in hiring, especially when employers make decisions in a hurry − new research Nazi Germany had admirers among American religious leaders – and white supremacy fueled their support Aaron Rodgers' season-ending Achilles tear resurfaces questions about player safety on artificial turf Spyware can infect your phone or computer via the ads you see online – report Chandrayaan-3's measurements of sulfur open the doors for lunar science and exploration War in Ukraine is contributing to the erosion of global consensus over the spread of dangerous weapons South African hominin fossils were sent into space and scientists are enraged Bones play an important role in our health – here's how to keep them strong Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto – an expansive show of how the designer used fabric and shape to free the feminine form Andrey Rublev has been called the ‘greatest Russian artist who ever lived’ – but one of his most famous works is at risk under Putin Nine women share what it's like to have a miscarriage What happens if a university goes bust? How ducks, geese and swans see the world – and why this puts them at risk in a changing environment Saudi Crown Prince Confirms Death Sentence for Tweets Will taxing short stays boost long-term rental supply? Other policies would achieve more Planning laws protect people. A poorly regulated rush to boost housing supply will cost us all Khartoum's burning tower: architects on the destruction of a city – and what it'll take to rebuild Dominican Republic: Authorities must end racist treatment and guarantee the right to nationality Planning laws protect people, who'll pay for an unregulated rush to boost housing supply Kids dressing up as older people is harmless fun, right? No, it's ageist, whatever Bluey says Kids dressing up as frail older people is harmless fun, right? No, it's ageist, whatever Bluey says Why is Rupert Murdoch stepping aside now and what does it mean for the company? 30 years of the web down under: how Australians made the early internet their own Feeling controlled by the chaos in your home? 4 ways to rein in clutter and stay tidy No, the RBA review won't mean handing the bank's decisions to part-time outsiders Woman’s Brutal Assault Highlights Police Failures in Kyrgyzstan How the Peach Blossom Jellyfish is spreading across North America What is intelligence? For millennia, western literature has suggested it may be a liability For the people in the nosebleed section: the Hilltop Hoods’ The Calling at 20 Carbon removal: why ambitious 'no nonsense' plans are vital to limit global heating to 2℃ Doug Ford reverses Greenbelt plans: Construction would never have provided affordable housing A Nasa spacecraft is on course to deliver material from an asteroid to Earth – here's what we could learn Friday essay: my father was always told his mother was dead, but a birthday card revealed she was living in a mental institution What the *#@%?! How to respond when your child swears 'Nature positive' isn't just planting a few trees – it's actually stopping the damage we do The Voice: how do other countries represent Indigenous voices in government? Why you're probably paying more interest on your mortgage than you think Why we should stop using acronyms like BIPOC Rupert Murdoch: His Fox News legacy is one of lies, with little accountability, and political power that rose from the belief in his power − 3 essential reads Media mogul Rupert Murdoch resigns − extending Joe Biden's ongoing good luck streak with the media A year after Mahsa Amini's death, Iran's women continue their long fight for 'women, life, freedom' Lyme disease: The pathogen's cunning strategies for persistent infection offer clues for vaccine development Canada's participation in the world's largest radio telescope means new opportunities in research and innovation Children of 7 religions tell how they practice faith amid scenario of intolerance in Brazil Rupert Murdoch and the rise and fall of the press barons: how much power do newspapers still have? How Sunak's back-pedalling on net zero could damage efforts to decarbonise Britain's homes Why delaying the ban on petrol and diesel cars won't slow UK's shift to electric vehicles Central Asian people's path to the American dream is full of dangers Reality TV show contestants are more like unpaid interns than Hollywood stars Zulu land dispute: Ingonyama Trust furore highlights the problem of insecure land tenure for millions of South Africans in rural areas How well you do at school depends on how much your teachers know: insights from 14 French-speaking countries in Africa Zimbabwean names are still haunted by the ghosts of colonialism Was the freak 'medicane' storm that devastated Libya a glimpse of North Africa's future? Dumb Money really does show how the little guys won against Wall Street – a 'meme stock mania' expert explains Like many women, I didn't know I was autistic until adulthood – how late diagnosis can hurt mental health and self image A brief history of abortion – from ancient Egyptian herbs to fighting stigma today The Canterville Ghost: Oscar Wilde's ghost story gets new life in this funny and stylish animated adaptation How BookTok trends are influencing what you read – whether you use TikTok or not Libya: Lift restrictions on media and facilitate relief efforts in wake of catastrophic floods Israel/OPT: After nearly 2 years in solitary confinement, Ahmad Manasra too ill to attend his hearing China: #MeToo and labour activists facing ‘baseless’ trial must be released Iran: Compulsory veiling bill a despicable assault on rights of women and girls German police have long collaborated with energy giant RWE to enforce ecological catastrophe Ukraine War: why the Black Sea is key to Kyiv’s counteroffensive Grattan on Friday: Albanese government faces an uphill road and angry locals as it drives change to renewables King Charles makes state visit to France – a year into his reign, here's what's changed under the new British monarch Russell Brand allegations are leading to renewed scrutiny of the endemic bullying and harassment in the TV industry Sex Education review: this 'kind comedy' climaxes with its most mature and progressive series yet Invasive alien species are a serious threat to the planet: 4 key messages for Africa Educators say student misconduct has increased − but progressive reforms or harsher punishments alone won't fix the problem G20 summit proved naysayers wrong – and showed Global South's potential to address world's biggest problems Traffic tickets can be profitable, and fairness isn't the bottom line in city courts where judges impose the fines Kevin McCarthy's leadership is an open question as budget shutdown looms and GOP infighting takes center stage NASA's Mars rovers could inspire a more ethical future for AI 'Journey to the West': Why the classic Chinese novel's mischievous monkey – and his very human quest – has inspired centuries of adaptations Paying for hostages' release involves moral risks − a political philosopher explains In Tunisia, the EU is repeating an old and dangerous mistake In China, questions remain ahead of Huawei’s launch of the Mate 60 phone series View from The Hill: Josh Frydenberg puts political ambition aside to remain in business Professionals in Sweden are pushing back hard against a rightwing plan to make them snitch on undocumented migrants A look at period poverty experiences in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago In China, questions remain ahead of Huawei’s launch of Mate 60 phone series Politics with Michelle Grattan: ANU Vice-Chancellor Brian Schmidt on the challenges universities face A COVID inquiry has been announced. But is COVID still a thing? Do I need a booster? Excessive screen time can affect young people's emotional development How did Taylor Swift get so popular? She never goes out of style Facts and figures: Regularization and protection of Venezuelan nationals in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile Americas: Growing exodus of Venezuelans highlights failure of Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile to comply with obligations The Federal Reserve held off hiking interest rates − it may still be too early to start popping the corks Governments Should Step Up on Public Health Care Spending Anne Enright’s bold new novel The Wren, The Wren is the work of a writer at the height of her power Australia has officially given up on eradicating the Varroa mite. Now what? Zero alcohol doesn't mean zero risk – how marketing and blurred lines can be drinking triggers Are Australia's roads becoming more dangerous? Here's what the data says The Federal Reserve held off hiking interest rates – it may still be too early to start popping the corks Stripping Russia's veto power on the Security Council is all but impossible. Perhaps we should expect less from the UN instead Curious Kids: what came first, the chicken or the egg? Net zero by 2050? Too late. Australia must aim for 2035 From 'pebble in the shoe' to future power broker – the rise and rise of te Pāti Māori Obesity is a dangerous disease that shares key features with cancer A month after Ecuador's historic vote to end oil extraction in Yasuní National Park, its lessons are as vital as ever to Canadians Age, not class, is now the biggest divide in British politics, new research confirms Women used to be more likely to vote Conservative than men but that all changed in 2017 – we wanted to find out why How Canada can make its startup ecosystem more inclusive The fraught history of India and the Khalistan movement How the 'parental rights' movement gave rise to the 1 Million March 4 Children Smashing records (and chairs): why pro wrestling is having a moment both in Australia and overseas Freshwater quality is one of New Zealanders’ biggest concerns – water-trading 'clubs' could be part of the solution The joke's on us – how big tech is replicating our laughter online I’ve just been diagnosed with cancer, now what? Why do I get so much spam and unwanted email in my inbox? And how can I get rid of it? Ancient pictograph vandalism at Bon Echo Provincial Park reveals an ongoing disregard for Indigenous history and presence Sex life discovery raises IVF hope for endangered purple cauliflower soft coral Why grinding your teeth might not always be a bad thing Breast cancer: new study reveals real risk of the disease if you have genetic mutation In future, we'll see fewer generic AI chatbots like ChatGPT and more specialised ones that are tailored to our needs The UK re-joining the Horizon research funding scheme benefits Europe too – the data backs it up Big businesses say they are helping to restore ecosystems – but proof remains elusive Alzheimer's disease blood tests: here's what they look for, and what they can tell you about your risk Not everyone wants to delegate their chores to technology Rising costs and delays don't necessarily mean HS2 is failing – an expert in new infrastructure development explains Sunak should be wary of backtracking on net zero – what history tells us about flip-flopping on the environment Wildfire risk is soaring for low-income, elderly and other vulnerable populations in California, Washington and Oregon France: Attack on journalist attempt to cover up “pattern of complicity in serious human rights abuses” World News in Brief: Afghan rights, Armenia-Azerbaijan ceasefire, road safety campaign Rural areas in south Trinidad pin their experiences with flooding on climate change, but there are additional push factors Morocco's earthquake and Libya's floods highlight obstacles to relief efforts, from botched disaster diplomacy to destroyed infrastructure Art and science entwined: This course explores the long, interrelated history of two ways of seeing the world What can board games teach students about climate change? Take a break from your screen and look at plants − botanizing is a great way to engage with life around you Tinmel – Morocco's medieval shrine and mosque – is one of the historic casualties of the earthquake How local police could help prevent another January 6th-style insurrection Why India fears the Khalistan movement and how Canada became embroiled in diplomatic spat over killing of Sikh separatist Your unique body odor could identify who you are and provide insights into your health – all from the touch of a hand Americans do talk about peace − just not the same way people do in other countries Somalia's voice of hope: a tribute to Axmed Naaji, legendary singer and trailblazing composer Suicide in Ghana: society expects men to be providers – new study explores this pressure Five golden rules for effective science communication – perspectives from a documentary maker City watchdog finds no evidence for recent political 'debanking' – but private banks have been picky for centuries Idea of green growth losing traction among climate policy researchers, survey of nearly 800 academics reveals The EU’s anti-subsidy investigation into electric vehicles is a risky strategy that may backfire Depression recovery can be hard to measure − new research on deep brain stimulation shows how objective biomarkers could help make treatment more precise Russell Brand: why it is so difficult for people to come forward with sexual assault allegations Don't blame postwar school building programmes for concrete crisis – the fault lies with decades of neglect and ineffective policy Paraguay: Senate must reject bill that prohibits education with a gender perspective Algeria: Government must halt crackdown on rights and immediately release detained journalists Libya floods: the drowning of Derna was a man-made disaster decades in the making Nagorno-Karabakh: longest war in post-Soviet space flares yet again as Russia distracted in Ukraine A society behind bars: the effects of Algeria’s widespread crackdown on human rights Zimbabwe election aftermath sees human rights defenders and opposition supporters under siege How do hay fever treatments actually work? And what's best for my symptoms? The social lives of kangaroos are more complex than we thought Victoria's housing plan is bold and packed with initiatives. But can it be delivered? AU and G20: membership will give Africa more say on global issues – if it speaks with one voice Explainer: what is the Khalistan movement sparking a diplomatic feud between India and Canada? Governments are pouring money into housing but materials, land and labour are still in short supply Slavery, illusion and dead white men: Zadie Smith's The Fraud explodes the historical novel Do we really need another Swan Lake? Colonists upended Aboriginal farming, growing grain and running sheep on rich yamfields, and cattle on arid grainlands Why does my hair turn green from the swimming pool? Racism and democracy: why claims of ‘division by race’ in the NZ election and Voice referendum need challenging 'Government all over us like a rash': the broken service delivery system in remote Aboriginal communities Discriminatory policing is denying Black youth their childhood Justin Trudeau's India accusation complicates western efforts to rein in China UN rights experts condemn Iran’s protest crackdown 'Time In A Bottle': Jim Croce's music continues to inspire 50 years after his life was cut short Controlling the political narrative is key to winning the NZ election – no easy task for Chris Hipkins Buffy Sainte-Marie: Singer-songwriter is an activist at heart Living in the 70s: why Australia's dominant model of unemployment and inflation no longer works Chariots of the gods, ships in the sky: how unidentified aerial phenomena left their mark in ancient cultures Lots of women try herbs like black cohosh for menopausal symptoms like hot flushes – but does it work? Most pink diamonds were birthed by a disintegrating supercontinent. Where can we find more? The Nobel Peace Prize often reveals how contentious peace can be What history can tell us about the success (or failure) of referendums in Australia 'Mum, can you play with me?' It's important to play with your kids but let them make the rules Hidden women of history: disabled Australian author Dorothy Cottrell was 'the Liane Moriarty of the Jazz Age' but is almost unheard of here EU Advances on Treaty to End Violence and Harassment at Work Bankruptcy is spiking among UK borrowers – but there are debt relief options if you are struggling financially Albania: how one of the most corrupt countries in Europe is tackling crime at the highest level I've rewatched 150 episodes of Brookside – here's how the soap captured the nuances of Margaret Thatcher's Britain Why invasive ants are a silent threat to our ecosystems UFOs: how Nasa plans to get to the bottom of unexplained sightings Hanan Ashrawi and Yossi Beilin on what happened after the Oslo accords handshake – podcast Renewables are cheaper than ever yet fossil fuel use is still growing – here’s why Mexican court ruling upholding women's right to abortion shows global trend better than US Roe v Wade decision Russell Brand investigation: what good journalists should have to go through to report sexual assault allegations Europe’s Lack of New Ideas on Migration is the Real Crisis World News in Brief: Reparations for African diaspora, child deaths in Sudan, Libya update South Africa's destructive storm surges: geoscientist reveals the 3 factors that drove them US policy of 'pragmatic engagement' in Afghanistan risks legitimatizing Taliban rule This course uses 'climate fiction' to teach about the perils that a warming planet faces Earthquakes and other natural hazards are a risk everywhere – here's how people are preparing in the US and around the world What are 'mule addresses'? 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