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Hunger strike and high school graduation: A visit to The Forty Acres As the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season begins, the Caribbean looks back—and to the future In a post-election Turkey, the country remains divided on political lines Egypt: Revoke arbitrary travel ban on researcher Ahmed Samir Santawy Kenya: Habitat Assembly must renew its commitment to realize the right to adequate housing for all Angola Police Violently Disperse Street Traders’ Protest UN Slashes Food Rations for Rohingya in Bangladesh Camps Negotiations for Moldova's accession to the EU could commence this year The Windrush generation: how a resilient Caribbean community made a lasting contribution to British society Voices of Preston's Windrush generation – when I first arrived, I said: 'Really? I thought there were no slums in this place!' Windrush compensation scheme: how the UK government is failing its citizens with this 'belittling and horrible' process Senegal: The authorities must immediately halt the police violence and restore social media How teachers can stay true to history without breaking new laws that restrict what they can teach about racism Work requirements don't work for domestic violence survivors – but Michigan data shows they rarely get waivers they should receive for cash assistance How do credit scores work? 2 finance professors explain how lenders choose who gets loans and at what interest rate The allure of the ad-lib: New research identifies why people prefer spontaneity in entertainment Moldova is trying to join the EU, but it will have a hard time breaking away from Russia's orbit Judging the judges: Scandals have the potential to affect the legitimacy of judges – and possibly the federal judiciary, too How AI could take over elections – and undermine democracy Dialogue is vital 'guardrail' in dealing with China, Albanese tells international security forum The Wes Anderson recipe – a detailed guide on how to recreate the director's aesthetic 'Clubbing a bunny to death is very effective but it sure does look bad': the inside stories of urban animal control Car thieves are using increasingly sophisticated methods, and most new vehicles are vulnerable Price caps on groceries are not the answer to the UK's inflation problem Postnatal depression: what new fathers need to know – and how to ask for help Florida 'freakishness': why the sunshine state might have lost its appeal Russia Moves to Ban Trans Health Care Hungarian watchdog Atlatszo uses FOIA lawsuit to obtain data on overpricing EU-funded package for the poor The worries parents from ethnic minority backgrounds have about their children's experiences at school The 'truther playbook': tactics that explain vaccine conspiracy theorist RFK Jr's presidential momentum South Africa's role as host of the BRICS summit is fraught with dangers. A guide to who is in the group, and why it exists Ukraine war: Yevgeny Prigozhin and the 'warrior constituency' that could threaten Putin from the right Speaking up for the annoying fruit fly Eusebius McKaiser played a transformative role in talk radio in a democratic South Africa Your LinkedIn doesn't need to be perfect – four ways to build an authentic profile to boost your personal brand Italy: New investigation reveals damning details about preventable drownings Rwanda: Alleged Genocide Mastermind Arrested How technology has entrenched the authoritarian electoral practice of controlling political choice in Kenya's democracy 'Nature's own Ozempic' or berberine is all over social media. But does it really help you lose weight? Think of solar panels more like apple trees – we need a fairer approach for what we use and sell Saudi Arabia Executes Two Shi’a Bahrainis on Terrorism Charges ‘I am worried that my work will put someone in jail': Interview with Zunzi, iconic Hong Kong cartoonist Iran: Prisons turned into killing fields as drug-related executions almost triple this year The war in Ukraine is escalating and New Zealand will not escape the consequences Drivers and pedestrians are unsure who gives way at stop signs. A simple rule change can end this dangerous confusion Native raspberries, limes and geraniums: how did these curious plants end up in Australia? How should Australia capitalise on AI while reducing its risks? It's time to have your say Australian Defence Force must ensure the findings against Ben Roberts-Smith are not the end of the story Arvin, California: Lost futures, past hopes, deferred promises New anti-transgender laws will hurt Indigenous peoples’ rights and religious expression Five things to know about Drag Queen Story Time Friday essay: Private Leo, my imaginary father People with disability face barriers to sexual and reproductive health care. New recommendations are only the start Why does my dog eat grass? And when is it not safe for them? 30 years of winning love by daylight: why audiences are still obsessed with Sailor Moon I need a flu shot and a COVID booster. Can I get them at the same time? Holograms and AI can bring performers back from the dead – but will the fans keep buying it? 'Blue balls': There’s no evidence they’re harmful, and they shouldn’t be used to pressure partners into sex Intergenerational Day: How bringing different generations together can support our mental well-being Summer fireworks can traumatize pets and cause wildlife to flee National’s housing u-turn promotes urban sprawl – cities and ratepayers will pick up the bill UN in Bangladesh decries devastating new round of rations cuts for Rohingya refugees UNAIDS celebrates Pride Month, demands decriminalization worldwide Marriage Equality Gets a Boost in South Korea Sudan: Concrete UN Security Council Action Needed ‘The task of achieving transitional justice in Taiwan remains unfinished': Interview with writer C.J. Anderson-Wu Drugs that melt away pounds still present more questions than answers, but Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro could be key tools in reducing the obesity epidemic Europe has lost over half a billion birds in 40 years. The single biggest cause? Pesticides and fertilisers Listen: Trans scholar and activist explains why trans rights are under attack Ukraine: Over 1,500 children killed or injured, concern rises over forced transfers Join Amnesty Tech at RightsCon 2023 Ukraine: Russian missile attacks kill a child on International Children’s Day Australia Court Backs Media Reporting on Soldier Killings in Afghanistan Why UK inflation is so high compared to EU and US and what to do about it 'Across the Spider-Verse' and the Latino legacy of Spider-Man Israeli protesters fear for the future of their country's precarious LGBTQ rights revolution Drugs that melt away pounds present more questions than answers, but they could be a key tool in reducing the obesity epidemic Invasive lionfish have spread south from the Caribbean to Brazil, threatening ecosystems and livelihoods War in Ukraine might give the Chinese yuan the boost it needs to become a major global currency -- and be a serious contender against the US dollar Reparations over formerly enslaved people has a long history: 4 essential reads on why the idea remains unresolved I study migrants traveling through Mexico to the US, and saw how they follow news of dangers – but are not deterred Getting Social Security on a more stable path is hard but essential – 2 experts suggest a way forward Governments and environmental groups are turning to international courts to address the impacts of climate change — podcast Moscow drone attacks are a morale booster for Ukraine and a warning for Russia – here's why Black women are at greater risk of maternal death in the UK – here’s what needs to be done Are rich people more intelligent? Here's what the science says Billions is spent on cancer research globally – but is it money well spent? Cycling could be a boon for Lagos – but people fear for their safety on bikes South Africa's power blackouts: solutions lie in solar farms and battery storage at scale, and an end to state monopoly Harry Oppenheimer biography shows the South African mining magnate’s hand in economic policies Ukraine war: why Putin's appeals to masculinity to recruit for the military will not work Curious Kids: where does our rubbish go? Nigeria: Removal of fuel subsidy must not exacerbate poverty How food insecurity affects people's rights to choose whether or not to have children, and how they parent What does high immigration mean for the government's popularity? What data on voting habits tells us Fast X review: proof that there's method in the madness of the Fast & Furious franchise Grattan on Friday: the PwC scandal should be ripe for the National Anti-Corruption Commission's attention Psychoanalysing Succession’s tense finale – a Freudian suspension of pleasure Switzerland: Amendment to rape law is “historic victory for human rights” EU: European Parliament’s vote for new corporate due diligence legislation should strengthen human rights VIDEO: Preparing for a 500-mile bike ride Want long-term contraception? There are more effective options than the pill. But they can be hard to find A win for the press, a big loss for Ben Roberts-Smith: what does this judgment tell us about defamation law? 'Dismissed': legal experts explain the judgment in the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation case The hidden history of China’s protest movement Politics with Michelle Grattan: Liberal MP Bridget Archer urges other moderates to speak up as she presses for party change Ethiopia: Ethnic Cleansing Persists Under Tigray Truce In the Caribbean, World Parrot Day strives to raise awareness about the many threatened endemic species China: Acknowledge Tiananmen Massacre Margaret Easterbrook joins The Conversation as Business Editor No, AI probably won’t kill us all – and there’s more to this fear campaign than meets the eye A new virtual museum reveals 600 million years of Australian fossils in unprecedented 3D detail How raising tobacco taxes can save lives and cut poverty across the Asia-Pacific The antithesis of healing: the AFL turns away from truth-telling again, ending Hawthorn investigation House approval of debt ceiling deal a triumph of the political center The first line of vaccines was highly effective at restricting COVID-19’s damage Daniel Penny's GiveSendGo campaign: Crowdfunding primarily benefits the most privileged Did 'wokeness' cancel Police Ten 7? New research suggests racial stereotyping was the real culprit The Netherlands: Police violate rights of peaceful protesters UAE: States must urge the United Arab Emirates to reform its dismal rights record to help ensure a successful climate meeting Mr. Associated Press: How 20th-century journalism titan Kent Cooper transformed the news industry From Donald Trump to Danielle Smith: 4 ways populists are jeopardizing democracy Making NZ's tax system fairer is a good idea – but this proposed new law isn't the answer A kiss to detect wine on her breath: the violent policing of women drinking in Ancient Rome Have we got the brain all wrong? A new study shows its shape is more important than its wiring I'm over 65 and worried about the flu. Which vaccine should I have? The Harvard of anti-terrorism: how Israel's military-industrial complex feeds the global arms trade 'An exciting possibility': scientists discover markedly different kangaroos on either side of Australia's dingo fence In the 1800s, colonisers attempted to listen to First Nations people. It didn't stop the massacres Closing the First Nations employment gap will take 100 years It's not just climate – we've already breached most of the Earth's limits. A safer, fairer future means treading lightly UN commends Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia, as final judgement is delivered ‘Support does not necessarily mean understanding': Interview with founder of Taiwan-based ‘Ukrainian Voices’ Oleksandr Shyn Uganda's anti-homosexuality law is a patriarchal backlash against progress Turkey: what to expect from Erdoğan, his ultranationalist alliance and their 'family values' pledges Kenya at 60: how the British used street names to show colonial power Tina Turner: the singer’s resilience and defiance were typical of a survivor of intimate partner abuse Beavers are the undiscovered engineers of the boreal forest Where does the 'ñ' come from? The history of a very special Spanish letter Spanish elections: why devastating local losses to the right have forced socialist prime minister Pedro Sánchez to call an early national vote How to hone your leadership skills, and what your company can do to help Why 40°C is bearable in a desert but lethal in the tropics Debate: The end of the internal-combustion car: why competition is vital to bringing about cleaner transport Recycling: what you can and can't recycle and why it's so confusing UN chief strongly condemns DPRK spy satellite launch Uganda: Guterres voices deep concern as Anti-Homosexuality Act signed into law Angola: Authorities detaining seriously ill activist for more than 500 days, despite a judge ordering his release Succession finale: HBO’s epic family drama comes to an end If we're going to label AI an 'extinction risk', we need to clarify how it could happen Remembering South Africa's "Grand Geek" Barry Dwolatzky - engineer and programming pioneer Cytomegalovirus lies dormant in most US adults and is the leading infectious cause of birth defects, but few have heard of it How the sounds of 'Succession' shred the grandeur and respect the characters so desperately try to project Amid fears of Chinese influence, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States has grown more powerful Most super rich couples have breadwinning husbands and stay-at-home wives, contrasting sharply with everyone else Summer reading: 5 books that explore LGBTQ teen and young adult life What is Theravada Buddhism? Street scrolls: The beats, rhymes and spirituality of Latin hip-hop US Army Maj. Gen. George H. Thomas' journey from enslaver to Union officer to civil rights defender Drone strikes hit Moscow and Kyiv -- in the growing world of drone warfare, anything goes when it comes to international law To have better disagreements, change your words – here are 4 ways to make your counterpart feel heard and keep the conversation going Kosovo government must take most of the blame for the latest violence, but any long-term solution will require a constructive response from Serbia as well Free secondary education in African countries is on the rise - but is it the best policy? What the evidence says West African countries show how decades of working together build peace, and stop wars breaking out AI can replicate human creativity in two key ways – but falls apart when asked to produce something truly new Meet the EU's answer to crypto: the e-euro Economic woes dash job prospects in low income countries: ILO Bosnia and Herzegovina: War crimes convictions a historic moment for international justice A silent march in Uruguay keeps asking: ‘Where are our disappeared loved ones from the dictatorship?’ After 24 hours of drama, Roger Cook becomes the next premier of Western Australia Technology is radically changing sleep as we know it Annihilation in the red wall, an exit for a top leadership contender and a parliamentary party stuffed with southerners and Oxbridgers – how losing the next election could shape the Conservatives It's time to end Western Australia's $4 billion-per-year GST bonus Politicians love to appeal to common sense – but does it trump expertise? Manchester City: how Pep Guardiola's leadership style formed a squad of champions Word from The Hill: PwC scandal, McGowan quitting politics, PM's trip to Singapore and high inflation figure Kenya: End Abusive Policing of Protests A sustainable Australia depends on what happens in our cities – that's why we need a national urban policy Gulf States: Migrant Workers at Serious Risk from Dangerous Heat No Joking Allowed in Vietnam Pakistan: Don’t Try Civilians in Military Courts House of Representatives passes Voice referendum legislation, which is assured of Senate passage Newly described enormous marsupial wandered great distances across Australia 3.5 million years ago Australia's modern slavery law is woefully inadequate – this is how we can hold companies accountable Trying for a baby? What you need to know about a vital part of your womb (and how to look after it) The Gambia: Devastating impact of overfishing on local communities Brazil’s Lula Misses Crucial Chance to Uphold Rights in Venezuela Photos from the field: spying on Antarctic moss using drones, MossCam, smart sensors and AI Why isn't Australian music charting on the ARIA charts? From whiteboard work to random groups, these simple fixes could get students thinking more in maths lessons Australian women's access to abortion is a postcode lottery. Here's what needs to change Does the Fight Transphobia UniMelb campaign against a feminist philosopher violate academic freedom? New research reveals harrowing stories of murdered Indigenous women and the failure of police to act A new trade deal delivers cheaper Australian beef and British sweets – but does little to avert dangerous global warming Achieving full inclusion in schools: Lessons from New Brunswick Earth's energy budget is not in balance. Should we be concerned? With so many people speaking 'their truth', how do we know what the truth really is? Belarus: ‘Unprecedented level of repression’ must end, say UN rights experts IAEA chief outlines five principles to avert nuclear ‘catastrophe’ in Ukraine Technology is far from a silver bullet for solving homelessness or child welfare issues UN humanitarians complete first food distribution in Khartoum as hunger, threats to children, intensify WMO makes urgent call to action over melting cryosphere Nearly half of Haiti going hungry, new food security report warns Fresh diplomatic gains must match action on the ground in Syria to end war Racism which scars societies, must be stamped out, forum for people of African descent hears Yemen: Houthis Forcibly Disappear Baha’is India: Investigate Police Bias Alleged in Manipur Violence Uganda’s President Signs Repressive Anti-LGBT Law Poet Galal El Beheiry’s poetic protest and the perils of expression in Egypt Four dangers lurking in your garden – and how to protect yourself Automation risks creating a two-tier workforce of haves and have-nots These magnificent 107-million-year-old pterosaur bones are the oldest ever found in Australia Poorer pupils do worse at school – here's how to reduce the attainment gap South Africa has changed its electoral law, but a much more serious overhaul is needed Ethiopia: how a lucky village in Tigray survived the devastating war Disney's The Little Mermaid review: Ariel finally finds her feminist voice Ghana and the IMF have struck a deal, but hard choices lie ahead Increasing heat is already a factor in human migration – new study A Little Life: the problem with adapting Hanya Yanagihara novel for the stage Why outside experts are worried about the decline of LGBTI rights in the UK Plastic recycling is failing – here's how the world must respond UN humanitarians complete first food distribution in Khartoum as hunger, threats to children intensify South Sudan: Extension of UN arms embargo welcome news for victims of decade long conflict Taiwan and Central Europe are increasingly aligned politically and economically: Interview with Polish analyst Marcin Jerzewski VIDEO: A different kind of bike ride Why learning to smile like Boris Johnson should be top of Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak's to-do lists Half of Africa’s white rhino population is in private hands – it’s time for a new conservation approach Some refugee girls are forced into early marriage for safety – here's why Ankylosing spondylitis: machine learning could pave the way for early diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis Tobacco use is costly, but so is quitting. Surveys of 8 African countries show who needs help Expert advice for budding UK entrepreneurs during a cost of living crisis After the ALS ice bucket challenge and the rise of MrBeast, stunt philanthropy might be here to stay Why more cities are hiring 'night mayors' and establishing forms of nighttime governance What it takes to become a spelling bee champ From its birth 50 years ago, hip-hop has spread throughout Europe and challenged outdated ideals of racial and ethnic identity Your body naturally produces opioids without causing addiction or overdose – studying how this process works could help reduce the side effects of opioid drugs 'Man, the hunter'? Archaeologists' assumptions about gender roles in past humans ignore an icky but potentially crucial part of original 'paleo diet' How can Congress regulate AI? Erect guardrails, ensure accountability and address monopolistic power COVID-19 clawbacks, spending caps and a cut – what House Republicans got in return for pushing the US to the brink of default Atlantic hurricane season 2023: El Niño and extreme Atlantic Ocean heat are about to clash Remembering the ruined Donetsk International Airport in Ukraine How to write a eulogy – lessons from Succession’s Roy family Cameroon: Report the Anglophone conflict and perish The future of the Thai music industry after COVID-19 #FramedinBelarus: An art group makes embroidery depicting the stories of political prisoners ‘Almost all famous artists have left or will leave [Russia], and those who remain will be blacklisted and banned’ Russia may ban transgender transitioning What Danielle Smith's remarkable comeback means for Canada The real cost of New Zealand’s two-tier health system: why going private doesn’t relieve pressure on public hospitals What should happen to native forests when logging ends? Ask Victoria's First Peoples Revenge, excitement, or profit: why do people commit arson? Will Albanese live up to his own promises to end pork-barrelling? There is a sliver of hope 'We lose ourselves': carers talk about the lonely, stressful work of looking after loved ones The FDA finally approved Elon Musk's Neuralink chip for human trials. Have all the concerns been addressed? NATO should tread carefully in Southeast Asia, where memories of colonialism linger 'It’s actually a human person, undergoing real emotions': how podcasts can impact attitudes around mental health Global: Misuse of tear gas killing and injuring protesters worldwide – updated interactive website Pandemic babies’ developmental milestones: Not as bad as we feared, but not as good as before Rupert Murdoch: how a 22-year-old 'zealous Laborite' turned into a tabloid tsar From absurd dark humour to poignant emotional pull: why I deeply loved the music of Succession I've been approved for a home care package but how do I choose a provider – and what if I want to switch? Shop around to beat electricity price spikes? It's not as easy as it should be New DNA testing shatters 'wild dog' myth: most dingoes are pure Thinking of quitting your child's swimming lessons over winter? Read this first What are the long-term effects of quitting social media? Almost nobody can log off long enough to find out Earthquakes can change the course of rivers – with devastating results. We may now be able to predict these threats Focusing on consent ignores better ways of preventing sexual violence The new Grocery Code of Conduct should benefit both Canadians and the food industry NATO must tread carefully in Southeast Asia, where painful memories of colonialism remain What Erdoğan's reelection means for Turkey's political system, economy and foreign policy UN agencies warn of rising hunger risk in 18 'hotspots' Uganda: President’s approval of anti-LGBTI Bill is a grave assault on human rights. Brazil: Reject Harmful Bill on Indigenous Rights Accra's market fires are devastating to informal traders - but they don't trust or understand what they're being told about managing risk African migration to Europe: forced returns run into resistance Drink up, it’s closing time: South African study calculates that limiting opening hours will save lives International Day of UN Peacekeepers honours 75 years of service and sacrifice How does public debt affect the right to health: Case studies in East and Southern Africa What really started the American Civil War? Kids missing school: Why it's happening -- and how to stop it China in Africa: Kenya railway study shows investment projects aren’t a one-way street Mongolia embroiled in a major corruption scandal over the allocation of educational loans Can high-stakes debt-ceiling brinkmanship in the US lead to unprecedented political unity? Mark McGowan quits in his own time, after dominating Western Australian politics The hidden history of China’s protest movement DR Congo: Peaceful Protests Violently Repressed WA Premier Mark McGowan quits in shock announcement, declaring he is 'exhausted' Cluster Munitions: Renew Global Momentum for Ban How Erdogan held onto power in Turkey, and what this means for the country's future How can we make the media less toxic? Free but unfair election: how Erdogan held onto power in Turkey, and what this means for the country's future Slow down Simeon Brown – bilingual traffic signs aren't an accident waiting to happen Milton Moon: the Australian artist who brought a Zen Buddhist, modernist and painterly sensibility to pottery Is it true the faster you lose weight the quicker it comes back? Here's what we know about slow and fast weight loss Melbourne earthquake 2023: are they becoming more common? A seismology expert explains The Anxiety of Influence: Harold Bloom's (not so) influential idea at 50 Malaysia: ‘Everyone has a migration story’, now let’s eat Australian shelters and pounds kill 50,000 mostly healthy cats and kittens in a year. There's a way to prevent this pointless killing GLOBAL: Rohingya reparations and human rights must top Meta shareholders agenda A long and fishy tail: before Disney’s Little Mermaid, these creatures existed in mythologies from around the world 3 little-known reasons why plastic recycling could actually make things worse DIY degree? Why universities should make online educational materials free for all Our cemeteries face a housing crisis too. 4 changes can make burial sustainable Over half of eligible aged care residents are yet to receive their COVID booster. And winter is coming Why taxing the world's biggest companies at 15% won't fix the gaping hole in global tax rules Far from undermining democracy, The Voice will pluralise and enrich Australia’s democratic conversation Debt ceiling negotiators reach a deal: 5 essential reads about the tentative accord, brinkmanship and the danger of default Aboriginal Australian journalist Stan Grant steps down from post after enduring racial abuse Albanese says nearly 90% of Indigenous people support the Voice, which embodies the 'spirit of the fair go' Deaths of despair: How income inequality puts Canadian youth at risk How smaller cities can integrate newcomers into their labour markets Employers need to prioritize employee mental health if they want to attract new talent As teams from the U.S. Sun Belt proceed to the Stanley Cup finals, has the NHL forgotten its Canadian fans? Ottawa is doing little to eliminate discrimination against French-speaking African students What makes peace talks successful? The 4 factors that matter South Africa’s pact with Russia – and its actions – cast doubt on its claims of non-alignment Being queer in Africa: the state of LGBTIQ+ rights across the continent Menstrual Hygiene Day: Putting an end to period poverty Persecuted Ahmadi Religion of Peace and Light minority denied asylum in Europe amidst escalating violence Trafficking in the Sahel: Killer cough syrup and fake medicine In Azerbaijan, violence against LGBTQ+ people continues unabated Interview with the author of “The Fugitive of Gezi Park” CORRECTED: Hong Kong: Government must reveal whereabouts of Uyghur student detained at airport How the practice of Nichiren Buddhism sustained Tina Turner for 50 years Global: States agree landmark treaty to help deliver justice to victims of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes Including race in clinical algorithms can both reduce and increase health inequities – it depends on what doctors use them for Despite ‘slightly’ improved food security in Yemen, hunger stalks millions Weather experts predict ‘near normal’ season, with 5 to 9 potential hurricanes UNESCO unveils new AI roadmap for classrooms Namibian Court Recognizes Foreign Same-Sex Marriages Voters want compromise in Congress -- so why the brinkmanship over the debt ceiling? UK bonds are in meltdown again – what does that mean for pensions? Expert Q&A Why more foam makes for the best beer-drinking experience – and always has 'They just ignored my tears, they ignored my unhappiness': former Irish nuns reveal accounts of brainwashing and abuse How AI and other technologies are already disrupting the workplace Kissinger at 100: his legacy might be mixed but his importance has been enormous Peter Howson: new retrospective reveals how Scots painter found redemption after Bosnian war Turkey's presidential runoff: 4 essential reads on what's at stake How did 'taking back control' of borders become record-high net migration? Stop tobacco farming, grow food instead, says WHO ‘Safe digital public square’ never more important, says Türk Ukraine: UN delivers aid to millions, as civilian suffering continues Adenomyosis: from symptoms to treatment, two women's health experts explain this little known condition The US signs a military deal with Papua New Guinea – here's what both countries have to gain from the agreement A little-understood sleep disorder affects millions and has clear links to dementia – 4 questions answered Drilling down on treatment-resistant fungi with molecular machines European soccer is having another reckoning over racism – is it time to accept the problem goes beyond bad fans? The Supreme Court just shriveled federal protection for wetlands, leaving many of these valuable ecosystems at risk Colorado River states bought time with a 3-year water conservation deal – now they need to think bigger Not all political comedy is equal – how comics can either depress turnout or activate voters in 2024 Exercise linked to higher pain tolerance – new study Timor-Leste election offers an extraordinary lesson in how to build a stable democracy Tina Turner: an immense talent with a voice and back catalogue that unites disparate music lovers The secret world of moss, ancient ancestor of all plants and vital for the health of the planet How electric vehicle batteries could save the UK auto industry Net migration: how an unreachable target came to shape Britain How Erdoğan framed his science and tech 'great achievements' as part of election campaign Hong Kong: Government must reveal whereabouts of Uyghur student detained at airport Who will this generation be after the war in Ukraine? Chad: Still No Reparations for Hissène Habré’s Victims Chad: Still No Reparations for Hissène Habré’s Victims Fake accounts and presidential elections in Kazakhstan 'WA's Christmas tree': what mungee, the world's largest mistletoe, can teach us about treading lightly The highly secretive Five Eyes alliance has disrupted a China-backed hacker group – in an unusually public manner Surry Hills was once the centre of New South Wales’ ‘rag trade’: a short history of fashion manufacturing in Sydney Picture this: green hydrogen plants next to green steelworks to boost efficiency and kickstart both industries Pakistan invokes draconian Army Act to put protestors on trial ‘Telman was here': the story of an Azerbaijani man searching for a better life Lesotho: Prime Minister Matekane must deliver on promise to ensure ‘realization of human rights’ Egypt: Pretrial Detention Renewals by Video The Caribbean mourns resilient rock and roll legend Tina Turner Afghanistan: Taliban’s treatment of women and girls should be investigated as the crime against humanity of gender persecution Sudan: UN and partners scramble to supply aid amid fragile ceasefire Researchers built an analogue computer that uses water waves to forecast the chaotic future Curious Kids: how does your brain know how to move your body? Regional communities were central to Uluru Statement, and they must also be for the Voice to Parliament Nigeria: New government must ensure Shell’s sale of its Niger Delta oil business does not worsen human rights abuses Oath Keepers founder sentenced to 18 years for seditious conspiracy in lead-up to Jan. 6 insurrection – 4 essential reads From self-driving cars to military surveillance: quantum computing can help secure the future of AI systems Working with kids, being passionate about a subject, making a difference: what makes people switch careers to teaching? Antarctic alarm bells: observations reveal deep ocean currents are slowing earlier than predicted I helped expose insurers for denying medical claims. 15 years on, a court has found what they did is illegal 70 years after the first ascent of Everest, the impact of mass mountaineering must be confronted Friday essay: what the migrant workers who made my iPhone taught me about love Lehrmann inquiry: what's a director of public prosecutions or DPP? A legal expert explains Electricity prices are rising again. Here's how to ensure renters can cash-in on rooftop solar In B.C., Alberta and around the world, forcing drug users into treatment is a violent policy Anti-government protesters are reclaiming the Israeli flag from the far-right Wildfires in Alberta spark urgent school discussions about terrors of global climate futures ‘Whose side are you on mate?’ How no one is free from bias – including referees UN representative alarmed by sexual violence against women and girls in DRC Security Council urged to step up on financing for AU peace operations Sudan: UN and partners scramble to supply aid as fragile ceasefire holds New report uncovers the first documented case of Pegasus spyware used in an international war context Ukraine recap: Moscow's 'pyrrhic victory' in Bakhmut prompts unrest in the Russian military, but it's all smiles for Zelensky 2023 hurricane forecast: Get ready for a busy Pacific storm season, quieter Atlantic than recent years thanks to El Niño UN peacekeepers ‘a beacon of hope and protection’: Guterres Fresh Details on Russia’s Forcible Transfer of Ukrainian Children US Sues Online Learning Company Over Students’ Data Privacy How the school massacre in Serbia played out on TikTok Chow mein and chips: a brief history of the British Chinese takeaway Greenwashing: energy companies make false claims about sustainability – they should be held to account Tiger protection in India also saved 1 million tonnes of carbon emissions – new study Farmers face a soaring risk of flash droughts in every major food-growing region in coming decades, new research shows A 5th generation New Yorker reveals tales of Asian resistance since the 19th century Education in Zimbabwe should strive for inclusion -- how the philosophy of ubuntu can help Abdellah Taïa is Morocco's first openly gay writer – his work reimagines being Muslim, queer and African Arms-to-Russia row raises doubt about South Africa’s compliance with arms control. It could face tougher scrutiny in future Tinubu inherits Nigeria’s high debt – an economist analyses what this means for the country's future Tranq: first UK death from the flesh-rotting 'zombie drug' xylazine AI could threaten some jobs, but it is more likely to become our personal assistant Greedy gulls decide what to eat by watching people -- new research Despite the war, Russia is still part of Europe – for a lasting peace both sides need to remember that Arrest of top Rwandan genocide fugitive shows ‘justice will be done’ Peru: Senior officials should face investigation over widespread lethal attacks by security forces Investigators in Guyana allege that tragic dorm fire was set by disgruntled student over a confiscated phone Grattan on Friday: Labor's national conference looms but the party's rank and file has lost its bite Body dysmorphic disorder: what to know about this mental health condition Sudan conflict: why a humanitarian truce is proving so hard to secure – and what that means for people on the ground 'Chinese and chips': a brief history of the British Chinese takeaway How online grocery shopping is making Britain's urban-rural inequality worse Doctor dog: how our canine companions can help us detect COVID and other diseases US banking failures: the role of big auditors in another financial crisis Nigerian architect Demas Nwoko on his award-winning work: 'Whatever you build, it should suit your culture' Ukraine war: Zelensky's diplomatic tour has improved the ground for a fresh military offensive – but it needs to come soon What is 'ethical AI' and how can companies achieve it? What is vernacular art? A visual artist explains Africa is getting renewed attention from Washington — and some African states are courting African Americans NFL icon and social activist Jim Brown leaves a complicated legacy Americans are increasingly moving to red, Republican-leaning states – where life is cheaper, but people also die younger Lula's diplomatic dance is nothing new for Brazil or its leader -- what has changed is the world around him Improving how the IMF does business could help billions of people worldwide — by giving governments money to spend on public goods and increasing accountability. Podcast Armenia/Azerbaijan: Pegasus spyware targeted Armenian public figures amid conflict Empowerment, individual strength and the many facets of love: why I fell for Tina Turner AI is helping us read ancient Mesopotamian literature Why pain seems worse at night Not all interruptions are bad: how surprise breaks can unleash creativity at work Mental health: research reveals harrowing impact of traumatic material on crime investigators Kenya and the fallacy of trading individual privacy for national security ‘Central Asian literature exists regionally only in Russian': Interview with Russophone Uyghur writer Ramil Niyazov-Adyldzhyan Politics with Michelle Grattan: Labor's Julian Hill on employment, AI, Julian Assange and TikTok Why is climbing Mount Everest so dangerous? What was behind Australia's potato shortage? Wet weather and hard-to-control diseases Cambodia: Casino Union Leader Chhim Sithar and Strikers Convicted Universal Social Security Can Reduce Poverty, Inequality Cambodia: Casino Union Leader Chhim Sithar and Strikers Convicted Nigeria: New Government Should Improve on Human Rights Japan: ‘Hostage Justice’ System Violates Rights Could wildflowers and bug hotels help avert an insect apocalypse? We just don't know – yet What can we learn from the marriage equality vote about supporting First Nations people during the Voice debate? Working from home immoral? A lesson in ethics, and history, for Elon Musk Expansive, exciting and free: how Zelda's Tears of the Kingdom unlocks the potential of open world gaming Biodegradable plastic in clothing doesn't break down nearly as quickly as hoped – new research Tina Turner had a history of high blood pressure and kidney disease. Here's how one leads to the other World leaders are flocking to Papua New Guinea. 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