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Can you extract a pound of flesh without blood? How the power struggles in Shakespearean drama speak to an age of decolonisation Albanese government tackles housing crisis on 3 fronts, but there's still more to do NSW pokies reforms will do much to limit problem gambling and money laundering How can the health regulator better protect patients from sexual misconduct? ChatGPT is a data privacy nightmare. If you’ve ever posted online, you ought to be concerned It's near impossible to get good data on water use in New Zealand. This raises questions about public accountability A story for every place, not jobs and growth: Revive reflects global trends in policy – cultural and otherwise UN chief ‘deeply regrets’ Mali’s decision to expel senior rights official The EU shows its weaknesses again amid another looming migration crisis Sam Smith: how queerphobia and fatphobia intersect in the backlash to the I’m Not Here to Make Friends video Despite the Taliban's pledge to eradicate opium, the poppy trade still flourishes in Afghanistan First Voices: New Grade 11 English courses can support reconciliation and resurgence by centring Indigenous literature Why we are fascinated by the Oscar-nominated 'Tár,' a story of rare female power in classical music After months of chaos and disruption, has the Canadian commercial aviation industry learned its lesson? Russia Legalizes Massive DNA Collection Without Oversight 'We need to restore the land': as coal mines close, here's a community blueprint to sustain the Hunter Valley Whether it's a new teacher or class – here's what to do when your child is not loving it Two major announcements about Australia's defence force are imminent. Here's what to expect The TGA has approved certain psychedelic treatments: the response from experts is mixed Titanic at 25: like the ship itself, James Cameron's film is a bit of a wreck Dark Emu has sold over 250,000 copies – but its value can't be measured in money alone Debate: ChatGPT reminds us why good questions matter Indian Courts Provide Government a Pathway on Rights Beyoncé is going on a world tour. Why she shouldn't ignore Africa Surgery risks are disproportionately high for women in Africa - new study How climate change could fare in the UK's new Department for Energy Security and Net Zero The future of mass surveillance in Serbia? North Korea: Deteriorating human rights situation calls for international attention Human challenge studies: what we've learned from intentionally infecting people with COVID Faeces, urine and sweat – just how gross are hot tubs? A microbiologist explains Loopholes wide enough to 'drive a diesel truck through' -- how to tell if a business is really net zero Data bombing and dead cats – how PR uses practices of secrecy to influence media and society Turkey-Syria earthquake: how disaster diplomacy can bring warring countries together to save lives W.E.B. Du Bois, Black History Month and the importance of African American studies How do you make a universal flu vaccine? A microbiologist explains the challenges, and how mRNA could offer a promising solution Large numbers of Americans want a strong, rough, anti-democratic leader Memphis police numbers dropped by nearly a quarter in recent years – were staffing shortages a factor in the killing of Tyre Nichols? Mexico made criminal justice reforms in 2008 – they haven't done much to reduce crime Hurricane Harvey more than doubled the acidity of Texas' Galveston Bay, threatening oyster reefs Many Ukrainians are fleeing to the Greek Catholic Church in Lviv, which has a long and complex history in the Orthodox faith I treat people with gambling disorder – and I’m starting to see more and more young men who are betting on sports On the first-ever India Giving Day, the highest-earning ethnic group in the US gets a chance to step up and help their homeland Chickadees, titmice and nuthatches flocking together benefit from a diversity bonus – so do other animals, including humans A look back at the Mayan Languages Digital Activism Summit 2023 South Africa's ruling party has favoured loyalty over competence - now cadre deployment has come back to bite it India: Demolitions in Kashmir must be immediately halted and those affected compensated Word from The Hill: Government should set date for Voice to start talking RBA warns of at least 2 more interest rate rises in coming months, as the economic outlook worsens Women can reliably remember if they gave sexual consent when intoxicated, new study suggests Further food price rises could cause up to 1 million additional deaths in 2023 Big defence projects are usually late and over budget – here's what we can learn from the build-up to WW2 Waste crime: how online advertising platforms are facilitating illegal dumping Turkey rocked by a series of devastating earthquakes Queering the internet: anonymous online spaces for LGBTQ+ people Curaçao: Authorities still detaining Venezuelans and denying them protection Gaza: Sisters at Risk After Return to Father Lebanon Rejects Civil Marriages, Puts Children at Risk “We are totally exposed”: Young people share concerns about social media’s impact on privacy and mental health in global survey Global: Record profits show taxes on Big Oil must rise to help alleviate the cost of living crisis Turkey-Syria earthquakes: a seismologist explains what has happened The new climate denial? Using wealth to insulate yourself from discomfort and change France’s Anti-Racism Action Plan Ignores Institutional Racism The cancer gap between First Nations and non-Indigenous people is widening – but better data could help NZ’s health system has been under pressure for decades. Reforms need to think big and long-term to be effective Earthquake footage shows Turkey's buildings collapsing like pancakes. An expert explains why Politics with Michelle Grattan: Senator Malarndirri McCarthy on Alice Springs and the Voice China: Tibetan children forced to assimilate, independent rights experts fear UN human rights chief calls on Mali to reverse ‘regrettable’ expulsion order 3 reasons not to be a Stoic (but try Nietzsche instead) Rare genetic disease may protect Ashkenazi Jews against tuberculosis – new study Turkey-Syria earthquake: a seismologist explains what just happened Why the drug poisoning crisis in B.C. won't be addressed by the new decriminalization policy Newport ship: after 20 years’ work, experts are ready to reassemble medieval vessel found in the mud QAnon is spreading outside the US – a conspiracy theory expert explains what that could mean We found the WA radioactive capsule. But in 1980, Australia lost 2,200 kilograms of uranium oxide – stolen by a mine worker An iPhone perspective of Trinidad & Tobago's Panorama competition Afghan Professor Jailed After Protesting Restrictions on Women 'Numberless math' gets kids thinking about and visualizing algebra Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: how satellites can help rescue efforts Is Canada back on the world stage — or irrelevant? Why do some brands change racist names and logos, but others don't? Here's what the research says Bacteria use life's original energy source to thrive in the ocean's lightless depths A tenth of all electricity is lost in the grid. Superconducting cables can help 3 reasons not to be a Stoic (and try Nietzsche instead) Learning grammar is just as important as it always was but the way we teach it has changed What's behind the door? The best narrative twists in television and film, and why we love them Yes, masks reduce the risk of spreading COVID, despite a review saying they don't Syria: International action needed after devastating earthquake afflicts war-torn regions Pakistan: IMF Bailout Should Advance Economic Rights The politics of blasphemy: Why Pakistan and some other Muslim countries are passing new blasphemy laws The US and the Philippines' military agreement sends a warning to China – 5 key things to know As climate change and overuse shrink Lake Powell, the emergent landscape is coming back to life – and posing new challenges The future of flight in a net-zero-carbon world: 9 scenarios, lots of sustainable biofuel Sports betting apps' notifications and leaderboards encourage more and more wagers – a psychologist who treats gambling addictions explains why some people get hooked More lunar missions means more space junk around the Moon – two astronomers are building a catalog to track the trash Is the gruesome fun in Netflix's 'Wednesday' realistic? What science says about getting eaten by piranhas and poisoned by nightshade How did birds survive while dinosaurs went extinct? Rights of transgender students and their parents are a challenge for schools, courts China's demand for Africa's donkeys is rising. Why it's time to control the trade Link between crime and politics in South Africa raises concerns about criminal gangs taking over I introduced social entrepreneurship to my trainee teachers -- why it'll make them better at their jobs Chocolate chemistry – a food scientist explains how the beloved treat gets its flavor, texture and tricky reputation as an ingredient Atmospheric rivers are hitting the Arctic more often, and increasingly melting its sea ice Archaeologists have discovered a mummy wrapped in gold – here's what it tells us about ancient Egyptian beliefs Houthis Violating Women’s and Girls' Rights in Yemen Curious Kids: why do I feel happier when the sun is out? What historic executions in London can tell us about our contemporary appetites for pain and vulnerability Politicians weren't confident discussing Brexit – my analysis of parliamentary debates shows how Five reasons physical activity is important for cancer patients Three surprising reasons human actions threaten endangered primates Iran: Shameful anniversary celebrations amid decades of mass killings and cover-ups Hong Kong: Case against 47 pro-democracy figures must be dropped as politically motivated trial begins Alcohol bans return to NT Indigenous communities, with $250 million federal assistance UN Message to Ghana on Mental Health Care Men often don’t see mess like women do – changing that could make housework more equal Scientists ignored animal clitorises for centuries – now we’re discovering just how varied they are Beyond spy balloons: here are 7 kinds of intelligence spies want, and how they get it The UK government may have rejected menopause protections – but workplaces are more supportive than ever Lidia Thorpe's defection from the Greens will make passing legislation harder for Labor Togolese music scene embraces globalization without abandoning its roots DR Congo: Atrocities by Rwanda-Backed M23 Rebels Nigeria: Impunity, Insecurity Threaten Elections USA: After 46 years of imprisonment, it’s time to free Leonard Peltier With the training to diagnose, test, prescribe and discharge, nurse practitioners could help rescue rural health View from The Hill: Lidia Thorpe quits Greens, going to crossbench to promote 'Blak Sovereign Movement' What's the safest seat on a plane? We asked an aviation expert Northanger Abbey has attracted a trigger warning for 'toxic relationships' but I love its gentle romance. Bookworm Mr Tilney is my favourite Austen hero Scams, deepfake porn and romance bots: advanced AI is exciting, but incredibly dangerous in criminals' hands Did China's balloon violate international law? Guide to the classics: Northanger Abbey's bookworm Mr Tilney is an unlikely romantic lead – but he's my favourite Austen hero Tourists in our own reality: Susan Sontag's Photography at 50 Which seat on a plane is the safest? We asked an aviation expert You can't fix school refusal with 'tough love' but these steps might help 200 experts dissected the Black Summer bushfires in unprecedented detail. Here are 6 lessons to heed How to save $4 billion a year: reform a fuel tax credit scheme with no real rationale How much has support for the Voice fallen? It depends on how you ask Albanese's Newspoll ratings drop but Labor maintains big lead Why is Canada snubbing internationally trained doctors during a health-care crisis? Electric vehicles are now trending. But where can we charge them? Drinking and suicide: How alcohol use increases risks, and what can be done about it The science of holding your breath: How could Kate Winslet stay underwater for over 7 minutes in Avatar 2? Diversity and moderation over tradition – why Democrats moved South Carolina to the start of the 2024 presidential campaign The main effort of Russian propaganda language is to give the impression that there is still no war Election violence in Nigeria's south east is threatening to derail voting in the region Weed in South Africa: apartheid waged a war on drugs that still has unequal effects today Nigeria and Ghana are prone to devastating floods - they could achieve a lot by working together Human Rights Watch to Open Jordan Regional Office Higher interest rates, falling home prices and real wages, but no recession: top economists' forecasts for 2023 Enshrining the Voice gives best chance for Closing the Gap, Albanese says Robberies surge as criminals take advantage of South Africa's power outages Chinese spy balloon over the US: An aerospace expert explains how the balloons work and what they can see Reel: The beauty of the Obatala Festival, an Orisha tradition in Trinidad & Tobago UN child rights committee lauds Swiss asylum offer to Kurdish family George Santos: why the Republicans aren't doing anything about the controversial congressman, yet Isla Bryson: Scotland's transgender prisoner policy was assessed as not affecting women Biden's plan for ending the emergency declaration for COVID-19 signals a pivotal point in the pandemic – 4 questions answered The Wall Street Journal, Economist and Financial Times all now have female editors – what does it mean for business? UN rights chief appeals for Israelis and Palestinians to end ‘illogic of escalation’ The Whale: Brendan Fraser's comeback offers rare representation of the fat queer male body on screen Environment plan for England asks farmers to restore nature – but changes are likely to be superficial Pakistan suffers widespread power outages amidst financial crisis Iraq: Action must be taken on gender-based violence after murder of Tiba Ali by her father Lebanon: Killers of activist Lokman Slim must be brought to justice Allegations of Bangladesh Police Torture, Illegal Detentions NHS plans to expand 'virtual wards' – but who will staff them? South African Tourism wants to sponsor football club Tottenham Hotspur - is it a good idea? Afghanistan: single women and widows are struggling to find their next meal under Taliban restrictions GP numbers continue to fall but the UK isn't unique in losing family doctors Samia Suluhu Hassan is reforming Tanzania – it's winning her fans but boosting the opposition Cornwall space launch: why launching rockets from UK soil can benefit industry and security Police traffic stops can alienate communities and lead to violent deaths like Tyre Nichols' -- is it time to rethink them? Civil rights legislation sparked powerful backlash that's still shaping American politics 40 years of legal sports betting in Australia points to risks for US gamblers – and tips for regulators The ethical dilemmas behind plans for involuntary treatment to target homelessness, mental illness and addiction A brief history of the Black church's diversity, and its vital role in American political history Shrinking: a psychiatrist doesn't know the "truth" and other issues with the show's depiction of therapy, according to a clinical psychologist Native Americans have experienced a dramatic decline in life expectancy during the COVID-19 pandemic – but the drop has been in the making for generations The BBC has a long history of failed attempts to rid it of political influence Slovenia law enables full equality for same-sex marriages, including allowing LGBTQ+ people to adopt children South Sudan: Rights Abuses Overshadow Pope’s Visit Medicare reform is off to a promising start. Now comes the hard part Star Wars: France pledges not to conduct anti-satellite missile tests but leaves other options open The incredible story of how east African culture shaped the music of a state in India The consequences of childhood trauma on children's mental health Nipple ban on Instagram and Facebook reveals how bizarre our attitude is towards different genders How to tell when cats are fighting or just playing: six important clues to watch out for Future of Welsh rugby at stake after misogyny allegations Working for cash in hand can be a vital career step and a way out of poverty Charge with 10-Year Sentence Reinstated Against Kazakhstan Opposition Figure The Voice referendum: how did we get here and where are we going? Here's what we know It's tradition: Indigenous designs have been on Australian money since decimalisation A growing number of non-Māori New Zealanders are embracing learning te reo – but there's more to it than language Wondering about ADHD, autism and your child’s development? What to know about getting a neurodevelopmental assessment Text-to-audio generation is here. One of the next big AI disruptions could be in the music industry More than 2,000 people from Wittenoom died of asbestos-related diseases. A powerful and compelling requiem brings their story to the stage Waitangi Day 2023: why Article 3 of the Treaty deserves more attention in the age of 'co-governance' Resolution of ‘racism’ complaint brought by Qatar against UAE and Saudi Arabia A growing number of non-Māori New Zealanders are embracing learning te reo -- but there's more to it than language University presidents' trip to Israel undermines academic freedom and democracy Our economic future depends on young reformers, not ineffective revolutionaries Fossils in a northern Alberta riverbed may reveal new facts about dinosaur evolution Guinea worm: A nasty parasite is nearly eradicated, but the push for zero cases will require patience Influencers are being hired by smaller cities to attract new residents and generate revenue – podcast Welsh place names are being erased – and so are the stories they tell UK to perform worst of major economies in 2023, says IMF – here’s how to achieve long-term growth Cuts to telehealth in Ontario mean fewer trans and non-binary people will have access to life-saving health care Ukraine recap: Kyiv keeps its friends close, but will they send the latest warplanes? Friday essay: how Blanche d'Alpuget's 'warts and all' biography of her lover Bob Hawke helped make him prime minister Losing the natural world comes with major risks for your super fund and bank A rapidly growing rocket industry could undo decades of work to save the ozone layer -- unless we act now Why do black holes twinkle? We studied 5,000 star-eating behemoths to find out Why social media makes you feel bad – and what to do about it Grit or quit? How to help your child develop resilience It'll be tough for Perrottet to win the NSW election. But Labor won't romp home either Short selling Adani: how an obscure US firm profited from triggering the Indian giant's price plunge The 'Kraken' subvariant XBB.1.5 sounds scary. But behind the headlines are clues to where COVID's heading Zimbabwe: President Mnangagwa must reject proposed new law that threatens rights and civic space Spain: Rights experts call for probe into claim Catalan leaders were spied on 5 facts about John Witherspoon, a slaveholder and the only university president to sign the Declaration of Independence Ukraine war: how US-built F-16 'Fighting Falcon' could help Kyiv move on to the offensive Influencers are being hired by smaller cities to attract new residents and generate revenue — podcast Ukraine war: Kyiv summit with EU will bring the two sides closer, but fast-track membership is unlikely Travelling while black: 7 South African travelogues you should read Remote working improves the lives of female managers - but at a cost Teachers go on strike: the challenges facing the schools sector Tunisia: Convictions of six civilians by military courts must be quashed Water ATMs were introduced in Ghana - and are changing the way people can access this vital resource Kim Kardashian buys Princess Diana’s necklace – how the cult of celebrity creates value for fashion history Vitamins and supplements: what you need to know before taking them A journey from work to home is about more than just getting there – the psychological benefits of commuting that remote work doesn't provide Russia is violating the last remaining nuclear treaty with the US, according to Washington How the ancient Jewish 'new year for trees' became an Israeli celebration of nature ChatGPT is great – you're just using it wrong How legalized sports betting has transformed the fan experience 5 facts about John Witherspoon, the only university president to sign the Declaration of Independence New Advanced Placement African American Studies course is a watered down version of itself Beta blockers: how these common heart medications may reduce the risk of violence COVID heroes left behind: the 'invisible' women struggling to make ends meet The world’s first environmental clean-up happened 400 million years ago Czech Roma need political representation: Interview with journalist Patrik Banga Burundi: Journalist’s Conviction Violates Free Speech Rights Scammed: why the rich, famous and experts get duped more often than you think When critical thinking isn't enough: to beat information overload, we need to learn 'critical ignoring' Strikes over the past 50 years have barely made a dent in the French economy Grattan on Friday: Chalmers attracts some flak for blue sky ideas but the government has bigger problems Nigeria: Shell must clean up devastating oil spills in the Niger Delta Scammed: why the rich, famous and expert get duped more often than you think Women are more likely to identify as bisexual – can research into sexual arousal tell us why? Curious Kids: are some languages more difficult than others? China is extending its dealings with the Taliban as it increases its superpower status Plan will put everyone in England within 15 minutes of green space – but what matters is justice not distance The body choosing Kenya's election commission is being overhauled – how this could strengthen democracy Israel: Collective Punishment against Palestinians Independent UN experts laud Olympic Committee for considering Russian, Belarusian athletes Is terrorism returning to Pakistan? We're missing opportunities to identify domestic violence perpetrators. This is what needs to change This strange donkey orchid uses UV light to trick bees into thinking it has food Major palm oil companies broke their promise on No Deforestation – recovery is needed Win-win: how solar farms can double as havens for our wildlife Nepal’s Social Protection System Reinforces Inequality UN experts laud International Olympic Committee for considering admission of Russian, Belarusian athletes Business owners see cutting carbon emissions as 'the right thing to do', despite the challenges of making change Dying to be seen: Why women's risk for heart disease and stroke is still higher than men's in Canada Slippery slopes: why the Auckland storm caused so many landslides – and what can be done about it COVID remains a global emergency, the World Health Organization says, but we're at a transition point. What does this mean? Crumb bachelors and millennial HENRYs enliven Ronnie Scott's zeitgeisty new novel Kath O'Connor was writing a novel about her grandmother's ovarian cancer when she was diagnosed, too. She died before it was published The world’s oldest fossils or oily gunk? New research suggests these 3.5 billion-year-old rocks don’t contain signs of life The pleasure and pain of cinephilia: what happened when I watched Groundhog Day every day for a year 8 everyday foods you might not realise are ultra processed – and how to spot them Tyre Nichols' death underscores the troubled history of specialized police units What international law says about Israel's planned destruction of Palestinian assailants' homes New regulations on migrant farm workers should tackle employer/employee power imbalances 5 expert tips to protect yourself from online misinformation Why the Fed raised interest rates by the smallest amount since it began its epic inflation fight Why I believe the truth to be like an onion The true relationship between screens, books and nearsightedness We curated a podcast playlist for you: Revisit these conversations for Black History Month Arfid: genetics a major factor in this little-known eating disorder – new research Ukraine war: casualty counts from either side can be potent weapons and shouldn't always be believed The Met police force is too big to govern – here's how it should be broken up Education for Human Rights: Shaping Minds, Changing Lives City planners are questioning the point of parking garages Lung cancer rates have decreased for the Marlboro Man, but have risen steeply for nonsmokers and young women – an oncologist explains why As charges loom over Trump, prosecutors come under fire – a criminal justice expert explains what's at stake A Black history primer on African Americans' fight for equality – 5 essential reads The EV transition isn't just about cars – the broader goal should be access to clean mobility for everyone I helped balance the federal budget in the 1990s – here's just how hard it will be for the GOP to achieve that same rare feat The ocean twilight zone could store vast amounts of carbon captured from the atmosphere – but first we need to build a 4D system to track what's going on down there Planting more trees could reduce premature deaths in European cities by a third – new research Nigerian elections: 5 major challenges facing the country's next president Justin Bieber sells his back catalogue – an expert explains why artists give up rights to their music Western wildfires destroyed 246% more homes and buildings over the past decade – fire scientists explain what's changing Finland: New gender recognition law ‘a major step towards protecting trans rights’ South Korea Cancels Plans to Update Definition of Rape Seychelles is becoming overwhelmed by marine plastic – we now know where it comes from Angelique Kidjo: the diva from Benin could win a record sixth Grammy Award The rise of corporate landlords: how they are swallowing city centres like Manchester one block of flats at a time Sugary drinks tax may be reducing obesity in girls but not boys – an expert explains what we know From Frank Lloyd Wright to Edwin Lutyens, why do unbuilt buildings continue to fascinate us? Seti: alien hunters get a boost as AI helps identify promising signals from space South Africa and Russia: President Cyril Ramaphosa's foreign policy explained George Magoha was a force for better education in Kenya. But he had his flaws People with light skin are at higher risk of skin cancer. How to reduce sun exposure Direct support to small scale farmers reduces poverty - what Zambia is doing right Rwandan President Kagame's Flickr account begs the question: Can Africa reclaim its visual identity? How the US anti-vaccine disinformation on COVID-19 is appropriated in China Hybrid future? Interbreeding can make heat-averse species more resilient to climate change Pope prepares for South Sudan peace mission – but many people there aren't ready to forgive I've spent years studying happiness – here's what actually makes for a happier life Sixteen-pound baby born in Brazil: here's what increases the risk of giving birth to a giant baby Shin splints: an expert explains how to avoid them Seychelles is becoming overwhelmed by marine plastic -- we now know where it comes from Italy Reups Funding to Force Migrants Back to Libya Israel/OPT: Palestinian lives in peril as Israel reinforces apartheid In a world of limited resources, the future is low-tech – providing we make products more user-friendly Why the violence between Israel and the Palestinians may be entering a devastating new phase Australia is finally getting a last-chance view of a green comet not seen for 50,000 years I study how radiation interacts with the environment – and the capsule lost in WA is a whole new ballgame Big money was spent on the 2022 election – but the party with the deepest pockets didn't win Climate change is transforming Australia’s cultural life – so why isn’t it mentioned in the new national cultural policy? Macular diseases cause blindness and treatment costs millions. Here is how to look after yours Humanising capitalism: Jim Chalmers designs a new version of an old Labor project Marketers are targeting teens with cheap and addictive vapes: 9 ways to stem rising rates of youth vaping Uzbekistan: 16-Year Sentence in Autonomous Region Protests ‘Cruel’ Death in Australia Shows Need for Bail Reform Deny legitimacy of Myanmar’s military junta, UN expert urges New film Under the Hanging Tree examines how Namibia's genocide lives on today The 'blue wall' of silence allows bullying, sexual abuse and violence to infect police forces Accra is congested, but relocating Ghana’s capital is not the only option Back-to-school blues are normal, so how can you tell if it's something more serious? Our future could be full of undying, self-repairing robots. Here's how Australia's cotton farmers can help prevent exploitation in the global garment industry Guide to the classics: Confessions of an English Opium Eater by Thomas De Quincey – a dense, strange journey through addiction The nightmarish underside of the dream factory: how Babylon captures Hollywood in the 1920s Paramedics could sound early warnings of child abuse or neglect – but they need support and more training George Santos: A democracy can't easily penalize lies by politicians In a world of limited resources, the future is low-tech - providing we make products more user-friendly Sharks and stingrays have been traded for centuries — here's why that history could help save them Why teachers are letting students solve math problems in lots of different ways As eligibility for MAID expands, the ethical implications of broad access to medically assisted death need a long, hard look Tyre Nichols: U.S. police violence stems from a long history of fighting 'internal enemies' DRC/South Sudan: Pope Francis should call on leaders to address impunity. Tax returns: scams are rising rapidly – how to spot a fake phone call and avoid falling victim Women's football: more needs to be done to ensure diversity from the grassroots Six parts of your car that gather data on you Long COVID: a range of diets are said to help manage symptoms – here's what the evidence tells us Levelling up: how UK freeports risk harbouring international crime Hipkins revives Labour’s fortunes – but the election will be about more than ‘bread and butter issues’ Myanmar: Canada and UK measures to prevent aviation fuel for the military an important step towards tackling war crimes Mali: Independent rights experts call for probe into Wagner Group’s alleged crimes Netflix's Pamela, A Love Story overturns stereotypes about victims of intimate partner abuse The artist formerly known as Camille – Prince's lost album 'comes out' Myanmar: two years after the military seized power the country is mired in a bloody civil war – but there are grounds for optimism Medicaid coverage is expiring for millions of Americans – but there's a proven way to keep many of them insured Mini creatures with mighty voices know their audience and focus on a single frequency Microbes in your food can help or hinder your body's defenses against cancer – how diet influences the conflict between cell 'cooperators' and 'cheaters' Black college students who turn to their faith think less about suicide Ultra-processed foods – like cookies, chips, frozen meals and fast food – may contribute to cognitive decline US Congress Helps Boost Justice in Ukraine Plastic pollution in Nigeria: whose job is it to clean up the mess? South Africa's dysfunctional universities: the consequences of corrupt decisions UK slides in corruption perception index after series of political scandals Iceland’s abusive use of solitary confinement must end immediately Ousmane Sembène at 100: a guide to the life and work of the 'father of African cinema' 'Blue marble': how half a century of climate change has altered the face of the Earth X-57: Nasa’s electric plane is preparing to fly – here’s how it advances emissions–free aviation Ukraine war: attitudes to women in the military are changing as thousands serve on front lines The sharing economy can expose you to liability risks – here's how to protect yourself We've lost a giant: Vale Professor Will Steffen, climate science pioneer Egypt: IMF Bailout Highlights Risks of Austerity, Corruption The Epitome of Impunity in Central African Republic After a decade of decline, Australia is back on the rise in a global anti-corruption ranking Ukraine: Banned Landmines Harm Civilians UK: Court to Rule on Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia Public self-immolation puts the spotlight on mental health issues in Nepal Myanmar: 2 Years Since Coup, Worsening Repression Major publishers are banning ChatGPT from being listed as an academic author. What’s the big deal? Pay, safety and welfare: how the new Centre for Arts and Entertainment Workplaces can strengthen the arts sector Jetlag hits differently depending on your travel direction. Here are 6 tips to help you get over it First Nations people often take on the 'cultural load' in their workplaces. Employers need to ease this burden Enough with the koala cakes – the government’s annual Threatened Species Bake Off seriously neglects fish, plants and other lesser-loved species Victoria has implemented all 227 recommendations from its royal commission into family violence. So was it a success? Two years on from Myanmar military coup, UN chief stresses international unity, as arrests, airstrikes continue AI is helping us search for intelligent alien life – and we’ve found 8 strange new signals Publicly owned land should be used for affordable housing, not sold to private developers Climate change is already putting the heat on insurance companies – Auckland's floods could be a turning point Labor's proposed family law overhaul makes some important changes, but omits others Can chewing help manage stress, pain and appetite? Here's what the science says What the Free Alberta Strategy gets wrong about Canada's banking system The hype is out of this world, but mining in space won't save the Earth How culling Australia's feral water buffalo could help tackle climate change AI is helping us search for intelligent alien life – and we’ve already found 8 strange new signals Here's who decides cause of death, how death certificates work – and whether a person died with or of COVID Unlike with academics and reporters, you can't check when ChatGPT's telling the truth Black police officers aren't colorblind – they're infected by the same anti-Black bias as American society and police in general How companies can improve the retention of employees returning from abroad Professor Gordon Rohlehr, the ‘finest mind regarding calypso,’ dies at age 80 in Trinidad Libya: human rights abuses must be addressed, says UN probe A 'stop Brexit' sticker and suffragette colours: it's really not clear what can get you kicked out of parliament Pope Francis in DRC and South Sudan: one of his most challenging visits ever Schiaparelli couture show featured animal heads inspired by Dante’s Inferno – here's what they mean Yakuza battle Chinese gangs for control of Japan's criminal underworld US is spending record amounts servicing its national debt – interest rate hikes add billions to the cost Children lost one-third of a year's learning to COVID, new study shows – but we need to think about the problem differently Peru: Amnesty International deploys crisis response team to investigate serious human rights violations Primates colonised the Arctic during a period of ancient global warming -- their fate offers a lesson as climate change speeds up Young people are drinking less – here's an alternative to try on your next night out Power Slap League: a brutal 'sport' that may leave contestants with brain damage It might be scary but making phone calls can be good for young people's wellbeing Former deputy prime minister John Anderson joins group spearheading "no" campaign on the Voice Inequality in access to basic services is a major problem in sub-Saharan Africa - but progress is being made Building more inclusive pregnancy services for trans and non-binary people isn't about a culture war Limits to computing: A computer scientist explains why even in the age of AI, some problems are just too difficult Does this cause cancer? How scientists determine whether a chemical is carcinogenic – sometimes with controversial results Why are there prisons? An expert explains the history of using 'correctional' facilities to punish people How evangelicals moved from supporting environmental stewardship to climate skepticism US debt default could trigger dollar’s collapse – and severely erode America’s political and economic might Meet Bayard Rustin, often-forgotten civil rights activist, gay rights advocate, union organizer, pacifist and man of compassion for all in trouble Sheriffs who see themselves as ultimate defenders of the Constitution are especially worried about gun rights Brazil's economic challenges are again Lula's to tackle – this time around they're more daunting Kampala, Kigali and Addis Ababa are changing fast: new book follows their distinct paths The Badoo ritual gang created fear in Lagos: here's what made victims vulnerable There are almost 1,500 political prisoners in Belarus Social networks make civil society voices heard in Togo Politics with Michelle Grattan: Treasurer Jim Chalmers answers critics of his 'values-based capitalism' A tiny radioactive capsule is lost on a highway in Western Australia. Here's what you need to know Australia is to have a poet laureate – how will the first appointment define us as a nation? Earwigs are the hero single mothers of the insect world – and good for your garden too 'Arts are meant to be at the heart of our life': what the new national cultural policy could mean for Australia – if it all comes together After years of austerity, Revive writes the next chapter in Australian literary culture Georgia facing backlash over possible flight resumption with Russia How military supporters are using Telegram channels to suppress dissent in Myanmar Hate Speech: Turning the tide Streaming platforms will soon be required to invest more in Australian TV and films, which could be good news for our screen sector My kid is biting, hitting and kicking. I’m at my wit’s end, what can I do? Myanmar: Two years after coup, global action needed to halt military’s ‘nationwide assault on human rights’ 'Discriminatory impact on First Nations people': coroner calls for urgent bail reform in Veronica Nelson inquest What's driving the potato chip shortage and when will it pass? New Zealand's tax system is under the spotlight (again). What needs to change to make it fair? What makes archaeology useful as well as exciting? It offers lessons from the past Children and teens aren't doing enough physical activity - new study sounds a health warning It’s hot, and your local river looks enticing. But is too germy for swimming? Tár isn't just about gender, sexuality and power – it is also a story of class in the elite world of classical music Nope, coffee won't give you extra energy. It'll just borrow a bit that you'll pay for later Toxic pollutants can build up inside our homes. 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