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Has the "civil war" in Israel really just begun?, by Thierry Meyssan US divided over Israel Lebanon's power supply to be cut off as from 22 June Ethiopia arbitrarily suspends New York Times reporter’s accreditation How to bond with your baby if you were separated during the pandemic Gaza conflict: no matter how powerful Israel’s military becomes it still can’t win Kenya and Tanzania: how sport affects nationalism, and attitudes towards refugees Why few women in Senegal speak out about their rapists African countries must muscle up their support and fill massive R&D gap We're a step closer to figuring out why mosquitoes bite some people and not others Fixing local government in South Africa needs political solutions, not technical ones Both Israel and Hamas are aiming to look strong, instead of finding a way out of their endless war Severe storms from tropics reach Europe once every five years on average – new research COVID-19 could be the end of 'global health' as we know it Strategic extremism: 4 insights on the U.S. Capitol siege from established insurgencies Incest isn't a taboo in the animal kingdom – new study Muslim women are using Sharia to push for gender equality The typical child care worker in the US earns less than $12 an hour Are your parents responsible for your cavities, or do you need to floss more? How to use statistics to prepare for the next pandemic Engineers and economists prize efficiency, but nature favors resilience – lessons from Texas, COVID-19 and the 737 Max UK vaccine booster Q&A: what will be given and when, explained by public health expert Striking a balance between fairness in competition and the rights of transgender athletes Racial groups suffer disparate consequences after unfair police treatment – but not the groups you might think World's worst pandemic leaders: 5 presidents and prime ministers who badly mishandled COVID-19 From child refugee to journalist: How Liberian Tecee Boley paved her own path in media Protecting its people and preserving democracy: Germany's pandemic predicament Harassment of Algerian reporters intensifies in run-up to parliamentary elections It may not be possible to bring all Australians with COVID home from India. But we can do better than we are now Egypt: Prisoner’s Family Detained for Torture Complaints Launched on May 18, the JTI online platform represents new dawn for media integrity, transparency and sustainability How to survive as a figurative sculptor? WA's The Syndicate is a novel form of philanthropy in the spirit of the Medicis The story of Rum Jungle: a Cold War-era uranium mine that’s spewed acid into the environment for decades Have Australian researchers developed an effective COVID-19 treatment? Potentially, but we need to wait for human trials Israeli Palestinian fighting enters second week Israeli Palestinian fighting enters second week Climate explained: is natural gas really cheaper than renewable electricity? Israeli civil war: false flag operation IDF obliterates Hamas missile launch ramps Israeli Palestinian fighting enters second week We found a secret history of megadroughts written in tree rings. The wheatbelt's future may be drier than we thought Question Time reforms are worthy but won't solve the problem of a broken political culture It can't all be insured: counting the hidden economic impact of floods and bushfires ACIC thinks there are no legitimate uses of encryption. They're wrong, and here's why it matters New Zealand is overdue for an open and honest debate about 21st-century trade relations HIV/AIDS vaccine: Why don't we have one after 37 years, when we have several for COVID-19 after a few months? Who are you? What the standard questions about birth and background don't tell us Jacinda Ardern calls for 'ethical algorithms' to combat online extremism. What this means Guide to the classics: Shakespeare’s sonnets — an honest account of love and a surprising portal to the man himself Book publishing sidelined in the game of university measurement and rankings We found a secret history of megadroughts written in tree rings. The wheatbelt's future may be drier than we think Children, teens and COVID vaccines: where is the evidence at, and when will kids in Australia be eligible? Why is accountability for alleged war crimes so hard to achieve in the Israel-Palestinian conflict? Antarctica is headed for a climate tipping point by 2060, with catastrophic melting if carbon emissions aren't cut quickly The gods of ancient Egypt as seen through 'BoJack Horseman' Machines can't 'personalize' education, only people can Afghan Women, Girls Should Not Pay for Their Government’s Abuses Israel-Palestine conflict: why Gulf leaders are staying quiet – for now The controversial history of colourizing black-and-white photos Preventive measures are as important to the mental health pandemic as they are to COVID-19 Gaza's enhanced rocket technology challenges Israel's defences The UN Ocean Decade: can a UN resolution turn into a scientific revolution? Nepal appeals for international support amidst sweeping second COVID-19 wave RSF helps coordinate support for French journalist kidnapped in Mali Four health benefits of hugs – and why they feel so good Israeli politics and the Palestine question: everything you need to know Dating after lockdown: why you shouldn’t expect a summer of love Navigating a new digital era means changing the world economic order Sweden's first labour movement didn't fear technological change – they embraced it to demand higher wages South Africa sets out to protect cast and crew involved in nudity and sex scenes International aid to Africa needs an overhaul. Tips on what needs to change Social impact bonds fund welfare projects: how South Africa's first two have done Was traditional Rwandan high-jumping really Olympic class? What we found Critically acclaimed Bosnian film stirs up the barely buried ghosts of Srebrenica Life in the deep freeze – the revolution that changed our view of glaciers forever COVID vaccines: some fully vaccinated people will still get infected – here's why The history of sneakers: from commodity to cultural icon How COVID vaccines have pushed the UK towards the end of lockdown How student-designed video games made me rethink how I teach history How much energy can people create at one time without losing control? If a satellite falls on your house, space law protects you – but there are no legal penalties for leaving junk in orbit Sex work, part of the online gig economy, is a lifeline for marginalized workers Lack of sleep is harming health care workers – and their patients Ultra-Orthodox Jewish women are bucking the patriarchal, authoritarian stereotype of their community Why do we hate the sound of our own voices? 'What's Going On' at 50 – Marvin Gaye's Motown classic is as relevant today as it was in 1971 Why I use the NRA as a case study for how nonprofits shouldn't operate Beer, doughnuts and a $1 million lottery – how vaccine incentives and other behavioral tools can help the US reach herd immunity We used drones to track the feeding habits of seabirds – new research Pandemic’s Dire Global Impact on Education Bulgaria's COVID-hit farmers struggle under media negligence and insufficient state support Downloading our thoughts to the mainframe may be the stuff of science fiction — but humans have been imagining it for centuries Tesla's Bitcoin about-face is a warning for cryptocurrencies that ignore climate change What is drink spiking? How can you know if it's happened to you, and how can it be prevented? Israel acknowledges bombing and destroying media outlets in Gaza Israeli Palestinian clashes likely to continue Proposed base for Elon Musk's SpaceX project threatens lands and livelihoods in Biak, Papua The Treasurer says his 'patent box' will boost innovation. The evidence says it won't Despite a veneer of democracy, Samoa is sliding into autocracy Little change in post-budget Newspoll; Liberals win Tasmanian majority Social plants: in the wild, staghorn ferns grow in colonies to improve water storage for all members RSF asks ICC prosecutor to say whether Israeli airstrikes on media in Gaza constitute war crimes From Mickey to Moana — Disney treasures at ACMI tell the story of animation's evolution over almost a century Rise of transport megaprojects adds to Australian taxpayers' risk of paying too much A Victorian logging company just won a controversial court appeal. Here’s what it means for forest wildlife Remember, Apple AirTags and 'Find My' app only work because of a vast, largely covert tracking network I'm over 50 and can now get my COVID vaccine. Can I talk to the GP first? Do I need a painkiller? What else do I need to know? Australia risks becoming a hermit nation. Here's a five-step road-map to reopen our borders safely Many questions, few answers, as conflict deepens between Israelis and Palestinians Women in Science: Neuroscientist Caroline Geisler on ‘standing out from the crowd’ Why the European recovery plan funds have not yet been released What Joe Biden can learn from Canada's private refugee sponsorship program Why the West must challenge Iran on human rights Beyond a technical bug: Biased algorithms and moderation are censoring activists on social media A 95-million-year-old reptile’s solution to the problem of tooth wear No 'bounce' for government from big-spend budget: Newspoll Indian variant and travel bans: COVID-19 warnings should be rooted in science, not anti-South Asian racism Nigeria could gain by promoting more biodiversity awareness among its citizens Malaria control needs longer lasting repellents. We’re a step closer to finding one South Africa must ban sugary drinks sales in schools. Self regulation is failing Conflict kills education: Rwandan experiences show how lost years can be recovered As the Palestinian minority takes to the streets, Israel is having its own Black Lives Matter moment Lockdown for citizens, beach holiday for tourists: New ad exposes Turkey's lopsided COVID rules The different faces of gender equality in Vietnam politics US could lose next war, said US Air Force Chief of Staff European Health Commissioner caught in flagrant act of corruption Israeli settlers’ aggressive takeover of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem is part of a decades-long struggle How cables in glaciers could help forecast future sea level rise B16172 Q&A: all you need to know about this SARS-CoV-2 variant South Africa’s 'Deadly Air' Case Highlights Health Risks from Coal Ireland's shame: reforming an adoption system marked by secrecy and trauma The forgotten psychological cost of corruption in developing countries Iraq: thousands of police officers have died in the line of duty How to avoid sun damage after months in lockdown LIVE on May 20: What Eurovision tells us about Europe Tajikistan imposes total control over independent broadcast media Racism in football: new research shows media treats black men differently to white men How COVID-19 has affected overnight school trips, and why this matters The golden ratio: an ancient Greek formula could be responsible for most hit musicals Should my child get the COVID-19 vaccine? 7 questions answered by a pediatric infectious disease expert To navigate the dangers of the web, you need critical thinking – but also critical ignoring Herd immunity appears unlikely for COVID-19, but CDC says vaccinated people can ditch masks in most settings Microfluidics: The tiny, beautiful tech hidden all around you Using captured CO₂ in everyday products could help fight climate change, but will consumers want them? Halston: The glittering rise – and spectacular fall – of a fashion icon Why genocide survivors can offer a way to heal from the trauma of the pandemic year New teachers face complex cultural challenges – the stories of 3 Latina teachers in their toughest moments The Women's Budget Statement was more like a first step than a revolution Scots less likely to identify as 'European' than others in the UK, survey reveals Could the AstraZeneca vaccine cause Guillain-Barré syndrome? We don't know yet — but there's minimal cause for concern How quickly do we become unfit? Art by Indigenous prisoners can forge links with culture and a future away from crime Albanese's $10bn pledge pushes housing needs back into the limelight Finally, an ongoing commitment to funding preschool. But the conditions are hazy and ill-defined First Nations families need support to stay together, before we create another Stolen Generation Israel’s Conflict with Palestinians Escalates Israel’s Conflict with Palestinians Escalates VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on the 2021-22 budget With diplomacy all but abandoned, Israel and the Palestinians are teetering on another war Another dangerous fire season is looming in the Western U.S., and the drought-stricken region is headed for a water crisis Bitcoin: what Elon Musk's U-turn on Tesla payments means for future of crypto Pregnant Girls and Young Mothers in Kenya Have the Right to Education Turkmenistan: Threats Against Relatives of Dissidents Abroad International Committee of the Red Cross Backs Killer Robot Ban Israel’s Conflict with Palestinians Escalates From the editor: the government's neglect of higher education is damaging The Low and Middle Income Tax Offset has been extended yet again. It delivers help neither when nor where it's needed Getting ready for climate change is about people, not spreadsheets. Let's use our imaginations Friday essay: searching for sanity in a world hell-bent on destruction Do naturally high testosterone levels equal stronger female athletic performance? Not necessarily How climate change is erasing the world’s oldest rock art Where do meteorites come from? We tracked hundreds of fireballs streaking through the sky to find out Yes, religion plays a more prominent role in politics. But 'secular Australia' has always been a myth Vancouver billboards by artist Steven Shearer evoked intimacy where people least expected it 3 reasons for making COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for children Villagers in Turkey's İkizdere resist mine construction 2011-2020: A study of journalist murders in Latin America confirms the importance of strengthening protection policies COVID vaccine weekly: local lockdowns and vaccination surges could be used to contain B16172 variant What Elon Musk's bitcoin U-turn means for the future of crypto A dangerous fire season looms as the drought-stricken Western US heads for a water crisis Why the inflation rate doesn’t tell the whole story – all it takes is a spike in a category like used cars to cause consumer prices to soar Bill and Melinda Gates: philanthropy caught in the crosshairs of society's obsession with celebrity COVID vaccine hesitancy: spell out the personal rather than collective benefits to persuade people -- new research WhatsApp's controversial privacy update may be banned in the EU – but the app's sights are fixed on India Schizophrenia: new blood test device could improve treatment How trade deals explain the behaviour of West African elites Ramaphosa appears -- finally -- to have his grip on South Africa's ruling ANC Women stand-up comedians in Zimbabwe talk about sex -- and the patriarchy Truth, lies and honey How global tax dodging costs lives: new research shows a direct link to increased death rates HIV survivors' stories show the loss, resilience and activism of the early years of AIDS pandemic In early media coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, older adults in rural areas were neglected Quarantine hotels: A history of controversy and occasional comfort Tiangong: China may gain a monopoly on space stations - here's what to expect Climate adaptation finance is ineffective and must be more transparent Parks and green spaces helped us get through lockdown – but not everyone has equal access Amid Eid ul-Fitr celebrations, a look at the Muslim presence in the Caribbean Mozambique: Rescue attempts jeopardized by racial discrimination following Palma attack – new survivors’ testimony With billions more allocated to immigration detention, it's another bleak year for refugees Vaccine passports: why they are good for society What is mucormycosis, the fungal infection affecting COVID patients in India? 'Frontline workers' among those to get priority in Albanese's housing program Why India’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout is faltering – podcast Who was better at predicting the course of the pandemic – experts or the public? Grattan on Friday: Is that the Coalition debt truck parked just past the election? Coronavirus variant B16172: Could it block the UK's path out of lockdown? Here’s how much your personal information is worth to cybercriminals – and what they do with it Why is the FDA funded in part by the companies it regulates? Protests by Palestinian citizens in Israel signal growing sense of a common struggle Faith in numbers: Is church attendance linked to higher rates of coronavirus? Free speech wasn't so free 103 years ago, when 'seditious' and 'unpatriotic' speech was criminalized in the US Refugee camps can wreak enormous environmental damages – should source countries be liable for them? Scientists at work: Helping endangered sea turtles, one emergency surgery at a time Apple threatens to upend podcasting's free, open architecture What the Euro 2020 Panini sticker album can teach us about probability How the bubonic plague changed drinking habits Former minister's memoir is a candid critique of South Africa's political economy People with HIV are still dying from a treatable, but neglected, disease: all it needs is a plan Too late, already bolted: how a faster WHO response could have slowed COVID-19's spread Who is artist Luis Manuel Otero, symbol of the resistance and thorn in the side of the Cuban regime? Benin: Threat on transgender people and their defenders following the assault on three of them Palestinian reporters injured in Jerusalem, 21 media outlets destroyed in Gaza No vaccine 'targets', but Australians could still be vaccinated by end of year What is repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and how does it actually work? What is the Moderna COVID vaccine? Does it work, and is it safe? The 2021-22 budget has added salt to universities' COVID wounds With billions more allocated to immigration detention, another bleak year for refugees Big-spending 'recovery budget' leaves universities out in the cold Poor nutrition changes the way a body fights infection: this might protect against severe COVID-19 Thailand: Covid-19 Outbreaks in Prisons Several Top Hamas Military Commanders Killed in Israeli Airstrikes NZ Budget 2021: we need the arts to live, but artists need to earn a living How can the world help India — and where does that help need to go? How snake fangs evolved to perfectly fit their food Money for telescopes and vaccines is great, but the budget's lack of basic science funding risks leaving Australia behind The Mitchells vs The Machines shows 'smart' tech might be less of a threat to family bonds than we fear The budget should have been a road to Australia's low-emissions future. Instead, it's a flight of fancy In Cameroon Transgender Women Given Five-Years in Prison 'Top down' disaster resilience doesn't work. The National Recovery and Resilience Agency must have community at its heart Guide to the Classics: Montesquieu’s Persian Letters at 300 — an Enlightenment story that resonates in a time of culture wars How China has been transforming international education to become a leading host of students Soaring housing costs are pushing retirees into areas where disaster risks are high Despite major conservation efforts, populations of New Zealand's iconic kiwi are more vulnerable than people realise The 50 beautiful Australian plants at greatest risk of extinction — and how to save them The pressure is on for Australia to accept the coronavirus really can spread in the air we breathe How much can the budget's $1.1 billion for women's safety really achieve? Two experts give their verdict Hold the celebrations — the budget's supposed focus on women is no game-changer Public health officials are failing to communicate effectively about AstraZeneca Seti: how microbes could communicate with alien species How sex work has been affected by the pandemic Dunbar’s number: why my theory that humans can only maintain 150 friendships has withstood 30 years of scrutiny Israel-Palestine conflict: the role of Hamas and Fatah rivalry in latest violence Confusing AstraZeneca warfare messaging: Destroy the COVID-19 enemy fast, but wait Anti-Black racism is not a 'consensual schoolyard fight' Curious Kids: Can dogs catch COVID-19? Denying Black musicians their royalties has a history emerging out of slavery Teeth of fallen soldiers hold evidence that foreigners fought alongside ancient Greeks, challenging millennia of military history Judge rejects NRA's bankruptcy bid, allowing New York's lawsuit against the gun group to proceed: 5 questions answered Why the Al-Aqsa Mosque has often been a site of conflict Ethiopia’s Axum Findings Ignore Massacre of Civilians Several NGOs denounce censorship of Palestinian voices by tech companies Thai premier, UN rapporteurs asked to prevent journalists being returned to Myanmar Public health officials are failing to effectively communicate during COVID-19 How America’s partisan divide over pandemic responses played out in the states Domestic violence isn't about just physical violence – and state laws are beginning to recognize that Myanmar's anti-coup protesters defy rigid gender roles – and subvert stereotypes about women to their advantage Pregnant women's brains show troubling signs of stress – but feeling strong social support can break those patterns President Biden's plan for free universal preschool – 5 questions answered Agnolotti, bucatini and the innovative new 'cascatelli' – a brief history of pasta shapes What American farmers could gain by rejoining the Asia-Pacific trade deal that Trump spurned Derek Chauvin trial: how oppressive police systems defend themselves Legacy of Chad's gatekeeper politics lives on beyond Déby -- and carries grave risks Cooking with kids at home saw a boom during lockdown – here's why it needs to continue What happened when Italy criminalised environmental protest COVID in India: a tragedy with its roots in Narendra Modi's leadership style How costumes in period dramas shape our perception of royalty 'Almost divine power': the lawyers who sign off who lives and who dies in modern war zones Nigeria's okada motorcycles have a bad image, but banning them solves nothing Ghana's road traffic problems have deep and spreading roots Push for COVID-19 vaccine patent waiver isn't a panacea: but it could nudge companies to share What’s happened to Keir Starmer’s leadership? Algeria pressures reporters by delaying renewal of accreditation Is it too risky to lift lockdown early in the UK? It depends on the kind of risk Politics with Michelle Grattan: Simon Birmingham and Jim Chalmers on a big spending budget COVID-19: is obesity really more of a risk factor for men than women? Evolution of a smile: 400 million year old spiny fish overturns shark theory of tooth origins Seti: microbes may already be communicating with alien species – new research Immune response might be more about signalling to others that you need help and less about protecting your body TRIPS waiver: US support is a major step but no guarantee of COVID-19 vaccine equity Albanese promises support for young entrepreneurs to develop startups Has the government rescued the arts in this budget? There are some winners but not much has changed A bigger budget for mental health services won't necessarily improve Australia's mental health Pay dirt: $200 million plan for Australia's degraded soil is a crucial turning point Israel-Palestinian violence: why East Jerusalem has become a flashpoint in a decades-old conflict Did someone drop a zero? Australia's digital economy budget spend should be 10 times bigger Budget package doesn't guarantee aged-care residents will get better care 'Insulting' and 'degrading': budget funding for childcare may help families but educators are still being paid pennies Why public health officials are failing to effectively communicate during COVID-19 How China used the media to spread its COVID narrative — and win friends around the world Should we vaccinate all returned travellers in hotel quarantine? It's no magic fix but it could reduce risks UN: Governments Should Urge Xinjiang Inquiry Indonesia: Drop Charges, Release Peaceful Papuan Activist Joe Biden reinvents racism, by Thierry Meyssan Israeli and Palestinian continue clashes Fewer hard hats, more soft hearts: budget pivots to women and care How much can I spend on my home renovation? A personal finance expert explains Research shows high-end tourism in Indonesia fails to empower local people during COVID-19 pandemic Cuts, spending, debt: what you need to know about the budget at a glance Canada is virtue signalling while waffling on global access to COVID-19 vaccines US approves its first big offshore wind farm, near Martha's Vineyard – it’s a breakthrough for the industry Blogger Jailed for 6.5 Years on Dubious Charges in Uzbekistan I spent a year and a half at a 'no-excuses' charter school – this is what I saw As the government is learning, a 'wage freeze' can come with unintended consequences Plastic pollution: scientists track a cargo spill from New York to Norway, reveal how currents disperse harmful substances Inspired by organic cells, with some marvellous art on show, the Gold Coast's new HOTA Gallery is a triumph Core strength: why is it important and how do you maintain it? The carbon footprint of Airbnb is likely bigger than you think Destruction of coastal forest for a major tourism project raises questions about Jamaica’s climate change posture COVID during pregnancy poses a low risk to newborns, new research shows Curious Kids: Why do people with synaesthesia link senses, and how does it work? Ottawa's $10-a-day child care promise should heed Québec’s insights about balancing low fees with high quality Less hard hats, more soft hearts: budget pivots to women and care Cuts, spends, debt: what you need to know about the budget at a glance Doctors treating trans youth grapple with uncertainty, lack of training Putting a dollar value on nature will give governments and businesses more reasons to protect it Young farmers struggle with child care and health insurance – and that can threaten the future of family farms US parents pay nearly double the 'affordable' cost for child care and preschool How do I talk to my child about violence? 4 essential reads How the Texas Top 10% Plan failed to attract more students to the state's flagship colleges Robert Owen, born 250 years ago, tried to use his wealth to perfect humanity in a radically equal society Gender pension gap: why women save less - and why that's changing dramatically Relationships during a pandemic: How dating apps have adapted to COVID-19 #FoodPorn: People are more attracted to social media content showcasing fatty foods When your dream job is a nightmare Type 2 diabetes: sitting can cause problems with blood sugar levels, so get up and move COVID-19: field research needs to find a way back fast after the pandemic DUP leadership election Q&A: all you need to know as Edwin Poots and Jeffrey Donaldson Why Nigerian small businesses aren't using the full power of social media It's time to stop ignoring paid childcare in urban Africa Book shows the folly of painting Mandela as either saint or sellout Pilgrimage in a pandemic: lessons from Mecca on containing COVID-19 Jerusalem: the politics behind the latest explosion of violence in the Holy City Seaspiracy: how to make fishing more sustainable by tackling bycatch – new research Global Voices is seeking an Asia-Pacific-based English-language subeditor Using Clubhouse to counter Beijing-imposed amnesia: An interview with Ai Weiwei Burqa ban in Sri Lanka would undermine national security and human rights A proposal by a Brazilian senator resurrects ideas of restrictive abortion law Budget splashes cash, with $17.7 billion for aged care and a pitch to women Frydenberg spends the budget bounty to drive unemployment down to new lows Budget 2021: the floppy-V-shaped recovery View from The Hill: Frydenberg finds the money tree Less hard hats, more soft hearts: budget pivots to women and the care sector Cuts, spends, debt: everything you need to know about the budget at a glance Drugs 'trilemma': how to halt the deadly trade while still ensuring development and peace Poor sleep linked to inability to focus – new study Burundi is releasing thousands from jail, but many political prisoners remain behind bars The conviction of Niger newspaper editor Moussa Aksar is an attack on investigative journalism More than six years in prison for Uzbek blogger who covered corruption Curious Kids: why does the sun's bright light make me sneeze? Why Indonesia should raise the income tax of the ultra-rich individuals Sexual misconduct in film and TV: how intimacy coordination can help to address the historic issue Important Progress for People with Disabilities in Armenia Afghan cease-fire called for as Ramadan comes to a close Afghan cease-fire called for as Ramadan comes to a close Long before Billie Eilish, women wore corsets for form, function and support German Catholic Church defies the gay taboo US voters want to legislate against Facebook and Twitter Ukraine to take part in NATO's 2022 Defender Europe Exercise Christopher Steele produced second Trump dossier for the White House How we showed bamboo cricket bats could usher in a new, more sustainable epoch for the sport Scientists are more likely to study bold and beautiful blooms, but ugly flowers matter too 'Boys and their toys': how overt masculinity dominates Australia's relationship with water For Muslim refugees in immigration detention, another sombre, isolated Eid holiday Afghan cease-fire called for as Ramadan comes to a close Nobody cares about ugly flowers. Scientists pay more attention to pretty plants Can schools require COVID-19 vaccines for students now that Pfizer's shot is authorized for kids 12 and up? Why NZ’s public sector wage freeze ignores the lessons of history Proposed Iranian law would ban US, British journalists and media The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and the SolarWinds hack were all but inevitable – why national cyber defense is a 'wicked' problem COVID-19 upended Americans' sense of individualism and invited us to embrace interconnectedness – an idea from Greek philosopher Epicurus China's Tiangong space station: what it is, what it's for, and how to see it If I could go anywhere: searching for music in the places where Chopin lived and died Nobody cares about fugly flowers. Scientists pay more attention to pretty plants The NT's tough-on-crime approach won't reduce youth offending. This is what we know works The outlook for coral reefs remains grim unless we cut emissions fast — new research New research finds native forest logging did not worsen the Black Summer bushfires Would Australians support mandates for the COVID-19 vaccine? Our research suggests most would How better conversations can help reduce vaccine hesitancy for COVID-19 and other shots RSF denounces Total’s retaliation against Le Monde for Myanmar story Why business school efforts to recruit more diverse faculties are failing China’s digital currency could be the future of money – but does it threaten global stability? African countries must embrace the concept of good food as good medicine Our research shows gaps in South Africa's diabetes management programme Nigerian hip hop lyrics put cybercrime in a good light Moving US Africa Command to Africa will not solve the continent's security issues South Sudan's chief justice is overstepping his bounds: why it matters for the rule of law Net zero: despite the greenwash, it’s vital for tackling climate change Beginners 101: How to confront and overcome the discomfort of starting something new South Carolina aims to bring back the firing squad Indians stepping up to try to save lives during COVID-19's catastrophic second wave Why some straight men have sex with other men How we showed bamboo cricket bats could usher in a new, more sustainable epoch for cricket Small countries and Covid-19 vaccination: the example of Serbia A new understanding of how the human brain controls our hands – new research Killing Schoolgirls in Afghanistan Public distress as Turkey institutes yet another COVID-19 lockdown With firing of four editors, “repolonisation” under way in Poland IRAN : Proposed Iranian law would ban US, British journalists and media Why the concept of net zero is a dangerous trap – podcast From Rodney King to George Floyd, how video evidence can be differently interpreted in courts Water wells are at risk of going dry in the US and worldwide DNA 'Lite-Brite' is a promising way to archive data for decades or longer 4 reasons business school faculty lack diversity States pick judges very differently from US Supreme Court appointments Haitians protest their president in English as well as Creole, indicting US for its role in country's political crisis US support for waiving COVID-19 vaccine patent rights puts pressure on drugmakers – but what would a waiver actually look like? Women-dominated child and home care work is critical infrastructure that has long been devalued How much sleep do you really need? I went from regular TV commentator on COVID to long COVID sufferer in just a few months Huawei’s ability to eavesdrop on Dutch mobile users is a wake-up call for the telecoms industry Five things that family businesses must do to survive hard times Indian farmers' strike continues in the shadow of COVID-19 Attack on Ex-Maldives’ President Shows Cost of Impunity Azerbaijan’s former ‘graffiti prisoner’ Bayram Mammadov found dead in Turkey Australia Post's worst nightmare: Christine Holgate to head delivery rival Global Express Scottish elections: what happened – and what comes next? A new era of spaceflight? Promising advances in rocket propulsion Smartphones are powerful personal pocket computers – should schools ban them? How school pets can help children to learn and read 'Fortress Australia': what are the costs of closing ourselves off to the world? Part of the legal challenge to the India travel ban has been comprehensively defeated — here's why Charging Indians for COVID vaccines is bad, letting vaccine producers charge what they like is unconscionable Frontex: should EU agency linked to thousands of deaths from border 'pushbacks' be responsible for migrant safety? Azerbaijan’s former “graffiti prisoner” Bayram Mammadov found dead in Turkey Human rights groups propose #7FirstSteps to mend Egypt's ‘dismal’ record Want to save the children? How child sexual abuse and human trafficking really work Want to become a space tourist? You finally can — if you have $250,000 and a will to sign your life away UAE: Foreign Debtor Trapped in Dire Circumstances Middle East/North Africa: End Violent Punishment of Children Europe: Redouble Efforts to End Violence Against Women Nepal: Act to Avert Looming Covid-19 Disaster Wesley Enoch: the 2021 budget must think big and reinvest in the social capital of ideas Mounting evidence suggests COVID vaccines do reduce transmission. How does this work? Joint statement of the Middle East Quartet on the situation in East Jerusalem Open Letter from Retired Generals and Admirals Afghan school blast death toll rises above 60 Flights have resumed between New Zealand and NSW, but the temporary travel pause may not be the last I have asthma, diabetes or another illness — can I get my COVID vaccine yet? 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Here's a list of what's urgent The COVID-19 pandemic has created regional tourism hotspots as big cities suffer 4 ways to fill the need to socialize during the COVID-19 pandemic How communities can fight the stigma that isolates people with dementia After a year of Zoom meetings, we’ll need to rebuild trust through eye contact Seniors have a right to express their sexuality in long-term care homes, but staff need guidance Inside Myanmar: Testimonies of survival and resistance Imagining the Caribbean's architectural alphabet Remembering Zim Ngqawana 10 years on, a singular force in South African music Thailand: Land Rights Activist Gunned Down USA, WHO and Taiwan Violence in Jerusalem Speech by Ali Khamenei on the occasion of the International Al Quds Day, by Ali Khamenei Raid in Rio de Janeiro Leaves 28 Dead Raid in Rio de Janeiro Leaves 25 Dead Japan’s Ruling Party LGBT Bill Falls Short Belarusian journalists forced into exile speak out From iron rain on exoplanets to lightning on Jupiter: four examples of alien weather Mary Ball Washington, George’s single mother, often gets overlooked – but she's well worth saluting TRIPS waiver: there's more to the story than vaccine patents A metropolis arose in medieval Cambodia – new research shows how many people lived in the Angkor Empire over time Frydenberg promises housing breaks in 'pandemic budget' Faces of those America is leaving behind in Afghanistan Police academies dedicate 3.21% of training hours to ethics and other public service topics – new research Warming is clearly visible in new US 'climate normal' datasets US prisons hold more than 550,000 people with intellectual disabilities – they face exploitation, harsh treatment Lag BaOmer pilgrimage brings Orthodox Jews closer to eternity – I experienced this spiritual bonding in years before the tragedy Space tourism is here – 20 years after the first stellar tourist, Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin plans to send civilians to space Popping toys, the latest fidget craze, might reduce stress for adults and children alike COVID vaccine weekly: support builds for patent waiver as shortages threaten to bite The link between fertility and longevity – new research Middle Eastern monarchies: how do Arab ruling families hold on to power? 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