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Emirates tasked Mossad with World Expo security Electronic tracking of voters is a thorny topic in a tight federal election race Ivermectin — whether formulated for humans or horses — is not a treatment for COVID-19 Five intellectual fashion statements from history that anticipated today’s dark academia trend UK COVID plan: how will the pandemic play out this winter? Facebook has known for a year and a half that Instagram is bad for teens despite claiming otherwise – here are the harms researchers have been documenting for years ANZUS without NZ? Why the new security pact between Australia, the UK and US might not be all it seems Local, face-to-face support offers a lifeline for uni students in regional and remote Australia Friday essay: Nevermind 30 years on – how Nirvana's second album tilted the world on its axis Destroying vegetation along fences and roads could worsen our extinction crisis — yet the NSW government just allowed it Tasmania's salmon industry detonates underwater bombs to scare away seals – but at what cost? Vital Signs: we're doing well despite Delta, but 3 major economic challenges loom Chief health officers are in the spotlight like never before. Here's what goes on behind the scenes QLD police will use AI to 'predict' domestic violence before it happens. Beware the unintended consequences RSF expects progress on rules for the digital space at the Summit for Information and Democracy Two more journalists arrested in Myanmar’s continuing crackdown COVID in schools – how ventilation can help to combat spread of virus Do the northern lights make sounds that you can hear? Making economic policy in South Africa in hard times: the role of human rights Why the push led by South Africa to revoke Israel’s AU observer status is misguided New test to diagnose vaginal inflammation could help reduce risk of HIV infection Breastfeeding trends show most developing countries may miss global nutrition targets Charting the wonderful touchstones on tragedy that go beyond a Western view Is sexual abuse and exploitation rife in the music industry? Rising inflation: unless we act now, it will not be temporary Liz Truss: three areas where the new foreign secretary will have the most influence Why it makes good business sense to attract more employees from working-class backgrounds Netflix’s 'Indian Matchmaking' at the Emmys: The problems with nominating this Indian ‘reality’ Bullying, racism and being 'different': Why some families are opting for remote learning regardless of COVID-19 Federal election: How the next government can build a stronger foreign service AUKUS: is an arms race with China the price of 'Global Britain'? Coastal flooding could save atoll islands from rising seas – but only if their reefs remain healthy Cancer: getting in shape before surgery can shorten hospital stays Five intellectual fashions from history that anticipated today’s dark academia trend Five things we learned about the state of the planet at the world's biggest meeting of biodiversity experts COVID winter plan: UK blueprint doesn’t go far enough – here's a health expert's alternative What is the Moon Festival? A scholar of Chinese religions explains Paris Exhibition Puts Myanmar Junta's Repression on Display Survey analyses tweets attacking Brazil’s media Journalist released in eastern Libya, but not yet really free Grattan on Friday: Porter's funding from a 'blind trust' is an integrity test for Morrison Q+A: COVID vaccine boosters – who will receive them and why are they being given? OxyContin created the opioid crisis, but stigma and prohibition have fueled it 4 strategies for a UN breakthrough on energy and climate change How reparations can be paid through school finance reform Political orientation predicts science denial – here's what that means for getting Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 Underneath all the makeup, who was the real Tammy Faye? Pandemic prompts more teachers to consider early retirement or new career COVID in schools - how ventilation can help to combat spread of virus European Union: Member states urged to implement EU recommendations on journalists’ safety Why is Justin Trudeau so much more popular abroad than in Canada? Podcast Ahead of September elections, Russia tightens grip on remaining online freedoms EU Should Address Beijing’s Assault on Rights US Should Use Refugee Resettlement Slots Now Northern Ireland: New arrests highlight continued need for justice for Lyra McKee Biden announces COVID vaccine mandate for 100 million Americans. Australia shouldn't follow just yet How do nuclear-powered submarines work? A nuclear scientist explains COVID in Wilcannia: a national disgrace we all saw coming African leopard sighting raises hopes for their conservation in southern Cameroon Just 4.5% jobless during lockdowns? The unemployment rate is now meaningless Ethiopia: Eritrean Refugees Targeted in Tigray Iraq: People with Disabilities Face Election Barriers Wondering what to do with kids in lockdown school holidays? Ideas from a happiness expert The AUKUS pact, born in secrecy, will have huge implications for Australia and the region Hong Kong: Drop Charges Against Vigil Organizers Israel admits merits of US diplomacy vis-à-vis Iran Atomic Iran and Al Qaeda are America's New Enemies Clinton, Bush and Obama welcome Afghan refugees Biden, Morrison & Johnson Announcing the Creation of AUKUS, by Boris Johnson, Joseph R. Biden Jr., Scott Morrison Scott Morrison Statement on AUKUS, by Scott Morrison Boris Johnson Statement on AUKUS , by Boris Johnson State of the European Union Speech 2021 , by Ursula von der Leyen Russia questions Israeli and Turkish presence in Syria Probe into suspicious death of witness in Netanyahu trial Facebook's 5.8 million privileged users Why nuclear submarines are a smart military move for Australia — and could deter China further Pregnant male seahorses support up to 1,000 growing babies by forming a placenta Overlooked and undervalued, New Zealand’s community caregivers have become the ‘invisible’ essential workers A researcher's view on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: The scientific process needs to be better explained Parents, take the school holidays pressure off yourself. Let the kids embrace the boredom Australia to build nuclear submarines in a new partnership with the US and UK Vaccinations need to reach 90% of First Nations adults and teens to protect vulnerable communities Asking for a cousin's friend: The viral load of Nicki Minaj's vaccine misinformation tweet Don’t Forget Older Australians as Covid-19 Lockdown Lifts South Korea: Reject Amendments to Press Law There she blows: the internal 'magma filter' that prompts ocean island volcanoes to erupt We analysed data from 29,798 clean-ups around the world to uncover some of the worst litter hotspots Jaws of death: how the canine teeth of carnivorous mammals evolved to make them super-killers From pygmies to puppets: what to do with Roald Dahl's enslaved Oompa-Loompas in modern adaptations? Smoke from the Black Summer fires created an algal bloom bigger than Australia in the Southern Ocean I asked historians what find made them go ‘wait, wut?’ Here's a taste of the hundreds of replies Vaccine passports are coming. But are they ethical? You're much less likely to get long COVID if you've been vaccinated The next national apology: Future Canadians might regret expansion of medically assisted dying laws Jamaican activist filmmaker takes on extractive industries in the Caribbean Russia: Broad Facial Recognition Use Undermines Rights Gambling live streams on Twitch: What are they and why do they matter? North Korea, nuclear proliferation and why the 'madman theory' is wrong about Kim Jong-un Capitol Police prepare for a return of insurrectionists to Washington – 5 essential reads on the symbols they carried on Jan. 6 UN Rights Chief to Report on China’s Abuses in Xinjiang Greece: Dangerous Custody Law to Take Effect Sri Lankan Minister Threatens Prisoners at Gunpoint California's political standing among Democrats a big winner in Gavin Newsom's recall victory Pasha 125: Nigeria can regain its lost athletics glory. Here's how Five steps for Nigeria's athletes to build personal brands Gbagbo returns to politics. What it means for Côte d’Ivoire Chad has a new roadmap: why it may lead to more of the same, and not democracy South Africa’s labour market trends from 2009 to 2019: a lost decade? Five myths about drone warfare busted How a new app helps fishing boats avoid endangered species Federal election 2021: More supply won't solve Canada's housing affordability crisis Contrary to popular belief, Eastern Canada is more at risk of earthquakes than perceived Grammar still matters – but teachers are struggling to teach it Singapore suspends independent website, threatens it with closure RSF hopes Egypt’s national plan for human rights is not a “joke in bad taste” Wales is having a rethink about its place in the UK – could it lead the way for everyone else? Resistance band workouts are everywhere – but do they work? Christian Porter's ministerial future on the line as Morrison seeks advice on 'blind trust' 5 characteristics of an effective science teacher – from a researcher who trains them Brain scans of Black women who experience racism show trauma-like effects, putting them at higher risk for future health problems Menstrual cups are a cheaper, more sustainable way for women to cope with periods than tampons or pads What’s the law on vaccine exemptions? A religious liberty expert explains Critical race theory is an important tool in better understanding how religion operates in America Cybercriminals use pandemic to attack schools and colleges James Webb Space Telescope: An astronomer on the team explains how to send a giant telescope to space – and why Texas voting law builds on long legacy of racism from GOP leaders Three things that could help save Christmas 2021 from shortages North Korea's latest missile provocation was entirely predictable One-third of the world's tree species are threatened with extinction – here are five of them Chinese higher education programs attract increasing numbers of students from Kazakhstan US: Extreme Heat Should Prompt New Border Approach Beyond AOC's 'Tax the Rich' dress: 5 acts of fashion provocation that changed history COVID vaccine effects wane over time but still prevent death and severe illness Shadow states are the biggest threat to democracy in Africa: fresh reports detail how Alzheimer's disease: hyperbaric oxygen proposed as treatment in new study In Turkey, first large anti-vaccine rally gets green light from the local government DR Congo: Massacres Persist Despite Martial Law US: Commit to Joining Cluster Munitions Ban Victoria has announced extra funds for counselling, but it's unlikely to improve our mental health Bringing woolly mammoths back from extinction might not be such a bad idea — ethicists explain Can Queensland cash in on the NRL finals? It's all about 'event leveraging' Labor and the Greens need to sober up. The next election is far from in the bag Australia's yellow international arrival cards are getting a COVID-era digital makeover. Here are 5 key questions Lebanon: UN Rights Body Should Investigate Beirut Blast Guinea: Leaders Should Respect Fundamental Rights Women at the height of their artistic powers present a powerful reckoning in SOUL Fury Constitutional changes and mistrust mark Angola's election announcement Brazil: Bolsonaro Threatens Democratic Rule From 9/11 to Covid : the refusal of the debate, by Thierry Meyssan Should I stay or should I go? Academics facing this dilemma should ask themselves 3 questions Australia's housing laws are changing, but do they go far enough to prevent pet abandonment? The shifting sands of COVID and our uncertain future has a name -- liminality During COVID lockdown, is it OK to go to the beach? We asked 5 experts Forceful vaccine messages backfire with holdouts – how can it be done better? Why a domestic NZ COVID ‘passport’ raises hard questions about discrimination, inequality and coercion Poverty got worse in 2020 as many low-wage workers took the brunt of the economic blows From bushfires, to floods, to COVID-19: how cumulative disasters can harm our health and erode our resilience Delta is tempting us to trade lives for freedoms — a choice it had looked like we wouldn't have to make Suspensions and expulsions could set our most vulnerable kids on a path to school drop-out, drug use and crime 'What is my IP address?' Explaining one of the world's most Googled questions The Taliban's rule threatens what's left of Afghanistan's dazzlingly diverse cultural history The government is determined to keep National Cabinet's work a secret. This should worry us all Why surfing is an antidote to the relentless march of capitalism Marriages of inconvenience: the fraught politics of coalitions in South Africa African farmers and agribusinesses need fair access to markets in face of climate change Africa's green revolution initiative has faltered: why other ways must be found The Sahel's jihadists don't all govern alike: context matters The G5 joint force for the Sahel was set up four years ago: why progress is slow Climate action is at risk because of the snap federal election call With far right groups on the rise, we should keep an eye on populism this federal election Nuclear power: Why molten salt reactors are problematic and Canada investing in them is a waste 8 a.m. high school? Sleep habits of pandemic teens suggest benefits of later start times Central African Republic: Important Step for Justice Alarm about mental state of Egyptian blogger held for past two years A new platform lets you buy shares of blue-chip paintings – but is art a wise investment? Rhinos: scientists are hanging them upside-down from helicopters – here’s why Student teachers share ideas about improving informal settlements in South Africa Pew's new global survey of climate change attitudes finds promising trends but deep divides New laws in England will leave 16-year-olds living alone We discovered the earliest prehistoric art is hand prints made by children Chinese soft power in Kyrgyzstan grows through culture and language Yet another hate campaign against Indian journalist Rana Ayyub How will the COVID pandemic end? Podcast with Michelle Grattan: Christian Porter's anonymous money pot Why unemployment can feel worse when there is less of it around Why the four-day week is not the solution to modern work stress Doctors and farmers turn up heat on Morrison ahead of Glasgow Apple's plan to scan your phone raises the stakes on a key question: Can you trust Big Tech? A new platform lets you invest in shares of blue-chip paintings – but is art a wise investment? What are microschools? 5 questions answered More education for Mexican Americans may mean less diabetes Five numbers that lay bare the mammoth effort needed to insulate Britain's homes Chile has a growing Muslim community – but few know about it Who's covered by a vaccine mandate? Here's a quick guide to America's patchwork of COVID-19 shot requirements What contaminants lurk in the UK's drinking water? An expert explains Russia blocks popular website for worker complaints Drugs, robots and the pursuit of pleasure – why experts are worried about AIs becoming addicts Compulsory vaccination: what does human rights law say? Diverging narratives on the Belt and Road Initiative in Greece and China Dalit erasure, or how Rolling Stone India failed to demonstrate diligent storytelling In Georgia, a taxi service for women by women Mexico: Landmark Reproductive Rights Rulings NSW risks a second larger COVID peak by Christmas if it eases restrictions too quickly ASIC, now less a corporate watchdog, more a lapdog Is Salman Rushdie's decision to publish on Substack the death of the novel? Sharing Knowledge, Technology Critical to Curb Covid-19 South Korea: LGBT Students Face Bullying, Discrimination Climate explained: how much of the world's energy comes from fossil fuels and could we replace it all with renewables? 5 questions to ask yourself before you dob — advice for adults and kids, from an ethicist 'The pigs can smell man': how decimation of Borneo's ancient rainforests threatens hunters and the hunted NSW inquiry rejects expert advice on Parental Rights Bill, and it will cause students to suffer Flattening the COVID curve: 3 weeks of tougher lockdowns in Sydney's hotspots halved expected case numbers We need a national plan to address family violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people Seeing red and feeling blue? How emotions are colouring the federal election in unexpected ways Climate change is coming for your snacks: why repeated drought threatens dried fruits and veggies I studied 31 Australian political biographies published in the past decade — only 4 were about women Australia has finally backed a plan to let developing countries make cheap COVID-19 vaccines — what matters is what it does next We managed to toilet train cows (and they learned faster than a toddler). It could help combat climate change How much will our oceans warm and cause sea levels to rise this century? We've just improved our estimate New research shows WA's first governor condoned killing of Noongar people despite proclaiming all equal under law We're two frontline COVID doctors. Here's what we see as case numbers rise Teaching a ‘hatred’ of Australia? No, minister, here’s why a democracy has critical curriculum content WATCH: Our mobile phones are covered in bacteria and viruses... and we never wash them Perilous situation for Afghan allies left behind shows a refugee system that's not up to the job RSF declares “press freedom state of emergency” in Poland Food production generates more than a third of manmade greenhouse gas emissions – a new framework tells us how much comes from crops, countries and regions I've been talking to Afghans stuck on the Bosnian border – their predicament is horrifying The pandemic highlights the importance of walkable and wheelable neighbourhoods ​​COVID-19 and border restrictions: Here's what the parties' election platforms say about controlling the fourth wave How addressing our young kids' COVID-19 learning loss is a matter of child's play COVID-19: why infection rates among double-vaccinated older adults look worse than they are The carbon footprint of a full English breakfast – and how to reduce it From sunny ways to pelted with stones: Why do some Canadians hate Justin Trudeau? Human rights could address the health and environmental costs of food production What does the future hold for Middle Eastern states? Turkey Defies the European Court Migratory birds found to be flying much higher than expected – new research 'I don't think I can cope financially' – the people putting off parenthood because of austerity How big companies are targeting middle income countries to boost ultra-processed food sales Work as we knew it has changed. Time to think beyond the wage How countries alongside the Sahara can restore productive land faster Lagos has a water and sanitation crisis: what the state and city can do How Zimbabwean artist Kudzanai Chiurai has reinvented the idea of a library Afghanistan: women are at the forefront of protests against the Taliban White privilege: what it is, what it means and why understanding it matters Food production generates more than 1/3 of manmade greenhouse gas emissions – a new framework tells us how much comes from crops, countries and regions Pet theft: criminalisation isn't the animal welfare boon the government promises Electricity prices have reached record highs – and the time-poor could suffer most German election: what to expect in the race to replace Angela Merkel The rise of COVID 'snowclones' – the mother of all linguistic phrases Jim Crow tactics reborn in Texas abortion law, deputizing citizens to enforce legally suspect provisions 'Imagine' at 50: Why John Lennon's ode to humanism still resonates What happens when your foot falls asleep? 6 big changes in standardized tests – including less focus on grading students and more on learning Western fires are burning higher in the mountains and at unprecedented rates as the climate warms Black, Hispanic and Asian American donors give more to social and racial justice causes as well as strangers in need – new survey Who are the Hazara of Afghanistan? An expert on Islam explains Biden Administration Targets Out-of-Control US Drug Prices Senior Reuters journalist denied entry to Lebanon: RSF and the Samir Kassir Foundation remind authorities of their press freedom obligations Kids' fitness is at risk while they miss sport and hobbies — but mums are getting more physical As the Balinese respond to the collapse of tourism, ritual is important — and dangerous How we fell for Master of None and its queer retelling of Ingmar Bergman's Scenes from a Marriage Ray-Ban Stories let you wear Facebook on your face. But why would you want to? Will Greek Schools Open for All Kids This Year? Can an app change Australia's car culture? Only if all moving parts work together Putting the community back into business: what te ao Māori can teach us about sustainable management Ngā āhuatanga ka akona mai ki a tātou e te ao Māori, mō te ao pakihi o āpōpō ‘If you thirst for freedom, seize it!’: the songs of the Belarusian uprising Saving these family-focused lizards may mean moving them to new homes. But that's not as simple as it sounds Criminal lawyers are regularly exposed to trauma — how can NZ's justice system look after them better? Research reveals why pet owners keep their cats indoors – and it's not to protect wildlife Why can't Australia make mRNA vaccines? Because we don't make enough 'deep technology' companies NSW and Victoria admit they won't get back to COVID-zero. What does this mean for a 'fractured' Australia? Why pushing for an economic 'alliance' with the US to counter Chinese coercion would be a mistake New analysis shows Morrison government funding won't cover any extra uni student places for years Myanmar LGBTQ makeup artist swaps beauty salon for border hideout and revolution In times of racial injustice, university education should not be 'neutral' Federal election: If all parties agree that we need to end drinking water advisories in Indigenous communities, why haven't we? Long-term care needs neglected in federal election platforms, despite COVID-19 crisis Love and rockets: We need to figure out how to have sex in space for human survival and well-being Federal election 2021: What the Conservatives don't understand about refugee resettlement Yemen: Key Human Rights Concerns for UN Envoy View from The Hill: Kristina Keneally's house switch stops one row, starts another Rethinking ukuthwala, the South African 'bride abduction' custom Pasha 124: How Nairobi's informal settlements got their names Worms can affect vaccine efficacy: lessons for COVID-19? A broken healthcare system has hampered Somalia's efforts to cope with COVID-19 Marburg in Guinea: the value of lessons from managing other haemorrhagic outbreaks Why Algeria cut diplomatic ties with Morocco: and implications for the future Vying for control of French anti-sanitary pass movement India sides with Quad countries against China Taliban drive Uyghur terrorists out of Afghanistan Hong Kong set to dismantle Tiananmen vigil host ahead of China's National Day Hong Kong sets to dismantle Tiananmen vigil host ahead of China's National Day Tunisia: President’s Repressive Policies Abrogate Rights Ce qu’il faut pour mettre un terme à la guerre civile en République centrafricaine Guinea coup highlights the weaknesses of West Africa's regional body Biden's pandemic plan overlooks mask mandates and vulnerable populations Over-the-counter rapid antigen tests can help slow the spread of COVID-19 -- here's how to use them effectively Tanzania suspends newspaper for one month RSF and other Human Rights Organizations Call For Robust Implementation of New EU Export Control Rules and Investigation of EU member states’ role in Pegasus affair I won a Bafta with my iPhone after struggling to re-enter the industry as a mother American Muslims are at high risk of suicide -- 20 years post-9/11, the links between Islamophobia and suicide remain unexplored Turning back migrant boats: what does the international law of the sea say? Cristiano Ronaldo's return to Manchester United won't appear on live UK TV – the 3pm blackout no longer makes sense Federal leaders' debates rarely have an impact on election outcomes, so why bother? 9/11 twenty years on: al-Qaida is defeated – but jihadism is here to stay 9/11: how politicians and the media turned terrorism into an Islamic issue The Ronaldo effect: what big players mean for the business goals of clubs like Manchester United Are the Taliban now showing their true face to journalists? Here's what happens when two very different respiratory viruses infect the same cell – new study 9/11 did not change the world – it was already on the path to decades of conflict I won a Bafta with my iPhone after struggling to re-enter in the industry as a mother COVID-19: further lockdowns unlikely but some winter restrictions are possible Cholesterol jab: why gene silencing drugs may work better than current treatments SpaceX Inspiration4 mission will send 4 people with minimal training into orbit – and bring space tourism closer to reality Student loan debt is crushing Americans – 4 essential reads How bans on mask mandates affect students with disabilities – 4 questions answered Biden's proposed tenfold increase in solar power would remake the US electricity system California recall: There's a method to what looks like madness American Muslims are at high risk of suicide - 20 years Post-9/11, the links between Islamophobia and suicide remain unexplored 9/11 survivors' exposure to toxic dust and the chronic health conditions that followed offer lessons that are still too often unheeded How 'sissy men' became the latest front in China’s campaign against big tech How 'engagement' makes you vulnerable to manipulation and misinformation on social media Mercury Prize – a prize for an album in a time when no one listens to them China is on course to build the best cars in the world 9/11 inspired an outpouring of classical music – too much of it thoughtless and emotionless How 9/11 changed cinema Japan: Protect Fleeing Afghans at Risk Round the Twist's fans grew up – and their love for the show grew with them Vital Signs: the Greens' super-profits tax idea could end up burning muscle, not fat How the terrifying evacuations from the twin towers on 9/11 helped make today's skyscrapers safer Turkey and China in the eastern Mediterranean: Partners or competitors? China's unfulfilled promise to develop Venezuela's mines UK’s Unlawful Cruelty in the English Channel Sri Lanka: UN Rights Council Scrutiny Crucial Firebrands: How to protect your home from wildfires' windblown flaming debris LGBTQ+ people are being ignored in the national discussion on family and sexual violence VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on the 'roadmap to freedom' The daily dance of flowers tracking the sun is more fascinating than most of us realise Aiming for 10,000 steps? It turns out 7,000 could be enough to cut your risk of early death 18 months of the COVID-19 pandemic – a retrospective in 7 charts Firebrands and protecting homes from wildfires: What everyone needs to know about flaming windblown debris Why dental care needs to be part of health care — and on the federal election agenda Federal election: Which party has the best climate plan? Here's where they stand Vaccine passports are coming to Australia. How will they work and what will you need them for? COVID gives us a chance to rethink traditional end-of-school exams, and move into the 21 century How urban soundscapes affect humans and wildlife — and what may have changed in the hush of lockdown 20 years after 9/11, the American colossus has gone and the Middle East remains strife-torn Friday Essay: an introduction to Confucius, his ideas and their lasting relevance Pope Francis’ Hungary Visit Should Stress Need for Empathy Towards Refugees Qatar: Election Law Exposes Discriminatory Citizenship Two Preachers in Indonesia Charged with Blasphemy Social care reform: here's why this tax rise isn't just unfair on young people Japan: what are the chances of a woman becoming prime minister in a deeply patriarchal society? Beavers are back: here's what this might mean for the UK's wild spaces What does it mean to be 'true north strong and free?' Canada’s elusive northern identity 4 ways white people can be accountable for addressing anti-Black racism at universities Russia is positioning itself as a global partner after the U.S. Afghanistan debacle South African universities have taken to online teaching: but it can't be permanent What I learned from teaching African sport history to American students African researchers make headway in getting decisions made based on evidence How Obama's backing for NBA Africa venture could boost basketball on the continent What ancient Chinese roofs can tell us about climate change Tajik journalist who could die in prison must be included in amnesty, RSF says Haiti: what aid workers can learn from the previous earthquake as they struggle to rebuild the country Earthquake expert who advised the Haiti government in 2010: 'Why were clear early warning signs missed?' Why 7,000 steps a day is the new 10,000 steps a day Haiti's history of political fragility makes its recovery from disaster even harder – podcast Four factors that increase the risk of vaccinated people getting COVID Grattan on Friday: Morrison is wedged between Biden and Barnaby in forging climate policy for Glasgow I was on a frenzied trading floor when 9/11 broke – here's what I witnessed How to design a public play space where kids practice reading and STEM skills How social media – aided by bots – amplifies Islamophobia online Buying groceries isn't a problem just for the poor – middle-class millennials like me with student debt have trouble too For engineers, asking for help at work is influenced by gender Minerals, drugs and China: How the Taliban might finance their new Afghan government Massive numbers of new COVID–19 infections, not vaccines, are the main driver of new coronavirus variants Artists join activists in protest to save a water reservoir in Kazakhstan's capital How climate change contributed to Madagascar's food crisis We're sick of COVID. So government messaging needs to change if it's to cut through A promising new dawn is ours for the taking – so let’s stop counting the coal Australia must leave in the ground Counselling almost always happens in a room — what if more people had the option of going outside? I'd prefer an ankle tag: why home quarantine apps are a bad idea The Philippines passes the 2 million mark as COVID-19 cases surge in Southeast Asia Guinea has a long history of coups: here are 5 things to know about the country Q&A on Afghans Fleeing Taliban EU: Robustly Implement New Export Rules for Surveillance Tech Australia's 'A' rating on human rights is under threat with a handpicked, politically engineered commissioner Why involving people with disability in preparing for disasters leads to better outcomes Qantas fights on against court ruling it unlawfully sacked 2,000 workers Who are my parents? Why New Zealand’s 'creaky' surrogacy laws are overdue for major reform Technology is key for refugees starting new lives in Australia. But women and children don't have equal access Why universities may come to regret the costs of City Deals and private sector 'solutions' Tentative Steps Toward Vaccine Equity in Malaysia Mexican Soldiers and Immigration Agents Violently Detain Asylum Seekers Texas and US Supreme Court Deal Blow to Reproductive Rights On 50th anniversary of Attica uprising, 4 essential reads on prisoners' rights today John Lennon’s Imagine at 50: a deceptively simple ballad, a lasting emblem of hope Yes, it is entirely possible for Australia to phase out thermal coal within a decade Should Australia recognise a Taliban government? 20 years on, 9/11 responders are still sick and dying Before 9/11, Australia had no counter-terrorism laws, now we have 92 — but are we safer? 9/11 conspiracy theories debunked: 20 years later, engineering experts explain how the twin towers collapsed Australia can rebound to be international students' destination of choice when borders reopen It's time for Australia to develop its own guided missiles — otherwise, we'll need to keep asking for the codes Kazakhstan: Researcher on Xinjiang Crimes Banned Afghanistan: Taliban Severely Beat Journalists Death threat by Yemeni official against three journalists who fled abroad Afghanistan withdrawal has Taiwan pondering its alliance with the US – and China is upping the pressure Michael K Williams and The Wire: how the show redefined television watching 'Home sweet home' is a dying dream: Federal election promises won't solve affordable housing crisis Google and Microsoft are creating a monopoly on coding in plain language National insurance: a UK tax which is complex and vulnerable to political intervention Climate change: ditch 90% of world's coal and 60% of oil and gas to limit warming to 1.5°C – experts Education in Afghanistan was a battlefield long before the Taliban returned Government and charitable actions likely kept millions of Americans out of food insecurity during the pandemic Exposure of faked dishonesty study makes me proud to be a behavioural scientist Federal election 2021: Gender-based violence is an issue we should all prioritize As U.S. football season kicks off, climate change threatens the game Social care reform: lifetime cap on costs may only partially protect assets Activision Blizzard's sexual harassment scandal is not a one-off for the gaming industry Social care tax rise is austerity by another name – economist Q&A Despite Overwhelming Evidence, Bangladesh Authorities Deny Enforced Disappearances Mexico: Mass Expulsion of Asylum Seekers to Guatemala Loneliness, loss and regret: what getting old really feels like – new study How threats of hellfire helped keep 'immodest' women in their place – from the ancient world to 'My Unorthodox Life' The science of product placements – and why some work better than others Data science education lacks a much-needed focus on ethics What schools teach about 9/11 and the war on terror Black Lives Matter: How far has the movement come? Packaging generates a lot of waste – now Maine and Oregon want manufacturers to foot the bill for getting rid of it Type 2 diabetes: why treatment plans may need to be different for older adults Tribute to Yusuf Grillo: Nigerian art activist, scholar and bridge builder COVID-19: It's time to look at the finer details of South Africa's pandemic picture Virtual exhibition breathes life into Lesotho's musical tradition and clay art Politics with Michelle Grattan: Kate Jenkins on the women's agenda Israel was a leader in the COVID vaccination race – so why are cases spiralling there? It's still not fully understood how placebos work – but an alternative theory of consciousness could hold some clues Cut less, leave longer: decades of data show we are over-exploiting tropical rainforests Why we still need the Women's Prize for Fiction Health Minister Hunt failed to take up Pfizer's June 2020 invitation to meet Why are we seeing more COVID cases in fully vaccinated people? An expert explains Loneliness, loss and regret: what getting old really feels like -- new study Compulsory COVID-19 vaccination in Nigeria? Why it's illegal, and a bad idea Kazakhstan news site receives threats after reigniting a child abuse story In Azerbaijan silence looms as yet another member of LGBTQ+ community is fatally targeted Neurodiversity can be a workplace strength, if we make room for it 10 things Australia can do to prevent violence against women and children Women, youth and low-education workers bear the worst job losses in Indonesia when there are no tourists Peruvian Advocate for People with Disabilities Honored US: Advance Human Right to Safe, Affordable Water Pentagon places Israel under CentCom, alongside Arab states The political architecture of the new Middle East, by Thierry Meyssan Jordanian-Egyptian axis to the aid of Lebanon BBC admits to airing propaganda report tarnishing Syria Musicians are urging us to vaccinate: the federal government should learn from these moving, hopeful ads Podcast with Michelle Grattan: A Father's Day backlash hits Scott Morrison Who is Mullah Hasan Akhund? What does the Taliban's choice of interim prime minister mean for Afghanistan? How gibbon skulls could help us understand the social lives of our ancient ancestors Social inclusion is important in Aotearoa New Zealand — but so is speaking honestly about terrorism Explainer: what is a 'positive duty' to prevent workplace sexual harassment and why is it so important? High Court rules media are liable for Facebook comments on their stories. Here's what that means for your favourite Facebook pages The world is desperate for new antibiotics, and New Zealand's unique fungi are a source of promising compounds Want to act on climate change but not sure how? 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Here's what parents and teachers can do to help At least we're not being exterminated by alien attack-robots: watching War of the Worlds in a pandemic New research reveals animals are changing their body shapes to cope with climate change Myanmar reporter arrested in Yangon after four months in hiding Rhetoric Check: Parliament wasn't toxic — Justin Trudeau just wants a majority Does being away from your smartphone cause you anxiety? 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