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Russia’s war in Ukraine has been devastating for animals – but they’ve also given the nation reason for hope When it comes to political advertising, is AI ever OK? Cranberry juice really can help with UTIs – and reduce reliance on antibiotics The twist in Twisters: for a film that doesn’t mention climate change, the latest disaster flick is both nuanced and effective Ecuador: Slow Progress to End Sexual Violence in Schools UN Body Calls for Release of Qatar Whistleblower UN Body Calls for Release of Qatar Whistleblower What’s the difference between ‘strep throat’ and a sore throat? We’re developing a vaccine for one of them TikTok users are now using grassroots fundraising to help people in Gaza Yes, Australia’s environment is on a depressing path – but $7 billion a year would transform it Who will win Olympic rugby sevens gold? Our algorithm uses 10,000 simulations to rank the teams Two new cadets join The Conversation as Assistant Editors FraudGPT and other malicious AIs are the new frontier of online threats. What can we do? ‘Kamala IS brat’: how the power of pop music has influenced 60 years of US elections Transgender athletes face an uncertain future at the Olympics as reactionary policies gain ground The votes of Venezuelans abroad are being suppressed Nude athletes and fights to the death: what really happened at the ancient Olympics Small modular reactors have promise. But we found they’re unlikely to help Australia hit net zero by 2050 People with disability know bodies can be funny – so it’s OK that you’re laughing at the Paralympics TikTok account Is your child’s photo on their school Facebook page? What does this mean for their privacy? Sudan war: Nearly 26 million going hungry due to rising food prices, access challenges UN experts condemn sentencing of journalists in Russia Paying more for policing doesn’t stop or reduce crime Debunking 5 myths about antidepressants Pandemic effects linger, and art invites us to pause and behold distance, time and trauma Social robot or digital avatar, users interact with this AI technology as if it’s real South Korea’s Supreme Court Affirms Rights of Same-Sex Partners New law paves way for justice for prisoners convicted in flawed trials in north-east Syria 11 million Nigerian children are going hungry: how this hurts their health and what needs to be done PhDs are important for South Africa’s growth: more support for doctoral candidates who work full-time is key Not all children read at the same pace – Namibia study shows how teachers can help those falling behind Leishmaniasis: this neglected tropical disease is spreading fast, and Europe is nowhere near prepared Nasa’s science mission spacecraft are at risk from hackers, but a new law could help protect them Bangladeshi students rise up in revolt, but a wider movement against the government looks unlikely Six ways to look after your brain health in your 20s and 30s If the government is serious about tackling child poverty, it should extend free school meals Five possible vice-presidents and what they might say about the Democrat ticket The past, present and uncertain future of the UK’s steel industry Running for US president is a costly business – here’s how the candidates raise money Olympics: Abuse in Indian Wrestling Exposes Need for Global Hotline Russia: Sentencing of RFE/RL journalist Alsu Kurmasheva highlights crackdown on media freedom Some Russian and Belarusian athletes will participate in the Olympics as Individual Neutral Athletes Would you pay to quit TikTok and Instagram? You’d be surprised how many would If we want to settle on other planets, we’ll have to use genome editing to alter human DNA Steak is off the menu for Argentinians as the country’s austerity policies bite Demolishing buildings is bad for the planet – here’s an alternative Will replacing personal statements with application questions make university admissions fairer? Some women have become pregnant through anal sex – and other extremely rare methods of conception Unequal access to quantum information education may limit progress in this emerging field − now is the time to improve COVID-19 devastated teacher morale − and it hasn’t recovered Worried about the health effects of the sugar in your breakfast cereal? Little has changed since the days of ‘Unfrosted,’ the Pop-Tarts movie Counter-drug strategies in Central America are worsening deforestation, threatening many species of birds Athletes looking for a competitive edge may find it within their gut microbiome Retaining flavor while removing caffeine − a chemist explains the chemistry behind decaf coffee Seafloor sediment reveals previously unknown volcanic eruption 520,000 years ago in south Aegean Sea Court battle to keep Annunciation House open underscores how faith groups strive to welcome strangers in the face of anti-immigrant sentiment Lincoln called for divided Americans to heed their ‘better angels,’ and politicians have invoked him ever since in crises − but for Abe, it was more than words Sure, 2024 has had lots of news – but compared with 1940, 1968 or 1973, it’s nothing exceptional Azerbaijan: Free Academic Facing Bogus Charges Assisted dying: first-hand accounts of what it’s like to help a loved one die Decree in Cameroon Unjustifiably Censors Free Speech 6 in 10 Americans support abortion rights. This could be the advantage Kamala Harris needs against Donald Trump Hillbilly Elegy: JD Vance’s ‘remarkable, if maudlin’ memoir doesn’t mirror his current politics, but offers clues The CrowdStrike outage caused chaos for business – could we see a class action? LB.1, or D-FLiRT, is the newest COVID subvariant. What do we know about it? Where has it come from? An academic publisher has struck an AI data deal with Microsoft – without their authors’ knowledge Politics with Michelle Grattan: Lester Munson on Kamala Harris’s style and a changed Trump Netanyahu Visit Highlights US Officials’ Liability Risk Israel: Detainees Face Inhumane Treatment Is Tantra about sex or divine liberation? Why followers are split over the ancient yogic tradition Tragedy and hope: what the abuse-in-care report will say and what has to happen now CrowdStrike crash showed us how invasive cyber security software is. Is there a better way? Non-diabetics are buying continuous glucose monitors – but are there actually any health benefits? Lethal bird flu could decimate Oceania’s birds. From vigilance to vaccines, here’s what we’re doing to prepare Naming and shaming domestic violence perpetrators doesn’t work to keep women safe. Here’s why Do hosts win more medals? Are athletes getting older? 128 years of Olympic history in 5 charts Despite what you’ve read, Jim Chalmers’ wellbeing framework hasn’t been shelved – if anything, it’s been strengthened Estuaries and coastlines capture most plastic before it gets out to sea, giving us a chance to stop ocean pollution As an Aussie makes baseball history, the sport’s dark past is a clue to why it never took off here Bangladesh: Security Forces Target Unarmed Students ‘Dark leadership’ is a threat to Canada’s tourism industry Dear Pharmac – do things differently: what David Seymour’s expectations could mean for the drug-buying agency How to talk to your kids about nude art at the gallery Despite what you’ve read, Jim Chalmers’s wellbeing framework hasn’t been shelved – if anything, it’s been strengthened Vaping and mental health are closely linked. That can make quitting even harder Environmental pollution and human health – how worried should we be? AI-powered weather and climate models are set to change the future of forecasting Australia’s largest iron ore deposits are 1 billion years younger than we thought Lucia Osborne-Crowley was in the courtroom with Ghislaine Maxwell at her sex-trafficking trial. Her final account centres the victims How classroom learning can help students shape new stories about climate change GOP attacks against Kamala Harris were already bad – they are about to get worse Kenya’s former President Daniel arap Moi mastered the art of silencing critics – why his tactics wouldn’t work today Urban greening in Africa will help to build climate resilience – planners and governments need to work with nature South Africa is trying to put a stop to the abuse of its intelligence agencies - what still needs fixing Here’s how progressive, collaborative electoral alternatives can beat the far right The Haida-B.C. agreement was a landmark deal, but where was Canada? Why Kamala Harris has a head start in the race to replace Joe Biden I spent months with Amazon workers in Coventry before they narrowly voted against unionising. This is what I learned Can Keir Starmer reset the UK’s relations with Europe? With Biden gone, Trump will need a new attack plan for the younger Kamala Harris Undigested fruit, chewing gum and hair – the stony masses that might be growing in your stomach Why does traditional masculinity have such longevity, even among younger boys? A cave discovered on the Moon opens up new opportunities for settlement by humans New nature writing genre brings wild and tricky aspects of climate crisis to life Labour promised to scrap the Rwanda policy. But its new approach aims to be just as tough on asylum seekers US says it wants Palestinians to have a country of their own – but its actions say otherwise How do 9 states get by with no income tax? A tax expert explains the trade-offs they choose After Westminster triumph, Sinn Féin seeks to bounce back in Ireland Weerhoud at The Hepworth Wakefield: the spirit of dance animates Igshaan Adams’s reflection on South Africa’s history Books That Shook the Business World: An Essay on the Principle of Population by Thomas Robert Malthus Desk jobs can be killers – here’s how strength training at work can help False stereotypes mean endangered animals are being protected in the wrong places TB: gene editing could add new power to a 100-year-old vaccine Amid humanitarian crisis and ongoing fighting, Africa’s war-scarred Sahel region faces new threat: Ethno-mercenaries Invasive wasps threaten South African ecosystems: what the public can do to help stop the spread Maritime commerce and climate change: how effective would a carbon tax on shipping be? The Yezidi genocide devastated Iraq’s community 10 years ago − but the roots of the prejudice that fueled it were much deeper Buses weren’t the only civil rights battleground in Montgomery – the city’s parks still reflect a history of segregation Bob Newhart was more than an actor or comedian – he was a literary master Bugs thrive in urban Los Angeles – volunteers’ traps reveal biodiversity hot spots for city insects and spiders Diabetes and obesity can damage the liver to the point of failure – but few people know their risk of developing liver disease Joe Biden’s legacy may have been stained had he not stepped aside. How will history view him now? Polio in Gaza: what does this mean for the region and the world? Biden’s withdrawal will place enormous attention on the Democratic convention in August. Here’s what to expect Will Joe Biden’s legacy be defined by the last few weeks? The verdict might not come until November The Productivity Commission wants to axe a key tax break for private school donations – but the government is determined to keep it The Crowdstrike outage showed that risk management is essential. Why are so many businesses reluctant to do it? In No Church in the Wild, Murray Middleton shines a light on conflicts that define contemporary Australia White rice with side dishes isn’t really ‘traditional’ Japanese food. So where did we get this idea? Can Kamala Harris win the US presidency after Joe Biden’s withdrawal? Here’s what the polls say Biden out, Harris in? Why this risky, unprecedented move could be the circuit breaker the Democrats needed Kamala Harris is likely to become the Democratic nominee for president. So who is she and how might she fare against Trump? From district attorney to the White House: Kamala Harris’ life in pictures Biden steps aside, setting in motion an unprecedented period in American politics Labor has narrow Newspoll lead but behind in other polls; Labor doomed in Queensland The greenest games ever? How claims of Olympic sustainability hit a reef in Tahiti Until 1968, presidential candidates were picked by party conventions – a process revived by Biden’s withdrawal from race Navigating NZ’s health system can be so hard some migrant mothers travel home for medical help Microsoft-CrowdStrike outage: how a single software update was able to cause IT chaos across the globe Compulsory voting in Australia is 100 years old. We should celebrate how special it makes our democracy Threats and challenges to Australia’s democracy are well outlined in government report. Now for some action Why does the Olympics have an ‘AI agenda’ and what does it mean for the future of sport? Sodium-ion batteries are set to spark a renewable energy revolution – and Australia must be ready Unsure what to study next year? 6 things to consider as you make up your mind Most Australian welders are exposed to high levels of dangerous fumes. More than 40,000 may be at risk Biden steps aside, setting in motion an unprecedented moment in American politics Kgothatso Montjane’s Wimbledon glory reflects rise of wheelchair tennis in South Africa 5 ways for governments to better tackle foreign disinformation A ‘green new deal’ is Canada’s best hope of achieving a just carbon-zero transition It’s hard to reach out to old friends, but doing so may help alleviate loneliness Bringing forests to the city: 10 ways planting trees improves health in urban centres Public advocacy helps musicians’ fame and fortune, new study finds Gaza: What human rights mean to displaced youth Who were the first Africans at the Olympics? The disturbing story of two 1904 marathon runners Nigeria’s chronic power shortages: mini grids were going to crack the problem for rural people, but they haven’t. Here’s why Stories from the UN Archive: Meet the first Black President of South Africa A global IT outage brought supply chains to their knees – we need to be better prepared next time The Boys end of season 4 review: the gory superhero-hating show sets up for its final season Golf: neuroscience reveals the secrets of better putting – new study One small update brought down millions of IT systems around the world. It’s a timely warning World News In Brief: UN rights chief on Bangladesh protests, alarm over Gershkovich sentence, Afghanistan floods latest, decriminalising LGBT laws Guatemala: UN rights chief concerned over polarization, inequality, racism Massive IT outage spotlights major vulnerabilities in the global information ecosystem The life of Aristides de Sousa Mendes: an example for us all All eyes on proposed AU probe in Sudan ICJ opinion declaring Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories unlawful is historic vindication of Palestinians’ rights Bangladesh: Government must urgently halt mounting death toll of protestors Cyril Ramaphosa’s speech to parliament listed South Africa’s old problems – but no new solutions The Boys end of season 4 review: the gory superhero-hating show gets political as it sets up for its final season You don’t need a doctor to get more physically active – here are 10 simple steps you can take by yourself Why does plague keep plaguing humans? Open golf 2024: neuroscience reveals the secrets of better putting – new study UK Border Force returns migrants in the Channel to France – expert Q&A What a ‘right to disconnect’ from work could look like in the UK Just Stop Oil’s harsh sentences are the logical outcome of Britain’s authoritarian turn against protest World Court Finds Israel Responsible for Apartheid Eswatini: Imprisoned MP Mduduzi Bacede Mabuza at serious risk after prison guards deny food rations What is CrowdStrike Falcon and what does it do? Is my computer safe? Why Taylor Swift’s gothic work is as important as the novels of Mary Shelley or Bram Stoker Beach cleans aren’t just good for the sea – they can boost your mental health and encourage better behaviour What young neurodivergent employees need to know about starting work — and how to get the right support Meditation can be harmful – and can even make mental health problems worse What minority ethnic police officers face on the job – and how to fix policing culture The long – and strange – history of testing menstrual blood for health conditions Major IT outage brings businesses around the world to a standstill – expert explains what happened and why Why I turned the ‘Red Dead Redemption II’ video game into a history class on America’s violent past Sports in extreme heat: How high school athletes can safely prepare for the start of practice, and the warning signs of heat illness Fewer bees and other pollinating insects lead to shrinking crops Cutting marketing spending often backfires on businesses – new research could help investors distinguish shortsighted cuts from smart ones Biden’s and Trump’s ages would prevent them running many top companies – and for good reason How the Ukrainians – with no navy – defeated Russia’s Black Sea Fleet Affordable housing in God’s backyard: Some religious congregations find a new use for their space What is Catholic Integralism? Online rumors sparked by the Trump assassination attempt spread rapidly, on both ends of the political spectrum How Britain’s new gen Z MPs could shake up the House of Commons Mali: Arbitrarily detained opposition leaders must be immediately released Cambodia: World Heritage Committee must ensure UNESCO decision addresses Angkor forced evictions The Olympics should be for all women, including Muslim women Chinese social media users call this age “The Garbage Time of History” Kenya’s smallholder farmers are challenging a law preventing them from sharing indigenous seeds Massive global IT outage hits banks, airports, supermarkets – and a single software update is likely to blame Indonesia: Investigate Killing of Journalist and His Family Stepping stones for wildlife: how linking up isolated habitats can help nature thrive in our cities Fortescue has put its ambitious green hydrogen target on hold – but Australia should keep powering ahead Journalists in Indonesia are being killed, threatened and jailed. A new draft law could make things even worse The first published results from Juukan Gorge show 47,000 years of Aboriginal heritage was destroyed in mining blast Birdeater starts like a successor to Wake In Fright – but ends up like an episode of Home and Away World Court Reviews 57-Year Israeli Occupation Sportswashing is just about everywhere – but it may be backfiring on the countries that do it The State Library of Victoria controversy shows what can happen when institutions cling to ‘neutrality’ How conspiracy theories polarize society and provoke violence Long COVID puzzle pieces are falling into place – the picture is unsettling Cheeky diet soft drink getting you through the work day? Here’s what that may mean for your health Ethnicity, equality and Pharmac: how the Treaty really guides NZ’s drug-buying policies Why the stinky durian really is the ‘king of all fruits’ Strong progress – from a low base: here’s what’s in NSW’s biodiversity reforms Yes, we are a more equal society than most, but not quite as mobile as the Productivity Commission suggests. Here’s why Want to sleep longer? Adding mini-bursts of exercise to your evening routine can help – new study Friday essay: public ‘pash ons’ and angry dads – personal politics started with consciousness-raising feminists. Now, everyone’s doing it What happens when you pay Year 7 students to do better on NAPLAN? We found out How racialized women can tackle backlash when advocating for change Kafka at 100: Rawi Hage’s brilliant ‘Cockroach’ invited some comparison to ‘The Metamorphosis’ Gaza: US, UK Outliers in Holding Back UNRWA Funding World News In Brief: Bangladesh student protests, Yemen’s maternal deaths, Mandela Day, honouring LGBT rights at EuroGames 2024 Lithuania: ‘Disastrous’ decision to leave convention banning cluster munitions could put civilian lives at risk A delicious history of the apple – from the Tian Sian mountains to supermarket shelves Drones could revolutionise the construction industry, supporting a new UK housing boom Cumbria coal mine shows planning is the next battleground in UK climate policy Why are some people happy when they are dying? How to stop released prisoners reoffending: what the evidence says How published images of a ‘happy couple’ can hurt victims of domestic abuse How the UK’s new government is promising to kickstart the economy – and what it still doesn’t have an answer for Why we find extreme weather so fascinating Ukraine recap: the bleak prospect of a Trump-Vance White House Soccer and religion have more in common than you might think Deported Cameroonian Asylum Seekers Returned to US Former Eswatini Parliamentarians Sentenced to Long Prison Terms Human Rights abuses in CAR detention centres need urgent response: UN experts Peru: Killings and injuries in protests could implicate president and chain of command as criminally responsible Heritage Foundation’s ‘Project 2025’ is just the latest action plan from a group with an over 50-year history of steering GOP lawmaking Kenya’s president dissolved cabinet after popular protests: economist maps out his limited options A Trump-Vance White House could undermine European security – and end up pushing Russia and China closer The HIV epidemic 40 years on: 5 essential reads on breakthroughs, blind spots and new challenges Is your desk job killing your back? Ancient Egyptian scribes had the same aches and pains, say researchers Will new submarines honour Canada’s NATO commitment to increase its defence spending? I research poverty in the UK – the two-child benefit limit is causing real and lasting harm Philippines Activists, Educators Convicted in Concerning Case Cameroon First Daughter Calls for Decriminalization of Same-Sex Conduct Egypt: More than 100 arbitrarily detained over calls for anti-government protests Pakistan's intelligence agencies gain legal cover for surveillance Sharing that moment: can collective experiences bring people closer together? Podcast Grattan on Friday: it’s good to put administrators into the CFMEU – but how do you prevent future crops of bad apples? Tiny animals use stolen genes to fight infections – and could fight antibiotic resistance too UK teenagers get two-thirds of their calories from ultra-processed foods – new study Five ways to keep your pets cool when the weather’s hot Dorian the Musical: this rock adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s classic missteps at every turn Sorting a loved one’s finances after their death – what you need to know Russia’s reasons for invading Ukraine – however debatable – shouldn’t be ignored in a peace deal What the Catholic Church says about political violence and the need to forgive – even would-be assassins Late bedtimes and not enough sleep can harm developing brains – and poorer kids are more at risk Republicans wary of Republicans – how politics became a clue about infection risk during the pandemic Pennsylvania continues tradition as ‘keystone state’ in presidential elections Voting rights at risk after Supreme Court makes it harder to challenge racial gerrymandering After more than 40 years, the federal right to free education for immigrant students finds itself in the crosshairs of conservatives Heritage Foundation’s “Project 2025” is just the latest action plan from a group with an over 50-year history of steering GOP lawmaking Yemen: UAE-Backed Group Seizes Women’s Shelter France: As Olympics Approach, Human Rights in Spotlight Five activists speak out against inhuman prison conditions in Senegal Politics with Michelle Grattan: Joe Hockey on how Australia should navigate a second Trump term Is Australia becoming a dumping ground for unrepairable appliances? Methane emissions are the low-hanging fruit of the climate transition DRC conflict risks spreading: African leaders must push for solutions beyond military intervention 144 South Africans with mental disability died in the Life Esidimeni tragedy. Lessons from the inquest judgment Where do the Tories go after the election disaster? What the leadership contenders tell us about the party’s future From the Clyde to the Seine, rediscovering Glasgow’s history of urban swimming could help shape the future of swimmable cities South Korea: Supreme Court ruling a historic victory for same-sex couples Israel must end mass incommunicado detention and torture of Palestinians from Gaza Does history have lessons for the future? Roman Krznaric looks to the past to discover the rules for radical hope Syria: Mass Unlawful Asset Freezes Iran: Labor Activist Sentenced to Death Chair of Hong Kong press union Selina Cheng fired by Wall Street Journal Joe Biden has COVID. Here’s what someone over 80 can expect Are running shoes getting too good? Why ‘technological doping’ is a growing concern for professional sports Two-thirds of Democrats want Joe Biden to drop out of the presidential race. It’s time he listened What is sexual ‘aftercare’ and what does it mean for consent education? Sharehousing can be fun, but fraught with risk – and the law offers little protection. These 3 changes could help Brand Olympics: do the famous rings deliver value to host countries? Sports policy focuses on the grassroots – is this missing from arts policies? Sri Lanka: False Terrorism Cases Enable Repression Food for thought: how NZ’s school lunch programme can add learning and local economies to the menu After Hurricane Beryl, how can St. Vincent & the Grenadines recover beyond materialism? Ontario floods: How nature-based solutions can promote effective flood management ‘MAGA BLACK’ hats, clear swag bags, the first Trump/Vance signs: Highlights of what the Smithsonian is archiving from the Republican convention Taming the machine: should the technological revolution be regulated – and can it be? Trying to stay warm in bed this winter? In pre-industrial Europe they did it with ten in the bed A small aquatic plant, duckweed, could revolutionize the food of tomorrow How a century-old drug could revolutionise cobra bite treatment Our cities’ secret gardens: we connect with nature in neglected green spaces just as much as in parks Too many Year 9 students are missing school. What can parents and teachers do to keep them engaged? We have too few aged care workers to care for older Australians. Why? And what can we do about it? The Australian government hands out hundreds of millions per year in grants to businesses. We find much of it is wasted The CFMEU overhaul won’t do much to end the blokey culture that dominates Australian job sites Canada’s new care worker immigration programs need faster processing times to keep families together World News in Brief: Bangladesh student protests, South Sudan attacks continue, opportunity knocks for climate action in Africa King’s speech 2024: experts explain new government’s plans for workers’ rights, rail nationalisation, housebuilding and more King’s speech lays out plans to reform Britain’s political system: experts react South Africa has a joblessness crisis: fixing it will take fresh thinking to find a game-changer The global food system is owned by an ever smaller number of companies – it’s damaging our health, our communities and the planet Artificial intelligence is poised to radically disrupt the fashion industry landscape A two-way street: Mental health can’t be ignored during work injury recovery Bangladesh: Witness testimony, video and photographic analysis confirm police used unlawful force against protesters Climate change takes toll on internally displaced women in Pakistan George Clooney has urged Biden to quit the presidential race – the Hollywood star is no stranger to political campaigning Some say a shot of olive oil can prevent a hangover – here’s what the science says Acts of Creation: On Art and Motherhood by Hettie Judah celebrates the craft and chaos of mother artists Bigger animals don’t always have the biggest brains relative to body size – new research Gareth Southgate transformed the culture and spirit of the England men’s team – his successor is lucky to inherit this legacy Stroke survivors may be saddled with an invisible disability known as spatial neglect – but a simple treatment offers significant improvement Want to spur your child’s intellectual development? Use audiobooks instead of videos The Large Hadron Collider gets reset and refreshed each year – a CERN physicist explains how the team uses subatomic splashes to restart the experiments America faces a power disconnection crisis amid dangerous heat: In 27 states, utilities can shut off electricity for nonpayment even in a heat wave Supreme Court’s blow to federal agencies’ power will likely weaken abortion rights – 3 issues to watch The Black fugitive who inspired ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’ and the end of US slavery A short history of the rise, fall and return of Detroit’s Michigan Central Station How Trump’s appeal to nostalgia deliberately evokes America’s more-racist, more-sexist past AI mass surveillance at Paris Olympics – a legal scholar on the security boon and privacy nightmare King’s speech 2024: experts react to the new government’s plans The chaos of choice: how do people pick their food products? Biodiversity loss impacts our societies and economies – How can Europe confront the spread of invasive species? Wildfires in South Africa are set to increase: how legal action can help the country adapt better to climate change Beating river blindness: blackfly bites dramatically reduced after breeding sites are destroyed with machetes Olympics: Senegal won silver in 1988 – why it’s never managed to repeat this feat Military spending in DRC and South Sudan rose fastest in the world: society ends up paying the price Baby bull sharks are thriving in Texas and Alabama bays as the Gulf of Mexico warms How militia groups capture states and ruin countries: the case of Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces US election 2024: big-name ‘never-Trumpers’ are now falling into line Robot carers: redefining nursing for the 21st century Ukraine war: Russia has the upper hand in the ground war – but at sea it’s a different story We’re in a golden age of the male romcom Green belt land just isn’t that green anymore How Vaughan Gething’s short period as first minister fell apart – and what it means for Welsh Labour Is Britain on track for a zero-carbon power sector in six years? Algeria: Authorities must drop bogus charges against Hirak activist Mohamed Tadjadit Media Freedoms Should Not Be a Target in DR Congo Less ‘sleeping like sardines’, as Philippines adopts Nelson Mandela Rules for jails Montagnard Indigenous activist arrested in Thailand, resists being extradited to Vietnam Zimbabwe: Authorities must immediately release detained opposition members More than just ‘we’re sorry’ – how companies can make apologies we will actually believe Is Joe Biden experiencing cognitive decline? Here’s why we shouldn’t speculate Oral contraceptives: the risks and benefits of being on the pill Labor wants to put the construction union into administration, but last year it axed the cop on the beat. That doesn’t look wise October 7 Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes by Hamas-led Groups The risks of eyelash extensions aren’t pretty, from cornea erosion to cancer-causing glue Balancing Acts: Debt Management and the Right to Education in South Africa Fair Work Commission moves to appoint administrators into construction division of CFMEU Astronauts don’t eat enough because food tastes bland in space. We’re trying to work out why In Ancient Rome, the Vestal Virgins achieved power most women were denied – but at great cost A huge race is on to develop quantum technologies. The time to discuss risks is now The government wants to give local bodies more power – that should include the power to tax Want the health benefits of strength training but not keen on the gym? Try ‘exercise snacking’ Faster, stronger … smarter? New research shows the importance of brain training for junior athletes Political assassinations are not just an American problem – they have been all too frequent throughout history Attributing Canada’s June heat wave to climate change is an important step in adapting to a warmer world Cities around the world share many challenges. To address them, they need to develop science diplomacy For a century, it’s been illegal to swim in the Seine. Will Paris’s clean-up make the river safe for Olympic swimmers? Five years later: Hurricane Dorian’s indelible mark How a futuristic material is able to change its properties from soft to rigid, and back again The cost of eating healthy: NZ fruit and veg prices are going up way faster than processed food From motherhood to medals: New research sheds light on postpartum guidelines for returning to sport Guide to the classics: On The Art of Physical Exercise, a 16th century account of ancient sports and workouts Virtual reality ‘embodiment illusions’ may help the skewed perceptions behind body image disturbances Beyond the Barrier Reef: Australia’s 3 other World Heritage reefs are also in trouble Bird flu isn’t spreading in humans for now. But there are vaccines in the pipeline if that changes ‘My brain leaves the room’: what happens when teachers talk too much? India: Authorities ‘missing-in-action’ amid ongoing violence and impunity in Manipur state – New testimonies Mauritania leading the way with freedom of expression in Africa Corruption hurts businesses but digital tools offer the hope of fighting it, say manufacturers in Ghana and Nigeria Kenya protests show citizens don’t trust government with their tax money: can Ruto make a meaningful new deal? South Africa’s new environment minister must focus on people, not profits from fossil fuels – climate ecologist Higher education faces many challenges in South Africa: 3 priorities for the new minister South Africa’s new unity government must draw on the country’s greatest asset: its constitution South Africa’s new parliament needs to do a better job of holding cabinet to account: legal scholar weighs the chances The Conversation and Universal Impact sponsor Vitae’s 2024 Three Minute Thesis competition Trump attempted shooting: what drives a solo assassin to kill? A psychologist explains Supershoes have transformed competitive distance running, but they remain controversial Peruvian former soldiers convicted for rapes committed four decades ago in rare legal victory From cornea erosion to cancer-causing glue, the risks of eyelash extensions aren’t pretty The Turkish Detective: a familiar tale in a new setting How to deal with being the youngest in the office The UK’s prisons aren’t just overcrowded – they need to be better designed Why the new government is staying silent about the City – it won’t get tough on the UK’s financial sector anytime soon Russian airstrike against a Ukrainian children’s hospital reveals Russia’s eroding military might Six months of wins for human rights UN Body to Examine Türkiye’s Record on Torture DPR Korea: Forced labour is institutionalized and dangerous, warns UN rights office From melting tracks to rising alcoholism – how sport is being forced to adapt to the effects of climate change Why overcrowded prisons are more dangerous than releasing prisoners early Lebanese society is split over a potential war with Israel Fly Me to the Moon: romcom about ‘selling the Moon landing’ reviewed by a marketing expert Twisters follows a superstar storm chaser – obsession with extreme weather has a deep underlying psychology You are what you poo: how to read your stools How to protect your home from wildfires – here’s what fire prevention experts say is most important New research suggests estrogen and progesterone could play role in opioid addiction and relapse Nutrition Facts labels have a complicated legacy – a historian explains the science and politics of translating food into information Target just became the latest US retailer to stop accepting payment by checks. Why have so many stores given up on them? Trump-appointed federal judge rules Trump’s classified document case is unconstitutional – here’s how special counsels have been authorized before Social media and political violence – how to break the cycle South Africa’s 400 parliamentarians are about to get down to business: 4 essential reads Eswatini: Authorities must quash convictions and sentences of former MPs Komlan Avoulete analyzes extended transition periods in West Africa Guinea: Military regime delays return to civilian rule Two Moldovan archers will carry the country’s flag at the Olympics Shelley Duvall: one-off actress whose courage and vulnerability made her perfect for The Shining Suicide bombings in Nigeria: tactic is back after a four-year break – security researcher offers 3 possible reasons Tunisia: Authorities must release Ennahda party leader and end crackdown on political opposition ‘I don’t really care what happens to Ukraine’: what a JD Vance vice presidency could mean for the world How sustainable is your weekly grocery shop? These small changes can have big benefits Government expected to appoint administrators to clean up CFMEU, as union remains defiant El Salvador: Rights Violations Against Children in ‘State of Emergency’ Past shootings of US presidents led to new gun controls. This one probably won’t Conspiracy theories on the Trump assassination attempt are spreading like wildfire – on both sides of politics More focus on China, less help for Ukraine: what a JD Vance vice presidency (and future presidency) could mean for the world Kenya/IMF: Align Economic Reform with Rights “Excellence, respect, friendship”: Why hijab bans in French sports defy Olympic values and human rights Olympic swimmers improving by … running? How exploration can help elite athletes and weekend warriors alike Trump shooting is a warning about how toxic language leads to violence Critics are calling MONA ‘childish’, but history shows us how much the public love an art forger My children are jet-lagged. Can I give them melatonin to help them sleep? AIDS, trauma – and joy: how artist Brent Harris captures the intensity of emotion beneath humour Royal visits to Australia can be disaster magnets. In the first one, the prince barely made it out alive Loneliness in the workplace is greatest among men with traditional views about being the breadwinner Our new tech helps find hidden details in whale, cassowary and other barely audible animal calls Trump assassination attempt reveals a major security breakdown – but doesn’t necessarily heighten the risk for political violence, a former FBI official explains Labor and Albanese’s slide continues in Resolve poll, as major parties tied Donald Trump picks JD Vance as his running mate: Here’s why the Ohio senator is a smart choice France: Hijab bans in French sport expose discriminatory double standards ahead of Olympic and Paralympic Games Struggling to discuss climate change with older relatives? 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