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What is wrong with Azerbaijan’s mentality towards its women How young people around the world experience AI, in their own words Weathering Russian xenophobia in everyday life 'We're all in', declares an emotional Albanese as he launches the wording for the Voice referendum TB in children isn't being controlled - it's key to fighting the disease for everyone else Politics with Michelle Grattan: Michael Brennan on Australia's parlous productivity growth China's only now revealed crucial COVID-19 origins data. Earlier disclosure may have saved us 3 years of political argy-bargy Brazil: Ratify Regional Environment Pact El Salvador: Court Hears Case on Total Abortion Ban AI tools are generating convincing misinformation. Engaging with them means being on high alert Our child protection system is clearly broken. Is it time to abolish it for a better model? The referendum rules have been decided. What does this mean for the Voice? We now know exactly what question the Voice referendum will ask Australians. A constitutional law expert explains We were told we'd be riding in self-driving cars by now. What happened to the promised revolution? Syria: Turkey-Backed Fighters Kill 4 Kurdish Civilians Ugandan Parliament Passes Extreme Anti-LGBT Bill Crystalize recent diplomatic shifts, top UN envoy urges Israelis, Palestinians UN Water Conference: More investment crucial to access water, sanitation, hygiene for all Federal Reserve bows to bank-crisis fears with quarter-point rate hike, letting up a little in its fight against inflation How the bottled water industry is masking the global water crisis Boris Johnson's evidence to MPs' partygate investigation: the key points of disagreement explained The COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on Albertans. Here's how they're faring now Getting a fuller picture of poverty in Canada: why the government's official poverty measure is insufficient Yanomami children die of malnutrition and disease in tragedy for Brazil's Indigenous people Who keeps the engagement ring after a breakup? 2 law professors explain why you might want a prenup for your diamond In Congress, breaking unwritten rules that encouraged civility and enabled things to get done is becoming the new normal When banks go bust: the four factors at play - trust, confidence, contagion and systemic risk How to talk to your family and friends about the new IPCC report – five tips from climate change communication research Older people have eating disorders too – but they're a largely ignored group How a local community helped us make incredible prehistoric discoveries Eels have fascinated us for ages - now we need to stop eating them Parks stress men and narrow streets stress women: what emotions does the city awaken? Researchers turned superglue into a recyclable, cheap, oil-free plastic alternative Why Lent is the perfect time to spiritually prepare for revolution Why is my loved one with dementia sometimes 'there' and sometimes not? 5 Indigenous engineering feats you should know about 'Some of them do treat you like an idiot’: what it’s like to be a casual academic Yes, the 1.5 million Australians getting rent assistance need an increase, but more public housing is the lasting fix for the crisis The Great Southern Reef is in more trouble than the Great Barrier Reef Fear and Wonder podcast: how scientists know the climate is changing Centring race: Why we need to think about gentrification differently Uganda: UN rights chief calls on President not to sign anti-homosexuality bill Freshwater ecosystems are becoming increasingly salty. Here's why this is a concern Trump v DeSantis: how the two Republican presidential heavy-hitters compare Star Wars: Earth will never be an ‘ecumenopolis’ like Coruscant, but our cities are devouring the world Met police: Casey review shows how 'warrior culture' drives policing in the UK COVID origins debate: what to make of new findings linking the virus to raccoon dogs Putin and the ICC: history shows just how hard it is to bring a head of state to justice The view from Moscow and Beijing: What peace in Ukraine and a post-conflict world look like to Xi and Putin French governments’ long record of bypassing parliament: a brief history of article 49.3 The most expensive book of all time? What makes this $50 million Hebrew Bible so special? Taiwanese ex-president Ma Ying-jeou’s visit to China sparks speculation Coastal erosion redraws St. Vincent’s north-east coast What is systemic risk and how does it lead to a banking crisis? Van Gogh Museum at 50: how galleries are challenging the 'tortured genius' narrative Van Gogh Museum at 50: Vincent van Gogh and the art market – a brief history Van Gogh Museum at 50: what painter's letters to his family expose about why he became an artist Great Mysteries of Physics 3: is there a multiverse? The Amazon is not safe under Brazil's new president – a roads plan could push it past its breaking point This course uses 'Abbott Elementary' to examine critical issues in urban education Building better brain collaboration online – despite scientific squabbles, the decade-long Human Brain Project brought measurable success to neuroscience collaboration Mounting research points to health harms from cannabis, THC and CBD use during pregnancy, adolescence and other periods of rapid development Moving in with your partner? Talking about these 3 things first can smooth the way, according to a couples therapist Who keeps the engagement ring after a breakup? 2 law professors explain why you might want a pre-nup for your diamond Management lessons from Ted Lasso: the importance of clear goals and positive feedback The multiverse: how we're tackling the challenges facing the theory We're a step closer to learning how misplaced DNA could influence disease risk Noni Jabavu was a pioneering South African writer - a new book shows how relevant she still is Ethiopia: US Recognizes Atrocities in Conflict The devastating effects of climate change and mining on two rivers in Ivory Coast and Mali Why the ethics of octopus farming is so troubling Ethiopia: US Recognizes Atrocities in Northern Ethiopia Conflict Xi’s Moscow trip shows peace in Ukraine isn’t China’s main concern Word from The Hill: Reactions to AUKUS, next steps on the Voice, NSW election Uganda: Reject anti-LGBTI law that criminalizes same-sex sexual activity. Ukraine: Izium Apartment Victims Need Justice ‘Cultural expression through dress’: towards a definition of First Nations fashion Turkey: Suspend Time Limit on Travel Outside Quake Zone What to expect when you’re expecting an El Niño (the answer might surprise you) Determined survival, desperate poverty and fractured families: the stories of Australia's convict orphans Yes, we see you. Why a national plan for homelessness must make thousands of children on their own a priority Credit Suisse is an anomaly: why Australia and New Zealand are safe from 'bank run' contagion Does it matter what time I go to bed? Popular fertility apps are engaging in widespread misuse of data, including on sex, periods and pregnancy Why do animals living with humans evolve such similar features? A new theory could explain 'domestication syndrome' Antarctic ice age survival story: life seeking ice-free refuges imitates art in Ice Age, the movie Introducing The Conversation's new Science Wrap newsletter Throwing voting-age legislation onto the ‘policy bonfire’ only delays a debate that has to happen First Australian Soldier Charged over Alleged War Crime in Afghanistan Declining naturalizations signal larger problems in Canada's citizenship and immigration system How world sport got into a mess over trans athletes – and how it can get out of it Netflix's Matilda shows how children's gifts can only shine with loving support from adults Can the heat from running computers help grow our food? It's complicated OSFI's new guidelines: A step toward making banks and insurers more conscious of their climate impacts Does public safety trump free speech? History suggests there is a case for banning anti-trans activist Posie Parker from NZ 25-million-year-old fossils of a bizarre possum and strange wombat relative reveal Australia's hidden past G7 Letter Highlights Japan’s LGBT Rights Gaps Russia Opens New Case against Memorial UN upholds fight for a fairer world on anti-racism day Women and war crimes: why so few are prosecuted, and what happens when they are Casey review: key steps the Met police must take to address its institutional racism and sexism From the bed sheets to the TV remote, a microbiologist reveals the shocking truth about dirt and germs in hotel rooms How just walking around – even when accompanied by an adult – is empowering for children Iraq war 20 years on: how the role of empire and imperialism in the Middle East has been misconstrued The end of thermal cars: why electric vehicles aren’t a silver bullet Breast cancer: progestogen-only and combined birth control both increase risk – here’s what you need to know Calls for a 'green' Ramadan revive Islam's long tradition of sustainability and care for the planet Doctors may soon get official 'endorsements' to practise cosmetic surgery – but will that protect patients? Bram Stoker's Dracula: bats, garlic, disturbing sexualities and a declining empire Species don't live in isolation: what changing threats to 4 marsupials tell us about the future The National Skills Agreement needs time in the policy spotlight and it must include these 3 things Trans people aren’t new, and neither is their oppression: a history of gender crossing in 19th-century Australia Why is Australia buying hundreds of missiles? New asteroid sample study offers further hints of space origin for the building blocks of life on Earth New research reveals how forests reduce their own bushfire risk, if they're left alone Russia: Authorities step up activist ‘witch-hunt’ by searching homes of Memorial members First Australian Soldier Charged over Alleged War Crime in Afghanistan Haiti: Deploy specialized force to take down gang violence, UN rights chief How changing banks' corporate social responsibility reporting could prevent future financial failures Kenya drought: Pastoralists suffer despite millions of dollars used to protect them -- what went wrong? Climate change: farmers in Ghana can't predict rainfall anymore, changing how they work Wild Isles: starling murmuration in BBC documentary reveals as much about people as it does about birds When can your boss fire you for social media use? An expert on the law explains Bird-brained? Climate change may affect intelligence in birds India: Authorities must immediately release Kashmiri journalist Irfan Mehraj Ukraine: how uncrewed boats are changing the way wars are fought at sea China could be harvesting TikTok data, but much of the user information is already out in the open Frozen and tinned foods can be just as nutritious as fresh produce – here's how Food aid supply chains rely on a surplus – here's what happens during a shortage Seabirds that swallow ocean plastic waste have scarring in their stomachs – scientists have named this disease 'plasticosis' A string of assassinations in Afghanistan point to ISIS-K resurgence – and US officials warn of possible attacks on American interests in next 6 months What does 'moral hazard' mean? A scholar of financial regulation explains why it's risky for the government to rescue banks Ramadan finds greater recognition in America's public schools A friend who's more boss than BFF may be harmful for teens' mental health Poisons are a potent tool for murder in fiction – a toxicologist explains how some dangerous chemicals kill Increases in opioid overdoses in Pennsylvania varied by county during the COVID-19 pandemic In a Roman villa at the center of a nasty inheritance dispute, a Caravaggio masterpiece is hidden from the public Matt Hancock leaks: why WhatsApp is a terrible place to conduct important political conversations A Russian girl drew anti-war picture. Now she is in a children's shelter and her dad is under arrest Sino-Brazilian relations in 2023: Will Brazil join the Belt and Road Initiative? Calm Down: how a Nigerian singer and a Cameroonian dancer inspired a powerful protest in Iran Africa’s aquifers hold more than 20 times the water stored in the continent's lakes, but they aren’t the answer to water scarcity Israel/OPT: 200K people demand an end to Israel’s apartheid Belarus: Don’t Return Activist to Tajikistan Surviving economic hardships through Kazakhstan's ‘toi business’ Australia's 116 new coal, oil and gas projects equate to 215 new coal power stations How can Australia pay $368 billion for new submarines? Some of the money will be created from thin air Covid-19: Lessons Learned for a Rights-Based Response Haiti/France: Journalist Sued for Exposing Sex Abuse in Haiti Soccer Burkina Faso changes tactics in its fight against Jihadist attacks Pakistan: Drop Overbroad Terrorism Charges LIVE on March 23: China's Belt & Road initiative—New cycle, or fundamental shift? ‘I am fighting Russians not because I hate Russia.’ The story of a Ukrainian volunteer infantryman IPCC report warning that global warming will exceed 1.5˚C limit must accelerate the phasing out of fossil fuels Google and Microsoft are bringing AI to Word, Excel, Gmail and more. It could boost productivity for us – and cybercriminals Taoist rituals via video call and Tarot readings over WeChat: China’s spiritual market is going digital What Australia could learn from New Zealand about Indigenous representation The Long Heat, an energy coup, a season of asthma ... new Australian cli-fi novel Children of Tomorrow challenges the form but is rife with contradictions Chernobyl was history's worst nuclear disaster. Now it's teaching geologists about the history of our planet Why peace negotiations haven't gained any traction in the Ukraine war – and how the stalemate could be broken Trump's unprecedented call for protests is the latest sign of his aim to degrade America's institutions Australia's electric vehicle numbers doubled last year. What's the impact of charging them on a power grid under strain? No, gamblers don't 'need' cash. Our research isn't an argument against cashless gaming reform Our mysterious night parrot has terrible vision – but we discovered it might be able to hear like an owl Spate of missile launches triggers call for unity on Korean Peninsula Protecting children from exploitation means rethinking how we approach online behaviour Here's what businesses and consumers can do to tackle modern slavery in supply chains Labor is odds-on for a narrow victory in NSW election, but it is far from a sure bet Satellites and space junk may make dark night skies brighter, hindering astronomy and hiding stars from our view How bad is vaping and should it be banned? Girl, Interrupted interrogates how women are 'mad' when they refuse to conform – 30 years on, this memoir is still important NZ universities are not normal Crown institutions – they shouldn't be 'Tiriti-led’ Gen Z grew up in a world filled with ugly fashion – no wonder they love their Crocs Sex workers are left out in the cold by Ottawa's unjust conviction amendments IPCC report: the world must cut emissions and urgently adapt to the new climate realities Should a Tragically Hip song have been played at a Pierre Poilievre event? Ballet dancers in sensor suits: new research explores how dance is used as a form of communication Alzheimer’s disease: problems with the brain’s energy supply could be a cause Is Norse god Odin older than previously thought? An expert analyses new evidence Illegal immigration: cracking down on smuggling makes gangs more organised – and costs migrant lives How to make your clothes last longer – it's good for your bank account and the environment too Four ways to protect your small business from a banking crisis Ukraine war: ICC's Putin arrest warrant may be symbolic but must be the beginning of holding the Russian leader accountable Interest rates: why the Federal Reserve and Bank of England should still raise them (a bit) Interactive cinema: how films could alter plotlines in real time by responding to viewers' emotions Air pollution can increase the risk of COVID infection and severe disease – a roundup of what we know IPCC report warning that global warming will exceed 1.5˚C limit must accelerate the phasing out of fossil fuels EU needs to acknowledge the reality of Israeli apartheid France: Intrusive Olympics surveillance technologies could usher in a dystopian future UN Warns of Climate Collapse UN Human Rights Chief Calls for Reforms in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan Iran: possible crimes against humanity, absence of accountability - top rights expert Tunisia is stuck in a permanent state of emergency Secession is here: States, cities and the wealthy are already withdrawing from America Worst bank turmoil since 2008 means Federal Reserve is damned if it does and damned if it doesn't in decision over interest rates Is Wikipedia a good source? 2 college librarians explain when to use the online encyclopedia – and when to avoid it What is the National Cybersecurity Strategy? A cybersecurity expert explains what it is and what the Biden administration has changed Why does time change when traveling close to the speed of light? A physicist explains Beans are a favourite food in Nigeria - 4 safe ways to preserve them Antisemitism on Twitter has more than doubled since Elon Musk took over the platform – new research 'It can be done. It must be done': IPCC delivers definitive report on climate change, and where to now IPCC report: Climate solutions exist, but humanity has to break from the status quo and embrace innovation US-China tensions: how Africa can avoid being caught in a new Cold War Climate damage is worsening faster than expected, but there's still reason for optimism – 4 essential reads on the IPCC report LGBTQ+ rights: African Union watchdog goes back on its own word The SNP lost tens of thousands of members under Nicola Sturgeon – here's why that should worry her successor Kenya's police are violent, unaccountable and make most citizens feel less safe – should they be abolished? Why the International Criminal Court's indictment of Putin has symbolic importance Deportation of Tajik Activist From Germany Raises Concerns US: Urge TikTok to Enhance Transparency ‘I am fighting Russians not because I hate Russia.’ A story of a Ukrainian volunteer infantryman Participation income: the social welfare model that could help communities fight climate change Water has long been used as a tactical weapon in warfare – the world now has a chance to end this Iraq: 20 years since the US-led coalition invaded Iraq, impunity reigns supreme Exploring a Kurdish quarter in Azerbaijan First Australian charged with war crime of murder in Afghanistan How Vietnam’s state trolls are undermining free speech and democracy Why sports stars get less support than other injured workers – and how we can fix it Introducing Fear and Wonder: The Conversation's new climate podcast Scammers can slip fake texts into legitimate SMS threads. Will a government crackdown stop them? Indigenous crime fiction is rare, but in Madukka the River Serpent systemic violence and connection to Country are explored What is myrtle rust and why has this disease closed Lord Howe Island to visitors? Support Builds for ICC Ukraine Investigation Sierra Leone: Seven months after August’s protests which turned violent in some locations, no justice yet for those injured or the families of those killed Kyrgyzstan: Free the 22 ‘Kempir-Abad’ Protest Detainees NSW Resolve poll has narrow lead for Labor five days before election The post-COVID crisis hit Queensland hardest. With 100,000 households needing low-cost housing, here's how it can recover 'A place to dance and a place to cry': Pride (R)evolution is an authentic exhibition for queer communities Old habits die hard: why teachers in Indonesia still struggle to teach critical thinking How did millions of fish die gasping in the Darling – after three years of rain? Pharmac prioritised Māori and Pacific patients for access to new diabetes drugs – did they get it right? 'We did it so badly ... it's now backfired': women and minority US forces reflect on the invasion of Iraq – now 20 years ago School principals are reaching crisis point, pushed to the edge by mounting workloads, teacher shortages and abuse The 'great resignation' didn't happen in Australia, but the 'great burnout' did Extinct but not gone – the thylacine continues to fascinate us Ozempic helps weight loss by making you feel full. But certain foods can do the same thing – without the side-effects Racial tensions rise in Suriname amidst economic instability, but citizens still hope for unity Winnipeg proposes new Indigenous street names, but what's behind claims they're too hard to pronounce? How images of the 2011 tsunami in Japan led me to examine connections with water in photography, sound and sculpture We can't fight authoritarianism without understanding populism's allure 3 ways to unlock the power of food to promote heart health The limits of expert judgment: Lessons from social science forecasting during the pandemic The AI arms race highlights the urgent need for responsible innovation Ghana’s plan for a grand new national cathedral is controversial - but will it attract pilgrims and tourists? Wars in cities: three rules for protecting the built environment during conflict Algorithms are moulding and shaping our politics. Here's how to avoid being gamed Gloria Bosman was more than a South African jazz vocalist, she was a guiding light Twenty Years on, Iraq Bears Scars of US-led Invasion 20 years on, George W. Bush's promise of democracy in Iraq and Middle East falls short Mozambique: Arbitrary arrests, teargassing and brutal assault of peaceful protesters a violation of the right freedom of assembly Are Russian transfers of Ukrainian children to re-education and adoption facilities a form of genocide? Debate: Will France’s pension reform drive a wedge between generations? Iraq war 20 years on: the British government has never fully learned from Tony Blair's mistakes What Canada can learn from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank The collapse of major US banks leads to bills calling for more regulation Russia: ICC’s arrest warrant against Putin a step towards justice for victims of war crimes in Ukraine FIFA Reverses Saudi Sponsorship of Women’s World Cup The Iraq war's damage to public trust in experts has consequences right up to today Senegal: Authorities intensify repression ahead of 2024 election UN rights chief urges Belarus to promptly release political detainees South Sudan: Violence against civilians ticks up despite fall in attacks overall Iraq 20 years on: death came from the skies on March 19 2003 – and the killing continues to this day Budget 2023: why the UK's fiscal watchdog does not share the chancellor's optimism The Last of Us – a show that surprised and challenged audiences, even those who had played the game Iraq war 20 years on: the British government has never fully learnt from Tony Blair's mistakes Wales Broadcast Archive: UK's first national archive shows importance of preserving our audiovisual history Debate: Will France's pension reform drive a wedge between generations? The European Central Bank seems to have got away with raising interest rates in the middle of a banking crisis – here's why Spring budget 2023: AI announcements hint at data grab behind the scenes Journalist coverage spurs student dormitory in North Macedonia to build access ramp for people with disabilities Voice deepfakes are calling – here's what they are and how to avoid getting scammed The state takeover of Houston public schools is about more than school improvement Estonia's e-governance revolution is hailed as a voting success – so why are some US states pulling in the opposite direction? Those seeds clinging to your hiking socks may be from invasive plants – here's how to avoid spreading them to new locations Persistent absence from school is a growing threat to children’s education Seven tips for finding happiness at work Bones like Aero chocolate: the evolution adaptation that helped dinosaurs to fly The camera never lies? Our research found CCTV isn't always dependable when it comes to murder investigations An international battle over cheese has left European producers feeling bitter Prime: a YouTuber expert explains how Logan Paul and KSI’s drink became so popular In Tunisia Talks, EU Should Privilege Human Rights Over Politics Hong Kong: Arrests for possession of ‘seditious’ children’s books a new low for human rights North Korea: UN Security Council meeting must refocus attention on neglected human rights situation Forced from Home for Protesting Indonesia’s Mandatory Hijab Rules Burkina Faso Acts to Tackle Armed Forces Abuses Saudi Arabia: Jordanian Executed After Unfair Trial Peru: Racist repression and slow investigations continue 100 days after protests began $18 million a job? The AUKUS subs plan will cost Australia way more than that In Tunisia Talks, EU Should Privilege Human Rights Over Politics Amnesty International issues 25 rules to protect protesters from misuse of rubber bullets I helped write the Productivity Commission's 5-year productivity review: here's what I think Australia should do How on-demand buses can transform travel and daily life for people with disabilities Cyclone Freddy was the most energetic storm on record. Is it a harbinger of things to come? Björk was the big-ticket name – but Perth Festival’s heart was found in Bikutsi 3000’s afrofuturist musing on African resistance Are flu cases already 100 times higher than last year? Here's what we really know about the 2023 flu season What can we expect from the final UN climate report? And what is the IPCC anyway? How financial stress can affect your mental health and 5 things that can help A unique collaboration using a virtual Earth-sized telescope shows how science is changing in the 21st century The Black Sea drone incident highlights the loose rules around avoiding 'accidental' war More than two years on, impact of Myanmar military coup ‘devastating’ Is China becoming a peacemaker, or is it just as aggressive as before? Robodebt not only broke the laws of the land – it also broke laws of mathematics PFAS for dinner? Study of 'forever chemicals' build-up in cattle points to ways to reduce risks For Australian Jews in the 1940s and 1950s, remembering the Holocaust meant fighting racism and colonialism Students think the ATAR is 'unfair' but we need to be careful about replacing it We asked ChatGPT and Dr Google the same questions about cancer. Here's what they said The flap of a butterfly's wings: why autumn is not a good time to predict if El Niño is coming Friday essay: a lament for the lost art of letter-writing – a radical art form reflecting 'the full catastrophe of life' Sexual exhibitionism, Riot Grrrl and climate change activism: 30 years of raging by Peaches, Bikini Kill and Björk, still going strong Iranian protesters are making demands in charters and bills of rights The Rideau Canal Skateway: How can we promote resilience in the face of a changing climate? 3 reasons the Willow Arctic oil drilling project was approved – it's the latest battle in a long fight over Alaska's North Slope Uncovering the violent history of the Canadian sugar industry Silicon Valley Bank's failure: Could something similar happen in Canada? _There Will Be No More Night_: Documentary raises ethical questions about using war footage Northern Ontario needs more local post-secondary education — and the province's funding Iraq 20 years on: researchers assess how US invasion shapes lives today – podcast Ukraine recap: fears of escalation after US drone downed over the Black Sea New PFAS guidelines – a water quality scientist explains technology and investment needed to get forever chemicals out of US drinking water Kenzaburō Ōe: a writer of real humanity and the real Japan Lineker-BBC row: survey shows how different outlets approach their staff's social media presence Spring budget 2023: free early years places extended – but needs of children and staff must not be forgotten How we created the first map of an insect brain – and what it means for our understanding of the human brain The Holocaust shouldn't be a catch-all metaphor for hate – but we can still learn from comparisons Debate: The forward march of labour restarts with historic strikes in France and the UK As Australia signs up for nuclear subs, NZ faces hard decisions over the AUKUS alliance US Bill Seeks to ‘Stop Arming Human Rights Abusers’ UN Expert Slams Greece Over Civil Society Curbs Russia’s energy grid attacks, torture in Ukraine, could be crimes against humanity: UN rights probe Prosecuting Russians for abducting Ukrainian children will require a high bar of evidence – and won't guarantee the children can come back home Iraq 20 years on: researchers assess how US invasion shapes lives today — podcast Iraq war, 20 years on: how the world failed Iraq and created a less peaceful, democratic and prosperous state Nigeria had 93 million registered voters, but only a quarter voted: 5 reasons why Venus: proof of active volcanoes – at last Bird flu: Nigeria is on major migratory bird routes, new strains keep appearing New discovery: fossilised giant zebra tracks found in South Africa Kenya introduced free maternal health services a decade ago - it's been a success, saving lives Jeremy Hunt's budget is more about short-term politics than the economy Three ways the 'back to work' budget will affect your finances The Last of Us: why making fungal vaccines is so challenging Grattan on Friday: History will judge Keating's assessments of AUKUS and China, but his performance went over the top Middle East: recent developments could rewrite the political map – but a lot will depend on Israel Scottish bottle deposit scheme to be blocked – but evidence from Europe suggests it's the way forward US regulators avoided a banking crisis by swift action following SVB's collapse – but the cracks it exposed continue to weaken the global financial system's foundation Long COVID: what we know about how the condition affects mental health How art inspired by peatlands can help us confront the climate crisis Tunisia: President's offensive statements targeted black migrants - with widespread fallout Tennessee's drag ban rehashes old culture war narratives Every teacher grades differently, which isn't fair As bird flu continues to spread in the US and worldwide, what's the risk that it could start a human pandemic? 4 questions answered The luck of the Irish might surface on St. Patrick's Day, but it evades the Kennedy family, America's best-known Irish dynasty 54% of firearm deaths in the US are from suicide – and easy access to a gun is a key risk factor Neighbors Ohio and Michigan are moving further apart in politics – differences in ballot access may explain why Water in space – a 'Goldilocks' star reveals previously hidden step in how water gets to planets like Earth Why it's hard for the US to cut or even control Medicare spending Is the Western drought finally ending? That depends on where you look Medicine stockouts are a problem in South Africa's clinics: how pharmacist assistants can help Global: FIFA review of Qatar World Cup abuse claims must not delay compensation for workers Mozambique: Police Teargas Rapper’s Funeral Procession Politics with Michelle Grattan: Antony Green, Professor Andy Marks and Ashleigh Raper on the NSW election Former treasury head Ken Henry says we need 'big bang' tax reform rather than incremental change Debate: French pension reforms: what future do the country's trade unions hold? Are kids ready to eat insects? Online gender-based violence: A tool of digital authoritarianism in India MUP has commissioned a history of itself. The result is illuminating, but in striving for 'neutrality' it falls short Evolution not revolution: why GPT-4 is notable, but not groundbreaking Unemployment rate back down to 3.5%. It's anyone's guess when things will turn Why are electricity prices going up again, and will it ever end? Malaysian police probe women’s march organizers for pro-LGBTQ+ posters FIFA: Approve ‘Legacy Fund’ for 2022 World Cup Abuses Egypt: End Stranglehold on Nongovernmental Groups Israel/OPT: Hyundai CE must end link with war crimes in Masafer Yatta Thailand: Drop Charges Against Rights Defenders Iran: Child detainees subjected to flogging, electric shocks and sexual violence in brutal protest crackdown Australia Commits to Protect Schools During Wartime ‘Glory to Ukraine’: Outrage, pride, and mystery around the apparent execution of a prisoner of war Why robodebt's use of 'income averaging' lacked basic common sense We’re building harder, hotter cities: it’s vital we protect and grow urban green spaces – new report Australia's extinct giant eagle was big enough to snatch koalas from trees We used to think diamonds were everywhere. New research suggests they’ve always been rare Why do sports keep changing their rules? We count 4 main reasons ‘Glory to Ukraine‘: Outrage, pride, and mystery around the apparent execution of a prisoner of war Minimum viable whale: Antarctic minke whales may be as small as a krill-eating filter feeder can get in our modern oceans The housing and homelessness crisis in NSW explained in 9 charts Governments must do more to protect human rights defenders: Expert West African footballers battle to fit in while making it in Europe – two share their ups and downs Gods in the machine? The rise of artificial intelligence may result in new religions NZ's evidence-based response to COVID has saved lives – we could do better when it comes to other major diseases Stuck in a 'talking stage' or 'situationship'? How young people can get more out of modern love 'A policy aesthete': a new biography of Tanya Plibersek shows how governments work – and affect people's lives Anxious dogs have different brains to normal dogs, brain scan study reveals Enigmatic ruins across Arabia hosted ancient ritual sacrifices Cultural burning is safer for koalas and better for people too Looting and decay: how the pandemic wrought real damage to African heritage Older adults with dementia but without close family: Who are they? And who cares for them? Kenya-China relations strained as new government grapples with a debt crisis Oscars 2023: The philosophy of Everything Everywhere All at Once explained Pierre Poilievre is popular among union members. What's it really all about? The colour of farmed salmon comes from adding an antioxidant to their feed, with benefits for everyone Spring budget 2023: experts react to UK government's plan to get the economy moving Downing of US drone in Russian jet encounter prompts counter claims of violations in the sky – an international law expert explores the arguments Parental leave: offer dads proper benefits and they will take time off to care for their children What the stars do not have in store for you, according to your horoscope Climate crisis threatens truffle production but could put UK species back on the menu Social pressures leave parents feeling judged for seeking help for sick children Why so few UK homes are installing air-source heat pumps – and how to encourage takeup Silicon Valley Bank: 19th-century financial crises show how today's regulators could help repair the economy Antidepressant withdrawal should be taken seriously – we're investigating ways to help people come off the pills More Migrant Deaths in the Mediterranean Are you a rapid ager? Biological age is a better health indicator than the number of years you've lived, but it's tricky to measure Fines for breaking US pollution laws can vary widely among states – that may violate the Constitution Depression too often gets deemed 'hard to treat' when medication falls short It's been 20 years since the US invaded Iraq – long enough for my undergraduate students to see it as a relic of the past Why I use 'The Boondocks' TV cartoon show to teach a course about race What's the carbon footprint of March Madness? AI isn't close to becoming sentient – the real danger lies in how easily we're prone to anthropomorphize it AI information retrieval: A search engine researcher explains the promise and peril of letting ChatGPT and its cousins search the web for you Ukraine war: 'false flag' operations – long used as weapons of mass distraction under the rules of conflict Power cuts are hurting small businesses in South Africa - but sharing resources and equipment might be a solution Gary Lineker tweet scandal shows how the BBC has struggled to adapt to the social media age West African footballers battle to fit in while making it in Europe - two share their ups and downs Curious Kids: How are planets created? Toyin Falola: 3 recent books that explain the work of Nigeria's famous decolonial scholar Union members like Pierre Poilievre. What's it really all about? Ukraine war: how the west's weak reaction to Crimea's referendum paved the way for a wider invasion Iraq: Government must match rhetoric on human rights with meaningful action Keir Starmer: four lessons from history for an opposition trying to be the 'government-in-waiting' Oscars 2023: The philosophy of Everything, Everywhere, All at Once explained The multiverse: our universe is suspiciously unlikely to exist – unless it is one of many Great Mysteries of Physics 2: is the universe fine-tuned for life? South Africa's corporate whistleblowers don't get enough protection: what needs to change “Glory to Ukraine.” Outrage, pride, and mystery around the apparent execution of a prisoner of war Note from the editor: Article withdrawn on 14 March 2023 Note de l'éditeur : article retiré le 14 mars 2023 Crimean Tatars are among the most politically persecuted groups in Russia Transgender girl from Russia commits suicide in a refugee camp Turkey–China partnership: Is Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative not delivering enough? Rising bank profits highlight tensions between competition watchdogs and central banks New data shows 1 in 3 women have experienced physical violence and sexual violence remains stubbornly persistent Australia hasn't figured out low-level nuclear waste storage yet – let alone high-level waste from submarines Paul Keating lashes Albanese government over AUKUS, calling it Labor's biggest failure since WW1 UAE: Arbitrarily Detained Afghans Stuck in Limbo Hollywood, memory and family: how The Fabelmans and Babylon both use music to evoke nostalgia If AUKUS is all about nuclear submarines, how can it comply with nuclear non-proliferation treaties? A law scholar explains Tasmanian devil whiskers hold the key to protecting these super-scavengers Killing dingoes is the only way to protect livestock, right? 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