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In Mauritania, a mesmerising musical world blends tradition and innovation A timeline of Julian Assange’s legal journey My own prison ordeal gave me a taste of what Assange may be feeling. He’s out – but the chilling effect on press freedom remains With pressure mounting on the Biden administration, its pursuit of Assange was becoming both damaging and untenable Adelaide Cabaret Festival understands how its audiences long for connection and community How quickly does groundwater recharge? The answer is found deep underground View from The Hill: Hero or villain, Julian Assange’s cause crossed the political divide Censorship and isolation as China bans thousands of mobile apps Dollars and scents: how the right smells can encourage shoppers to buy healthier foods Julian Assange will be freed after striking plea deal with US authorities Julian Assange plea deal: what does it mean for the WikiLeaks founder, and what happens now? What is ‘breathwork’? And do I need to do it? Is social media making you unhappy? The answer is not so simple UN Meeting Blocks Afghan Women from Agenda, Participation Here’s how to create jobs for First Nations Australians in the clean energy transition Respecting Rights in the Response to Militant Attacks in Dagestan World News in Brief: Guterres condemns terror attacks in Dagestan, call to end ‘war on drugs’, women Heads of State First Person: Moving from fear to hope after war on drugs in the Philippines Controversy surrounds Kenya government's planned deployment of police forces to Haiti ‘Jewish Matchmaking’ offers a nuanced portrayal of some of the diversity of Jewish life Canada at a crossroads: Understanding the shifting sands of immigration attitudes Finding joy in caregiving: Baby boomers find purpose in shopping for those they look after 40 years after his death Michel Foucault’s philosophy still speaks to a world saturated with social media Across Southeast Asia, people paying respect to Spirits living on their Land is a normal part of life Australia plans to hire more overseas doctors. Is it ethical to recruit from countries with doctor shortages? Extreme wildfires are on the rise globally, powered by the climate crisis No nuclear veto: if the Coalition isn’t seeking community consent, is that really consultation? An influencer’s AI clone started offering fans ‘mind-blowing sexual experiences’ without her knowledge Deepfake, AI or real? It’s getting harder for police to protect children from sexual exploitation online Big tech companies were open to online safety regulation – why did NZ’s government scrap the idea? We know social media bans are unlikely to work. So how can we keep young people safe online? Escalating Israel-Hezbollah clashes threaten to spark regional war and force US into conflict with Iran Supreme Court’s slow roll on deciding Trump’s immunity is the opposite of politics How drones form part of Hezbollah’s deterrence strategy against Israel China and Botswana: ‘fong kong’ products have helped drive local manufacturing – study Kenyan protesters have taken to the streets in their thousands – what the law says about their rights Rwanda’s military support to other countries is part of a strategy to boost its reputation Making visible the invisible: Supporting long COVID patients and the people caring for them Morocco/Spain: Reveal fate of migrants who remain missing two years after deadly Melilla border incident Lion King at 30: the global hit that Disney didn’t believe in Nato’s next secretary general is outgoing Netherlands prime minister, ‘Teflon’ Mark Rutte How Romani Gypsy and Traveller people have shaped Britain’s musical heritage There’s nothing undemocratic about a large Labour majority – in fact, managed properly, it could provide the space for serious debate Can election success draw a line under Welsh Labour’s crisis? Will Labour’s Great British Energy company lower household bills? Anti-cellulite products are big business – but here’s what the science says The science of beauty: how aesthetics can boost your mood and cognition Loaded: one of the biggest lads’ mags returns – these are the challenges it will face Americas: Urgent OAS action needed to reverse trend of shrinking civic space A highly invasive South American catfish has slipped into Nepal’s waters No more recreational vaping for Australians. From October, vapes will be sold over the counter at pharmacies Five environmental issues that should be higher on the election agenda Repeated political soundbites can influence how people think – even if they disagree with the message Keir Starmer rejects ‘tax and spend’, so do Labour’s plans for economic growth add up? Four ways the Conservatives have promised to fix housing since 2019 and what they’ve actually done The UK population has lost trust in its police forces – Labour’s plan to improve crime investigation is critical ‘I love this work, but it’s killing me’: The unique toll of being a spiritual leader today Why do some planets have moons? A physics expert explains why Earth has only one moon while other planets have hundreds Most Philly public school students have college ambitions − but their level of preparation depends on which high school they attend Do hormonal contraceptives increase depression risk? A neuroscientist explains how they affect your mood, for better or worse 2024’s violent tornado season has been one of the most active on record − a meteorologist explains the weather behind the outbreaks China’s crackdown on ‘wealth-flaunting’ social media puts pressure on influencers − both on the mainland and in Taiwan − to echo the party line Even the Supreme Court’s conservative justices are polarized about the state of American politics Global: UN report must signal end to manifestly failed ‘war on drugs’ Philippines: Vindication for Leila de Lima as last bogus charge dismissed Two Years of Outrage: US Abortion Restrictions since Dobbs With ‘Flower strikes,’ citizens call for the release of Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi Koryo-saram: The long and tragic story of Koreans in Russia Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome: should I be worried if I’m travelling to Japan? DRC: President Tshisekedi must use second term to tackle human rights crisis Worried about PFAS in your drinking water? Here’s what the evidence says about home filters Fines of $10 million will force supermarkets to think carefully before exploiting suppliers, but more could have been done Cold snap, low on gas: the possible gas shortage in Victoria is a warning Future of cash secured for now as banks and retailers bail out Armaguard Global: Amnesty International launches new campaign on abortion rights Abortion rights in the USA: An interview with Tarah Demant Living with traumatic brain injury: Proposed legislation supports nationwide strategy for care Can the courts measure mana? How Māori tikanga is challenging the justice system Culturally diverse teens greatly benefit from social media – banning it would cause harm A wealthy housewife longs to go wild, in a brilliant riff on Virginia Woolf There should be a place for Australian art – and artists – in China-Australia diplomacy Formula One is moving towards hybrid engines and renewable fuel. Major environmental progress or just ‘greenwashing’? Albanese appoints former NSW Liberal energy minister Matt Kean to chair Climate Change Authority Violence towards refugee and migrant women often goes undetected. We’ve found a way to help fix that Education Still Vulnerable to Attack in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan Most plastics are made from fossil fuels and end up in the ocean, but marine microbes can’t degrade them – new research An eerie ‘digital afterlife’ is no longer science fiction. So how do we navigate the risks? A tragic television star, the brain of a genius, and a prize-winning pig – 3 new books are brilliant examples of contemporary Australian poetry ‘Sleep tourism’ promises the trip of your dreams. Beyond the hype plus 5 tips for a holiday at home Climate and energy have emerged as a federal election flashpoint. But unless the economy improves, will voters be listening? ‘Spectacularly disobedient’: Pride parades in the Balkans Living with traumatic brain injury: New legislation supports nationwide strategy for care More Canadians are paying for news this year, but it’s still too early to celebrate Are governments using proceeds from crime to raise public funds? New language guidelines for anatomy aim to improve clarity, but they could reduce understanding instead Indigenous data sovereignty can help save British Columbia’s wild salmon Albanese government will impose mandatory code and big penalties to stop supermarkets treating suppliers badly View from The Hill: Paul Keating labels Dutton a ‘charlatan’ as nuclear debate gets down and dirty Your wig could be poisoning you: study finds pesticides and other toxic chemicals in synthetic hair in Nigeria New Mass Media Law Threatens Freedom of Speech, Information in Kazakhstan Kenya protests: Gen Z shows the power of digital activism - driving change from screens to the streets Can ‘blue bonds’ be the solution to Belize’s debt? Vladimir Putin’s Asia-Pacific trip was intended to send a message. Here’s why we should be taking notice First Person: Philippines ‘cyber cops’ tackle explosion of online child abuse Americas: Proposed laws would severely restrict civil society’s work in region Rocks on Rapa Nui tell the story of a small, resilient population − countering the notion of a doomed overpopulated island How Employers Can Help End Domestic Violence British public more fatalistic about home ownership than climate change – new survey Bipolar disorder: we’ve pinpointed the brain areas which drive mood bias Finally, the time to tackle ticket touts may have come US military launched a secret anti-vax campaign in the Philippines – here’s why I’m not surprised Why people are spending their own money on healthcare rather than wait for the NHS What would a Reform surge do to Labour and the Liberal Democrats? Two scenarios mapped Aphrodite signified more than beauty – five other realms in which the Greek goddess also reigned What the election date betting scandal really tells us about the state of British politics The dangers of sneezing – from ejected bowels to torn windpipes What does the law say about gambling on election dates with inside information? Global: UN-hosted Doha meeting on Afghanistan faces a credibility test Pakistan: Authorities must end escalating attacks on minority Ahmadiyya community Increased Attacks on Education During War Unearthing Nepal's Past: An Interview with Journalist and Author Mohan Mainali Khat in Kenya: why efforts to ban this popular stimulant are unlikely to work Nigeria’s national anthem change was a tactic to distract attention from the country’s real problems – political analyst The first chemist in history may have been a female perfumer - here’s how the science of scents has changed since Kim-Putin deal: why this is a coded message aimed at China and how it worries Beijing Stonehenge protest: if you worry about damage to British heritage you should listen to Just Stop Oil Brotherless Night by V.V. Ganeshananthan wins the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2024 Labelling is a popular choice as a way to control fossil fuel advertising – new study Surgeon general’s call for warning labels on social media underscores concerns for teen mental health Traffic engineers build roads that invite crashes because they rely on outdated research and faulty data Space radiation can damage satellites − my team discovered that a next-generation material could self-heal when exposed to cosmic rays What the 3.2 million-year-old Lucy fossil reveals about nudity and shame The Exorcism: Russell Crowe film-set meta horror has promise but doesn’t quite convince Namibia: Decision to overturn “sodomy” laws is a victory for human rights A big change is coming for higher education funding. What would a ‘hard cap’ on domestic places mean for students and unis? An Homage to a Beloved Indigenous Visionary The mystery of the massive sporting comeback: what’s the psychology of momentum in sports? Azithromycin: how to manage while this antibiotic is in short supply for children Vladimir Putin’s Asia-Pacific trip was intended to send a message. Australia should be taking notice Bell Shakespeare’s new King Lear understands the joy of a good tragedy Kangaroo teeth grow forever – and keep a record of their owner’s age and sex Why can’t I sleep? It could be your sheets or doona Does One NZ’s new ad campaign connect? Many adopted people might not think so Peter Dutton’s nuclear energy policy will do nothing to ease Australians’ hip-pocket pain, now or in the future Hollywood didn’t know exactly what to do with Donald Sutherland – so they did everything with him How would a switch to nuclear affect electricity prices for households and industry? Party leaders grilled by public in election Question Time – experts dissect the key issues Social media warning labels and school cell phone bans: Do they unlock better youth mental health? Australia’s first civilian jury was entirely female. Here’s how ‘juries of matrons’ shaped our legal history Plucking numbers from the air: Victoria’s big build for housing relies on impossible targets Grassroots sport can help refugees find their feet in Australia – Brisbane’s Olympic planners need to lead the way too Haiti faces record displacement amid escalating gang violence The story of a Nigerian lesbian: From holy celibacy to secret marriage More people are taking a mortgage over 40 years – what this means for young people’s finances Why have Australia’s espionage authors been renditioned to a literary black site? Resource management is always political – the Fast-track Approvals Bill is just honest about it A huge shark terrorises people in new French hit Under Paris. When will we stop villainising these animals? Chiropractors have been banned again from manipulating babies’ spines. Here’s what the evidence actually says Australian coal mine and power station workers’ prospects look bleak – unless we start offering more targeted support Australia needs large-scale energy production – here are 3 reasons why offshore wind is a good fit Foreign aid can help strengthen the economies of donor countries by boosting business Emotions may matter more than facts in shaping individual support for renewable energy, new study shows Summer reading: 4 books on well-being that you can rely on US Racial Inequity Compounds ‘Heat Dome’ Harms Attack on Kazakhstan Journalist in Ukraine A British ‘supermajority’ is nonsense – but a Labour landslide still has consequences More people are taking a mortgage over 40 years - what this means for young people’s finances RSPCA Assured: animal welfare labels are a hollow money-maker for supermarkets The SNP’s focus on social energy tariffs is welcome, but it will take more than this to cut bills How the UK’s social security system stopped tackling poverty Should we ditch BMI and use the ‘body roundness index’ instead? Nigel Farage’s Reform is in line for hundreds of thousands in public funding if it wins seats in the election Why animal ethics matters for tackling climate change US kicks off debate on conscription as other Nato members introduce drafts Ukraine recap: Putin love-in with Kim Jong-un contrasts with western disarray over peace plan Dopamine: brain chemical helps us understand other people – raising hopes for new treatments Working in an ancient winery was seasonal, smelly and noisy Sham trial is Belarusian strongman’s latest attempt to silence critics — even those living abroad Burkina Faso Junta Again Suspends TV News Broadcasts AU: Roll Out Civilian Protection Mission, Ensure Sudan Probe Goema superstar: how composer Mac McKenzie reshaped the sound of Cape Town Ten seats where Reform poses a threat to the Tories Elephants use the tips of their trunks to grasp things with great precision – how this can help robotic design Global pandemic treaty will help fight future threats: top negotiator on how talks are going South Africa’s foreign policy: a unity government must be practical in a turbulent world Mathias Esteban: “Trans visibility is always important, not only this month” Conflict in Burkina Faso Jeopardizing Education A groundbreaking discovery: how we found remnants of Earth’s primordial crust near Perth Plaid Cymru makes election call for the return of Welsh artefacts held in England House of the Dragon: if dragons were real, how might fire-breathing work? We’re using drones to map the temperatures of lizards and this could boost reptile conservation Groundbreaking cancer treatment may trigger more cancer – but here’s why you shouldn’t worry Arundhati Roy ‘anti-terror’ charge part of a push to silence Modi’s critics How to stay safe during lightning storms – summer is the highest-risk season Ferns and flowers bribe helpful ant defenders with nectar, but ferns developed this ability much later – our study shows why Arborglyphs – Basque immigrant sheepherders left their marks on aspen trees in the American West Making art is a uniquely human act, and one that provides a wellspring of health benefits Boost your immune system with this centuries-old health hack: Vaccines Lawsuit could challenge trust in Ozempic and other popular weight loss drugs Jewish critics of Zionism have clashed with American Jewish leaders for decades Extreme heat can be dangerous for runners, cyclists and anyone spending time outdoors: 6 tips for staying safe Victoria’s $1.2 billion school tutoring program has not ‘significantly improved’ learning. How could it work better? Grattan on Friday: Peter Dutton is seated aloft the nuclear tiger, hoping not to get eaten UK plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda may never happen but other European leaders still want to copy it – podcast Leadership and teamwork at high altitude: seven lessons from Everest Kisangani’s Unhealed Scars: The Six-Day War and the ongoing struggle for justice and accountability What is phonics and why is it used to teach reading? No costing, no clear timelines, no easy legal path: deep scepticism over Dutton’s nuclear plan is warranted Does Israel really want to open a two-front war by attacking Hezbollah in Lebanon? New play American Signs looks at the nefarious world of consultancies – but leaves Australia off the hook It’s now possible to invest in bitcoin on Australia’s largest stock exchange. Is the currency going mainstream? We discovered Raja Ampat’s reef manta rays prefer staying close to home – which could help us save more of them Ukraine: Forced Russified Education Under Occupation Attacks on Education in War Surge Globally China: UN Should Act on Crimes Against Humanity The prosecution of Arundhati Roy is business as usual for the Modi government – and bad news for freedom of expression in India Amid scorching heat, 900 people died this week in Saudi Arabia. Climate change has made the Hajj pilgrimage more risky The Albanese government has ordered an inquiry into native title – why is it needed? Politics with Michelle Grattan: Peter Malinauskas on political donations, kids on social media, and the nuclear option Robert Irwin wanted to sue One Nation for using his likeness. We don’t really have laws for that No-cause evictions have the potential to hurt renters – with little gain for good landlords Walking can prevent low back pain, a new study shows By clearing protest encampments, universities put property over people Gig platform workers need better health and well-being protections Tony Blair sold the UK on a vision for the future. Can Keir Starmer do the same to return Labour to power? Defunct satellites burning up in the atmosphere could damage the ozone layer. Here’s how At a time of crisis, reading books can help us make sense of the world ‘I felt too whakamā to go to the doctor’ – how feelings of shame stop people seeking healthcare People are spending hours clicking on a banana to (maybe) make some money. A 300-year-old behavioural economics theory explains why Hybrid cars are having a moment – even though they’re dirtier than we think. What’s behind their popularity? Big cars might make you feel safer. But here’s how vehicle size impacts others in a crash Recovering lost wages is nearly impossible for Australia’s underpaid migrant workers. Here’s how to fix the problem Climate change is helping the H5N1 bird flu virus spread and evolve Zimbabwe: Authorities must immediately release arbitrarily detained opposition activists Independent rights probe highlights Israeli ‘destruction and dislocation’ tactics in Gaza ‘Loyal to the Oil’: Finding religion in the Stanley Cup finals The problems with climate scenarios, and how to fix them Catalonia independence: electoral shift marks the beginning of a new era in a region fraught with political tension Wales could become world’s first country to criminalise politicians who lie Labour wants to make England the best place in the world to be a football fan – but there’s much work to do first Will Labour’s plans deliver for NHS dentistry? Putin-Kim summit has roots in an alliance of ‘isolated’ nations built over decades What Tory plans to scrap self-employed national insurance would mean for taxes and pensions People are worried about the media using AI for stories of consequence, but less so for sports and entertainment What would war between Israel and Hezbollah mean for the Middle East? Expert Q&A Israel threatens ‘all-out war’ against Hezbollah – what are the consequences for the US presidential campaign? What actually makes avocados bad for the environment? Is social media fuelling political polarisation? Angola: Police must respect protest rights during planned 22 June demonstrations Americas: On World Refugee Day, states must prioritize the human rights of those seeking protection in the Americas Solstices brought Mayan communities together, using monuments shaped by science and religion – and kingly ambitions, too Paying reparations for slavery is possible – based on a study of federal compensation to farmers, fishermen, coal miners, radiation victims and 70 other groups Raw milk health risks significantly outweigh any potential benefits − food scientists and nutritionists explain why Lynn Conway was a trans woman in tech − and underappreciated for decades after she helped launch the computing revolution Court blocks grants to Black women entrepreneurs in case that could restrict DEI efforts by companies and charities Why expanding access to algebra is a matter of civil rights Nigeria’s mountain streams are a haven for special creatures – they need protection Heat exposure during pregnancy can lead to a lifetime of health problems Somalia army vs al-Shabaab: as African Union troops leave, which is the stronger military force? Canada’s family-based immigration program for Sudanese fleeing war is too little, too late Republic of Congo: Suspension of Metssa Congo’s activities must be followed by urgent investigation Sudan: Unlawful Attacks on Civilians, Infrastructure Microplastics and nanoplastics have been found throughout the human body – how worried should we be? ABC chair Kim Williams calls for public broadcaster to be ‘national campfire’ and to understand its audiences better Kevin Jonas has basal cell carcinoma – here’s what you should know about this form of skin cancer Knife crime has increased in England and Wales over the last decade – here’s how the next government can prevent it Is Keir Starmer a socialist? Starmer and Sunak agree the UK needs more houses to ease the crisis – here’s how their plans compare Euro 2024: football is a magnet for online abuse – but it is also the ideal platform to challenge it Namibia: Ensure safety of LGBTI persons amid High Court verdict in “sodomy” case US: Florida School Laws Discriminate against Black, LGBTQ People Farmers told me what they really think about reintroducing lynx and wolves to Britain and Ireland Australia’s tax system is being weaponised against victims of domestic abuse. Here’s how Women leaders remain scarce in Thai local politics. What can be done? I watched some 40 films at this year’s Sydney Film Festival. Here are my top five picks – and one hilarious flop Our smartphone screening tool could help detect strokes faster – and lead to quicker treatment How will China balance Russian and European relations after the Swiss Peace Summit? Debt relief and prudent financial management key to adequate education financing in Eritrea Saying a final goodbye to Willie Mays, baseball’s ‘Say hey kid’ Saying a final goodbye to Willie Mays, baseball’s ‘Say hey’ kid Peter Dutton has promised to solve our energy problems – but his nuclear policy still leaves Australians in the dark Improving gender equality will help end violence against women, but it’s only part of the puzzle Whips, adultery and a ‘Loin King’: what is it about Tory political players writing scandalous books? Please stop obsessing over words. It’s quite simple: the RBA thinks inflation is too high The AEC has redrawn the boundaries for federal seats. How will this affect the next election? I’ve been given opioids after surgery to take at home. What do I need to know? Shelley Lasica’s When I Am Not There asks: how do you create a gallery exhibition on 40 years of dance? Dutton goes nuclear, proposing seven government-owned generators with the first starting in 2030s Systematic terror, brutal atrocities rife in Myanmar: UN human rights chief ‘Decolonizing Lens’: Winnipeg and virtual film series reflects the beauty of Indigenous worldviews How Biden’s executive order to protect immigrant spouses of citizens from deportation will benefit their families and communities Infant’s tragic death after neglect sparks urgent calls for system changes Egypt: Authorities must end campaign of mass arrests and forced returns of Sudanese refugees China: Hundreds of Uyghur Village Names Change Where are the women from peripheral areas in Brazilian politics? EPA has lowered the screening level for lead in soil – here’s what that could mean for households across the US Young investors: Here’s some tips for getting into the market How Indigenous peoples are reclaiming their celebrations of the summer solstice − and using them to resist The renaming of universities and campus buildings reflects changing attitudes and values Pay transparency would help close NZ’s gender gap – why is progress so slow? Do you have a mental illness? Why some people answer ‘yes’, even if they haven’t been diagnosed Early childhood educators are not ‘babysitters’. What do their jobs really involve? Bohemian, artist, conservationist: breathing humanity into the man who fought to protect Queensland’s rainforest and reef Emotions don’t decide who you are: how to talk to your child about the new emotions in Inside Out 2 Many sports are tightening their transgender policies – can inclusion co-exist with fairness, physical safety and integrity? Will the Paris Olympics be a terrorist target? These three factors could be key Peter Dutton’s plan to cut the 2030 climate target would be an own goal for Australia’s Pacific ambitions Systemic gender oppression in Afghanistan may amount to crimes against humanity ‘Nowhere is safe’ for civilians as Sudan war descends further into chaos Canada’s settler colonial violence in three acts: Calls for solidarity on National Indigenous Peoples Day South Africa’s unity government: 4 crucial factors for it to work Floating solar panels could provide much of Africa’s energy – new research Mother City: a tough, passionate film about the battle for affordable housing in Cape Town G7 overcomes internal wrangling and ‘irrelevance’ barbs to strike US$50 billion deal to support Ukraine This is billed as a ‘change’ election – but Britain’s electoral system means hardly any seats are true multi-party contests Royal Mail takeover has benefits but poses risk to those reliant on UK’s national postal service Eighteenth-century stays are the corset of 2024 – just ask Taylor Swift or Anne Hathaway The Green party’s plans aren’t perfect but they offer a much-needed attempt at climate leadership Why legacy media brands still matter in the UK’s ‘social media election’ How glacier algae are challenging the way we think about evolution Epstein-Barr virus: how does a common infection trick the immune system into attacking the brain in people with MS? Ukraine summit fails to provide a path to peace for Kyiv and its allies UN: Strengthen Rights in ‘Pact for the Future’ Talks Victory for Same-Sex Marriage in Thailand Inside Out 2 introduces Ennui – here’s what the character teaches us about boredom Brexit boredom is one thing – but there’s a real problem when Britain’s leaders won’t even talk about Europe anymore We’ve found a way to help endangered eels overcome dams and weirs Denmark bans noodles for being too hot – what you need to know about chilli heat Decades of politicians toying with A-levels and GCSEs have left students a confusing and unfair system Ultra-processed foods: here’s how they may affect the way the immune system functions Philly has highest STI rates in the country – improving sex ed in schools and access to at-home testing could lower rates Keeping astronauts healthy in space isn’t easy − new training programs will prepare students to perform medicine while thousands of miles away from Earth Digital public archaeology: Excavating data from digs done decades ago and connecting with today’s communities US laws created during slavery are still on the books. A legal scholar wants to at least acknowledge that history in legal citations Joining NATO binds countries to defend each other – but this commitment is not set in stone Polish-Taiwanese cultural bridges: An interview with translator Wei-Yun Lin-Górecka Mauritania: First round of presidential elections on June 29, 2024 Mauritania: Khally Diallo analyzes June 29 presidential elections Albanese told Chinese premier that officials’ behaviour towards Cheng Lei was ‘unacceptable’ and ‘not appropriate’ For the next prime minister to solve the UK’s productivity problem, they must attract more foreign investment – here’s how The modern world’s relationship to time is broken – and it’s fuelling the rise of the far right The Chemist Warehouse deal is a sideshow: pharmacies are ripe for bigger disruption Thailand: Passing of marriage equality bill a triumphant moment for LGBTI rights Slovakia: Draconian bill restricting right to protest must be redrawn Polish-Taiwanese cultural bridges: An interview with translator Lin Wei-Yun Górecka Humour can make you a better workplace leader, if you use it properly – here’s how What is cervical cancer and how can it be prevented? Answers to key questions Bird strike: what happens when a plane collides with a bird? Albanese government raises ‘concern’ over treatment of journalist Cheng Lei with Chinese embassy High fliers: pleasure-seeking parrots are using aromatic plants, stinky ants and alcohol The troubling connections between ‘politically exposed persons’ and Chinese companies within Ghana's fisheries sector The world no longer needs new fossil fuels – and the UK could lead the way in making them taboo Give Chaucer a chance! Why ‘dead white men’ can still be relevant in NZ’s classrooms ABC’s new series Ladies in Black gives us vintage fashions and feminist anthems Curious Kids: why do you get pins and needles in your legs when you sit on them? Mothers have long been absent from dystopian stories. ‘Maternal cli-fi’ is changing the narrative Mealtimes can be tough when your child is autistic or has ADHD. Here are 5 tips to try Some of Earth’s most ancient lifeforms can live on hydrogen – and we can learn from their chemical powers Big batteries are solving a longstanding problem with solar power in California. Can they do the same for Australia? What you should know before you start chasing bargains at the EOFY sales South Australia’s plan to ban political donations raises big risks as well as benefits The death of a child with a disability at an Ontario school urgently calls for government action A byelection to watch: What the Toronto-St. Paul’s vote means for Justin Trudeau Cancer is affecting more young people than ever before: How health care can learn to meet their needs International Criminal Court Members Speak Out The free trade myth: how the US manipulates global markets for economic supremacy The world no longer needs fossil fuels – and the UK could lead the way in making them taboo Scary-sounding new virus in the news? Here are the questions you should ask Election 2024: migrants aren’t to blame for Britain’s housing crisis Three ways politicians always promise to raise money without increasing taxes – and why they rarely deliver TikTok star Munya Chawawa takes on North Korea in new documentary – it follows a long tradition of western media poking fun at the Kim family’s regime How Vladimir Putin projects his image as a modern-day Peter the Great Take my (bad) breath away – causes of halitosis and how to check whether you have it Nations realise they need to take risks or lose the race to the Moon Did the Victorians have better roads than us? A history of Britain’s potholed streets Another election, another round of Nigel Farage hype, with no lessons learned Respectful canoeing means acknowledging Indigenous authority over the land and water Southern Baptists may have rejected a constitutional amendment opposing female pastors, but that does not mean they are changing their views on women’s leadership in church NZ needs a 300% increase in qualified midwives – and those working need more support and recognition Lily Brett’s trip to Poland with her Holocaust survivor father inspired her novel, Too Many Men. 25 years later, it’s a film: Treasure Investigations reveal the troubling connections between ‘politically exposed persons’ and Chinese companies within Ghana's fisheries sector Canadians are feeling increasingly powerless amid economic struggles and rising inequality Sunday school – Monday through Friday: Oklahoma joins states with ‘release time’ laws letting K-12 kids leave school for religious lessons 1789 or 1866 is not 2024: Why historians have a difficult task in guiding Supreme Court justices as they decide today’s legal issues Modern-day outlaws, ‘sovereign citizens’ threaten the rule of law What parents in Michigan – and everywhere – should know about secure gun storage after the Crumbley convictions Oral nicotine pouches deliver lower levels of toxic substances than smoking – but that doesn’t mean they’re safe Abortion bans are changing what it means to be young in America The Hubble telescope has shifted into one-gyro mode after months of technical issues − an aerospace engineering expert explains Modern surgery began with saws and iron hands – how amputation transformed the body in the Renaissance Is Earth really getting too hot for people to survive? A scientist explains extreme heat and the role of climate change Elder fraud has reached epidemic proportions – a geriatrician explains what older Americans need to know Space arms race may be underway – it comes with enormous risks Ambitious Tory hopefuls could learn from Lady Macbeth’s fate ahead of leadership battle Bridgerton: the real 18th-century women penning satirical periodicals to bite back at society ‘It made me feel judged’: why it’s harder to get sexual healthcare if you practice consensual non-monogamy Three practical ways to address climate anxiety Queenie is a compelling exploration of Black motherhood – I’m glad I gave it a second chance Mauritius’ next growth phase: a new plan is needed as the tax haven era fades Romantic breakups can spark severe trauma in young people – new study AI can make African elections more efficient – but trust must be built and proper rules put in place Labour’s arts and culture promises are a reminder of the 1997 election – but that’s not a good thing Hong Kong: The political subtext behind the resignations of overseas non-permanent judges Albanese discusses delicate issues with Chinese premier, including avoiding future military incidents Sanctifying the profane: the Russian Orthodox Church at the front Alphonse Mucha and Art Nouveau: 100 years after its creation, his work is still a balm for a world in upheaval Business basics: how do companies pay tax? BBC Question Time: analysis of guests over nine years suggests an overuse of rightwing voices Budget cuts to climate funding mean NZ may now struggle to meet its international obligations ‘Some of us really wanted to smash imperialism’: Cher Tan honed her defiant creativity in Singapore’s DIY punk scene ‘Nuclear energy won’t stop cows from burping’: Peter Dutton needs a plan that goes beyond the electricity sector Charming ambassadors with big appetites and universal appeal: China’s long history of ‘panda diplomacy’ Dutton snatches preferred PM lead in Resolve poll as draft redistributions finished Australians say AI shouldn’t produce political news, but it’s OK for sport: new research Why do I poo in the morning? A gut expert explains AI is not a magic wand – it has built-in problems that are difficult to fix and can be dangerous Global: Gender apartheid must be recognized as a crime under international law Cambodia: Drop Charges Against Environmental Activists Is your child experiencing ‘winter burnout’? Here’s what to look out for Why don’t people disclose STIs to a sexual partner? Stigma has a lot to do with it Modern human DNA contains bits from all over the Neanderthal genome – except the Y chromosome. What happened? Marine CO₂ removal technologies could depend on the appetite of the ocean’s tiniest animals ‘If the land is sick, so are we’: Australian First Nations spirituality explained Anthony Albanese to raise differences while stressing positives in talks with Chinese premier World’s oldest termite mounds discovered in South Africa – and they’ve been storing precious carbon for thousands of years Ghana’s economic crisis was caused by government borrowing - the central bank did the best it could: economist How to avoid being hacked: start by upping your password game – ‘12345’ doesn’t cut it Public service reflections: Why the role of civil servants must evolve to ensure public trust Too soon? 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