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Lebanon: Dire Conditions for Syrian Refugees in Border Town An inauguration like no other An inauguration like no other Pentagon moves Israel under Central Command Proposed UN Cybercrime Treaty Could Undermine Human Rights Russian Authorities Jail Poisoned Putin Critic Another Political Activist Jailed in Russia Trumpism doesn't end with Trump — NZ needs to take a firmer stand against a global threat to democracy The Conversation's submission to the Australian Senate Inquiry into the News Media Bargaining Code An inauguration like no other Caravan communities: older, underinsured and overexposed to cyclones, storms and disasters Proposed UN Cybercrime Treaty Could Undermine Human Rights Russian Authorities Jail Poisoned Putin Critic New research suggests 1.5C climate target will be out of reach without greener COVID-19 recovery plans 6 ways to help kids express their feelings about the coronavirus pandemic through art Caribbean calls for global summit to address fair COVID-19 vaccine roll-out Alexei Navalny: Novichok didn't stop Russian opposition leader – but a prison sentence might Tokyo Olympics: An ethical approach will determine whether athletes should get vaccinated ahead of the public Trump-fuelled chaos shows democracy is in trouble — here's how to change course Mountains, a fragile source of life Sydney Festival review: Circa's Humans 2.0 is a visceral delight Despite appearances, this government isn't really Keynesian, as its budget update shows Do you feel undervalued and overworked? COVID-19 is likely to affect the employed too To learn at home, kids need more than just teaching materials. Their brain must also adapt to the context Dan Tehan's daunting new role: restoring trade with China in a hostile political environment The economy can't guarantee a job. It can guarantee a liveable income for other work Upgrade rage: why you may have to buy a new device whether you want to or not Home-delivered food has a huge climate cost. So which cuisine is the worst culprit? Turkey : Justice for Hrant Dink! Fake news: bold visual warnings needed to stop people clicking – new research Are the brains of atheists different to those of religious people? Scientists are trying to find out Joggers and cyclists should wear masks – here's why Forests go into growth 'overdrive' to recover from drought – new study Alzheimer's: new research shows a leap forward in identifying neurons vulnerable to the disease Debate: A geopolitical reading of fear Empty cities have long been a post-apocalyptic trope – now, they are a reality Biden has a congressional shortcut to cancel Trump’s regulatory rollbacks, but it comes with risks COVID-19 vaccines: how and when will lower-income countries get access? Bacon: how you cook it could partially lower cancer risk How anti-vax memes replicate through satire and irony Russia: Alexei Navalny's return adds to an already challenging year for Vladimir Putin Unrest in the US has prompted soul-searching in Europe Bold visual warnings are needed to stop people clicking on fake news Food and healthcare in war-torn Tigray: preliminary insights on what's at stake Discovery of two new giant radio galaxies offers fresh insights into the universe Some key questions answered on COVID-19 vaccines for African countries Access to urban parks is far from equal – fining people who travel to reach nature is not the answer Hepatitis D: how the virus made the jump from animals to humans Curious kids: how do gills work? The Pfizer vaccine may not be the best choice for frail people, but it's too early to make firm conclusions The U.S. prepares for inauguration Sri Lanka: Covid-19 Forced Cremation of Muslims Discriminatory How to stay safe with a fast-spreading new coronavirus variant on the loose The U.S. prepares for inauguration Israel: Provide Vaccines to Occupied Palestinians There's no such thing as 'alternative facts'. 5 ways to spot misinformation and stop sharing it online Is your child anxious about starting school for the first time? Here's how you can help Disaster season is here — do you have a Resilience Action Plan? Here's how the small town of Tarnagulla built theirs Biden’s Senate majority doesn't just super-charge US climate action, it blazes a trail for Australia As Trump exits the White House, he leaves Trumpism behind in Australia How to stay safe with a new fast-spreading coronavirus variant on the loose It's crucial we address COVID vaccine hesitancy among health workers. Here's where to start Love in the time of algorithms: would you let your artificial intelligence choose your partner? To get ahead as an introvert, act like an extravert. It's not as hard as you think Give cannabis producers more packaging and labelling flexibility The U.S. Founding Fathers would want us to get the COVID-19 vaccine As Joe Biden becomes president, here's an easy proposal for Electoral College reform Opt-out organ donation: Is Nova Scotia’s new 'deemed consent' law ethical? Niger’s democratic transition is good news, but the threat of insurgency remains high Trump is out, but US evangelicalism remains alive and well in Africa Ayatollah Khamenei bans US, English and French vaccines Kenya must implement data protection law before 2022 presidential election Want to learn to curse like a Russian? There's an Instagram account for that UK Lags Behind Tackling Forced Labor in Xinjiang European Court Accepts Case to Adjudicate Abuses in Crimea In Guinea, President Alpha Condé takes his third term despite long-running controversy Malaysia’s internet regulator deactivates Twitter account after offensive tweets exposed More health inequality: Black people are 3 times more likely to experience pulse oximeter errors President Alpha Condé takes his third term despite long-running controversy A white supremacist coup succeeded in 1898 North Carolina, led by lying politicians and racist newspapers that amplified their lies Trump supporters seeking more violence could target state capitols during inauguration – here's how cities can prepare Vampire finches: how little birds in the Galápagos evolved to drink blood How the Ebenezer Baptist Church has been a seat of Black power for generations in Atlanta Neighborhoods with MLK streets are poorer than national average and highly segregated, study reveals Mutating coronavirus: reaching herd immunity just got harder, but there is still hope Carillion: move to disqualify directors signals UK authorities getting tougher on 'corporate wrongdoing' Bridgerton: what the show gets right about sex, gossip and race in Regency London South Africa failed to get its act together on vaccines: here's how Capitol attacks may jeopardise public access to democratic institutions Uganda election: Museveni social media ban caps violent campaign What is the 'boogaloo' and who are the rioters who stormed the Capitol? 5 essential reads Does 'deplatforming' work to curb hate speech and calls for violence? 3 experts in online communications weigh in Top US Officials Knew of Harm Caused by Separating Families Cameroon Court Denies Request to Release Opposition Leaders The UK has some of the least energy-efficient housing in Europe – here's how to fix this What if the world was one country? A psychologist on why we need to think beyond borders Climate change: what would 4°C of global warming feel like? What you need to know about the new COVID-19 variants Francis Galton pioneered scientific advances in many fields – but also founded the racist pseudoscience of eugenics Cities can help migrating birds on their way by planting more trees and turning lights off at night That time private US media companies stepped in to silence the falsehoods and incitements of a major public figure ... in 1938 The Capitol siege recalls past acts of Christian nationalist violence Nonprofits helped organize the pro-Trump rally before the Capitol siege – but they probably won't suffer any consequences How Trump's language shifted in the weeks leading up to the Capitol riot – 2 linguists explain Symbols of white supremacy flew proudly at the Capitol riot – 5 essential reads White supremacists who stormed US Capitol are only the most visible product of racism Why the news media may not want to share Capitol riot images with the police Why you should consider adding classical music to your exercise playlist Digital hoarders: we've identified four types – which are you? Reporters prevented from covering Kazakh parliamentary elections Astronauts are experts in isolation, here's what they can teach us Type 2 diabetes: short-term low-carb diet linked to remission – but only if weight is lost Synced brains: how to bond with your kids – according to neuroscience Why it’s no surprise that pro-Trump rioters sang Bob Marley songs outside the Capitol Vampire finches: how little birds in the Galápagos got a taste for big bird blood “We must impose democratic obligations on the leading digital players” Impeachment's impact Impeachment's impact Amnesty International and Advocacy Assembly launch new online courses on open source human rights investigations 18th Annual Toronto Human Rights Watch Film Festival 75% of Australia's marine protected areas are given only 'partial' protection. Here's why that's a problem Impeachment's impact Why the alt-right believes another American Revolution is coming Why social media platforms banning Trump won't stop — or even slow down — his cause Ammonite: the remarkable real science of Mary Anning and her fossils Too much information: the COVID work revolution has increased digital overload The far-right rioters at the Capitol were not antifa – but violent groups often blame rivals for unpopular attacks The simple reason West Virginia leads the nation in vaccinating nursing home residents Trump's Twitter feed shows 'arc of the hero,' from savior to showdown COVID-19 vaccine rollout: Why a mask and social distancing are still needed, even if you get the shot New mangrove forest mapping tool puts conservation in reach of coastal communities Americans around the world were part of the largest voter turnout in U.S. history Tuberculosis kills as many people each year as COVID-19. It's time we found a better vaccine #HoldTheLine Coalition Condemns Third Criminal Cyber Libel Charge Against Maria Ressa and Rappler Mutant roots reveal how we can grow crops in damaged soils Is it curtains for Clive? What COVID means for populism in Australia Birds that play with others have the biggest brains - and the same may go for humans Early childhood educators are leaving in droves. Here are 3 ways to keep them, and attract more Government funds are not 'taxpayer money' — media and politicians should stop confusing the two EU Should Regulate Artificial Intelligence to Protect Rights Momentum Builds Around Intersex Protection in India South African policies go some way to tackling poverty and inequality. But more is needed Nigeria's State Houses of Assembly need a greater online presence Making a hospital space feel psychologically safer helped South African health workers Pasha 91: Blunders that left South Africa trailing in the vaccine stakes Why rangers in the Congo's Virunga national park are under attack No country is an island: collective approach to COVID-19 vaccines is the only way to go Scotland is ready to run the May elections, despite the pandemic Brexit trade problems: what’s gone wrong and can it be fixed? Pursuing Tesla's electric cars won't rev up VW's share price Four tips for learning language through film and TV LEBANON : Violence against reporters becoming more frequent in Lebanon Pakistan: online hate campaigns against BBC and Independent journalists Almost half of NHS critical care staff show symptoms of PTSD, depression or anxiety COVID vaccine weekly: can the UK vaccinate 15 million people by mid-February? COVID is changing the way we work – and for disabled people too Outdated carbon credits from old wind and solar farms are threatening climate change efforts Keeping nurseries open helps in the fight against inequality but ignores a low-paid and anxious workforce Free school meal food parcels: these are the nutrients children should be getting Mega Millions jackpot is $750 million – where does all the lottery tax revenue really go? Does reopening schools cause COVID-19 to spread? It's complicated The perils of associating 'white' with 'privilege' in the classroom The Confederate battle flag, which rioters flew inside the US Capitol, has long been a symbol of white insurrection The great polio vaccine mess and the lessons it holds about federal coordination for today's COVID-19 vaccination effort Capitol siege raises questions over extent of white supremacist infiltration of US police One year since we first reported on this coronavirus – what we've learned, and still need to know Why a green electricity grid depends on weather forecasts improving Vaccines alone aren't enough to eradicate a virus – lessons from history FBI anticipates armed protests nationwide President Trump impeached Bridgerton offers clever relationship advice — why friendship is the foundation of happy romantic partnerships Azerbaijan/Armenia: Scores of civilians killed by indiscriminate use of weapons in conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh Trump is impeached again in historic vote. Now Republicans must decide the future of their party A second impeachment is just the start of Trump's legal woes The Caribbean Community stands with Guyana in Venezuela border dispute In the rush for coronavirus information, unreviewed scientific papers are being publicized The price of a drug should be based on its therapeutic benefits – not just what the market will bear Trump impeached a second time – but Trumpism will live on Uganda: Authorities must lift social media block amid crackdown ahead of election Zimbabwe: Authorities must drop malicious charges against opposition leaders and journalist US: Ahead of Inauguration Day, RSF gravely concerned for media safety Swedish prosecutors again refuse to investigate Dawit Isaak case New wave of censorship targeting critical media outlets Arab states’ reconciliation with Qatar leaves pro-unity Saudis behind bars Inside Argentina’s ‘green tide’ of feminist activism for the right to legal abortion Social media blackout, violent crackdown on opposition ahead of presidential elections in Uganda Global Voices seeks an editor to lead our Greater Central Asia coverage Trump's Twitter ban obscures the real problem: state-backed manipulation is rampant on social media Joe Biden and Kamala Harris could transform American childhood Dire wolves went extinct 13,000 years ago but thanks to new genetic analysis their true story can now be told How Donald Trump's populist narrative led directly to the assault on the US Capitol LGBTQ+ Canadian baby boomers in need of safer housing in senior years First lockdown's effect on air pollution was overstated, our study reveals Why the far-right and white supremecists have embraced the Middle Ages and their symbols How China is controlling the COVID origins narrative — silencing critics and locking up dissenters We found the oldest known cave painting of animals in a secret Indonesian valley 2021 is the year Australia's international student crisis really bites How explainable artificial intelligence can help humans innovate Dostoevsky warned of the strain of nihilism that infects Donald Trump and his movement The scent of sickness: 5 questions answered about using dogs – and mice and ferrets – to detect disease Federal financial aid for college will be easier to apply for – and a bit more generous Misogyny in the Capitol: Among the insurrectionists, a lot of angry men who don't like women Americans have unrealistic expectations for a COVID-19 vaccine Is impeaching President Trump 'pointless revenge'? Not if it sends a message to future presidents Nurses report PTSD symptoms due to the pandemic – here's why Bobi Wine has shaken up Ugandan politics: four things worth knowing about him Brexit: UK pound has not crashed yet, but here's why it will probably suffer in years to come Iran: US policy of 'maximum pressure' has failed – why the west needs to re-engage Tehran To stretch or not to stretch before exercise: What you need to know about warm-ups Solar panels capture more sunlight with capsaicin - the chemical that makes chili peppers spicy Draconian new legislation forces three journalists to register as “foreign agents” Sri Lanka: tamil reporter held on absurd terrorism charge Oxford scientists: how we developed our COVID-19 vaccine in record time Wormholes may be lurking in the universe – and new studies are proposing ways of finding them James Joyce's Ulysses is an anti-stream of consciousness novel How to avoid scams when buying a pet online BBC's lockdown educational programming is way better than the dull fare of yesteryear This is why you can't stop watching 'bad' TV How government spending goes to certain voters – and shapes inequality What is a protein? A biologist explains Bahrain: No Improvement in Rights Record Egypt: No End to Escalating Repression Iran: Relentless Repression of Dissent Lebanon: Sharp Decline in Human Rights Central Asia: Pandemic Response Threatens Rights Belarus: Unprecedented Crackdown Russia: No Light at the End of the Tunnel US: Systemic Rights Failings UK: Setting Aside Rights when Inconvenient EU: Respect Rights Amid Pandemic, Economic Downturn Biden Should Cement Rights in US Policy Turkey: Covid-19 Pandemic Used to Strengthen Autocratic Rule Indonesia: Weak Public Health Response to Covid-19 Thailand: Rights Crisis Rapidly Worsens Vietnam: Rights Violations Intensify India: Growing Crackdown on Activists, Critics Malaysia: Dangerous Backsliding on Rights Sri Lanka: A Return to Threats, Fear Maldives: Pandemic Response Exposes Inequities, Abuse Pakistan: Worsening Crackdown on Dissent Uganda blocks social media and messaging apps, isolating election The Oxford vaccine has unique advantages, as does Pfizer's. Using both is Australia's best strategy Worried about Earth's future? Well, the outlook is worse than even scientists can grasp Why is it so offensive to say 'all lives matter'? US House of Representatives begins debate on Trump removal US House of Representatives begins debate on Trump removal Iran distributes weapons throughout the Middle East, by Gilad Erdan The Iran-Al-Qaida Axis according the USA, by Mike Pompeo Biden and power by force, by Thierry Meyssan USA : RSF appoints Anna K. Nelson as new Executive Director Indonesia's aviation safety has improved, but a lot remains to be done Despite being permanently banned, Trump's prolific Twitter record lives on Sydney Festival review: Sunshine Super Girl is destined to become a legacy piece of Australian theatre US House of Representatives begins debate on Trump removal Film review: in My Salinger Year, hope and optimism win out Net-zero, carbon-neutral, carbon-negative ... confused by all the carbon jargon? Then read this What's at stake for NZ in Australia’s case against China at the World Trade Organisation? Enjoy them while you can? The ecotourism challenge facing Australia's favourite islands At impeachment hearing, lawmakers will deliberate over a deadly weapon used in the attack on Capitol Hill – President Trump's words Birds sniff out potential mates who are genetically different You could break espionage laws on social media without realising it How can America heal from the Trump era? Lessons from Germany's transformation into a prosperous democracy after Nazi rule Net-zero, carbon-neutral, carbon-negative .. confused by all the carbon jargon? Then read this Artificial intelligence can deepen social inequality. Here are 5 ways to help prevent this 3 lessons from musical improvisation to help navigate 2021 Anti-nutrients – they're part of a normal diet and not as scary as they sound These tiny oceanic creatures are essential to tackling climate change Why the flag of South Vietnam flew at US Capitol siege USA: RSF appoints Anna K. Nelson as new Executive Director Cyclone Chalane hit Mozambique, leaving much less damage than previous storms In Uganda, COVID-19 rules are ‘perfect instrument for criminalizing dissent’ Namibia's COVID-19 internet rollout impresses, but excludes and widens control Some kindergartners are more likely to be heavy users of online tech later, according to new research Social media seized the narrative in Uganda's election. Why this was good for democracy Galaxies eject gas when they merge, preventing new stars forming – new research The U.S. Capitol riot shows civil unrest is today's major national security threat They're everywhere: New study finds polyester fibres throughout the Arctic Ocean Five economic effects from the Democratic sweep in Washington Why are more children in school now than during the first lockdown? Some kindergartners are more likely later to be heavy users of online tech, according to new research How does Wi-Fi work? An electrical engineer explains Apollo landers, Neil Armstrong's bootprint and other human artifacts on Moon officially protected by new US law A brief history of the term ‘president-elect’ in the United States Executions don't deter murder, despite the Trump administration's push Biden plans to fight climate change in a way no U.S. president has done before Big Tech's rejection of Parler shuts down a site favored by Trump supporters – and used by participants in the US Capitol insurrection How self-proclaimed 'prophets' from a growing Christian movement provided religious motivation for the Jan. 6 events at the US Capitol I spoke to 99 big thinkers about what our 'world after coronavirus' might look like – this is what I learned Through her divisive rhetoric, Education Secretary DeVos leaves a troubled legacy of her own Capitol riots: Ashli Babbitt and the far-right radicalisation of women COVID lockdowns: spring will see finances hit as economic impact kicks in Exams cancelled? Think like a university student to get ahead South African astronomy has a long, rich history of discovery – and a promising future Power dynamics with researchers on the ground needs a reset Informal waste management in Lagos is big business: policies need to support the trade How mapping the weather 12,000 years ago can help predict future climate change Are sleep trackers accurate? Here's what researchers currently know Four-day week: how workplaces can successfully establish it No, Twitter is not censoring Donald Trump. Free speech is not guaranteed if it harms others Asking people to prepare for fire is pointless if they can't afford to do it. It's time we subsidised fire prevention Saudi Arabia restores relations with Qatar Pentagon trains Guyana to attack Venezuela, by Samuel Moncada Giant firms have a hidden borrowing advantage that has helped keep them on top for decades – new research Giant firms have hidden borrowing advantage that has helped keep them on top for decades – new research With COVID-19 mutating and surging, NZ urgently needs to tighten border controls Vic, QLD and NSW are managing COVID outbreaks in their own ways. But all are world-standard Next UN Chief Should Fully Commit to Human Rights Democrats move toward impeachment Democrats move toward impeachment Democrats move toward impeachment 14 billion litres of untreated wastewater is created each day in developing countries, but we don't know where it all goes Netflix's 'Bridgerton': A romanticized portrayal of Britain at the dawn of modernity Facebook antitrust battle escalates tensions between government, Big Tech The U.S. Capitol violence could happen in Canada — here are 3 ways to prevent it Russian Cosmism: a national mythology against transhumanism Superbugs have an arsenal of defences — but we've found a new way around them What's next after Bridgerton? 5 romance series ripe for TV adaptation What Clive Palmer must now ask himself: would China's 'bastards' buy a mine from him? 3 reasons to study science communication beyond the West The cicada's deafening shriek is the sound of summer, and humans have been drawn to it for thousands of years US Capitol riot: the myths behind the tattoos worn by 'QAnon shaman' Jake Angeli How should schools teach kids about what happened at the US Capitol on Jan. 6? We asked 6 education experts Why ‘free speech’ needs a new definition in the age of the internet and Trump tweets The COVID-19 pandemic may change spectator sports forever as stadiums sit empty European Court of Human Rights admits RSF complaint against the BND's mass surveillance Fifty years ago, Japan's most famous writer committed suicide after a failed coup attempt – now, new photos add more layers to the haunting act Peat bogs: restoring them could slow climate change – and revive a forgotten world Two-thirds of Earth's land is on pace to lose water as the climate warms – that's a problem for people, crops and forests Business debt: hidden advantage for giant firms means economy has been K-shaped for decades Lake Poopó: why Bolivia's second largest lake disappeared – and how to bring it back COVID vaccine: some waste is normal – but here's how it is being kept to a minimum How an obscure 1909 novella that foretold the internet can guide us through the latest lockdown Mandatory remote teaching could reduce inequality during the pandemic – but delivering it will be difficult Indian cartoonist could be jailed for cartoons about India’s supreme court Fifty years ago, Japan's most famous writer committed suicide – now, new photos add new layers to the haunting act 18 million US children are at risk of hunger: How is the problem being addressed and what more can be done? Vitamin K: A little-known but noteworthy nutrient Why does grammar matter? Consumer electronics have changed a lot in 20 years – systems for managing e-waste aren't keeping up How to turn plastic waste in your recycle bin into profit Delaying second COVID-19 vaccine doses will make supplies last longer but comes with risks Fired for storming the Capitol? Why most workers aren’t protected for what they do on their own time COVID-19 response shows how an informal rule of law plays a supporting role in society Six tips for looking after your new puppy, according to science Beast from the East 2? What 'sudden stratospheric warming' involves and why it can cause freezing surface weather Who’s who in Joe Biden’s cabinet Five ways to manage your screen time in a lockdown, according to tech experts Why resistance is common in antibiotics, but rare in vaccines COVID-19 immunity: how long does it last? Why paying people to tolerate wildlife is not the magic bullet for conservation South African politicians, not bureaucrats, stand in the way of a professional civil service African countries differ widely in prenatal HIV testing: why it matters Low-carb, no sugar, no fat: the fad diets popular in the 20th century Bangladesh moves to revive production of muslin, fabric of legend Reaction and response to Wednesday Capitol attack Giant ancient sharks had enormous babies that ate their siblings in the womb Battlegrounds: highly skilled Black African professionals on racial microaggressions at work Impeaching Trump a second time is a complex and politically risky act. Here's how it could work Sydney Festival review: politics of care in Force Majeure's The Last Season 3 things we can do now to help people with disability prepare for disaster The U.S. Capitol raid was a failed self-coup previously seen in dying regimes Unis want research shared widely. So why don't they properly back academics to do it? Even with a vaccine, we need to adjust our mindset to playing the COVID-19 long game The commuter's paradox: there's something to gain in the space between home and work The pandemic killed Trinidad & Tobago's 2021 Carnival, but soca music keeps the spirit alive Why Trump's challenges to democracy will be a big problem for Biden COVID-19 face masks represent a chance to restore Canadian manufacturing Teachers are on the front lines with students in the coronavirus pandemic From the Cold War to COVID-19: The 8 common ways people behave in a crisis 4 steps to teacher recovery from compassion fatigue and burnout during COVID-19 and beyond #MeToo in 2021: Global activists continue to build on the movement against sexual violence The roots of pre-election carnage by Uganda security forces Dummy's guide to how trade rules affect access to COVID-19 vaccines Myanmar: Kirin Should Sever Military Firm Ties After a record 22 billion-dollar disasters in 2020, it's time to overhaul US disaster policy – here's how A scholar of American anti-Semitism explains the hate symbols present during the US Capitol riot Trump Administration Again Weakens LGBT Protections Twitter permanently suspends Trump after U.S. Capitol siege, citing risk of further violence A scholar of American anti-Semitism explains the hate symbols present at the US Capitol Five tips to get reading again if you've struggled during the pandemic Far-right activists on social media telegraphed violence weeks in advance of the attack on the US Capitol By inciting Capitol mob, Trump pushes U.S. closer to a banana republic Federal leaders have two options if they want to rein in Trump Trump-inspired mob at U.S. Capitol follows a familiar path of election violence The US Capitol has been stormed before – when British troops burned Washington in 1814 After a record 22 billion-dollar disasters in 2020, it's time to make US disaster policy more effective and equitable – here's how What's the purpose of university? Your answer may depend on how much it costs you How city roads trap migrating fish A-level and GCSE cancellation: a missed opportunity to rethink assessment Takeovers: a tidal wave of buyouts is coming in 2021 – here's what it means No Safe Haven for LGBT People in El Salvador How will vaccines affect the length of England's lockdown? Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther gives a boost to diversity in STEM – a Black engineer's take on personal and professional inspiration What is Pure Land Buddhism? A look at how East Asian Buddhists chant and strive for buddhahood Why do smoke alarms keep going off even when there's no smoke? Vaccine delays reveal unexpected weak link in supply chains: A shortage of workers It is difficult, if not impossible, to estimate the size of the crowd that stormed Capitol Hill Thousands of Brazilians who won elections as Black candidates in 2020 previously ran for office as white The uncomfortable questions facing Capitol Police over the security breach by MAGA mob 5 strategies for cultivating hope this year Gaming has benefits and perils – parents can help kids by playing with them What the 'doctor' title means for women of color with doctorates UK government has delayed elections longer than most countries – and England still isn't ready to hold pandemic votes in May Five tips to get reading again if you struggled during the pandemic Free speech in America: is the US approach fit for purpose in the age of social media? Shakespeare and Cervantes: what similarities between the famous writers reveal about mysteries of authorship Even sex parties have gone online during lockdown Why we need to test COVID-19 tests Trump-inspired mobs follow a familiar path of election violence RSF requests urgent adoption of moratorium on arrests of journalists Sports talent programmes could be harmful for children's long-term psychological wellbeing RSF asks Senegal to amend its new press law Brisbane's COVID lockdown has a crucial difference: it aims to squash an outbreak before it even starts ‘This is the USA?’ The Caribbean reacts to the Capitol protests Myanmar: Kirin Should Sever Military Firm Ties Hong Kong: Mass Arrests of Pro-Democracy Politicians Massive Israeli bombings in Syria, by Bashar Ja'afari Iran: No Justice for Victims of Downed Plane The Capitol, a day later With mass arrests, running for office in Hong Kong is now not only futile, it can be criminal The insurrection at the Capitol challenged how US media frames unrest and shapes public opinion What’s next for Trump: Will he face charges after leaving office? Will he pardon himself? Cities could get more than 4°C hotter by 2100. To keep cool in Australia, we urgently need a national planning policy Rohingya Arrested in Myanmar Just for Traveling Why were the Capitol rioters so angry? Because they're scared of losing grip on their perverse idea of democracy Enabling better aging: The 4 things seniors need, and the 4 things that need to change Thought the U.S. Capitol attack couldn’t happen? Think again: The insurrection threat isn’t over Guatemala: 51 Signatories Call For Authorities To Drop Criminal Charges Against Indigenous Journalist Anastasia Mejía Physical activity is good for your concentration – here's why A history of childbirth in the UK – from home, to hospital, to COVID-19 Ireland has corals, and they survive in extreme conditions at the edge of a submarine canyon Ethical minefields: the dirty business of doing deals with Myanmar's military Girls Can't Surf shows how determined women battled sexism in their sport The U.S. Capitol raid exposes the myth and pathology of American exceptionalism Words of wisdom: 4 tips from experts on how to endure until the COVID-19 pandemic ends How does the 25th Amendment work, and can it be used to remove Trump from office after US Capitol attack? France: RSF files third complaint against Paris police prefect Three ways to move more while working from home Why do regrets over lost love often stop us being happy – and how can we move forward? Pikas are adapting to climate change remarkably well, contrary to many predictions Why do people have more children in the north of Europe than in the south? Effective job search requires good emotion management Connected workouts can help you get fit alongside virtual buddies during the pandemic US Capitol protesters, egged on by Trump, are part of a long history of white supremacists hearing politicians' words as encouragement How the transition from communism has left Bulgaria's elderly out in the cold The power of emojis: How a 🤯 or a 👏🏽 in tweets engages more people Going to the cinema in Lagos isn't just about the movie that's showing Bitcoin: why the price has exploded – and where it goes from here Health crisis: up to a billion tonnes of waste potentially burned in the open every year Libya: Militia Terrorized Town, Leaving Mass Graves Uzbekistan: Registration Barriers for Independent Groups Crocodiles today look the same as they did 200 million years ago – our study explains why Delaying the second COVID vaccine dose – a medical expert answers key questions Finds in Tanzania's Olduvai Gorge reveal how ancient humans adapted to change Afghanistan must “end spiral of violence” after another journalist murdered Biden's job gets easier after Senate wins in Georgia – but don't expect a progressive revolution Social media giants have finally confronted Trump's lies. But why wait until there was a riot in the Capitol? Why are the Capitol rioters so angry? Because they're scared of losing grip on their perverse idea of democracy Australia's vaccine rollout will now start next month. Here's what we'll need Biden's job gets easier after Senate wins in Georgia — but don't expect a progressive revolution QAnon and the storm of the U.S. Capitol: The offline effect of online conspiracy theories US: Trump’s Actions Fuel Capitol Riot 'Delighting in causing complete chaos': what's behind Trump supporters' brazen storming of the Capitol How Australia can phase out coal power while maintaining energy security 'Once you engage in political violence, it becomes easier to do it again' – an expert on political violence reflects on events at the Capitol Was it a coup? No, but siege on US Capitol was the election violence of a fragile democracy Why I might not go back to El Salvador Putting Mary at the centre of Christmas is a challenge to South Africa's prosperity gospel Many of us overestimate our exercise levels – here's how to calculate how much you really do Hilaria Baldwin, cucumber-gate, and why being bilingual is complicated School budgets have held up better than expected in some states, but looming cuts will hurt learning long after pandemic ends In Mike Pence, US evangelicals had their '24-karat-gold' man in the White House. Loyalty may tarnish that legacy What is a margin of error? This statistical tool can help you understand vaccine trials and political polling Legalizing marijuana, once a pipe dream on Capitol Hill, takes an important step forward Trump tapped into white victimhood – leaving fertile ground for white supremacists The fascinating story of placebos – and why doctors should use them more often Cats with round faces and big eyes might be cute, but you can't tell how they're feeling – new research Happy the elephant was denied rights designed for humans – but the legal definition of 'person' is still evolving Why blood donation rules have finally been relaxed for gay and bisexual men Nigerian parents have fears of 'parenting-while-Black' in Britain Coronavirus: new study claims that a five-day warning ruined the last lockdown Could a wristband or certificate allow you out of lockdown after a negative coronavirus test? How tadpoles advance the African clawed frog invasion Finding space for both wind farms and eagles in South Africa Jack Ma: China's spat with billionaire is part of bigger push to control big tech – Silicon Valley could be next Coronavirus: how school closures affect infection numbers Coronavirus variant: Europe needs to coordinate lockdowns now to control it Lord Haw-Haw: popularity of wartime Nazi propagandist made the BBC up its game COVID-19 crisis in Los Angeles: Why activating 'crisis standards of care' is crucial for overwhelmed hospitals Did Donald Trump ease tensions with North Korea? Wanted in 2021: A coherent global health strategy for Canada New global ranking system shows Australian universities are ahead of the pack Guide to the classics: The Wind in the Willows — a tale of wanderlust, male bonding, and timeless delight Curious Kids: how does the Sun make such pretty colours at sunsets and sunrises? Hang in there, Australia — we're in great shape but we're only halfway through the COVID marathon Solar panel fire season is all year round and it’s getting more intense in Australia 5 ways to get the most out of online fitness classes during COVID-19 Women take lead roles in India’s farmers’ protest Hong Kong: China crackdown is likely to boost migration to UK Stopping the spread of COVID-19 misinformation is the best 2021 New Year’s resolution