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In demand but disempowered: why low-skilled migrant workers face even worse exploitation under NZ’s new rules Earth Day 2024: 4 effective strategies to reduce household food waste Language matters in preventing suicide Middle East student dialogue: As an expert in deep conflict, what I’ve learned about making conversation possible New Brunswick’s notwithstanding clause use could spur Supreme Court action Do whales sneeze? The Conversation’s Curious Kids podcast Esther Mahlangu: how the famous South African artist keeps her Ndebele culture alive Blue whales: first discovery near Seychelles in decades – what our study found South Africa’s security forces once brutally entrenched apartheid. It’s been a rocky road to reform Lagos’ slum dwellers are excluded from decisions that affect them. 3 ways to change that View from The Hill: Albanese to walk Kokoda Track and engage in some jungle diplomacy UAW wins big at Volkswagen in Tennessee – its first victory at a foreign-owned factory in the American South UAW wins big at Volkswagen in Tennessee – becoming the first foreign-owned factory in the American South to unionize Why the pathology bulk-billing campaign is more about driving industry profits than saving you money Restoring coastal habitat boosts wildlife numbers by 61% – but puzzling failures mean we can still do better TikTok fears point to larger problem: Poor media literacy in the social media age Donald Trump trial: why it took so long to select a jury and how the process is different to the UK Bitcoin is halving again – what does that mean for the cryptocurrency and the market? Liz Truss: an economist explains what she got wrong (and what she’s actually right about) Domestic politics will be a key factor in how far things escalate between Israel and Iran Peter Higgs’ famous particle discovery is now at the heart of strategies to unlock the secrets of the universe Why you shouldn’t be afraid to start running after middle age The world’s oldest conjoined twins have died – what we know about this rare condition Stonehenge may have aligned with the Moon as well as the Sun Rhapsody in Blue: celebrating 100 years of Gershwin’s groundbreaking classical-jazz masterpiece Hateful graffiti blights communities and it’s something we need to tackle urgently Why many policies to lower migration actually increase it Don’t blame Dubai’s freak rain on cloud seeding – the storm was far too big to be human-made The Beautiful Game: a film about the Homelessness World Cup that’s a testament to how football can change lives Israel hits back at Iran: How domestic politics is determining Israeli actions Myanmar: Rohingyas in firing line as Rakhine conflict intensifies Sevdah: The perfect marriage of preservation and innovation Five things our research uncovered when we recreated 16th century beer (and barrels) The UK is poorer without Erasmus – it’s time to rejoin the European exchange programme China’s new world order: looking for clues from Xi’s recent meetings with foreign leaders Three reasons to support environmental defenders Taylor’s clues and Ripley’s secrets – what you should see and listen to this week Wild turkey numbers are falling in some parts of the US – the main reason may be habitat loss Getting a good night’s rest is vital for neurodiverse children – pediatric sleep experts explain why Caring for older Americans’ teeth and gums is essential, but Medicare generally doesn’t cover that cost South Korean President Yoon faces foreign policy challenges after the National Assembly election How Trump is using courtroom machinations to his political advantage Are tomorrow’s engineers ready to face AI’s ethical challenges? From sumptuous engravings to stick-figure sketches, Passover Haggadahs − and their art − have been evolving for centuries Four decades of strife and resistance: A deep dive into what's happening in West Papua Gambia: Bill Threatens Female Genital Mutilation Ban Jordan: Syrian Student Faces Imminent Deportation In Knife, his memoir of surviving attack, Salman Rushdie confronts a world where liberal principles like free speech are old-fashioned It never rains but it pours: intense rain and flash floods have increased inland in eastern Australia ‘It could be the death of the museum’: why research cuts at a South Australian institution have scientists up in arms Earth Day 2024: ‘Green muscle memory’ and climate education promote behaviour change Rugby stadiums are sold as an economic asset – but NZ needs to ask if they’re really worth it The ‘devil comet’ 12P/Pons-Brooks has finally become visible from Australia. What can we expect? Some families push back against journalists who mine social media for photos – they have every right to I wholeheartedly recommend The President: a brilliant revival of a play of decay, terror and revulsion Many prisoners go years without touching a smartphone. It means they struggle to navigate life on the outside Good news: midlife health is about more than a waist measurement. Here’s why Are 2 mid-career AFL retirements a sign Australian athletes are taking brain health more seriously? Thirty years ago today, West Indies cricketer Brian Lara made history It is industry, not government, that is getting in the way of a ‘just transition’ for oil and gas workers Earth Day: ‘Green muscle memory’ and climate education promote behaviour change Type 2 diabetes is not one-size-fits-all: Subtypes affect complications and treatment options A majestic palm that flowers once in its life is in bloom in Trinidad ‘I dreamed I was executed by a firing squad in Iran’ Getting to know L’Office du Jèrriais: A Q&A with the team promoting the Jèrriais language After Just for Laughs’ bankruptcy, we should ask Canadian comedians what they need to succeed Many suicides are related to gambling. How can we tackle this problem? Why don’t Australians talk about their salaries? Pay transparency and fairness go hand-in-hand Online schooling is not just for lockdowns. Could it work for your child? The Trial of Vladimir Putin: Geoffrey Robertson rehearses the scenarios Things that go buzz in the night – our global study found there really are more insects out after dark ‘We have thousands of Modis’: the secret behind the BJP’s enduring success in India Why the government’s haste in changing the health system could come back to haunt it How England’s scrapped Sure Start centres boosted the health and education of disadvantaged children Landmark Court Ruling Upholds Right to Healthy Environment Civilians at Risk as Large-Scale Fighting Looms in Darfur The chilling effects of trying to report on the Israel-Gaza war Beauty giant Sephora has returned to the UK after nearly 20 years – by betting on AI and gen Z Scotland is ditching its flagship 2030 climate goal – why legally binding targets really matter Snorkelling artists showcase Scotland’s diverse marine life in thought-provoking exhibition Russia and the Taliban: here’s why Putin wants to get closer to Afghanistan’s current rulers Illmatic at 30: how Nas invented epistolary rap – and changed the hyper-masculine world of hip hop forever Friend breakups: why they can sometimes feel as bad as falling out of love Sky-high waiting times don’t make people trust the NHS any less – why that’s potentially bad news for Rishi Sunak How India’s economy has fared under ten years of Narendra Modi High and dry: Federal budget 2024 misses the mark on water-related investments Why universities shouldn’t mark down international students for using non-standard English The legal rule that means even Hugh Grant can’t afford to take his case to trial Low pay and few contracts make freelance journalism a bleak prospect in 2024 Gaza update: the questionable precision and ethics of Israel’s AI warfare machine UN Plastics Treaty Should Mandate Protection of Human Rights and Health Armenia Strengthens Domestic Violence Law Inside Germany's Orwellian crackdown on Palestine Congress Newly uncovered Helen of Troy fresco shows Pompeii’s elite were eager for ancient Greek stories about women London Marathon: how visually impaired people run Crucial building blocks of life on Earth can more easily form in outer space – new research Hard work and happy accidents: why do so many of us prefer ‘difficult’ analogue technology? How a teenager helped identify a new species of giant marine reptile Cities with Black women police chiefs had less street violence during 2020’s Black Lives Matter protests 5 years after the Mueller report into Russian meddling in the 2016 US election on behalf of Trump: 4 essential reads AI chatbots refuse to produce ‘controversial’ output − why that’s a free speech problem 3 things to learn about patience − and impatience − from al-Ghazali, a medieval Islamic scholar Why luck plays such a big role in hockey Billions of cicadas are about to emerge from underground in a rare double-brood convergence The tragedy of sudden unexpected infant deaths – and how bedsharing, maternal smoking and stomach sleeping all contribute Graduation rates for low-income students lag while their student loan debt soars Columbia president holds her own under congressional grilling over campus antisemitism that felled the leaders of Harvard and Penn Climate change makes life harder: in South Africa it’s likely to bring heatwaves, water stress and gender-based violence An Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear weapons programme is unlikely – here’s why South Africa’s electricity crisis: a series of failures over 30 years have left a dim legacy How to get vaccines to remote areas? In Sierra Leone they’re delivered by foot, boat or motorbike Understanding AI outputs: study shows pro-western cultural bias in the way AI decisions are explained German Chancellor’s Trip to China a Wasted Opportunity South Africans tasted the fruits of freedom and then corruption snatched them away – podcast Grattan on Friday: Ethnic tensions will complicate the Albanese government’s multicultural policy reform Explosive Weapons’ Dire Impact on Cultural Heritage Choice and control: will NDIS reforms mean people with disability don’t get to decide who they live with? Could Albanese’s bet on homegrown green industries be the boost our regions deserve? Asbestos in playground mulch: how to avoid a repeat of this circular economy scandal Falls, fractures and self-harm: 4 charts on how kids’ injury risk changes over time and differs for boys and girls Visualising the 1800s or designing wedding invitations: 6 ways you can use AI beyond generating text How can we have truth-telling without the Voice? Our research shows a way forward NZ education scores must improve – but another polarising ideological pivot isn’t the answer What is romantasy? Our experts explain the bestselling book trend What does Steve Smith’s Stateside signing mean for cricket in the US – and Australia? Australia’s new defence strategy is big on ideas, but lacks one key ingredient: well-trained soldiers Transform landmark Indigenous rights declaration into reality: UN General Assembly President Poui season in Trinidad & Tobago is a timely reminder of beauty and hope Why the kookaburra’s iconic laugh is at risk of being silenced First evidence of ancient human occupation found in giant lava tube cave in Saudi Arabia What are ‘Ozempic babies’? Can the drug really increase your chance of pregnancy? No, getting your boyfriend to peel an orange won’t prove his loyalty. Why TikTok relationship ‘tests’ are useless ‘Listening is the most important part’: 10 things students with disability and their families want teachers to know The government is basing its school truancy response on data – but by-the-numbers solutions aren’t enough More weird books, please! Two prize-winning authors add to the puzzle of the post-post-postmodern novel Will global oil supply be at risk if Iran and Israel pull the Middle East into war? Oman serves as a crucial back channel between Iran and the US as tensions flare in the Middle East Alberta’s Bill 18: Who gets the most federal research funding? Danielle Smith might be surprised by what the data shows ‘The former guy’ versus ‘Sleepy Joe’ – why Biden and Trump are loath to utter each other’s name Modern pentathlon is invoking a fictional Pierre de Coubertin to justify its controversial politics Bird flu in cattle: What are the concerns surrounding the newly emerging bovine H5N1 influenza virus? ‘They don’t have enough’ – schools in England are running food banks for families Angela Rayner’s housing scandal: storm in a teacup or nightmare scenario for Keir Starmer? Mexico’s slow slide towards vigilante violence Sometimes I Think About Dying: finally, a film about women’s mental health without the cliches Angela Rayner: which election law has she been accused of breaking and is her promise to resign a mistake? Gym hygiene guide: the dangerous bacteria that lurk in dirty fitness equipment and clothes Why experts fear the EU’s new migration laws could lead to more deaths at sea Why being humble can make you a better leader A new wave of wearable devices will collect a mountain on information on us – we need to get wise about the privacy implications Green cement production is scaling up – and it could cut the carbon footprint of construction Canadian federal budget 2024: Does it deliver on ‘generational fairness’ promise for Gen Z and Millennials? Worried about housing shortages and soaring prices? Your community’s zoning laws could be part of the problem Other states, like Arizona, could resurrect laws on abortion, LGBTQ+ issues and more that have been lying dormant for more than 100 years ‘The former guy’ versus ‘Sleepy Joe’ – why Biden and Trump are loathe to utter each other’s name Native American voices are finally factoring into energy projects – a hydropower ruling is a victory for environmental justice on tribal lands Reagan’s great America shining on a hill twisted into Trump’s dark vision of Christian nationalism Know thyself − all too well: Why Taylor Swift’s songs are philosophy Saturn’s ocean moon Enceladus is able to support life − my research team is working out how to detect extraterrestrial cells there Fermented foods sustain both microbiomes and cultural heritage Ireland at the crossroads: Can the ancient Brehon laws guide the republic away from anti-immigrant sentiment? Removing PFAS from public water will cost billions and take time – here are ways to filter out some harmful ‘forever chemicals’ at home Ukraine is losing the war and the west faces a stark choice: help now or face a resurgent and aggressive Russia Why doesn’t my digital music feel like ‘mine’? Three ways digital possessions reduce our sense of ownership Migratory birds are on the move and nature-friendly farms can help them on their way UK’s creative industries bring in more revenue than cars, oil and gas – so why is arts education facing cuts? The rising flood of space junk is a risk to us on Earth – and governments are on the hook Video games at work? It sounds fun, but there are ethical risks Private COVID jabs lead to concerns about creeping privatisation in the NHS EU enlargement: What does the future hold? Africa is full of bats, but their fossils are scarce – why these rare records matter Nearly 136 million people in Africa live with hearing difficulties: tackling the crisis with a smartphone and an app How to end hunger in sub-Saharan Africa: fight inequality, gender imbalances and climate change Social media for sex education: South African teens explain how it would help them Georgia: Police must be held accountable for use of excessive force against protesters On-demand fashion gives much-needed clues on how to green notoriously wasteful industry Syria: Mass death, torture and other violations against people detained in aftermath of Islamic State defeat – new report The beginnings of modern science shaped how philosophers saw alien life – and how we understand it today Global coral bleaching caused by global warming demands a global response AI is making smart devices – watches, speakers, doorbells – easier to hack. Here’s how to stay safe Australia’s long-sought stronger environmental laws just got indefinitely deferred. It’s back to business as usual Politics with Michelle Grattan: Independent MP Dai Le on the church attack in her electorate West Bank: Israel Responsible for Rising Settler Violence You could help minimise harm in a public attack. Here’s what it means to be a ‘zero responder’ Could not getting enough sleep increase your risk of type 2 diabetes? Families including someone with mental illness can experience deep despair. They need support Woolworths chief Brad Banducci couldn’t give senators his company’s ‘return on equity’. What exactly is this figure, and what can it tell us about a company’s profit? Why Australia’s Olympic funding changes might widen the gap between rich and poor sports Indigenous businesses are worth billions but we don’t know enough about them The High Court is hearing another high-stakes immigration case. Can people be forced to assist in their own deportation? UN leaders call for more action to end racism and discrimination Higher density living is changing the way neighbouring works in Canada Choice and control: the NDIS was designed to give participants choice, but mandatory registration could threaten this Biden is cancelling millions of student debts – here’s what to expect from Albanese Is a 24-hour Home and Away channel the answer to subscription fatigue? Light pollution affects coastal ecosystems too – this underwater ‘canary’ is warning of the impacts Monumental folly and needless greed: how nature is suffering the consequences of climate change How ideology is darkening the future of renewables in Alberta Websites deceive users by deliberately hiding the extent of data collection and sharing Generative AI model shows fake news has a greater influence on elections when released at a steady pace without interruption Venezuela: Persecution builds relentlessly for civil society and dissidents Guatemala: Amnesty International demands public hearing for Claudia González Why I must write about Amarah Lalitte, a little girl brutally murdered in Trinidad AfrikElles: Togolese media outlet putting African women at the center of its editorial line A decade after the kidnapping of the Chibok girls in Nigeria, what has the #BringBackOurGirls movement achieved? What’s next for Turkey after local elections put Erdoğan on notice How a little-known clergyman studying worms by candlelight in the 1700s inspired Charles Darwin – but didn’t get the credit he deserved Hoarding can start in childhood – here’s why early intervention is so crucial for all age groups AI has the power to revolutionise lending, but at a cost to people with lower credit scores Mounting tension and instability in the western Balkans is playing into Russia’s hands Robert F. Kennedy Jr. reveals why he has a raspy voice – spasmodic dysphonia explained Japan: the yen plunges to 34-year low despite interest rate hike Back to Black: new biopic only bolsters the Amy Winehouse ‘trainwreck’ narrative carved out by noughties tabloid media Georgia: Stop the bill “On transparency of foreign influence” that threatens civil society What lies behind the ‘golden opportunities’ of Malaysian Star media group's new tie with its mainland Chinese partner “Urban form” and the housing crisis: Can streets and buildings make a neighbourhood more affordable? The secret world of earthworms: meet the tiger worm and the nightcrawler Curb Your Enthusiasm bows out after 24 years – or does it? Venezuela: why Maduro is ramping up his attack on free speech Not all young trans people want medical intervention – what is social transitioning, and how should schools handle it? Man who caught virus from a monkey in a critical condition – B virus explained The US is losing access to its bases in Niger − here’s why that’s a big deal Foundations are using so many confusing words that few people can figure out what they’re doing Exploding stars send out powerful bursts of energy − I’m leading a citizen scientist project to classify and learn about these bright flashes Drugs that aren’t antibiotics can also kill bacteria − new method pinpoints how Deepfake detection improves when using algorithms that are more aware of demographic diversity In the age of cancel culture, shaming can be healthy for online communities – a political scientist explains when and how Indian protesters pull from poetic tradition to resist Modi’s Hindu nationalism Grizzly bear conservation is as much about human relationships as it is the animals More climate-warming methane leaks into the atmosphere than ever gets reported – here’s how satellites can find the leaks and avoid wasting a valuable resource Supreme Court to consider whether local governments can make it a crime to sleep outside if no inside space is available Critical minerals receive multi-million dollar support under Future Made in Australia policy Kenya’s shilling is gaining value, but don’t expect it to last - expert West Africa’s fashion designers are world leaders when it comes to producing sustainable clothes Development finance: how it works, where it goes, why it’s needed South African study shows the power of sharing daily experiences for teachers to learn how to include all learners Democratizing elections: The Supreme Court of India’s landmark verdict on Electoral Bonds Why is the Sydney church stabbing an act of terrorism, but the Bondi tragedy isn’t? After a second knife attack in Sydney, how can parents talk to their kids and help them feel safe? A timer can shorten your shower even when you have no incentive to save water – new study Rihanna’s religious imagery is a protest against feminine ideals of respectability and decency Water theft laws and penalties in the Murray-Darling Basin are a dog’s breakfast. Here’s how we can fix them Italy: Imminent court decision on Iuventa crew in final preliminary hearing How are India’s new-age influencers shaping the electoral game? Pharmacists should be able to dispense nicotine vapes without a prescription. Here’s why How the Lehrmann v Channel 10 defamation case shone an unflattering light on commercial news gathering Masses of scalloped hammerheads have returned to one of Australia’s busiest beaches. But we don’t need to panic Tajikistan: EU States, Türkiye Should Not Return Dissidents Tajikistan: EU States, Turkey Should Not Return Dissidents Read, sing, dance and funny faces: expert tips on how you can help your baby’s development through play Tajikistan: EU States, Turkey Should Not Return Dissidents As China’s influence on Pacific media intensifies, Australia can’t afford to lose the region’s trust From forced kisses to power imbalances, violence against women in sport is endemic Stuck in fight-or-flight mode? 5 ways to complete the ‘stress cycle’ and avoid burnout or depression 5 reasons why the Fast-track Approvals Bill threatens NZ’s already fragile ecosystems For 600 years the Voynich manuscript has remained a mystery. Now we think it’s partly about sex Can AI read our minds? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be worried Family of transgender child talks about problems and support in Moldova Does ‘virtue signaling’ pay off for entrepreneurs? We studied 81,799 Airbnb listings to find out What happens when I stop taking a drug like Ozempic or Mounjaro? With democracy under threat in Narendra Modi’s India, how free and fair will this year’s election be? Our research suggests eating an unhealthy breakfast could have a similar effect on your child’s school day as having nothing at all Bri Lee’s and Louise Milligan’s predictable first novels combine noughties feminist politics with the swagger of 80s bonkbusters How a global crisis, drift racing and Memphis hip-hop gave us phonk – the music of the TikTok generation Can playing Tetris help prevent PTSD if you’ve witnessed something traumatic? Climate change is causing marine ‘coldwaves’ too, killing wildlife How self-compassion can help activists deal with stress Have New Zealanders really been ‘misled’ about AUKUS, or is involvement now a foregone conclusion? Obstetric and gynecological violence: Empowering patients to recognize and prevent it Journalism students see an industry in crisis. It’s time to talk about it Let youth lead, urges new advocacy campaign Gaza war: Iran’s attack on Israel has brought Washington back on side – for now Chewing gum has been linked to better diets – but it’s no way to improve your health East Africa’s ‘soda lakes’ are rising, threatening their iconic flamingos Four rising Welsh music acts to set your playlist ablaze Enzo Mari at the Design Museum explores how the giant of Italian design saw his work as a political act Whales and dolphins now have legal personhood in the Pacific – but one treaty won’t be enough to protect them Why robots can be culturally insensitive – and how scientists are trying to fix it Leaving the European convention on human rights won’t stop the boats – but it will create other problems for the UK Space exploration is not a luxury, it’s a necessity Canada’s Arctic defence policy update: All flash, no bang Fisherwomen champion gender justice through theatre at Climate Justice Camp Caribbean Family of trasngender child talks about problems and support in Moldova Women’s rugby and brain injuries – the painful cost of gender equality Trump’s New York felony charges are going to trial – what the images might show when the business fraud case kicks off How the pandemic deepened an existing wellbeing crisis in headteaching – new research Tanzanians go to the polls in 2025: President Samia has changed the landscape, but Magufuli’s legacy persists Beyond images of war: Sammy Baloji’s work captures DR Congo’s vibrant arts and culture, challenging western views Digital textbooks expand learning for engineering students - South African study Read, sing, dance and make funny faces: how play can help your baby’s development ‘Transformative change’: idea will be key in fight for climate and wildlife Americas: States must commit to ending violence against environmental defenders Justa Libertad: A Movement to Decriminalize Abortion in Ecuador Saudi Arabia: Free Award-Winning Activist Rideshare giant Ola has abruptly exited the Australian market. What does this mean for the future of ridesharing? How logic alone may prove that time doesn’t exist Women’s rugby and brain injuries - the painful cost of gender equality Five tips to help you start new hobbies in retirement From thousands to millions to billions to trillions to quadrillions and beyond: Do numbers ever end? Human brains and fruit fly brains are built similarly – visualizing how helps researchers better understand how both work Marijuana tax revenues fall short of projections in many states, including Colorado Does ‘virtue signaling’ pay off for entrepreneurs? We studied 80,000 Airbnb listings to find out Rural counties increasingly rely on prisons to provide firefighters and EMTs who work for free, but the inmates have little protection or future job prospects Taylor Swift’s homage to Clara Bow 5 questions schools and universities should ask before they purchase AI tech products 4 reasons the practice of canceling weakens higher education Why Iran’s failed attack on Israel may well turn out to be a strategic success Germany’s turning point: 2 years into strategic pivot, progress made bodes well for the US, NATO and the world Arif: “We want to give Sudanese people the information they need to build a better life.” Elaf: “We didn’t see this coming, we lost everything.” Moscow photographer captures the capital in military frenzy Reptiles in South Africa are under threat – but there’s good news too My Sudan Brazil: Reject Bill That Entrenches Failed Drug Policy Abu Ghraib Torture Case Finally Goes to Trial Germany: Scholz Should Stand Firm on Rights in China Sydney attacker had ‘mental health issues’ but most people with mental illness aren’t violent Judge finds Bruce Lehrmann raped Brittany Higgins and dismisses Network 10 defamation case. How did it play out? We found three new species of extinct giant kangaroo – and we don’t know why they died out when their cousins survived Australia now has a $70 ‘shadow price’ on carbon emissions. Here’s why we won’t see a real price any time soon Women, peace and security initiatives should matter to all Canadians More adults are being diagnosed as neurodivergent. Here’s how employers can help in the workplace Digital ‘death knocks’: is it fair game for journalists to mine social media profiles of victims and their families? Something borrowed, something Bluey: why we love a TV wedding Crisis communication saves lives – but people with disability often aren’t given the message Nigeria: Government must halt Shell’s sale of its Niger Delta business unless human rights are fully protected After Iran’s attack on Israel, is a devastating regional war next? Shadow war no more: Hostilities between Israel and Iran have strayed into direct warfare – is there any going back? The big dry: forests and shrublands are dying in parched Western Australia Our research has found a way to help the teacher shortage and boost student learning Rogue waves in the ocean are much more common than anyone suspected, says new study Darwin Dingoes, Canberra Capitals, Cairns Crocodiles? Weighing up the options for the AFL’s 20th team An education in music makes you a better employee. Are recruiters in tune? In a time of information overload, enigmatic philosopher Byung-Chul Han seeks the re-enchantment of the world What if whales took us to court? A move to grant them legal personhood would include the right to sue Why are blooper reels so funny? The Alberta government is interfering in public sector bargaining on an unprecedented scale Why women, peace and security initiatives should matter to all Canadians NYT Connections: Tips to improve your game through the science of semantic memory Is attachment theory actually important for romantic relationships? Jim Chalmers seeks to allay fears industry policy will be financial ‘free-for-all’ Iran’s unprecedented attack on Israel was a strategic miscalculation. Can all-out war now be averted? Sydneysiders witnessed horrific scenes on Saturday. How do you process and recover from such an event? Tutu Puoane: the South African singer on creating her new album out of Lebo Mashile’s poetry Burundi-Rwanda rivalry: RED-Tabara rebel attacks add to regional tensions South Africa’s Constitutional Court at 30: a solid foundation but cracks are showing First Person: ‘I no longer amount to anything’ – Voices of the displaced in Haiti As Australia reels from the Bondi attack, such mass murder incidents remain rare Scrap the West Australian GST deal set to cost $40 billion – leading economists Nigeria: Decade after Boko Haram attack on Chibok, 82 girls still in captivity Getting to know Cllare Chevry of Quairìlhaons: A Q&A with a Romance Lothringian language activist Sudan: One Year of Atrocities Requires New Global Approach Belarus Calls LGBT Lives ‘Pornography’ The role of language in perpetuating sexual violence in Uganda ‘I’m not black, I’m O.J.’: What O.J. Simpson’s life showed about transcending race and being trapped by it Psychedelics could make mental health worse in people with a personality disorder Victorian London was a city in flux: architectural models helped the public visualise the changes The great tits in this Oxford wood are adapting their breeding times as climate changes – here’s how The idea that US interest rates will stay higher for longer is probably wrong Gaza war: Israel using AI to identify human targets raising fears that innocents are being caught in the net Russia/Ukraine: Russian attacks causing catastrophic damage to critical energy infrastructure in Ukraine Germany: Landmark Vote for Trans Rights Law Africa’s wildebeest: those that can’t migrate are becoming genetically weaker – new study El Niño drought leaves Zimbabwe’s Lake Kariba only 13% full: a disaster for people and wildlife What are the EU’s new migration rules, and why did they take so long to pass? The Conversation’s Curious Kids – new podcast where kids get answers direct from experts Medieval Europe was far from democratic, but that didn’t mean tyrants got a free pass Nitazenes found in 5 overdose deaths in Philly – here’s what they are and why they’re so deadly The unfinished business of John F. Kennedy’s vision for world peace A monumental case, unfolding in a court of law and a court of public opinion – Trump goes on trial A young Black scientist discovered a pivotal leprosy treatment in the 1920s − but an older colleague took the credit Colorado is latest state to try turning off the electrical grid to prevent wildfires − a complex, technical operation pioneered in California The South’s aging water infrastructure is getting pounded by climate change – fixing it is also a struggle Has the media learned anything since the O.J. Simpson trial? The hidden risk of letting AI decide – losing the skills to choose for ourselves AI chatbots are bad at planning, but this could soon change Russ Cook: what running across Africa does to the human body Landmark US prosecution of parents for son’s shooting of students creates legal precedent – an expert explains Save our seabed – the bottom of the ocean needs to become a top priority, and the UN agrees The power of POV: five films that put you in the shoes of otherwise unrelatable characters “A rubber bullet cost me an eye at a protest, but I am still protesting” Poland: Vote is a significant step towards providing access to safe and legal abortion Germany’s Antisemitism Battle Needs Focus on Education View from The Hill: Danielle Wood pricks Albanese’s industry policy balloon – but leaves him with good advice Is the shine coming off Japan’s bullet trains? Byron’s letters reveal the real queer love and loss that inspired his poetry Sudan: One year since conflict began, response from international community remains woefully inadequate Australia’s live music crisis is essentially a crisis of confidence. How could we bring it back? Murray Valley encephalitis: summer is over but mosquito-borne disease remains a risk in northern Australia Trillions of tonnes of carbon locked in soil has been left out of environmental models – and it’s on the move Mali: Junta Suspends Political Parties, Associations Ethiopia: Merawi killings should be independently investigated City planners love infill development. So why are cities struggling with it, and how can they do better? Green economy summit: how can Australia get more from its relationship with Vietnam? No, beetroot isn’t vegetable Viagra. But here’s what else it can do The politics of recognition: Australia and the question of Palestinian statehood Tickle vs Giggle: in a world where transgender people are under attack, this is a test case for Australia Australia is playing catch-up with the Future Made in Australia Act. Will it be enough? Grant Robertson is swapping cabinet for academia – but should ex-politicians lead universities? The Petrov affair: how a real-life Cold War defection became a soothing spy story for anxious Australians Friday essay: ‘too many Aboriginal babies’ – Australia’s secret history of Aboriginal population control in the 1960s Half a million more Australians on welfare? Not unless you double-count Foy & Gibson’s 8,100,000 miles of yarn: how Australians were sold ‘fashionable’ (and ‘healthy’) wool 100 years ago Despite what you might hear, weather prediction is getting better, not worse Choice and control: are whitegoods disability supports? Here’s what proposed NDIS reforms say It’s common to ‘stream’ maths classes. But grouping students by ability can lead to ‘massive disadvantage’ The war in Gaza risks pulling in Hezbollah and Lebanon Advancing the rights of girls and women promotes justice and is also effective climate action The art of musical tribute, including Maestro Fresh Wes hip hop sampling, moved fans during Junos 2024 Older Swiss women just set a global legal precedent for challenging their nation’s climate change policy Ukraine war: Russia’s devastating use of Soviet-era ‘glide bombs’ shows how urgently Kyiv needs air defence systems Could Israel’s strike against the Iranian embassy in Damascus escalate into a wider regional war? Expert Q&A What millennials and gen Z professionals need to know about developing a meaningful career The triumph of vinyl: Vintage is back as LP sales continue to skyrocket Ukraine recap: Russia intensifies its air war as Kyiv begs for western military aid The federal government’s proposed AI legislation misses the mark on protecting Canadians Taxes are due even if you object to government policies or doubt the validity of the 16th Amendment’s ratification How Iran responds to Damascus attack could determine trajectory of conflict in the Middle East How jurors will be selected in Trump’s legal cases - a criminal law expert explains Swifts need more nest boxes but that alone won’t be enough – here’s why India elections: ‘Our rule of law is under attack from our own government, but the world does not see this’ Technology makes it easy for lawyers to work across borders: regulations should too Ghanaians love rice – how smallholder farmers could harvest more of it with the help of machines Rwanda genocide: 30 years on, why Tutsis are at the centre of DR Congo’s conflict South Africa’s first election was saved by a Kenyan: the fascinating story of Washington Okumu, the accidental mediator New government guidance for PE lets teachers and pupils down Ukraine war: battlefield tipping in Russia’s favour as Kyiv begs allies for more arms Sleep quality, circadian rhythm and metabolism differ in women and men – new review reveals this could affect disease risk How the national living wage helps the UK’s poorest households: new research How a brawl in 18th-century Constantinople changed what we know about the Vikings Asylum seekers from Gaza and Sudan face prejudiced policies and bureaucratic hurdles Apple threat notifications: What they mean and what you can do Peter Higgs was one of the greats of particle physics. He transformed what we know about the building blocks of the universe After the euphoria of Nelson Mandela’s election, what happened next? 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