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Sudan: One Year of Atrocities Requires New Global Approach Belarus Calls LGBT Lives ‘Pornography’ The role of language in perpetuating sexual violence in Uganda ‘I’m not black, I’m O.J.’: What O.J. Simpson’s life showed about transcending race and being trapped by it Psychedelics could make mental health worse in people with a personality disorder Victorian London was a city in flux: architectural models helped the public visualise the changes The great tits in this Oxford wood are adapting their breeding times as climate changes – here’s how The idea that US interest rates will stay higher for longer is probably wrong Gaza war: Israel using AI to identify human targets raising fears that innocents are being caught in the net Russia/Ukraine: Russian attacks causing catastrophic damage to critical energy infrastructure in Ukraine Germany: Landmark Vote for Trans Rights Law Africa’s wildebeest: those that can’t migrate are becoming genetically weaker – new study El Niño drought leaves Zimbabwe’s Lake Kariba only 13% full: a disaster for people and wildlife What are the EU’s new migration rules, and why did they take so long to pass? The Conversation’s Curious Kids – new podcast where kids get answers direct from experts Medieval Europe was far from democratic, but that didn’t mean tyrants got a free pass Nitazenes found in 5 overdose deaths in Philly – here’s what they are and why they’re so deadly The unfinished business of John F. Kennedy’s vision for world peace A monumental case, unfolding in a court of law and a court of public opinion – Trump goes on trial A young Black scientist discovered a pivotal leprosy treatment in the 1920s − but an older colleague took the credit Colorado is latest state to try turning off the electrical grid to prevent wildfires − a complex, technical operation pioneered in California The South’s aging water infrastructure is getting pounded by climate change – fixing it is also a struggle Has the media learned anything since the O.J. Simpson trial? The hidden risk of letting AI decide – losing the skills to choose for ourselves AI chatbots are bad at planning, but this could soon change Russ Cook: what running across Africa does to the human body Landmark US prosecution of parents for son’s shooting of students creates legal precedent – an expert explains Save our seabed – the bottom of the ocean needs to become a top priority, and the UN agrees The power of POV: five films that put you in the shoes of otherwise unrelatable characters “A rubber bullet cost me an eye at a protest, but I am still protesting” Poland: Vote is a significant step towards providing access to safe and legal abortion Germany’s Antisemitism Battle Needs Focus on Education View from The Hill: Danielle Wood pricks Albanese’s industry policy balloon – but leaves him with good advice Is the shine coming off Japan’s bullet trains? Byron’s letters reveal the real queer love and loss that inspired his poetry Sudan: One year since conflict began, response from international community remains woefully inadequate Australia’s live music crisis is essentially a crisis of confidence. How could we bring it back? Murray Valley encephalitis: summer is over but mosquito-borne disease remains a risk in northern Australia Trillions of tonnes of carbon locked in soil has been left out of environmental models – and it’s on the move Mali: Junta Suspends Political Parties, Associations Ethiopia: Merawi killings should be independently investigated City planners love infill development. So why are cities struggling with it, and how can they do better? Green economy summit: how can Australia get more from its relationship with Vietnam? No, beetroot isn’t vegetable Viagra. But here’s what else it can do The politics of recognition: Australia and the question of Palestinian statehood Tickle vs Giggle: in a world where transgender people are under attack, this is a test case for Australia Australia is playing catch-up with the Future Made in Australia Act. Will it be enough? Grant Robertson is swapping cabinet for academia – but should ex-politicians lead universities? The Petrov affair: how a real-life Cold War defection became a soothing spy story for anxious Australians Friday essay: ‘too many Aboriginal babies’ – Australia’s secret history of Aboriginal population control in the 1960s Half a million more Australians on welfare? Not unless you double-count Foy & Gibson’s 8,100,000 miles of yarn: how Australians were sold ‘fashionable’ (and ‘healthy’) wool 100 years ago Despite what you might hear, weather prediction is getting better, not worse Choice and control: are whitegoods disability supports? Here’s what proposed NDIS reforms say It’s common to ‘stream’ maths classes. But grouping students by ability can lead to ‘massive disadvantage’ The war in Gaza risks pulling in Hezbollah and Lebanon Advancing the rights of girls and women promotes justice and is also effective climate action The art of musical tribute, including Maestro Fresh Wes hip hop sampling, moved fans during Junos 2024 Older Swiss women just set a global legal precedent for challenging their nation’s climate change policy Ukraine war: Russia’s devastating use of Soviet-era ‘glide bombs’ shows how urgently Kyiv needs air defence systems Could Israel’s strike against the Iranian embassy in Damascus escalate into a wider regional war? Expert Q&A What millennials and gen Z professionals need to know about developing a meaningful career The triumph of vinyl: Vintage is back as LP sales continue to skyrocket Ukraine recap: Russia intensifies its air war as Kyiv begs for western military aid The federal government’s proposed AI legislation misses the mark on protecting Canadians Taxes are due even if you object to government policies or doubt the validity of the 16th Amendment’s ratification How Iran responds to Damascus attack could determine trajectory of conflict in the Middle East How jurors will be selected in Trump’s legal cases - a criminal law expert explains Swifts need more nest boxes but that alone won’t be enough – here’s why India elections: ‘Our rule of law is under attack from our own government, but the world does not see this’ Technology makes it easy for lawyers to work across borders: regulations should too Ghanaians love rice – how smallholder farmers could harvest more of it with the help of machines Rwanda genocide: 30 years on, why Tutsis are at the centre of DR Congo’s conflict South Africa’s first election was saved by a Kenyan: the fascinating story of Washington Okumu, the accidental mediator New government guidance for PE lets teachers and pupils down Ukraine war: battlefield tipping in Russia’s favour as Kyiv begs allies for more arms Sleep quality, circadian rhythm and metabolism differ in women and men – new review reveals this could affect disease risk How the national living wage helps the UK’s poorest households: new research How a brawl in 18th-century Constantinople changed what we know about the Vikings Asylum seekers from Gaza and Sudan face prejudiced policies and bureaucratic hurdles Apple threat notifications: What they mean and what you can do Peter Higgs was one of the greats of particle physics. He transformed what we know about the building blocks of the universe After the euphoria of Nelson Mandela’s election, what happened next? Podcast Personalized cancer treatments based on testing drugs quickly leads to faster treatment, better outcomes Grattan on Friday: Albanese government can’t be accused of excessive caution any longer Back to Black: Amy Winehouse biopic reviewed by an alcohol expert Inside the global arms industry: what a secretive London trade fair reveals about international weapons sales Eye infections might seem like a minor complaint – but in some cases they can cause blindness and even death Elephant tourism often involves cruelty – here are steps toward more humane, animal-friendly excursions Domestic violence survivors seek homeless services from a system that often leaves them homeless I spent a decade helping Afghan girls make educational progress − and now the Taliban are using these 3 reasons to keep them out of school A criminal law scholar explains how jurors are selected in cases that involve Donald Trump Starbucks seeks Supreme Court protection from being ordered to rehire baristas who say they were fired for union-promoting activities The backlash against diversity, equity and inclusion in business is in full force − but myths obscure the real value of DEI Swifts need more nest boxes but that alone won’t be enough - here’s why Global: Apple threat notifications: What they mean and what you can do How hybrid work is reinventing management Jordan: Stop cracking down on pro-Gaza protests and release those charged for exercising their freedoms of assembly and expression Global Failures on Healthcare Funding France: Groups Seek UN Intervention to Address Racial Profiling Nigeria: 10 Years After Chibok, Schoolchildren Still at Risk Authorities severely restrict public freedoms in Jordan Surgery won’t fix my chronic back pain, so what will? Once enemies, Japan and US strengthen their alliance – and it goes beyond AUKUS Why an intention to conserve an area for only 25 years should not count for Australia’s target of protecting 30% of land Israel accused of using AI to target thousands in Gaza, as killer algorithms outpace international law Late Night with the Devil is a sly, gleefully horrifying Aussie hit that invites you to be hypnotised Politics with Michelle Grattan: Josh Burns on being a Jewish MP during a terrible conflict Thailand: Halt Forced Returns to Myanmar From RSV to meningococcal B, we must ensure equitable access to childhood immunisations How much sport will you be able to watch for free under proposed new Australian broadcast rules? If you squat in a vacant property, does the law give you the house for free? Well, sort of How to promote access to safe abortion services for Afrodescendant women in Colombia The past in a different light: how Māori embraced – and rejected – the colonial camera lens Newly discovered genetic variant that causes Parkinson’s disease clarifies why the condition develops and how to halt it UK/USA: Julian Assange’s five-year imprisonment in the UK is unacceptable Greek Court Deems Surveillance Powers Unconstitutional How the Maduro government pays to promote propaganda and disinformation in Venezuela An economist explains: Textbook economics is badly flawed when it comes to climate change PFAS ‘forever chemicals’: Why EPA set federal drinking water limits for these health-harming contaminants Why moving to the right could be wrong for Dutton and the Coalition Why some of British Columbia’s kelp forests are in more danger than others China has finally removed crushing tariffs on Australian wine. But re-establishing ourselves in the market won’t be easy Bruce Pascoe’s Black Duck is a ‘healing and necessary’ account of a year on his farm, following a difficult decade after Dark Emu No, taking drugs like Ozempic isn’t ‘cheating’ at weight loss or the ‘easy way out’ NZ’s mental healthcare is in crisis – but research shows us how to shorten wait times and keep staff The heat is on: what we know about why ocean temperatures keep smashing records ‘Watch the ball!’: here’s why some sideline remarks are probably less helpful to your kids than you think Roads of destruction: we found vast numbers of illegal ‘ghost roads’ used to crack open pristine rainforest ‘It doesn’t matter where you come from’: regional youth orchestras help fight music education inequality Shifts in how sex and gender identity are defined may alter human rights protections: Canadians deserve to know how and why Young people are getting unhappier – a lack of childhood freedom and independence may be partly to blame Most countries do not take a fair share of refugees – here’s how we could incentivise them ‘Pretty privilege’: attractive people considered more trustworthy, research confirms A landslide forced me from my home – and I experienced our failure to deal with climate change at first hand Stop asking me if I’ve tried keto: Why weight stigma is more than just being mean to fat people From side hustles to sleeping streams: The truth behind the passive income hype How ‘white’ fragility perpetuates anti-Black racism in Arab societies Infections after surgery are more likely due to bacteria already on your skin than from microbes in the hospital − new research EU: Vote to adopt the Migration and Asylum Pact ‘a missed opportunity’ What happened to Nelson Mandela’s South Africa? A new podcast series marks 30 years of post-apartheid democracy Is this the dawn of a new era in women’s sports? Using research to solve societal problems starts with building connections and making space for young people Trump pushes the limits of every restriction he faces – including threatening judges and their families Talking to Americans reveals the diversity behind the shared opinion ‘the country is on the wrong track’ House of Representatives holds off on Ukraine aid package − here’s why the US has a lot at stake in supporting Ukraine New York City greenlights congestion pricing – here’s how this toll plan is expected to improve traffic, air quality and public transit Bollywood is playing a large supporting role in India’s elections Anthony Albanese puts interventionist industry policy at the centre of his budget agenda Clairmont tells the story of the woman Byron cast aside Don’t trust politicians? That may not be such a bad thing Meet J.A. Baker – the influential nature writer you’ve probably never heard of Pubic hair: beyond brazilians, more than manscaping How your vision can predict dementia 12 years before it is diagnosed – new study Olympic Games 2024: France faces serious hurdles in the race to create a meaningful legacy South Africa is short of academic statisticians: why and what can be done How to keep your music career going: 3 tips from a Ghanaian star Fossil beetles found in a Botswana diamond mine help us to reconstruct the distant past African wild dogs will soon have their own sperm bank – how artificial breeding will help them survive How the ‘Mexican miracle’ kickstarted the modern US–Mexico drugs trade Why so few witches were executed in Wales in the middle ages Ecuador: raid on Mexican embassy draws international criticism – but President Noboa hopes voters approve How have China and Russia beefed up their relationship after Ukraine war wobble? Expert Q&A Amnesty International hosts Global Youth Summit on Digital Rights in Buenos Aires, Argentina Deep historical links complicate Taiwan's relationship with Myanmar Taiwan's language diversity in danger of erosion To understand the risks posed by AI, follow the money Thailand: Court Ruling Could Subvert Democratic Rule With only two years on the contract, incoming Australian Defence Force Chief David Johnston has a lot of work to do Tougher merger laws will boost competition and improve performance and productivity Could a video game developer win the Nobel Prize for Literature? What did Roman wine taste like? Much better than previously thought, according to new research Drinking apple cider vinegar may help with weight loss but its health benefits are overstated Albanese government has ‘irreparably damaged’ Australia’s relations with Israel: Peter Dutton Ten years on: The women of Chibok speak out Evidence doesn’t support spinal cord stimulators for chronic back pain – and they could cause harm Hong Kong’s role in illegal deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil Texas Constructing Massive Anti-Migrant Military Base Indian Court, Finding Lack of Evidence, Grants Bail to Activist Myanmar: Military Forcibly Recruiting Rohingya Thailand: Court Ruling Could Subvert Democratic Rule What is biophilic design? 3 ways ‘green’ buildings work better for neurodivergent people Adelaide is losing 75,000 trees a year. Tree-removal laws must be tightened if we want our cities to be liveable and green Supermarkets need to change the way they operate in Australia. But how do we get them to do this? Texas Constructing Massive Anti-Migrant Military Base The domination of private interests presents a risk to the long-term health of the Bay of Fundy Global: Dow shareholders must help ensure justice for victims of Bhopal disaster Are embassies off-limits? Ecuadorian and Israeli actions suggest otherwise − and that sets a dangerous diplomatic precedent Immigrant workers save aging economies but face financial struggles in their own senior years NZ’s government is relying on executive power to govern – that’s not how MMP was meant to work The Dutch are aiming to quarantine populism. Should the rest of the world follow suit? Drugs like Ozempic won’t ‘cure’ obesity but they might make us more fat-phobic No cash, no play? Have cost-of-living pressures impacted sports participation in Australia? The limits of ice: what a 19th century expedition trapped in sea ice for a year tells us about Antarctica’s future Aboriginal people made pottery and sailed to distant offshore islands thousands of years before Europeans arrived We have a new way of looking at data that shows what’s working for Indigenous school kids and what isn’t Quiet on Set highlights how we don’t keep child stars safe – in Hollywood or online The End of the Morning: Charmian Clift’s taut, intimate, unfinished novel feels like a slightly broken book Ten years of Russian occupation in Ukraine: Lives disrupted by war Body armour made from silk is being developed – but this apparently cutting-edge idea is centuries old Nine out of 10 kids are not developmentally on track in literacy and numeracy – study of 8 African countries West Africa’s falling fish stocks: illegal Chinese trawlers, climate change and artisanal fishing fleets to blame Tiny weevils are waging war on the invasive water lettuce plant choking South Africa’s Vaal River Oil bosses call phasing out fossil fuels a ‘fantasy’ – but an international agreement is plausible Election disinformation: how AI-powered bots work and how you can protect yourself from their influence Phonics isn’t working - for children’s reading to improve, they need to learn to love stories EU increases tariffs on Russian grain to hamper its war effort – but it’s European consumers who could feel the pinch Boeing: what the next CEO needs to do to ensure quality and turn things around AI-generated pornography will disrupt the adult content industry and raise new ethical concerns Romani language edition of the Dikan comics published in Serbia Tiny crystals capture millions of years of mountain range history – a geologist excavates the Himalayas with a microscope Fossilized dinosaur eggshells can preserve amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, over millions of years In a future with more ‘mind reading,’ thanks to neurotech, we may need to rethink freedom of thought How to battle boredom at work Silicon Valley and Shenzhen, China, will get all the growth from AI if other regions don’t invest now to compete Family caregivers can help shape the outcomes for their loved ones – an ICU nurse explains their vital role How to keep your kidneys healthy – and how to spot when things are going wrong More mergers to come under scrutiny in another leg of Chalmers’ competition policy From Reagan to Obama, presidents have left office with ‘strategic regret’ − will leaving troops in Iraq and Syria be Biden or Trump’s? Special edition vinyl albums cause some fans delight – but others suspect a cynical marketing ploy Fintech has a gender problem – here’s why you should care Social media will tell you birth control causes mental health issues, weight gain and infertility – here are the facts Deepfake porn: why we need to make it a crime to create it, not just share it Flowers may be more ancient than dinosaurs – but scientists can’t agree on when they evolved Europe: European Court of Human Rights sets vital precedent with ruling in landmark climate case Global: Large companies must do far more to cut carbon emissions and limit climate damage Environmental defenders work to maintain the peace-building role of nature in northern Uganda Penny Wong floats recognising Palestine ahead of two-state solution to help path to peace How about this time we try, just try, to report on budgets and tax differently? The response to Banksy’s tree highlights an ambiguity at the root of his ‘activism’ Azerbaijan's FOMO moment Education for the Romani people: Failed by both empires Rwanda’s genocide could have been prevented: 3 things the international community should have done – expert Gaza: Israel’s Imposed Starvation Deadly for Children Bassirou Diomaye Faye elected president of Senegal: Victory of a determined youth Global Voices call for stories about Ukraine Is Japan joining AUKUS? Not formally – its cooperation will remain limited for now India: Technology Use Shouldn’t Undermine Free, Fair Elections The Vatican says gender theory threatens human dignity – but Judith Butler believes the ‘threat’ is social change Flash droughts are becoming more common in Australia. What’s causing them? Lost for words? Research shows art therapy brings benefits for mental health Eight charts on how Australia’s population is growing – and changing NZ gymnasts can now wear shorts over their leotards – why is this a big deal for female athletes? Zambian Police Summon Priest After Critical Sermon We can’t eradicate deadly cane toads – but there’s a way to stop them killing wildlife Antarctica’s sea ice hit another low this year – understanding how ocean warming is driving the loss is key Critics can’t decide if Andrew Scott’s Ripley is mesmerising or charmless – exactly as Patricia Highsmith wrote him Gender is not scary, argues Judith Butler. But right now, it represents the threat of social change Heat from El Niño can warm oceans off West Antarctica – and melt floating ice shelves from below Measles is a humanitarian issue, and its unwelcome reappearance in Canada is a reminder of its importance AI will not revolutionize business management but it could make it worse Loyalty programs may limit competition, and they could be pushing prices up for everyone UN Rights Council Boosts Scrutiny of North Korea As a child psychiatrist, I know it’s critical for kindergartens to embrace playful learning Global Voices seeks a Lingua Director, to oversee multilingual projects and initiatives Germany decriminalised cannabis: why the UK should consider doing the same More mental health support in schools makes sense – but some children may fall through gaps The Art of Climbing: a brief history of photographing rock-climbing Tackling social isolation could be more effective than healthy eating for obesity Ukraine war: why many Nato countries are thinking of introducing conscription and the issues that involves Diet and nutrition: how well Tanzanians eat depends largely on where they live Preparing for the next health crisis: COVID-19 showed the importance of community-engaged research Tunisia’s El Kef city is rich in heritage: centuries of cultural mixing give it a distinct identity Putin’s Russia: first arrests under new anti-LGBT laws mark new era of repression Pet flea and tick treatments contain pesticides that end up washing into the environment - here’s how Single mothers in particular would benefit from more subsidized housing in Canada Israel/OPT: Death in custody of Walid Daqqah is cruel reminder of Israel’s disregard for Palestinians’ right to life New Hope for Love for Japanese Children Needing Families Serbian movie about Roma singer become a hit in several Balkan countries South Africa is to shut down captive lion farms. Experts warn the plan needs a deadline Why is Ghana so hot this year? An expert explains Feeling depleted? So is the planet. Here’s how to move from exhaustion to empowerment Happier, more connected neighborhoods start right in the front yard A dramatic schism over social issues? The United Methodist Church has been here before – but this time, America’s religious landscape is far different Fetal personhood rulings could nullify a pregnant patient’s wishes for end-of-life care Could a telescope ever see the beginning of time? An astronomer explains Dali hit Key Bridge with the force of 66 heavy trucks at highway speed US media coverage of new science less likely to mention researchers with African and East Asian names Coastal wetlands can’t keep pace with sea-level rise, and infrastructure is leaving them nowhere to go Rebuilding Gaza was seen as a ‘Herculean’ task before Oct. 7; six months of bombing has led to crises that will long outlive the war Tesla’s innovation and resilience could see it through this rough patch How conspiracy theories around George III’s madness and Queen Charlotte’s scheming took hold of the 18th-century British press ‘April showers’ – a rainfall scientist explains what they are and why they are becoming more intense Eclipses aren’t just visual spectacles, they are at the heart of scientific efforts to understand distant planets Why Sikhs celebrate the festival of Baisakhi Central Asia’s unique tradition of singing during Ramadan keeps evolving Two upcoming elections are likely to tip the balance of power between China, India and the US We saw one of the most powerful magnets in the Universe come to life – and our theories can’t quite explain it A person in Texas caught bird flu after mixing with dairy cattle. Should we be worried? What role for the French language in Togolese society? Senegal: Human Rights Agenda for President Faye Facing enormous pressure at home and abroad, how much longer can Israel continue its war in Gaza? A survey of non-traditional family-making suffers from a ‘feminism-lite’ lack of focus Albanese government gives its special adviser on aid workers’ deaths in Gaza a wide brief Will introducing independent doctors at games help the AFL tackle its concussion problem? Could my glasses be making my eyesight worse? Government gives its special adviser on aid workers’ deaths a wide brief Office gossip isn’t just idle chatter. It’s a valuable – but risky – way to build relationships What is a sinkhole? A geotechnical engineer explains Philippines: New ‘Drug War’ Declared in Davao City Australians are open to self-driving vehicles, but want humans to retain ultimate control ‘Strong theatre with unwavering precision’: Into the Shimmering World asks us what does it mean to be good? Earth, the Sun and a bike wheel: why your high-school textbook was wrong about the shape of Earth’s orbit How do we protect students from ballooning HELP debts? A fixed maximum indexation rate would help A bumper Bluey episode is about to hit screens. 5 ways to get the most out of watching the show with your kids Kids and ‘bad’ news: how can parents safely introduce their children to news and current affairs? Why is Australia helping to block a move to tax multinational corporations properly? 50 years on, Advance Australia Fair no longer reflects the values of many. What could replace it? Villains, influencers and a sweet bisexual mechanic: Jodi McAlister’s rom-coms borrow and bend reality TV tropes Ghanaians debate online about the rights of a 16-year-old girl married to a 63-year-old traditional priest Young Kenyans are not finding work: how universities can do a better job of training entrepreneurs Have you ever suffered intimate partner abuse? We asked girls in Malawi and 40% said yes CFA franc: conditions are ripe for replacement of the west African currency rooted in colonialism – expert Your child has been prescribed opioids: 7 ways to use them more safely The sun was born when a dense gas cloud collapsed, 4.6 billion years ago Big government, big trouble? Defending the future of Canada’s climate policy Embracing digital spaces: How older immigrants are navigating the infodemic Fining big polluters can reduce environmental damage, but only if the fines match the crimes Inquiry into supermarkets says make voluntary code of conduct mandatory but don’t bring in divestiture power Liberals will have difficulty forming government after final Tasmanian results Difficult for Liberals to form government after final Tasmanian results Romani diasporas are now more marginalised in Russia than in the late USSR “The journey to the recognition of LGBTQ rights in Africa is an uphill climb” Eclipses were once associated with the deaths of kings — attempting to predict this played a key role in the birth of astronomy Saudi Arabia: Global Tennis ‘Sportswashes’ Abuses Biden steps up pressure on Israel − using the key levers available against an ally with strong domestic support College athletes still are not allowed to be paid by universities − here’s why What causes earthquakes in the Northeast, like the magnitude 4.8 that shook New Jersey? A geoscientist explains Eclipses were once associated with the death of kings — attempting to predict this played a key role in the birth of astronomy Americas: Ana Piquer assumes permanent role as Amnesty International’s regional director In Gaza, the last game of Tarneeb Hideko Takamine at 100: six of the Japanese actor’s films that captured a nation in flux How the UK’s new rights around flexible working will affect employees and businesses The five-step wellness model that really works – and the psychology behind it Haiti’s freefall into an abyss can only be prevented if gangs are allowed to be part of a new government Polls predict total wipeout for the Tories – and Britain’s constitution makes it a real possibility School results, smoking rates, shop closures? New statistics tool helps you compare local areas in the UK Scoop: Netflix depiction of Prince Andrew interview is a welcome addition to the journalism film canon Turning camels into cows: megafarms are being set up to produce camel milk on industrial scales Israel/ OPT: With famine setting in a ceasefire and more aid routes into Gaza are urgently needed World Health Day Marked amid Widespread Failures to Invest in Public Health Care How cuts to marginal income tax could boost the UK’s stagnant economic growth Bi-polar comedy, a sweeping Japanese saga and a Brummie drama about ska – what you should be watching this week If life exists on Jupiter’s moon Europa, scientists might soon be able to detect it Gut microbiome: meet Clostridium butyricum – the bacteria that helps keep us feeling our best In 1877, a stained-glass window depicted Jesus as Black for the first time − a scholar of visual images unpacks its history and significance Brain scans of Philly jazz musicians reveal secrets to reaching creative flow Why batteries come in so many sizes and shapes A natural deception: 3 marketing myths the supplement industry wants you to swallow Rural students’ access to Wi-Fi is in jeopardy as pandemic-era resources recede Why the Chiefs and Royals couldn’t convince Kansas City voters to foot the bill for their stadiums Why courts aren’t the fastest or clearest ways to solve election disputes – a former federal judge explains Yes, efforts to eliminate DEI programs are rooted in racism Loneliness can kill, and new research shows middle-aged Americans are particularly vulnerable Rwandan genocide, 30 years on: Omitting women’s memories encourages incomplete understanding of violence Nukes in space: a bad idea in the 1960s – an even worse one now Russia: In Wake of Concert Attack, Central Asians at Risk Traditional Japanese diet associated with less brain shrinkage in women compared to western diet, says research Kurt Cobain is still shaping culture – 30 years after the Nirvana frontman’s death South Africa’s crucial water supplies from Lesotho: what the six-month shutdown means for industry, farming and residents Cuba: Amnesty International launches book ‘Images of Rebellion’, a testament to civil resistance Rwanda: 30 years on, justice for genocide crimes more urgent than ever When can my baby drink cow’s milk? It’s sooner than you think There is a ceiling on rate increases. It’s time to look for alternatives to local government funding Money transporter Armaguard is in peril. Could cash be dead sooner than we think? The ‘Missa Solemnis’ at 200: Beethoven was close to deaf when he wrote his self-proclaimed best work Why is Australia’s east coast copping all this rain right now? An atmospheric scientist explains The Southern Ocean has the cleanest air on Earth. We have just discovered why In heavily militarised Kashmir, the upcoming India elections do not inspire much hope Stories from the UN Archive: Greatest of All Time fights for peace UN Shows Conflicting Approaches to Myanmar Crisis Child Rights Abuses Go Unchallenged due to UN Funding Crisis Birthday Behind Bars in Russia Bulgaria: Alleged Beating of Detained Saudi Activist Whooping cough is surging in Australia. Why, and how can we protect ourselves? As the COVID cash glut comes to an end, the Reserve Bank is changing the way it sets and maintains interest rates Without community support, the green energy transition will fail. Here’s how to get communities on board From ‘Fiction Fanatic’ to ‘Book Abstainer’: which type of reader is your teenager? Esports, pickleball and obstacle course racing are surging in popularity – what are their health benefits and challenges? Friday essay: ‘mourning cannot be an endpoint’ – James Bradley on living in an Age of Emergency A total solar eclipse presents a unique opportunity to witness a rare phenomenon — but protect your eyes The total solar eclipse is a cosmic spectacle well worth the hype Teaching university students how to learn matters for retaining them Haiti: Gangs have ‘more firepower than the police’ UN Rights Body Launches Probe to Investigate Abuses in Belarus Uganda: Court Upholds Anti-Homosexuality Act Balancing Indigenous rights and nature conservation in Nepal As the skies become crowded with satellites and space junk, will it affect viewing the solar eclipse? How medieval chroniclers interpreted solar eclipses and other celestial events Xi and Biden spoke on the phone for 105 minutes: what does this say about their relationship? During the 2024 eclipse, biologists like us want to find out how birds will respond to darkness in the middle of the day Perinatal depression linked with premenstrual mood disorders – new research Why the BBC has a licence fee and what might happen if it were scrapped Why losing a parent when you’re a young adult is so hard AI may develop a huge carbon footprint, but it could also be a critical ally in the fight against climate change How online Ramadan content has brought Muslim ideas around faith, worship and community into the mainstream Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’ transmits joy, honours legends and challenges a segregated industry Gaza update: pressure mounts on Israel’s allies to stop supplying the weapons to prevent genocide You Are Not Alone: powerful new film documents how women’s protest against misogyny helped change Spain’s rape laws 4 school food program considerations based on insights from Newfoundland and Labrador United Nations Passes Groundbreaking Intersex Rights Resolution UN Body Calls on UK to End Detention of People with Disabilities Only 57 producers are responsible for 80% of all fossil fuel and cement CO emissions since 2016 – new report The vast majority of GPs resisted the founding of the NHS – here’s why Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire – this Chinese-US blockbuster maximises the global appeal of the MonsterVerse Why there may be oceans inside dwarf planets beyond Pluto – and what this means for the likely abundance of life Why rural white Americans’ resentment is a threat to democracy Would you sit on a jury to review government regulations? Citizen oversight panels could make this process more open and democratic What is metabolism? A biochemist explains how different people convert energy differently − and why that matters for your health Online child safety laws could help or hurt – 2 pediatricians explain what’s likely to work and what isn’t Philadelphia’s minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25 an hour since 2009 – here’s why efforts to raise it have failed Climate engineering carries serious national security risks − countries facing extreme heat may try it anyway, and the world needs to be prepared For some Christians, a solar eclipse signals the second coming of Christ South Africa’s conservation model: why expanding the use of biodiversity to generate money is a good idea A tribute to Maurice El Medioni, the last of the Algerian-born Jewish musical stars More than 200 aid workers have been killed in Gaza, making famine more likely ‘Foreign Agent’ Laws Spread as EU Dithers to Support Civil Society No respite for Georgia's civil society Grattan on Friday: Albanese has made a statement in choosing Sam Mostyn as governor-general, but he could have been bolder Only 57 producers are responsible for 80% of all fossil fuel and cement CO2 emissions since 2016 – new report The Anthropocene epoch that isn’t – what the decision not to label a new geological epoch means for Earth’s future EU: Migration and Asylum Pact reforms will put people at heightened risk of human rights violations UN Human Rights Council: Resolution on Myanmar takes crucial stand against deadly jet fuel supply chain Navigating misconceptions and supporting Gaza from Taiwan The cocoa price has doubled in mere months, but it shouldn’t add much to the price of chocolate: here’s why An anonymous coder nearly hacked a big chunk of the internet. How worried should we be? 8 ways to ensure Indonesia’s nickel sector is sustainable Gaza war: countries selling Israel weapons are violating international law – legal expert Gaza: Israeli Strike Killing 106 Civilians an Apparent War Crime Ethiopia: Military Executes Dozens in Amhara Region Pakistan: Government must stop ignoring global calls to halt unlawful deportation of Afghan refugees Mother makes 200km emergency trip across rural Madagascar to save baby Before Dawn: young Aussie director’s new film is a sombre recount of the ANZACs’ sacrifice Before Dawn: 19-year-old director’s new film is a sombre recount of the ANZACs’ sacrifice Winnie Dunn’s debut novel Dirt Poor Islanders is an impassioned response to detrimental stereotypes Cambodia: Threats, Bribes Tainted Senate Elections Daylight saving has 80% support in Australia and a majority in every state Zomi Frankcom is a tragic victim in the stalemated Israel-Hamas war, but don’t expect Australia’s approach to change much Iran executes 853 people in eight-year high amid relentless repression and renewed ‘war on drugs’ ‘Shocking’ increase in children denied aid in conflicts Ozempic isn’t approved for weight loss in Australia. 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A century after the EEG was discovered, it remains a crucial tool for understanding the brain Military personnel swear allegiance to the Constitution and serve the American people – not one leader or party Nex Benedict’s suicide coincides with a wave of anti-LGBTQ+ laws – and some people’s misunderstanding about transgender and nonbinary individuals Even hands-free, phones and their apps cause dangerously distracted driving Children born of rape: the devastating legacy of sexual violence in post-genocide Rwanda Africa now emits as much carbon as it stores: landmark new study This AI early warning system could limit Asian hornet invasions Asian states must not waste the chance to address crimes against humanity Colombia, Panama Fail to Protect Migrants in Darién Gap Taiwan earthquake: an earthquake scientist on what we know so far and what may happen next Global: New short film highlights devastating impact less-lethal weapons are having on protesters globally A judgment in Bruce Lehrmann’s defamation trial against Network 10 has been delayed. What’s going on? The National Autism Strategy is urgently needed. Does the government’s new draft do enough to help those in crisis? Netanyahu promises Albanese a full investigation into Australian aid worker’s death, as Israel accepts responsibility A judgement in Bruce Lehrmann’s defamation trial against Network 10 has been delayed. What’s going on? Netflix’s new drama shows we’re still drawn to the concept of ‘gentlemen’. Psychology explains why Businesswoman and women’s advocate Samantha Mostyn to be Australia’s next governor-general