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Greece: Stop Denying Refugee Children an Education South Sudan: Summary Executions in North Nepal: New Government Should Address Rights Journalist working remotely in Barbados shares her experience of street harassment History made the world we live in: here's what you'll learn if you choose it in years 11 and 12 Zero-COVID is no longer an effective strategy. We need to learn from other countries how to adapt How can the new Closing the Gap dashboard highlight what indicators and targets are on track? Fiji’s other crisis: away from the COVID emergency, political dissent can still get you arrested 'I don’t want realism. I want magic': behind the fantasy fuelling our real estate voyeurism Bipartisan infrastructure deal begins to address consequences of a warming planet: 3 essential reads NFTs by chimpanzees, like 1950s primate art, raise questions about the nature of creativity Vaccine hesitancy is decreasing in Canada, but it's too soon to celebrate Does testosterone drive success in men? Not much, our research suggests Controversial Alzheimer's drug highlights concerns about Health Canada approval process 4 ways that volunteering can be good for you France’s Covid health pass raises serious ethical questions Microbes can produce food, fuel and medicine – here’s how maths can make them even more useful Schooling in lockdown isn't home schooling – but we can learn from the real thing Australian farmers are adapting well to climate change, but there's work ahead 'I don’t want realism. I want magic': behind the fantasy fueling our real estate voyeurism Australian media showed their best in covering the COVID pandemic — at least for the first few months Vaccine selfies may seem trivial, but they show people doing their civic duty — and probably encourage others too Dead, shrivelled frogs are unexpectedly turning up across eastern Australia. We need your help to find out why Over 18 and considering the AstraZeneca vaccine? This may help you decide Bermudians are ‘bursting with pride’ as triathlete Flora Duffy brings home the country's first Olympic gold France: Equatorial Guinea Vice President’s Conviction Upheld Why animals recognise numbers but only humans can do maths Spain wants to fine Franco apologists – the latest example of using laws to address uncomfortable history Love Island and the coded language of sex Excluding migrants undermines the success of COVID-19 vaccine rollouts The story of an African children's book that explains the science of skin colour Four things that count when a South African graduate looks for work NFTs by chimpanzees, like 1950s primate art, raises questions about the nature of creativity RSV: what is it, and why are child cases surging in the wake of COVID? Why COVID cases are now falling in the UK – and what could happen next Global Education Summit Begins Amid Pandemic Reporters attacked while covering Covid pass protests in four EU countries Millions of renters face eviction and homelessness: 3 essential reads about the CDC's expiring moratorium Lessons from segregated schools can help make today's classrooms more inclusive The invasive spotted lanternfly is spreading across the eastern US – here's what you need to know about this voracious pest Not everyone cheered the ancient Olympic games, but the sacred games brought together rival societies A 20-foot sea wall won’t save Miami – how living structures can help protect the coast and keep the paradise vibe Health apps track vital health stats for millions of people, but doctors aren't using the data – here's how it could reduce costs and patient outcomes Here's why the CDC recommends wearing masks indoors even if you've been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 What is a breakthrough infection? 6 questions answered about catching COVID-19 after vaccination As cyberattacks skyrocket, Canada needs to work with — and not hinder — cybersecurity experts Women have served in armed forces for decades, but the military is still a man's world Brazil's Atlantic Forest will change more in the next 50 years than at any time since the last ice age What to expect from post-pandemic voting behaviour Taking the circus to school: How kids benefit from learning trapeze, juggling and unicycle in gym class Brexit: UK services are losing out to EU rivals – but Asia could be big winner Why Scotland needs to fund long COVID rehabilitation now 3,600 microphones and counting: how the sound of the Olympics is created Fifth woman murdered in Azerbaijan in 10 days Community support is vital to women athletes: Kosovo alpinist Uta Ibrahimi Filipino weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz makes history for winning the Philippines’ first ever Olympic gold medal RSF calls for the release of a Sudanese journalist jailed in Saudi Arabia View from The Hill: Morrison shakes money tree again in bid to avoid second recession The complicated history of women at Cannes film festival Can eating hot chilli peppers actually hurt you? From colonial cavalry to mounted police: a short history of the Australian police horse Now that Australia's inflation rate is 3.8%, is it time to worry? What Olympic gymnasts can teach us about improving our balance The policing of Australian satire: why defamation is still no joke, despite recent law changes Hong Kong hands down first guilty sentence on terrorism and inciting secession charges under national security law Chile: Rulings Uphold Rights of Deported Venezuelans Nigeria: Covid-19 Impact Worsens Hunger in Lagos India: Release Detained Myanmar Asylum Seekers Angola's government launches a campaign to end the use of anabolic body modification France : from colonial fantasy to disaster, by Thierry Meyssan Bolsonaro family vents more anger than ever on Brazil’s media Confused about which English subject to choose in year 11 and 12? Here's what you need to know Samoa’s first female leader has made history — now she faces a challenging future at home and abroad More livestock, more carbon dioxide, less ice: the world's climate change progress since 2019 is (mostly) bad news We've heard of R numbers and moving averages. But what are k numbers? And how do they explain COVID superspreading? Philippine President’s Tired, Old ‘Drug War’ Rhetoric Peru has a new president, its fifth in five years – who is Pedro Castillo? Aggressive marketing has driven the rise of the double-cab ute on New Zealand streets — time to hit the brakes? We can put city and country people on more equal footing at uni — the pandemic has shown us how Artificial refuges are a popular stopgap for habitat destruction, but the science isn't up to scratch Yes, Naomi Osaka is Japanese. And American. And Haitian Census 2021 is almost here — what's changed since #censusfail? What's at stake in this pandemic survey? Growing evidence suggests Russia's Sputnik V COVID vaccine is safe and very effective. But questions about the data remain Tunisia: President’s Seizure of Powers Threatens Rights Victory Against Child Marriage in New York State "Instagram therapy" and how women use social media for mental-health support, solidarity NHS plan to share GP patient data postponed – but will new measures address concerns? How the Bui Dam set up China's future engagement strategy with Ghana We modelled the effects of climate change on Kenya's Tana River Basin Official Secrets Act: UK government has a long history of suppressing journalism to hide its misdeeds Violence against children carries a huge cost for Africa: governments need to act urgently Ex-offenders should be made prison wardens in South Africa. Here's why How donors from Canada and Europe helped fund Indian Residential Schools The story of how press freedom was crushed in six months in Myanmar Seaside towns: why living on the coast is linked to poor health - by a professor who grew up there New cancer treatments can be tested in artificial cells on tiny chips the size of a postage stamp New school planned by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine seeks to teach blend of skills to prepare students for real-world jobs Why Canadian dads are more involved in raising their kids than American fathers Snow can disappear straight into the atmosphere in hot, dry weather Domestic violence 911 calls increased during lockdown, but official police reports and arrests declined Taliban 'has not changed,' say women facing subjugation in areas of Afghanistan under its extremist rule Swimming gives your brain a boost – but scientists don't know yet why it's better than other aerobic activities Keeping nonprofit CEOs out of the room when boards decide what to pay them yields good results Biden wants to crack down on bank mergers – here's why that could help consumers and the economy Small climate changes can have devastating local consequences – it happened in the Little Ice Age Long COVID: symptoms experienced during infection may predict lasting illness Factories of the future: we're spending heavily to give workers skills they won't need by 2030 Record-setting performances at the Tokyo Olympics come after months of pandemic-induced stress Homeless encampment violence in Toronto betrays any real hope for police reform Offshore wind turbines could number 30,000 by 2030 – new ideas in ocean engineering are needed to install them Algerian regional reporter completes 100th day in pre-trial detention Court’s decision to uphold conviction deals “unprecedented setback” to press freedom in Benin This is no time to neglect hepatitis - 70 million Africans are infected Princes in the Tower: how I established a direct link between Richard III and the two murders Zambia: Tackle Lead Poisoning at Former Mine Urgent need to escape the surveillance technology jungle Cameroonian journalist completes five years in “provisional” detention Whipping cream canisters have many uses beyond 'nangs'. Banning them isn't necessary Foreign journalists harassed by Chinese citizens over Zhengzhou flooding coverage Gaza: Apparent War Crimes During May Fighting Saudi Arabia: Sudanese Media Personality Jailed for Critical Tweets What's in the CPI and what does it actually measure? Hong Kong Pro-Beijing camp finds fault with Olympic badminton player's black outfit Myanmar: Junta Escalates Media Crackdown Attacks against the media under President Jair Bolsonaro: brazilian cartoonists help out Yarns from the heart: the role of Aboriginal English in Indigenous health communication Why governments will have to consider the costs of long COVID when easing pandemic restrictions Indonesia's 'Freedom to Learn' movement at risk as students lose attention amid digital learning: how do we reclaim their drive to learn? Public protest or selfish ratbaggery? Why free speech doesn't give you the right to endanger other people's health Ancient brains: a look inside the extraordinary preservation of a 310-million-year-old nervous system Cubans want more than just the lifting of the US blockade Yes, adult literacy should be improved. But governments can make their messages easier to read right now How a new trade deal could make it harder to improve life for Australians in aged care If I could go anywhere: Greek cake shops, the Athenian countryside and the sanctuary of Artemis at Brauron A wet winter, a soggy spring: what is the negative Indian Ocean Dipole, and why is it so important? How Australia's fickleness on COVID vaccines is perpetuating global vaccine inequity How the Groundhog Day grind of lockdown scrambles your memory and sense of time When will we reach herd immunity? Here are 3 reasons that's a hard question to answer How scientists and communities can build partnerships to deal with floods: learning from Indonesia RSF condemns closure of Al Jazeera bureau in Tunis The Montreal Canadiens have legitimized rape culture by drafting Logan Mailloux Monarch butterflies raised in captivity can still join the migration Could the European Union kick out Hungary? What is the HIPAA Privacy Rule? A health law scholar explains Notwithstanding the notwithstanding clause, the Charter is everyone’s business COVID masks: how and when to ask someone to wear one – without getting into a fight The 'privacy by design' approach for mobile apps: why it's not enough More Nigerian banks are using chatbots to serve customers, but with mixed results Military not a magic bullet: South Africa needs to do more for long term peace Predicting droughts and floods: why we're studying 19th-century ocean records Pingdemic staff shortages: how business can cope with isolating employees Samoa’s first female prime minister takes helm three months after former leader refused to concede defeat Russian internet censor blocks Team Navalny websites Slovak public TV fired journalist for criticising fake story about Covid vaccine Why does gravity pull us down and not up? What is unrestricted funding? Two philanthropy experts explain Joy and grief will coexist as Americans return to pre-pandemic life – 'everyday memorials' will help Kids' grip strength is improving, but other measures of muscle fitness are getting worse COVID-19 could cause male infertility and sexual dysfunction – but vaccines do not Worried about traveling with unvaccinated kids? 6 questions answered on how to manage the risks Fight for control threatens to destabilize and fragment the internet 4 Haitian novels that beautifully blend history, memory and reality Telecommuting can reduce congestion, but might create other traffic problems Militaries plunder science fiction for technology ideas, but turn a blind eye to the genre's social commentary Want to fix financial literacy? Focus on billionaires squandering their wealth, not school curriculum Yes, there's confusion about ATAGI's AstraZeneca advice. But it's in an extremely difficult position South Korea is bringing back bears in a country of 52 million people – I went to find out how The Taliban: what could its return to power mean for Afghanistan? How a bee sees: tiny bumps on flower petals give them their intense colour — and help them survive To ensure supply of the top 3 drugs used to treat COVID-19, it's time to boost domestic medicine manufacturing Curious Kids: are sugar rushes real? How do Olympic athletes stack up against invertebrates? Not very well View from The Hill: Labor wouldn't disturb tax cuts, negative gearing in 'small target' strategy For too long, research was done _on_ First Nations peoples, not _with_ them. Universities can change this Plants and people: the art of living together, a live-streamed event Barnaby Joyce scores dismal ratings in Resolve poll, while Berejiklian government easily in front despite NSW lockdown Australia badly needs earth science skills, but universities are cutting the supply The forgotten Australian veterans who opposed National Service and the Vietnam War For too long, research was done on First Nations peoples, not with them. Universities can change this How people and plants can live together sustainably, a live-streamed event Australia Should Back Covid-19 Waiver of Intellectual Property Rules Thinking of choosing a health or PE subject in years 11 and 12? Here's what you need to know Uniform discontent: how women athletes are taking control of their sporting outfits 'Girls please stay in the kitchen' — as skateboarding debuts at the Olympics, beware of the lurking misogyny 'Anorexia coach': sexual predators online are targeting teens wanting to lose weight. Platforms are looking the other way Australia must get serious about airborne infection transmission. Here's what we need to do Sierra Leone: Abolition of death penalty a major victory 'Bat boxes' could help revive Canada's depleting bat population The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed that global supply chains are a huge house of cards Should bilingualism change in Canada? The debate over Gov. Gen. Mary Simon Revealing the long but hidden history of queer women in sport Morrison government orders Pfizer 'boosters', while hoping new ATAGI advice will warm people to AstraZeneca Monkeypox in Nigeria: why the disease needs intense management COVID-19 in children: the South African experience and way forward Young Muslim women in Ghana feel stereotyped and judged: why it matters Saudi Arabia: Collective Punishment for Ex-Official’s Children Not declaring the Great Barrier Reef as 'in danger' only postpones the inevitable Very genki, slightly kitsch, occasionally compelling: the Olympic opening ceremony put humanity in centre frame In Colombia, ‘yatules’ are the Misak people's pantry and pharmacy Building an art gallery in the midst of war in Zimbabwe Radicalism mixed with openness: how Desmond Tutu used his gifts to help end Apartheid Sexual harassment cases at school: Appeals court ruling could change how schools judge complaints Belarus Authorities Launch Purge of Civic Groups Afghanistan: Threats of Taliban Atrocities in Kandahar France Edges Closer to Ratifying Workplace Violence Treaty UK: RSF alarmed by Home Office proposals for Official Secrets Acts reforms RSF’s recommendations for those who could be spied on by Pegasus Coronavirus business loans: some directors may have defrauded billions from UK taxpayers Tokyo Olympics: winning could become about managing COVID stress The Trump administration feuded with state and local leaders over pandemic response – now the Biden administration is trying to turn back a page in history This is what happens to child migrants found alone at the border, from the moment they cross into the US until age 18 How limiting Latin Mass may become the defining moment for Pope Francis In times of stress, turning to contemplation can be helpful – here's why religions emphasize rest There's a long history of dances being pilfered for profit – and TikTok is the latest battleground Is climate change to blame for the recent weather disasters? 2 things you need to understand Why America has a debt ceiling: 5 questions answered Surfing makes its Olympic debut – and the waves should be world-class thanks to wind, sand and a typhoon or two A winning edge for the Olympics and everyday life: Focusing on what you're trying to accomplish rather than what's going on with your body What would the ancient Greeks think of an Olympics with no fans? COVID: media must rise above pitting scientists against each other – dealing with the pandemic requires nuance Axie Infinity: online games where people earn as they play are transforming gaming Children start trying to make us laugh from a surprisingly young age Tokyo Olympics branding adds to stereotypical view of Japan — but that doesn’t make it appropriation CoronaVac vaccine: its results are patchy, but the world can't ignore its usefulness Pegasus spyware revelation indicates Indian state snooping on journalists, activists and politicians Global investigation reveals Pegasus Project identified in Azerbaijan and elsewhere Beninese journalist’s conviction must be quashed What actually is 'levelling up'? What we know about Boris Johnson's agenda – and what we don't Pfizer doses to be spaced out in NSW crisis, but state fails to get change in vaccination program Digital education lags behind as Kyrgyzstan’s schools lack access Biden Tells Central American Asylum Seekers to Stay Home Keen to sign up for space tourism? Here are 6 things to consider (besides the price tag) You may have heard the 'moon wobble' will intensify coastal floods. Well, here's what that means for Australia VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on the PM's apology and Brisbane 2032 The “Ticket to happy life” Politics of Indian marriages in the context of dowry-related violence ‘Maohi Lives Matter': Tahiti protesters condemn French nuclear testing legacy How caring for children can help Aboriginal Elders during lockdown Europe’s Lack of Vision on Rule of Law Kyrgyzstan: A Year On, Demand for Justice for Azimjon Askarov’s Death France, against its adversaries and its allies, by Thierry Meyssan Clever cockatoos in southern Sydney have learned to open kerb-side bins — and it has global significance Eradicating smallpox: the global vaccination push that brought the world 'arm-to-arm' Forget the medals, the real game of the Olympics is soft power — and the opening ceremony is key To watch or not to watch? The Tokyo Games raises difficult questions for fans 'What country have you walked?' Why all Australians should walk an Indigenous heritage trail Unis are killing the critical study of religion, and it will only make campuses more religious The science of underwater swimming: how staying submerged gives Olympians the winning edge Clever cockatoos in southern Sydney have learned to open curb-side bins — and it has global significance We're losing the vaccination race because of bungling, not bad luck Is Delta defeating us? Here's why the variant makes contact tracing so much harder The Brisbane Olympics are a leap into an unknowable future The Olympic movement claims political neutrality. In reality, that ideal is often selectively applied Most expensive, greatest gender parity, most sports: Tokyo Olympics by the numbers As the Tokyo Games begin, the stakes could not be higher for Japan — and the Olympics themselves Fossil tooth fractures and microscopic detail of enamel offer new clues about human diet and evolution Argentina Recognizes Non-Binary Identities Iran: Deadly Response to Water Protests China Restarts Forced Returns of Refugees to North Korea DACA in doubt after court ruling: 3 questions answered Pandemic has teens feeling worried, unmotivated and disconnected from school Mars InSight: mission unveils surprising secrets of red planet's interior – new research In the wake of Indian Residential School findings, how can we cheer for Canada at the Olympics? COVID vaccine weekly: reopening will test the strength of England's immunity CARICOM bristles at international community's slight as Haiti installs a new prime minister Commentator gunned down outside radio station in central Philippines Canada's theatre community must nurture BIPOC leadership to improve racial equity Game on! The opportunities and risks of single-game sports betting in Canada 'Cyborg soil' reveals the secret microbial metropolis beneath our feet Violence in South Africa: an uprising of elites, not of the people Malnutrition among children is rife in Nigeria. What must be done Ghana upgraded its census to make it more inclusive: but old tensions still surfaced We created a tool to help predict COVID-19 increases in African countries How the rollout of South Africa's renewable energy plan is failing communities Bees, mites and viruses: assessing the risk to South African crop pollinators Fifteen years ago we shrugged off anti-Muslim hate speech. Have we evolved? UK Leaves Out Pregnant People from Heat Health Warnings Hasty, Harsh Sentence for Congo Critic How food prices are affected by oil, trade agreements and climate change Utøya massacre 10 years on: what has changed in Norway? Grattan on Friday: Morrison wrong to try to influence advice from expert immunisation group Monks Wood Wilderness: 60 years ago, scientists let a farm field rewild – here's what happened Afghanistan after the US withdrawal: The Taliban speak more moderately but their extremist rule hasn't evolved in 20 years US is split between the vaccinated and unvaccinated – and deaths and hospitalizations reflect this divide Scientists understood physics of climate change in the 1800s – thanks to a woman named Eunice Foote AI spots shipwrecks from the ocean surface – and even from the air Our analysis of 7 months of polling data shows friendships, the economy and firsthand experience shaped and reshaped views on COVID-19 risks Canceling student loan debt will barely boost the economy, but a targeted approach could help certain groups Should fully immunized people wear masks indoors? An infectious disease physician weighs in Brain drain is a hidden tax on the countries left behind Screentime can make you feel sick – here are ways to manage cybersickness What types of memories are forgotten in Alzheimer's disease? Spyware: why the booming surveillance tech industry is vulnerable to corruption and abuse UK local councils failing people who can't afford a funeral, says new report Tokyo 2020: how Japan's moment of glory has become a millstone for the economy From Crossroads to Godzilla: the cinematic legacies of the first postwar nuclear tests End Athlete Abuse in Pursuit of Olympic Medals in Japan COVID: the reason cases are rising among the double vaccinated – it's not because vaccines aren't working Tokyo Olympics: what are the limits of human performance? Podcast Amnesty categorically stands by Pegasus Project data set A major ivermectin study has been withdrawn, so what now for the controversial drug? The sunlight that powers solar panels also damages them. 'Gallium doping' is providing a solution Devices of journalists, government officials in Kazakhstan hacked and spied on Greek Authorities Target NGOs Reporting Abuses against Migrants Tanzanian Opposition Leader, Supporters Arrested Abuses in Aluminum Supply Chains a Blind Spot for Car Industry France: Class Action Lawsuit against Ethnic Profiling From false accusations to the real massacre, by Thierry Meyssan Angola: Millions facing hunger, as thousands flee their homes as drought ravages the south of Angola How did I catch a cold in lockdown? Why calling ordinary Kiwi cyclists ‘elitist’ just doesn’t add up Japan signals a 'sense of crisis' over Taiwan — this is why it is worried about China's military aims In China, Chinese Now Tops Tibetan Are middle lanes fastest in track and field? Data from 8,000 racers shows not so much We need to collect ethnicity data during COVID testing if we're to get on top of Sydney's outbreak Australia's government gives more support to fossil fuel research than is apparent Layer upon layer: uncovering the terrazzo treasures of the west and celebrating legacy floors Thinking of choosing a science subject in years 11 and 12? Here's what you need to know We've discovered an undersea volcano near Christmas Island that looks like the Eye of Sauron Wind turbines off the coast could help Australia become an energy superpower, research finds We're paying companies millions to roll out COVID vaccines. But we're not getting enough bang for our buck Biden Border Expulsions Continue to Harm Asylum Seekers Tanzania: Release opposition leader and party members UN asked to seek release of Egyptian journalist arrested two months ago today COVID: study finds lower antibody activity against delta variant at single dose – but vaccines still work I've been chronicling Liverpool's renaissance for 40 years – here's why the city's Unesco status should not have been removed Official Secrets Act: home secretary's planned reform will make criminals out of journalists Team 29, Russia's most prominent legal defense group, shuts down under state pressure Instagram question on the intersectionality of Pride and religion in Trinidad & Tobago raises issue of gender ideology Europe's catastrophic flooding was forecast well in advance – what went so wrong? What is the National Food Strategy and how could it change the way England eats? After findings at Indian Residential Schools, settler Canadians shouldn't hide behind the 'gothic narrative' South Africa since 1994: a mixed bag of presidents and patchy institution-building Vaccine hesitancy has risen in Ghana: a closer look at who's worried TB prevention has relied on the same vaccine for 100 years. It's time for innovation Nigeria's ambitious new maritime security project must avoid old traps Can we cancel 'cancel culture'? The future of auditing: why plans to sharpen up the industry could actually make it worse Plans for ministers who aren't in parliament raise concerns for UK democracy – constitutional expert We asked 7,000 people how the UK should build back better – here's what they told us Islamophobia report reveals Scotland not quite as tolerant as it would like to think UK Nationality and Borders Bill Q&A: how will it affect migration across the English Channel? When companies massage the books, the environment takes a hit The WHO and the IOC are playing with lives at state-of-emergency Tokyo Olympics How to avoid food-borne illness – a nutritionist explains Why a 19th-century Russian anarchist is relevant to the mask and vaccine debate Effects of childhood adversity linger during college years Why women need male allies in the workplace – and why fighting everyday sexism enriches men too Insulin was discovered 100 years ago – but it took a lot more than one scientific breakthrough to get a diabetes treatment to patients Lawsuits over bans on teaching critical race theory are coming – here's what won't work, and what might COVID-19 recession: One of America's deepest downturns was also its shortest after bailout-driven bounceback The crisis in Haiti reflects the failure of the international community to stabilize the country Heat stroke is a danger, but cardiovascular stress causes more heat wave deaths Why Gil Scott-Heron's 'Whitey on the Moon' still feels relevant today Hijab ruling presents the thorny problem of legislating for all EU member states Green bonds can help finance clean energy – as long as the projects they fund are transparent COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a rise in hunger in South Africa “Disgraceful” prison sentences passed on two Moroccan journalists. Cambodian reporter facing five years in prison for comment about vaccines Pegasus: RSF calls for Israeli moratorium on spyware exports The benefits of a COVID vaccine far outweigh the small risk of treatable heart inflammation The Lambda variant: is it more infectious, and can it escape vaccines? A virologist explains Cyber-attacks: what is hybrid warfare and why is it such a threat? Returning to the workplace? Here's how to stay focused in a noisy office 7 tips for making masks work in the classroom 'Die of cold or die of stress?': Social housing is frequently colder than global health guidelines Politics with Michelle Grattan: Bob Brown on his latest environmental battle, and a critique of Labor Hong Kong will pass a tough anti-doxxing law that may curb freedom of information Street art protest in Kazakhstan becomes routine German Flood Deaths Highlight Climate Change Risks for People with Disabilities Hong Kong: Drop Charges Against Vigil Organizer Myanmar: Junta Tribunals Impose 65 Death Sentences Will an award-winning animated film about a Czech woman in Kabul change how Czechs perceive Afghanistan? Gender-specific health programs address important issues, but risk creating new biases Gender-specific health programmes address important issues, but risk creating new biases Doctor Demanding Justice Detained in Turkmenistan Another journalist gunned down in Mexico Free school meals for all children can improve kids' health What to look for when choosing a university as the digital competition grows Netflix's Sexy Beasts tells us you can take physical attraction out of love. The reality is much more complicated If you see something, say something: why scientists need your help to spot blue whales off Australia’s east coast Dr Norman Swan’s new book tests the evidence on diet, sex and the ‘bullshit’ wellness trend. Does he know what's good for us? How does the Pegasus spyware work, and is my phone at risk? Is the COVID vaccine rollout the greatest public policy failure in recent Australian history? State escalates attacks on media freedom and civil society in Belarus Pegasus Project: Macron among world leaders selected as potential targets of NSO spyware After Pegasus revelations, RSF and two Moroccan-French journalists file complaint in Paris Troubles amnesty: UK government plan would subvert peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland Tokyo 2020 – how Japan's bid for soft power victory has been roundly defeated by the pandemic How the COVID-19 delay of the Tokyo Olympics helped some athletes break records Divorce Act update will help protect children, mothers from violence and coercive control Billionaire space race: the ultimate symbol of capitalism’s flawed obsession with growth Should I get the COVID-19 vaccine while pregnant or breastfeeding? Experts explain the safety, evidence and clinical trials Extreme heat warning: what first-ever Met Office alert means Vaccines for COVID are much more effective than for flu – and reminding people could drive down hesitancy As Ethiopia and Tigray face tough options, the West needs to be even-handed Pasha 117: What drove South Africa's recent violence and looting and what to do about it The spirit, life and art of Tsepo Tshola, pastor of South African pop What machine learning can offer Nigeria's healthcare system South African women needing to abandon their babies don't have safe options: this must change How best can fans support young athletes? Tokyo Olympics: how hosting the Games disrupts local lives and livelihoods Man charged in London with plotting to murder Pakistani blogger in Netherlands When an ancient volcanic 'supereruption' caused sudden cooling, early humans got lucky Long COVID: with one in three patients back in hospital after three months, where are the treatments? Lady Mary Wortley Montagu – the forgotten immunisation pioneer Over 2 million EU nationals are at risk of discrimination in UK after shock EU court ruling – here's what happens next World's coral scientists warn action is needed now to save even a few reefs from climate change The Tokyo Olympics will be the Games of all mothers For some craft beer drinkers, less can mean more Low- and middle-income countries lack access to big data analysis – here's how to fill the gap We are all propagandists now Election polls in 2020 produced 'error of unusual magnitude,' expert panel finds, without pinpointing cause Energy pipelines are controversial now, but one of the first big ones helped win World War II The US Army tried portable nuclear power at remote bases 60 years ago – it didn't go well Why the US won't be able to shirk moral responsibility in leaving Afghanistan We can't predict the next wildfire disaster – but we can plan for it The problem with employment services: providers profit more than job seekers Teens should have a say in whether they get a COVID vaccine Podcast with Michelle Grattan: three states in lockdown Will an awarded animation movie about a Czech women in Kabul change how Czechs perceive Afghanistan ? These African animators are saving their native languages using cartoons Mozambican journalist receives international prize for press freedom The 'car park rorts' story is scandalous. But it will keep happening unless we close grant loopholes Kenya: Irregularities Mar Covid-19 Cash Transfers The nuclear race accelerates, by Manlio Dinucci When COVID is behind us, Australians are going to have to pay more tax How Traditional Owners and officials came together to protect a stunning stretch of WA coast Calling out China for cyberattacks is risky — but a lawless digital world is even riskier A new image shows jets of plasma shooting out of a supermassive black hole How does class impact on Australians' love lives? New research brings a complex issue into the open Youth who grew up in care have the right to post-secondary education — and tuition waivers open doors Why livestreamers should sell their products with a poker face – not a smile Youth who grew up in care have the right to post-secondary education – and tuition waivers open doors Understanding how African-Australians think about COVID can help tailor public health messaging The world might run out of a crucial ingredient of touch screens. But don't worry, we've invented an alternative 'One of the most damaging invasive species on Earth': wild pigs release the same emissions as 1 million cars each year Choosing your senior school subjects doesn't have to be scary. Here are 6 things to keep in mind Could Britain be sued for reopening and putting the world at risk from new COVID variants? Banned from the Olympics for a bad burrito? Anti-doping efforts shouldn't start from a position of guilt Doping has become inevitable at the Olympics. And who wins gold in Tokyo might not be certain until 2031 Threat of Prosecution Forces Closure of Top Russian Rights Group Syria: Several Syrian journalists targeted, one killed Why studying arts like acting or dance can better equip business students for the post-COVID world Pasha 116: Why events like Eid celebrations can be superspreaders Ghana's style of democracy has recently shown cracks. Here's how to fix it Sexual harassment is rife in many African media workplaces The 'most expensive drug in the world', how it works and the devastating disease it treats Can consciousness be explained by quantum physics? My research takes us a step closer to finding out Africa’s loss, their gain: How the US and UK benefit from medical brain drain UAE: Prominent Jailed Activist in Danger European Union Court OKs Bans on Religious Dress at Work Pegasus Project: Apple iPhones compromised by NSO spyware Pierre Haski reelected RSF president Proekt is first Russian media outlet to be declared “undesirable” As US withdraws its forces from Afghanistan, RSF calls for a stronger protection of journalists What MPs' plans for music streaming mean for artists and listeners Are there any planets outside of our solar system? Bioweapons research is banned by an international treaty – but nobody is checking for violations The next big financial crisis could be triggered by climate change – but central banks can prevent it Evangelical support for Israel is neither permanent nor inevitable New COVID-19 vaccine warnings don't mean it's unsafe – they mean the system to report side effects is working Calls to cancel Chaucer ignore his defense of women and the innocent – and assume all his characters’ opinions are his Why conservatorships like the one controlling Britney Spears can lead to abuse Who owns the beach? It depends on state law and tide lines Is quitting contagious? Depends on who else leaves and who's in charge Damien Hirst's 'The Currency': what we'll discover when this NFT art project is over As COVID-19 restrictions lift, grief literacy can help us support those around us Space tourism: rockets emit 100 times more CO₂ per passenger than flights – imagine a whole industry Tokyo Olympics without crowds: will the home nation's medal chances suffer? Improving cybersecurity means understanding how cyberattacks affect both governments and civilians “Pegasus – a vile and loathsome tool prized by press freedom predators” Indonesia may partner with Australia to develop digital healthcare supply chains in response to COVID-19 pandemic 'Freedom day'? Removing COVID-19 restrictions will vastly reduce the freedoms of some – viewpoint July 19: Three experts share their thoughts on the end of COVID restrictions in England Artificial intelligence: governments see huge business potential, but ignore the downsides DR Congo: Free Youth Activists Labor gains clear Newspoll lead during Sydney lockdown, but will the economy save the Coalition? Japan: Prime Minister Should Back LGBT Equality Act Fijians harness the fundraising power of social media as their government struggles with the COVID-19 crisis What should you eat after you've been on antibiotics? And can probiotics and prebiotics get your gut back to normal? 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