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Joseph Biden, a champion of human rights, by Manlio Dinucci Fire, tsunami, pandemic: how to ensure societies learn lessons from disaster – podcast Tsunamis, earthquakes, nuclear meltdowns and COVID-19 – what Japan has and hasn't learned from centuries of disaster Environmental action: why some young people want an alternative to protests 'Wrong number? Let's chat' Maasai herders in East Africa use misdials to make connections How the billions MacKenzie Scott is giving to colleges attended by students of color will help everyone in America Gifted education programs don't benefit Black students like they do white students How palm oil became the world's most hated, most used fat source Why choosing the next dalai lama will be a religious – as well as a political – issue Conversion therapy is discredited and increases risk of suicide -- yet fewer than half of US states have bans in place The behind-the-scenes people and organizations connecting science and decision-making Ransomware, data breach, cyberattack: What do they have to do with your personal information, and how worried should you be? Why it's such a big deal that the NFL's Carl Nassib came out as gay Lockdowns reduced urban crime by over a third around the globe – but some cities benefited more than others Solar geoengineering could limit global warming, but Canada should study risks and benefits first Europe is running out of superconductors – here's what it can learn from great tech survivor Osram Grattan on Friday: Blowin' in the wind with Barnaby Schools must act carefully on students' off-campus speech, Supreme Court rules US: Bolster Justice for Grave Crimes Globally RSF secretary-general appeals to King Mohammed during visit to Morocco Politicians criticising women for 'outsourcing' parenting need a reality check. Here it is Cardiac arrests in young people — what causes them and can they be prevented or treated? A heart expert explains Chad: Post-Déby Crackdown, Abuses If I could go anywhere: the 'cathedral' at Blythburgh that rises from the marshes Cramming cities full of electric vehicles means we're still depending on cars — and that's a huge problem Turkey moves to ban pro-Kurdish political party Turkey: Pandemic restrictions out, new restrictions in UNESCO has always been mired in politics and squabbling, but this shouldn't detract from its work Was Michael B. Jordan's ‘J'ouvert’ rum cultural appropriation or a missed opportunity for Trinidad and Tobago? Ethiopia Vote Concludes Amid Fresh Violence in Tigray Southern Africa: Governments must urgently ramp up Covid-19 vaccination efforts to avoid third wave catastrophe It takes a village: why sending your kid to childcare isn't 'outsourcing parenting' Meat pies, desert, bloody dingoes: new Australian film Buckley's Chance brims with dated cultural cliches Dirty secrets: sediment DNA reveals a 300,000-year timeline of ancient and modern humans living in Siberia With Aung San Suu Kyi facing prison, Myanmar's opposition is leaderless, desperate and ready to fight The government’s idea of ‘national environment standards’ would entrench Australia's global pariah status Stopping, blocking and dampening – how Aussie drugs in the pipeline could treat COVID-19 'You're the best!' Your belief in your kids' academic ability can actually improve their grades Security police interventions force closure of Apple Daily, Hong Kong's 26-year-old pro-democracy news outlet Channel 4: rather than privatising public service media we should be expanding it online Brexit: five years after the referendum, here are five things we've learned The UK wants to join a Pacific trade deal – why that might not be a risk worth taking COVID weddings: why some couples got unofficially married during the pandemic We eavesdropped on some Canadian lynx: What we heard was surprising Inventing a smart mattress that will monitor your cardiovascular health Where are the voices of Central Asian and Russian Uyghurs? UN Head Urges India to Join Safe Schools Declaration Learning from COVID: how to improve future supplies of medical equipment and vaccines Mzilikazi Khumalo: iconic composer who defied apartheid odds to leave a rich legacy Violence is endemic in north central Nigeria: what communities are doing to cope How forest elephants move depends on water, humans, and also their personality The maritime tussle between Kenya and Somalia -- and what happens next Pasha 112: The struggles of women doing stand-up in Zimbabwe How gay neighborhoods used the traumas of HIV to help American cities fight coronavirus Despite outrage, new state voting laws don't spell democracy's end – but there are some threats IQ tests can't measure it, but 'cognitive flexibility' is key to learning and creativity Why Alberta must rethink its ban on Canada-China university collaborations It’s time to have a serious conversation about the future of Canadian football Yellowstone is losing its snow as the climate warms, and that means widespread problems for water and wildlife – a new report details the changes An Emirati human rights defender's life has ended abruptly, but her legacy remains Discrimination in Tanzania’s Schools Ruining Girls’ Lives Frontex Failing to Protect People at EU Borders RSF urges Russian and Belarusian authorities to end practice of forced confessions by journalists Robot farmers could improve jobs and help fight climate change – if they're developed responsibly Bridging visas for three months granted to Tamil family Mixed martial arts and the danger of extreme weight cutting Why we dispute 'Dunbar's number' – the claim humans can only maintain 150 friendships Will the pandemic experience help us address climate change? – Viewpoint I have city kids make comic books to create a buzz about mosquitoes and ecology How Vladimir Putin uses natural gas to exert Russian influence and punish his enemies Biden's goal to permanently boost support for families echoes a failed Nixon proposal from 50 years ago – will it take off this time? Transgender medicine – what care looks like, who seeks it out and what's still unknown: 3 essential reads The FDA’s weak drug manufacturing oversight is a potentially deadly problem Flawed data led to findings of a connection between time spent on devices and mental health problems – new research For flood-prone cities, seawalls raise as many questions as they answer Hong Kong: RSF deplores the suffocation to death of Apple Daily, one of the last major Chinese-language media critical of the Beijing regime What is Indonesia's US$125 billion arms procurement budget plan about and what does it need to do? Politics with Michelle Grattan: Sussan Ley and Terri Butler on the Great Barrier Reef being 'in danger' Marmara Sea covered by “sea snot”, with possible dangers to environment Fighting continues in Afghanistan Fighting continues in Afghanistan Pro-democracy Hongkongers vow to resist on the anniversary of anti-China extradition protests Washington set to give up “Endless War” Biden-Putin, a Yalta II rather than a new Berlin, by Thierry Meyssan If Amazon buys Morrisons, it could be a win for consumers and a major threat to other supermarkets If Amazon buys Morrisons, it should be a win for consumers and a major threat to other supermarkets Fighting continues in Afghanistan Why New Zealand is more vulnerable to a new COVID-19 outbreak than ever before What is COVAX-19, the most advanced of Australia's remaining local COVID vaccine candidates? A lone tree makes it easier for birds and bees to navigate farmland, like a stepping stone between habitats What is the 'unified protocol' for PTSD? And how can it help? The case for a Tasmanian AFL team, from an economist's point of view Australians are not aware news outlets are in financial trouble: new report Amid a labour shortage, here's how businesses could hire more refugees — and gain a strategic advantage The Antarctic Treaty is turning 60 years old. In a changed world, is it still fit for purpose? EU Should Hold Firm against the Kremlin’s 'Flywheel of Repression' Malaysia Should Legally Recognize Transgender People How race, sex and class combine to affect school results What is the religious exemption to Title IX and what's at stake in LGBTQ students' legal challenge Global herd immunity remains out of reach because of inequitable vaccine distribution – 99% of people in poor countries are unvaccinated Online learning has changed the way students work — we need to change definitions of ‘cheating’ too How a virtual placenta could help with early detection of at-risk babies Anticipatory nostalgia: how wedding videographers craft memories before they're even over COVID-19 revealed flaws in Australia's food supply. It also gives us a chance to fix them Smart street furniture in Australia: a public service or surveillance and advertising tool? To find out how galaxies grow, we're zooming in on the night sky and capturing cosmic explosions Here's an approach to mentoring that can help close the leadership gender gap We shouldn't blame young people for 'jumping the queue' to get a COVID vaccine. They could be doing us a favour Australian government was 'blindsided' by UN recommendation to list Great Barrier Reef as in-danger. But it's no great surprise Net zero by 2050? Even if Scott Morrison gets the Nationals on board, hold the applause #NiUnaMenos six years on: triumphs and new demands of Argentina's feminist movement To save its economy, can Tunisia reform its oversized public sector? UN Rights Body Should Create New Role on Human Rights and Climate Change How the private sector is shaping the future of Lake Chad and the Congo Basin We studied why South Africans vote the way they do. This is what we found Blunting the impact of poor social conditions in South Africa will have big health benefits How 'colonialism by paper cuts' has undermined Indigenous pandemic leadership Justice facility dogs: The quiet, skilled heroes helping child victims Spacs: why investors fell in love with these stock market vehicles – and how the bubble burst Campus free speech: Does it extend to what students say online? 5 ways international students can harness emotional intelligence to deal with COVID-19 stress How engineered bacteria could clean up oilsands pollution and mining waste If Amazon buys Morrisons, it'll be a win for consumers and a major threat to other supermarkets COVID lab-leak theory: 'rare' genetic sequence doesn't mean the virus was engineered Portugal enters Euro football tournament with support from Angolan and Brazilian artists First Conviction for Dictatorship Crimes in Brazil Spate of Antisemitic Attacks in US During Recent Mideast Tensions RSF appeals to the UN to take immediate action concerning the freezing of Hong Kong media Apple Daily’s assets and arrest of senior staff Cruella: why Disney and other studios are trying to invite sympathy for devilish characters The G7's vaccine pledge: donating 1 billion doses to end the pandemic is far too little – viewpoint Australians fear China-US military conflict but want to stay neutral: Lowy 2021 Poll What landmark Kwazulu-Natal court ruling means for land reform in South Africa Senate knocks out regulation allowing ARENA to fund carbon capture and blue hydrogen Rodrigo Duterte: why the ICC's investigation will not guarantee a fairer or safer Philippines Afghanistan: Children Detained, Tortured for Insurgent Links Guatemala: 3 Killings of LGBT People in a Week ILO Slams Kazakhstan for Long-Standing Labor Rights Abuses Pseudo-hallucinations: why some people see more vivid mental images than others – test yourself here How connecting with local nature helps migrants build better lives Flesh-eating bugs: new research shows how carrion beetles turn death into life Cruella: why Disney and other studios are trying to create sympathy for the devil What we can learn about risk from the COVID experience US third parties can rein in the extremism of the two-party system White Gen X and millennial evangelicals are losing faith in the conservative culture wars The gas tax's tortured history shows how hard it is to fund new infrastructure 'Upcycling' promises to turn food waste into your next meal Explorer Robert Ballard's memoir finds shipwrecks and strange life forms in the ocean's darkest reaches Naomi Osaka's French Open and Wimbledon withdrawals highlights athletes’ mental health UN: Growing international concern must translate into concrete action over China’s crimes against humanity in Xinjiang Podcast with Michelle Grattan: Australia's new Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, climate policy and UNESCO What's Australia's first local Pfizer-style COVID vaccine? And when might it be in our arms? An mRNA expert explains EU Should Make Human Rights Core in Agenda with Turkey UAE: Arbitrary Targeting of Pakistani Shia Residents Nicaragua: Crackdown on Critics Ahead of Election Myanmar: Teenager Describes Torture, Mock Burial Cambodia: Free Environmental Activists Barnaby Joyce's return, and John Anderson's loss, is symbolic of a political culture gone awry No Barnaby, 2050 isn't far away. Next week's intergenerational report deals with 2061 The Senate has voted to reject critical race theory from the national curriculum. What is it, and why does it matter? Myths and stigma about ADHD contribute to poorer mental health for those affected US pulling Patriot missiles from Middle East Ethiopia heads to the polls View from The Hill: Nationals give Scott Morrison a muscle man to deal with — especially on net zero New Zealand approves Pfizer vaccine for young people from 12 to 15, but they'll have to wait their turn Aboriginal housing policies must be based on community needs — not what non-Indigenous people think they need 'Managed retreat' from climate disasters can reinvent cities so they're better for everyone – and avoid more flooding, heat and fires Private messages contribute to the spread of COVID-19 conspiracies Is bringing back home economics the answer to our modern woes? COVID-19: why lab-leak theory is back despite little new evidence Iran election: what Ebrahim Raisi's victory will mean for his country – and the rest of the world The surface of Venus is cracked and moves like ice floating on the ocean – likely due to tectonic activity Critical race theory sparks activism in students Grade 12 university-bound grads: Orientation will help you in one of the biggest transitions of your lives Dust from exploding stars is raining down on Earth. I hunt it to learn how the elements were made Wallets on wheels: city visitors who use e-scooters more spend more Sanctions against Myanmar's junta have been tried before. Can they work this time? The government linked the cost of university teaching to funding and student fees, but the numbers don't add up Unearthing Falerii Novi's secrets in the hot Italian summer: an archaeologist reports from the dig Our research shows COVID has made Australians more conservative and care less about others A controversial US book is feeding climate denial in Australia. Its central claim is true, yet irrelevant Media reports about vaccine hesitancy could contribute to the problem Sudan’s Planned Joint Force Threatens Rights-Abiding Transition Smartphones and contact-tracing: balancing care and surveillance ‘Scambaiting’: why the vigilantes fighting online fraudsters may do more harm than good ADHD in adults: what it's like living with the condition – and why many still struggle to get diagnosed Six reasons why the Tories lost the Chesham and Amersham byelection 'Natural' disasters are due to societal failures – so, here's a six-point pandemic recovery plan Blackfish: how captive killer whale documentary ended SeaWorld's orca breeding programme Walter Scott at 250: so much more than a great historical novelist 4 ways to get more Black and Latino teachers in K-12 public schools This tiny minority of Iraqis follows an ancient Gnostic religion – and there's a chance they could be your neighbors too How to consume news while maintaining your sanity The dip in the US birthrate isn't a crisis, but the fall in immigration may be 'Managed retreat' can reinvent cities while protecting lives when climate change floods, burns or bakes the land What's next for health care reform after the Supreme Court rejects ACA's most recent challenge Does outer space end – or go on forever? Why gain-of-function research matters As urban life resumes, can US cities avert gridlock? What's behind the rising profile of transgender kids? 3 essential reads View from The Hill: Nationals give Scott Morrison a muscle man to deal with - especially on net zero Food is poised to get a lot more expensive, but it doesn't have to How to teach writing to Grade 1 kids: New strategies for teachers and parents India’s pandemic exodus was a biological disaster and stranded migrant workers should be classified as internally displaced Multinationals don't approach investing in Africa the same way: the differences matter A COVID-19 vaccine plant in Africa? This is what it would take to build one Counting the cost of lost schooling in South Africa Children with hearing problems: why acting early can make all the difference What are the Sinopharm and Sinovac vaccines? And how effective are they? Two experts explain To end COVID-19 we need vaccine justice for developing countries not outdated charity – viewpoint The art of Aphantasia: how 'mind blind' artists create without being able to visualise Before his murder, Mexican journalist was using RSF to beg authorities for protection Aussie kids are some of the least active in the world. We developed a cheap school program that gets results Remembering Janet Malcolm: her intellectual courage shaped journalism, biographies and Helen Garner Barnaby Joyce ousts Michael McCormack to regain Nationals leadership The National Party used to be known for its leadership stability — what happened? Marking World Refugee Day Are low-paid jobs really a stepping stone to better pay? A new study suggests it’s not that simple NSW on a slow track to fast trains: promised regional rail upgrades are long overdue Bring out the popcorn: the best films set to roar into cinemas in the second half of 2021 China’s efforts to save its wandering elephants are laudable, but let's not forget its bloody conflicts with the giants Is your phone really listening to your conversations? Well, turns out it doesn't have to Leaner, cost-effective, practical: how the 2032 Brisbane Games could save the Olympics COVID vaccination has turned into a 'battle of the brands'. But not everyone's buying it How shipping ports are being reinvented for the green energy transition How business accelerators can help new startups succeed after COVID-19 A child psychiatrist who knew those killed in the London terror attack offers advice on helping kids deal with trauma The weather's effects on commercial drones may hinder their widespread use Anti-SLAPP laws help keep frivolous lawsuits out of the courts, but not every province has them View from The Hill: Nationals in crisis, with pressure on Michael McCormack's leadership Balloons, graffiti, sports and economic power are the latest tools of Palestinian resistance The precarious fate of African footballers in Europe after their game ends Pasha 111: Why it's important to improve Africa's research output Top economists call for budget measures to speed the switch to electric cars Exclusive. Top economists call for budget measures to speed the switch to electric cars 'Hugs Not Walls' an Inspiration for US Immigration Policy Iran: Overseer of Mass Executions Elected President Football's coming home – what makes a great tournament anthem? How Countries Can Do Better on World Refugee Day How Andrei Sakharov went from Soviet hero to dissident — and forced the world to pay attention to human rights Egypt: Commute Death Sentences for Rab’a Protestors Supreme Court unanimously upholds religious liberty over LGBTQ rights -- and nods to a bigger win for conservatives ahead IMF: Make Cameroon Loan Contingent on Anti-Corruption Liberia: Landmark Swiss Conviction for Wartime Atrocities Northern Cyprus: Three journalists facing jail time for reporting sale of passports Why the UK is so unprepared for the impacts of climate change COVID: The three barriers that stop people being vaccinated Inside a ransomware attack: how dark webs of cybercriminals collaborate to pull one off Crypto banks' savings rates are ten times greater than high street, but are they safe? Roland Watson-Grant, Caribbean regional winner of the 2021 Commonwealth Short Story Prize, tells a tale of rural Jamaica Ethiopia's elections are needed. But they face credibility challenges Contrails from aeroplanes warm the planet – here's how new low-soot fuels can help Brazil: the road to Jair Bolsonaro's militarised democracy The UK–Australia trade deal is not really about economic gain – it's about demonstrating post-Brexit sovereignty Northern Ireland: Paul Givan takes over as first minister, but his party is in crisis Football's coming home – what makes a great football anthem Cern: how we’re probing the universe’s origins using record precision measurements Academic tenure: What it is and why it matters Lighter pavement really does cool cities when it’s done right How Black writers and journalists have wielded punctuation in their activism Federal policy has failed to protect Indigenous women There are over 7,000 English names for birds – here's what they teach us about our changing relationship with nature David Diop: son récit obsédant d’un soldat sénégalais, couronné par le Booker Prize Small towns are collapsing across South Africa. How it's starting to affect farming Amid war and instability, why the Ethiopian election matters The limits of advocacy: arts sector told to stop worrying and be happy Concerned about the latest AstraZeneca news? These 3 graphics help you make sense of the risk EU: Use Article 7 Now to Protect European Values The American Empire of the West deploys troops for battle, by Manlio Dinucci ITIF analyzes China's economic strategy Conservative hard-liner elected as Iran's next president – what that means for the West and the nuclear deal 'A slow and painful journey': why did it take over 20 years to approve the new Alzheimer's drug? Three weeks without electricity? That's the reality facing thousands of Victorians, and it will happen again Zambia's founding father, Kenneth Kaunda, dies at 97 'We have filed a case under your name': beware of tax scams — they'll be everywhere this EOFY The latest 'spasm' of violence in Gaza is unlikely to be the last Stolen wages: Northern Territory class action will hold the Commonwealth to account VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on Scott Morrison's return to Australia and a change in vaccine advice Nepal’s wild elephants are also on the move Kim Jong Un Acknowledges Food Crisis in North Korea US Supreme Court Avoids Sweeping License to Discriminate Conservative hard-liner poised to be Iran's next president – what that means for the West and the nuclear deal Approaching zero: super-chilled mirrors edge towards the borders of gravity and quantum physics Vital Signs: Why has growth slowed globally? It has something to do with technology Australia needs construction waste recycling plants — but locals first need to be won over Why universities must act on the rise of a new kind of bullying: incivility New Zealand has one of the lowest numbers of refugees per capita in the world — there is room for many more The Labor Party has long struggled over a position on Israel and Palestine. Here's why What if I can't get in for my second Pfizer dose and the gap is longer than 3 weeks? Victoria's wild storms show how easily disasters can threaten our water supply Friday essay: how our new archaeological research investigates Dark Emu's idea of Aboriginal 'agriculture' and villages COVID-19 Delta variant in Canada: FAQ on origins, hotspots and vaccine protection WATCH/LISTEN: “Beyond the Protest Square,” a conversation with Tanya Lokot Trinidad & Tobago marks World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, even as some seniors struggle at vaccine centres Kenneth Kaunda: the last giant of African nationalism and benign autocrat left a mixed legacy Darwin got sexual selection backwards, research suggests Eight ways to make your climate change social media posts matter – from a communication expert 4 ways companies can avoid post-pandemic employee turnover Pride and prejudice: With only 9 LGBTQ criminal record expungements, what’s to celebrate? 'Schitt's Creek': Where 'Jews of no religion,' facing exile, find redemption Monkeys, lemurs and apes at risk: Climate change threatens a quarter of world's primate habitat We archived 84 million tweets to learn about the pandemic – each one is a tiny historical document Writing can improve mental health – here's how Second-hand smoke: when you work in others' homes, where do their rights end and yours begin? Fossil find introduces a new ancestor to the jackal family tree Iran presidential elections: who will win and what will happen next? Banning African films like Rafiki and Inxeba doesn't diminish their influence Sport in Africa: book delivers insights into the games, people and politics The terrorism charge filed in the London attack is the first of its kind in Canada How Bordeaux winemakers are setting their prices after the pandemic Should COVID vaccines be compulsory for care home staff? Experts debate Too few women get to invent – that's a problem for women's health Ghana: Drop Charges Against LGBT Rights Defenders Hong Kong: police storm Apple Daily headquarters, arrest five senior staff What's a 100-year flood? A hydrologist explains What's the charitable deduction? An economist explains Postal banking could provide free accounts to 21 million Americans who don't have access to a credit union or community bank Being a pop star once meant baring skin – now, for artists like Billie Eilish and Demi Lovato, it's all about emotional stripping Millions are rejecting one of humanity's best weapons for saving lives: Vaccines Young people are eager to have sex, but will post-pandemic hookups bring happiness or despair? A mix-and-match approach to COVID-19 vaccines could provide logistical and immunological benefits Amazons and warrior princesses on screen – the legacy of Xena 20 years on Aung San Suu Kyi trial: how Myanmar's judicial system is stacked against the deposed leader Why the push to overhaul teacher training in Kenya is a bad idea Post-pandemic return to work is a perfect opportunity to move to a four-day week Gender washing: seven kinds of marketing hypocrisy about empowering women Hungarian anti-LGBTQ+ law is a political tactic for Orbán Chile's new constitution offers unique opportunity to rethink workers’ rights in the digital age Australians under 60 will no longer receive the AstraZeneca vaccine. So what's changed? Working from home: How classism covertly dominated the conversation Grattan on Friday: Will bolshie Nationals or Joe Biden have more sway with Morrison on 2050 target? Brazil: inside Jair Bolsonaro's militarised democracy – podcast Bacteria can recover precious metals from electric vehicle batteries – here's how Three Indian journalists could be jailed for nine years for tweets about video The march of the titanosaurs: the Snake Creek Tracksite unveiled The Biden-Putin summit: no magic reset of relations, but no hitting the snooze button, either Africa’s drylands are getting more support. How to make the most of this Canada: Abuse, Discrimination in Immigration Detention Ending furlough will hit older workers hard – here's how to soften the blow Australia's 2.5% minimum wage rise: there's something in it for you, and the economy Discrepancies in facilities and services among hospitals in Indonesia increase COVID-19 risks among health workers Victorian Labor holds comfortable lead; flawed climate change question in federal Resolve poll We moved hundreds of tonnes of rock to preserve the dinosaur footprints of the Snake Creek Tracksite Biden and Putin call meeting "constructive" Biden and Putin call meeting "constructive" Ahead of Yalta II, Putin recommits to Russian-Chinese alliance RSF holds Moroccan authorities responsible for journalist’s survival Resettling refugees in other countries is not reliable, nor is it fair. So, why is Australia doing it? Biden and Putin call meeting "constructive" At last, health, aged care and quarantine workers get the right masks to protect against airborne coronavirus Why a carbon price alone won't be enough to drive down New Zealand's emissions NZ’s clean car discount is a turn in the right direction, but how much will it drive consumer demand? Catholic Church response to sexual abuse must centre on survivor well-being, not defensiveness Why we still don't have self-driving cars on the roads in 2021 Hidden women of history: Eliza Hamilton Dunlop — the Irish Australian poet who shone a light on colonial violence Bones and all: see how the diets of Tasmanian devils can wear down their sharp teeth to blunt nubbins This deep-sea creature is long-armed, bristling with teeth, and the sole survivor of 180 million years of evolution More stress, unclear gains: are selective schools really worth it? Resettling refugees in other countries is not working, nor is it fair. So, why is Australia doing it? Which COVID vaccine is best? Here's why that's really hard to answer A court ruling on Shell's climate impact and votes against Exxon and Chevron add pressure, but it's the market that will drive oil giants to change Amsterdam is laying down a model for what tourism should look like after COVID How a Scottish graveyard in Kolkata revealed the untold stories of colonial women in India Women in jazz still face many barriers to success – new research Reagan and Gorbachev offer a script for Biden-Putin summit COVID-19 has shone a light on how globalization can tackle inequality How Israel's missing constitution deepens divisions between Jews and with Arabs COVID restrictions: the data that explains why England is facing four more weeks of lockdown Yemeni artist Hakim Al-Akel: ‘War imposed itself, but art will remain’ Saudi Arabia: “It’s high time to free Raif Badawi” 'Nepal variant': what we've learned so far Losing speech after a stroke can negatively affect mental health – but therapy can provide hope Needle phobia could be the cause of 10% of COVID vaccine hesitancy in the UK – new research Jürgen Conings: the case of a Belgian soldier on the run shows how the pandemic collides with far-right extremism Smelling in stereo – the real reason snakes have flicking, forked tongues 5 ways MacKenzie Scott’s $8.5 billion commitment to social and economic justice is a model for other donors Faith still shapes morals and values even after people are 'done' with religion Why nobody will ever agree on whether COVID lockdowns were worth it Biden's Supreme Court commission probably won't sway public opinion Racial bias makes white Americans more likely to support wars in nonwhite foreign countries -- new study A court ruling against Shell and votes against Exxon and Chevron add pressure, but it's the market that will drive oil giants to change The first mobile phone call was 75 years ago – what it takes for technologies to go from breakthrough to big time Insect population collapse: new evidence links it to dams Nurturing dads raise emotionally intelligent kids – helping make society more respectful and equitable Ethiopia’s election: the stakes are high amid fear, mistrust and violence Malawi abolishes death penalty: what it means for southern Africa Canada needs a national public transportation system — here's why South African dinosaur skeleton scans build up a picture from egg to adult Father’s Day: Support dads as parents, not just 'mother’s helpers' How will Armenians with COVID-19 vote on election day? Africa's agenda for children: progress, but still a long way to go European Masterpieces from the Met demonstrates art's power to speak to the human condition Taking the knee in football: why this act of protest has always been political Short-sightedness is increasing in children – and researchers are still trying to understand why Coronavirus: What you need to know about the 'Nepal variant' Privacy and IP concerns as Kenyans find new ways to cash in on their internet fame Progress on Domestic Workers’ Rights, but Gaps Remain ICC: New Prosecutor Takes Up Mandate Armenia: Malicious Prosecution of Activist Africa: Prioritize Education to Safeguard Children’s Rights EU: Protect Lives on Central Mediterranean Route RSF alarmed by gradual disappearance of independent media in Russia Diverse spokespeople and humour: how the government's next ad campaign could boost COVID vaccine uptake Curious Kids: when a snake sheds its skin, why isn’t it colourful? There's a lot we don't know about the UK trade agreement we are about to sign Police debacle leaves the McGowan government battling to rebuild public trust in the SafeWA app Seeing the invisible: tiny crystal films could make night vision an everyday reality Politics with Michelle Grattan: Acting PM Michael McCormack on net zero 2050 and prospects for a new coal-fired power station Spiders are cloaking Gippsland with stunning webs after the floods. An expert explains why Let's talk about what each uni does, but don't make it a choice between teaching or research Size matters: US donation to Trinidad & Tobago sparks conversation on vaccine equity Why a Yalta II ?, by Thierry Meyssan South Korea: Internet Sexual Images Ruin Women’s Lives Mozambique: Grave Concerns for Rwandan Asylum Seeker Hungary’s President Should Veto Anti-LGBT Law Police ‘Kidnap’ Chechen Woman Who Escaped Abuse South Korea: Internet Sexual Images Ruin Women’s Lives Pakistan: RSF and two other NGOs demand re-investigation of the murder of journalist Zubair Mujahid The Forum on Information and Democracy calls for a New Deal for Journalism As organised crime makes headlines, are bikie gangs the threat they are made out to be? Friendlyjordies producer arrest: what is the NSW Police Fixated Persons Investigations Unit and when is it used? COVID-19, public ignorance and democratic decline: three forces chipping away at Indonesia's poor environmental conservation US and EU reach aircraft deal US bishops set collision course with Vatican over plan to press Biden not to take Communion Home quarantine for vaccinated returned travellers is extremely low risk, and won't damage their mental health How the stunning abstract art of Hilma af Klint opens our eyes to new ways of seeing No, it’s not just a lack of control that makes Australians overweight. Here’s what’s driving our unhealthy food habits Why is everyone so obsessed with going to Mars? Here are some other worlds ripe for exploration Many of us want to take our dogs on public transport, but others shudder at the thought — what's the solution? Peatlands worldwide are drying out, threatening to release 860 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year In neglecting the National Archives, the Morrison government turns its back on the future FDA approval of controversial Alzheimer's drug could delay discovery of more promising treatments Protecting education should be at the centre of peace negotiations in Afghanistan New report details gross violations of humanitarian law in Second Nagorno-Karabakh War Counting mammals, birds and dung beetles could be vital for saving the Amazon How world leaders' high-carbon travel choices could delay climate action The debate over transgender athletes' rights is testing the current limits of science and the law Alleviating hunger in Bangladesh during Covid-19 restrictions South Africa's efforts to fix traditional courts hit a snag Areas in Africa with more Chinese-backed projects were more likely to experience protests Christian Eriksen broadcast, the BBC and the question of public interest Reuters' Hot List of climate scientists is geographically skewed: why this matters Sinopharm COVID vaccine: the world needs to keep using it, even if it's less effective than Pfizer How to create effective, engaged workplace teams after the COVID-19 pandemic Indian Residential Schools: Acts of genocide, deceit and control by church and state Lockdown delay: how music venues will be impacted by uncertainty over relaxing restrictions UK government plans to collect and share NHS data are hugely concerning – here's why China and the west: competing traditions make true friendship highly unlikely – here's why The increase in ransomware attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic may lead to a new internet Myanmar: As Aung San Suu Kyi goes on trial, ASEAN’s indecision is enabling military rampage Radio journalist threatened by soldier in northeastern DRC Tribute to Sir Anerood Jugnauth, the architect of contemporary Mauritius GB News: production teething troubles – but success will depend on quality of the journalism Climate change: what G7 leaders could have said – but didn't Friends are saying 'I do' – but might not understand the legal risks of their platonic marriages What a Title IX lawsuit might mean for religious universities Teaching kids social responsibility – like how to settle fights and ask for help – can reduce school bullying Bringing joy back to the classroom and supporting stressed kids – what summer school looks like in 2021 Sticky baseballs: Explaining the physics of the latest scandal in Major League Baseball Artisan robots with AI smarts will juggle tasks, choose tools, mix and match recipes and even order materials – all without human help With Ford's electric F-150 pickup, the EV transition shifts into high gear It wasn't just politics that led to Netanyahu's ouster – it was fear of his demagoguery Boris Johnson overstates Morrison's climate ambition, as Australia-UK trade agreement reached Americans gave a record $471 billion to charity in 2020, amid concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, job losses and racial justice Joe Biden, a father’s love and the legacy of 'daddy issues' among presidents What Greek epics taught me about the special relationship between fathers and sons Turkey using terrorism legislation to gag and jail journalists Word from The Hill: the Biloela Tamil family, G7 and the upcoming parliamentary fortnight Women appointed to top positions in Uganda, but feelings are mixed Mladić Verdict Highlights Limits of Justice in the Western Balkans UN Shared Rohingya Data Without Informed Consent Time to Protect Education for Adolescent Mothers Across Africa Lebanon: UN Should Set Probe into Beirut Blast Italy: Students with Disabilities Included in Covid-19 Education Plans Climate explained: could biofuels replace all fossil fuels in New Zealand? 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