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Christopher Steele produced second Trump dossier for the White House Proposed Iranian law would ban US, British journalists and media The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and the SolarWinds hack were all but inevitable – why national cyber defense is a 'wicked' problem COVID-19 upended Americans' sense of individualism and invited us to embrace interconnectedness – an idea from Greek philosopher Epicurus China's Tiangong space station: what it is, what it's for, and how to see it If I could go anywhere: searching for music in the places where Chopin lived and died Nobody cares about fugly flowers. Scientists pay more attention to pretty plants The NT's tough-on-crime approach won't reduce youth offending. This is what we know works The outlook for coral reefs remains grim unless we cut emissions fast — new research New research finds native forest logging did not worsen the Black Summer bushfires Would Australians support mandates for the COVID-19 vaccine? Our research suggests most would How better conversations can help reduce vaccine hesitancy for COVID-19 and other shots RSF denounces Total’s retaliation against Le Monde for Myanmar story Why business school efforts to recruit more diverse faculties are failing China’s digital currency could be the future of money – but does it threaten global stability? African countries must embrace the concept of good food as good medicine Our research shows gaps in South Africa's diabetes management programme Nigerian hip hop lyrics put cybercrime in a good light Moving US Africa Command to Africa will not solve the continent's security issues South Sudan's chief justice is overstepping his bounds: why it matters for the rule of law Net zero: despite the greenwash, it’s vital for tackling climate change Beginners 101: How to confront and overcome the discomfort of starting something new South Carolina aims to bring back the firing squad Indians stepping up to try to save lives during COVID-19's catastrophic second wave Why some straight men have sex with other men How we showed bamboo cricket bats could usher in a new, more sustainable epoch for cricket Small countries and Covid-19 vaccination: the example of Serbia A new understanding of how the human brain controls our hands – new research Killing Schoolgirls in Afghanistan Public distress as Turkey institutes yet another COVID-19 lockdown With firing of four editors, “repolonisation” under way in Poland IRAN : Proposed Iranian law would ban US, British journalists and media Why the concept of net zero is a dangerous trap – podcast From Rodney King to George Floyd, how video evidence can be differently interpreted in courts Water wells are at risk of going dry in the US and worldwide DNA 'Lite-Brite' is a promising way to archive data for decades or longer 4 reasons business school faculty lack diversity States pick judges very differently from US Supreme Court appointments Haitians protest their president in English as well as Creole, indicting US for its role in country's political crisis US support for waiving COVID-19 vaccine patent rights puts pressure on drugmakers – but what would a waiver actually look like? Women-dominated child and home care work is critical infrastructure that has long been devalued How much sleep do you really need? I went from regular TV commentator on COVID to long COVID sufferer in just a few months Huawei’s ability to eavesdrop on Dutch mobile users is a wake-up call for the telecoms industry Five things that family businesses must do to survive hard times Indian farmers' strike continues in the shadow of COVID-19 Attack on Ex-Maldives’ President Shows Cost of Impunity Azerbaijan’s former ‘graffiti prisoner’ Bayram Mammadov found dead in Turkey Australia Post's worst nightmare: Christine Holgate to head delivery rival Global Express Scottish elections: what happened – and what comes next? A new era of spaceflight? Promising advances in rocket propulsion Smartphones are powerful personal pocket computers – should schools ban them? How school pets can help children to learn and read 'Fortress Australia': what are the costs of closing ourselves off to the world? Part of the legal challenge to the India travel ban has been comprehensively defeated — here's why Charging Indians for COVID vaccines is bad, letting vaccine producers charge what they like is unconscionable Frontex: should EU agency linked to thousands of deaths from border 'pushbacks' be responsible for migrant safety? Azerbaijan’s former “graffiti prisoner” Bayram Mammadov found dead in Turkey Human rights groups propose #7FirstSteps to mend Egypt's ‘dismal’ record Want to save the children? How child sexual abuse and human trafficking really work Want to become a space tourist? You finally can — if you have $250,000 and a will to sign your life away UAE: Foreign Debtor Trapped in Dire Circumstances Middle East/North Africa: End Violent Punishment of Children Europe: Redouble Efforts to End Violence Against Women Nepal: Act to Avert Looming Covid-19 Disaster Wesley Enoch: the 2021 budget must think big and reinvest in the social capital of ideas Mounting evidence suggests COVID vaccines do reduce transmission. How does this work? Afghan school blast death toll rises above 60 Flights have resumed between New Zealand and NSW, but the temporary travel pause may not be the last I have asthma, diabetes or another illness — can I get my COVID vaccine yet? Facebook removes Ukrainian pro-government and opposition networks for ‘coordinated inauthentic behaviour’ Sadiq Khan re-elected: what London mayor's priorities should be for second term Interdisciplinary approaches to coastal vulnerability: the pathway to coastal sustainability Taking one for the team: 6 ways our cells can die and help fight infectious disease To understand racism, kids must empathise with its impact — and teachers must embrace discomfort A great start, but still not enough: why Victoria's new climate target isn't as ambitious as it sounds Shrill, bossy, emotional: why language matters in the gender debate English local elections 2021: how to really read the results The state of the union: what these elections mean for the future of the UK View from The Hill: a budget for a pandemic, with next year's election in mind Sadiq Khan re-elected with weakened majority: what London mayor's priorities should be for second term Why Kenya's judge recruiters are sceptical about activism on the bench Choosing Lesotho's judges on merit should be only the start of judicial reforms The fascinating history of how residents named their informal settlements in Nairobi Nigeria's electoral system is still broken. Here's a list of what's urgent The COVID-19 pandemic has created regional tourism hotspots as big cities suffer 4 ways to fill the need to socialize during the COVID-19 pandemic How communities can fight the stigma that isolates people with dementia After a year of Zoom meetings, we’ll need to rebuild trust through eye contact Seniors have a right to express their sexuality in long-term care homes, but staff need guidance Inside Myanmar: Testimonies of survival and resistance Imagining the Caribbean's architectural alphabet Remembering Zim Ngqawana 10 years on, a singular force in South African music Thailand: Land Rights Activist Gunned Down Raid in Rio de Janeiro Leaves 28 Dead Raid in Rio de Janeiro Leaves 25 Dead Japan’s Ruling Party LGBT Bill Falls Short Belarusian journalists forced into exile speak out From iron rain on exoplanets to lightning on Jupiter: four examples of alien weather Mary Ball Washington, George’s single mother, often gets overlooked – but she's well worth saluting TRIPS waiver: there's more to the story than vaccine patents A metropolis arose in medieval Cambodia – new research shows how many people lived in the Angkor Empire over time Frydenberg promises housing breaks in 'pandemic budget' Faces of those America is leaving behind in Afghanistan Police academies dedicate 3.21% of training hours to ethics and other public service topics – new research Warming is clearly visible in new US 'climate normal' datasets US prisons hold more than 550,000 people with intellectual disabilities – they face exploitation, harsh treatment Lag BaOmer pilgrimage brings Orthodox Jews closer to eternity – I experienced this spiritual bonding in years before the tragedy Space tourism is here – 20 years after the first stellar tourist, Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin plans to send civilians to space Popping toys, the latest fidget craze, might reduce stress for adults and children alike COVID vaccine weekly: support builds for patent waiver as shortages threaten to bite The link between fertility and longevity – new research Middle Eastern monarchies: how do Arab ruling families hold on to power? Jersey fishing dispute: why the UK sent in the navy and how to resolve the spat – maritime security experts Forced fertility or infertility? Peruvian women still have no power over their own bodies Report of the Commission on the relations between journalists and police : towards an improvement on the ground? Scottish election: when will key results come in? Cancer: how one type of RNA could be the future of treatment Cuba's push for coronavirus vaccine sovereignty What India's second wave means for its vaccine coverage – and the rest of the world Hartlepool by-election: inside the new northern Conservatism Why imported veg is still more sustainable than local meat US State of Alabama Removes Anti-LGBT Language from Sex Ed Law Martial Law in Eastern Congo No Pretext for Abuse Vital Signs. The RBA wants to cut unemployment, and nothing — not even soaring home prices — will stand in its way 'Each burning pyre is an unspeakable, screeching horror' – one researcher on the frontline of India's COVID crisis VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on the Port of Darwin, India's second wave, and next week's budget US support for waiving COVID vaccine intellectual property is a huge step. Australia must follow Australia's settler and First Nations histories meet in the wild of the bush in Dogged How The Conversation's journalism made a difference in April Hong Kong activists sentenced to jail for commemorating Tiananmen Square Massacre in 2020 Reducing methane is crucial for protecting climate and health, and it can pay for itself – so why aren't more companies doing it? Applying a gender lens to the budget is not about pitting women against men Iran nuclear talks continue China retaliates: suspending its Strategic Economic Dialogue with Australia is symbolic, but still a big deal What's the Valneva COVID-19 vaccine, the French shot that's supposed to be 'variant proof'? From baby blue-tongues to elephant doulas: motherhood across the animal kingdom Why Ontario had to transfer thousands of Toronto COVID-19 patients to other cities' hospitals Why now would be a good time for the Reserve Bank of New Zealand to publish stress test results for individual banks How I found potential lost works of the great British painter William Hogarth – new research Georgia toughens penalties for administrative offences Reducing methane is crucial for protecting climate and health, and it can pay for itself – yet emissions are still rising fast, a new UN report warns Wildfires are contaminating drinking water systems, and it's more widespread than people realize Nocturnal dinosaurs: Night vision and superb hearing in a small theropod suggest it was a moonlight predator Farewell the utopian city. To cope with climate change we must learn from how nature adapts Who would win in a fight between an octopus and a seabird? Two marine biologists place their bets Friday essay: 3 ways philosophy can help us understand love The fatherhood penalty: how parental leave policies perpetuate the gender gap (even in our 'progressive' universities) Swim like a sea lion, splash like a seal: how evolution engineered nature’s underwater acrobats Print isn't dead: major survey reveals local newspapers vastly preferred over Google among country news consumers Applying a gender lens on the budget is not about pitting women against men Looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Why not smash the patriarchy ADHD affects girls too, and it can present differently to the way it does in boys. Here's what to look out for Pictures from outer space reveal the extent of illegal gold mining in Peru Angolan government bans Brazilian TV channel, alleging ‘irregularities’ This Mother’s Day, pay attention to racialized women leading resistance movements, like Tamil mothers Reducing methane is good for climate, health and can pay for itself – yet emissions are still rising fast, a new UN report warns What India's government needs to do to avoid another healthcare meltdown US-backed vaccine patent waiver: pros and cons explained ICC Sentences LRA Leader to 25 Years Cuba's race to make its own coronavirus vaccine – podcast What this 100-year-old sex trafficking case tells us about modern exploitation and justice Dirty protests: why Irish republican prisoners smeared their cells with faeces to make a political statement during the Troubles Kids with a desk and a quiet place to study do better in school, data shows Why people with disabilities are at greater risk of going hungry – especially during a pandemic Anti-transgender bills are latest version of conservatives' longtime strategy to rally their base What the US can learn from Africa about slavery reparations Why it's time the UK took wrestling seriously Climate change: how bad could the future be if we do nothing? Peacebuilding in Côte d’Ivoire: why it's hard to reintegrate combatants and achieve justice A return to the archives sheds light on German spies in South Africa during WWII The #JerusalemaDanceChallenge showed how Pan African styles can be forged Making space for Buddha in the boardroom Remote working has led to managers spying more on staff – here are three ways to curb it Hearing loss is a neglected hazard for miners in South Africa Environmental activists are being killed in Honduras over their opposition to mining How Uber drivers avoided — and contributed to — the fate of taxi drivers 5 factors that contribute to students finishing high school What Islamic State police files can tell us about everyday life under the caliphate It's possible to build stronger systems to deliver oxygen: here's what it takes Trump's Facebook ban upheld – but the future of the oversight board is in doubt Grattan on Friday: Unblocking the passage from India The government has pledged over $800m to fight natural disasters. It could be revolutionary — if done right COVAX: Enhance Transparency, Share Intellectual Property Uganda: Reject Sexual Offenses Bill Greece: Custody Bill Puts Women, Children at Risk Climate Crisis A Rising Threat to Maternal Health in the US Afghanistan: Health Care for Women Hit by Aid Cuts Myanmar: Junta Bans Satellite Television How do we actually investigate rare COVID-19 vaccine side-effects? What are waterspouts, and how do they form? An expert explains COVID has made one thing very clear — we do not know enough about Australians overseas What is "Free Speech?" Russia: Withdraw New Batch of Oppressive Laws Time for Action to Protect Australia’s Older People Biden Pledges Support for Covid-19 Intellectual Property Waiver COVID virus fragments have been detected in sewage in my area. What does that mean and what should I do? ABC's new arts show walks the line between high and low brow — and it works Why we should take a women-centred approach to diagnosing and treating iron deficiency Why Facebook created its own ‘supreme court’ for judging content – 6 questions answered Reporter murdered in northwestern Mexico’s Sonora state Early humans used fire to permanently change the landscape tens of thousands of years ago in Stone Age Africa Is your kid studying a second language at school? How much they learn will depend on where you live 'Fit for service': Why the ADF needs to move with society to retain the public trust A cave site in Kenya’s forests reveals the oldest human burial in Africa A Belgian farmer moved a rock and accidentally annexed France: the weird and wonderful history of man-made borders 'See What You Made Me Do' will change the way we think about domestic violence. Here's what needs to happen now Australia's states are forging ahead with ambitious emissions reductions. Imagine if they worked together Here's why the planned NDIS reforms discriminate against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people What causes miscarriages? An expert explains why women shouldn't blame themselves How the trees in your local park help protect you from disease Adults are more generous in the presence of children – new research In Rwanda, genocide commemorations are infused with political and diplomatic agendas How we discovered the oldest human burial in Africa – and what it tells us about our ancestors How scientists make plant-based foods taste and look more like meat Ontario closes half of its youth detention centres, leaving some young people in limbo Survey shows some bosses are using the pandemic as an excuse to push workers Space weather is difficult to predict — with only an hour to prevent disasters on Earth For the EU's 'Green Deal' to succeed, economic theory must take into account qualitative growth Scottish election: how Brexit and independence referendums split voters into four tribes Interpol: UAE Official’s Candidacy Raises Human Rights Alarms Viet Nam: Mother and son unjustly convicted in “travesty of justice” Netanyahu corruption trial sheds light on meddling in Israeli media COVID is unlikely to be eliminated – here’s how we’ll treat it in the future Georgia voter suppression efforts may not change election results much Bishops' move to press Biden not to take Communion reflects power struggle in split Catholic Church Do people become more religious in times of crisis? Where coronavirus variants emerge, surges follow – new research suggests how genomic surveillance can be an early warning system MDMA may help treat PTSD – but beware of claims that Ecstasy is a magic bullet How 'socialism' stopped being a dirty word for some voters – and started winning elections across America Taste alone won't persuade Americans to swap out beef for plant-based burgers Upgrades for myGov and My Health Record sites in budget's $1.2 billion digital strategy Can scientists predict all of the ways the coronavirus will evolve? Are you a climate change hypocrite? Here’s why you shouldn’t worry UK-India trade deal: why the timing is crucial for both nations Vaccinating Africa against COVID-19: riding a roller coaster of poor information We gathered rich insights into child survival in Kenya by mapping patterns over 22 years Napoleon’s bicentenary: Why celebrating the French emperor has become so controversial Climate change risk is complex: here is a way to assess it Pasha 106: COVID-19 is increasing inequality in South Africa COVID crisis in India: why its public health strategy failed Elections 2021: what to look out for in Wales IQ tests: are humans getting smarter? UN Security Council: Adopt Global Arms Embargo on Myanmar Women leaders discuss campaign for digital rights in Thailand Listed as a "foreign agent", Russia's most popular independent website risks disappearing Japanese reporter held in Myanmar is charged with “false information” French reporter says he has been kidnapped in northeastern Mali Politics with Michelle Grattan: what should the budget do for women? Jennifer Westacott (BCA) and Michele O'Neil (ACTU) UK elections 2021: your complete guide to the May 6 votes Mental wellbeing is not just beneficial for you – it can also lead to lower healthcare costs Four ways to make sure your passwords are safe and easy to remember Russian feminist activist Yulia Tsvetkova announces hunger strike Community pantries inspire hope amid pandemic and economic crisis in the Philippines Women leaders discuss the campaign for digital rights in Thailand NSW deputy premier threatens to sue FriendlyJordies, reminding us that parody hits in a way traditional media can't 'Famously fed up’. How the work of feminist writer Kate Jennings changed Australia NFTs hit the big league, but not everyone will win from this new sports craze Sports concussions affect men and women differently. Female athletes need more attention in brain research France: Police Expelling Migrant Children Abuse of Cybercrime Measures Taints UN Talks Niger: New Government Should Investigate Massacres Group of Seven Foreign Ministers meet Group of Seven Foreign Ministers meet Fox scents are so potent they can force a building evacuation. Understanding them may save our wildlife The first step to curbing COVID vaccine misinformation is finding out who is most vulnerable. Our research sheds some light Cambodia: End Food Insecurity, Abuses During Lockdown Open letter from retired military : a plot against the Republic ?, by Thierry Meyssan India’s Leaders Obsessed with Criticism, Not Medical Shortages Group of Seven Foreign Ministers meet Male voices dominate the news. Here's how journalists and female experts can turn this around India’s Leaders Obsessed with Criticism, Not Medical Shortages These 3 tips will help you create a thriving pollinator-friendly garden this winter After 140 years, researchers have rediscovered an important Aboriginal ceremonial ground in East Gippsland We have so many good reasons to give international students hope, so why the lack of government urgency? China does not want war, at least not yet. It's playing the long game India is facing a terrible crisis. How can Australia respond ethically? Developing countries need to chart their own course to net zero emissions Gut feel or rational analysis? Both may be vital in finding winning ideas for new markets Are graphene-coated face masks a COVID-19 miracle – or another health risk? New Chia cryptocurrency promises to be greener than Bitcoin, but may drive up hard drive prices Selling a buffalo for a brain scan: India's COVID-19 crisis reveals deep fractures in its health system If New Zealand can radically reform its health system, why not do the same for welfare? Sri Lanka Face Covering Ban Latest Blow for Muslim Women In the grip of pandemic, ‘the time is now’ Swedish Reporters Without Borders awards press freedom prize to a Hungarian news site Op-ed urges Benin to end Digital Law threat to journalism How COVID-19 is likely to slow down a decade of youth development in Africa Indigenous communities should be able to choose online voting, especially during COVID-19: Report Parents, for your 'quaranteenager's' sexual health, talk to them about taking risks The Bank of Canada must seize the pandemic moment and do more for Canadians Lots of people get to vote on police commissioners -- so why does no one bother? The world’s data explained: how much we're producing and where it's all stored COVID-19 pandemic may produce dramatic changes in life expectancy, birth rates and immigration The rush to net zero by 2050 risks piling pressure on low-emitting countries India: election loss in West Bengal may be start of a backlash against Modi's handling of COVID crisis Saudi Arabia: Reveal Status of Saudi-Australian Lebanon: Allow Syrian Refugee Students to Take Exams Vietnam: Free Democracy Activist Mother, Sons Alternative Indian movies: Is Netflix at last embracing cultural diversity? Here's why students don't revise what they write – and why they should How qualified immunity protects police officers accused of wrongdoing How cleaning up coolants can cool the climate – why HFCs are getting phased out from refrigerators and air conditioners Biden's infrastructure plan targets lead pipes that threaten public health across the US Two classes of trans kids are emerging – those who have access to puberty blockers, and those who don't Indians are forced to change rituals for their dead as COVID-19 rages through cities and villages COVID vaccines: why waiving patents won't fix global shortage – scientist explains Hartlepool by-election: red wall seat will be a key test for Keir Starmer's leadership How the pandemic is hurting university students' mental health Tracking science: a way to include more people in producing knowledge Ghana's new rental scheme won't fix the real problem: a housing shortage Chad’s ‘covert coup’ and the implications for democratic governance in Africa Why Zambia's upcoming poll risks tipping the balance against democracy Congo celebrates World Press Freedom Day by sentencing a journalist to six months in prison Herd immunity: can the UK get there? A giant piece of space junk is hurtling towards Earth. Here's how worried you should be 'Apartheid' claim, Israel and the verdict of international law View from The Hill: Port of Darwin review opens a Pandora's box Johannesburg is threatening to sideline informal waste pickers. Why it's a bad idea Wars of the Roses: how the French meddled in this very English conflict ‘Industrial Heaven': a Ukrainian Instagram account digs deeper into the Donbas region The budget is a window into the treasurer's soul. Here's what to look for Tuesday night We may never achieve long-term global herd immunity for COVID. But if we're all vaccinated, we'll be safe from the worst Sure, video games want to get you hooked on spending. But there's no evidence they can manipulate you Misinformation is spreading too fast. We need your help to clean it up Is Australia's India travel ban legal? A citizenship law expert explains Climate explained: when Antarctica melts, will gravity changes lift up land and lower sea levels? Taiwan, ‘the most dangerous place on Earth'? Not according to Taiwanese. India records 12th day of more than 300,000 new COVID-19 cases Is 'Spot' a good dog? Why we're right to worry about unleashing robot quadrupeds A 'toxic' and dehumanising culture: how Australian gymnastics needs to reform in wake of damning report Our unis are far behind the world's best at commercialising research. Here are 3 ways to catch up 'That's not us'. Wake in Fright at 50, a portrait of an ugly Australia that became a cinema classic The Conversation's not-for-profit newsroom needs you now more than ever The Coalition's child-care subsidy plan: how it works, and what it means for families and the economy How the coronavirus pandemic is changing Toronto life and business – for better or worse What next for parklets? It doesn't have to be a permanent switch back to parking Curious kids: do whales fart and sneeze? Humans weren't to blame for the extinction of prehistoric island-dwelling animals Yes, quality teaching improves student outcomes. But that means all teachers need support – not just those in training The rise of pop-psychology: can it make your life better, or is it all snake-oil? Are chemicals shrinking your penis and depleting your sperm? Here's what the evidence really says It's not surprising Indian-Australians feel singled out. They have long been subjected to racism Treatment for stuttering may be most effective when addressing anxiety as well as speech Tip of the iceberg: The true state of drinking water advisories in First Nations What are the blood clots associated with the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine? 4 questions answered What Press Freedom Looks Like in Rwanda Philip Ochieng: Kenyan editor and author who did it his way and inspired a generation The N-Word: a volcano kept active by the flickering embers of racism Women are a mainstay of fishing in West Africa. But they get a raw deal Sub-Saharan Africa's food security has turned out better than feared. But risks remain Nigeria has few women in politics: here's why, and what to do about it Kenya has its first female chief justice: why this matters Census 2021: Canadians are talking about race. But the census hasn't caught up. New indie board games build worlds without capitalism or colonialism What happened to Confederate money after the Civil War? Breakfast After the Bell programs reduce school absenteeism Massive flare seen on the closest star to the solar system: What it means for chances of alien neighbors Why Trump is more likely to win in the GOP than to take his followers to a new third party Installing solar panels over California's canals could yield water, land, air and climate payoffs Why we remember more by reading – especially print – than from audio or video Official medical advice warned of health risks Australians stranded in India face Kyrgyzstan: Proposed Legal Changes Threaten Political Dissent EU: Prioritize Rights at India Summit UN: Stand with Bangladeshi Journalists on Press Freedom Day Egyptian TV show reignites political schism over 2013's bloody summer Mass international solidarity campaign launched in support of Maria Ressa The LNP's child-care subsidy plan: how it works, and what it means for families and the economy What are 'internal waves' that possibly sank the Indonesian sub? If you've ever suffered plane turbulence, you've been inside one East and Southern Africa: Media freedoms curtailed as COVID-19 regional crises expose urgent need for access to information AFGHANISTAN : “No just and lasting peace in Afghanistan without guarantees for press freedom” Paying Australia’s coal-fired power stations to stay open longer is bad for consumers and the planet What's the impact of the U.S. troop withdrawal on the Afghan peace process? France's elite schools and their alumni networks: a flaw in the governance of French companies What's the impact of the U.S. troop withdrawal on the Afghan peace process? Evidence shows children who are smacked are more likely to be involved in partner violence in adulthood Laws governing police use of DNA are changing: are the proposals fair for all New Zealanders? Sex bots, virtual friends, VR lovers: tech is changing the way we interact, and not always for the better If we wanted to, we could stop filling shoeboxes with receipts. Here's how to simplify work-related tax deductions If I could go anywhere: Florence's San Marco Museum, where mystical faith and classical knowledge meet Human Rights Commission expresses 'deep concerns' at ban on returnees from India The 1.5℃ global warming limit is not impossible – but without political action it soon will be I'm over 50 and can now get my COVID vaccine. Is the AstraZeneca vaccine safe? Does it work? What else do I need to know? France's most elite schools and their alumni networks: a flaw in the governance of French companies From making wine to managing mine waste, clay is important for many industries Pandemic puppies: Canine crisis or happy household? CERB was luxurious compared to provincial social assistance Asian Heritage Month: Gold ribbons show hope and solidarity amid anti-Asian violence An extra $1.7 billion for child care will help some. It won't improve affordability for most As press freedom continues to struggle in Kenya, alternatives keep hope alive New drugs work against the many strains of hepatitis C found in African countries Trying to understand the use of drugs by women farmers in Nigeria's Adamawa State South Africa's romcom revolution and how it reimagines Joburg Now there's a chance of justice for Thomas Sankara, it's useful to review what got him killed Liberals' victory in Tasmanian election is more status quo than ringing endorsement Restricting digital media is a gamble for African leaders Turkey, a global problem, by Savvas Kalèndéridès, Stavros Kalèndéridès Liberals likely to retain majority in Tasmania; Biden's ratings after 100 days In Turkey, satirical TikTok video leads to arrest and travel ban Heavy rains worsen the effects of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ La Soufrière volcano China pledges to improve conditions of delivery workers. Arrest of a labor activist suggests otherwise. China pledges to improve conditions of delivery workers. Arrest of a labor activist suggest otherwise. The Azeri War Trophies Museum Oxford vaccine professor: rich countries have a moral duty to share their COVID-19 shots Crossing Another Rubicon in Russia Civilians Harmed in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan Border Clashes The 'bystander effect' is real -- but research shows that when more people witness violence, it's more likely someone will step up and intervene Boris Johnson's phone: what can hackers do with your mobile number? Line of Duty: two ex-anti-corruption officers on how the police actually catch 'bent coppers' Why we can still recognise people in face masks Remote working: why some people are less productive at home than others – new research How our immune system helps us fight antibiotic resistance COVID in India: the deep-rooted issues behind the current crisis Rich countries have a moral duty to share their COVID-19 vaccines Scottish independence: what's at stake in May elections How to tell if your college is trans-inclusive Why didn't onlookers stop Derek Chauvin? Here's what research really shows about bystanders getting involved Family meals are good for the grown-ups, too, not just the kids From tulips and scrips to bitcoin and meme stocks – how the act of speculating became a financial mania American cities have long struggled to reform their police – but isolated success stories suggest community and officer buy-in might be key Sang culture: how a reluctant Russian singer became the hero of young pessimists across China Medical oxygen should not be a luxury – we're trying to develop a cheaper way to produce it COVID in India: how the Modi government prioritised politics over public health Nuclear power: how might radioactive waste water affect the environment? A pandemic election: local votes approach during tense moment for relations with Westminster Sri Lanka: Reject ‘Political Victimization’ Findings Myanmar: End Threats Against Rights Group RSF urges Madagascar to let journalists cover Covid-19 freely Questioning Indonesia's recent ministry merger: how do other countries manage their national education and research agencies? Why insurgent groups in northern Nigeria continue to kidnap school children The trucking industry has begun to turn electric — but passenger vehicles will take a little longer 'I believe in romance': remembering Valerie Parv, the Australian author who sold 34 million books VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on the COVID situation in India, Mike Pezzullo and the upcoming budget Could the COVID vaccines affect your period? We don't know yet — but there's no cause for concern Politicisation of Indonesia's state research body shatters technocrat dream – time for scholars to stop being naive and anti-politics Cambodia: Authorities must avert COVID-19 humanitarian crisis How small-scale seafood supply chains adapt to COVID-19 disruptions Joe Biden and Catholic Church at loggerheads Taking control of the levers of Chinese online commerce The fight against criminal computer attacks Proposed new curriculum acknowledges First Nations' view of British 'invasion' and a multicultural Australia The Pacific went a year without COVID. Now, it's all under threat Curious Kids: why do we have eyebrows? ‘No one ever forgets living through a mouse plague’: the dystopia facing Australian rural communities, explained by an expert Germany’s Top Court Finds Country’s Climate Law Violates Rights Canada has 20 per cent of the world’s freshwater reserves — this is how to protect it Not two different worlds: QAnon and the offline dangers of online speech Vital Signs: 3 economic facts point to a big-spending federal budget Feral desert donkeys are digging wells, giving water to parched wildlife Starting behind: more than half of young Australian kids living in adversity don't have the skills they need to learn to read Friday essay: my belly is angry, my throat is in love — how body parts express emotions in Indigenous languages We mapped the 'super-highways' the First Australians used to cross the ancient land The First Australians grew to a population of millions, much more than previous estimates Australia would be wise not to pound 'war drums' over Taiwan with so much at stake Will the end of the COVID-19 pandemic usher in a second Roaring ’20s? Gay wage gap: it's linked to discrimination – and is bad for economic growth To demonstrate their commitment, teleworkers are making themselves more available than ever Post Office scandal reveals a hidden world of outsourced IT the government trusts but does not understand COVID vaccine weekly: India's crisis deepens, but vaccine sharing is yet to materialise 82% of Americans want paid maternity leave – making it as popular as chocolate Tweeting to remember: Twitter account commemorates Japan's 1945 Battle of Okinawa As India grapples with COVID-19, Pakistan extends support, prayers India COVID crisis: four reasons it will derail the world economy What the United States can learn from Canada’s cannabis clarity LGBT+ wage gap: how it's linked to discrimination – and weakens economic growth Gender equality: Why the UK's shared parental leave scheme needs a rethink An Oscar for My Octopus Teacher is a boost for South African film. But ... Watching a coral reef die as climate change devastates one of the most pristine tropical island areas on Earth Somalia is facing another food crisis: here's why -- and what can be done to stop the cycle Robots are coming and the fallout will largely harm marginalized communities Five key insights into Déby's leadership that point to where Chad may be heading Why renewable energy won’t end energy poverty in Zimbabwe Grit matters when a child is learning to read, even in poor South African schools Education and inequality in 2021: how to change the system One incredible ocean crossing may have made human evolution possible Inside the world of tiny phytoplankton – microscopic algae that provide most of our oxygen From bioweapons to super soldiers: how the UK is joining the genomic technology arms race Young British Indians are embracing arranged marriage – just not in the traditional sense Boris Johnson's Downing Street refurbishment: might a law have been broken? Another Day of Violence Across Nigeria Tunisia Jails Repatriated Women With Suspected ISIS Ties DR Congo: Prioritize Justice for Serious Crimes US: Pass PRO Act to Empower Workers, Protect Rights The Myanmar Junta’s Assault on the Truth Serbian anti-vaxxers revive the medieval ‘Danse Macabre,’ while pandemic deaths rise Scotland: why May election is crucial for independence movement, and the UK – podcast Severe COVID in young people can mostly be explained by obesity – new study Grattan on Friday: Australians should not be left stranded in India Arlene Foster: where it all went wrong for Northern Ireland's first minister People have had a hard time weighing pandemic risks because they haven't gotten information they needed when they needed it The Pilgrims' attack on a May Day celebration was a dress rehearsal for removing Native Americans How Biden's paid leave proposal would benefit workers, their families and their employers too #MeToo on TikTok: Teens use viral trend to speak out about their sexual harassment experiences 'Brexit has changed people's minds on independence': Q&A with Kezia Dugdale, former Scottish Labour leader State lawsuits over stimulus tax rule face uphill battle The Greek police must show journalists can trust it with their protection after one was murdered and another is threatened Algeria : Reporter jailed after covering Tuareg protests in southern Algeria Exclusive. 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