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Trump raises $ 1 billion for Truth Social Explosions inside Al-Tanf US base Dismantling anti-Black racism in our schools: Accountability measures are key We are professional fire watchers, and we're astounded by the scale of fires in remote Australia right now Half of women over 35 who want a child don't end up having one, or have fewer than they planned Graduates lose pay advantage in tougher times, but overall workforce entrants seem surprisingly satisfied BHP's vaccine policy 'not lawful and reasonable' – but this is no win for mandate opponents How much meat do we eat? New figures show 6 countries have hit their peak NZ's unemployment insurance scheme will be the biggest welfare shakeup in generations – is it justified? Even in the colourful world of video games, most players demand historical accuracy Two reporters attacked, arrested while covering flash mob protest in Myanmar Countries Should Bolster Law on Incendiary Weapons How Christmas became an American holiday tradition, with a Santa Claus, gifts and a tree Carbon capture and storage: where should the world store CO₂? It's a moral dilemma Are you interested in the weather and its impact on nature? Here's a career for you Tanzania put education high on the agenda at independence. Here are the results 60 years on Vote buying is a big problem in Kenya. How to curb it before the 2022 elections The growth of South Africa's cultural industries depends on broader state policies Tanzania at 60: a model of co-existence held back by political rigidity The West must cut a deal with the Taliban to prevent mass starvation in Afghanistan Cicero isn’t a model for saving the state, but a symbol of what destroyed it Floods are going to get worse: we need to start preparing for them now EU solidarity with Poland on migration: a violent response to an imagined threat The UK's policing bill will make climate activism almost illegal – just when it's most needed Mental health and terrorism: more people flagged to authorities have 'mixed, unstable, unclear' views than Islamist ideologies RSF and Euro-Med condemn Israeli travel bans on Palestinian journalists CIJI awards 75.000 EUR to three regional media hubs to support ‘Collaborative and Investigative Journalism in Europe’ Pakistan Sentences Rights Defender to 14 Years in Prison Why the UK shouldn’t introduce mandatory COVID vaccination Quotes from Frantz Fanon's Wretched of the Earth that resonate 60 years later Amazon and Tesco's checkout-free stores are a niche idea that won't save the high street An expert draws 7 lessons about US gun laws from the murder of Ahmaud Arbery and the Rittenhouse verdict Consumers value a product viewed online more if they see it being virtually touched Why addressing racism against Black women in health care is key to ending the US HIV epidemic How did Uncle Sam become a symbol for the United States? Post-election pact failure: echoes of fraught history between South Africa's ANC and Inkatha Reintroducing masks in England may be met with resistance – here's how the government can overcome it Modern-day culture wars are playing out on historic tours of slaveholding plantations Curious Kids: why can't we put a space station on the Moon? Yazidi genocide: landmark guilty verdict for IS jihadi could transform how atrocities are brought to justice Myanmar: Aung San Suu Kyi Sentenced to 4 Years A new report shows worrying growth of the diabetes pandemic La France souhaite améliorer ses relations avec l’Afrique, mais elle s’y prend mal View from The Hill: Running Berejiklian ahead of ICAC report would send the worst of signals on integrity Does vaping really damage DNA and increase the risk of cancer? Libérer la parole des victimes, une condition pour rompre avec la banalisation du viol en Côte d'Ivoire Nobel Peace Prize ceremony: Maria Ressa and Dmitri Muratov represent a profession with at least 1,636 members killed in 20 years (46 this year alone) Death and destruction as former allies faced off in central Somalia Citizens start clean-up and recovery efforts after protests and riots in Solomon Islands FIFA: Ensure Fair Trial of World Cup Whistleblower International Criminal Court Annual Meeting Washington agreeable to military regime in Lebanon France hands Lebanese minister's head to heir of Saudi throne Labor offers extra university places, but more radical change is needed Indonesia can become a global player in the fight against climate change with these two solutions Australia's agriculture sector sorely needs more insights from First Nations people. Here's how we get there COVID saw us sitting longer – and diabetes rose globally by 16% in 2 years. Time to get moving Media inclusion of Indigenous peoples is increasing but there is still room for improvement Why New Caledonia's final independence vote could lead to instability and tarnish France's image in the region The crisis of a career in culture: why sustaining a livelihood in the arts is so hard Labor maintains clear Newspoll lead, but there's been an overall shift to the Coalition since October Curious Kids: how did crocodiles survive the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs? Autistic people need a greater say in where NZ's autism research funding is spent – here’s a way forward 80 years on, the attack on Pearl Harbour offers lessons for today Is your neighbourhood underinsured? Search our map to find out Why dingoes should be considered native to mainland Australia – even though humans introduced them 'I can only do so much': we asked fast-fashion shoppers how ethical concerns shape their choices We're short of teachers, and the struggles to find training placements in schools add to the problem Making the tobacco industry pay for cigarette litter could stop 4.5 billion butts polluting the Australian environment Private space stations are coming. Will they be better than their predecessors? How dual loyalties created an ethics problem for Chris Cuomo and CNN Montréal Massacre anniversary: The media must play a key role in fighting femicide The long fight against sexual assault and harassment at universities How Latin American feminists shifted global understanding of gender-based violence Post-COP26, a Caribbean view on climate injustice and ‘1.5 to stay alive’ Soil isn't dirt: it's the foundation of life and needs real care How changes to South Africa's value-added tax affect compliance among small firms Nigeria's transport grant isn't the best way to allocate fuel subsidy savings: here's what is Fossil spine suggests ancient human relative walked like us, but climbed like an ape «China: Democracy That Works» Belarus, transformed: political analysts track social and political change in the country Human Rights Watch Mourns Loss of Dewa Mavhinga Is your child frightened of needles? Here's how to prepare them for their COVID vaccine Albanese offers more university places and free TAFE spots Seif al-Islam Kadhafi reinstated as presidential candidate Facebook: latest court case shows how Europe is clamping down on big tech Plastic trash in the ocean is a global problem, and the US is the top source – a new report urges action How the United Nations' new 'open science framework' could speed up the pace of discovery Covid-19 Hampers Workplace Safety in Georgia’s Mines People with Disabilities in Mexico Underrepresented in Politics Azerbaijan: Opposition Leader Beaten in Custody Here’s why people might discriminate against foreign accents – new research 'Merely tinkering': expert analysis of the UK government's new plan to reform social care in England Letters from Sondheim: how I got to know the great composer Facebook: latest court case shows how Europe is clamping down over data gathering and fake news Kenya has imposed a holiday season COVID-19 vaccine mandate: why it's premature Are you binge-watching too much? How to know if your TV habits are a problem – and what to do about it Women's sport is on the way up – but more needs to be done to secure its future After targeting journalists, Russian authorities now targeting their lawyers Council of Europe Sanctions Turkey Asylum Rights Thrown into a Frozen Ditch on Poland-Belarus Border Here’s why we might discriminate against foreign accents – new research Churches aren't helping asylum seekers 'game' the immigration system Why do couples use baby talk with one another? 'The Beatles: Get Back' glosses over the band's acrimonious end Pregnancy apps and online spaces fail to support individuals grieving a pregnancy loss – here's what to do about it Political rage: America survived a decade of anger in the 18th century – but can it now? Omicron: Britain plans to vaccinate 25 million in two months – but can it be done? Government must back UK train travel or risk long-term retreat to cars Diabetes drug may help improve symptoms for people with heart failure – new research Digital surveillance / Pegasus: Civil society calls for EU sanctions against NSO Group Turkey: Council of Europe Sanctions Turkey France and the UK: behind two men scoring political points are teams of diplomats behaving like grown ups The Beatles: Get Back and the magic of seeing chords become anthems Omicron: better to be safe (and quick) than sorry Here’s why we might discriminate against foreign accents: new research Recognize Immigrants’ Human Need for Stability View from The Hill: Albanese's 43% emissions reduction target by 2030 has some political cover Platée reigns supreme on the Sydney operatic stage Indonesian police arrested students who raised banned ‘Papuan Independence Day’ flag EU: Sanction NSO Group Over Abusive Spyware Lebanon: Syrian Refugee Children Blocked from School Xiomara Castro elected in Honduras Why do I grind my teeth and clench my jaw? And what can I do about it? Safe, respected and free from violence: preventing violence against women in the Northern Territory Most Australian households are well-positioned for electric vehicles – and an emissions ceiling would help What is adaptive clothing and how can it make life easier for people with a disability? The Productivity Commission has released proposals to bolster Australians' right to repair. But do they go far enough? VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on government scandal and Labor policy How will 'independent learning' paradigm in Indonesia’s higher education benefit students with disabilities? Labor’s 2030 climate target betters the Morrison government, but Australia must go much further, much faster How can scientists update coronavirus vaccines for omicron? A microbiologist answers 5 questions about how Moderna and Pfizer could rapidly adjust mRNA vaccines Explainer: how do police undertake major crime investigations? If your child is afraid of — or refusing — a medical procedure, here’s how to help Our understanding of black holes has changed over time 10 ways New Zealand employers can turn the 'great resignation' into a 'great recruitment' An AI-flown military aircraft is being designed in Australia. Are our laws equipped to protect us? IOC Doubles Down on Losing China Strategy A new exoplanet: meet GJ 367b, an iron planet smaller and denser than Earth Is your state ready to handle the influx of federal funds for expanding broadband? Young people's fear of missing out may be fuelling feelings of social disconnection during COVID-19 'One China' principle: what this interesting aspect of diplomacy means for China and Taiwan Vital Signs: Albanese to come clean on emissions targets, but a carbon price is still hush-hush What can we gain from open access to Australian research? Climate action for a start Total solar eclipse will bring 2 minutes of darkness to Antarctica's months of endless daylight Friday essay: Indigenous afterlives in Britain Australia's biggest fossil fuel investment for a decade is in the works – and its greenhouse gas emissions will be horrifying Football: English fans want an independent regulator – here's how it could help save clubs from ruin Climate transition delay could cost the UK trillions Canada must once again grab its share of the auto industry, despite U.S. protectionism The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse raises questions about white privilege Meghan Markle: Mail on Sunday loses appeal in privacy case – the judgment explained Civil Society Groups Seek Urgent UN Action on Yemen France Should Stop Selling Arms to the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia Stop and search: new data shows continued ethnic disproportionality When will life return to normal after the pandemic? Debunking key myths about Britain's 'broken asylum system' Victims of domestic abuse find no haven in family courts The US biofuel mandate helps farmers, but does little for energy security and harms the environment Sea otters demonstrate that there is more to muscle than just movement – it can also bring the heat Female faculty of color do extra diversity work for no extra reward – here's how to fix that School shootings are at a record high this year – but they can be prevented Why COVID-19 must be included in safer sex messaging on college campuses Use of HIV prevention treatments is very low among Southern Black gay men Germany: the three biggest issues facing Chancellor Olaf Scholz The furore over Miss South Africa's decision to compete in Israel: here's a feminist critique How a Supreme Court decision limiting access to abortion could harm the economy and women's well-being Swapping probiotics for antibiotics: how it could be a game changer for chickens, and us Children and screens – making it through the holidays Kenya needs to grasp the cryptocurrency nettle: how a digital currency could help Mass atrocities in Ethiopia expose the limitations of early warning tools South Africa is failing to ride the digital revolution wave. What it needs to do COP26 is over – here's how the UK can keep up momentum on climate action How plankton helped create the Earth’s mountains 2 billion years ago Donors have shifted their priorities when it comes to HIV: a look at the impact in Uganda Pubic hair, nudism and the censor: the story of the photographic battle to depict the naked body Harms versus benefits in medicine: not just a decision for experts Climate change is making monogamous albatrosses divorce – new research Dennis the Menace lives on: the influence of this 70-year-old on everything from darts to raves Grattan on Friday: Allegation against Alan Tudge hits Morrison government where it hurts Planet pharma: what the industry got out of COVID – podcast Artist collective rekindles Argentine folklore from a queer perspective Are charities being silenced? Why a new law is alarming activists and could scuttle their election campaigns Saudi Arabia: F1 Events Risk Whitewashing Abuses Omg, Omicron! Why it's too soon to panic about COVID vaccines and the new variant Tudge stands aside while claim of kicking former staffer investigated Myanmar: Protesters Targeted in March Massacre Jack Dorsey sacked from Twitter Labour reshuffle: Keir Starmer's shadow cabinet exudes confidence – but the party's left has been shut out Love it or hate it, TikTok is changing the music industry A sign of healthy democracy or a 'rudderless' nation? How crossing the floor has changed There's an enormous geothermal pool under the Latrobe Valley that can give us cheap, clean energy 'I was told if I couldn't hack it, I should hand in my uniform.' Volunteers share suicidal thoughts after fighting bushfires Eating disorders have increased during COVID-19 — here's how to recognize them and how to help Australia has a heritage conservation problem. Can farming and Aboriginal heritage protection co-exist? Verification will be essential as New Zealanders start using vaccine passes -- to stop fraud and the spread of COVID Protest in support of jailed opposition activist in Baku turns violent Less snow, more rain in store for the Arctic, study finds Farm animals suffered in B.C. floods despite existing disaster management guidelines The EU is the real villain in the Poland-Belarus migrant crisis Most school shooters get their guns from home – and during the pandemic, the number of firearms in households with teenagers went up Supreme Court signals shift on abortion – but will it strike down Roe or leave it to states to decide when 'personhood' occurs? Adele's '30': A mathematician explores number patterns in album titles New Greek law against disinformation endangers press freedom Colonial prejudices and vaccine nationalism drive COVID-19 African travel bans Sahel: Top UN Rights Official Visits Burkina Faso, Niger Celebrity diets and food fads have been around for centuries – and some of them even worked Labour reshuffle: Keir Starmer's shadow cabinet exudes confidence - but the party's left has been shut out Greece to make COVID vaccines mandatory for over-60s, but do vaccine mandates work? How children at urban schools can benefit from learning in nature A new species of early human? Why we should be cautious about new fossil footprint findings Jack Dorsey's decision to quit Twitter is not a vote of confidence in future of social media One in four UK birds now on endangered species red list due to habitat loss and climate change Bevis Marks: Britain's oldest synagogue is central to London's history – here's why it needs protecting Why increased rainfall in the Arctic is bad news for the whole world Religious communities can make the difference in winning the fight against climate change You actually can teach an old dog new tricks, which is why many of us keep learning after retirement Kiwi kids who read for pleasure will do well in other ways – it’s everyone’s responsibility to encourage them Mathematical discoveries take intuition and creativity – and now a little help from AI Do La Niña's rains mean boom or bust for Australian farmers? No, we shouldn't worry too much about getting COVID from young kids Good riddance: the costs of Morrison's voter ID plan outweighed any benefit We identified 39,000 Indigenous Australian objects in UK museums. Repatriation is one option, but takes time to get right Buying silence: we can't stop workplace sexual harassment without banning non-disclosure agreements Turkey's Medical professionals call for better working conditions Armenia and Azerbaijan pledge progress as leaders meet in Sochi Georgian Communications Commission levies fines on TV channels for ‘political’ content Armenia’s ex-president Serzh Sargsyan faces bribery charges Olympics: Protect Peng Shuai Congo Investigation a Chance to Fight Corruption Congo Basin's vital clues to HIV's behaviour: how we're trying to crack its complex code AI can reliably spot molecules on exoplanets – and might one day even discover new laws of physics Five of Stephen Sondheim's best shows HIV prevention pill PrEP is now free under most insurance plans – but the latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act puts this benefit at risk South Africa's cave-dwelling bats need more protection -- to keep people safe too Small-group learning can mitigate the effects of school closures – but only if teachers use it well How we found a way to track alien marine species along South Africa's coast Independent commissions can ditch partisanship and make redistricting fairer to voters Africa's growing road network may affect ecosystems: we reviewed the evidence Aaron Rodgers dropped the ball on critical thinking – with a little practice you can do better Are small farms the solution to food insecurity? Uganda study shows policies can get it wrong How air filters can make COVID wards safer for patients and staff Charting changes in a pathogen's genome yields clues about its past and hints about its future How the US census led to the first data processing company 125 years ago – and kick-started America’s computing industry Many vaccine passports have security flaws – here's how to make them safer Mauritian parliament imposes tougher regulations on broadcast media The Congo Basin offers vital clues to HIV's behaviour: how we're trying to crack its complex code View from The Hill: A study in contrast, Porter and Hunt to leave Parliament Three years after the UN’s Universal Periodic Review, RSF and NGO coalition denounce China’s hypocrisy on human rights Pakistan imposes new censorship mechanism under guise of protecting journalists Sure, the national accounts show GDP going backwards, but look at what's to come 500,000 or 20,000? How to estimate the size of a political rally properly Killer Robots: Negotiate New Law to Protect Humanity Where the Rome-Paris axis is taking us, by Manlio Dinucci The European Union begins its dissolution, by Thierry Meyssan Low bar for 'genuine consultation' set by UWA case feeds into crisis of legitimacy for Australian institutions Women play a critical role in diplomacy and security, so why aren't more in positions of power? What is complex PTSD and how does it relate to past abuse and trauma? Stephen Sondheim showed me the beauty, terror and exquisite pain of being alive ASEAN rebuffs Myanmar's military junta as Aung San Suu Kyi faces long jail term 3 reasons the announcement to dump radioactive waste in South Australia is extremely premature Ethics and avoiding conflicts of interest are vital in the public service – can New Zealanders be confident in the system? Biden brings a menorah lighting back to the White House, rededicating a Hanukkah tradition from the 20th century Soon, 1 out of every 15 points of light in the sky will be a satellite Drug companies protest when Health Canada withdraws their products for safety reasons A century of Etel Adnan: a mountain who leaves behind mountains A Month of Fires in Thantlang, Myanmar The Jenkins review has 28 recommendations to fix parliament's toxic culture – will our leaders listen? Why are homes still being built along rivers? Flooded residents disagree on the solution The Astroworld tragedy: A look into the messianic world of hip hop and rap Breathtaking wilderness in the heart of coal country: after a 90-year campaign, Gardens of Stone is finally protected The ostentatious story of the 'young pope' Leo X: his pet elephant, the cardinal he killed and his anal fistula More than 200 Australian birds are now threatened with extinction – and climate change is the biggest danger Students who cheat don't just have to worry about getting caught. They risk blackmail and extortion Not again ... how to protect your mental health in the face of uncertainty and another COVID variant Will omicron – the new coronavirus variant of concern – be more contagious than delta? A virus evolution expert explains what researchers know and what they don't What my 20 years in Afghanistan taught me about the Taliban – and how the west consistently underestimates them Top Kenyan scientist shares the joys and challenges of creating life-saving vaccines Prison numbers set to rise 24% in England and Wales -- it will make society less safe, not more What's missing from English literature at school – emotion What's in store for Gambians as they gear up for hotly contested poll How to narrow the big divide between black and white farmers in South Africa In Burkina Faso healthcare is free only for some: why this is a problem Nigeria and South Africa have a love-hate relationship: the continent needs them closer Advertising in the pandemic: how companies used COVID as a marketing tool Barbados: after four centuries under the British crown, former slave island looks to bright new republican future If CEOs want to promote diversity, they have to 'walk the talk' Hong Kong: Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai, detained for one year, risks life sentence Politics with Michelle Grattan: Politicians condemn bad behaviour, and then behave badly Sweden's flight-free movement: how views about holiday air travel are changing COVID: will the UK vaccinate children under 12? Josephine Baker’s ‘Rainbow Tribe’ and the pursuit of universal brotherhood Parliamentary inquiry to put behaviour of 'big tech' under scrutiny What is Hanukah and how is it celebrated in Britain? Green transition will be less painful if we avoid repeating 1970s western policy errors in the oil market Josephine Baker: what it means to enter France's hallowed Panthéon What's next for Afghanistan? Two experts make predictions Will omicron – the new coronavirus variant of concern – be more contagious than delta? A virus expert explains what researchers know and what they don't What the public doesn't get: Anti-CRT lawmakers are passing pro-CRT laws Quitting your job or thinking about joining the ‘great resignation’? Here's what an employment lawyer advises Who's in? Who's out? The ethics of COVID-19 travel rules This Hanukkah, learn about the holiday's forgotten heroes: Women Jamaicans mourn the passing of human rights defender Nancy Anderson, who worked to assist the island's most vulnerable citizens As shorebird populations drastically decline in the French Caribbean, hunting traditions persist Guatemalan Journalists Protest Attacks on Media How uncertainty can impair our ability to make rational decisions – new research Civil society calls on French company Thales to put an end to suspected indirect support to the Myanmar Junta What's the secret to making sure AI doesn't steal your job? Work with it, not against it The Jenkins review has 28 recommendations to fix parliament's toxic culture - will our leaders listen? Word from The Hill: Politicians condemn bad behaviour, and then behave badly Digital panaceas for an analog world Afghanistan: Taliban Kill, ‘Disappear’ Ex-Officials GDP is like a heart rate monitor: it tells us about life, but not our lives Tanzania: No Justice for Zanzibar Election Violence His spirit will return to Country. Vale David Dalaithngu, the actor who shaped Australian cinema We shouldn't lift all COVID public health measures until kids are vaccinated. Here's why Tanzania: No Justice for Zanzibar Election Violence Climate activism has gone digital and disruptive, and it's finally facing up to racism within the movement Luxon takes the controls – can the former Air NZ CEO make National straighten up and fly right? Who decides when parliament sits and what happens if it doesn't? 'Strollout' has gathered pace, romping home as the Macquarie word of the year. I'd have gone for 'vax' if on the list GDP is like a heart rate monitor: it tells us about life, but not about our lives Wealthy nations starved the developing world of vaccines. Omicron shows the cost of this greed Schools need to step up to address Islamophobia Omicron: Senior Nigerian scientist considers fallout, and why travel bans are a waste of time Giving Tuesday: Charitable gifts from donor-advised funds favor education and religion Making Turkish music in Hungary: Can this be a ‘Nasip Kısmet’ moment? Canada Flooding Highlights Need for Inclusive Climate Action Money, schools and religion: A controversial combo returns to the Supreme Court Young children all find politics engaging but by 15 this has changed – new research shows why What maps made by 20th century suffragists can teach us about holding leaders to account on climate change Canada should look inward to address American protectionism 'Squid Game' highlights plight of South Korean workers sacrificed for nation’s economic gain We were at COP26: It had mixed results Omicron and market sell-off: don't be surprised if there's more turbulence to come Hypersonic missiles are fuelling fears of a new superpower arms race Women in sport are winning the fight for equal pay – slowly As Aucklanders anticipate holiday trips, Māori leaders ask people to stay away from regions with lower vaccination rates Up to half of Earth's water may come from solar wind and space dust Photos from the field: leaving habitats unburnt for longer could help save little mammals in northern Australia 2 out of 3 members of university governing bodies have no professional expertise in the sector. There's the making of a crisis It looks like Omicron causes milder illness – is this how COVID becomes endemic? An interview with media scholar Rose Luqiu about WeChat and techno-nationalism Barbados forges a digital path by becoming the first country to establish an embassy in the metaverse In Azerbaijan, bullying in schools is still a problem We reconstructed birdsong soundscapes from over 200,000 places: and they're getting quieter Drop in students who come to the US to study could affect higher education and jobs The pandemic is changing the way young people eat and how they feel about their bodies: 4 essential reads Millions of Americans struggle to pay their water bills – here's how a national water aid program could work Will Carson v. Makin continue Supreme Court's trend on religion in schools? Who invented video games? How vulnerable is your personal information? 4 essential reads Reverse vaccination technique in mice suggests new way to teach the immune system not to attack lifesaving treatments Why we're using filmmaking to encourage vaccination by Black and Latino Angelenos Could a chewing gum really reduce the spread of COVID-19? Maybe -- but here's what we need to know first Why South African political parties must find a balance between rural versus metro support What lies behind Mozambique's failure to find lasting peace and true democracy We found a rare insect at an unspoilt stream in Nigeria – sign of a need to explore and protect What stands in the way of a new South Sudan post-conflict constitution South African groundwater project shows the power of citizen science When 'hunker down' isn't an option: The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season showed how low-income communities face the highest risks HS2: transport expert on the huge gaps in the government’s new plan Why people in some parts of England pay far more than others to heat their homes In Turkey women faced rubber bullets, tear gas from police as they marched to end gender-based violence Afghan Women: Finally a book that speaks from inside its society Radicals Target Roma People in Ukraine US and Africa: mending fences and building bridges in the face of growing China presence Border opening for skilled workers, students delayed a fortnight Omicron: why the WHO designated it a variant of concern Heart disease risk from saturated fats may depend on what foods they come from – new research We reconstructed birdsong soundscapes from over 200,000 places: and they're all getting quieter Scanlon survey shows community fears about COVID can spike quickly, as governments face Omicron Jamaica officially recognises the life and legacy of iconic wartime nurse, Mary Seacole As it selects a new leader, National needs to remember one thing – confidence doesn’t always equal competence Three steps Indonesia can take to create a solid domestic carbon market An interview with media scholar Rose Luqiu about WeChat and techno-nationalism Australian booksellers are facing a supply chain 'crisis'. Here's how books get into your hands – and how you can keep reading Here's to the ladies who lunch: one of Sondheim's greatest achievements was writing complex women Beijing Winter Olympics: RSF urges press to protect themselves against surveillance ‘In my country, I feared the war. But here I feared the Home Office': Asylum seekers speak on the UK refugee process South Africa isn't doing enough to provide HIV prevention treatment for mothers: why it needs to Burnout by design? Warehouse and shipping workers pay the hidden cost of the holiday season The government's planned 'anti-troll' laws won't help most victims of online trolling Does AstraZeneca's COVID vaccine give longer-lasting protection than mRNA shots? Australia’s new agricultural work visa could supercharge the forces of exploitation Are new COVID variants like Omicron linked to low vaccine coverage? Here's what the science says A new way to keep First Nations people with dementia connected to Country, community, family and culture Is the news media bargaining code fit for purpose? Yes, it's rocket science: Australia needs eyes in space to monitor our tinderbox landscape The Iran nuclear talks are resuming, but is there any trust left to strike a deal? Central African Republic: Detain War Crimes Suspect Now Human-elephant conflict could lead to the extinction of elephants in Bangladesh France complicit in heinous crimes committed by Egyptian state, website reveals Cambodian rapper vows to continue writing critical songs after a year in jail for incitement The compelling case for a future fund for social housing Facebook’s rebranding is anything but 'meta' Artificial intelligence may not actually be the solution for stopping the spread of fake news 'Schitt's Creek' holiday special: For Jews like Johnny Rose, the menorah is still polished and lit, even in diaspora How global business could be the unexpected COP26 solution to climate change How inequality drives HIV in adolescent girls and young women South Africa's isn't doing enough to provide HIV prevention treatment for mothers: why it needs to The people most at risk of HIV in Kenya aren't using preventive drugs: we asked why How African thinkers of the 1980s fed into today's inequality debates Four reasons why physically punishing school children doesn't work Watergate was a plot to oust Nixon Travel bans aren't the answer to stopping new COVID variant Omicron Omicron is the new COVID kid on the block: five steps to avoid, ten to take immediately Press Freedom and the Indian Judiciary Black Friday for Amazon workers: the human costs behind consumer convenience Joe Biden: why the US president's approval ratings have fallen so far Turkey's currency crisis is a textbook example of what not to do with interest rates We interviewed 150 women migrants – revealing how their journeys involve peril at every turn How poorer citizens pay the price of economic change in the UK Channel deaths: the UK has clear legal responsibilities towards people crossing in small boats How the COVID pandemic changed digital journalism Germany’s new government: what the world can expect in a post-Merkel era Renewable energy is fuelling a forgotten conflict in Africa's last colony ‘Unfit for military service': How Azerbaijan stigmatizes LGBTQ+ military personnel Cyberflashing could be criminalised: here's how a change in the law would help victims African development banks need scale, urgently. Here's how it can be done Black Friday: retailers are forcing our heads into the sand to avoid facing climate realities How customers and workers can give business strategy a badly needed boost Australia's Black Summer of fire was not normal – and we can prove it The hunt for coronavirus variants: how the new one was found and what we know so far Why some people find it harder to be happy European Parliament backs RSF’s call for moratorium on arrests of journalists in Somalia Could we really deflect an asteroid heading for Earth? An expert explains NASA's latest DART mission How religion influences Indonesian workers to seek work-life balance Saif el-Islam Gaddafi's candidacy turned down At arms, the enemy is at the gates, by Manlio Dinucci France and Italy to steer the EU? The Gambia: Truth Commission Calls for Prosecuting Ex-Officials Voluntary assisted dying is one step closer in NSW. Now the negotiation starts Many define Adele's voice by its power. But the true artistry comes from her fragile, authentic self Pat Cummins becomes Australian men's test captain: why is it so rare for a fast bowler to take the reins? As Australia deploys troops and police, what now for Solomon Islands? Australia's strategy to revive international education is right to aim for more diversity COVID death data can be shared to make it look like vaccines don't work, or worse – but that's not the whole picture VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on a crazy week in Canberra Belvoir’s The Boomkak Panto is a joyous, subversive and Australian twist on the classic Christmas tradition The religious discrimination bill is not just words – it will make LGBTIQ+ Australians sick First Nations children are still being removed at disproportionate rates. Cultural assumptions about parenting need to change Want to solve the housing crisis? Address super-charged demand Why it's normal for COVID-19 vaccine immunity to wane, and how booster shots can help #WhereisPengShuai: Totalitarianism, violence against women and an overdue Olympic boycott? Why it's location, location, location, even when it comes to galaxy evolution Mask wearing wasn't disputed in previous crises – so why is it so hotly contested today? Freddie Mercury 30 years on – remembering the theatrical, eccentric genius Social care cap: how the new system will work and why it’s unfair – an expert explains Making sense of Wole Soyinka's difficult and brilliant new novel Friday essay: Yoko, Linda, Get Back and shifting perceptions of the women of the Beatles Schools are surveying students to improve teaching. But many teachers find the feedback too difficult to act on Vital Signs: Cautious on rates, strong on climate action – meet Lael Brainard, Biden's new pick at the US Federal Reserve The ocean is our greatest climate regulator. It must be a stronger part of climate policy and action Even if we halt global warming, local climates will change – and we need new experiments to understand how We identified who's most at risk of homelessness and where they are. Now we must act, before it's too late Rolling media coverage of missing persons cases can add to the trauma for all families left behind Sea lion whiskers can move like human fingertips: here's how we found out Efforts to protect the poor during COVID: how five African countries fared Young Nigerians are flocking to TikTok - why it's a double-edged sword New book on South Africa's history puts black people at the centre, for a change Skin lighteners: fashion and family still driving uptake in South Africa Acts of violence or a cry for help? What fuels Kenya's school fires The Brontës, the Shelleys, Kingsley and Martin Amis: new research suggests literary relatives share similar writing styles The Eternals – Marvel consulted me to help superheroes chit chat in Babylonian The UK's digital divide could be costing you hundreds of pounds in energy bills Dark side of Black Friday: the major drawbacks with this shopping bonanza Household mixing during COVID-19: our research suggests adherence to lockdowns in England declined over time Chile: voter apathy could hand the presidency to far-right inheritor of the Pinochet legacy Tragedy in English Channel Should Be Turning Point in Border Standoff Grattan on Friday: Assertive Liberal moderates give Scott Morrison curry Ten years of financial fair play: has it been good for European football? Curious Kids: how are galaxies formed? 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