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David Amess killing: threats of violence and harassment have become commonplace for politicians Prefecture threatens to sue after being ranked one of the “least attractive” places in Japan International civil society coalition marks fourth anniversary of the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia with renewed call for justice Russian Activist Imprisoned for Peaceful Environmental Protests Peter Telfer, the Trinidadian percussionist who made African drumming a church staple, goes to his Creator Lebanon’s Tragic Cycle of Violence Has a Cause US Should Invest in Home and Community-Based Services Seven ways to save lives on the frontline of the climate crisis Death in space: here's what would happen to our bodies Thousands rally in Tbilisi demanding freedom for imprisoned former president More accurate way to predict who will develop Alzheimer's disease – new study Yes, Australia can beat its 2030 emissions target. But the Morrison government barely lifted a finger How making homes energy efficient could boost the economy and create jobs Superman's not the first hero to be portrayed as bisexual, but he'll bring hope to LGBTQ+ fans Relaxing restrictions hasn't made COVID cases spike – but this doesn't mean herd immunity has arrived Why care workers are feeling less valued and leaving the sector after the pandemic Squid Game: why you shouldn't be too hard on translators Brexit fears started hitting UK trade as early as 2015 – new research Breastfeeding is tough: new research shows how to make it more manageable Statement of the joint press freedom mission to Malta What can be done to tackle the systemic causes of poverty in South Africa Low pay, long hours, high pressure: what it's really like to be an HGV driver COVID and flu: how big could the dual threat be this winter? How many lives have coronavirus vaccines saved? We used state data on deaths and vaccination rates to find out Scandal involving World Bank's 'Doing Business' index exposes problems in using sportslike rankings to guide development goals What happens to your life stories if you delete your Facebook account? French outrage over US submarine deal will not sink a longstanding alliance Death penalty can express society's outrage – but biases often taint the verdict Tsarnaev Supreme Court appeal: Do unbiased jurors exist in an age of social media? Nasa: imminent asteroid missions could reveal our origins – and help save Earth from deadly strike Breast milk can contain COVID antibodies – good news for babies Chinese movie ‘The Battle of Lake Changjin’ turns the painful history of the Korean War into a glorious victory New Vetting Process in International Criminal Court Deputy Prosecutor Elections Turkey: Soldiers Beat, Push Afghan Asylum Seekers Back to Iran Municipalities can play a key role in South Africa's economic development. Here's how Morrison set for Glasgow but has to finish packing his bag Widespread collapse of West Antarctica's ice sheet is avoidable if we keep global warming below 2℃ How COVID-19 has increased the risk of compulsive buying behavior and online shopping addiction among young consumers VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on high noon climate negotiations, and pressure on Albanese over MP Anthony Byrne What are gender pronouns and why is it important to use the right ones? Climate wars, carbon taxes and toppled leaders: the 30-year history of Australia’s climate response, in brief Why Jacinda Ardern’s ‘clumsy’ leadership response to Delta could still be the right approach Will the Evergrande crisis doom China's grandiose, big-spending football dreams? Caring or killing: harmful gender stereotypes kick in early — and may be keeping girls away from STEM Nobel winner David Card proves immigrants don't reduce the wages of native-born workers Many of New Zealand's most popular websites use ‘dark patterns’ to manipulate users – is it time to regulate? Brown Sugar: why the Rolling Stones are right to withdraw the song from their set list Anniversary of a landslide: new research reveals what really swung New Zealand's 2020 'COVID election' Virtual reality could help treat sexual aversion and other sex-related disorders People use mental shortcuts to make difficult decisions – even highly trained doctors delivering babies International borders are about to open, but our research shows the plight of stranded Australians is not over How many days a week in the office are enough? You shouldn't need to ask Sex, drugs and TikTok: keeping young people safe needs a mature response, not a moral panic Videogames or homework? Why not both, as ACMI has 75 game lessons for you to try Friday essay: invisible no more – putting the first women archaeologists of the Pacific back on the map I live in an apartment. How can I cut my risk of getting COVID? Vital Signs: JobKeeper delivered what was needed to save the patient How a random sampling regime could help detect COVID and highlight infection hotspots Nobel winner David Card has shown that immigrants don't reduce the wages of native-born workers Steve Bannon faces criminal charges over Jan. 6 panel snub, setting up a showdown over executive privilege 3 years after legalization, we have shockingly little information about how it changed cannabis use and health harms Why we must address the colonial dimension of climate migration How the experience of Black people freed from slavery set a pattern for African Americans today A good job for robots, found – dealing with our embarrassing problems Canada is aiming for carbon neutrality and that will mean big changes to how we produce and consume energy The climate emergency warrants a strong mandate on zero-emission vehicles from the federal government French Minister’s Denial of Police Abuses Against Migrants Flies in the Face of the Facts Sweden Should Press China to Release Swedish Book Publisher The plastic recycling system is broken – here's how we can fix it More 'disease' than 'Dracula' – how the vampire myth was born E-cigarettes get FDA approval: 5 essential reads on the harms and benefits of vaping What is family estrangement? A relationship expert describes the problem and research agenda The first battle in the culture wars: The quality of diversity Workers feel most valued when their managers trust them Why banning financing for fossil fuel projects in Africa isn't a climate solution Ivermectin is a Nobel Prize-winning wonder drug – but not for COVID-19 Most businesses have already been hit by extreme weather, but still aren't preparing for future climate disruption How Netflix affects what we watch and who we are -- and it's not just the algorithm Pasha 127: Allergies vs rooibos: can this South African plant help sufferers? Ending malaria in Africa needs to focus on poverty: quick fixes won't cut it French football legend Lilian Thuram tackles the scourge of white thinking in new book Philippines: 'Bongbong' Marcos, son of reviled dictator Ferdinand, runs in what could be a race of two dynasties in 2022 election Could Miami show Trinidad and Tobago how to safely pull off Carnival in a pandemic? Biodiversity depends on pollinators: a first estimate of how many plants rely on animals The plastic recycling system is broken - here's how we can fix it Grattan on Friday: Anthony Albanese needed to walk the talk on Labor integrity issue Explaining the 2021 Nobel prizes: how touch works, a better way to make medicine and the fiction of Abdulrazak Gurnah – podcast Book sales have soared since the pandemic – but the industry must adapt to engage with new readers Canada: Stop Incarcerating Immigration Detainees in Provincial Jails New research highlights how people with disability in South Sulawesi survived the pandemic Why Sydney's COVID numbers didn't get as bad as the modelling suggested The Prestige: the real-life warring Victorian magicians who inspired the film Disabled children still face exclusion in PE – here's what needs to change Why the work of Abdulrazak Gurnah, the champion of heartbreak, stands out for me “Le Système B” – RSF’s shock documentary about Vincent Bolloré’s media Le règne de deux décennies de Bouteflika hanteront les Algériens pendant de nombreuses années “Le Système B” – RSF’s shock documentary about Vincent Bolloré’s media Kuwait: Quash Conviction Against Transgender Woman Iran's allies lose Iraqi legislative elections What is COP26 and why does the fate of Earth, and Australia's prosperity, depend on it? Why hasn't my parcel arrived yet? Delivery and supply chain problems are multiplying – and yes, it'll probably affect Christmas Squid Game and the 'untranslatable': the debate around subtitles explained The Philippines is set for a fiery election, even without any Dutertes (at least for now) Microcredentials: what are they, and will they really revolutionise education and improve job prospects? Anorexia spiked during the pandemic, as adolescents felt the impact of COVID restrictions As Australia Reopens, Vaccine Equity Should Be a Priority Lyme carditis: Things can get complicated when Lyme disease affects heart function High Court lends weight to academic freedom despite Peter Ridd losing appeal against dismissal Global Voices seeks researchers to participate in our Civic Media Observatory projects 5 ways parents can help children adjust to being at school after months in lockdown The queer subtext of Superman comics has long been suppressed. Here's to the original justice defender coming out Water leaks, cracks and flawed fire safety systems: Sydney's apartments are riddled with building defects Why your ex may be able to claim half your superannuation, even if you aren't married 5 Australian COVID experts on receiving abuse and trolling amid the pandemic Humans are driving animals and plants to the edge. But are we really heading into a mass extinction? A distant dead star shows a glimpse of our Solar System's future Asia's energy pivot is a warning to Australia: clinging to coal is bad for the economy How jihadism could thrive under the Taliban in Afghanistan Annamie Paul: Lessons for the Green Party after 'the worst period in my life' The global music community must help Afghan musicians resist a Taliban music ban Cannabis store openings in Canada only slightly affected the number of users The COVID-19 pandemic has made us reliant on digital technologies, eroding our privacy We've spotted a planet surviving its dying star – here's what it tells us about end of our Solar System Energy price rises: tips on how to save money on your bills and be greener from an expert Beyond GDP: here's a better way to measure people's prosperity High energy prices: most businesses don't deserve a bailout – here's why What has happened to western Europe's centre right? Cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of journalists imprisoned in Iran First worrying signs for press freedom in Guinea since last month’s coup Kenya at the UN Security Council: managing the constraints while building consensus Has less sex in real life led to more raunch on our screens? A global carbon removal industry is coming – experts explain the problems it must overcome Tax or treat! State laws on candy taxation vary wildly How does smoking marijuana affect academic performance? Two researchers explain how it can alter more than just moods How food became the perfect beachhead for gentrification Vaccination against COVID-19 supports a healthy pregnancy by protecting both mother and child – an immunologist explains the maternal immune response What is the Synod of Bishops? A Catholic priest and theologian explains Moving beyond America's war on wildfire: 4 ways to avoid future megafires Stolen identities: What does it mean to be Indigenous? Don't Call Me Resilient Podcast EP 8 Stolen identities: What does it mean to be Indigenous? Don't Call Me Resilient Podcast EP 8 Transcript Mental health declined during the pandemic but some people with depression improved – new research What Grimes can learn from The Communist Manifesto Young Ghanaians in Europe travel 'home' a lot: why their mobility matters Western Sahara conflict risks spilling over into the Sahel: how it can be resolved Why the African Union's mediation effort in Tigray is a non-starter Combatting stereotypes: The need to recognize male victims of wartime sexual violence in Bosnia Housing shortages and crowded classes: how life on campus changed after the first world war Kenya takes over the presidency of the UN Security Council, but must work hard to influence the agenda How world leaders hope to reach net zero emissions by 2050 – and why some experts are worried. Climate Fight podcast part 2 The path to net zero. Climate Fight podcast part 2 transcript Lego's return to gender neutral toys is good news for all kids. Our research review shows why Explainer: why did the High Court rule against Clive Palmer and what does the judgment mean? Poland’s Compromised Court Threatens Rule of Law in Europe Uzbekistan: Opponents Barred from Presidential Ballot Prince Charles calls on Australia's Prime Minister to attend Glasgow global climate change conference Singapore: Withdraw Foreign Interference Bill The political power of Facebook, by Thierry Meyssan Why it's time to treat medicinal cannabis as an alternative therapy, not a pharmaceutical Australia's multilingual identity is an asset for selling our English-language teaching to the world 'Empathy machine' or false hope? How virtual reality is being used to try to stop domestic violence Home rapid antigen testing is on its way. But we need to make sure everyone has access Should we cull noisy miners? After decades of research, these aggressive honeyeaters are still outsmarting us Politics with Michelle Grattan: Grattan Institute's Tony Wood on managing the shift in climate policy Philippines Loses Staunch Rights Defender Considering buying property off the plan? Here are 6 crucial steps to protect yourself Overseas trade has a hidden environmental 'disaster footprint' – new report Deciphering the Philosophers' Stone: how we cracked a 400-year-old alchemical cipher Why do we wake around 3am and dwell on our fears and shortcomings? Canada’s worrisome urban-rural political divide has never been greater The most powerful space telescope ever built will look back in time to the Dark Ages of the universe No, COVID-19 vaccines don't affect women's fertility Newcastle United: buying a football club can still be lucrative – with the right business tactics China’s wildlife food ban is vital for public health and threatened species – our research reveals what must happen next China and Taiwan: why the war of words is unlikely to lead to military conflict (for now, at least) William Shatner to be oldest astronaut at 90 – here's how space tourism could affect older people 6 actions school systems can take to support children's outdoor learning Feminist responses on Weibo aim to fight the misrepresentation of women during COVID-19 in China Peatlands protect against wildfire and flooding, but they're still under attack in Canada Not as good as we want, not as bad as we’ve heard: Teen mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic The net-zero bandwagon is gathering steam, and resistant MPs are about to be run over Lebanon's crisis has gone from bad to worse. But is anyone listening? We found a mysterious flashing radio signal from near the centre of the galaxy Is James Bond a misogynist? He doesn't have to be Connery, Moore or even Craig's vision forever Refugee students struggle with displacement and trauma. Here are 3 ways schools can help them belong UN Rights Bodies Take Strong Stance on Climate Crisis Moroccan newspaper editor’s appeal must get fair hearing, RSF says Rural Alaska has a bridge problem as permafrost thaws and crossing river ice gets riskier with climate change Is Boris Johnson facing his own 'winter of discontent'? What the polls tell us Priti Patel’s ‘activist travel bans’ are another blow to human rights in the UK Working from home made women academics feel worse than ever about juggling roles Mass tree planting: how to do it right How socio-economic conditions shape renewable energy uptake in Zimbabwe We recorded acts of kindness as COVID-19 unfolded in South Africa: What we learnt Nigeria’s COVID-19 economic plan has delivered disappointing results: here's why What inflammatory election posters say about South Africa's Democratic Alliance Climate crisis: what can trees really do for us? How Namadingo is uniting generations of Malawian musicians through Reggae duet mashups China's reputation challenged by perceptions of low-quality projects and products in Ethiopia TV journalist killed by targeted bomb attack in Pakistan’s Balochistan province A publicly owned energy industry could help tackle energy poverty and increase renewables View from The Hill: Barnaby Joyce keeps his political hands clean on the road to net zero target Reporting all biosafety errors could improve labs worldwide – and increase public trust in biological research How the climate crisis is transforming the meaning of ‘sustainability’ in business Rural Alaska needs new bridges as permafrost thaws and crossing river ice gets riskier – the infrastructure bill is only a start 4 reasons Americans are still seeing empty shelves and long waits – with Christmas just around the corner Kids and their computers: Several hours a day of screen time is OK, study suggests Medical errors keep killing patients – but there are laws, incentives and mindset changes that could reduce the death toll Zero COVID worked for some countries – but high vaccine coverage is now key Trans Man Fights Japan’s Sterilization Requirement How AI can guide course design and study choices to help graduates get the jobs they want Many e-cigarette vaping liquids contain toxic chemicals: new Australian research Voluntary assisted dying will be debated in NSW parliament this week. Here's what to expect Politics with Michelle Grattan: A prime minister, a prince and the 'last chance saloon'. Introducing David Card, the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics winner who made the minimum wage respectable UN: Noncompetitive Rights Council Election Aids Abusers Africa: Covid-19 Aid Falling Short Japan: Establish Safe Sport Center As home prices soar beyond reach, we have a government inquiry almost designed not to tell us why Sam Frost knows nothing about segregation: white settlers co-opting terms used to oppress In an Australian first, stealthing is now illegal in the ACT. Could this set a precedent for the country? ICC Should Pursue Higher-Level Seleka from Central African Republic Taiwan is becoming a flashpoint for China and the West – how does New Zealand respond? Computer Space launched the video game industry 50 years ago – here's the real reason you probably haven't heard of it Keeping workers COVID-safe requires more than just following public health orders Suddenly we are in the middle of a global energy crisis. What happened? Lonely after lockdown? How COVID may leave us with fewer friends if we are not careful New Gold Mountain review: a compelling murder mystery shines light on early Australian multiculturalism To be truly ethical, vaccine mandates must be about more than just lifting jab rates Nobel economics prize winners showed economists how to turn the real world into their laboratory The Electron-Ion Collider: new accelerator could solve the mystery of how matter holds together To save forests, researchers are hooking trees up to Twitter Don't know how your data is used, or how to protect it? You're not alone – but you can improve your data literacy Czech election: an oligarch defeated and a president in hospital – what on earth happened? Solar panels on half the world's roofs could meet its entire electricity demand – new research Multiple sclerosis: the link with earlier infection just got stronger – new study How your emotional response to the COVID-19 pandemic changed your behavior and your sense of time If the US defaults on debt, expect the dollar to fall – and with it, Americans' standard of living Sexual abuse survivors are voting on the Boy Scouts bankruptcy settlement: 5 questions answered If you want to support the health and wellness of kids, stop focusing on their weight Afghan women have a long history of taking leadership and fighting for their rights 'History wars' in the U.S. and Canada provoked by a racial reckoning with the past Space exploration should aim for peace, collaboration and co-operation, not war and competition Why Joe Biden should emulate Canada and go big on private refugee resettlement COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy can be overcome through relatable stories and accessible information North Korea's costly COVID response is pushing Kim Jong-un to play political games The lynx may have survived in Scotland centuries later than previously thought, new study suggests Malaria vaccine is a major leap forward: but innovation mustn't stop here Study paints a grim picture of what young gangsters think about violence and manhood Pan-African research networks are needed to manage continent's plastic pollution threat Papers show what lay behind Condé regime's Ebola denialism in Guinea South Africa's stance on teenage pregnancy needs a radical review: what it would look like Another Round? What really happens when you microdose alcohol How Columbus Day contributes to the cultural erasure of Italian Americans Dark tales from Uruguay: How mothers and grandmothers search for victims of the Cold War The Human Brain Project: six achievements of Europe's largest neuroscience programme Understanding ASEAN's silence behind AUKUS agreement Fostering girls' education will be challenging under a Taliban regime, but Afghanistan can learn a lot from Indonesia How science fiction can inspire humanity’s response to the climate crisis – podcast Algeria: Effort to Dissolve Prominent Civic Association IBAC vs ICAC: what are these anti-corruption commissions and how do they compare? The Nobel Peace Prize brings overnight celebrity, but also frequent scrutiny, trolling and persecution Bad for patients, bad for paramedics: ambulance ramping is a symptom of a health system in distress Lebanon: Planning Lapses Endanger School Year Rwandan Genocide Kingpin Dies in Mali Jail Ukraine’s trans-border transplant quandary The world’s first professional acrobats were flipping through the Middle East 4,000 years ago Hit hard by the pandemic, researchers expect its impacts to linger for years The NSW government needs to stop prosecuting Aboriginal fishers if it really wants to Close the Gap Why we must not allow COVID to become endemic in New Zealand What is 'the ick'? A psychological scientist explains this TikTok trend Australia had a record number of police shootings in the past year. Should we be concerned? Why you might feel anxious returning to 'normal' after lockdown -- and how to cope We can't stabilise the climate without carbon offsets – so how do we make them work? The Pandora Papers show the line between tax avoidance and tax evasion has become so blurred we need to act against both PNG and Fiji were both facing COVID catastrophes. Why has one vaccine rollout surged and the other stalled? Schools have moved outdoors in past disease outbreaks. Here are 7 reasons to do it again Artificial intelligence is now part of our everyday lives – and its growing power is a double-edged sword ‘Sindyanna of Galilee': Extending the olive branch between Arabs and Israelis Government's leadership group to consider climate policy this week, with high stakes for Morrison and Joyce Flaws in South Africa's approach to tenure of directors of companies Nobel winner Abdulrazak Gurnah's fiction traces small lives with wit and tenderness Nigeria's law makes it a crime to attempt suicide – there are better ways to prevent tragedy Lebanon's bankruptcy deliberately caused by IMF under Christine Lagarde's watch China-US high-level talks in Switzerland Indian TV reporter found dead after covering violence at farmers’ protest Nobel Peace Prize for journalists serves as reminder that freedom of the press is under threat from strongmen and social media Female foeticide to football in Nepal US Should Keep Millions of Children Out of Poverty Biden restores protection for national monuments Trump shrank: 5 essential reads COVID: why are people testing positive on lateral flow tests then negative on PCR? WHO approved a malaria vaccine for children – a global health expert explains why that is a big deal India: Gunmen Target Minorities in Jammu and Kashmir Saudi’s Takeover of Newcastle F.C. a Wake-Up Call on Rights As far as the moon and back, twice: here's a look at the most extraordinary journeys migrating birds make 'Truth and Healing Commission' could help Native American communities traumatized by government-run boarding schools that tried to destroy Indian culture We used 60-year-old notebooks to find out why male hippos have bigger tusks than females Five things people get wrong about standard English The UK needs more regional Black archives so it can celebrate Black British history in its entirety Circles of impunity: why sexual violence by humanitarians and peacekeepers keeps happening Maria Ressa: Nobel prize-winner risks life and liberty to hold Philippines government to account Nobel peace prize: how Dmitry Muratov built Russia's 'bravest' newspaper, Novaya Gazeta Yemen: talks between Saudi Arabia and Iran offer hopes for an end to bitter seven-year civil war Supply chains can easily break – here's how they can be made more resilient to prevent shortages China's energy crisis shows just how hard it will be to reach net zero Yes, the latest jobs data may look disappointing, but leisure and transportation sectors give reason for cheer James McCune Smith: new discovery reveals how first African American doctor fought for women's rights in Glasgow Ukraine: Security Agency Reform Bill Risks Undermining Human Rights 2021 Nobel Peace Prize – “an extraordinary tribute to journalism,” says RSF RSF asks Greek authorities to speed up Giorgos Karaivaz murder investigation Back pain: why exercise can provide relief – and how to do it safely 4 tips for choosing a good college – and getting accepted Caring for the environment has a long Catholic lineage – hundreds of years before Pope Francis None of the 2021 science Nobel laureates are women – here's why men still dominate STEM award winning Flu season paired with COVID-19 presents the threat of a 'twindemic,' making the need for vaccination all the more urgent Why Boris Johnson's plans for a 'high-wage economy' require a major shift in the way British business works COVID-19 could nudge minds and societies towards authoritarianism To the moon and back, twice: here's a look at the most extraordinary journeys birds make across the planet Why are Czech elites being captured by Beijing narratives? Jamaica forced to dump 55,000 doses as COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy persists Israel/Palestine: Facebook Censors Discussion of Rights Issues Victims of North Korea’s ‘Paradise on Earth’ Campaign Demand Justice Meat eating drops by 17% over a decade in the UK – new research Burundi: Lawyer’s Conviction a Travesty of Justice Tony Abbott warns China could 'lash out' at Taiwan soon Breakthrough malaria vaccine offers to reinvigorate the fight against the disease Lessons from South Sumatra: extend the palm oil moratorium to restore peatlands and prevent fires Greece Activists Face Intimidation, Threats, Attacks Don't wear earphones all day – your ears need to breathe Covid-19: noose is tightening around Doctor Anthony Fauci The "ecological" transition to nuclear power, by Manlio Dinucci Washington defines attitude towards China As we mark Thanksgiving, a study of entrepreneurs explains why we give without receiving French “cities campaign” in support of reporter held hostage in Mali As lockdowns ease, vaccination disparities risk further entrenching disadvantage Howzat? The Ashes are on, but so is the pandemic Australia could 'green' its degraded landscapes for just 6% of what we spend on defence VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on the new NSW Premier, hospital funding, and a federal integrity commission With the increased number of Javan rhinos, what is the next conservation goal for these animals? Why police should not be responsible for enforcing COVID vaccine certificates World's first mass malaria vaccine rollout could prevent thousands of children dying Indonesians' support for the death penalty declines with more rigorous survey methods Fake news and propaganda machines: new theatre production pulls Animal Farm into the now Children live online more than ever – we need better definitions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ screen time 10 ways we can better respond to the pandemic in a trauma-informed way No, COVID vaccines don't stay in your body for years Taiwan: how the 'porcupine doctrine' might help deter armed conflict with China Read the student survey responses shared by academics and you'll see why Professor Hambling is justified in burning hers As we mark Thanksgiving, a study into entrepreneurs explains why we give without receiving Student sex work is happening, and universities need to respond with health services How ancient water management techniques may help Prairie farmers experiencing drought Why ensuring trust is important in reducing COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy Abdulrazak Gurnah: what you need to know about the Nobel prize-winning author Pandora papers: as ordinary Lebanese suffer, elite secretly drain off billions Perseverance’s first major successes on Mars – an update from mission scientists Chang’e-5 samples reveal Moon rocks dating back less than 2 billion years – the youngest we've seen We shaved a billion years off the age of the youngest known Moon rocks, and rewrote lunar geological history Vital Signs. Laugh at the US if you will, but Australia narrowly escaped a debt ceiling Friday essay: a world of pain – Australian theatre in crisis Feral horses will rule one third of the fragile Kosciuszko National Park under a proposed NSW government plan The English language dominates global conservation science – which leaves 1 in 3 research papers virtually ignored Kenyan government’s use of surveillance technologies to tackle COVID-19 raises human rights concerns Belarus Authorities ‘Purge’ Human Rights Defenders Film Controversy Raises Issues of Informed Consent Tanzanian cartoonist detained over cartoon of president Indigenous Peoples' Day: why it's replacing Columbus Day in many places The most influential climate science paper of all time Land acknowledgments meant to honor Indigenous people too often do the opposite – erasing American Indians and sanitizing history instead Conservation works better when local communities lead it, new evidence shows Nobel Prize winner Abdulrazak Gurnah: an introduction to the man and his writing The impact of COVID-19 on black farmers in South Africa Civil society groups can help fix South Africa's food system if they're given a seat at the table We turned to Twitter to understand conditions on the ground in Cameroon Standard responses to road accidents haven't worked in Ghana: here are some alternatives Squid Game: the real debt crisis shaking South Korea that inspired the hit TV show Boris Johnson wants to pay Stem teachers a £3,000 premium – research shows incentives don't work Biden Administration Falls Far Short of US Refugee Admissions Cap Clues to consciousness: how dopamine fits into the mystery of what makes us conscious – podcast Stock market: many companies are choosing not to be listed – here's why Instagram Kids: tech development must move from usability to safety Grattan on Friday: Morrison government faces battle over integrity commission it doesn't really want Red tape is choking biodiversity research in South Africa. What can be done about it? Hybrid working is fuelling demand for more tech and bigger homes – both are bad news for the planet What's on the menu matters in health care for diverse patients The water you're drinking may be thousands of years old – growing demand for deeper wells is tapping ancient reserves Teachers say working with students kept them motivated at the start of the pandemic Indigenous Peoples Day rooted in controversy Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testified that the company's algorithms are dangerous – here's how they can manipulate you Facebook's own internal documents offer a blueprint for making social media safer for teens The Catholic Church sex abuse crisis: 4 essential reads Working-class and ethnic minority accents in south-east England judged as less intelligent – new research ‘Kazakh language is perfect for rap': Interview with cultural commentator Yevgeniya Plakhina #UnhappyBirthdayMrPutin: RSF protest to mark Vladimir Putin’s birthday and 15th anniversary of Anna Politkovskaya’s murder Would we still see ourselves as 'human' if other hominin species hadn't gone extinct? Politics with Michelle Grattan: Former judge Stephen Charles slams government's integrity commission model Far right and extremist groups are targeting military veterans for recruitment. Does the ADF owe them a duty of care? Forecasting space weather is hard. A new Australian satellite may help make it easier Saturday is Love your Bookshop Day. 5 reasons why readers keep coming back to independent book stores 5 ways Twitch's massive data leak might change live streaming as we know it France: Degrading Treatment of Migrants Around Calais US Senate vs Facebook Flower power: Rapper Trinidad James irritates compatriots with sneaker brand misnomer Pandora papers: media rage at billionaire tax cheats but ignore Boris Johnson's failure to reform tax havens What is chaos? A complex systems scientist explains Can I catch COVID from the pool? Not from the water but watch out for the change rooms and queues Curing with blood: the rise and fall of COVID convalescent plasma therapy Tanzania: Pregnant Student Ban Harms Thousands My Ph.D. supervisor just won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for designing a safer, cheaper and faster way to build molecules and make medicine Guide to the classics: written in 1915, Charlotte Perkins Gilman's Herland imagines society without men We created a microscope slide that could improve cancer diagnosis, by revealing the 'colour' of cancer cells Where is federal Labor headed under Anthony Albanese? (And will it win an election?) Parents, studies show most kids have done just fine in remote schooling. Here's how to survive the home stretch Most of us will recover our mental health after lockdown. But some will find it harder to bounce back Loved to death: Australian sandalwood is facing extinction in the wild First major Second Amendment case before the Supreme Court in over a decade could topple gun restrictions How rainbow colour maps can distort data and be misleading Flower power: Trinidad James irritates compatriots with sneaker brand misnomer UN Rights Body Should Act to Recognize Right to a Healthy Environment Standing on one leg is a sign of good health – and practising is good for you too Scotland won't prosecute personal possession of class A drugs, but outdated laws prevent deeper reforms Nobel Prize for groundbreaking way of building molecules that made chemistry greener Understanding the early-life origins of suicide: Vulnerability may begin even before birth Paid millions to hide trillions: Pandora Papers expose financial crime enablers, too Gifted children with ADHD, and the challenges their parents face Pandora Papers: Sixteen Nepalis have illegally invested in offshore companies in overseas tax havens 4 trends in public school enrollment due to COVID-19 Becoming a parent through surrogacy can have ethical challenges – but it is a positive experience for some As American independence rang, a sweeping lockdown and mass inoculations fought off a smallpox outbreak Is social distancing unraveling the bonds that keep society together? Afrofuturism and its possibility of elsewhere: The power of political imagination How stories about alternate worlds can help us imagine a better future: Don't Call Me Resilient EP 7 How stories about alternate worlds can help us imagine a better future: Don’t Call Me Resilient EP 7 transcript Facebook's scandals and outage test users' frenemy relationship Cyberbullying among teens: our research shows online abuse and school bullying are often linked South Africa's stock exchange for smaller firms: some benefits, but not a magic wand Boris Johnson fails the 'showman-to-statesman' test in party conference speech Exercise can help improve rheumatoid arthritis symptoms – here’s why South Africa's president needs to show more urgency in stopping rogue spies Social media are being hijacked to subtly suppress opposing voices. Insights from Kenya Combating COVID-19 anti-vaxxers: lessons from political philosophy South Africa's universities are adopting an international lens: why it matters How nuclear energy can help make all UK electricity green by 2035 Why students don't attend lectures: what we found at a South African university No Time to Die: the problem with Bond villains having facial disfigurements Five things we learned about levelling up from the Conservative party conference A disappearing cross-border river becomes the subject of a Central Asian documentary England has managed its countryside badly for a century – what has gone wrong and how it can be fixed? Universal credit uplift was a lifeline during the pandemic – our research shows cutting it will leave families with impossible decisions COP26: billions are being spent tackling climate change – where is it all going? Climate Fight podcast part 1 COP26: what’s the point of this year’s UN climate summit in Glasgow? Climate crisis: how science fiction’s hopes and fears can inspire humanity’s response Where's the money? Climate Fight podcast part 1 transcript Pandora papers: media rage at billionaire tax cheats ignores Boris Johnson's failure to reform tax havens Climate finance: rich countries aren't meeting aid targets – could legal action force them? Pandora papers: how revelations about Czech PM could push country further from EU Pakistan's proposed media development authority could further curb freedom of media Congo First Lady’s Foundation Accuses Activists Thanks to APRA, it's about to become harder to get a mortgage. Here's why A federal ICAC must end the confusion between integrity questions and corruption Blockade of Port Sudan: what's behind it and what can end it How do you feel? Your 'sense of touch' is several different senses rolled into one True to the Land: a new history of food in Australia begins 65,000 years ago Take-at-home COVID drug molnupiravir may be on its way — but vaccination is still our first line of defence The next Pandora Papers exposé is inevitable – unless governments do more on two key reforms Bangladesh: Rohingya Refugee Activists at Risk Russia/US in race to shoot first film in space Taliban open Salt Pit 'Dark Prison' for visits Without admitting it, we are already converted to transhumanism, by Thierry Meyssan Nobel prize: how chilli peppers helped researchers uncover how humans feel pain Is salt good for you after all? The evidence says no Putting Aotearoa on the map: New Zealand has changed its name before, why not again? 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