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US trade pact suspensions: what it means for Ethiopia, Mali and Guinea The race to protect the food of the future – why seed banks alone are not the answer Tennis champ Dylan Alcott is 2022 Australian of the Year Myanmar: Urgent Action Needed to Block Foreign Revenue Australia and Norway were once tied in global anti-corruption rankings. Now, we're heading in opposite directions Raising UK state pension age to 66 has seen big increase in working 65-year-olds, but particularly deprived women Don't say the Aboriginal flag was 'freed' – it belongs to us, not the Commonwealth In Turkey, a singer defies threats with a new song Flights to resume between Turkey and Armenia Novak Djokovic was detained for five days – refugees in the same hotel have been there for years COVID will dominate, but New Zealand will also have to face the 'triple planetary crisis' this year What drove Perth's record-smashing heatwave – and why it's a taste of things to come Inflation hits 3.5%, but one high number won't budge the Reserve Bank on interest rates A Gold Medal for Censorship in China Ancient knowledge is lost when a species disappears. It's time to let Indigenous people care for their country, their way NASA's James Webb Space Telescope has reached its destination, 1.5 million km from Earth. Here's what happens next How unis can save millions by tackling the biggest causes of online students' high dropout rates Codecracking, community and competition: why the word puzzle Wordle has become a new online obsession Will an Omicron-specific vaccine help control COVID? There's one key problem For an Indigenous perspective on 'Australia Day', here's a quick guide to First Nations media platforms 60% of Australians want to keep Australia Day on January 26, but those under 35 disagree Yizker bikher books commemorate Holocaust deaths – but also celebrate Jewish communities' life Ibex in the Yemeni civilization: a historical symbolism being revived Fear of COVID-19 and fear of change are dangerously intertwined for 2022 Lower drug prices are a priority for Canadians, but not for the federal government When two ecosystems collided, ichthyosaurs re-evolved the ability to consume large prey Meat Loaf – a complicated musical giant Urban gardens are crucial food sources for pollinators - here's what to plant for every season Afcon group stage: a stride forward for the African game despite low scoring Who's to blame in the Ukraine-Russia standoff? It depends on perspective Joe Biden: a report card on the US president's first year in office COVID: why some people with symptoms don't get tested The pandemic exposed the vulnerability of international students in Canada Afghan Women’s Rights Activists Forcibly Disappeared Schools join the fight against human trafficking More women in a STEM field leads people to label it as a 'soft science,' according to new research How many bones do penguins have? Kazakhstan's internet shutdown is the latest episode in an ominous trend: digital authoritarianism What's a 990 form? A charity accounting expert explains How mRNA and DNA vaccines could soon treat cancers, HIV, autoimmune disorders and genetic diseases COVID in South Africa shows the limits of using courts to fight political battles Why elections will not solve Libya's deep-rooted problems From Algeria to Zimbabwe: how Africa's autocratic elites cycle in and out of power Our global food systems are rife with injustice: here's how we can change this Five rules for effective leadership in difficult times The science of sugar + Canada's discriminatory First Nations child welfare system – The Conversation Weekly podcast transcript Q+A: What we can and cannot expect from the investigation into British prime minister Boris Johnson Curious Kids: will time ever stop? UK: High Court grants Julian Assange right to appeal extradition case to the Supreme Court Death during sex isn't just something that happens to middle-aged men, new study finds Platinum pudding: a history of desserts with royal connections Albanese pledges $440 million to help schools and children 'bounce back' and outlines aspirations for a 'legacy' Bird flu: domestic chicken keepers could be putting themselves – and others – at risk James Bond: the spy who loved Europe – and inspired scores of copycat European movies in return Novak Djokovic was detained for five days - refugees in the same hotel have been there for years Burundi: Account for Dead in Gitega Prison Fire Guatemala: Anti-Trans Bill Threatens Rights As Kenyans prepare for a general election, how will officials combat fake news? UN Reviews Venezuela’s Poor Human Rights Record Media crackdown continues ahead of coup anniversary in Myanmar 5 ways climate change increases the threat of tsunamis, from collapsing ice shelves to sea level rise Honour and masculine pride for the country: how the Bollywood sports biopic 83 furthers India's nationalist cause Refuge and justice online: how sexual violence survivors seek safe haven on social media How this little marsupial's poo nurtures urban gardens and bushland (and how you can help protect them) A healthier heart can protect your brain too. 5 lifestyle changes to prevent dementia Natural wines: how are they made and what's the deal with sulfites? An expert explains Where's the meat? Employers and governments should have seen this supply crisis coming, and done something Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard: with the video game industry under new management, what's going to change? 5 ways climate change boosts tsunami threat, from collapsing ice shelves to sea level rise 1,100 Australian aged care homes are locked down due to COVID. What have we learnt from deaths in care? There have always been arguments about who gets what: the surprising history of Australia's honours system Ancestral Remains of First Nations people were once stolen for trophies. Now they will have a national resting place Tonga eruption was so intense, it caused the atmosphere to ring like a bell What is a climate stress test? A sustainable finance expert explains Ancient DNA suggests woolly mammoths roamed the Earth more recently than previously thought Why the Tonga volcano cued tsunami warnings for the North American Pacific coast How businesses can best help employees disconnect from work Co-housing and dementia villages: Social innovations offer alternatives for long-term care Sunwing saga: Why do influencers have so much sway? Nanosatellite launch is a big step forward for African space science Woman reporter beaten by police while covering protest in DRC What Samuel Eto’o’s ascension to football leadership means to Cameroon Internet watchdog finds encryption flaw in mandatory Chinese Olympic app Thich Nhat Hanh, who worked for decades to teach mindfulness, approached death in that same spirit Prioritize Rights, Justice in Southern Thailand Peace Efforts Chechen Police Abduct a Woman in Retaliation Against Her Sons Pope Benedict accused of mishandling sex abuse cases: 4 essential reads Why 30 out of 32 NFL head coaches are white -- behind the NFL's abysmal record on diversity New Study Underscores Dangerous Levels of Chemical Pollution China: political commentator detained for “subversion” 2022 begins with bloodbath for journalists in Mexico UK: Abusive SLAPP case concludes against investigative journalist Carole Cadwalladr Five life-affirming words we should bring back into use Can low carbon jobs really level up post-industrial towns? We went to Bolsover to find out Some of the super-rich want to pay more tax – but society cannot afford to depend on them Ukraine got a signed commitment in 1994 to ensure its security – but can the US and allies stop Putin's aggression now? COVID misinformation is a health risk – tech companies need to remove harmful content not tweak their algorithms Underwater volcanoes: how ocean colour changes can signal an imminent eruption How Microsoft's Activision Blizzard takeover will drive metaverse gaming into the mass market Somaliland's quest for recognition: UK debate offers hint of a sea change Why you can probably keep milk longer than you think (and why you should) Four surprising ways climate change is affecting people's health in England and Wales Munich – The Edge of War: women in historical films are too often unrealistic Heavy drinkers increased their alcohol consumption the most during lockdown – new research A killer app for the metaverse? Fill it with AI avatars of ourselves – so we don't need to go there Jeff Bezos is looking to defy death – this is what we know about the science of ageing Short-sightedness is on the rise in both children and adults – new study Net zero: UK government sued for weak strategy – so here's what makes a good climate change plan 5 things to know about why Russia might invade Ukraine – and why the US is involved What is bioengineered food? An agriculture expert explains How the Biden administration is making gains in an uphill battle against Russian hackers About 1 in 3 child care workers are going hungry Alpha then delta and now omicron – 6 questions answered as COVID-19 cases once again surge across the globe Conflicts between nursing home residents are often chalked up to dementia – the real problem is inadequate care and neglect The sunsetting of the child tax credit expansion could leave many families without enough food on the table When humans compete with television, Yung Lung proves the liveness of bodies wins out Australia approves two new medicines in the fight against COVID. How can you get them and are they effective against Omicron? Why education systems should build environmental ethics into every subject Australian town of Onslow hits record 50.7 degrees Celsius, as global warming rolls on relentlessly Lagos’ train acquisition is Wisconsin's loss US bombings in Syria and Iraq violate US Constitution Hillary's comeback? NATO expands its membership unwittingly (Ben Wallace) Kids whose grandparents are overweight are almost twice as likely to struggle with obesity Australian art has lost two of its greats. Vale Ann Newmarch and Hossein Valamanesh Why do we find making new friends so hard as adults? Laws governing undersea cables have hardly changed since 1884 – Tonga is a reminder they need modernising Dutch University Hit by Chinese Government Funding Scandal A year after Navalny's return, Putin remains atop a changed Russia Canada praised for climate leadership despite scathing watchdog report on climate-policy failures Teaching music online in the pandemic has yielded creative surprises, like mixing ‘Blob Opera’ and beatboxing Solving the puzzle of cystic fibrosis and its treatments is a Nobel Prize-worthy breakthrough Congo’s Prison Rape Trial a Missed Opportunity Social media platforms must refuse Russia’s demands to censor media, RSF says How antisemitic conspiracy theories contributed to the recent hostage-taking at the Texas synagogue 'In the name of God, go': the history of a speech that has brought down parliament and a prime minister Ukraine: how an armed conflict could play out Jair Bolsonaro's administration is hurting the lives of LGBTQ+ sex workers in Brazil Dinosaur food and Hiroshima bomb survivors: maidenhair trees are 'living fossils' and your new favourite plant Ukraine might be far away, but a security crisis in Europe can still threaten Aotearoa New Zealand Evolution: how Victorian sexism influenced Darwin's theories – new research Vital Signs: disclosure please, we shouldn't be playing bingo with COVID statistics Supreme Court rejects Trump's blocking of Jan. 6 docs: 3 key takeaways from ruling Myanmar: TotalEnergies Endorses Targeted Sanctions Pakistan’s New Law Aims to Protect Women in Workplace BBC licence fee – could scrapping it be the end of public service broadcasting in the UK? Olu Jacobs: Nollywood's elder statesman has always acted for his country What makes young people accept help to stay well: a review of interventions in Africa South African farming: new policy offers promise, but there's fixing to be done too Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta promised Mali honour and unity: his legacy is disappointing Rhino horn consumers reveal why a legal trade alone won't save rhinos Why you might want to consider a pilgrimage for your next holiday or day trip The Electoral Count Act of 1887 is showing its age – here's how to help Congress certify a presidential election with more certainty Beavers offer lessons about managing water in a changing climate, whether the challenge is drought or floods Why getting Congress to fund help for US children in poverty is so hard to do Stressed out at college? Here are five essential reads on how to take better care of your mental health Overruling Roe may not be conservatives' best strategy – Brown v. Board of Education shows how Supreme Court can uphold precedent while gutting its meaning ShakeAlert earthquake warnings can give people time to protect themselves – but so far, few have actually done so Pain and anxiety are linked to breathing in mouse brains – suggesting a potential target to prevent opioid overdose deaths The better you are at math, the more money seems to influence your satisfaction Lockdown saw couples share housework and childcare more evenly – but these changes didn't last And just like that ... #MeToo changed the nature of online communication Antimicrobial resistance now causes more deaths than HIV/AIDS and malaria worldwide – new study Prof Sir Paul Curran Award for Excellence in Academic Journalism 2021 goes to Caitjan Gainty Are the northern lights caused by 'particles from the Sun'? Not exactly Ukraine: a country wounded by eight years of crisis Chemical pollution exceeds safe planetary limit: researcher Q+A on consequences for life on Earth "How can we ever recover?": French ski resorts are fighting for survival due to changing COVID travel restrictions Were the Kazakhstani protests predictable? Greece: Concern over criminal charges against investigative reporters 14 journalists detained in Yemen, 13 of them held hostage by rebel groups Grattan on Friday: Scott Morrison's ministerial team looks far from match-fit Radical overhaul of construction industry needed if UK to have any chance of net zero by 2050 – new research From divorcees to fuller classrooms, the 1921 census of England and Wales depicts an era of great change When classic stories get reinvented, can they ever be a success? Five get reviewed Belfast – archiving all the voices of the Troubles The science of sugar: why we're hardwired to love it and what eating too much does to your brain – podcast BBC Licence fee – could it be the end of public service broadcasting in the UK? Women in sport: misogyny among male fans is rife but progressive masculinities are on the rise Police violently break up Afghan refugee protest in Indonesia Fans mourn Narayan Debnath, creator of the first Bengali comic-strip superhero Queensland's 'Path to Treaty' has some lessons for the rest of Australia US: Cervical Cancer Disproportionally Kills Black Women UN: Ban Abusive Bangladesh Unit from Peacekeeping In the 1980s, the Pentagon was preparing a nuclear war in Iran Iran reopens office at OIC Headquarters afer 6 years US: One year into the Biden administration, RSF calls for redoubled White House commitment to improving press freedom Omicron is overwhelming Australia's hospital system. 3 emergency measures aim to ease the burden Schools can expect a year of disruption. Here are 7 ways they can help support the well-being of students and staff Boris Johnson and 'Partygate': he who lives by the Brexit sword, dies by the Brexit sword Indonesia will take a big step on the global stage this year – are Australians paying enough attention? André Leon Talley dreamed of a life 'in the pages of Vogue, where bad things never happened' 2021 was one of the hottest years on record – and it could also be the coldest we'll ever see again Voice to Parliament design report still doesn't meet international human rights standards From fear to connection, dynamic MENTAL exhibition explores a colourful spectrum of experiences First impressions count, and have an impact on the decisions we make later on Confusion, financial pressure, discomfort: older people can struggle with sustainable living, despite its obvious benefits Border opening spurs rebound in demand from international students How long to midnight? The Doomsday Clock measures more than nuclear risk – and it’s about to be reset again What a disaster: federal government slashes COVID payment when people need it most 'Welcome to our world': families of children with cancer say the pandemic has helped them feel seen, while putting them in peril 5 tips for choosing the best YouTube fitness videos to change your exercise behaviour How the pandemic's unequal toll on people of color underlines US health inequities – and why solving them is so critical Russia-Ukraine tensions: power posturing or trouble on the home front for Putin? Plesiosaurs, pliosaurs, hybodonts: looking back at three prehistoric predators of the Jurassic seas Differences in how men and women perceive internal body signals could have implications for mental health Boris Johnson polling is now so bad that it makes sense for Conservative MPs to get rid of him Everyone should be concerned if the federal government bypasses the Canada Gazette How modern witches are enchanting TikTok Legal reform is needed to protect young women from the growing threats of online sexual violence Groundwater — not ice sheets — is the largest source of water on land and most of it is ancient Amadou Vamoulké completes 2,000 days in prison in Cameroon without being convicted Sending in the Royal Navy is not the answer to small boat migration in the Channel Tonga eruption: we are watching for ripples of it in space African cities, COVID and climate: public knowledge on urban planning is needed How COVID gave African countries the opportunity to improve public health Three pillars to strengthening health systems in African countries Why Burkina Faso's transition offers lessons in how to manage a constitutional crisis Nigeria's Boko Haram reintegration process: weaknesses and how they can be fixed Pig's heart transplant: was David Bennett the right person to receive groundbreaking surgery? The omicron variant is deepening severe staffing shortages in medical laboratories across the US What causes a tsunami? An ocean scientist explains the physics of these destructive waves Batteries get hyped, but pumped hydro provides the vast majority of long-term energy storage essential for renewable power – here’s how it works State efforts to close the K-12 digital divide may come up short CORBEVAX, a new patent-free COVID-19 vaccine, could be a pandemic game changer globally What 13th-century Christian theologian Thomas Aquinas can teach us about hope in times of despair Phonics teaching in England needs to change – our new research points to a better approach Birds and bees: why new buildings need to support the natural world An energy revolution is possible – but only if leaders get imaginative about how to fund it A linguist analyses Boris Johnson’s apology COVID: why people who refuse to get vaccinated should not have lesser healthcare rights Prince Andrew: how the royal family brand will weather the scandal Six ways to get over 'gymtimidation' – your anxiety of heading to the gym There's a massive bubble in the price of carbon – and yet it won't bring down emissions any faster ‘Rehmat’ or ‘zehmat'? Learning to cope with the trauma from rain in a Pakistani metropolis New Language Requirement Raises Concerns in Ukraine RSF denounces Indian government “coup” against Kashmir Press Club RSF condemns gag-suit against Malaysian journalist Politics with Michelle Grattan: A very bad start to 2022 for Morrison, but can Albanese win? Syria: German Trial for Wartime Atrocities Opens Investigating a Massacre, Iraq Should Address Root Causes Leaf oysters: the unsung heroes of estuaries are disappearing, and we know almost nothing about them Netizens mock China's suggestion that Omicron was brought to Beijing via a letter from Toronto #helloTürkiye — Turkey's latest attempt to rebrand itself In Turkey, a veteran pop star is facing scrutiny over song lyrics Retaliating against Rights Groups Means Retaliating against People in Need Imminent restoration of Iranian-Saudi relations Washington refuses to hear Russia and China, by Thierry Meyssan A huge project is underway to sequence the genome of every complex species on Earth New Year’s Resolutions for Sport: Protect Children Will a surprise candidate shake up the French election? Research confirms men with older brothers are more likely to be gay, suggesting same-sex attraction has a biological basis 4 ways to stop Australia's surge in rooftop solar from destabilising electricity prices The republic debate is back (again) but we need more than a model to capture Australians' imagination 63.5% of Australia's performing artists reported worsening mental health during COVID How to look after your mental health if you're at home with COVID COVID and schools: Australia is about to feel the full brunt of its teacher shortage Microsoft purchase of Activision Blizzard won't clean up gamer culture overnight: 5 essential reads about sexual harassment and discrimination in gaming and tech Smart devices can now read your mood and mind, leading to a new set of concerns about technology and consent Taliban Use Harsh Tactics to Crush Afghan Women’s Rights Protest Sadibou Marong takes over as director of RSF’s West Africa bureau Lindiwe Sisulu: trading on a famous South African surname has its limits How COVID is affecting school attendance in South Africa: piecing together the puzzle Kwasi Wiredu cleared the way for modern African philosophy The cost-of-living crisis will put more pressure on shoppers than COVID A Very British Scandal: divorce courts have been shaming women since the 1800s Ireland has the wind and seas to become an offshore superpower 10 ways to help lonely loved ones in long-term care homes, according to an LTC worker Should university instructors disclose mental health conditions? It's complicated Carrots, sermons, sticks: Vaccine mandates face opposition around the globe Artificial intelligence can discriminate on the basis of race and gender, and also age Renewables are cheaper than ever – so why are household energy bills only going up? BBC funding: licence fee debate risks overlooking value of UK's public broadcasters India Should Stop Using Abusive Foreign Funding Law Les indices cruciaux sur le comportement du VIH dans le bassin du Congo: comment nous tentons de déchiffrer son code complexe Mutual aid: can community fridges bring anarchist politics to the mainstream? Lack of trust in public figures linked to COVID vaccine hesitancy – new research How the brain tunes in to unfamiliar voices while you're sleeping – and why it matters These machines scrub greenhouse gases from the air – an inventor of direct air capture technology shows how it works More than masks and critical race theory – 3 tasks you should be prepared to do before you run for school board Sperm donation is largely unregulated, but that could soon change as lawsuits multiply Why massive new youth sports facilities may not lead to the tourist boom many communities hope for when they build them Fact-checking may be important, but it won't help Americans learn to disagree better Taliban 2.0 aren't so different from the first regime, after all Yes, it's easier to get birth control than it was in the 1970s – but women still need abortion care Boris Johnson: Sue Gray's report may prove the final straw for angry Conservative MPs Urban health, wellbeing and food supplies are all under threat: growing more food in cities could change that Enda, Kenya’s first running shoe brand hopes to make it big in the global sports scene These podcasters are carrying African Languages into the new audio world An overview of Indonesia’s coal export ban and Asia’s energy crisis Australia’s refugees react to double standard over tennis star Novak Djokovic's treatment Greece: New Biometrics Policing Program Undermines Rights New, exclusive letters between the queen and 6 governors-general show the evolution of a relationship of equals Another coup has been averted in Burkina Faso: but for how long? Afghanistan: Taliban Deprive Women of Livelihoods, Identity Lebanon to receive gas supplies from Israel? Coalition slumps in first poll of 2022 as voters lose confidence in Morrison's handling of pandemic Mythologised, memorialised then forgotten: a history of Australia's bushfire reporting As international students return, let's not return to the status quo of isolation and exploitation Pandemic disruption to PhD research is bad for society and the economy – but there are solutions Time to upgrade from cloth and surgical masks to respirators? Your questions answered Myocarditis: COVID-19 is a much bigger risk to the heart than vaccination Conversations about consent need to start early, and parents need to get comfortable with it 3 ways for businesses to fuel innovation and drive performance Sponges can survive low oxygen and warming waters. They could be the main reef organisms in the future No, chivalry is not dead – but it's about time it was Sportswashing: how mining and energy companies sponsor your favourite sports to help clean up their image From fairytale to gothic ghost story: how 40 years of biopics showed Princess Diana on screen Canada's pandemic recovery urgently needs a national school meal program 'Never' or just 'not yet?' How timing affects COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy Climate change is creating security threats around the world – and militaries are responding Twitter's deal with Nigerian government sacrifices digital rights Languishing: what to do if you're feeling restless, apathetic or empty How to be a god: we might one day create virtual worlds with characters as intelligent as ourselves Airline tie-up for Kenya and South Africa: possible rewards, and risks Why merging Uganda’s electricity sector agencies is a bad idea How Africa's entrepreneurs are handling the continent's challenges: new book Legal tools exist to protect South Africa’s city ecosystems: it's up to councils to use them Children exercised less during lockdown – here's how to get them moving again Why is alcohol thought to be relaxing? Victorian and Edwardian explorers might hold the clue Firms are cutting sick pay for the unvaccinated – what does employment law say? What was everyone else doing while Downing street was hosting 'work gatherings' in the garden? A look at the data How going from care to prison compounds women's trauma – new research Building machines that work for everyone – how diversity of test subjects is a technology blind spot, and what to do about it Why do plants grow straight? Decolonising Shakespeare: setting Othello in Ghana and Pericles in Glasgow Women weavers in Assam weather the pandemic and climate change through community groups Bulli Bai, Sulli Deals cases highlight rising communal misogyny in India UK: Temporary Accommodation Violates Children’s Rights 3 local solutions to replace coal jobs and ensure a just transition for mining communities The Tonga volcanic eruption has revealed the vulnerabilities in our global telecommunication system Waves from the Tonga tsunami are still being felt in Australia – and even a 50cm surge could knock you off your feet Nigeria: Child Marriage Violates Girls’ Rights Typhoon Rai aftermath highlights Duterte’s sluggish disaster response Philippines: End Deadly ‘Red-Tagging’ of Activists Maternal metamorphosis: how mothering has changed in Australia since the second world war When is the right time for children to learn to swim? Cannibalism, mutilation and murder: the Australian calamities that rival Yellowjackets for survival horror How power-to-X technology could help decarbonise Indonesia's industrial sector Who are the 'Original Sovereigns' who were camped out at Old Parliament House and what are their aims? 'Our community is small, but our spirit is strong': how art forms the heart of Cobargo's Black Summer fires recovery What makes a vegan-friendly wine vegan? And how's it different to conventional wine? Green hydrogen is coming - and these Australian regions are well placed to build our new export industry The Singapore-inspired idea for using super for housing that could cut costs 50% Russia and the West are at a stalemate over Ukraine. Is Putin's endgame now war? How Canada should be preparing to help young Afghan refugees Yes, your dog can understand what you're saying — to a point 'Birtherism,' Trump and anti-Black racism: Conspiracy theorists twist evidence to maintain status quo The movie 'Finch' explores how dogs help us define humanity Novak Djokovic to be deported after Federal Court upholds government visa cancellation Why Novak Djokovic lost his fight to stay in Australia – and why it sets a concerning precedent Mental health patients in Ghana share their stories about stigma and suffering Lakes in the Democratic Republic of Congo are contested spaces. Here's why African countries are stuck on the free movement of people. How to break the logjam Mali cancels military agreements with France Why the volcanic eruption in Tonga was so violent, and what to expect next Excitement, misgivings over Japan's newest bullet train Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.: 5 things I've learned curating the MLK Collection at Morehouse College RSF asks UN to investigate Iranian journalist Baktash Abtin’s death ‘I didn't ask for it!': Four women fighting against gender-based violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina The strange new government of Kazakhstan CSTO peacekeeping force begins pull-out from Kazakhstan Dr. Fauci lied: Covid-19 was man-made Nineteen organisations reiterate their support for Carole Cadwalladr as she faces SLAPP trial What Supreme Court's block of vaccine mandate for large businesses will mean for public health: 4 questions answered Unusually calm and cloudy weather led to resurgence in fossil fuel use in 2021 'We're entering unprecedented territory': sports expert Q&A on what Djokovic row means for unvaccinated elite athletes Why lowering everyone's energy bills is a better solution than targeting only the most vulnerable Why Prince Andrew is losing his military titles, but staying a prince Bulgaria: Alarming SLAPP cases endanger fragile media freedom Omicron: viral load can be at its highest at day five so cutting isolation period doesn't make sense Tackling ageing may be best way to prevent multiple chronic conditions from developing in older people Four times Shakespeare has inspired stories about robots and AI A Turkish harem on the Acropolis? It's most likely a Greek myth How El Salvador and Nigeria are taking different approaches to digital currencies – plus, are we living in a simulation? The Conversation Weekly podcast transcript The metaverse is money and crypto is king – why you'll be on a blockchain when you're virtual-world hopping Seditious conspiracy charge against Oath Keepers founder and others in Jan. 6 riot faces First Amendment hurdle Civil war in the US is unlikely because grievance doesn't necessarily translate directly into violence Sugar detox? Cutting carbs? A doctor explains why you should keep fruit on the menu Colleges accused of conspiring to make low-income students pay more The #BettyWhiteChallenge highlights the growth of animal philanthropy and the role of rescues What made Bob Saget's Danny Tanner so different from other sitcom dads Energy prices: here's what UK government can do to cut household bills How Russian is Ukraine? (Clue: not as much as Vladimir Putin insists) Inflation will probably melt away in 2022 – central banks will do far more harm trying to tackle it The Matrix: how conspiracy theorists hijacked the 'red pill' philosophy Bulgaria : Alarming SLAPP cases endanger fragile media freedom Sixteen organisations reiterate their support for Carole Cadwalladr as she faces SLAPP trial Novak Djokovic has long divided opinion. Now, his legacy will be complicated even further The discovery of insulin: meet the feuding scientists who all lay a claim – podcast Rogue planets: how wandering bodies in interstellar space ended up on their own A 2019 Kazakh song about Nur-Sultan reads like news commentary in January 2022 ‘Our activism won't stop': The Oyan movement recounts the January protests in Kazakhstan Syrian survivors of torture rejoice over German court indicting ex-intelligence officer Remembering Louis Maqhubela, pioneering and enigmatic South African painter Novak Djokovic's visa cancelled 'in the public interest', with possible 3-year ban from Australia In Georgia, six months after the tragic death of journalist, authorities blame drug overdose Typhoon Rai overwhelms the Philippines’ Queen City of the South Death of a student sparks debate on religious community-run housing in Turkey Ambitious tree planting goals in Asia lack diverse tree seeds from native species German Court Orders Protection of People with Disabilities in Triage Decisions Poland, Romania and Lithuania ordered to compensate CIA victim Sri Lanka: Minorities, Activists Targeted North Korea: Covid-19 Used to Bludgeon Rights Latest isolation rules for critical workers gets the balance right. But that's not the end of the story Indonesia is the world’s largest seaweed producer but why are prices so volatile? Vital Signs. The 3 problems with fines for not reporting positive COVID tests This WA town just topped 50℃ – a dangerous temperature many Australians will have to get used to I was ensnared in Canada's harsh and unscientific African travel ban COVID-19 vaccine mandates would likely face legal hurdles in Canada Ocean heat is at record levels, with major consequences What does 'academic freedom' mean in practice? Why the Siouxsie Wiles and Shaun Hendy employment case matters Crime won't stop because of COVID. So how should we protect crime scene investigators? Fire management in Australia has reached a crossroads and 'business as usual' won’t cut it The 3 problems with fines for not reporting positive COVID tests When will this COVID wave be over? 4 numbers to keep an eye on and why With fewer animals to spread their seeds, plants could have trouble adapting to climate change In a pandemic, ignoring science affects everyone. Citizenship education can help ensure that doesn't happen Environmental disasters are fuelling migration — here's why international law must recognize climate refugees Get caught up in the Olympic spirit, but keep your (political) eyes wide open Fast food doesn't improve food security in urban Ghana: it's too costly How COVID affected markets and livelihoods in Kenya's fisheries sector Deforestation is causing more storms in west Africa, finds 30-year satellite study Ernest Shonekan obituary: an ineffectual leader during turbulent times in Nigeria Omicron may reach millions before vaccines do – but that doesn't mean race to vaccinate the world is over I was caught up in Canada's harsh and unscientific African travel ban Southern Africa's Namaqualand daisies are flowering earlier: why it's a red flag Lockdown schooling: research from across the world shows reasons to be hopeful We studied the sounds of mosquitoes’ mating rituals – our findings could help fight malaria Asylum seekers: why UK needs to change how it assesses the age of new arrivals Ocean temperatures are at record levels, with major consequences The big challenges for supply chains in 2022 Breastfeeding beyond infancy can be beneficial for children and parents – mothers explain pressure they feel to stop Downing Street party: what the law actually said about work gatherings in May 2020 Heavy snowfall kills tourists at a hill station in Pakistan Crypto countries: Nigeria and El Salvador's opposing journeys into digital currencies – podcast Beyond social mobility, college students value giving back to society Making sugar, making 'coolies': Chinese laborers toiled alongside Black workers on 19th-century Louisiana plantations Tackling 2022 with hope: 5 essential reads When meeting someone new, try skirting the small talk and digging a little deeper Racial and ethnic diversity is lacking among nonprofit leaders – but there are ways to change that Inflation inequality: Poorest Americans are hit hardest by soaring prices on necessities Afghanistan: Taliban plans for suicide brigade reveal changing nature of warfare in 21st century Mesurer les travail des enfants: le cas des cacaoyères ivoiriennes The journey to a pig-heart transplant began 60 years ago The wiring in your plane could soon be made from recycled plastic -- new research Nepal: The Authorities are Failing to Protect Citizens Grattan on Friday: Government management of Omicron blighted by false assumptions, bad planning The science that is helping researchers find the 'disappeared' in Latin America Germany: Conviction for State Torture in Syria North Korea: Covid-19 Used to Bludgeon Rights Maldives: Extremist Attacks Go Unpunished Vietnam: Dozens of Rights Activists Detained, Tried Myanmar: Coup Crushes Democratic Rule EU: Commitment to Rights Falters Under Stress Latin America: Alarming Reversal of Basic Freedoms Turkey Defies International Human Rights Law Lebanon: Callous Disregard for Rights Bahrain: Repression Marks Uprising Anniversary Belarus: Civil Society ‘Purge’ Russia: Repression Escalates Kazakhstan: Protect Human Rights During Crisis Indonesia: Covid-19 Response Overshadows Rights Afghanistan: Taliban Takeover Worsens Rights Crisis India: Dangerous Backsliding on Rights Brazil: Protect Voting, Speech Rights The Future for Autocrats is Darker Than It Seems Undertones: From ‘Satanic’ QR codes and ‘public enemies’, navigating the pandemic in Russia US: Slow Progress on Human Rights Iran: No End to Mounting Repression UK: Falling Short on Rights Egypt: No End to Systematic Repression Philippines: Presidential Candidates Should Address Rights Thailand: Deepening Repression of Rights China: Xi’s ‘New Era’ Marked by Rights Abuses Malaysia: Rights Sharply Decline Amid Political Instability Pakistan: Media, Critics Under Increasing Attack Iraq: Impunity for Serious Abuses South Korea: Backtracking on Rights Protections Bangladesh: Grave Rights Concerns Dismissed Singapore: Tightening the Screws on Speech Cambodia: Activists Face Sustained Repression Washington stealthily funnels weapons to Ukraine US Congress launches caucus to bolster Abraham Accords US Refuses to Discuss NATO Deployment Nuclear green pass: the Bomb for Italy comes out in May, by Manlio Dinucci Military analysis of the attacks on Kazakhstan, by Valentin Vasilescu In a fight between a wild and a domestic budgie, whose feathers would fly? 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