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Mass shootings leave behind collective despair, anguish and trauma at many societal levels Planning a holiday? What's the COVID situation in Bali, Fiji, NZ and the UK? AI could help us spot viruses like monkeypox before they cross over – and help conserve nature 'Every child matters': One year after the unmarked graves of 215 Indigenous children were found in Kamloops Military history is repeating for Russia under Putin's regime of thieves Heartstopper depicts queer joy - here's why that can bring about complicated feelings for those in the LGBTIQ community Friday essay: grey-haired and radiant – reimagining ageing for women Wild animals are evolving faster than anybody thought Laggard to leader? Labor could repair Australia’s tattered reputation on climate change, if it gets these things right Dumbed-down curriculum means primary students will learn less about the world and nothing about climate Albanese will bring a different style of leadership to the PM's office –– can Australia make the adjustment? Expect more power price hikes – a 1970s-style energy shock is on the cards Can you use rapid antigen tests in children under 2 years old? Call out anti-Black racism every day, not as a campaign tactic Why gun control laws don't pass Congress, despite majority public support and repeated outrage over mass shootings 6 charts shows key role firearms makers play in America’s gun culture South Sudan: Renewal of UN arms embargo positive step to help curb conflict-related sexual violence Boris Johnson: leadership expert on why not taking responsibility degrades politics Partygate: how the Sue Gray report revealed the age of 'government by WhatsApp' Rishi Sunak's £15 billion cost-of-living package and windfall tax: four experts respond A unified cybersecurity strategy is the key to protecting businesses Ontario election gives voters the chance to choose people over profits in long-term care Rivers can suddenly change course – scientists used 50 years of satellite images to learn where and how it happens Managing fish stocks shared by nations must focus on the impacts of climate change Cuba: Release Imprisoned Artists Tajikistan: Stop Abusing Autonomous Region Protesters Algeria Targets Diaspora Critics Cuba: Release Imprisoned Artists Film ‘Immoral Code’ Explores Danger of Machines That Kill Mexico’s Supreme Court Bans ‘Random’ Immigration Checks Sweden: a history of neutrality ends after 200 years Top Gun: Maverick's age shouldn’t stop him as a test and fighter pilot, but his lifestyle might Who really owns the oil industry’s future stranded assets? If you own investment funds or expect a pension, it might be you Large trees are essential for healthy cities 'Every child matters': 1 year after the unmarked graves of 215 Indigenous children were found in Kamloops Ukraine war: crisis between the west and Russia gives Turkey a chance to strengthen its hand at home and abroad Spain: Pegasus spyware scandal reveals risk of intelligence services acting with total impunity Another Police Raid in Rio Leaves 26 Dead Nepal’s Statute of Limitations Denies Rape Survivors Justice Illegal wildlife poisoning depletes Balkan biodiversity, yet only 1% of cases reach court Climate change: efficiency labels really do encourage less energy use – but there's a better way of using them How digital technology can help keep cities green and pleasant Why Denmark is voting on its defence relationship with the EU – and what it says about democracy in Europe India and Pakistan's heatwave is a sign of worse to come – podcast Grattan on Friday: Stellar first week for Anthony Albanese but tough months ahead Cost of living: the unhealthy coping strategies which are likely to rise as energy bills soar – plus how to get help Boris Johnson's leadership: the moral contagion can only be stopped with his resignation AI and machine learning are improving weather forecasts, but they won't replace human experts 3 in 4 fundraisers have experienced sexual harassment on the job – often because of inappropriate behavior from donors Want to expand computer science education? Educate more teachers Genetic mutations can be benign or cancerous – a new method to differentiate between them could lead to better treatments How 'gate' became the syllable of scandal How college students can help save local news How important is the COVID-19 booster shot for 5-to-11-year-olds? 5 questions answered It's not helpful to talk about children's 'learning loss' during lockdown – they and their parents learned a great deal Our Mars rover mission was suspended because of the Ukraine war – here's what we're hoping for next Who wins as energy bills soar? Oil and gas companies Champions League final 2022: the economic tactics that drive Liverpool and Real Madrid Climate change isn't a priority for Kenyan universities. It should be Death and horror in real time prove our almost limitless capacity for evil Ghanaian women in dance reality show challenge stereotypes about obesity Super Afro Soul: the music of Orlando Julius, titan of Nigerian music My job is full of fossilised poop, but there's nothing icky about ichnology China: Tiananmen vigil events across globe in solidarity with Hong Kong Monkeypox: we have vaccines and drugs to treat it Nepal: Overly restrictive statute of limitations on rape and other sexual violence must be removed From glasses to mobility scooters, 'assistive technology' isn't always high-tech. A WHO roadmap could help 2 million Australians get theirs We keep hearing about a First Nations Voice to parliament, but what would it actually look like in practice? To walk the talk on climate, Labor must come clean about the future for coal and gas Will the latest shooting of US children finally lead to gun reform? Sadly, that's unlikely Bulgaria: Migrants Brutally Pushed Back at Turkish Border Turkey Fails Domestic Violence Victims How the NRA evolved from backing a 1934 ban on machine guns to blocking nearly all firearm restrictions today Sunshine by day, water by night: Indonesia could pair its vast solar and hydro storage to decarbonise the country Below the Line: How might our new, more diverse parliament change Australia and the Asia-Pacific? – podcast COVID-19 in babies – here's what to expect Fragments of a dying comet might put on a spectacular show next week – or pass by without a trace Still No Justice in Somalia Health Workers Massacre Tony Burke's double ministry of arts and industrial relations could be just what the arts sector needs How did ancient moa survive the ice age – and what can they teach us about modern climate change? Avian influenza: How bird flu affects domestic and wild flocks, and why a One Health approach matters Super co-contribution has cost $10 billion to help the wrong Australians – so let's scrap it The singing was great – but what was it about? Why opera companies should explain themselves better Dervla McTiernan: a crime writer probing the complexity of relationships and the courage of good people How plate tectonics, mountains and deep-sea sediments have maintained Earth's 'Goldilocks' climate Australia's social housing system is critically stressed. Many eligible applicants simply give up As flu cases surge, vaccination may offer some bonus protection from COVID as well Memo to Labor: you need more tax, working out how much more is urgent I am a climate scientist – and this is my plea to our newly elected politicians National Sorry Day is a day to commemorate those taken. But 'sorry' is not enough – we need action After mass shootings like Uvalde, national gun control fails – but states often loosen gun laws Punishment vs. deportation: What we can learn from the case of the truck driver in the Humbolt Broncos bus crash Four reasons SUVs are less safe and worse for the environment than a regular car Derry Girls: the riotous show that shifted the experiences of teenage girls to centre stage Long COVID: vaccination could reduce symptoms, new research suggests 'Wine time Friday' and invites for 200: five of the most interesting findings from Sue Gray's partygate report 5 ways entrepreneurs can become more psychologically resilient What we know about mass school shootings in the US – and the gunmen who carry them out Parents of deaf children often miss out on key support from the Deaf community Dangerous counterfeit drugs are putting millions of US consumers at risk, according to a new study Foreign companies exiting Russia echo the pressure campaign against South Africa's racist apartheid system Replacement theory isn't new – 3 things to know about how this once-fringe conspiracy has become more mainstream Rwandan researchers are finally being centred in scholarship about their own country Artificial light may become a new weapon in the fight to control malaria Quantum physics offers insights about leadership in the 21st century Kenya's push for a purely formal seed system could be bad for farmers Snare and shotgun injuries reveal more about threats to lions and leopards in Zambia What the Voyager space probes can teach humanity about immortality and legacy as they sail through space for trillions of years Dutton, set to become Liberal leader, wants people to see 'the rest of my character' Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends – how British attitudes have become tougher on adultery Sue Gray report: why hasn't Boris Johnson resigned? Key questions answered How the scientific equivalent of impressionist paintings can make you feel data Top Gun: How fighter jet pilots withstand high G Ukraine war: rising food prices are not the only global economic fallout Rail strike: UK government's plan to limit industrial action is just a recipe for more discontent Why a 110-million-year-old raptor skeleton should never have been sold at auction for over US$12M Niqab bans boost hate crimes against Muslims and legalize Islamophobia — Podcast Canada needs to be as welcoming to Afghan refugees as it is to Ukrainians Punishment vs. deportation: What we can learn from the case of Jaskirat Singh Sidhu SUVs: four reasons why they are less safe and worse for the environment than a regular car How Derry Girls upended the cultural sidelining of young women's experiences 19 children, 2 adults killed in Texas elementary school shooting – 3 essential reads on America's relentless gun violence A 'doorway' on Mars? How we see things in space that aren't there How to talk to your employer about trauma The Ukrainian Marshall Plan: Norman Foster, central banks, and Russian yachts Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders take tentative steps toward peace At least 21 children killed in Texas elementary school – 3 essential reads on America's relentless gun violence Monkeypox is endemic in Nigeria. But surveillance isn't what it should be When is a COVID mutation a new variant, and when is it a subvariant? And what’s a recombinant? At least 19 children killed in Texas elementary school - 3 essential reads on America's relentless gun violence After many false dawns, Australians finally voted for stronger climate action. Here's why this election was different Clive Palmer and One Nation flopped at the election. What happened? Eden-Monaro and Gippsland are next-door neighbours: why is one seat safe and the other marginal? When War Crimes Evidence Disappears Moldova: Romani Refugees from Ukraine Face Segregation What overseas Chinese citizens make of Xi Jinping's resignation rumours Governments Harm Children’s Rights in Online Learning Africa's music scene rebounds after a devastating pandemic Planetary waves, cut-off lows and blocking highs: what's behind record floods across the Southern Hemisphere? Surprise! How men react when becoming a dad isn't part of the plan Politics with Michelle Grattan: Treasurer Jim Chalmers on the 'spiky' parts of Australia's inflation problem Public police are a greedy institution Whose ‘identity’ are we preserving in Auckland’s special character housing areas? FIFA Should Listen to Families of Qatar’s Migrant Workers Oklahoma’s Bathroom Ban Will Endanger Transgender Children Do Russian classics need a new interpretation after Russia's invasion of Ukraine? Interview with scholar Ani Kokobobo Tech firms are making computer chips with human cells – is it ethical? The future of fishing and fish — and the health of the ocean — hinges on economics and the idea of 'infinity fish' New Zealand has just joined an overtly anti-China alliance – are the economic risks worth it? How a sustainability index can keep Exxon but drop Tesla – and 3 ways to fix ESG ratings to meet investors' expectations Spaghetti Junction at 50: how the fabled Midlands interchange put Birmingham on the map Soon Australian doctors will be allowed to advertise with patient testimonials – but beware the hype Great Expectations by Charles Dickens: class prejudices, the convict stain and a corpse-bride When self-driving cars crash, who's responsible? Courts and insurers need to know what's inside the 'black box' 'I want an orgasm but not just any orgasm': How To Please A Woman shifts the way we depict the sexuality of older women Low staff turnover, high loyalty and productivity gains: the business benefits of hiring people with intellectual disability How the 'reality-distorting machinery' of the federal election campaign delivered sub-par journalism Almost 60% of teachers say they want out. What is Labor going to do for an exhausted school sector? The election shows the conservative culture war on climate change could be nearing its end To serve school communities and address inequities after COVID-19, principals must become activists Africans are changing how they consume music and even taking on international streaming giants Why Britain really can't afford to cut civil servants right now Climate change: radical activists benefit social movements – history shows why 5 ways school boards can address racial injustice Climate change: UK’s net zero target is under threat because there’s no plan to pay for it Shanghai: world's biggest port is returning to normal, but supply chains will get worse before they get better Catatonia: the person's body may be frozen, but their minds are not – new study Why Seventh-day Adventists are so often vegan or vegetarian Debate: What ‘European political community’ do we need now? Alberta's political culture and history played a part in Jason Kenney's downfall Court Ends Suspension of NGO in Uganda *Yorkicystis*, the 500 million-year-old relative of starfish that lost its skeleton Nuclear isomers were discovered 100 years ago, and physicists are still unraveling their mysteries Scientists at Work: How pharmacists and community health workers build trust with Cambodian genocide survivors What is a medication, or medical, abortion? 5 questions answered by 3 doctors The Catholic Church's views on exorcism have changed – a religious studies scholar explains why The big exodus of Ukrainian refugees isn't an accident – it's part of Putin's plan to destabilize Europe Protestants and the pill: How US Christians helped make birth control mainstream Biden on Taiwan: Did he really commit US forces to stopping any invasion by China? An expert explains why, on balance, probably not COVID nasal sprays could offer advantages over traditional vaccines – a virologist explains how they work The impact of Indonesia's ban on palm oil exports reverberated across the globe Here's why you might feel sick after a workout – and what you can do to prevent it Monkeypox: some countries are protecting contacts with the smallpox vaccine, which uses humanity's only domesticated virus Africa's urban planners face huge corruption pressures: some answers Commonwealth in Kigali: another chance for Rwanda's Kagame to project soft power We tested plants used for contraception in South Africa. Here's what we found Oil hazards aren't the main worry of Nigeria's coastal residents: toilets are The African Union's conflict early warning system is no more. What now? Tech firms are making computer chips with human cells - is it ethical? Quad praises Albanese government's higher ambition on climate Philippines: the challenges ahead for the new president Marcos Saudi Arabia: Halt imminent execution of Bahraini men sentenced after flawed trial Death Penalty 2021: Facts and Figures Lifting the minimum wage is anything but reckless – it's what low earners need Pay 'with a smile or a wave': why Mastercard's new face recognition payment system raises concerns Good timing and hard work: behind the election's 'Greenslide' Halsey's record label won't release a new song until it goes viral on TikTok. Is this the future of the music industry? Below the Line: Has Australia's political landscape changed forever? – podcast Word from The Hill: Biden impressed by Albanese's energy (even if the Liberals weren't) Pan-African integration has made progress but needs a change of mindset Angola: Authorities repress civil society organizations ahead of election All Creatures Great and Small at 50: why these stories about a country vet still charm today Lifting the minimum wage is anything but reckless to stop low earners going backwards AU: Focus on Root Causes of Conflict, Political Instability Australia: Crucial Need for Ambitious Climate Action The US Is Falling Behind Other Democracies When It Comes to Abortion Attention managers: if you expect First Nations' staff to do all your 'Indigenous stuff', this isn't support – it's racism Writing for our (digital) lives: war, social media and the urgent need to update how we teach English Why do my armpits smell? And would using glycolic acid on them really work? New Zealand must get over its obsession with big cars and go smaller or electric to cut emissions To protect vulnerable Australians from COVID this winter, we need to pick up the pace on third doses Don't believe the backlash – the benefits of NZ investing more in cycling will far outweigh the costs Attention managers: if you expect First Nations' staff to do all your 'Indigenous stuff', this isn't support - it's racism We're about to have Australia's most diverse parliament yet – but there's still a long way to go Wages and women top Albanese's IR agenda: the big question is how Labor keeps its promises How many bots are on Twitter? The question is difficult to answer and misses the point Death Penalty 2021: State-sanctioned killings rise as executions spike in Iran and Saudi Arabia Other casualties of Putin's war in Ukraine: Russia's climate goals and science Curious Kids: what would happen if someone moved at twice the speed of light? Into the ocean twilight zone: how new technology is revealing the secrets of an under-researched undersea world Ancient Rome didn't have specific domestic violence legislation – but the laws they had give us a window into a world of abuse A flourishing ecology and a healthy economy? Henry David Thoreau thought you couldn't have one without the other 'It's almost like a second home': why students want schools to do more about mental health COVID made things taste weird, now 'Paxlovid mouth' sounds disgusting. What causes dysgeusia? On the Pacific, the new government must be bold and go big. Here's how the repair work could begin Did Australia just make a move to the left? USA: Upholding dangerous immigration policy will harm people throughout the Americas Afghans Call to #FreeHerFace The propagandist Dugin and the justification of Russian imperialism Plastic pollution: European farmland could be largest global reservoir of microplastics What happened to the AstraZeneca vaccine? Now rare in rich countries, it’s still saving lives around the world Five digital games to help your child’s development Egypt: Lift restrictions on civic space to ensure a successful COP27 Latin America needs a human rights-based recipe for post-pandemic recovery The elephant whisperer of Nepal War crimes trial of Russian soldier was perfectly legal – but that doesn't make it wise Why Labor is likely to win a House of Representatives majority despite a 33% primary vote Monkeypox isn’t like HIV, but gay and bisexual men are at risk of unfair stigma Monkeypox Q&A: how do you catch it and what are the risks? An expert explains Antiquated thinking about old age hinders Canada’s economic and social development Cancer groundshot: Access to proven treatments must parallel development of new therapies When is a species really extinct? Roe vs. Wade highlights the important role of high courts in democratic societies Indigenous-led conservation aims to rekindle caribou abundance and traditions What is the metaverse, and what can we do there? How to make performance reviews less terrible – especially given the challenges of supervising remote workers Where was the world's first zoo? Skin grafts for burns injuries can lead to crippling scars – a drug that blocks the skin's ability to respond to physical stimuli could promote healing, new research in pigs finds Impending demise of Roe v. Wade puts a spotlight on a major privacy risk: Your phone reveals more about you than you think Conflicts over language stretch far beyond Russia and Ukraine Putin's key mistake? Not understanding Ukraine's blossoming national identity - even in the Russian-friendly southeast The Heard v. Depp trial is not just a media spectacle – it is an opportunity to discuss the nuances of intimate partner violence Five facts about the gruesome beauty of solitary wasps Ideology matters in unravelling Russia's invasion of Ukraine Rising sea levels are driving faster erosion along Senegal's coast How a desire to help led me to track COVID numbers and make sense of them through graphs Bosnia and Herzegovina diaspora: A vague perception of home and homeland How Russians are protesting the war in Ukraine from a totalitarian state AC Milan Serie A win carries lessons in team building, mentorship and organisation David Bowie and the birth of environmentalism: 50 years on, how Ziggy Stardust and the first UN climate summit changed our vision of the future View from The Hill: Government exits amid shredding snowstorm, Labor ministers make staged entry EU: Bolster Justice Efforts Worldwide The election showed Australia's huge appetite for stronger climate action. What levers can the new government pull? Barbara Trapido's 'undeniably sexy' novel of academic bohemia still dazzles at 40 Cases are high and winter is coming. We need to stop ignoring COVID How well does the new Australian Curriculum prepare young people for climate change? We identified the 63 animals most likely to go extinct by 2041. We can't give up on them yet DR Congo: No Inquiry into Police Role in Ethnic Killings Thailand: Free Detained Monarchy Reform Activists China: UN human rights chief must seize critical opportunity to address crimes against humanity in Xinjiang Myanmar: Japan-Trained Officer Among Abusive Forces 'Mutual respect and genuine partnership': how a Labor government could revamp our relationship with Indonesia Legalise Cannabis Australia did well at the ballot box – but reform is most likely to come from a cautious approach Did NASA find a mysterious doorway on Mars? No, but that's no reason to stop looking Alcohol marketing has crossed borders and entered the metaverse – how do we regulate the new digital risk? Myanmar: Japan-Trained Officer Among Abusive Forces Queer identity, lust and grief in Lauren John Joseph’s debut novel 3 big issues in higher education demand the new government's attention A new dawn over stormy seas: how Labor should manage the economy As Albanese heads to the Quad, what are the security challenges facing Australia's new government? Morrison's 'great electoral bungle' leaves the Liberals decimated and heading in the wrong direction Australian voters have elected their government. Now the Labor Party has to make them believe they were right Museveni's first son Muhoozi: clear signals of a succession plan in Uganda Angola's ruling party faces united opposition in upcoming poll. But it's pushing back Museveni's first son Muhoozi: clear signals about a succession plan COVID is no gamble: physics-inspired simulations predict waves in four countries What M23's on-and-off insurgency tells us about DRC's precarious search for peace Queensland bucks the national trend (again) and this spells trouble for both the Liberals and ALP Women stormed the 2022 election in numbers too big to ignore: what has Labor pledged on gender? Swing when you're winning: how Labor won big in Western Australia Prime Minister Albanese’s victory speech brings hope for First Nations Peoples' role in democracy Victoria turns red and teal as Liberals are all but vanquished in greater Melbourne View from The Hill: Morrison was routed by combination of quiet Australians and noisy ones Labor has a huge health agenda ahead of it. What policies should we expect? Nationals vote holds steady. Will the Coalition become a party of the regions and outer suburbs? Israel/ OPT: Scrap plans for forced transfer of Palestinian Bedouin village Ras Jrabah in the Negev/Naqab Election results update: Labor to form government as both major parties' primary votes slump Albanese wins with a modest program – but the times may well suit him With a new Australian government and foreign minister comes fresh hope for Australia-China relations The teals and Greens will turn up the heat on Labor's climate policy. Here's what to expect What has Labor promised on an integrity commission and can it deliver a federal ICAC by Christmas? 'I don't think, I know': how 5 words from the French president triggered a ruinous run on Morrison's character Labor to form government as both major parties' primary votes slump The big teal steal: independent candidates rock the Liberal vote Scott Morrison defeated – Labor to govern in minority or majority A narrow Labor win and a 'teal bath': all the facts and figures on the 2022 election Is this the end of the two-party system in Australia? The Greens, teals and others shock the major parties Albanese wins with a modest policy program – but the times may well suit him What now for the Liberal Party? A radical shift and a lot of soul-searching Jakartans trust the government more compared to people in South Sulawesi, and that influenced COVID-19 prevention compliance Togo looks like West Africa’s new frontier of violent extremism Thailand: Free Detained Monarchy Reform Activists New York Committee to Investigate State’s Child Welfare System Reimagine Global Food Systems to Prevent Hunger and Protect Rights Trinidad & Tobago's failure to act on decades of abuse allegations has done unspeakable damage to children in state care In their own words: Facilitated conversation as a way to report on Latin America Europe is determined to cut fossil fuel ties with Russia, even though getting Hungary on board won't be easy How children are helping to make their families more eco-friendly – new research Whataboutism: what it is and why it's such a popular tactic in arguments What is monkeypox? A microbiologist explains what's known about this smallpox cousin The Martinican bèlè dance – a celebration of land, spirit and liberation Why you shouldn't trust research which claims that a single foodstuff has amazing health benefits Food banks: an MP claimed there's no massive use for them in the UK – the evidence shows why he's wrong Whether you followed lockdown rules may have been influenced by your genetics – new research Crystal Palace dinosaurs: how we rediscovered five missing sculptures from the famous park Climate change: the IPCC has served its purpose, so do we still need it? Inflation: the supermarket business model is too fragile to shield customers from rising food prices Nigeria's Dilomprizulike: artist who mesmerizes and befuddles in equal measure Berlin Bans Nakba Day Demonstrations Plant-based milk products: what you need to know before making the switch What Scotland can learn from Irish independence: it won't control interest rates and inequality will widen How soaring inflation can be particularly harmful for young people Wagatha Christie: what the Vardy v Rooney case can teach you about avoiding libel on social media Newspoll and Ipsos both give Labor clear leads in final polls; counting of early votes Five tips for young people dealing with long COVID – from a GP The US Civil War drastically reshaped how Americans deal with death – will the pandemic? What makes us subconsciously mimic the accents of others in conversation 1 in 6 US kids are in families below the poverty line Accused Buffalo mass shooter had threatened a shooting while in high school. Could more have been done to avert the tragedy? 'Dracula Daily' reanimates the classic vampire novel for the age of memes and snark Over 100 years of Antarctic agriculture is helping scientists grow food in space After initial silence, the Biden administration is making moves to free WNBA star Brittney Griner from Russian detention Qatar: Joint open letter to Gianni Infantino regarding remedy for labour abuses behind the 2022 World Cup Yemen: Huthi authorities must release four journalists sentenced to death What is Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education and how Amnesty International helps to implement it COVID in South Africa: what to expect in the short and long term Monkeypox in Australia: what is it and how can we prevent the spread? Our election coverage has been driven by your agenda – not politicians' Here's what the government and universities can do about the crisis of insecure academic work The rise and rise of Harry Styles: how did the former boyband member become the biggest name in pop? 'Some leaders only want to hear the good news': politicians tell us how political careers can end EU Needs to Hold Hungary to Account Iran: Arrests Amid Economic Protests Somalia: US Redeployment Should Stress Civilian Protection UN: Rights Chief’s Credibility at Stake in China Visit Can sniffer dogs really detect COVID almost as well as a PCR test? Turns out they can Why do we get teary when we're tired or sick? Labour’s fourth ‘well-being budget' still comes up short on the well-being of women Is there evidence aliens have visited Earth? Here's what's come out of US congress hearings on 'unidentified aerial phenomena' Australia's cities policies are seriously inadequate for tackling the climate crisis VIDEO: It's not just politicians on tenterhooks – pollsters are too Is Elon Musk getting cold feet? Why the entrepreneur may be trying to pull out of buying Twitter Russia's blockade could cause mass famine beyond Ukraine – but it’s a crime without a name Ukraine recap: why Turkey wants to block Sweden and Finland joining Nato Abortion and inherited disease: Genetic disorders complicate the view that abortion is a choice What's it like to be on Venus or Pluto? We studied their sand dunes and found some clues Treating sleep apnoea can improve memory in people with cognitive decline Friday essay: 'but we already had a treaty' – Tom Griffiths on a little known 1889 peace accord 5 charts show how trust in Australia's leaders and institutions has collapsed Australians face their starkest choice at the ballot box in 50 years. Here's why Guatemala: Attorney General’s Reappointment Threatens Rights Kazakhstan: Boost Rights Protection in Constitution Reform Pandemic babies with developmental delays can be helped to make up for lost social interaction – 5 tips for parents The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial shows the dangers of fan culture How psychological aspects of healing are important for hospital design What you need to know about the Defense Production Act – the 1950s law Biden invoked to try to end the baby formula shortage Belarus: New death penalty law is the ultimate attack on human rights In their own words: Latinas with disabilities turn their homes into pandemic battlegrounds Psychedelics: how they act on the brain to relieve depression Grattan on Friday: Numbers fly as unedifying campaign draws towards its close How to know if your practice of Buddhism through listening to podcasts or use of meditation apps is 'authentic' A quest for significance gone horribly wrong – how mass shooters pervert a universal desire to make a difference in the world Putin could be charged with the crime of aggression for the Ukraine war – but it's an expensive process with high stakes Pandemic babies with development delays can be helped to make up for lost social interaction – 5 tips for parents Restoring the Great Lakes: After 50 years of US-Canada joint efforts, some success and lots of unfinished business Is intermittent fasting the diet for you? Here's what the science says CBT? DBT? Psychodynamic? What type of therapy is right for me? Baby formula industry was primed for disaster long before key factory closed down Why football needs a gender revolution Grim 2022 drought outlook for Western US offers warnings for the future as climate change brings a hotter, thirstier atmosphere Tinnitus seems linked with sleep – understanding how could bring us closer to finding a cure Restrictive abortion laws put Nigerian women in danger Banana paper could save East Africa's potatoes from devastating worms How visionary scientist Bernie Fanaroff put African astronomy on the map Smart city technologies pose serious threats to women waste workers in India Summer 'revenge travel' could raise drowning risk at beaches, but new tech might help Whiteness is at the heart of racism in Britain – so why is it portrayed as a Black problem? Photos of wartime Europe still shape views of conflict – here's how we're trying to right the record US: Flawed Military Review of Civilian Casualties in Syria Maxime Mokom: le Centrafricain jugé à la Cour Pénale Internationale Reducing COVID transmission by 20% could save 2,000 Australian lives this year The UK attempts to rewrite Northern Ireland Brexit protocol: key questions answered Growing plant trade may spread invasive species – but help ecosystems adapt to climate change This election, many adults with disabilities won't be allowed to vote. That should change At 3.9%, Australia's unemployment rate now officially begins with '3'. What's next? Iran: Swedish-Iranian doctor held hostage and at risk of retaliatory execution Algeria: Campaign against increasing government repression of human rights In Georgia, veteran journalist sentenced to 3.5 years in jail Myanmar journalists face grave risks at every turn Arts and culture have been all but overlooked this election – but the Greens have a big-picture plan Raiding super early has already left women worse off. Let's not repeat the mistake for home deposits A budget for the ‘squeezed middle’ – but will it be the political circuit-breaker Labour wants? Here's how we track down and very carefully photograph Australia's elusive snakes Quad Leaders: Spotlight Rights, Democracy in Asia A Uyghur journalist's demand: Bring an end to my family’s decades of suffering Qatar: FIFA should match $440m World Cup prize money to fund major compensation programme for abused migrant workers US/South Korea: Promote Rights in North Korea Ylli Morina: The 13-year-old mathematical genius from Skopje who is tutoring university students Millions Dying Globally Because of Unabated Pollution How can Indonesia improve REDD+ to stop deforestation? How do the major parties rate on the First Nations Voice to Parliament? We asked 5 experts Labor's proposed Pacific labour scheme reforms might be good soft diplomacy but will it address worker exploitation? Voluntary assisted dying will soon be legal in all states. Here's what's just happened in NSW and what it means for you The media have reached 'peak passivity' in the lead up to the 2022 election Indigenous votes matter — and not just in remote Australia FIFA: Pay for Harm to Qatar’s Migrant Workers Appealing to Trump (and his base) might have worked in Pennsylvania primaries – but it won't play so well in the midterms LGBTIQ+ and unsure how to vote? Here are what the major parties are promising on health COVID has killed 5,600 Australians this year and the pandemic isn't over. Ethics can shape our response The media has reached 'peak passivity' in the lead up to the 2022 election Morrison is hoping for an election surprise but 'uncommitted' voters rarely turn things around in the final week I'm a climate scientist and writer: this election is the most important in Australia's history 'A new climate politics': the 47th parliament must be a contest of ideas for a hotter, low-carbon Australia Climate change is killing trees in Queensland's tropical rainforests Australian election: how the country’s political landscape is shifting – podcast Opposition Leader, Supporters Arrested in Chad Is hypersensitivity a strength or a weakness? 5 technologies that will help make the food system carbon neutral Companies leaving Russia are caving to public pressure, not actually making a difference Tajikistan: Tensions Escalating in Autonomous Region Amid drought and climate crisis, the Mexican state Querétaro faces possible privatization of its water How taking a closer look at your family tree can help you get to grips with climate change Canaries in the coal mine: why birds can tell us so much about the health of Earth Beauty and the Bleach: the colonial history of colourism explored in BBC documentary 'How are you?': Is it time for greater authenticity in how we ask and answer this question? How the metaverse could change the purpose and feel of cities Jake Daniels: how homophobia in men's football is changing Shortage of workers threatens UK recovery – here’s why and what to do about it Turkey: why it wants to block Sweden and Finland from joining Nato – and what it stands to lose India's employee hostels are often like prisons – but young women garment workers don't always see it that way Haven't had COVID yet? 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