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What makes archaeology useful as well as exciting? It offers lessons from the past Children and teens aren't doing enough physical activity - new study sounds a health warning It’s hot, and your local river looks enticing. But is too germy for swimming? Tár isn't just about gender, sexuality and power – it is also a story of class in the elite world of classical music Nope, coffee won't give you extra energy. It'll just borrow a bit that you'll pay for later Toxic pollutants can build up inside our homes. Here are 8 ways to reduce the risks Why has the West given billions in military aid to Ukraine, but virtually ignored Myanmar? 3 in 4 people experience abuse on dating apps. How do we balance prevention with policing? 'Nostalgic' classics, or edgy contemporary texts? What books are kids reading in Australian schools – and does it matter? As students return to school, small-group tutoring can help those who are falling behind A message to anxious parents as 320,000 Australian children start school Passengers need more than apologies from airlines after holiday chaos How science and innovation can strengthen global food systems A study of close to half a million soccer fans shows how group identity shapes behaviour Migrants don't cause crime rates to increase — but false perceptions endure anyway New era in Czech politics as Petr Pavel wins presidential election Albanese promises National Aboriginal Art Gallery in Alice Springs and pivots towards the modern and mainstream in new cultural policy ‘This Arab Life': A personal excavation of the ‘silent’ Arab generation Chairing ASEAN: what does it mean for Indonesia in 2023? Nadhim Zahawi sacked: today’s Tory scandals are similar to 1990s sleaze stories in more than one way Hate speech: Nations fight back We must not simply remember, ‘but speak out and stand up’: UN chief Guterres ‘All sides need to think about the future they want for Venezuela’, says UN human rights chief Auckland floods: even stormwater reform won’t be enough – we need a ‘sponge city’ to avoid future disasters Trinidad & Tobago's International Soca Monarch competition is cancelled, and Carnival lovers are either shattered or unfazed Where will Prague's China policy go with the new president? Hate speech: A growing, international threat The Auckland floods are a sign of things to come – the city needs stormwater systems fit for climate change 'Acts that defy humanity:' 3 essential reads on police brutality, race and the power of video evidence The Auckland floods are sign of things to come – the city needs stormwater systems fit for climate change ICC Authorizes Resumed Philippines Investigation Killing of Tyre Nichols Shows Structural Problems in US Policing To revitalize Indigenous communities, the Residential School settlement must prioritize language education FDA advisory committee votes unanimously in favor of a one-shot COVID-19 vaccine approach – 5 questions answered How Surinamese fisheries are being impacted by climate change — and what's being done about it No Justice 5 Years After Afghanistan Taliban Bombing Systemic racism within UK criminal justice system a serious concern: UN human rights experts Holocaust remembrance: beware ‘siren songs of hate’ – UN chief Modern mafia: Italy's organised crime machine has changed beyond recognition in 30 years Biden and Trump are both accused of mishandling classified documents – but there are key differences Gandhi's image is under scrutiny 75 years after his assassination – but his protest principles are being revived What effect will lunar new year have on COVID spread in China? Our modelling shows most people have already been infected Older women are smashing it this awards season – but ageism is far from over Exxon scientists accurately forecast climate change back in the 1970s – what if we had listened to them and acted then? Bitcoin has shot up 50% since the new year, but here's why new lows are probably still ahead Iran: Quash death sentences of young protesters subjected to gruesome torture Honduras: Xiomara Castro’s government must firmly deliver on human rights agenda The Challenges of Driving Electric in Indonesia Myanmar mired ever deeper in crisis as human rights spiral backwards, warns Türk The Last of Us: HBO's adaptation elevates the video game's themes of love and family LA's long, troubled history with urban oil drilling is nearing an end after years of health concerns Power struggles in nature can be more subtle, nuanced and strategic than just dog-eat-dog Independent voters can be decisive in elections – but they're pretty unpredictable, not 'shadow partisans' Rural Americans aren't included in inflation figures – and for them, the cost of living may be rising faster The 'levelling up' bidding process wastes time and money – here's how to improve it State-affiliated actors launch smear campaign against Hungarian investigative nonprofit Átlátszó Deaths Underscore Inhumanity of Canada’s Immigration Detention The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is now an opera – the case for adaptating the book that the Auschwitz Museum said 'should be avoided' Artificial intelligence in South Africa comes with special dilemmas – plus the usual risks Jim Chalmers lays out agenda for pursuit of 'values-based capitalism' Earwax removal no longer available at GP surgeries – leaving many struggling to hear 100 million Nigerians are at risk of neglected tropical diseases: what the country is doing about it Deep Fake Neighbour Wars: ITV’s comedy shows how AI can transform popular culture Somaliland’s oil find could reset the regional balance: here's how Bollywood’s ‘Faraaz’ raises questions about trauma exploitation in art Celebrating the ex-Yugoslav music scene, hall of fame style In Guatemala, Mayan families ask for wisdom, health, and strength for 2023 Cameroon: Prominent Investigative Journalist Killed Zimbabwe: A Move to Curb Freedom of Association as Election Nears Sweden and Turkey relations sour after far-right politician burns the Koran Repression of Uyghurs remains unchanged: Interview with Xinjiang Victims Database founder Gene Bunin Why Queensland is still ground zero for Australian deforestation Magnesium: what you need to know about this important micronutrient Tár: busting the myths the film perpetuates of the all-powerful maestro Holocaust remembrance: we must beware of well-intentioned mythmaking as events pass out of living memory El Salvador: Leaked Database Points to Large-Scale Abuses Indian Government App Exposed Children’s Personal Data Canada's $2.8 billion settlement with Indigenous Day Scholars is a long time coming Asteroid 2023 BU just passed a few thousand kilometres from Earth. Here's why that's exciting Beneath the Alice Springs 'crime wave' are complex issues – and a lot of politics Are your cats fighting or playing? Scientists analysed cat videos to figure out the difference It shouldn't seem so surprising when the pope says being gay 'isn't a crime' – a Catholic theologian explains Canada's $2.8 billion settlement with Indigenous Day Scholars is a long-time coming Liberal hawks versus realist doves: who is winning the ideological war over the future of Ukraine? Bookseller, black belt, 'neon-bright' talent: the unfathomable loss of acclaimed Australian YA author Gabrielle Williams The 1881 Maloga petition: a call for self-determination and a key moment on the path to the Voice Let's dance! How dance classes can lift your mood and help boost your social life “Black Race Trophy” celebrates anti-racism work in Brazil and beyond Geneva: UN member states must demand accountability for Pakistan’s human rights record Spain Debates Dangerous Sex Work Law Ukraine recap: supply of German and US tanks to make Kyiv 'a real punching fist of democracy' Australian teachers are dissatisfied with their jobs but their sense of professional belonging is strong Philosophers have studied 'counterfactuals' for decades. Will they help us unlock the mysteries of AI? This election year, NZ voters should beware of reading too much into the political polls Molly Meldrum at 80: how the 'artfully incoherent' presenter changed Australian music – and Australian music journalism Is 'Toadzilla' a sign of enormous cane toads to come? It's possible – toads grow as large as their environment allows Voluntary assisted dying will be available to more Australians this year. Here's what to expect in 2023 Disabled people were Holocaust victims, too: they were excluded from German society and murdered by Nazi programs What happens to our data when we no longer use a social media network or publishing platform? Horror comedy 'The Menu' delves into foodie snobbery when you're dying for a cheeseburger Israel/OPT: Jenin bloodshed is a horrifying reminder of the cost of impunity Greece’s surveillance scandal must shake us out of complacency Morocco: Saudi Man at Risk of Forced Return Home, belonging, and the Holocaust Closure of Moscow Helsinki Group, ‘yet another blow to human rights’ in Russia: OHCHR Nadhim Zahawi tax penalty: accounting expert on what it means when HMRC fines you for being 'careless' Four possible consequences of El Niño returning in 2023 COVID booster vaccines: how a third dose may help vulnerable people 'level up' their immunity Ukraine war: why Germany dragged its feet over supplying Leopard tanks to Ukraine Why labour strife at universities should concern us all Beavers and oysters are helping restore lost ecosystems with their engineering skills – podcast What are universities for? Canadian higher education is at a critical crossroads Cut from a different cloth: Former Nepali migrant worker is now an entrepreneur USA: Meta must guard against human rights risks after lifting bans on Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts Morocco: Saudi national could face torture if forced to return Prince Harry's kill count revelation could spark important discussions about war's effects on soldiers People blame and judge parents for children's heavier weights How California's ambitious new climate plan could help speed energy transformation around the world Debates over sacred images in the Byzantine Empire show why it's hard to appease any side What's effective altruism? A philosopher explains Ukraine has a mixed record of treating its citizens fairly – that could make it harder for it to maintain peace, once the war ends Ukraine: why supply of US and German tanks echoes cold war It'll take 150 years to map Africa's biodiversity at the current rate. We can't protect what we don't know Prince Harry: early leaks came from a Spanish translation, causing confusion about what was really said A major new exhibition in Nairobi reveals the history of east African art traditions Eliminating neglected diseases in Africa: there are good reasons for hope ChatGPT: Why education should embrace the AI chatbot, not shun it Teaching the Holocaust through literature: four books to help young people gain deeper understanding The public or the state: who calls the shots at the BBC? Russia: Court order to liquidate Moscow Helsinki Group human rights organization unlawful Grattan on Friday: Response to Alice Springs crisis poses early Indigenous affairs test for Albanese Vaccine hesitancy in South Africa: COVID experience highlights conspiracies, mistrust and the role of the media Heat stress is rising in southern Africa – climate experts show where and when it’s worst Tanzania: opposition rallies are finally unbanned – but this doesn't mean democratic reform is coming The Holocaust: remembering the powerful acts of 'ordinary people' Pension reform in France: Macron and demonstrators resume epic tussle begun over 30 years ago A hymn to the stars: what happens when science puts the universe into music Brazil: Restore Rule of Law in the Amazon Greece: Migrant Rights Defenders Face Charges With the upsurge of 'contract cheating' in Indonesia, student academic integrity is at stake China: Free ‘White Paper’ Protesters India/ Egypt: Ongoing human rights crisis in both countries must be addressed Kyrgyzstan: Lawsuit Seeks to Shut Independent Media Outlet Philippines: Officials ‘Red-Tagging’ Indigenous Leaders, Activists I covered murder-suicides, and learned how journalists were vulnerable to trauma Have you been labelled at work by your gender, age or ethnicity? Here's how those labels can delegitimize you Beirut port disaster: former Lebanon prime minister charged with homicide US will give military tanks to Ukraine, signaling Western powers' long-term commitment to thwarting Russia Deep sea reefs are spectacular and barely-explored – they must be conserved Finding Britain's 'shadow woods' offers the fastest way to reforest the countryside Strikes: how rising household debt could slow industrial action this year Placebos reduce feelings of guilt – even when people know they’re taking one Canada's new drinking guidelines don't consider the social benefits of alcohol. But should they? Claims that foetuses are surrounded by bacteria in the womb are incorrect – new review Australia Day hasn't always been on January 26, but it has always been an issue 'Change the date' debates about January 26 distract from the truth telling Australia needs to do One of these underrated animals should be Australia’s 2032 Olympic mascot. Which would you choose? These 5 spectacular impact craters on Earth highlight our planet's wild history ‘Have I just joined another cult?’: Daniella grew up in The Family, then joined the army – where she experienced toxic control, again Why do cats and dogs get the zoomies? 'An activist masquerading as an artist': we should all be talking about Richard Bell Got gastro? Here's why eating bananas helps but drinking flat lemonade might not Kyrgyzstan: Government move to close radio station is latest blow to the right to freedom of expression Cameroon: Failure to release 23 detainees over September 2020 protests is ‘deeply disappointing’ Lebanon: Judiciary farce in Beirut blast investigation must end Lebanon: Victims’ Families Despair as Blast Suspects Freed Free online courses could be a path to higher education in African countries but awareness is low Adriaan Vlok: the case for accepting the late South African politician’s apology for apartheid What we mean when we talk about romantic comedies Economists have misunderstood a key indicator – and it's a big problem How the UK government's veto of Scotland's gender recognition bill brought tensions in the union to the surface The Doomsday Clock is now at 90 seconds to midnight — the closest we have ever been to global catastrophe Interest rate hikes: The Bank of Canada's 'resolute' fight against inflation could threaten its credibility May 14 will determine the future of Turkey Dante was the founder of Italy’s right wing, claims culture minister – an expert explains why he’s wrong Large mammals shaped the evolution of humans: here’s why it happened in Africa Death and dying: how different cultures deal with grief and mourning Emotional 'blunting' and antidepressants – new research suggests why this is happening Andrew Tate: research has long shown how feminist progress is always followed by a misogynistic backlash The SAT and ACT are less important than you might think Calls for Pope Benedict's sainthood make canonizing popes seem like the norm – but it's a long and politically fraught process Starbucks fans are steamed: The psychology behind why changes to a rewards program are stirring up anger, even though many will get grande benefits Atlanta's BeltLine shows how urban parks can drive 'green gentrification' if cities don't think about affordable housing at the start Even bivalent updated COVID-19 boosters struggle to prevent omicron subvariant transmission – an immunologist discusses why new approaches are necessary Fossil teeth reveal how brains developed in utero over millions of years of human evolution – new research COVID-19 deaths in the US continue to be undercounted, research shows, despite claims of 'overcounts' Ukraine war: why Zelensky's corruption purge could be key to the outcome of the conflict Over 40,000 tons of neurotoxin were stored without any protection in North Macedonia Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen orders police to find Facebook beach ‘insulter’ Eswatini: Activist, Rights Lawyer Brutally Killed Alcohol bans and law and order responses to crime in Alice Springs haven't worked in the past, and won't work now Ghana’s domestic debt restructuring has stalled: four reasons why Body image campaigner Taryn Brumfitt is 2023 Australian of the Year Yemen: End the male guardianship restriction for releasing women from prisons Big Tech is firing employees by the thousands. Why? And how worried should we be? With inflation still rising, the RBA will almost certainly lift interest rates in February Should Australia let Kanye West in? How the ‘circus’ became the metaphor of choice in political rhetoric Possible link between Alzheimer's disease and gut microbiome found in mice – new study The Last of Us: fungal infections really can kill – and they’re getting more dangerous Food shortages: five ways to fix 'unfair' supply chains Labor maintains lead over Coalition in both federal and NSW Resolve polls Typical mass shooters are in their 20s and 30s – suspects in California's latest killings are far from that average 5 reasons to check on your elderly neighbour during a heatwave Top UN body asks what more can be done to stop genocide, atrocity crimes Targeted policies can help decarbonize Canada one home at a time Escaped pet parrots threaten New Zealand’s vulnerable native birds – why a ban is the best solution Biden's Empty Call to Reevaluate US-Saudi Relationship Harry and William duke it out: Will sticks and stones topple thrones? Scottish elections: young people more likely to vote if they started at 16 – new study The cost of school uniforms is a barrier to education – but there are ways to level the playing field Monterey Park: A pioneering Asian American suburb shaken by the tragedy of a mass shooting Holocaust survivor stories are reminders of why we need to educate against antisemitism Why loneliness is both an individual thing and a shared result of the cities we create Kids cause suffering (at least for parents) but do they make you unhappy? Is your child anxious about starting school? The approaches we use for children with disability can help all families War leaves a toxic legacy that lasts long after the guns go quiet. Can we stop it? The Australian National Anthem has a big problem – the average Aussie can't sing it in tune ChatGPT: Chatbots can help us rediscover the rich history of dialogue ‘Joy and wonder’: Morning affirmations in preparation for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Russia Designates Another Rights Organization as ‘Undesirable’ Crises hindering victim identification: UNODC human trafficking report Directors need limits to how many boards they sit on. Stretching their time too thinly is risky Stella Chiweshe: Zimbabwe's mbira queen, rebel music star and pioneer Football and politics in Kinshasa: how DRC's elite use sport to build their reputations and hold on to power 'The Whale' is a horror film that taps into our fear of fatness Discovery of book in Scottish castle reveals fascinating detail of Robert Burns's domestic life Jacinda Ardern resignation has people wondering when to quit – but that's the wrong way to think about burnout Russia rekindles old friendship with South Africa, its ally against apartheid Where is Prageeth? Guatemala: Threats to Free, Fair Elections 'Opt-out' alcohol bans in prospect for Indigenous communities after PM's Alice Springs visit Chutes de neige dans le désert du Sahara : un phénomène météorologique inhabituel Non-racial South Africa: book shows debate on nation building is still relevant today Why forecasting snow is so difficult in the UK We tested the wastewater from planes to detect COVID among travellers – here's what we found Solving period poverty is about more than just making products free Veganism: why we should see it as a political movement rather than a dietary choice Ghana's Nkrumahist parties keep splitting - a threat to their strength in the 2024 election New passport rankings show that the world is opening up – but not for everyone Lots of people believe in Bigfoot and other pseudoscience claims – this course examines why Parsing which foods are healthy and which are less so isn't always straightforward – a new rating system aims to demystify the process Grassroots AIDS activists fought for and won affordable HIV treatments around the world – but PEPFAR didn't change governments and pharma Yoga: Modern research shows a variety of benefits to both body and mind from the ancient practice Device transmits radio waves with almost no power – without violating the laws of physics How some enslaved Black people stayed in Southern slaveholding states – and found freedom Combating antisemitism today: Holocaust education in the era of Twitter and TikTok The band that Lukashenka declared extremist sang ‘Zhyve Belarus’ (Long live Belarus!) How Tanzanian boxer Karim Mandonga hyped the sport back into the hearts of Kenyans Tanzanian President Suluhu ends six-year ban on political rallies, promises more reforms Syria: Government forces must lift siege on civilians in predominantly Kurdish areas in Aleppo ADHD more strongly linked to anxiety and depression compared to autism – new research How we cracked the mystery of Australia's prehistoric giant eggs How spatial thinking could help children learn maths – and go on to use it in their careers Five non-alcoholic cocktails to take you past dry January Fantasy football can negatively affect your wellbeing, but research shows it doesn't have to The future of work: how John Curtin was calling for a new cooperative work ethic 80 years ago They're on our coat of arms but extinct in Tasmania. Rewilding with emus will be good for the island state's ecosystems Young port workers in the maritime city of Makassar lack digital skills. Vocational schools can be the solution Myanmar: Japan’s Construction Aid Benefits Junta How long does it take for skin to repair after sun exposure? UN rights chief condemns ‘cold-blooded killing’ of Eswatini human rights lawyer Fashion, sex and drag: Vivienne Westwood's queer legacy Photos from the field: our voyage investigating Australia's submarine landslides and deep-marine canyons It's not all about gender or ethnicity: a blind spot in diversity programs is holding equality back 'No home to go to, and no means of living': how colonial vagrancy laws punished the poor Why the tween years are a 'golden opportunity' to set up the way you parent teenagers Our Solar System is filled with asteroids that are particularly hard to destroy, new study finds Ozempic helps people lose weight. But who should be able to use it? The world's carbon price is a fraction of what we need – because only a fifth of global emissions are priced Why can't the West agree on how much military support to send to Ukraine? Horror and anguish are playing out on repeat following the latest mass shooting – and the mental health scars extend far beyond those directly affected Why Russia's war in Ukraine today is so different from a year ago India’s Blocking of BBC Documentary Reflects Broader Crackdown In Belarus, Jailed for Protecting Loved Ones UN rights chief condemns ‘cold-blooding killing’ of Eswatini human rights lawyer Dartmoor wild camping ban shows why Britain needs a universal right to roam Peru riots: unrest in southern Andes lays bare an urgent need to decolonise Strikes: why refusing public sector pay rises won't help reduce inflation How consecutive Conservative governments destroyed union rights – a timeline of the UK's anti-strike laws since the 1970s Chat with us by text about our Quarter Life series – and receive weekly article updates Consensus decision-making is surprisingly effective in both communities and workplaces More means less: Extended copyright benefits the corporate few, not the public The food systems that will feed Mars are set to transform food on Earth Eswatini: Leave no stone unturned in ensuring justice for Thulani Maseko’s unlawful killing Cameroon: Martinez Zogo’s death must not go unpunished Lebanon: Authorities must permit stalled investigation into deadly Beirut blast Jewish doctors in the Warsaw Ghetto secretly documented the effects of Nazi-imposed starvation, and the knowledge is helping researchers today – Podcast Online racial harassment leads to lower academic confidence for Black and Hispanic students Brazil, US show that secure elections require agreement – not just cybersecurity and clear ballot records As US-EU trade tensions rise, conflicting carbon tariffs could undermine climate efforts How has the inside of the Earth stayed as hot as the Sun's surface for billions of years? Cochlear implants can bring the experience of sound to those with hearing loss, but results may vary – here's why Cheap sewer pipe repairs can push toxic fumes into homes and schools – here's how to lower the risk Power cuts in South Africa are playing havoc with the country's water system Climate change: Africa has a major new carbon market initiative - what you need to know How Belize’s bright biodiversity is inextricably linked to blue carbon Kenyan prisoners on death row weren’t deterred by the threat of the death penalty: new research findings COVID is running rampant in China – but herd immunity remains elusive Prince Harry is wrong: unconscious bias is not different to racism Four reasons swimming should be your next workout Deepfakes: faces created by AI now look more real than genuine photos ‘We are asking for forgiveness that we know we will never receive': In Russia, people are bringing flowers to monuments of Ukrainians South Africa hears historic class action for lead poisoning launched by Zambian  children and women Copper transformed way the world works before: it's about to do so again Federal Labor MP warns Alice Springs crime crisis is impeding Voice debate School uniforms are meant to foster a sense of belonging and raise achievement – but it's not clear that they do Fukushima to release contaminated water – an expert explains why this could be the best option Chad: Justice Needed for October Crackdown West Bank: New Entry Rules Further Isolate Palestinians Russia: Two years after Aleksei Navalny’s arrest, Russian opposition figures suppressed, jailed or exiled Australia's iconic black swans have a worrying immune system deficiency, new genome study finds My favourite fictional character: I'll never forget these half-wild, 'too much' heroines – Philip Pullman's Lyra and Elena Ferrante's Lila An imaginative unfolding of a life, a new play asks: would Sidney Nolan have become the artist he became if not for Sunday Reed? Two months before NSW election, a new poll gives Labor a big lead Don’t kill the curl grubs in your garden – they could be native beetle babies Want your child to eat more veggies? Talk to them about ‘eating the rainbow' When it comes to finding Australia's future leaders, both the Liberals and Labor have a women problem: new study Can reading help heal us and process our emotions – or is that just a story we tell ourselves? Exploding carp numbers are 'like a house of horrors' for our rivers. Is it time to unleash carp herpes? My teen's vaping. What should I say? 3 expert tips on how to approach 'the talk' We can still see these 5 traces of ancestor species in all human bodies today If you haven't joined a union, it's time you paid to benefit from union deals A call for peace: Why Canada should tone down demands for Russian regime change ChatGPT could be a game-changer for marketers, but it won't replace humans any time soon How can health data be used for public benefit? 3 uses that people agree on Has Ontario’s housing 'plan' been built on a foundation of evidentiary sand? Nigeria's 2023 presidential election: 10 factors that could affect the outcome LPG versus dirty fuel use in Ghana: bring gas supplies closer to people and more of them will use it Anthony Joseph is the second Trinidadian in three years to win the T.S. Eliot prize for poetry In Russia, video games are unsafe for kids. But not for the usual reasons Chris Hipkins becomes NZ’s new prime minister – there are two ways it can go from here Thailand: Free Detained Critics of Monarchy Afghanistan: Top UN delegation tells Taliban to end confinement, deprivation, abuse of women’s rights Peru protests: What to know about Indigenous-led movement shaking the crisis-hit country Speaker Kevin McCarthy: how backroom deals have put controversial Republicans into key roles Rwanda: Suspicious Death of Investigative Journalist Afghanistan: Collapse of legal system is ‘human rights catastrophe’ Cambodia positioned to fully integrate LGBT people into society, UN expert says Jacinda Ardern: the 'politics of kindness' is a lasting legacy Football club collapses in lower leagues: how to avoid them for the good of the community Power cuts in South Africa: trend to get off the grid is gathering pace, but total independence is still a way off Why eating at work is important – even the odd slice of cake Cornwall space launch: why the environmental cost of rocket launches is large even when they fail How the 'tripledemic' is restricting cold and flu medicine supplies – and what to do if you're affected Tigers in South Africa: a farming industry exists – often for their body parts Russia: Authorities poised to wield new legislation to ban films featuring LGBTI characters Q&A: Why are the Scottish and UK governments going to court over gender recognition laws? Apple cider vinegar: is drinking this popular home remedy bad for your teeth? A dentist explains How to talk to someone about conspiracy theories in five simple steps Pompeii’s House of the Vettii reopens: a reminder that Roman sexuality was far more complex than simply gay or straight 5 ways pressuring young athletes to perform well does them harm Democracies don't just bounce back after dictatorships – Argentina's Oscar contender shows what justice afterward looks like All politicians must lie from time to time, so why is there so much outrage about George Santos? A political philosopher explains How do you vaccinate a honeybee? 6 questions answered about a new tool for protecting pollinators South Carolina's execution by firing squad: The last reenactment of the Civil War? House Speaker McCarthy's powers are still strong – but he'll be fighting against new rules that could prevent anything from getting done Jacinda Ardern's resignation shows that women still face an uphill battle in politics – an expert on female leaders answers 5 key questions Amnesty International signs declaration calling for international controls to combat trade in tools of torture Ernest Cole: South Africa's most famous photobook has been republished after 55 years Azerbaijan's forgotten schools Tensions over Lachin Corridor linger with no breakthrough in sight Scientists have started steering lightning with lasers – here's how Does COVID really damage your immune system and make you more vulnerable to infections? The evidence is lacking How to help UK households manage rising energy bills - and decarbonise at the same time Ukraine war: Kremlin's campaign of misinformation keeps Kyiv and its allies guessing 3 ways Indonesia could make 2023 a turning point in its clean energy transition Jacinda Ardern's resignation: gender and the toll of strong, compassionate leadership Why learning to surf can be great for your mental health, according to a psychologist What do oranges, coffee grounds and seaweed have in common? They outshine cotton in sustainable fashion Would a law banning the Nazi salute be effective – or enforceable? Australia's twice extended deadline for torture prevention is today, but we've missed it again Yemen: Authorities Failing to Protect People’s Basic Rights What is involuntary manslaughter? A law professor explains the charge facing Alec Baldwin for 'Rust' shooting death UN experts to intervene in Zambia lead pollution case Why do we read about accidents? Lessons from 18th-century English newspapers Ukraine war: as Russia falters on the battlefield, Putin is trying to raise the stakes Victorians won't miss myki, but what will 'best practice' transport ticketing look like? Reaping what we sow: cultural ignorance undermines Australia's recruitment of Pacific Island workers Finding your essential self: the ancient philosophy of Zhuangzi explained In the Year of the Rabbit, spare a thought for all these wonderful endangered bunny species Could feral animals in Australia become distinct species? It's possible – and we're seeing some early signs How often should you change up your exercise routine? Ukraine recap: world leaders gather at Davos to make the case for more military aid to Kyiv Northern Ireland: UK ‘immunity’ legislation could hamper victims’ rights, warns Türk How Edgar Allan Poe became the darling of the maligned and misunderstood How ChatGPT robs students of motivation to write and think for themselves Installing solar-powered refrigerators in developing countries is an effective way to reduce hunger and slow climate change Prince Harry's portrayal of war in 'Spare' is making headlines – but combat decision-making is more complex than his words suggest Cold weather brings itchy, irritated, dry and scaly skin – here's how to treat eczema and other skin conditions and when to see a doctor The weaponization of the federal government has a long history Inflation hasn't increased US food insecurity overall, according to our new tracker Nigeria’s new Lekki port has doubled cargo capacity, but must not repeat previous failures Climate change is threatening Madagascar's famous forests – our study shows how serious it is Pay inequality is high in South Africa: bosses are part of the problem Ancient poop offers unusual insight into animal behaviour Social welfare services are being cut across the world, but providing them is about more than just money – podcast Five big challenges for Lula's presidency of Brazil China's population decline is a result of decades of botched family planning measures and will have global implications Curating early Black experiences in Kingston, Canada's first capital, a city long defined by histories of whiteness The rising Canadian obsession with SUVs is disrupting our climate goals Britishvolt: more evidence UK is falling far behind in race to capture growing EV market Overcoming existentialist crises with music: Poland's Karolina Cicha In pushing away migrants, Giorgia Meloni forgets there was also a time when Italians weren't welcome Free movement of people across Africa: regions are showing how it can work How Chinese companies are challenging national security decisions that could delay 5G network rollout Watching your weight? You may only need to make small changes to your daily routine ChatGPT: students could use AI to cheat, but it's a chance to rethink assessment altogether M3gan review: an animatronic doll is out to destroy the nuclear family – much to fans' delight Liver King: how the rise of mega-influencers has put consumers at risk The Southern Caucasus has a brain drain problem Germany/Gambia: Migrant Massacre Survivor to Testify In pushing away migrants, Giorgia Meloni forgets there was a time when Italians weren't welcome Organ donation: whether we opt in or out, research finds it's the will of our family that matters Emerging from a coma: response to language can help assess states of consciousness From 37 to 60,000: China’s official COVID-19 death toll data remains opaque How the Fifa20 video game reproduces the racial stereotypes embedded within football Glass Onion shows the pitfalls of going into business with friends – here's how you can succeed Mental health: it's not always good to talk Offshore wind farm construction is noisy – but gadgets used to protect marine mammals are working Sea level rise may threaten Indonesia’s status as an archipelagic country Abuse of children in state care in Jamaica is a problem that won’t go away, but is the system to blame? ‘The shoes needing filling are on the large side of big’ – Jacinda Ardern’s legacy and Labour’s new challenge Let buyers jump the queue for electric cars by importing them directly Ardern's resignation as New Zealand prime minister is a game changer for the 2023 election China's population is now inexorably shrinking, bringing forward the day the planet's population turns down The costly lesson from COVID: why elimination should be the default global strategy for future pandemics Qantas flight mayday: can a plane normally fly on just one engine? An aviation expert explains Will AI tech like ChatGPT improve inclusion for people with communication disability? Writing from the edge of catastrophe: two new books clarify what's at stake if we fail to mitigate climate change Guatemala: Protect judicial staffers fighting impunity and corruption Climate change trauma has real impacts on cognition and the brain, wildfire survivors study shows Drip, drip, drip. Why is my leaking tap keeping me awake at night? Reviled, reclaimed and respected: the history of the word 'queer' Bring on the Year of the Rabbit: why there's new hope and prosperity tipped for Australia-China relations How to maximise savings from your home solar system and slash your power bills Storytelling allows elders to transfer values and meaning to younger generations 5 ways to reform Canada's bail system to benefit both the public and the accused Lebanon: Syrians who survived boat sinking allegedly deported Major Victory for Immigrant Workers in the US Sri Lanka must ensure compensation for victims of 2019 terrorist attacks My child isn't happy with their final exam results. How can I support them? Why China’s shrinking population is a big deal -- counting the social, economic and political costs of an aging, smaller society Red Lady of Paviland: the story of a 33,000 year-old-skeleton – and the calls for it to return to Wales Ukraine war: supply of advanced tanks will give Kyiv an edge over Russia and move it closer to Nato David Carrick: the vetting processes that missed a serial rapist in the Met police Alzheimer's: blood biomarker may help identify the disease ten years before symptoms start Desalination could give the Middle East water without damaging marine life -- but it must be managed carefully Second-hand markets are on the up (and even Zara has jumped on the bandwagon) Insomnia, headaches, and stomach pains: the hidden costs of gig workers’ flexibility Canada is stuck with tipping — and we’re worse off for it Why your company needs an innovation strategy in 2023 Kenya's school reform is entering a new phase in 2023 -- but the country isn't ready Why aren't there any legal protections for the children of influencers? 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