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How Salman Rushdie has been a scapegoat for complex historical differences Business calls for 'catch up' migration, as participants position ahead of Albanese's jobs summit Street performers in Montréal are being displaced and excluded The Taliban shifts tactics in its determination to control and oppress women Canada's disappearing 'average farmer' means one-size-fits-all policies no longer work Why it's important to tell people that monkeypox is predominately affecting gay and bisexual men Uhuru Kenyatta's economic legacy: big on promises, but weak on delivery Nigeria's next president faces a collapsing security situation: five things he can do South Africa doesn't need new cities: it needs to focus on fixing what it's got Yes, Africa's informal sector has problems, but the answer isn't to marginalise it 'It's important not to overreact': Australia's top economists on how to fix high inflation Why youth apathy in elections bodes ill for Kenya It's great education ministers agree the teacher shortage is a problem, but their new plan ignores the root causes English Football Should Stand for Rights as World Cup Approaches Bahrain: Free Ailing Academic Congress passes Inflation Reduction Act: Its climate promise relies heavily on carbon capture, meaning thousands of miles of pipeline Unsealed court documents show the FBI was looking for evidence Trump violated the Espionage Act and other laws – here’s how the documents seized show possible wrongdoing Congress passes sweeping climate bill: Its projected emissions cuts rely heavily on carbon capture, meaning thousands of miles of pipeline Yet Another Victim of Indonesia’s Blasphemy Law Drought: heavy rain now might be a serious problem for the UK's parched landscape Here's how government documents are classified to keep sensitive information safe Sierra Leone: Authorities must ensure robust, impartial investigation into deadly protests Momentum Grows for FIFA to Remedy Migrant Worker Abuses in Qatar Universities shouldn't use software to monitor online exams: here's why How trauma survivors can harness spiritual contemplation to process stress - new research Expanded access to solar power in Africa can stimulate economic development – but there are risks The Sandman: how representations of dreams and nightmares have changed over time Did Sweden's controversial COVID strategy pay off? In many ways it did – but it let the elderly down How to fix the pensions triple lock but still protect pensioners from high inflation Europe Heatwaves Disastrous for Older People, People with Disabilities Historic new deal puts emissions reduction at the heart of Australia's energy sector An interfaith discussion on the role of religion in mental health 5 books and films that tell the story of the trauma of the Partition of India and its aftermath The metaverse isn't here yet, but it already has a long history India turns 75: Fast facts about the unusual constitution guiding the world's most populous democracy Reducing gun violence: A complicated problem can't be solved with just one approach, so Indianapolis is trying programs ranging from job skills to therapy to violence interrupters to find out what works What's a banana republic? A political scientist explains What causes hives and how dangerous can they be? A nurse practitioner explains The Soviet Union once hunted endangered whales to the brink of extinction – but its scientists opposed whaling and secretly tracked its toll Worried about back-to-school inflation? Latest price data on backpacks, laptops and kids' clothes offers some relief for parents Which diet will help save our planet: climatarian, flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan? What German Football Can Do to Remedy Abuses in Qatar Royal commission delivers damning interim report on defence and veteran suicide. Here's what happens next Nearly 70% of Premier League footballers are abused on Twitter – we used an AI to sift through millions of tweets Energy crisis: why French households are largely protected from soaring costs while British families struggle Epilepsy: how an AI algorithm detects related brain abnormalities – new research Five myths about the partition of British India – and what really happened FIFA/Qatar: Commit to Compensate Abused Migrant Workers Georgia and Russia spar with online bullying, historical grievances, and visa regulations Personality testing in job applications: what can and can't employers ask you? The COVIDSafe app is dead. What can we learn from this 'failure'? VIDEO: China tensions, the Barilaro affair, Albanese's jobs summit, and more teals on the move How Indonesian Islamic politics shape mandatory hijab rules and uniform policies in schools Three reasons why disinformation is so pervasive and what we can do about it The climate bill's projected emissions cuts rely heavily on carbon capture – it would mean thousands of miles of pipeline Uganda Bans Prominent LGBTQ Rights Group Trinidad & Tobago's Carnival Museum has a unique and rare opportunity Getting more men into nursing means a rethink of gender roles, pay and recognition. But we need them urgently Sam Uffindell was lucky to avoid NZ’s criminal justice system as a schoolboy – but it was the right outcome NZ's first climate adaptation plan is a good start, but crucial questions about cost and timing must be answered To lock out foot-and-mouth disease, Australia must help our neighbour countries bolster their biosecurity Friday essay: sex, swimming and smudgy louvres – watching Monkey Grip 40 years on Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon confirms there will be no sexual violence on screen. Here's why that's important These unusual moths migrate over thousands of kilometres. We tracked them to reveal their secret navigational skills Beyond net-zero: we should, if we can, cool the planet back to pre-industrial levels Why doesn't monkeypox have a new name yet? Australia's teacher shortage won't be solved until we treat teaching as a profession, not a trade UN Security Council must prioritize accountability for Russian war crimes in Ukraine US ‘Flexible Work’ Bill Would Spell Disaster for Rights in Gig Economy Three Raymond Briggs books that helped make the graphic novel respectable Mature students in universities face 3 kinds of barriers — here's how to address them Butterfly decoys trick predators into attacking them in conservation study First synthetic embryos: the scientific breakthrough raises serious ethical questions Enduring colonialism has made it harder to end the COVID-19 pandemic Arctic is warming nearly four times faster than the rest of the world – new research Crypto platforms say they're exchanges, but they're more like banks London 2012: what the Olympic Games' legacy of sustainability means for events today Not yet uhuru: the African Union has had a few successes but remains weak Vegetarian women have 33% greater risk of hip fracture – here are three things you can do to reduce your risk Gordon Brown economics versus Liz Truss tax cuts: a new twist in the battle to resolve the UK’s cost of living crisis For Women's Euro 2022 to have a meaningful legacy, football must do more to tackle racism and sexism The right to food: activism and litigation are shifting the dial in South Africa Nowhere to run: the plight of Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia Monkeypox vaccines: what's available and why they aren't a silver bullet Bourguiba did a lot for Tunisian women. But was he their emancipator? How Burna Boy set the world alight with his mixed brew of influences Marikana massacre: South Africa needs to build a society that's decent and doesn't humiliate people Grattan on Friday: Will 'teals' strike Liberals another blow in Victorian and NSW elections? Monkeypox: demand for vaccines is outstripping supply – this is what's causing the shortages Japan's Obon festival: how family commemoration and ancestral worship shapes daily life There's reason for people on opposing sides of abortion to talk, even if they disagree – it helps build respect, understanding and can lead to policy change Farmers can save water with wireless technologies, but there are challenges – like transmitting data through mud Cognitive biases and brain biology help explain why facts don’t change minds Politicians seek to control classroom discussions about slavery in the US At 75, Pakistan has moved far from the secular and democratic vision of its founder, Mohammad Ali Jinnah Russia’s threats to shut down Jewish Agency raise alarm bells for those who remember the past How primary care is poised to support reproductive health and abortion in the post-Roe era What's dynamic pricing? An operations management scholar explains Faced with a rise of extremism within its ranks, the US military has clamped down on racist speech, including retweets and likes New immigration detention bill could give Australia a fresh chance to comply with international law Australia’s News Media Bargaining Code led the world. It's time to finish what we started Guinea: Government Dissolves Opposition Coalition Is China attempting to normalize military drills around Taiwan? Another school has banned mobile phones but research shows bans don't stop bullying or improve student grades Surprise discovery shows you may inherit more from your mum than you think You can’t be what you can’t see: the benefits for and the pressures on First Nations sportswomen A production to satisfy Sydney's darkest imaginings: Sydney Theatre Company's Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Afghanistan: Taliban’s Catastrophic Year of Rule Cameroon: Army Killings, Disappearances, in North-West Region What is this new Langya virus? Do we need to be worried? US Democrats gain ground before midterm elections as Kansas voters reject attempt to ban abortion Politics with Michelle Grattan: How far will China go? La Trobe's Nick Bisley says its 'risk appetite' has gone up Sepsis is serious during pregnancy, but thankfully it is still rare 'Let it rip': Barangaroo, a masterclass in planning as deal-making A key feature contributed to sauropods getting so enormous, new dino foot study reveals Climate change and extreme heat are making us more anxious More than 80% of people we asked said they've experienced violence in junior sport – and women and gender-diverse people cop it most The US government is trying to stop the merger of two of the world's biggest publishers – but will it help authors? Why migrant and refugee women and children remain in the shadows of health reforms in New Zealand Ice shelves hold back Antarctica's glaciers from adding to sea levels – but they're crumbling Disco ain't dead: how Beyoncé resurrected dance music and its queer history for Renaissance What created the continents? New evidence points to giant asteroids Sending teens to maximum security prisons shows Australia needs to raise the age of criminal responsibility The US has finally passed a huge climate bill. Australia needs to keep up We need to talk about monkeypox without shame and blame The world's biggest ice sheet is more vulnerable to global warming than scientists previously thought Pacific aviation is struggling to take off after the pandemic – how can the ‘blue continent’ stay connected? Maldives: Arrests for Gay Sex Politically Motivated Racism Is Rampant in US Reproductive Health Care Men’s fertility also declines with age — here’s what to know if you’re planning to wait to have kids A meat tax is probably inevitable – here’s how it could work Corporations want to profit from the world’s problems – here’s how they can solve them instead Trans rights and political backlash: five key moments in history Issey Miyake – a conceptual fashion designer for the many Monkeypox can become endemic – here's how it can be stopped in its tracks Trophy hunting: why a UK import ban threatens wildlife conservation Afghan women are refusing to remain silent one year after the Taliban takeover The Toronto Police's #TPSTrust campaign misses the mark Why are there fewer young women in entrepreneurship than young men? Guinea: Further attacks on freedom of expression and association. Amnesty International Statement Cigarette advertising aggressively targets kids in low- and middle-income countries, a new study finds Boosting renewable energy use can happen quickly – and reduce harm to low-income people if done thoughtfully What is a semiconductor? An electrical engineer explains how these critical electronic components work and how they are made Old age isn't a modern phenomenon – many people lived long enough to grow old in the olden days, too Don't be too quick to blame social media for America's polarization – cable news has a bigger effect, study finds American Sikhs are targets of bigotry, often due to cultural ignorance St. Lawrence River zones that are hostile to invasive species can be refuges for native fish What's wrong with the Fourth Industrial Revolution South Africa's proposed electricity industry reform: lost in translation? Higher electricity connection fees in South Africa? A good, and necessary, next step Flipper traces reveal the presence of ancient seals on South Africa's coast When the IMF comes to town: why they visit and what to watch out for Nepali activists protest Myanmar executions Kenya's election: institutional safeguards are still a work in progress Taiwan's rocky road to independence and democracy The UK’s cost of living support won’t protect the poorest – here’s what the government should do instead Part 2: Australian nurse discusses her humanitarian mission to Ukraine's frontlines Who's holding back electric cars in Australia? We've long known the answer – and it's time to clear the road What's causing Australia's egg shortage? A shift to free-range and short winter days With solar and wind energy potential, Indonesia can meet its new capital’s clean energy target NDIS participants are left waiting for too long in hospital beds due to bureaucratic delays Malaysia: State-Backed Discrimination Harms LGBT People Part of the Japanese revolution in fashion, Issey Miyake changed the way we saw, wore and made fashion What is love? In pop culture, love is often depicted as a willingness to sacrifice, but ancient philosophers took a different view Olivia Newton-John gave a voice to those with cancer and shifted the focus to the life of survivors Myanmar: Japan-Trained General Linked to Abusive Forces India’s great untapped resource: its jobless young people How complex is your life? Computer scientists found a way to measure it Southern conifers: meet this vast group of ancient trees with mysteries still unsolved The Indian government should harness the skills of India’s unemployed youth Could cargo bike deliveries help green e-commerce? Power to the patient: Person-centred care and how you can take your health into your own hands Why searching an ex-president's estate is not easily done – 4 important things to know about the FBI's search of Mar-a-Lago Lessons from a cancelled marathon: Athletic events, heat and the effects of climate change NZ children face a ‘perfect storm’ of dangerous diseases as immunisation rates fall How can you support kids with ADHD to learn? Parents said these 3 things help 'Unacceptable costs': savanna burning under Australia's carbon credit scheme is harming human health Never made, destroyed, in a locked safe for 100 years: with Batgirl cancelled, here are 5 other films we will never get to see Thinking about freezing your eggs to have a baby later? Here are 3 numbers to help you decide From future lawyer to betrothed to a Taliban fighter: August in Kabul shows how life changed overnight for so many in Afghanistan How 'fast' politics has left the NSW government staring into the electoral abyss As peace and prosperity unravel, Central Asia braces for a surge of forced labor and sexual slavery Do chemicals in sunscreens threaten aquatic life? A new report says a thorough assessment is 'urgently needed,' while also calling sunscreens essential protection against skin cancer How not to respond to drought: lessons from Angola Mozambican unions hit snooze on a national strike: why it's a bad thing for workers Atiku Abubakar: Nigeria's perennial presidential candidate is back on the stump Personalised medicine made in hospitals can revolutionise the way diseases are treated – the challenge now will be implementing it Amid flight cancellations and airport chaos, is it worth traveling right now? 5 ways students can foster positive mental health at university How the FBI knew what to search for at Mar-a-Lago – and why the Presidential Records Act is an essential tool for the National Archives and future historians Castlefield Viaduct: Manchester's new park in the sky could transform the city – but who will benefit? Why turning old city bridges into new urban parks is such a great idea How your brain will help you save during the cost of living crisis How centuries of self-isolation turned Japan into one of the most sustainable societies on Earth Furlough had a protective effect on mental health – but it wasn't as good as working Big Brother is coming back – the reality TV landscape today will demand a more caring show Britain's notoriously wet and cold climate is changing – you won't like what replaces it Philippine Activist Arrested for Cyber-libel As peace and prosperity unravel, Central Asia braces for the surge of forced labor and sexual slavery China-US tensions: how global trade began splitting into two blocs Key parts of US laws are hard for the public to find and read How 'living architecture' could help the world avoid a soul-deadening digital future To break unhealthy habits, stop obsessing over willpower – two behavioral scientists explain why routines matter more than conscious choices Safety in and near the water – a pediatric emergency medicine physician offers tips UN peacekeeping missions: how they work and the challenges they face Sexual exploitation by UN peacekeepers in DRC: fatherless children speak for first time about the pain of being abandoned Five songs to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day Two years on, Syrians injured in Beirut port blast drown in neglect, medical debt Washington wants to address anti-west sentiment in Africa: Blinken is doing his bit Is there really a paradigm shift in US/Africa relations? Why the answer seems to be yes iRobot's Roomba will soon be owned by Amazon, which raises privacy questions Why The Conversation is committed to non-partisan journalism A new Australian supercomputer has already delivered a stunning supernova remnant pic As the FBI raids Mar-A-Lago, Donald Trump reaches for unconvincing historical parallels Rwanda and DRC's turbulent past continues to fuel their torrid relationship Three lessons Olivia Newton-John taught me about music – and life Nigeria: Insecurity Grips Nation’s Capital Bangladesh government instructs TV channels not to use the word ‘Indigenous’ when referring to ethnic tribes Monkeypox can be transmitted to babies during and after pregnancy. We should be watchful but not alarmed Today's Google outage was brief but disconcerting Mali: Rights Reforms Crucial for Civilian Rule Brazil: Indigenous Rights Under Serious Threat Sri Lanka: New President Should Chart Path Upholding Rights Explainer: how neoliberalism became an insult in Australian politics Indigenous people with disabilities face racism and ableism. What's needed is action not another report Pop icon Olivia Newton-John was the rare performer whose career flourished through different phases Australia has been crying out for a national housing plan, and new council is a big step towards having one Once the fish factories and ‘kidneys’ of colder seas, Australia’s decimated shellfish reefs are coming back Backyard hens' eggs contain 40 times more lead on average than shop eggs, research finds Racism, exclusion and tokenism: how Māori and Pacific science graduates are still marginalised at university Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan causes an ongoing Chinese tantrum in the Taiwan Strait Eddie Betts' camp saga highlights a motivational industry rife with weird, harmful ideas 'It hurt my heart and my wallet': the unnecessary test stressing teachers before they even make it to the classroom 15 years of experiments have overturned a major assumption about how thirsty plants actually are Why am I so tired and when is it time to see the doctor about it? A GP explains Tax office whistleblowing saga points to reforms needed in three vital areas Uranium prices are soaring, and Australia's hoary old nuclear debate is back in the headlines. Here's what it all means The Body Keeps the Score: how a bestselling book helps us understand trauma – but inflates the definition of it With the strokes of a guitar solo, Joni Mitchell showed us how our female music elders are super punks New photos suggest how Trump, flush with power, may have sent official documents down the toilet Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan causes an ongoing Chinese tantrum in the Taiwan Strait Altruism – but also vulnerability – drive healthy volunteers to take part in clinical research A summer of discontent? Why public sector workers are preparing to strike in B.C. University anti-racism policies: Use shared decision-making to hear BIPOC student insights Sex work is real work: Global COVID-19 recovery needs to include sex workers If Biden decides not to run for reelection, he faces a big threat: Being a lame duck Prosecution or compensation? What Kenyan choices tell us about international justice The environment is the silent casualty in the Cameroon Anglophone crisis Women have always trailed men in research output: how COVID made the situation worse Lilian Ngoyi: an heroic South African woman whose story hasn't been fully told Chinese private security firms are growing their presence in Africa: why it matters 58% of human infectious diseases can be worsened by climate change – we scoured 77,000 studies to map the pathways Scrapping use-by dates could prevent huge amounts of food waste – here's what else could help Sunscreen: here’s why it’s an anti-ageing skincare essential Is race an issue for Rishi Sunak? It's a difficult question for pollsters to investigate but the information we do have is telling Was Philip Larkin stifled by his job as a librarian? New research suggests he was rather dedicated New COVID variants could emerge from animals or from people with chronic infections – but it's not cause for panic Hosepipe ban: should you snitch on your neighbour's water use? A philosopher's take In defence of pigeons Ethnic minority workers earn much less than white counterparts within the same firm – new findings Myanmar: ASEAN approach requires a reboot to end horrific crimes by the Myanmar military Afghanistan: Taliban must immediately step-up measures to protect the Hazara Shiite communities Russia: New Bogus Charge Against Opposition Politician Former Haitian Sports Minister Arrested for Alleged Sexual Abuse 75 years ago, Britain's plan for Pakistani and Indian independence left unresolved conflicts on both sides – especially when it comes to Kashmir College requirements for police forces can save Black lives, but at what cost? When was talking invented? A language scientist explains how this unique feature of human beings may have evolved Rise of precision agriculture exposes food system to new threats How does monkeypox spread? An epidemiologist explains why it isn't an STI and what counts as close contact The most recent efforts to combat teacher shortages don't address the real problems The climate bill could short-circuit EV tax credits, making qualifying for them nearly impossible Taiwan: the US has been strengthening support for years – now it needs a way to ease tensions with China ICC Issues Warrant for Central African Republic Rebel Leader Angola's Eduardo dos Santos: an unlikely leader known for his 'judicious' use of violence Thousands more species at risk of extinction than currently recorded, suggests new study Rwanda: Human Rights Should Be Priority on Blinken Trip Amid death and destruction, the latest conflict in Gaza highlights the depths of its humanitarian crisis A volcano is erupting again in Iceland. Is climate change causing more eruptions? US: Dismantle Structures of Racism Now DR Congo: Blinken Visit Tests US Support for Democracy, Rights Japan: Press Cambodia to End Trade Union Crackdown In Nimblefoot, Robert Drewe returns to historical fiction after more than 25 years Curious kids: what is inside teeth? The case for degrowth: stop the endless expansion and work with what our cities already have Remembering Shirley Barrett: an offbeat and generous Australian director and writer Mental distress is much worse for people with disabilities, and many health professionals don't know how to help A foot and mouth outbreak in NZ would affect more than agriculture – tourism needs a plan too Sparks fly for these bold, culturally connected romantic heroines in a 'very Aboriginal' love story and a Lebanese Looking for Alibrandi Australia spends $5 billion a year on teaching assistants in schools but we don't know what they do The January 6 hearings have been spectacular TV, but will they have any consequences for Trump? Ivermectin, blood washing, ozone: how long COVID survivors are being sold the next round of miracle cures Crown Sydney casino opens – another beacon for criminals looking to launder dirty money Polarising, sensational media coverage of transgender athletes should end – our research shows a way forward Statement on publication of press release on Ukrainian fighting tactics Women are too tired and time-strapped for board games due to shrinking leisure time We need a better understanding of race, 'status' and indigeneity in Canada 6 ways Canadians can prepare for the upcoming recession Gun violence can be reduced with a strategy focused on deterrence New book on Mapungubwe Archive contests history of South African world heritage site Kenya's Muslims: a divided community with little political clout Vale Judith Durham, the cuddly Aussie 'girl-next-door' whose soaring voice found international fame Monkeypox is now a national public health emergency in the U.S. – an epidemiologist explains what this means How Vin Scully scored his Dodgers gig at 22 years old Advocacy groups in the Americas focus on tackling rising surveillance technology What is 'normal' baby sleep? How evolutionary clues, not cultural expectations, can help new parents Athletics: Kenyans are running for other countries, but that's not why medals are fewer How a British sense of justice saved black American GI wrongly sentenced to death in WWII Five easy ways to use less water at home – and not just in a drought Retracted papers are used in clinical guidelines – how worried should we be? Wearable technology can change autistic people’s lives – if they’re involved in designing it Spare Rib: 50 years since the groundbreaking feminist magazine first hit the streets – its legacy still inspires women Making public sexual harassment a crime could help increase reports – but can women trust police to follow through? When do strikes work? History shows the conditions need to be right UK drought: are farmers facing the crop failures of 1976 all over again? Bladed 'Ninja' missile used to kill al-Qaida leader is part of a scary new generation of unregulated weapons Vacuum of ideas at ANC policy conference bodes ill for South Africa's governing party Sri Lanka’s Economic Crisis and the IMF Do I have COVID or hay fever? Here’s how to tell Without a fresh new vision, the next Conservative prime minister risks leading their party to election loss Inflation: why it's happening and why interest rates are going up to combat it 500K American men get vasectomies every year – a specialist explains the easy and reversible procedure Parenting styles vary across the US After Trump, Christian nationalist ideas are going mainstream – despite a history of violence Why are nuclear weapons so hard to get rid of? Because they're tied up in nuclear countries' sense of right and wrong The UN just declared a universal human right to a healthy, sustainable environment – here's where resolutions like this can lead Social media provides flood of images of death and carnage from Ukraine war – and contributes to weaker journalism standards Proving war crimes isn't simple – a forensics expert explains what's involved with documenting human rights violations during conflicts, from Afghanistan to Ukraine What is neoliberalism? A political scientist explains the use and evolution of the term Why it's important to think about social media use as a form of dissociation, rather than addiction The US is revisiting its trade relations with African countries: key issues on the table Kenya election: four ways to better safeguard and defend democracy Burundi Leader Lashes Out at Rights Groups New tensions in Karabakh as Armenia and Azerbaijan exchange blame and accusations 'Biloela' Tamil family finally gets permanent residency Martha Karua is taking centre stage in Kenya's elections: what it means for women in politics Under BTK's eye: investigation reveals Turkey's information and communication authority has been collecting private user data for over a year Australian nurse discusses her humanitarian mission to Ukraine's frontlines 'I left with the kids and ended up homeless with them': the nightmare of housing wait lists for people fleeing domestic violence China: surveillance tech is extending from the classroom to kids’ summer holidays The length of Earth's days has been mysteriously increasing, and scientists don't know why World's first 'synthetic embryo': why this research is more important than you think Could 'virtual nurses' be the answer to aged care staffing woes? Dream on ‘This is not a barbeque’: a short history of neckties in the Australian parliament and at work VIDEO: Government's climate win, Plibersek says no to coal mine, Albanese moves forward on referendum Record coral cover doesn't necessarily mean the Great Barrier Reef is in good health (despite what you may have heard) Should we be worried about our pet cats and dogs getting COVID? Brittney Griner's sentence is in line with Russia's strict drug penalties – but how long she serves will be decided outside the courtroom A wet spring: what is a 'negative Indian Ocean Dipole' and why does it mean more rain for Australia's east? New Zealand has launched a plan to prepare for inevitable climate change impacts: 5 areas where the hard work starts now New Zealand's plan to eliminate HIV transmission ignores deepening inequities in health outcomes for Māori women How 'bad credit' lender Cigno has dodged ASIC's grasp Cancelled culture comes back: the Edinburgh Festival turns 75, alive and well after two years of pandemic disruption Curious Kids: what is the apex predator of the world? Friday essay: a slave state - how blackbirding in colonial Australia created a legacy of racism Why Papua New Guinea urgently needs to elect more women to parliament 'This is like banging our heads against the wall': why a move to outsource lesson planning has NSW teachers hopping mad 'Brain fingerprinting' of adolescents might be able to predict mental health problems down the line Monkeypox vaccines: A virologist answers 6 questions about how they work, who can get them and how well they prevent infection Business can no longer ignore extreme heat events – it’s becoming a danger to the bottom line Libraries in the U.S. and Canada are changing how they refer to Indigenous Peoples Community and school gardens don’t magically sprout bountiful benefits How sport transformed the lives of young Colombians Handwritten diaries may feel old fashioned, but they offer insights that digital diaries just can’t match Rape is endemic in South Africa. Why the ANC government keeps missing the mark US secretary of state Antony Blinken's visit aims to reset relations with South Africa Beyoncé has helped usher in a renaissance for African artists Patriarchy persists in Nigeria -- and men aren't the only ones who keep it that way Kenya election 2022: the candidates, issues and role of money in a fierce contest Taiwan: Beijing reacts to Pelosi's visit with live-fire exercises prompting fears of escalation Taiwan dominates the world’s supply of computer chips – no wonder the US is worried Another new high for drug deaths in England and Wales – here's what needs to change Beyoncé is cutting a sample of Milkshake out of her new song – but not because she 'stole' it DNA test kits are changing donor-conceived families Reparations to Indigenous Peoples are critical after Pope's apology for residential schools Girls should get the chance to play football at school – but PE needs a major rehaul for all students Ukraine Recap: grain and gas were problems the west should have seen coming How women's football can avoid being corrupted when more money comes its way Why have so few women won the Leacock prize for comedy? Grattan on Friday: Government win on climate legislation leaves opposition looking like a stranded asset Fast fashion: why your online returns may end up in landfill – and what can be done about it Handwriting a diary may feel old fashioned, but it offers insights that digital diaries just can’t match Atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki left survivors wrestling with spiritual questions – here's how Buddhists and Catholics responded Who benefits from renewable energy subsidies? In Texas, it's often fossil fuel companies that are fighting clean energy elsewhere What are muscle knots? An exercise physiologist explains what those tight little lumps are and how to get rid of them The US government’s call for deep nicotine reduction in cigarettes could save millions of lives – an expert who studies tobacco addiction explains China has a new global development initiative, but who will actually benefit from it? Inflation rates are rising in the US – an economist explains why Illuminating the brain one neuron and synapse at a time – 5 essential reads about how researchers are using new tools to map its structure and function Crossing the US-Mexico border is deadlier than ever for migrants – here's why Long COVID-19 and other chronic respiratory conditions after viral infections may stem from an overactive immune response in the lungs Five reasons why the four-day week won't work The plastic crisis has deep corporate roots: to protect our planet, they need to be exposed UK interest rate rise: what the Bank of England's historic hike means for your money Australia secures 450,000 new monkeypox vaccines. What are they and who can have them? Government win on climate legislation leaves opposition looking like a stranded asset Afghanistan: Economic Crisis Underlies Mass Hunger Don't fall for the snake oil claims of 'structured water'. A chemist explains why it's nonsense Avoiding a gas shortage is one thing, but what's needed is action on prices Why 'political will' isn't the magic bullet that can fix South Africa's energy crisis Racism in South Africa: why the ANC has failed to dismantle patterns of white privilege Establishing a Voice to Parliament could be an opportunity for Indigenous Nation Building. Here's what that means Ukraine: Ukrainian fighting tactics endanger civilians 'I am Country, and Country is me!' Indigenous ways of teaching could be beneficial for all children How mates and grey corruption rig the political game Is it ethical to allow soldiers to take performance enhancing drugs such as steroids? More than ever, it’s time to upgrade the Sydney–Melbourne railway Dutch Decision Helps Protect EU’s Syrian Asylum Seekers More investment in literacy skills is needed if NZ is serious about ending persistent disparities for Pasifika students Politics with Michelle Grattan: Tom Calma on the Indigenous Voice to parliament Why do some people who take Paxlovid for COVID get 'rebound' symptoms? Or test positive again, like President Biden? 'Decolonising' classrooms could help keep First Nations kids in school and away from police How the St. Lawrence Seaway will continue to become more important to Québec's economy Where are all the ants? World-first ‘treasure map’ reveals hotspots for rare species Would Carlotta, Australia’s most celebrated drag queen, have made it on RuPaul’s Drag Race? This surgical procedure to impregnate greyhounds in Australia is a major animal welfare issue Japan's Old Enough and Australia's Bluey remind us our kids are no longer ‘free range’ – but we can remake our neighbourhoods Jane Goodall joins Barbie’s ‘inspiring women’ series: the strange evolution of an iconic doll If Australian schools want to improve student discipline, they need to address these 5 issues 4 ways we can recover from the loneliness of the COVID pandemic Inflation isn't the 6.1% they say it is – for many of us, it is much lower Physician heal thyself? After 4 years of treatment for stage 4 cancer I just wanted some encouraging words from my oncologist It's hard to challenge someone's false beliefs because their ideas come from social networks, not facts The Greens have backed Labor's 43% target - but don't think Australia's climate wars are over Beijing Eats Bitter Fruit of its Own Propaganda A new exhibit in the UK reframes the legacy of a brutal British governor; will Trinidad & Tobago follow suit? Brazilian lawyer after murders in the Amazon: ‘We need the state to maintain a presence in the region’ Canada’s international disaster responders have skills and experience that could be deployed in emergencies here at home France struggled to relinquish Algeria as a nuclear test site, archives reveal Jordan Peele’s 'Nope' shines spotlight on animal work in entertainment Nancy Pelosi's Taiwan visit sparked international tension, but isn't likely to shake up her popularity with Chinese American voters at home in San Francisco Marilyn Monroe: why are we still obsessed 60 years after her death? COVID: how careful do I still need to be around older and vulnerable family members? What ethical standards should we hold politicians to? A philosopher explains two different approaches Afghanistan: assassination of al-Qaida chief reveals tensions at the top of the Taliban The US and Rwanda: how the relationship has evolved since the 1994 genocide South Africa needs stronger security in place to stop the sabotage of its power supply Tips for parents on keeping kids safe online Unequal power relations driven by poverty fuel sexual violence in Lake Chad region Even scientists can’t keep up with all the newly discovered particles – our new naming scheme could help The health of British bulldogs is nothing to be proud of Why the Jan. 6 hearings should be making corporations nervous Artisanal gold mining in South Africa is out of control. Mistakes that got it here Charities that don't embrace common financial norms tend to outperform their peers 4 ways to get the new school year off to a good start Many drugs have mirror image chemical structures – while one may be helpful, the other may be harmful From whistling arrows and trumpeting elephants to battle cries and eerie horns, ancient soldiers used sound to frighten and confuse their enemies More than 1 in 5 US adults don’t want children Euro 2022 can be a catalyst for women's football in England – here's how Coyotes are here to stay in North American cities – here's how to appreciate them from a distance Ukraine war: Nato and the EU can turn Kosovo border crisis into an opportunity to put more pressure on Russia UK house prices: history says the market is in for a long slowdown not a crash Israel/OPT: End solitary confinement of Palestinian prisoner jailed as a child It's official: the Murray-Darling Basin Plan hasn't met its promise to our precious rivers. 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