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Will price caps on coal and gas bring power prices down? An expert isn't so sure New study reveals gender bias in sport research. It's yet another hurdle to progress in women’s sport East African troops hope to bring peace in the DRC but there may be stumbling blocks Southeast Asian governments must provide care, refuge for Rohingya stranded at sea Human Rights Press Awards in Asia Relaunches for 2023 China faces a rough road to ending its zero-COVID policies There are still good reasons to avoid catching COVID again – for one, your risk of long COVID goes up each time Why do cats knead? Breaking news: making Google and Facebook pay NZ media for content could deliver less than bargained for Ada Lovelace's skills with language, music and needlepoint contributed to her pioneering work in computing Georgia on the nation's mind: 5 essential reads Does Australia need new laws to combat right-wing extremism? Looking back from beyond the Moon: how views from space have changed the way we see Earth The last of the Tharu traditional healers of Nepal No Justice for Victims of Forced Disappearances in Uganda Qatar and FIFA’s Callous Response to a Migrant Worker’s Death What is the Reichsbürger movement accused of trying to overthrow the German government? Surging energy prices are really going to hurt. What can the government actually do? Lots of 'breakthroughs', still no cure. Do the new dementia drugs bring us any closer? What is the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, about to be negotiated in Brisbane? 'I would like to go to university': flexi school students share their goals in Australia-first survey Friday essay: a sex-positive feminist takes up the 'unfinished revolution' her mother began – but it's complicated ‘Extreme stripping action’ led to the messy birth of the Southern Ring Nebula, Webb image reveals Tantrums to tinsel: why I love the curious and festive tradition of the Santa photo DNA from elusive human relatives the Denisovans has left a curious mark on modern people in New Guinea 5 senses? In fact, architects say there are 7 ways we perceive our environments Are conspiracy theorists true believers, or are they just acting out fantasies? Disenfranchising Indigenous women: The legacy of coverture in Canada Canada needs to consider the user experience of migrants when designing programs that impact them Iran: Horrifying execution of young protester exposes authorities’ cruelty and risk of further bloodshed EU Should Stop Illegal Migrant Pushbacks at its Borders Poland: Veto Bill Targeting Sex Ed Ukraine war: new figures suggest only one in four Russians support it, but that won't be enough to oust Putin Who are the Reichsbürger movement accused of trying to overthrow the German government? Amid coup, countercoup claims – what really went down in Peru and why? Cumbria coal mine: empty promises of carbon capture tech have excused digging up more fossil fuel for decades How do floating wind turbines work? With 5 companies winning the first US leases to build wind farms off California's coast, let's take a look Ukraine recap: prepare for a 'long war' says Putin – but most Russians beg to disagree Bangladesh: Authorities must end repression of demonstrations Shackled in Ghana for Mental Health Conditions US Congress Protects Right to Marry World Cup's 'middle income trap' – why breaking into soccer's elite is so hard to do (as Morocco might soon find out) What are Iran's morality police? A scholar of the Middle East explains their history Traditional Buddhist teachings exclude LGBTQ people from monastic life, but change is coming slowly People can have food sensitivities without noticeable symptoms – long-term consumption of food allergens may lead to behavior and mood changes White teachers often talk about Black students in racially coded ways China's Belt and Road infrastructure projects could help or hurt oceans and coasts worldwide Why farmers in northern Ghana go to bed hungry Climate change is not what South Africans see as their main problem: a survey breaks it down Abiy Ahmed gained power in Ethiopia with the help of young people – four years later he's silencing them Four 'fronts' in the Ukraine-Russia war to look out for as winter bites Three graphic novels that creatively confront the climate crisis Ukraine war: what the Northern Ireland peace process can tell us about ending this conflict In defence of woodlice and their complicated sex lives Who are the Reichsbürger group accused of trying to overthrow the German government? Emo revival: why 2022 was the perfect time to bring the genre back from the dead India: The new Gujarat government must pledge to prioritise human rights EU: Holding people at unofficial detention sites an ‘intentional tactic’ to avoid scrutiny UAE: Don’t deport Egyptian-American dissident to Egypt where he will face torture EU admits Croatia to Schengen Without Regard To Abuses at the Border Human Rights Watch Statement on Coup in Peru Ukraine war: new figures show only one in four Russians support it, but that won't be enough to oust Putin Toilets spew invisible aerosol plumes with every flush – here's the proof, captured by high-powered lasers China wants more people to eat potatoes – how changing national diets could help fix our global food crisis. Podcast How this year's Christmas ads are navigating the cost of living crisis Research has long shown institutional misogyny and racism within the UK's fire services COVID treatments and prevention are still improving – so the longer you can avoid it the better Sommet Etats Unis-Afrique : les discussions sur l'espace sur la table des dirigeants Ukraine war: why the Kinburn spit is of vital military significance and opens up the recapture of Crimea Janusz Walus parole: South Africa's constitutional court was right - but failed the sensitivity test How the Venezuelan government uses social media to cover up its biggest corruption case China faces a rough road ahead for ending its zero-COVID policies Climate Crisis: International court should play key role in delivering climate justice Our laws fail nature. The government’s plan to overhaul them looks good, but crucial detail is yet to come Online safety: what young people really think about social media, big tech regulation and adults 'overreacting' Could video streaming be as bad for the climate as driving a car? Calculating Internet's hidden carbon footprint Is screen addiction real and if so, how widespread is it? Grattan on Friday: Australians are starting to feel the economic pain, but they are not taking it out on Albanese Ukraine war: new figures show only one in four supports war, but that won't be enough to oust Vladimir Putin Tailoring workouts to your menstrual cycle may help your physical fitness – but only if done properly These culturally conscious African fashion designers are leading another sportswear revolution Expert panel: Indonesia's new Criminal Code crosses private boundaries, is anti-democratic, and can easily jail people Tunisia: Domestic Violence Law Not Protecting Women Greece: Problematic Surveillance Bill Indonesia: New Criminal Code Disastrous for Rights South Korea: Online sexual abuse content proliferates as survivors blame Google failings Extreme heat in the midst of the Big Wet for northern Australia – what's going on with the weather? The ultimate no bones day: the death of TikTok pug Noodle shows how we can grieve online for animals we've never met Repairing gullies: the quickest way to improve Great Barrier Reef water quality Lessons from Cianjur: earthquake-prone Indonesia does not have seismic mitigation plan Resolve poll gives Labor huge lead; US Democrats win Georgia Senate runoff Japan Highlights Chinese Government Rights Abuses Eritrea: 10 Years Behind Bars for Ex-Minister’s Daughter Indonesia's new criminal code isn't just about sex outside marriage. It endangers press and religious freedom Convictions remain rare when police are accused of sexual assault COP15 biodiversity summit in Montréal: Canada failed to meet its 2020 conservation targets. Will 2030 be any better? Electric vehicles: if the UK is serious about being a major player, here's what needs to happen Invisible skin mites called Demodex almost certainly live on your face – but what about your mascara? Build-to-rent is seen as affordable, but it's unlikely to help those most in need Sport NZ’s transgender guidelines are a good start – but can they filter up from grassroots to elite competition? Ping, your pizza is on its way. Ping, please rate the driver. Yes, constant notifications really do tax your brain Female artists earn less than men. Coming from a diverse cultural background incurs even more of a penalty – but there is good news, too Australia wants international students to stay and work after graduation. They find it difficult for 4 reasons Wage theft has reached pandemic proportions, so why hasn't the Albanese government criminalised it? We live in a time of 'late capitalism'. But what does that mean? And what's so late about it? How physios and occupational therapists are helping long COVID sufferers The oldest DNA ever found reveals a snapshot of a vanished world Can machines invent things without human help? These AI examples show the answer is ‘yes’ Georgia runoff: Candidate quality meant fewer Republicans turned out for Walker The fur trade shows us that Canada has a long history of unethical business practices Eritrea: Ten years on, Ciham Ali’s ongoing enforced disappearance ‘a disgrace’ Japan Highlights Chinese Government Rights Abuses Warring Parties in Yemen Silent Amid Reports of Migrant Abuse China could face a catastrophic COVID surge as it lifts restrictions – here’s how it might play out Ukraine war: Poland welcomed refugees with open arms at first, but survey shows relations are becoming more strained Using art and song to help bring the world's largest mangrove swamp back from the brink The forgotten war: what Russia could win from the reignited conflict in Syria Internet search results could be increasing your carbon emissions Why sports sponsorship is unlikely to save cryptocurrency firms from 'crypto winter' How can we slow down youth gun violence? — Podcast To resolve youth violence, Canada must move beyond policing and prison These are the implications of the latest wave of mega-fires for the European Green Deal As homelessness grows, its stark impact on health is becoming clearer across Europe Afghanistan: Amnesty International condemns public execution by the Taliban Northeast Syria: Turkish Strikes Exacerbate Humanitarian Crisis Rutland Roman villa: how we found one of the most significant mosaics discovered in the UK Asexual Latter-day Saints face an added dilemma: Finding their place in a tradition focused on marriage Risers, founders, planners and fillers: 4 career paths to get to the top at nonprofits Harnessing the brain's immune cells to stave off Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases Congress is set to codify marriage equality – but the Respect for Marriage Act has a few key limitations Russian troops' poor performance and low morale may worsen during a winter of more discontent Mosquitoes are not repelled by vitamins and other oral supplements you might take Breast cancer patients in South Africa are battling to maintain treatment because of high transport costs What is RET and what does it want? The Radical Economic Transformation faction in South Africa explained Outer space talks are a welcome addition to the US-Africa Leaders Summit - what's on the table Is Labour’s vision of a New Britain any different to the Tories' levelling up? Hegel is considered the hardest philosopher, but his views aren’t actually that outlandish Why mourning a pet can be harder than grieving for a person At UN Talks, Countries Divided on Approach to Plastics Agreement Contempt of court in Nigeria - what the cases of three convicted security officials tell us Labour’s plan to reform politics doesn’t go far enough – here’s what evidence shows will really stop governments hoarding power How to stay warm when you're working from home (without turning the heating on) Strep A: three doctors explain what you need to look out for Labour's plan to 'abolish' the House of Lords: what exactly has been proposed – and the chances Keir Starmer will adopt it Australia and US take realist approach to regional influence Politics with Michelle Grattan: Energy crisis has 'badly damaged' social licence of coal and gas State capture in South Africa by the Gupta family: A lesson on political influence Indonesia has handed over the reins of the G20, but it will still play an influential role. Here's why El Salvador: Widespread Abuses Under State of Emergency Guinea: Ensure Respect for Rights in Massive Iron Ore Project FIFA's mirage of unity: why the World Cup is a vessel for political protest Like Primo Levi at Auschwitz, Behrouz Boochani testifies for the people who lived and died in a prison camp Jailing Indonesians for shark finning in Australian waters doesn't solve the real driver – poverty Family violence can include fire threats and burning. We can do more to protect women Avoiding climate breakdown depends on protecting Earth’s biodiversity -- can the COP15 summit deliver? Proposed Japanese Fertility Law Discriminates Against Lesbians, Single Women Heads or tails: What statistical models tell us about the probability of living beyond 110 I'm going to a classical music concert for the first time. What should I know? UN Member Countries Should Accredit Blocked Human Rights Groups As Fiji prepares to vote, democracy could already be the loser English only? The Emergencies Act inquiry showed Canada's hostility towards francophones The folk philosophy of Bob Dylan: riffs, grifters, history – and a terrific playlist The government wants to change Australia’s referendum laws. How will this affect the Voice to Parliament? 'A life changing experience': how adult literacy programs can keep First Nations people out of the criminal justice system How far has nuclear fusion power come? We could be at a turning point for the technology Netflix psychiatrist Phil Stutz says 85% of early therapy gains are down to lifestyle changes. Is he right? Workers supporting survivors of gender-based violence are demanding change In 2022, Australia's governments finally got moving on climate. Here's how The first photograph of the entire globe: 50 years on, Blue Marble still inspires Disinformation is an epidemic. We’re the vaccine. Working one day a week in person might be the key to happier, more productive employees Iraq: Activist Imprisoned for Peaceful Criticism of Security Forces COP15: three visions for protecting nature on the table at the UN biodiversity conference Chinese economic growth may never recover from COVID – here's why New food technologies could release 80% of the world's farmland back to nature How the pandemic affected our approach to reading and interpretation of books The Buddhist and Taoist influences that underpin the Star Wars universe Code-switching: the pressure on people to change how they speak Feeling forgetful after COVID? Study shows the virus can affect short-term memory Elon Musk: business leaders should be compassionate – here's the evidence to prove it Measles: why the World Health Organization has declared it an 'imminent global threat' Skills shortages are plaguing South Africa's economy - policy and social conditions must support their development Music streaming in South Africa – new survey reveals musicians get a raw deal Jihadists and bandits are cooperating. Why this is bad news for Nigeria What’s really driving ‘climate gentrification’ in Miami? It isn’t fear of sea-level rise How to deal with holiday stress, Danish-style For Indonesia's transgender community, faith can be a source of discrimination – but also tolerance and solace Native Hawaiians believe volcanoes are alive and should be treated like people, with distinct rights and responsibilities Early and mail-in voting: Research shows they don't always bring in new voters Cherokee Nation wants to send a delegate to the House – it's an idea older than Congress itself Biodiversity: Plan to declare 30% of the world protected areas by 2030 must place Indigenous peoples’ rights at its heart Car Industry Linked to Forced Labor in Xinjiang Swear words: we studied speakers of languages from Hindi to Hungarian to find out why obscenities sound the way they do What's really going on when a child is 'overtired' – and how to help them go to sleep Shipping must accelerate its decarbonisation efforts – and now it has the opportunity to do so Crabs have evolved five separate times – why do the same forms keep appearing in nature? Iran: International community must not be deceived by dubious claims of disbanding ‘morality police’ Swear words: we studied speakers of languages from Hindi to Hungarian to find out why they sound the way they do Freedom of expression in Tanzania is on a downward spiral US Supreme Court Case Puts Basic Voting Rights on Trial Ukraine: Russian Attacks on Energy Grid Threaten Civilians This latest increase in RBA interest rates might well be the last, for some time Ukraine: Older people face heightened risks, unable to access housing in displacement following Russian invasion – new report Supreme Court signals sympathy with web designer opposed to same-sex marriage in free speech case Australia and the US are firm friends on defence – now let's turn that into world-beating climate action The daunting task facing new Malaysian prime minister Anwar Ibrahim: uniting a divided country 'Any means necessary': the police who adopt the skull symbol of the ultra-violent comic book vigilante the Punisher The ChatGPT chatbot is blowing people away with its writing skills. An expert explains why it's so impressive It's not just Twitter. The whole Internet is broken and we'd better fix it soon 1 in 10 Australian women report disrespectful or abusive care in childbirth 'How are they losing their children like this?' Fiona McFarlane's novel interrogates the stain of white presence on Aboriginal land Sea urchins have invaded Tasmania and Victoria, but we can’t work out what to do with them Ban Taliban from the Olympic Movement Myanmar: Junta Sentences 10 Prisoners to Death Why we need open-source science innovation — not patents and paywalls How hiring more women IT experts improves cybersecurity risk management What do we know about the Voice to Parliament design, and what do we still need to know? US: Back War Crimes Court in Liberia Mexico: Reject President’s Elections Overhaul Fighting for a future: The Belarusian regiment in Ukraine is staking its claim on democracy Georgia runoff elections are exciting, but costly for voters and democracy Clashing laws need to be fixed if we want to live in bushfire-prone areas Rory Cormac's How to Stage a Coup is an entertaining critique, not a how-to manual Can ‘voluntourism’ outgrow the white saviour stereotype and make a positive change post-pandemic? Supporting feminine leadership can help create a just and kinder future When does mental distress become a mental illness? Pay secrecy clauses are now banned in Australia; here's how that could benefit you Men are slowly losing their Y chromosome, but a new sex gene discovery in spiny rats brings hope for humanity What legacy will Vladimir Putin leave Russia? New report: Framing China's Belt and Road Initiative Ian Blackford resigns: five times the SNP's leader in Westminster used parliamentary rules to shake things up Should sports cheats be prosecuted? When violence in the ring or on the field becomes criminal Jeanne Dielman: 'greatest film of all time' is a masterpiece of slow cinema that richly details life's quiet intricacies How celebrity footballers can help reduce prejudice against minorities – podcast A liver disease drug could be repurposed to protect against COVID – new research Mikhail Gorbachev wanted to save communism, but he buried it instead Earthshot Prize: five winners that will help solve major environmental problems Why married mothers end up doing more housework when they start out-earning their husbands Medical jargon is often misunderstood by the general public – new study Qatar: why we are critical of some countries' human rights records and not others Lebanon: Indictment of State Security members in torture case an ‘encouraging development’ Pandoravirus: the melting Arctic is releasing ancient germs – how worried should we be? Balenciaga’s controversial new campaign and the long history of 'shockvertising' How pastoral farming can help to avoid a biodiversity crisis Why you're less likely to get rich these days if your parents aren't already wealthy World Cup 2022: footballers run either like gazelles or grizzlies – here's how our research can help coaches Weasels, not pandas, should be the poster animal for biodiversity loss The 4 biggest gift-giving mistakes, according to a consumer psychologist How fake foreign news fed political fervor and led to the American Revolution A judge in Texas is using a recent Supreme Court ruling to say domestic abusers can keep their guns Gen. Ulysses S. Grant's pending promotion sheds new light on his overlooked fight for equal rights after the Civil War Orthodox Judaism can still be a difficult world for LGBTQ Jews – but in some groups, the tide is slowly turning This course takes college students out of this world – and teaches them what it takes to become space pioneers Pharma's expensive gaming of the drug patent system is successfully countered by the Medicines Patent Pool, which increases global access and rewards innovation Text-to-image AI: powerful, easy-to-use technology for making art – and fakes How does a television set work? Shorter days affect the mood of millions of Americans – a nutritional neuroscientist offers tips on how to avoid the winter blues 2021 census shows English decreasing as main language but masks England and Wales' true diversity More South Africans are smoking - higher taxes and stronger law enforcement are needed Why women sometimes stay with abusers: insights from a Nigerian study Why Britain should immediately withdraw from Mauritius' Chagos Islands Australia: Use Magnitsky-Style Sanctions to Target Abusers Labor election review warns about risks in party's 'heartland' seats ICC: Ensure Victims’ Equal Access to Justice Iran: State-Backed Hacking of Activists, Journalists, Politicians Citizen assemblies and the challenges of democratic equality Always forgetting to take your medicines? Here are 4 things that could help How long does menopause last? 5 tips for navigating uncertain times Qatar World Cup: Socceroos' best ever performance, and what it means for the game in Australia ahead of hosting the Women's World Cup What explained the seismic 2022 federal election? The Australian Election Study has answers Labor retains big lead in Newspoll as Albanese's ratings jump; Victorian election update In Australia and South Africa, construction has started on the biggest radio observatory in Earth's history 'A state of aesthetic pleasure and satisfaction': Pinchgut Opera's Médée demands to be heard Kim Mahood's Wandering with Intent redefines the Australian frontier Loss, decay and bleaching: why sponges may be the ‘canary in the coal mine’ for impacts of marine heatwaves Heather Rose writes with raw beauty about trauma and 'hardcore spiritual work' – so why does it leave me cold? Homeless numbers have jumped since COVID housing efforts ended – and the problem is spreading beyond the big cities How do you fix general practice? More GPs won't be enough. Here's what to do Half of Australia's biggest companies have net-zero emissions plans, but climate action may come too late Evangelical Christians are crucial voters in Republican primaries. Would they support DeSantis or Trump? Australian private high school enrolments have jumped 70% since 2012 HILDA finds working from home boosts women's job satisfaction more than men's, and that has a downside Indigenous spiritual teaching in schools can foster reconciliation and inclusion Pro-choice crowdfunding has surged in the U.S. — but donating that way has risks Canadian engineers call for change to their private 'iron ring' ceremony steeped in colonialism Why Big Tobacco's attempts to rehabilitate its image are so dangerous The metaverse offers challenges and possibilities for the future of the retail industry Street food keeps Johannesburg going - but working conditions of vendors are unhealthy Violent extremism could beckon in north-western Nigeria if local dynamics are ignored A dangerous pesticide isn't being monitored in key bird of prey populations - we're shedding light on that gap Half a million Ethiopian migrants have been deported from Saudi Arabia in 5 years - what they go through Hosting the World Cup: what Qatar can learn from South Africa about nation branding Libya: ICC Reignites Hope for Long-Delayed Justice Poland: Lawmaker Faces Charges for Pro-Choice Protest World Cup 2022: either Morocco or Senegal could break the glass ceiling World Cup final 16: African performances mark a definitive moment in football It's the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, but in Trinidad & Tobago, ‘barriers remain in place’ Governments Should Prioritize Mental Health Support Guatemala: Amnesty International demands immediate and unconditional release of prisoner of conscience Virginia Laparra France Should Denounce the Expulsion of Salah Hamouri by Israel Jobs are up! Wages are up! So why am I as an economist so gloomy? High fossil fuel prices mean UK cannot delay transition to low emissions steel Khodanoor Lajaei: Icon for a revolution Cuba: New criminal code is a chilling prospect for 2023 and beyond Historic Moment of First Woman Referee in Men’s World Cup - and in Qatar too What David Hockney's new exhibition can teach us about finding beauty and joy this winter Why you could have 'face-ism' – an extreme tendency to judge people based on their facial features Emmanuel Macron's state visit with Joe Biden: key takeaways as relations warm up after a frosty few months DRC: M23 armed group must stop killing civilians and respect international law New York Mayor Targets Unhoused Communities US Congress Protects Right to Marry Binge-eating disorder is more common than many realise, yet it's rarely discussed – here’s what you need to know Energy bills: how much money does turning down the thermostat actually save? Corruption in South Africa: new book lifts the lid on who profits - and their corporate enablers How China's response to zero-COVID protests could affect global business 3 ways cryptocurrency is changing the way colleges do business with students and donors Genocides persist, nearly 70 years after the Holocaust – but there are recognized ways to help prevent them Student 'slave auctions' illustrate the existence of a hidden culture of domination and subjugation in US schools Nurses' attitudes toward COVID-19 vaccination for their children are highly influenced by partisanship, a new study finds Brain-computer interfaces could allow soldiers to control weapons with their thoughts and turn off their fear – but the ethics of neurotechnology lags behind the science Darknet markets generate millions in revenue selling stolen personal data, supply chain study finds Protecting 30% of Earth's surface for nature means thinking about connections near and far Religious freedom and LGBTQ rights are clashing in schools and on campuses – and courts are deciding Winter of discontent: how similar is today's situation? Ukraine war: Turkey is the pivot point between Russia and the US – history shows us why The five best fiction books of 2022 Nigerian student arrested after calling First Lady ‘fat from corruption’ on Twitter Malawi: Killing of a girl with albinism shows community urgently needs better protection Living with MND: how a form of 'acceptance therapy' is helping me make one difficult choice at a time Hailey Bieber has revealed she has an ovarian cyst – here’s why they happen Netflix's Lady Chatterley's Lover reduces this tale of class conflict to a simple love story How the German government was divided by a Chinese investment in the Port of Hamburg A Swiss-style Brexit deal is unlikely unless things change dramatically within the Conservative Party The government will not send out Yes and No case pamphlets ahead of the Voice to Parliament referendum. Does this matter? World Cup: what body type works best for football? A professor of biomechanics explains China’s foreign interference narrative fails to successfully demonize the nationwide anti-zero COVID protests LGBT+ Indonesians face difficulties accessing healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic Lehrmann retrial abandoned because of 'a significant and unacceptable risk' to Brittany Higgins' life A China-backed dam in Indonesia threatens a rare great ape – and that's just the tip of the iceberg Pro-government disinformation floods Twitter debates on Papuan special autonomy: new study The 'greatest film of all time': Chantal Akerman's win shows a generational shift is taking place among critics and filmmakers Lehrmann trial discontinued: when prosecution isn't in the public interest China’s foreign interference narrative fails to demonize the nationwide anti-zero COVID protests On World AIDS Day, Canada must lead the way in combating HIV-AIDS Territories free to make their own voluntary assisted dying laws, in landmark decision. Here's what happens next Four-day week trial confirms working less increases wellbeing and productivity There's no official French version of the 1867 Constitution Act. So is taking the oath to the King in French valid? The UN committee against torture has found Australia still has work to do Five ways drones will change the way buildings are designed Kim Jong Un wants North Korea to be a nuclear superpower – the real risk is a regional arms race Ethnic community media can play a key role in a crisis – but it needs our support The world finally has its first 'parastronaut'. Can we expect anyone to be able to go to space one day? Why does lightning zigzag? At last, we have an answer to the mystery Russia: New Restrictions for ‘Foreign Agents’ Canada needs to act on its existing defence policy, not review it repeatedly Despite soaring profits, oil companies are not paying enough for their environmental damage Friday essay: how the West betrayed Syria A push to raise the school starting age to 6 sounds like good news for parents, but there's a catch There's a serious ethical problem with some sunscreen testing methods – and you're probably not aware of it Ventilation reduces the risk of COVID. So why are we still ignoring it? 54% of projects extracting clean energy minerals overlap with Indigenous lands, research reveals Half a century on, it's time to reassess the Whitlam government's economic legacy 50 years ago today, Gough Whitlam was elected. There are some lessons for Albanese in what came next Fifty years ago, the new Whitlam government removed the luxury sales tax on the pill. It changed Australian women's lives Saudi Arabia: Jordanian man at imminent risk of execution amid spike in beheadings for drug-related offences Israel/OPT: Deporting Salah Hammouri would constitute a war crime New EU Migration Plan, Same Rights Violations Mini bio-devices could help TB patients stick to their treatments Digital storytelling can be a powerful tool for water researchers Black Panther 2: why the death of someone young can be harder to handle China protests: Uyghur people have suffered most from draconian zero-COVID policies but are too terrorised to join in Christine McVie – the talented anchoring force of the musical giant Fleetwood Mac The disturbing parallels between Awaab Ishak's death in Rochdale and the Grenfell Tower disaster Experimental Alzheimer's drug shows promise – but there are many hurdles still to overcome Onshore wind rebellion reveals fractious climate politics within the Conservative party Raf Simons to close – a fashion marketing expert explains how the brand lost relevance Screenshots have generated new forms of storytelling, from Twitter fan fiction to desktop film EU: New business sustainability law risks being undermined by glaring human rights loopholes Colombia: Guaranteeing justice and non-repetition in cases of gender-based violence during repression of National Strike must be central to any police reform South Africa's President Ramaphosa could be impeached - 3 essential reads on the Phala Phala scandal Gifts of Christmas past: buy secondhand to give your loved ones the gift of nostalgia and imagination Black Twitter shaped the platform, but its future lies elsewhere Here’s what Elon Musk's language teaches us about his ambitions A Christmas Carol: with new movie Spirited, the Dickens classic continues to haunt us COVID vaccines: should people under 50 in the UK be offered a fourth dose? Resounding success of 'Black Panther' franchise says little about the dubious state of Black film Healthy democracy requires trust -- these 3 things could start to restore voters' declining faith in US elections Who's giving Americans spiritual care? As congregational attendance shrinks, it's often chaplains Satellites detect no real climate benefit from 10 years of forest carbon offsets in California How parents can play a key role in the prevention and treatment of teen mental health problems Twitter lifted its ban on COVID misinformation – research shows this is a grave risk to public health EU plans to set up a new court to prosecute Russia's war on Ukraine – but there's a mixed record on holding leaders like Putin accountable for waging wars Jiang Zemin propelled China's economic rise in the world, leaving his successors to deal with the massive inequality that followed EU Takes Step Towards Banning Plastic Waste Exports Scotland: inside Nicola Sturgeon's operation to win European support for independence from the UK Grattan on Friday: To have the best chance of success, the Voice must be sold to voters as a positive, unifying story The G20 pandemic fund – and how Indonesia plays a key role in it Why the G20 should defer debt from emerging economies like Indonesia and India – or risk an even worse global recession As young people in rich countries drink less alcohol, elsewhere youth drinking is on the rise – podcast Nepali migrant workers who built the World Cup stadiums are completely forgotten Banning menthol cigarettes and more health warnings are only the start. Australia could look to NZ for how to do tobacco control Pit bull attacks in South Africa - a historian sheds light on the issues Uzbekistan’s Prosecution of Karakalpakstan Protestors Raises Many Questions Hungary: Data Misused for Political Campaigns Soaring food prices and funding shortfalls add to growing food insecurity in Uganda’s refugee settlements Ghana: Chaining People with Mental Health Conditions Persists President Erdoğan is on a mission to mend ties but at what cost? Why do nurse home visits stop a few weeks after giving birth? Extending them to 2 years benefits the whole family Labor, Greens and Legalise Cannabis likely to have combined majority in Victorian upper house In Fanatic Heart, Tom Keneally revisits the tumultuous life of an Irish rebel Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay and Instafest: what do end of year music wrap-ups say about our listening habits? New report reveals grim lack of progress to cut overrepresentation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kids in out-of-home-care Protests in China are not rare -- but the current unrest is significant BlueWalker 3, an enormous and bright communications satellite, is genuinely alarming astronomers A new law offers better protection for indigenous plants of significance to Māori, but no requirement to share profits Where Mauna Loa’s lava is coming from – and why Hawaii’s volcanoes are different from most What the compromise IR deal means for wage negotiations, and pay rises Gig platforms help immigrant care workers find jobs, but they are only a temporary solution Overweight women may be at highest risk of long COVID – new research Women are vastly underrepresented in Canada’s place names COP27 failed. So why continue with these UN climate summits? 'You have to beg for help': how our welfare system pressures people to perform vulnerability North Korea's nuclear program is funded by stolen cryptocurrency. Could it collapse now that FTX has? Could the Netherlands crack the secret of language learning using this approach? New grant will fund The Conversation partnership on critical research into COVID recovery, net zero, cities and levelling up and inequality What COVID has taught us about sharing our emotions – and why now's a good time to share again 'Earth's empty quarter': many Pacific nations now have falling populations Am I ever gonna see your face again? Nuanced and thoughtful, Kickin’ Down the Door puts The Angels back in the spotlight Astronomers witness the dying flare of a star torn apart by a black hole halfway across the Universe What the compromise IR package means for wage negotiations, and pay rises 'He was woeful': in Bulldozed, Niki Savva catalogues Scott Morrison’s nasty, duplicitous, nutty behaviour Belarus: Whereabouts of prisoner of conscience Mariya Kalesnikava must be disclosed amid reports of hospitalization Qatar World Cup Chief Publicly Admits High Migrant Death Tolls God of War Ragnarök breaks new ground for accessible gaming – our research explains what more developers can do Black Twitter's expected demise would make it harder to publicize police brutality and discuss racism Who is Jimmy Lai? The Hong Kong newspaper owner's upcoming show trial is symbolic of the struggle with the mainland and its values Nurses’ strike is about more than pay – it’s about ensuring good care Western leaders are divided over the future of relations with China Brazil's iconic football shirt was a symbol of Bolsonaro – here's how the World Cup is changing that Janusz Walus and parole for prisoners serving life sentences in South Africa: the weaknesses of the court's decision Ancient DNA from the teeth of 14th-century Ashkenazi Jews in Germany already included genetic variations common in modern Jews China's 'white paper' protest movement echoes freedom struggles across Asia and the world Egg shortage: a nutritionist on the best egg alternatives Walking backwards has a surprising number of health benefits Combating violence against women: what Europe needs to do Recently found 'neanderthal footprints' in the South of Spain could be 275,000 years old The (unjustly forgotten) genius of pianist Clara Haskil Could the Netherlands crack the secret of language learning using this aproach? Why corporate diversity statements are backfiring — Podcast Being the 'only one' at work and the decades long fight against anti-Black racism Viktor Orbán’s controversial ‘Greater Hungary’ scarf explained Black and minoritised ethnic communities at disproportionate risk of homelessness in the UK With a new grant The Conversation will partner on critical research into COVID recovery, net zero, cities and inequality Are European welfare systems accessible to foreigners? 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