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Building machines that work for everyone – how diversity of test subjects is a technology blind spot, and what to do about it Why do plants grow straight? Decolonising Shakespeare: setting Othello in Ghana and Pericles in Glasgow Women weavers in Assam weather the pandemic and climate change through community groups Bulli Bai, Sulli Deals cases highlight rising communal misogyny in India UK: Temporary Accommodation Violates Children’s Rights 3 local solutions to replace coal jobs and ensure a just transition for mining communities The Tonga volcanic eruption has revealed the vulnerabilities in our global telecommunication system Waves from the Tonga tsunami are still being felt in Australia – and even a 50cm surge could knock you off your feet Nigeria: Child Marriage Violates Girls’ Rights Typhoon Rai aftermath highlights Duterte’s sluggish disaster response Philippines: End Deadly ‘Red-Tagging’ of Activists Maternal metamorphosis: how mothering has changed in Australia since the second world war When is the right time for children to learn to swim? Cannibalism, mutilation and murder: the Australian calamities that rival Yellowjackets for survival horror How power-to-X technology could help decarbonise Indonesia's industrial sector Who are the 'Original Sovereigns' who were camped out at Old Parliament House and what are their aims? 'Our community is small, but our spirit is strong': how art forms the heart of Cobargo's Black Summer fires recovery What makes a vegan-friendly wine vegan? And how's it different to conventional wine? Green hydrogen is coming - and these Australian regions are well placed to build our new export industry The Singapore-inspired idea for using super for housing that could cut costs 50% Russia and the West are at a stalemate over Ukraine. Is Putin's endgame now war? How Canada should be preparing to help young Afghan refugees Yes, your dog can understand what you're saying — to a point 'Birtherism,' Trump and anti-Black racism: Conspiracy theorists twist evidence to maintain status quo The movie 'Finch' explores how dogs help us define humanity Novak Djokovic to be deported after Federal Court upholds government visa cancellation Why Novak Djokovic lost his fight to stay in Australia – and why it sets a concerning precedent Mental health patients in Ghana share their stories about stigma and suffering Lakes in the Democratic Republic of Congo are contested spaces. Here's why African countries are stuck on the free movement of people. How to break the logjam Mali cancels military agreements with France Why the volcanic eruption in Tonga was so violent, and what to expect next Excitement, misgivings over Japan's newest bullet train Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.: 5 things I've learned curating the MLK Collection at Morehouse College RSF asks UN to investigate Iranian journalist Baktash Abtin’s death ‘I didn't ask for it!': Four women fighting against gender-based violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina The strange new government of Kazakhstan CSTO peacekeeping force begins pull-out from Kazakhstan Dr. Fauci lied: Covid-19 was man-made What Supreme Court's block of vaccine mandate for large businesses will mean for public health: 4 questions answered Unusually calm and cloudy weather led to resurgence in fossil fuel use in 2021 'We're entering unprecedented territory': sports expert Q&A on what Djokovic row means for unvaccinated elite athletes Why lowering everyone's energy bills is a better solution than targeting only the most vulnerable Why Prince Andrew is losing his military titles, but staying a prince Bulgaria: Alarming SLAPP cases endanger fragile media freedom Omicron: viral load can be at its highest at day five so cutting isolation period doesn't make sense Tackling ageing may be best way to prevent multiple chronic conditions from developing in older people Four times Shakespeare has inspired stories about robots and AI A Turkish harem on the Acropolis? It's most likely a Greek myth How El Salvador and Nigeria are taking different approaches to digital currencies – plus, are we living in a simulation? The Conversation Weekly podcast transcript The metaverse is money and crypto is king – why you'll be on a blockchain when you're virtual-world hopping Seditious conspiracy charge against Oath Keepers founder and others in Jan. 6 riot faces First Amendment hurdle Civil war in the US is unlikely because grievance doesn't necessarily translate directly into violence Sugar detox? Cutting carbs? A doctor explains why you should keep fruit on the menu Colleges accused of conspiring to make low-income students pay more The #BettyWhiteChallenge highlights the growth of animal philanthropy and the role of rescues What made Bob Saget's Danny Tanner so different from other sitcom dads Energy prices: here's what UK government can do to cut household bills How Russian is Ukraine? (Clue: not as much as Vladimir Putin insists) Inflation will probably melt away in 2022 – central banks will do far more harm trying to tackle it The Matrix: how conspiracy theorists hijacked the 'red pill' philosophy Bulgaria : Alarming SLAPP cases endanger fragile media freedom Sixteen organisations reiterate their support for Carole Cadwalladr as she faces SLAPP trial Novak Djokovic has long divided opinion. Now, his legacy will be complicated even further The discovery of insulin: meet the feuding scientists who all lay a claim – podcast Rogue planets: how wandering bodies in interstellar space ended up on their own A 2019 Kazakh song about Nur-Sultan reads like news commentary in January 2022 ‘Our activism won't stop': The Oyan movement recounts the January protests in Kazakhstan Syrian survivors of torture rejoice over German court indicting ex-intelligence officer Remembering Louis Maqhubela, pioneering and enigmatic South African painter Novak Djokovic's visa cancelled 'in the public interest', with possible 3-year ban from Australia In Georgia, six months after the tragic death of journalist, authorities blame drug overdose Typhoon Rai overwhelms the Philippines’ Queen City of the South Death of a student sparks debate on religious community-run housing in Turkey Ambitious tree planting goals in Asia lack diverse tree seeds from native species German Court Orders Protection of People with Disabilities in Triage Decisions Poland, Romania and Lithuania ordered to compensate CIA victim Sri Lanka: Minorities, Activists Targeted North Korea: Covid-19 Used to Bludgeon Rights Latest isolation rules for critical workers gets the balance right. But that's not the end of the story Indonesia is the world’s largest seaweed producer but why are prices so volatile? Vital Signs. The 3 problems with fines for not reporting positive COVID tests This WA town just topped 50℃ – a dangerous temperature many Australians will have to get used to I was ensnared in Canada's harsh and unscientific African travel ban COVID-19 vaccine mandates would likely face legal hurdles in Canada Ocean heat is at record levels, with major consequences What does 'academic freedom' mean in practice? Why the Siouxsie Wiles and Shaun Hendy employment case matters Crime won't stop because of COVID. So how should we protect crime scene investigators? Fire management in Australia has reached a crossroads and 'business as usual' won’t cut it The 3 problems with fines for not reporting positive COVID tests When will this COVID wave be over? 4 numbers to keep an eye on and why With fewer animals to spread their seeds, plants could have trouble adapting to climate change In a pandemic, ignoring science affects everyone. Citizenship education can help ensure that doesn't happen Environmental disasters are fuelling migration — here's why international law must recognize climate refugees Get caught up in the Olympic spirit, but keep your (political) eyes wide open Fast food doesn't improve food security in urban Ghana: it's too costly How COVID affected markets and livelihoods in Kenya's fisheries sector Deforestation is causing more storms in west Africa, finds 30-year satellite study Ernest Shonekan obituary: an ineffectual leader during turbulent times in Nigeria Omicron may reach millions before vaccines do – but that doesn't mean race to vaccinate the world is over I was caught up in Canada's harsh and unscientific African travel ban Southern Africa's Namaqualand daisies are flowering earlier: why it's a red flag Lockdown schooling: research from across the world shows reasons to be hopeful We studied the sounds of mosquitoes’ mating rituals – our findings could help fight malaria Asylum seekers: why UK needs to change how it assesses the age of new arrivals Ocean temperatures are at record levels, with major consequences The big challenges for supply chains in 2022 Breastfeeding beyond infancy can be beneficial for children and parents – mothers explain pressure they feel to stop Downing Street party: what the law actually said about work gatherings in May 2020 Heavy snowfall kills tourists at a hill station in Pakistan Crypto countries: Nigeria and El Salvador's opposing journeys into digital currencies – podcast Beyond social mobility, college students value giving back to society Making sugar, making 'coolies': Chinese laborers toiled alongside Black workers on 19th-century Louisiana plantations Tackling 2022 with hope: 5 essential reads When meeting someone new, try skirting the small talk and digging a little deeper Racial and ethnic diversity is lacking among nonprofit leaders – but there are ways to change that Inflation inequality: Poorest Americans are hit hardest by soaring prices on necessities Afghanistan: Taliban plans for suicide brigade reveal changing nature of warfare in 21st century Mesurer les travail des enfants: le cas des cacaoyères ivoiriennes The journey to a pig-heart transplant began 60 years ago The wiring in your plane could soon be made from recycled plastic -- new research Nepal: The Authorities are Failing to Protect Citizens Grattan on Friday: Government management of Omicron blighted by false assumptions, bad planning The science that is helping researchers find the 'disappeared' in Latin America Germany: Conviction for State Torture in Syria North Korea: Covid-19 Used to Bludgeon Rights Maldives: Extremist Attacks Go Unpunished Vietnam: Dozens of Rights Activists Detained, Tried Myanmar: Coup Crushes Democratic Rule EU: Commitment to Rights Falters Under Stress Latin America: Alarming Reversal of Basic Freedoms Turkey Defies International Human Rights Law Lebanon: Callous Disregard for Rights Bahrain: Repression Marks Uprising Anniversary Belarus: Civil Society ‘Purge’ Russia: Repression Escalates Kazakhstan: Protect Human Rights During Crisis Indonesia: Covid-19 Response Overshadows Rights Afghanistan: Taliban Takeover Worsens Rights Crisis India: Dangerous Backsliding on Rights Brazil: Protect Voting, Speech Rights The Future for Autocrats is Darker Than It Seems Undertones: From ‘Satanic’ QR codes and ‘public enemies’, navigating the pandemic in Russia US: Slow Progress on Human Rights Iran: No End to Mounting Repression UK: Falling Short on Rights Egypt: No End to Systematic Repression Philippines: Presidential Candidates Should Address Rights Thailand: Deepening Repression of Rights China: Xi’s ‘New Era’ Marked by Rights Abuses Malaysia: Rights Sharply Decline Amid Political Instability Pakistan: Media, Critics Under Increasing Attack Iraq: Impunity for Serious Abuses South Korea: Backtracking on Rights Protections Bangladesh: Grave Rights Concerns Dismissed Singapore: Tightening the Screws on Speech Cambodia: Activists Face Sustained Repression Washington stealthily funnels weapons to Ukraine US Congress launches caucus to bolster Abraham Accords US Refuses to Discuss NATO Deployment Nuclear green pass: the Bomb for Italy comes out in May, by Manlio Dinucci Military analysis of the attacks on Kazakhstan, by Valentin Vasilescu In a fight between a wild and a domestic budgie, whose feathers would fly? Australia: Climate Policy Harms Rights Record COVID chaos has shed light on many issues in the Australian childcare sector. Here are 4 of them NFTs, an overblown speculative bubble inflated by pop culture and crypto mania Why one man with 'god-like' powers decides if Novak Djokovic can stay or go Texting for wellness: Using digital mental health tools for support in another COVID-19 winter Warehousing disabled people in long-term care homes needs to stop. Instead, nationalize home care. Young, poor and vulnerable: delivery riders in France are demanding better wages and social protection Black holes: we think we've spotted the mysterious birth of one COVID: why T cell vaccines could be the key to long-term immunity How the Vietnam War pushed MLK to embrace global justice, not only civil rights at home Iranians demand justice on anniversary of airplane downing 'Southern hospitality' doesn't always apply to Black people, as revealed in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery Why European defence cooperation still matters for the UK – despite Brexit Why haven't petrol prices gone back down yet? A new business model might explain why Africans and African-Americans would honour Martin Luther King by rekindling their bonds Protected marine areas should serve nature and people: a review of South Africa's efforts Time and trauma: what fetching water costs women and girls in Nairobi's informal settlements From mercenaries to citizens: how the Nubians gained acceptance in Uganda Does a new study really show that hydroxychloroquine might be effective against omicron? Artemis 1: how this 2022 lunar mission will pave the way for a human return to the Moon Beyond Cyrano de Bergerac's nose – the real man behind the swashbuckling hero Is the party over for Boris Johnson? This polling detail suggests it could be Milk without the cow: Cellular agriculture could be the future of farming, but dairy farmers need help Cover your face, wear a hat and stay hydrated to exercise safely through the winter Hopeful signs: How some southeast Asian nations are snubbing Myanmar's military leader We've unveiled the waratah's genetic secrets, helping preserve this Australian icon for the future Cities are made from more than buildings and roads. They are also made by ambiences – how a city makes you feel Regent honeyeaters were once kings of flowering gums. Now they're on the edge of extinction. What happened? 'Disappointment and disbelief’ after Morrison government vetoes research into student climate activism' What's a pulse oximeter? Should I buy one to monitor COVID at home? Relax, Australia does not have (and is not likely to have) a shortage of food A short history of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy – an indelible reminder of unceded sovereignty Boris Johnson's Downing Street party apology: three key takeaways Erdoğan and the AKP's war with art and culture Egypt: Prominent Rights Group Forced to Close Russian Authorities Aim to Stifle Leading Rights Group ‘Training to failure’: debunking claims this popular weightlifting technique is the most effective for building muscle and strength Maternal and child healthcare isn't reaching everyone in urban sub-Saharan Africa The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired new health habits for these 4 scholars – here's what they put into practice and why Ethical US consumers struggled to pressure the sugar industry to abandon slavery with less success than their British counterparts Radicalization pipelines: How targeted advertising on social media drives people to extremes What is wishcycling? Two waste experts explain Five fascinating insights into the inner lives of plants A 21st-century reinvention of the electric grid is crucial for solving the climate change crisis 'Southern hospitality' doesn't always apply to Blacks, as revealed in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery The Soviet Union existed for 70 years, but don’t expect to find it as a location in the world of comic books RSF refers violence against reporters covering protests in Kazakhstan to UN Local media editor is third journalist killed by Myanmar’s junta in less than a month Djokovic admits doing photoshoot knowing he was COVID positive They live for a century and clean our rivers - but freshwater mussels are dying in droves China aims to wipe out Omicron ahead of Winter Olympics Narrative and reality of the Libyan crisis, by Manlio Dinucci Washington pursues RAND's plan in Kazakhstan, then in Transnistria, by Thierry Meyssan 3 ways China is growing its media influence in Indonesia 3 in 4 people want to ride a bike but are put off by lack of safe lanes If my child or I have COVID, when can we get our vaccine or booster shot? Legendary band Yothu Yindi and their trailblazing call for a treaty Macron’s 2017 victory was supposed to usher in a new politics – instead, France remains gripped by political crisis The battles over voting rights, preventing fraud and access to ballots – 5 essential reads Trinidad and Tobago residents’ response to proposed amendments to fireworks legislation? Enforce existing laws The Lost Daughter: portraying the darker sides of motherhood on the page and the screen Québec filmmaker and producer Jean-Marc Vallée told stories of human complexity When a smell evokes a memory: new research offers clues about how the two are linked in the brain What's autophagy? It's the ultimate detox that doesn't yet live up to the hype We asked 6 scientists what inspired them to pursue a career in science. Here's what they said Labor's proposed $10 billion social housing fund isn't big as it seems, but it could work Experience the spectacular sounds of a Murrumbidgee wetland erupting with life as water returns Bark Ladies: how women's Yolŋu bark paintings break with convention and embrace artists' strong personalities At long last, we can tear open the queen's secret letters with Australia's governors-general Healthy humans drive the economy: we're now witnessing one of the worst public policy failures in Australia's history Those who murdered two reporters in Haiti must be identified quickly, RSF says Novak Djokovic: the legal problem of having one rule for some, another for everyone else How does excess sugar affect the developing brain throughout childhood and adolescence? A neuroscientist who studies nutrition explains Prosecuting Trump would inevitably be political -- and other countries have had mixed success in holding ex-presidents accountable Who benefits from a break on federal student loan payments? An economist answers 3 questions The Great Resignation: Historical data and a deeper analysis show it’s not as great as screaming headlines suggest Confused by what your doctor tells you? A new study discovers how communication gaps between doctors and patients can be cured It's imperative that South Africa moves fast on state capture prosecutions. Here's why Big tech, regulators and conservationists must unite to tackle online wildlife trade What it will take for Africa's agrifood systems to thrive Drama, delays and domestic unrest: why hosting Afcon is so important for Cameroon Meat and dairy gobble up farming subsidies worldwide, which is bad for your health and the planet The flagging UK car industry is moving too slowly on battery production to compete on the global market Technology has made buildings less climate-friendly: but we can look back in time for solutions Africa faces an uphill battle against western emissions to combat climate change The discovery of insulin: a story of monstrous egos and toxic rivalries Why the US cares about what happens in Kazakhstan – 5 questions answered by former ambassador 'You have to suffer for your PhD': poor mental health among doctoral researchers – new research Understanding how animals become infected with COVID-19 can help control the pandemic Long COVID: For the 1 in 10 patients who become long-haulers, COVID-19 has lasting effects Governments need more than just public health officials for COVID-19 lockdown advice Bones and teeth help reveal whether teenagers have always been a source of worry for their parents Commit to a 'wellness streak' to help manage work stressors India: RSF calls for release of Kashmiri reporter held for a tweet Morrison government investigating whether Djokovic made erroneous travel declaration Here's where (and how) you are most likely to catch COVID – new study What young people want to help them recover from school closures What are the symptoms of omicron? Antarctica's unique ecosystem is threatened by invasive species ‘hitchhiking’ on ships Nigerian intelligence agency raids news website “Historic trial” in London of man accused of plotting to kill exiled Pakistani blogger Scrutiny on whether Djokovic made erroneous travel declaration As Turkey rolls out its own COVID-19 vaccine, questions loom over its efficacy We shouldn't delay the start of school due to Omicron. 2 paediatric infectious disease experts explain ‘I chase bad men!’ How the late Andrew Jennings changed investigative sport journalism Josep Borrell sets up siege of Donbass and Transnistria Riabkov expects US to face up to its responsibilities How the kidnapping of a First Nations man on New Year's Eve in 1788 may have led to a smallpox epidemic Chinese Authorities’ ‘Inhumane Cruelty’ Again on Display New Zealand summers are getting hotter – and humans aren’t the only ones feeling the effects South Korean Court Declines to Recognize Same-Sex Partners Iran: Writer Dies in Custody Appearance, aroma and mouthfeel: all you need to know to give wine tasting a go Post-pandemic, ‘small business fetishism’ could cost us jobs, wages Scientists call for a moratorium on climate change research until governments take real action Are you one of the many Australians who never learned to swim? Here's how to get started Without urgent action, these are the street trees unlikely to survive climate change ARC grants: if Australia wants to tackle the biggest issues, politicians need to stop meddling with basic research Piss off? Annoy? Shit on? Why Macron’s use of the French swear word ‘emmerder’ is so hard to translate Where are memories stored in the brain? New research suggests they may be in the connections between your brain cells Djokovic Case Highlights Australia’s Cruel Immigration Policies Saudi Arabia: Imminent Deportation of Uyghur Detainees How to remain youthful and resilient despite stress Historian offers comprehensive and up-to-date take on South Africa's Communist Party How Ghana lost its federalism -- and lessons for others Rising instability in Mali raises fears about role of private Russian military group Canada isn't responding with foresight when it comes to COVID-19 Inclusion, walkability will be key to rebuilding cities after the COVID-19 pandemic 2021’s biggest climate and weather disasters cost the U.S. $145 billion – here's what climate science says about them in 5 essential reads COVID: how to make sense of the UK's new testing rules It's not necessary to trash the environment to extract metals needed for renewable energy Cannabis-impaired driving: Here’s what we know about the risks of weed behind the wheel What's your school closures playlist? Why music should be part of parents’ pandemic survival strategy Nudges: four reasons to doubt popular technique to shape people's behaviour T-cells: the superheroes in the battle against omicron When industrial policy meets African political realities: lessons from Uganda How much candy do Americans eat in a whole year? End-of-life conversations can be hard, but your loved ones will thank you How the Earth's tilt creates short, cold January days What is 5G? An electrical engineer explains Watch for these conflicts over education in 2022 'Go toss your cookies elsewhere': ten phrases that cause confusion across the Anglosphere Hong Kong: how colonial-era laws are being used to shut down independent journalism Modern governments all need a ministry of the oceans – here's why Global Voices seeks an editor to lead our Greater Central Asia coverage Novak Djokovic's path to legal vindication was long and convoluted. It may also be fleeting View from The Hill: Morrison government considering whether to cancel Djokovic's visa – again Archeologists long believed that ancient graves were robbed all over Europe, but here's why they're wrong Driving in old age: why Britons would like more help in deciding when to stop How one birthday party sparked an outpouring of anger and resentment in Hong Kong Heavy floods leave over 30,000 displaced in northern Sumatra, Indonesia Why has my child's vaccination been cancelled? We're reliant on overseas supply and a complex logistics network Wearable resistance: how to get stronger by simply moving, with a little help from small weights (The most social) bird of the year: why superb fairy-wren societies may be as complex as our own How Covid broke supply chains, and how AI and blockchain could fix them 'Lose some weight', 'stupid old hag': universities should no longer ask students for anonymous feedback on their teachers What is the value of a wave? How changes to our coastline could wipe out surfing’s benefits How extremists have used the COVID pandemic to further their own ends, often with chaotic results Should my child have a COVID vaccine? Here's what can happen when parents disagree Supermarket shortages are different this time: how to respond and avoid panic 'Do what you love' could be contributing to the Great Resignation The U.S. failed in Afghanistan by trying to moralize with bullets and bombs Omicron: Vaccines remain the best defence against this COVID-19 variant and others Feeling powerless in the COVID-19 pandemic? 4 principles of self-determination can help you take back some control How social media can crush your self-esteem What Nigerian cities can do to cope better with flood risk A deep data dive reveals extent of unequal water provision in Nairobi Why reconciliation agreement between Germany and Namibia has hit the buffers Book review: Zakes Mda's subversive take on Lesotho's traditions How place of birth shapes chances of going to university: evidence from 7 African countries 20 Years of US Torture – and Counting Two personalities arrested in Kazakhstan for high treason Overview of two days of siege in Kazakhstan Kazakh Security Council adopts draconian measures against jihadists Ramaphosa's ANC birthday speech fails to inspire disillusioned South Africans Ramaphosa uses ANC anniversary speech to stamp his authority on the party Bahamian-American actor Sidney Poitier, whose representation of Black people in film helped change racist perceptions, dies at 94 The paradox threatening Ukraine’s post-coal future Japan calls for stricter COVID-19 measures for U.S. military personnel Twitter turns white as people share images of snow in Kashmir Kassym-Jomart Tokayev speech on terrorist attack, by Kassym-Jomart Tokayev Nigeria destroys over one million doses of Astra Zeneca vaccines US drops PCR test for Covid-19 US drop PCR tests for Covid-19 Sidney Poitier -- Hollywood's first Black leading man reflected the civil rights movement on screen Supreme Court considers derailing federal vaccine mandates – appears inclined to keep for health workers, but not wider workforce In Kazakhstan, Russia follows a playbook it developed in Ukraine Ahmaud Arbery murderers sentenced to life in prison: 4 essential reads on the case Jordan’s sole refuge for people with disabilities risk closure as COVID-19 dries up donations Disputed reality: ‘Bombtrack’ and Peru's internal armed conflict ‘The king is passing’: Narrie Approo, Trinidad & Tobago's oldest Black Indian masquerader, dies at 94 Why kids shouldn't eat added sugar before they turn 2, according to a nutritional epidemiologist Lurking behind lackluster jobs gain are a stagnating labor market and the threat of omicron Kazakhstan: Cancel ‘Shoot Without Warning’ Order We attended the trial of the Colston four: here's why their acquittal should be celebrated What happens when someone dies in space? Space tourism brings new legal and moral issues Why does omicron appear to cause less severe disease than previous variants? Supply chains in 2022: shortages will continue, but for some sellers the problem will be too much stock The North Korean who went home: many defectors struggle against discrimination in the South Why most hangover cures don't work but a few might help – new study Diets: how scientists discovered that one size doesn't fit all Richard III's reign was dogged by more rumours than just the Princes in the Tower Why TV decluttering shows need to clean up their act Don't look up: several asteroids are heading towards Earth – here's how we deal with threats in real life New data shows COVID will continue to have a negative financial impact on many UK households Women are finding new ways to influence male-led faiths School closure debates put teachers unions front and center Why kids shouldn't eat added sugar before they turn two, according to a nutritional epidemiologist Regret can be all-consuming – a neurobehavioral scientist explains how people can overcome it Kazakhstan unrest: another regional headache for Vladimir Putin The metaverse offers a future full of potential – for terrorists and extremists, too From delta to omicron, here's how scientists know which coronavirus variants are circulating in the US South Africa has changed tack on tackling COVID: why it makes sense Even bushbabies get stressed: here's how we know, and what it means State of Stormont: can Northern Ireland trust in Truss? COVID fallout hit farmers hard – they need better mental health support UAE: State Security Retaliates Against Ahmed Mansoor EU: Put Fundamental Rights at Top of Digital Regulation Nigeria destroys more than one million doses of Astra Zeneca mRNA vaccines CSTO Communiqué I've tested positive to COVID. What should I do now? Leaf at first sight: how leaf-curling spiders pair up and build a family home Tunisia: Free Arbitrarily Detained Ex-Justice Minister Biden urges America to see the truth of Jan. 6 – and understand its place in history The dangers of Québec’s pandemic curfew and the expansion of police discretionary powers 2 years after Ukrainian Airlines Flight PS752 was shot down in Iran, a new musical composition memorializes the victims Multiracism: why we need to pay attention to the world’s many racisms How democracy gets eroded – lessons from a Nixon expert Surprisingly few animals die in wildfires – and that means we can help more in the aftermath Vital Signs: Sydney to Newcastle fast rail makes sense. Making trains locally does not As COVID rips through Australia, is Scott Morrison's media strategy starting to fail as well? Free rapid antigen tests makes economic sense for governments, our analysis shows Trinidad and Tobago loses three musical treasures at the start of 2022 Independent media unable to cover protests in Kazakhstan Real shooting stars exist, but they aren't the streaks you see in a clear night sky When endangered species recover, humans may need to make room for them – and it's not always easy Underwater videos could help explain why thousands of starfish are stranded on Welsh beaches College students with young kids – especially mothers – find themselves in a time crunch The 'China shock' of trade in the 2000s reverberates in US politics and economics – and warns of the dangers for fossil fuel workers Real estate in the metaverse is booming. Is it really such a crazy idea? Can a Christian flag fly at city hall? The Supreme Court will have to decide The Paris Agreement is working as intended, but we’ve still got a long way to go Until we address chronic underfunding, Canada will keep failing at emergency management Great balls of fire: How heating up testicles with nanoparticles might one day be a form of male birth control The James Webb Space Telescope will map the atmosphere of exoplanets Here's why China probably won't dominate the electric car market this year Don’t Look Up shows bashing people over the head with facts does not work Energy prices are unlikely to fall in 2022 or beyond – not until major importers get serious about green transition Open education resources offer many benefits: how to remove obstacles Need to know who is most vulnerable to COVID? Here's an index that can do that How Guinea's mineral wealth can be used to benefit ordinary people: here's a to-do list Africa can use great power rivalry to its benefit: Here is how Heated tobacco: a new review looks at the risks and benefits Pardons for historic homosexual offences are welcome - but we still need to address the legacy of criminalisation mRNA vaccines, asteroid missions and collaborative robots: what to watch in science in 2022 – podcast Asteroids, the Moon and Mars: space missions to look forward to in 2022 The Sagrada Familia: how Gaudí's masterpiece became a myth and a divisive political tool Don't look Up! has a surprising amount to tell us about economics, much of it useful Curious Kids: could the Earth ever stop spinning, and what would happen if it did? Yemeni woman journalist jailed for “involvement in terrorist cell” State capture report chronicles extent of corruption in South Africa. But will action follow? Germany: Syria Torture Trial Verdict Near Parklets, traffic-free zones and outdoor eating: how COVID is transforming our cities Sydney Festival boycott: when arts organisations accept donations, there is always a price to pay It's still not too late to fix the rapid antigen testing debacle. Why the national cabinet decision is wrong and must be reversed Sydney's dams may be almost full – but don't relax, because drought will come again Racism’s Prominent Role in January 6 US Capitol Attack As a lawyer who's helped fight for the rights of First Nations children, here’s what you need to know about the $40B child welfare agreements Understanding monsoon culture in Nepal The myth of a stable Kazakhstan is shattered within a day as neighbours watch anxiously In Trinidad and Tobago, baby, it's cold outside From speed viewing to watching the end first: how streaming has changed the way we consume TV Recess is a time of conflict for children. Here are 6 school design tips to keep the peace A century ago, Australia was ground zero for eclipse-watchers – and helped prove Einstein right A simple calculation can stop artificial intelligence sending you broke Capitol assault: the real reason Trump and the crowd almost killed US democracy A taste for sweet – an anthropologist explains the evolutionary origins of why you're programmed to love sugar How the COVID-19 pandemic has affected abortion care in Canada Afghanistan: radio station owners discuss economic problems, self-censorship Learn time management to make those New Year's resolutions stick Insurance isn't enough: Governments need to do better on natural disaster resilience A competitive cooking show puts a humble fermented rice dish on the global stage Increasing numbers of physical attacks on European journalists as they report on COVID and other stories Five chemistry research projects that you can get involved in Parklets, traffic-free zones and outdoor eating: how COVID is tranforming our cities Afghanistan : radio station owners discuss economic problems, self-censorship Integrating health and social care: seven steps for success COVID is caused by a virus – so why are researchers treating it with antibiotics? Faroe Islands superspreader event: why transmission among the triple-vaxxed shouldn't alarm you Charity shops: why they beat the rest of the high street as a retail experience What's the difference between sugar, other natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners? A food chemist explains sweet science 'Don’t Look Up': Hollywood's primer on climate denial illustrates 5 myths that fuel rejection of science How cybercriminals turn paper checks stolen from mailboxes into bitcoin When researchers don't have the proteins they need, they can get AI to 'hallucinate' new structures Online tools put will-writing in reach for most people – but they're not the end of the line for producing a legally binding document After Afghanistan, US military presence abroad faces domestic and foreign opposition in 2022 Indians give Chinese places hilarious names after China renames 15 places in Arunachal Pradesh Nationwide Protests, Violence Rock Kazakhstan Curious Kids: why didn't other creatures evolve the intelligence humans have? Fuel protests spill over into political demands across Kazakhstan Ethiopia: Returned Tigrayans Detained, Abused Russia wants to force the US to respect the UN Charter, by Thierry Meyssan In Latin America, not only abortions but miscarriages can lead to jail time Secrecy surrounding Djokovic's medical exemption means star can expect a hostile reception on centre court From COVID control to chaos – what now for Australia? Two pathways lie before us Why it’s grim, but unsurprising, that the U.S. Capitol attack looked like it was out of a 'zombie movie' The reasons for science skepticism can be complex and founded on real concerns Out of darkness, hope: A New Year chat with Jamaican artist Richard Nattoo From Facebook to Volkswagen and Samsung: why national stereotypes matter during corporate crises House dust from 35 countries reveals our global toxic contaminant exposure and health risk Learn how to make a sonobe unit in origami – and unlock a world of mathematical wonder 4 plant-based foods to eat every week (and why science suggests they're good for you) Republicans draw from apocalyptic narratives to inform 'Demoncrat' conspiracy theories Indian women journalists “auctioned” on sexist and discriminatory website In Latin American, not only abortions but miscarriages can lead to jail time U.S. abortion bans compel women to be not just Good Samaritans, but 'splendid' ones Tourette's syndrome: just a joke? Describing the U.S. Capitol attackers as out of a ‘zombie movie’ was unsurprising, given the rise of apocalyptic narratives Coronavirus and culture wars: Spain's bullfighting industry faces a crunch point in 2022 'Sextortion' leads to financial losses and psychological trauma. Here's what to look out for on dating apps Google removes YouTube ads featuring interrogations of Belarusian political prisoners Two Togolese journalists freed but subjected to absurd judicial controls 'Dataraising' – when you're asked to chip in with data instead of money How changing parental beliefs can build stronger vocabulary and math skills for young children What is pay-as-you-throw? 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