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Protests in China are not rare -- but the current unrest is significant BlueWalker 3, an enormous and bright communications satellite, is genuinely alarming astronomers A new law offers better protection for indigenous plants of significance to Māori, but no requirement to share profits Where Mauna Loa’s lava is coming from – and why Hawaii’s volcanoes are different from most What the compromise IR deal means for wage negotiations, and pay rises Gig platforms help immigrant care workers find jobs, but they are only a temporary solution Overweight women may be at highest risk of long COVID – new research Women are vastly underrepresented in Canada’s place names COP27 failed. So why continue with these UN climate summits? 'You have to beg for help': how our welfare system pressures people to perform vulnerability North Korea's nuclear program is funded by stolen cryptocurrency. Could it collapse now that FTX has? Could the Netherlands crack the secret of language learning using this approach? New grant will fund The Conversation partnership on critical research into COVID recovery, net zero, cities and levelling up and inequality What COVID has taught us about sharing our emotions – and why now's a good time to share again 'Earth's empty quarter': many Pacific nations now have falling populations Am I ever gonna see your face again? Nuanced and thoughtful, Kickin’ Down the Door puts The Angels back in the spotlight Astronomers witness the dying flare of a star torn apart by a black hole halfway across the Universe What the compromise IR package means for wage negotiations, and pay rises 'He was woeful': in Bulldozed, Niki Savva catalogues Scott Morrison’s nasty, duplicitous, nutty behaviour Belarus: Whereabouts of prisoner of conscience Mariya Kalesnikava must be disclosed amid reports of hospitalization Qatar World Cup Chief Publicly Admits High Migrant Death Tolls God of War Ragnarök breaks new ground for accessible gaming – our research explains what more developers can do Black Twitter's expected demise would make it harder to publicize police brutality and discuss racism Who is Jimmy Lai? The Hong Kong newspaper owner's upcoming show trial is symbolic of the struggle with the mainland and its values Nurses’ strike is about more than pay – it’s about ensuring good care Western leaders are divided over the future of relations with China Brazil's iconic football shirt was a symbol of Bolsonaro – here's how the World Cup is changing that Janusz Walus and parole for prisoners serving life sentences in South Africa: the weaknesses of the court's decision Ancient DNA from the teeth of 14th-century Ashkenazi Jews in Germany already included genetic variations common in modern Jews China's 'white paper' protest movement echoes freedom struggles across Asia and the world Egg shortage: a nutritionist on the best egg alternatives Walking backwards has a surprising number of health benefits Combating violence against women: what Europe needs to do Recently found 'neanderthal footprints' in the South of Spain could be 275,000 years old The (unjustly forgotten) genius of pianist Clara Haskil Could the Netherlands crack the secret of language learning using this aproach? Why corporate diversity statements are backfiring — Podcast Being the 'only one' at work and the decades long fight against anti-Black racism Viktor Orbán’s controversial ‘Greater Hungary’ scarf explained Black and minoritised ethnic communities at disproportionate risk of homelessness in the UK With a new grant The Conversation will partner on critical research into COVID recovery, net zero, cities and inequality Are European welfare systems accessible to foreigners? As transgender employees become more common, here's how workplaces can welcome diversity British pubs are closing at an alarming rate – but the hospitality sector is fighting back The days of the hydrogen car are already over Attachment theory: what people get wrong about pop psychology’s latest trend for explaining relationships God of War Ragnarök breaks new ground for accessibile gaming – our research explains what more developers can do Fatherhood changes men's brains, according to before-and-after MRI scans More than 4 in 5 pregnancy-related deaths are preventable in the US, and mental health is the leading cause Black Twitter's expected demise would make it harder to publicize police brutality and discuss racism Black Twitter's expected demise would make it harder to publicize police brutality and discuss racism Beware of 'Shark Week': Scientists watched 202 episodes and found them filled with junk science, misinformation and white male 'experts' named Mike Sci-fi books for young readers often omit children of color from the future What's a polycule? An expert on polyamory explains Pregnancy is a genetic battlefield – how conflicts of interest pit mom's and dad's genes against each other COVID deepened inequalities in HIV treatment: what we learnt in Nigeria Where Mauna Loa's lava comes from – and why Hawaii's volcanoes are different from most Oath Keepers convictions shed light on the limits of free speech – and the threat posed by militias President Erdoğan on a mission to mend ties but at what cost? Syria: Families of ‘disappeared’ deserve answers Ending HIV as a public health threat – 3 essential reads South Africa's intelligence watchdog is failing civil society. How to restore its credibility COVID affected access to HIV treatment: the stories of migrant women in South Africa show how Japan: Tokyo ruling on same-sex marriage a sign of hope View from The Hill: Scott Morrison makes parliamentary history – for the worst of reasons Word from The Hill: Federal parliament's 'salt mines' final week Syria: Families of ‘Disappeared’ Deserve Answers Australia's national anti-corruption agency arrives. Will it stand the test of time? Chlorophyll water can't clear your skin or detox your liver. But this TikTok trend got one thing right Could the Nationals' refusal to support a Voice to Parliament derail the referendum? Curious Kids: What would happen if all animals on Earth were herbivores? 20 years of tracking sexual harassment at work shows little improvement. But that could be about to change Headwear and hegemony: how ‘turban tossing’ protests are threatening Iran’s ruling clergy The Galactica AI model was trained on scientific knowledge – but it spat out alarmingly plausible nonsense Coastal property prices and climate risks are both soaring. We must pull our heads out of the sand 'A three-storey, luminous birdcage with suspended hanging gardens and an extensive crypt below': Sydney Modern is open at last Women are often told their fertility 'falls off a cliff' at 35, but is that right? Chinese protests are about more than COVID – student discontent has fuelled the biggest movement since Tiananmen Square The pandemic created challenges and opportunities for Canadian immigration Even weak tropical cyclones have grown more intense worldwide – we tracked 30 years of them using currents Japanese Trans Woman Wins Workplace Harassment Case Black artists don't just make hip hop – why recognition of metal, punk, rock and emo by Mobo is long overdue Dyscalculia: how to support your child if they have mathematical learning difficulties Waste pickers risk their lives to stop plastic pollution – now they could help shape global recycling policies Trust in UK politics has taken a hit after recent chaos – and historical data suggests only a change of government can fix it Four tips to avoid your office Christmas party turning into a superspreader event Cyborgs v 'holdout humans': what the world might be like if our species survives for a million years When hosting mega-events like FIFA, cities market themselves at the expense of the most vulnerable Heat pumps without home insulation could raise bills and overload the grid – here’s what the government can do We built an algorithm that predicts the length of court sentences – could AI play a role in the justice system? Canada's Indo-Pacific strategy: The same old starry-eyed thinking about Asian trade Christmas Ransom: I quite enjoyed watching this (terrible) new Aussie Christmas film As more biometric data is collected in schools, parents need to ask these 10 questions Networks and money: the inside story of how the teals won Australia's six richest electorates Many forests will become highly flammable for at least 30 extra days per year unless we cut emissions, research finds You've got a friend: young people help each other with their mental health for 3.5 hours every week Pakistan Province Bans Film about Trans Character First World Cup in Arab World Tarnished by Migrant Worker Abuses Still recovering from COVID-19, US public transit tries to get back on track Is China ready to lead on protecting nature? At the upcoming UN biodiversity conference, it will preside and set the tone Graphene is a proven supermaterial, but manufacturing the versatile form of carbon at usable scales remains a challenge White landowners in Hawaii imported Russian workers in the early 1900s, to dilute the labor power of Asians in the islands Alabama’s execution problems are part of a long history of botched lethal injections 'Y'all,' that most Southern of Southernisms, is going mainstream – and it's about time A sampler of our most popular articles of 2022 PFI at 30: it's hard to say anything positive about this deeply flawed financing model Size doesn't matter? A small population may enhance Canada's media — and its democracy Violence against women is staggeringly high in South Africa - a different way of thinking about it is needed White butterflies are filling Johannesburg's skies earlier than usual. Climate change is to blame South Africa's prisons are a breeding ground for the spread of TB. Our model shows how Are 'top scholar' students really so remarkable — or are teachers inflating their grades? A viral video of a dog abused at a shelter reveals a polarized Turkey Qatar: Ongoing debate over migrant worker deaths exposes need for truth and compensation Human Rights Watch Seeks New Executive Director How we’ve expanded our Quarter Life series Child sexual abuse review: how research can help to tackle growing online abuse Six common COVID myths busted by a virologist and a public health expert From Andrew Tate to Jordan Peterson, a phoney zero-sum-game argument sits at the heart of anti-feminist backlash Inflation: how financial speculation is making the global food price crisis worse Injectable HIV prevention drug shows promise: we worked out how much South Africa should pay for it The Menu: Ralph Fiennes's new film shows why restaurants are a ripe setting for horror Israel/OPT: Solidarity with Palestinians means ending all support for apartheid We all know the Great Barrier Reef is in danger – the UN has just confirmed it. Again Albanese insists Voice will help 'close the gap', as divisions flare in Nationals 6 priorities to get Kenya's curriculum back on track – or risk excluding many children from education 'Zombie' wage deals have hurt Australians for years. Here's how new industrial relations laws could finally end your wage pain Yes, the Chinese protests are about politics and freedom. But they are also about what COVID might do if it is let loose now Politics with Michelle Grattan: Niki Savva on her book Bulldozed, Scott Morrison and the Liberals' woes How Australian economist Sean Turnell came to be in and freed from a Myanmar jail In Turkey, social media platforms become complicit in censoring media and freedom of speech Iraq: No Justice for Protester Deaths Underpaid at home, vulnerable abroad: how seasonal job schemes are draining Pacific nations of vital workers What did pregnancy do to my gut? From nausea to constipation and farting At-home DNA tests just aren’t that reliable – and the risks may outweigh the benefits Paxlovid is Australia's first-line COVID antiviral but Lagevrio also prevents severe disease in over-70s At a time of 'permacrisis' and 'gaslighting' the Macquarie judges wisely went local, embracing teal as word of the year Serbia: Social Card law could harm marginalized members of society – legal opinion Nepal: Dengue Surge Exposes Climate Risk How South Korea uses technology to bring together local residents and World Heritage sites Chasing future biotech solutions to climate change risks delaying action in the present – it may even make things worse Out of the coffin and the closet: gay vampires are no longer sub-text, they're just text Why does night shift increase the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease? Here's what we know so far When it comes to delivery drones, the government is selling us a pipe dream. Experts explain the real costs Two thirds of Australian authors are women – our new research finds they earn just $18,200 from their writing COP27 was disappointing, but 2022 remains an historic year for international climate policy Ronaldo leaves Manchester United by ‘mutual agreement’ – here’s why he wasn’t sacked Mussels are disappearing from the Thames and growing smaller – and it's partly because the river is cleaner Our US$10 trillion global energy bill dwarfs what’s needed to limit global heating Cannabis is no better than a placebo for treating pain – new research As the Ukraine war derails efforts to solve the climate crisis, a new one looms — the fight for peace To fight the climate crisis, we need to stop expanding offshore drilling for oil and gas Where did the Earth's oxygen come from? New study hints at an unexpected source China’s zero-COVID policy sparks rare country-wide protests Global Voices seeks an editor to lead our Ukraine coverage US Environmental Agency Needs a Reproductive Justice Hero China: Respect Right to Peaceful Protest The best fiction of 2022: Ayanna Lloyd Banwo’s When We Were Birds – an exquisite exploration of love and legacy How can you tell if something is true? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself about what you see, hear and read Celebrities in politics have a leg up, but their advantages can't top fundraising failures We're decoding ancient hurricanes' traces on the sea floor – and evidence from millennia of Atlantic storms is not good news for the coast This course takes a broad look at failure – and what we can all learn when it occurs Paul Biya has been Cameroon's president for 40 years – and he might win office yet again Universal free school meals would make a huge difference to the cost-of-living crisis – here's how The Emergencies Act inquiry revealed a disturbing disregard of the public interest Perfectionist teens reported more depression and stress during COVID-19 Workplace killers: people kill their colleagues for different reasons than other shooters China in Uzbek media: Friend or foe? ‘I am not returning to this hell’: In the Russian North Caucasus, NGOs help victims of gender and LGBTQ+ violence to escape World Cup 2022: how sponsorship has become less about selling drinks and more about geopolitics Hearing loss: headphones and concerts could put young people at risk – here's how to protect yourself The best fiction of 2022: NoViolet Bulawayo's Glory found new ways to write about violence and peace Superbugs in the environment rarely transfer to humans – new study HIV prevention: new injection could boost the fight, but some hurdles remain East African Court of Justice – what it is and what its powers are Nationals declare they will oppose the 'Voice' referendum ​England's early years educators are underpaid and undervalued – only government investment can improve this The Wonder: Netflix's story of 19th century 'fasting girls' reminds us starving bodies remain a public spectacle today Four in five of the children’s homes in England are run for profit – here's why that is a problem Protests against strict COVID-zero policy are sweeping China. It's anyone's guess what happens now Bolsonaro and his supporters continue to undermine democracy after losing Brazil's election Koos Prinsloo: the cult Afrikaans writer has been translated to English – here's a review Labour's share of national income has been remarkably consistent since the 1860s Victoria faces a grave climate and energy crisis. The new government's policies must be far bolder Palestinian Authority Muzzles Call for Reform, Elections The Past is Present: reflecting on 150 years of Chinese art at the National Gallery of Victoria More businesses are offering online medical certificates and telehealth prescriptions. What are the pros and cons? Visually striking science experiments at school can be fun, inspiring and safe – banning is not the answer Women and girls at risk, at the end of the world: these subversive short stories reflect our anxieties Scott Morrison to face parliamentary censure for undermining political trust Don't just bet on the metrics – personal connection is the real key to managing remote workers well Rare street protests across China: Is Xi Jinping's zero-Covid policy turning people against their government? COVID nasal sprays may one day prevent and treat infection. Here's where the science is up to Research suggests one way to prevent depression and anxiety is a strong sense of connection at high school Editors have long been publishing's hidden handmaidens – what might we gain if we acknowledged their role? Do tenancy reforms to protect renters cause landlords to exit the market? No, but maybe they should As NZ workers and households tighten their belts, why not a windfall tax on corporate mega-profits too? Cities, just not as we know them – get ready for NSW's Six Cities Region What we mean when we say 'sovereignty was never ceded' Is liberal governance unable to deal with global threats? World Cup 2022: Men’s soccer must stop silencing activism and allyship How the Canada Border Services Agency tolerates and even encourages refugee mistreatment RSV FAQ: What is RSV? Who is at risk? When should I seek emergency care for my child? Diversity in the workplace isn't enough: Businesses need to work toward inclusion The detention of migrants in Canadian jails is a public health emergency COP27 'loss and damage' fund: A historic decision amid discouraging results Why are Jamaicans crazy about Brazilian football? China: Government must not detain peaceful protesters as unprecedented demonstrations break out across the country View from The Hill: Welfare recipients are potential winners from Pocock twisting Albanese's arm Chickens from live poultry markets in Nigeria could be bad for your health - scientists explain why Media go for drama on Victorian election - and miss the story Labor easily wins Victorian election; Greens on track to win four lower house seats How Dan Andrews pulled off one of the most remarkable victories in modern politics Trinidad & Tobago placed under a ‘weather emergency’ alert Land reform in South Africa: 5 myths about farming debunked Labor easily wins Victorian election, but Greens could win eight lower house seats Rock art: how South Africa's coat of arms got to feature an ancient San painting Ukraine: Missile strikes, summary executions highlight importance of international law Final Victorian Newspoll gives Labor a large lead Monkeys' brains are wired to read body language – just like ours How to impeach a president: Ramaphosa case puts new rules to the test in South Africa Taliban’s draconian violations against women may amount to crimes against humanity Eliminate violence against women, most widespread, pervasive human rights violation Georgia's runoff election: why the result is so important to Biden and Trump Tackling climate change will require reforming the World Bank and IMF – here are two options The Qatar World Cup is beaming misogyny around the world In darkness but #withoutyou: How Moldova survives power cuts caused by Russia's bombing of Ukraine Explaining the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China: Culture and civilization Russia: Expanded 'Gay Propaganda' Ban Progresses Toward Law Afghanistan: after a year of Taliban government, women are more oppressed than ever Namibia pulls down German colonial statue after protests – who was Curt von François? Banksy’s copyright battle with Guess – anonymity shouldn’t compromise his legal rights Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio review: this tale of a lost child is the filmmaker’s destiny The best fiction of 2022: Zoe Gilbert’s Mischief Acts and reclaiming the myths of the natural world Black Panther: Wakanda Forever reclaims the myth of an African utopia Qatar's death row and the invisible migrant workforce deemed unworthy of due process World Cup 2022: heat on Qatar diverts attention from Fifa's failure to tackle proven corruption With the US intervention, Kosovo and Serbia resolve the car license plate dispute Japan Football Association President Sidelines Rights Issues in Qatar Why the UK needs to stop exporting plastic waste World Cup concussion rules may be putting players' lives at risk What Awaab Ishak's death says about the state of social housing in the UK – expert Q&A Conflict in the DRC: 5 articles that explain what's gone wrong Why France, Germany and the UK relate to their Muslim communities so differently Labour sounds like the Tories on immigration – but its policy goes back to its trade union roots View from The Hill: The Bell report on Morrison's multi-ministries provides a bad character reference 'This case has made legal history’: young Australians just won a human rights case against an enormous coal mine Kyrgyzstan: Expelled Journalist should be allowed to return from Russia James Webb space telescope uncovers chemical secrets of distant world – paving the way for studying Earth-like planets The 2022 Bali G20 declaration: did success really stem from Indonesia's diplomacy? Mind the gaps: the world needs to radically transform its educational systems, not just upgrade them We're told to 'eat a rainbow' of fruit and vegetables. Here's what each colour does in our body Coalitions, kingmakers and a Rugby World Cup: the calculations already influencing next year’s NZ election Profound grief for a pet is normal – how to help yourself or a friend weather the loss of a beloved family member Should pharmacists be able to prescribe common medicines like antibiotics for UTIs? We asked 5 experts Why do so many men get away with rape? Police officers, survivors, lawyers and prosecutors on the scandal that shames the justice system What if the dinosaurs hadn't gone extinct? Why our world might look very different James Webb: telescope uncovers chemical secrets of distant world – paving the way for studying Earth-like planets Journalists reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic relied on research that had yet to be peer reviewed The COVID-19 pandemic has made the impacts of gender-based violence worse How we used ancient coins to show a 'fake' Roman emperor was real Black Friday: so many online returns end up in landfill – here's what needs to happen to change that Why do so many people get away with rape? Police officers, survivors, lawyers and prosecutors on the scandal that shames the justice system M25 journalist arrests: the four points when officers got it wrong – a policing expert explains High food prices could have negative long-term health effects on Canadians Ukraine recap: targeting power supply earns Russia new title of 'state sponsor of terror' as winter begins to bite Why bullying in politics is a matter of democracy Working prisoners are entitled to employment and safety standards just like anybody else It's natural to want to feed wildlife after disasters. But it may not help How a Canadian program that helps educators 'thrive' not just 'survive' could help address Australia's childcare staff shortage Refugees who set up businesses enrich NZ financially, culturally and socially – they deserve more support Friday essay: shaping history – why I spent ten years studying one Wikipedia article From sharp butt pains to period poos: 5 lesser-known menstrual cycle symptoms Amazon's resuscitation of Neighbours: can Aussie TV become good friends with streaming? Groceries delivered in 60 minutes: it's on the cards but just not yet Mukbang, #EatWithMe and eating disorders on TikTok: why online food consumption videos could fuel food fixations Stripping carbon from the atmosphere might be needed to avoid dangerous warming – but it remains a deeply uncertain prospect Iran: Landmark UN fact-finding mission marks long-awaited turning point in tackling systematic impunity Afghanistan: Taliban’s cruel return to hardline practices with public floggings must be halted immediately UN rights body launches Iran human rights investigation The best fiction of 2022: death and life in Cormac McCarthy's The Passenger The best fiction of 2022: Alan Garner’s Treacle Walker and writing outside the constraints of time Community wildlife conservation isn't always a win-win solution: the case of Kenya's Samburu Simon Nkoli's fight for queer rights in South Africa is finally being celebrated – 24 years after he died Cheaper, tougher, less toxic: new alloys show promise in developing artificial limbs Ukraine war: how the economy has kept running at a time of bitter conflict Ukraine war: EU parliament names Russia a 'state sponsor of terrorism' – but it won't stop the missiles Ethiopia: Survivors of sexual violence deserve justice and accountability EU Parliament Backs Remedy Fund for Qatar Migrant Abuses E-learning à l’ère post-COVID-19: acquis et défis pour les universités camerounaise, gabonaise et tchadienne My RATs are negative but I still think I might have COVID. Should I get a PCR test? Grattan on Friday: David Pocock has only just arrived in the Senate and now he's negotiating with the PM Sandton terror alert: time for South Africa to improve its intelligence sharing channels with the US Treating mental illness with electricity marries old ideas with modern tech and understanding of the brain – podcast Al-Shabaab: sensational media reports about Kenyan terror attacks keep kids out of school South Korea: Supreme Court ruling on legal gender recognition an important step forward for transgender rights Ethiopia: Survivors of sexual violence deserve justice and accountability Hungary’s Half-Promises Should Not Fool EU Commission We were told to 'stay home' to stop COVID. Then our homes became disease hotspots Netflix show brings back Blockbuster, but some brands should stay dead Autism and ADHD: the youth justice system is harming neurodivergent children Why certain types of music make our brains sing, and others don't Geo-tracking apps: how are parent-child relations bearing up? We discovered a new species of owl – but we already think it's in danger A hydrogen pipeline is being built between Barcelona and Marseille – but can it help in the transition to cleaner energy? The Conversation Indonesia memenangkan AMSI Awards untuk distribusi konten terbaik While Africa's Indigenous trees go extinct, a Kenyan organization grew a tree museum Inflation, COVID, inequality: new report shows Australia's social cohesion is at crossroads Chris Hemsworth's Alzheimer's gene doesn't guarantee he'll develop dementia. Here's what we can all do to reduce our risk Egypt: Sexually Abused Refugees Find No Justice EU: Reject Efforts to Weaken Corporate Accountability Russia: Journalists and independent monitors being silenced to stifle reporting of protests – new report Sri Lanka at Brink of Humanitarian Crisis Clothes women wanted to wear: a new exhibition explores how Carla Zampatti saw her designs as a tracker of feminism Reef manta rays are in decline globally – but new research finds one place in Indonesia where these charismatic rays are thriving Climate-fuelled disasters: warning people is good, but stopping the disaster is best. Here are 4 possible ways to do it Canada should focus on building ties with countries that share its values — but tread carefully Back from the brink: how genome research is helping the recovery of the Chatham Island black robin Elon Musk's Twitter takeover has disrupted the Christchurch Call – NZ needs to rethink its digital strategy Is your partner a man-child? No wonder you don't feel like sex This Jewish woman's story of surviving the Holocaust by passing as Catholic and sheltering with Nazis is (rightly) hard to read An AI named Cicero can beat humans in Diplomacy, a complex alliance-building game. Here's why that's a big deal Rampage at Virginia Walmart follows upward trend in supermarket gun attacks – here's what we know about retail mass shooters Don't cut them off: low-performing students benefit from continued access to loans Long COVID stigma may encourage people to hide the condition Australian women are largely doing the same jobs they've always had, latest data shows Climate-fuelled disasters: warning people is good. Stopping the disaster is best – here are 4 possible ways to do it Minimalist poet Antigone Kefala wins the Patrick White Award for her contribution to Australian literature Cultural industries have been captured by billionaires – a new book considers what we can do about it Watching Casablanca on its 80th anniversary, we remain in awe of its simplicity – and profound depth Just because someone had COVID before they had a heart attack doesn’t mean it was the cause Think Trump is done for? Think again Spending too much money? Tempted by sales? These ways to 'hack' your psychology can help We know sweatshop clothing is bad – and buy it anyway. Here's how your brain makes excuses We found Britain's greenest city centre – and its least green Ukraine war: Why the missile incident in Poland is a warning of things to come Elon Musk's Twitter Blue fiasco: Governments need to better regulate how companies use trademarks Eyewitness misidentification is the leading cause of known wrongful convictions Consign violence against women and girls, ‘to the history books’: UN chief What the autumn statement means for financially struggling schools How to decolonize journalism — Podcast US midterms: why gen Z and millennials came out to vote and why it marks a generational shift Why maternal deaths in the UK are rising Rampage at Virginia Walmart follows upward trend in supermarket gun attacks -- here's what we know about retail mass shooters UK supreme court rules Scotland cannot call a second independence referendum – the decision explained Why Primark's new click and collect service will not be a simple win for the fast fashion giant Black Panther is a step in the right direction and a diverse audience is hungry for more inclusive roles and storylines Ukraine war: after recapture of Kherson the conflict is poised at the gates of Crimea Artemis: why it may be the last mission for Nasa astronauts COP27 roundup: what went wrong and what happens next Will more States of Emergency in Jamaica curtail gang-related crime? Tanzania: Prosecutors drop murder charges against 24 members of the Maasai Madagascar: Executive Director of Transparency International Initiative Madagascar summoned after denouncing corruption Syria: Cluster Munitions Used in November 6 Attacks The Energy Charter Treaty lets fossil fuel firms sue governments – but its future is now in question Vitamin B12 deficiency is a common health problem that can have serious consequences – but doctors often overlook it Dreaming of beachfront real estate? Much of Florida's coast is at risk of storm erosion that can cause homes to collapse, as Daytona just saw The World Cup puts the spotlight on Qatar, but also brings attention to its human rights record and politics – 4 things to know Suspect in the Colorado LGBTQ shootings faces hate crimes charges – what exactly are they? What is ethical animal research? A scientist and veterinarian explain Scientists discover five new species of black corals living thousands of feet below the ocean surface near the Great Barrier Reef Midterm election results reflect the hodgepodge of US voters, not the endorsement or repudiation of a candidate’s or party’s agenda The US dollar is getting stronger: African countries are feeling the pain and have few policy options Black Panther in the classroom: how Afrofuturism in a film helped trainee teachers in South Africa Nigerians with vitiligo face stigma – a skin doctor calls for better support The real Paleo diet: new archaeological evidence changes what we thought about how ancient humans prepared food Wilma Mankiller, first female principal chief of Cherokee Nation, led with compassion and continues to inspire today Fewer people vote in a Nepali election that includes the parties blamed for the deaths of their loved ones South Sudan: African Union must set precedent for African-led justice by establishing court for South Sudan Algeria: Ensure effective and impartial investigation into activist disappearance South Africa’s small-scale fishers have been marginalised since apartheid -- what needs to change M23: Four things you should know about the rebel group's campaign in Rwanda-DRC conflict Uyghur performers of electronic music spread awareness about Uyghur identity in Europe Global Plastics Treaty: Opportunity to Protect Rights Politics with Michelle Grattan: 'Teal' Monique Ryan on the Victorian election and six months in parliament US LGBT nightclub shooting shows why Australia must reform hate crime laws How and why Australian whistleblowing laws need an overhaul: new report Iran: UN Rights Council Should Create Fact-Finding Mission Thailand: Car Bombing at Police Apartments in South Adapting to a hotter planet has never been more important, and progress edged forward at COP27 They might not have a spine, but invertebrates are the backbone of our ecosystems. Let's help them out Why are shallow earthquakes more destructive? The disaster in Java is a devastating example State of the climate: what Australians need to know about major new report Misleading food labels contribute to babies and toddlers eating too much sugar. 3 things parents can do Reading the room: with NZ's hate speech laws postponed, where are the limits for comedy? Why do I sprain my ankle so often? And how can I cut the risk of it happening again? 5 ways for Canada to tackle Chinese interference after the Trudeau-Xi showdown Elon Musk's buyout of Twitter has placed its user-generated archives in danger Choosing a caesarean birth to 'protect' your pelvic floor? Here’s why that won’t necessarily work The book that changed me: Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem and the problem of terrifying moral complacency Why do kids bully? And what can parents do about it? That siren-imitating lyrebird at Taronga Zoo? He lost his song culture – and absorbed some of ours Elon Musk's 'hardcore' management style: a case study in what not to do How to make 5G less expensive The criminal justice system is retraumatizing victims of violent crime Puttin' on the Ritz and improving well-being with older adults through virtual music theatre Flu, RSV and COVID-19: Advice from family doctors on how to get through this winter's 'tripledemic' Saudi Arabia: Resumption of executions for drug offences ‘deeply regrettable’, UN rights office says Iran: 40 people killed in protests over past week – OHCHR A Republican bubble? How pollsters and pundits got the US midterms so wrong The era of the megalopolis: how the world's cities are merging Smart meters show your energy use but here’s how you can actually save money Another Alzheimer’s drug fails in late-stage trials – what now? Bird flu: UK is seeing its largest ever outbreak – which may prove particularly deadly for wild birds Why UK universities are going on strike 'Still here': Welsh world cup song Yma o Hyd and how the language is adapting to survive Why we feel like Christmas comes around more quickly each year Iran: Swift action by UN Human Rights Council essential after latest horrifying protester killings Banksy in Ukraine: how his defiant new works offer hope Disenchanted: Disney attempts to break stereotypes of motherhood only to reinforce them Scientists uncovered the structure of the key protein for a future hepatitis C vaccine – here's how they did it Railroad unions and their employers at an impasse: Freight-halting strikes are rare, and this would be the first in 3 decades 4 plays that dramatize the kidnapping of children during wars Student loan cancellation got blocked. Now what? 3 questions answered Ghana digitised its address system: its failure offers lessons to other African countries creating smart cities Exquisite new fossils from South Africa offer a glimpse into a thriving ecosystem 266 million years ago After COP27, all signs point to world blowing past the 1.5 degrees global warming limit – here's what we can still do about it Iran's creative resistance: From hugs and kisses to tossing turbans Türkiye: Justice prevails as convictions of four human rights defenders overturned How went from a pandemic-era business superstar to a failed company in just 18 months Strikes: how do they work? Russia: Court upholds acquittal of feminist artist on trial for ‘pornography’ Word from The Hill: Industrial relations bill, Victoria's election, and imminent report on Morrison's multi-ministries Jamaica's gun culture and its impact on the marginalised Thailand: Police Forcibly Disperse APEC Protesters Charles Norris-Brown and his love for Nepal, tigers, and conservation — A tribute Uyghur performers of electronic music spread awareness about Uyghur identity in Europe How satellites, radar and drones are tracking meteorites and aiding Earth's asteroid defence Christmas may be safe, but three-year port dispute shows the IR system is full of holes The West Australian Ballet's Swan Lake brings the story to Perth – but the Noongar elements never feel completely integrated Scientists need help to save nature. With a smartphone and these 8 tips, we can get our kids on the case Suicide risk is high for military and emergency workers – but support for their families and peers is missing New Australian play D*ck Pics in the Garden of Eden is bold, funny – and very, very lewd Victorian Labor slumps in Resolve poll but still in winning position; Labor failure on upper house reform comes back to bite Thinking of breaking up with Twitter? Here’s the right way to do it Tested positive to COVID? 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