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Donald Trump wants to reinstate a spoils system in federal government by hiring political loyalists regardless of competence Odds are that gambling on the Biden/Trump competition will further reduce the presidential campaign to a horse race Will a market crash one day be pinned on the Supreme Court? An accounting expert explains why recent rulings have him worried Immigrant moms feel unsafe and unheard when seeking pregnancy care – here’s how they’d improve Philly’s health care system Meteorites from Mars help scientists understand the red planet’s interior Supermassive black holes have masses of more than a million suns – but their growth has slowed as the universe has aged As nativist politics surge across Europe, soccer’s ‘Euros’ showcase a more benign form of nationalism Remembering Wallace J Nichols: the blue mind scientist who explained our human connection to water Georgia’s ruling party steps up its assault on the country’s LGBTQ+ people Frank Cottrell-Boyce is the new children’s laureate – four reasons he’s the perfect choice Avoidable deaths have increased in the UK: the damning data political parties aren’t discussing Four ways to be a more successful leader Introducing Vitamin Sea – a new series exploring how our connection with the ocean shapes marine conservation Did plague really decimate Neolithic farmers 5,200 years ago, as a new study suggests? The best athletes believe that stress is a good thing – and they embrace ‘winning ugly’ Rockstar by K-pop artist Lisa is an anthem that defies international stereotypes of ‘Thainess’ Euro 2024: battles on and off the pitch reflect a continent struggling with its own identity Some artificial sweeteners are forever chemicals that could be harming aquatic life India election: Modi’s BJP failure to retain Faizabad reveals sea change in country’s politics How do we know the UK’s sugar tax is working? Election 2024 polls were wide of the mark on Labour’s margin of victory – this is what may have happened Finland: Emergency law on migration inconsistent with EU law and must be “rigorously scrutinized” In Iran, persecuted minorities can also turn into persecutors Five of this summer’s best fiction reads Sleep: a taut Korean thriller that leans into shamanistic and folkloric tradition “We need Trans Pride to connect, create safe places and celebrate our existence” South Asia: Devastating floods yet another reminder for urgent human rights-consistent climate action Hand gesture during Euro match leads to a diplomatic row in Turkey How is ‘Gonski-style’ needs-based funding going to work for universities? Indigenous businesses are thriving across a wide range of industries – here’s how to make sure that continues NDIS reforms are still in limbo. What’s going on, and are people with disability getting enough say? Why an ‘AI health coach’ won’t solve the world’s chronic disease problems A Russian-born ADF soldier and her husband have been charged with spying. What does this mean? Israel/ OPT: Hamas and other armed groups must immediately release civilians held hostage in Gaza Australia’s art industry is too white. A unique regional curatorial program provides a model to help change this Junk food is promoted online to appeal to kids and target young men, our study shows Australian army private and husband charged with allegedly spying for Russia VCA graduate Kristina Ross set her novel at a ‘vicious, cutthroat’ famous drama school. She says she wrote it for young actors Why saline lakes are the canary in the coalmine for the world’s water resources Lithuania: Don’t Leave Global Ban on Cluster Munitions Boeing plea deal: The manufacturer has a long road ahead to regain public trust Criminalizing coercive control may seem like a good idea, but could it further victimize women? A nation reinvented: 40 years on from its 1984 victory, the Fourth Labour Government still defines NZ Belarus: Nobel Laureate Ales Bialiatski must be released amid reports of deteriorating health World News in Brief: Concern mounts over fate of El Fasher, call for consensus over South Sudan elections, indigenous rights in Brazil Abortion restrictions harm mental health, with low-income women hardest hit World-first study decodes the DNA structure of a 52,000-year-old woolly mammoth sample Friday essay: ‘like being hungry’ – loneliness afflicts nearly 1 in 3 Australians. It can be devastating, but can spark creativity or change Cryptosporidiosis: what to know as gastro surges among Australian children 3 signs your diet is causing too much muscle loss – and what to do about it How does Australia’s progressive tax system work – and what is ‘bracket creep’? The return of Bladerunner the humpback and Spilt Fin the killer whale – a cautionary tale about seafaring vessels Supermarket concentration benefits stores, not shoppers. It’s time to split Foodstuffs – not make it stronger Guinea: Authorities must immediately release detained activists ‘Dark Day’ in Malawi for Rights of LGBT People Srebrenica genocide: Mothers send warning to future generations, urging ‘never again’ Record Israeli land grab fuels already soaring tension in the West Bank How Israel has brought the Palestinian Authority to the brink of financial collapse Terroir noir: wine’s hidden colonial history needs to be uncorked The chancellor has tied her own hands with her fiscal rules – here’s why she should change them Sunak’s anti-net zero gamble failed – signs suggest bold climate action can win elections How astronomers work out the size of the Solar System Weight-loss jabs linked to lower cancer risk compared with insulin – new study Ziggy Stardust: how David Bowie developed the role that would bring him undying fame A four-day week can work – if staff and employers can deal with the challenges Gaza update: hopes for a ceasefire fade again How medical schools can be more accountable to society through community connections SpaceX space junk crashed onto Saskatchewan farmland, highlighting a potential impending disaster Accepting uncertainty in sustainable fisheries is essential in a rapidly changing Arctic Pakistan: One-year extension of UN-registered Afghan refugees a welcome first step, lifeline must extend to all Roger Federer’s psychological game made him Wimbledon’s best male player – here’s the secret to his winning mindset A fixation on ‘clean eating’ can be harmful – and perfectionists may be at greater risk of taking it too far What a House of Commons with fewer privately educated MPs could mean for the UK Barbie at the Design Museum: playful exhibition reflects on a pop-culture icon Four crucial climate targets the new UK government should adopt immediately Inequality in life – and death: Newspaper obituaries have long discriminated against women Mike Bloomberg’s $1B gift to Johns Hopkins will make med school free for most students – a philanthropy expert explains why that matters The science behind Ariana Grande’s vocal metamorphosis What do storm chasers really do? Two tornado scientists take us inside the chase and tools for studying twisters Why is Congress filled with old people? How political party platforms – like the Republicans’ Trump-inspired one for 2024 – can help voters understand American politics Trump’s raised fist - how one gesture can be used by Republicans, socialists, fascists, white supremacists and Black athletes AI supercharges data center energy use – straining the grid and slowing sustainability efforts Storytelling strategies make communication about science more compelling AI propaganda campaign in Rwanda has been pushing pro-Kagame messages – a dangerous new trend in Africa Paul Kagame has had an iron grip on Rwanda for decades – 6 essential reads on what keeps him in power Brenda Fassie’s 1997 hit song Vulindlela still raises questions about South Africa as a nation ‘Kinship tax’ puts the brakes on business – Kenyan study measures the impact of helping family Thinking aloud: what happens when children read for pleasure in classroom clubs Lions in a Uganda park make a perilous journey across a 1.5km stretch of water: study suggests the drive is to find mates Bangladesh: Meta accuses ruling party and think tank of coordinated inauthentic behavior Western movies: a 21st century renaissance French and British politics experts discuss what their election results mean for the right – podcast Grattan on Friday: Don Farrell has an electoral reform blueprint, but it could be a rough road to implementation Russia’s July 8 Attack on a Children’s Hospital in Ukraine Macbeth (An Undoing): a new take that aims to reimagine Lady Macbeth’s path – but ultimately leaves you guessing What happens when matter is squashed to the brink of collapse? We weighed a neutron star to help NASA find out ‘Real time’ donation disclosure and spending limits in Labor electoral reforms Fake Picassos in a ladies toilet: why the saga at MONA is one of the most effective pieces of performance art I’ve seen Environmental wartime protection is central to the protection of civilians Mexico’s planned glyphosate ban helped show how agroecology can lead the way forward Deaf women are twice as likely to experience domestic violence. How perpetrators weaponise disability Anyone for obstacle course swimming? How some of the more unusual Olympic Games sports came to be What’s the difference between ‘man flu’ and flu? Hint: men may not be exaggerating NZ Rugby’s big test: can it select the right boardroom players for the modern game? Not quite a street, not quite a road – why ‘stroads’ are disasters of urban planning, and how to fix them Bhutan: Urgently Reform Justice System, Prison Conditions UN rights council condemns Myanmar abuses, urges immediate action Climate change may cause lake phytoplankton to become predatory, putting more CO2 into the atmosphere Librarians have good reasons to ‘weed’ books from their shelves. Why is book removal so controversial? Think you’ve decided what to buy? Actually, your brain is still deciding – even as you put it in your basket How should I factor AI into my decision about what to study after school? ‘Knowledge keeps the fires burning’: how ancient Indigenous wisdom can transform our battle against climate change ‘I just want to keep playing:’ Why youth athletes under-report concussion symptoms Identity and resilience: Aboriginal performers have been singing up the streets of Sydney for NAIDOC week since 1959 Mental health services that consult with Elders can deliver better care to Aboriginal people Glyphosate weed killers like Roundup should be banned in Canada and around the world From NIMBY to YIMBY: How localized real estate investment trusts can help address Canada’s housing crisis UN Human Rights Council condemns Myanmar abuses, urges immediate action The Atlantic Gulf Stream was unexpectedly strong during the last ice age – new study Earth is getting hotter – so why is this summer so dismal? Despite Ontario workers’ compensation reforms, migrant workers are still being left behind Paraguay: Senate passes bill that jeopardises defence of human rights Zimbabwe: Army Commander Threatens Election Integrity UN Rights Council Takes Big Step for Treaty on Free Education ‘Gasolinazo': Ecuadorians march against President Daniel Noboa's raised gasoline prices Double tragedy: the Zimbabwe farmers affected by illegal mining and climate change African urbanisation: what can (and can’t) be learned from China about growing cities Tourism development doesn’t equal bad jobs – weak government protection does Euro 2024: how new psychology can help conquer the pressures of a penalty shootout Why consciousness may have evolved to benefit society rather than individuals Music festivals get one chance every year to make money. That’s what makes them so vulnerable Gel manicures and acrylic nails might look beautiful but they come with ugly health risks Boeing’s fraud case shows that some businesses are still too big to fail Gaza war: ceasefire deal in the balance again as Israel presses ahead with its military campaign Keir Starmer could turn to Welsh mythology for a few lessons on leadership Plaid Cymru’s electoral success sets stage for 2026 Senedd election Manifesting has a dark side – there are problems with believing our thoughts have so much power The Gothic horror of Alice Munro: A reckoning with the darkness behind a feminist icon Guatemala: Amnesty International condemns new judgment against former prosecutor Virginia Laparra UAE: Unfair Trial, Unjust Sentences French election: it’s impossible to know what sort of government might emerge from the current state of chaos Angela Rayner’s green suit: why is it so difficult for women in power to dress ‘correctly’? ‘Fart walk’: the health benefits of going for a walk after a meal From robots and drones to sheep trackers, new tech can help farmers monitor and improve soil health Does UK opera have a future to sing about? The Bikeriders: a realistic depiction of the camaraderie of a motorcycle club 4 books by Black Philadelphia women that depict struggle and joy in the City of Sisterly Love Smaller family companies are the unexpected innovation powerhouses in many countries in the world Market trust at stake: What the Supreme Court’s ruling in SEC v. Jarkesy means for investors From the ’60s till now, TV news coverage of large-scale university protests doesn’t look so different Surprise: American voters actually largely agree on many issues, including topics like abortion, immigration and wealth inequality Why are journalists obsessed with Biden’s age? It’s because they’ve finally found an interesting election story At the Olympics, athletes show guts, glory – and a lot of ink, including tattoos that profess their faith Stricter monitoring of tween and teen internet use may not always be better Toxoplasma is a common parasite that causes birth defects – but the US doesn’t screen for it during pregnancy Can humanity address climate change without believing it? Medical history suggests it is possible Your parents’ income doesn’t determine yours – unless you’re ultra rich or extremely poor South Sudan should mark independence anniversary with human rights commitments UAE: Scores convicted in sham mass trial violating fundamental legal principles Afghanistan: New UN Report stresses urgent need for Taliban to roll back on moral policing EU Should Add Xinjiang, Aluminum to Forced Labor Database Hundreds succumb to extreme temperatures as severe heatwave engulfs Pakistan How might the Melbourne factory fire affect health and the environment? An air pollution expert explains Why real wages in Australia have fallen while they’ve risen in most other OECD countries West Africa is changing: five essential reads on breakaways from Ecowas Thailand: Montagnard Indigenous activist must not be extradited to face torture in Viet Nam Controversial hacktivists may have prompted El Salvador’s censorship of Telegram Politics with Michelle Grattan: Fatima Payman on the challenges and opportunities of being a crossbencher Fatima Payman advises Muslims: ‘Don’t establish a political party’ South Africa’s 2022 census may not be accurate enough for official use: demographers explain what went wrong Australia has its first antisemitism special envoy, with an Islamophobia special envoy to follow. What will this mean? Think you could pick a criminal suspect out of a lineup? If they’ve shaved or changed their clothes, you’d probably fail Burkina Faso: Journalist, Junta Critics Feared Disappeared Refugees in Eastern Sudan at Risk Kazakhstan Should Reject Attempt to Curtail LGBT People’s Rights GLOBAL: Tech systems worldwide are fueling gender inequalities From FLiRT to FLuQE: what to know about the latest COVID variants on the rise Are you too old to be an Olympian? Spoiler alert: probably New research shows small lifestyle changes are linked to differences in teen mental health over time 5 First Nations picture books for Australian children to read during NAIDOC week – or any time Australian amber has revealed ‘living fossils’ traced back to Gondwana 42 million years ago Legal risk and more paperwork: do health and safety laws threaten the great Kiwi school trip? Cuba: Authorities must release those unjustly imprisoned and repeal repressive laws Size matters: why NZ’s new housing rules risk cheap builds and shoebox apartments Frank Stronach allegations highlight harassment in the workplace Can a woman be a drag queen? Chappell Roan shows anyone of any gender can perform in drag Pacific islands are being ‘debanked’. What does it mean – and why are Australia, NZ and the US concerned? The end of superpower conflict was ‘a fantasy era’. The West underestimated Russia and China – the cold wars are back Why do dogs have different coats? Experts explain – and give grooming tips for different types We tracked a floating whale carcass to see where it drifted – and the result was fascinating Australian families spend far more on private schooling than many other countries. Here’s why that’s a problem What is AuDHD? 5 important things to know when someone has both autism and ADHD Young children with disabilities are excluded from national physical activity monitoring. That needs to change. UN rights chief calls for end to war on Ukraine following latest airstrikes Canada shouldn’t follow Greece’s example of a six-day work week — here’s why Catching online scammers: our model combines data and behavioural science to map the psychological games cybercriminals play Ghana is planning its first nuclear energy plant: what’s behind the decision Brazil needs a new approach to climate mobility Xi and Putin talk up growth of their Eurasian bloc organisation as counterweight to Nato Voter turnout lowest in decades – an expected result and electoral rules may have played a role Debt-disaster-debt: hurricane-damaged islands are being saddled with loans they cannot afford British jails are at a breaking point – here’s how the Dutch halved their prison population Businesses are harvesting our biometric data. The public needs assurances on security What historic art showing open water swimming can tell us about gender, race and power My Lady Jane: a new anti-history of the Tudor period that doesn’t want to be taken seriously How the economics of oil could sway the US presidential election The people we like can influence the connections our memory makes How to start weightlifting after 60 Joe Biden’s refusal to step aside illustrates the political dangers of ‘death denial’ Was Namibia too quick to forget genocide? New research shows 1 in 5 Australians have perpetrated sexual violence in their adult lives. The true rate might be even worse Extreme heat waves broiling the planet in 2024 aren’t normal: How climate change is heating up weather around the world French voters united to block far right again – but ‘cordon sanitaire’ strategy is increasingly rare in Europe Is it still a good idea to take aspirin to prevent heart disease? Here’s what the evidence says The five scholars who won two Nobel Prizes – and what sets them apart Euro 2024: women need safer fan spaces at big football tournaments to stamp out hostility and abuse Labour has a chance to finally insulate Britain – but there’s a big hole in its plans Hajj in extraordinary heat: what a scholar of Islam saw in Mecca Unregulated online political ads pose a threat to democracy When scientific citations go rogue: Uncovering ‘sneaked references’ Dig safely when building sandcastles and tunnels this summer – collapsing sand holes can cause suffocation and even death By revealing their mental health struggles, pro athletes are scoring with fans Trump’s criminal conviction won’t stop him from getting security clearance as president − but Biden can still control his access for now ‘The immortal Gods alone have neither age nor death’: Wisdom from Greek tragedies for Joe Biden Joe Biden commits to staying in the race – like Nixon, his biggest threat comes from within his own party Egypt: Lift travel bans imposed on two human rights lawyers Saudi Arabia: 20-Year Sentence for Tweets Burkina Faso: Ibrahim Traoré granted blank check to remain in power In Turkey, anti-immigrant sentiments are on the rise once again Australia’s professional services sector is being used to launder money. It’s time for tougher laws French elections: ‘Power will shift from the presidential palace to the National Assembly and the Senate’ 5G doesn’t affect your health – here are 5 points to put your mind at ease EU: ‘Reject plans to offshore asylum and safeguard refugee protection,’ say over 90 NGOs Joint Statement: The future EU must uphold the right to asylum in Europe Women’s investigative journalism in Madagascar: An interview with Damy Govina One of the last liberal universities in Russia shuts down its political science department Tastes from our past can spark memories, trigger pain or boost wellbeing. Here’s how to embrace food nostalgia A wildlife park has scrapped koala cuddles. Is it time for a blanket ban? Alice Springs is under a snap curfew. But where’s the evidence it will actually work to reduce violence? EU: ‘Reject plans to offshore asylum and safeguard refugee protection,’ say over 90 NGOs New EU Leadership Should Uphold the Right to Asylum in Europe Europe: Sweeping pattern of systematic attacks and restrictions undermine peaceful protest From challenges to innovations, what lessons can Brisbane learn from the Paris Olympics? Look up! A once-in-a-lifetime explosion is about to create a ‘new’ star in the sky Maggie Beer’s aged care eating mission is feel-good TV – but is it a recipe for real change? Trauma-sensitive climate change education can develop truthful hope When transmission lines fell, 16 electric vehicles fed power into the grid. It showed electric vehicles can provide the backup Australia needs Europe: Sweeping pattern of systematic attacks and restrictions undermine peaceful protest New EU Leadership Should Uphold the Right to Asylum in Europe Beryl in Jamaica, the colour of the sea 4 things to watch for as NATO leaders meet in US capital for high-stakes summit Keen to be sustainable after dying? Earth to earth, cradle to compost We know what to eat to stay healthy. So why is it so hard to make the right choices? As ocean surfaces acidify, a deep-sea acidic zone is expanding: marine habitats are being squeezed What were dingoes like before the European invasion? Centuries-old DNA reveals a surprising history ‘Southerly busters’ are becoming more frequent but less severe as the climate changes, stirring up east coast weather watchers First Nations superhero ‘Condoman’ was a world leader in HIV prevention. Aunty Gracelyn Smallwood made it happen ‘Tell students they can do it’: how Aboriginal people can inspire each other to become teachers When it comes to sustainability reporting, it depends on how serious companies are about making change Kamala Harris: the top choice to replace Biden as Democratic nominee should he step aside Euros 2024: whoever wins the football, the Turkish kebab takes the fast-food crown Disease has killed most of the UK’s elm trees since the 1960s – but there are signs they may be making a comeback Millions benefited from mortgages fixed at low prices – now many are struggling with much higher monthly payments Always Running: Luis J. Rodríguez’s memoir of gang days in LA is as relevant today as it was 30 years ago ‘Whatchamacallit’, ‘gizmo’ and ‘thingamajig’: what we say when we can’t find the right word – and why Labour is divided over Israel and Palestine – as prime minister, Keir Starmer has a difficult line to tread IQ tests: can you improve your score by practising? Paul McCartney says eye yoga stops him needing glasses – here’s the reality about ocular exercises How The Bear sets up stereotypes of tough male and emotional female chefs – and then tears them down We need to consider alternatives to dark matter that better explain cosmological observations Unable to work in their official language of choice, some public servants are quitting — to Canada’s detriment Ukraine: Major damage to children’s hospital by direct Russian missile hit, dozens killed across the country Southern Africa is seen as a leader in wildlife conservation, but its market-driven approach is deeply flawed Surviving breast cancer: Nigerian women share their stories Rwanda’s Tutsi minority has been in power for 30 years – but study finds ethnicity doesn’t matter to people if their needs are met How the genome diversity of major crops tells the story of their evolution Extreme weather in South Africa is disrupting tourism – research tracks the impact on coastal areas Iran’s new reformist president offers hope to the west and cover for the conservative establishment Zimbabwe: SADC Should Respond to Intensified Crackdown on Opponents ‘Free at last’: Aussies respond to Julian Assange homecoming Faith turns fatal as blasphemy laws ignite unchecked extremism in Pakistan Serbia bans festival that enabled collaboration between artists from Serbia and Kosovo Gamers from the Russian regions spend hours playing Tetris to win international tournaments We used 1,000 historical photos to reconstruct Antarctic glaciers before a dramatic collapse Labour’s plans for border and economic security aren’t sustainable unless it takes the threat of climate change seriously NHS: six key challenges facing the Labour government To boost the economy, Labour cannot afford to duck these four expensive challenges Starmer must seize the chance to rethink the UK-Europe relationship – here’s how he can do it Why the Olympic Games are a ‘civil religious’ ceremony with a global congregation Wildfire smoke linked to thousands of premature deaths every year in California alone Navigating mental health treatment options can be overwhelming – a clinical psychologist explains why it’s worth the effort Nevada is a battleground state – and may be a bellwether of more extreme partisanship 2024 is not 1968 − and the Democratic convention in Chicago will play out very differently than in the days of Walter Cronkite One memorable speech can turn around a faltering campaign − how Nixon did it with his ‘Checkers’ talk Oklahoma’s superintendent orders public schools to teach the Bible – relying on controversial views about religious freedom Power-hungry AI is driving a surge in tech giant carbon emissions. Nobody knows what to do about it Ten LGBTQ+ couples ‘Pride to Wed’ despite same-sex marriage not being recognised in Hong Kong ‘We cannot be dispirited’: Mother Nature activists defiant after court conviction in Cambodia The latest crocodile attack is tragic – but the Northern Territory doesn’t have a croc problem Faith-based politics is nothing new in Australia – so what’s Albanese really worried about? Iran: Security Forces Killing Kurdish Border Couriers Ten LGBTQ couples ‘Pride to Wed’ despite same-sex marriage not being recognised in Hong Kong Myanmar: ‘Reckless’ shipments of jet fuel continue as air strikes multiply French election: far-right government blocked as Le Pen’s alliance pushed into third place French say ‘non’ to Le Pen’s National Rally – but a messy coalition government looks likely ‘I keep away from people’ – combined vision and hearing loss is isolating more and more older Australians What is mitochondrial donation? And how might it help people have a healthy baby one day? Looking back at the Olympic venues since 1896 – are they still in use? Sydney Theatre Company’s Dracula: a virtuosic performance, sexy staging, and a queer rewriting AI search tools and chatbots may make NZ news less visible and reliable – new study In Nepal, when yaks go, so does culture Where do side stitches come from? French election: far-right government blocked as Le Pen’s alliance pushed into third place, says exit poll French say ‘non’ to Le Pen’s National Rally - but a messy coalition government looks likely Without a massive grid upgrade, the Coalition’s nuclear plan faces a high-voltage hurdle Does going to a selective school make you more likely to go to uni, get a job and be satisfied in life? Indigenous people can get cheap or free medicines. But we show access depends on your postcode Recruiters and job seekers are ‘ghosting’ each other. Can we save the lost art of replying? Skip the fancy perks – better staff wellbeing could be as simple as the view from the office window Alcohol consumption among teenagers: Parents need to set rules and not just talk about it The treatment of environmental activists at Olympic Games contradicts IOC’s Olympism ideals Computer love: AI-powered chatbots are changing how we understand romantic and sexual well-being Ottawa should prioritize the health of all athletes, especially children Nato at 75: a muted celebration for an alliance facing uncertain times Sudan is now confronting its most severe food security crisis on record Namibia’s sodomy laws have been overturned – what that means for LGBTIQ+ rights in the country All ‘commit’ and no ‘disagree’: the real reason why Labor’s solidarity pledge is not working UK diamond company that won water and climate awards has been linked to water pollution in Lesotho Keir Starmer appoints historic cabinet with record number of women – now comes the hard part: governing Kenya’s protests are different this time: 3 things that make it harder for government to crush them Disproportional representation: what the UK election landslide would look like under NZ’s MMP system Fusion power could transform how we get our energy – and worsen problems it’s intended to solve Nigel Farage, Greens and 72 Liberal Democrats: inside Britain’s new multi-party parliament Rap lyrics can provide catharsis – both for artists and their fans What Labour’s election means for women: the good and the bad The six most urgent problems facing the UK that Starmer’s new government needs to fix Nigel Farage, Greens and 71 Liberal Democrats: inside Britain’s new multi-party parliament Rachel Reeves is the UK’s first female chancellor. Here’s why that’s so significant The UK’s new prime minister Keir Starmer – hoping for a Democrat in the White House, preparing for Trump Fusion power could transform how we get our energy — and worsen problems it’s intended to solve US Supreme Court: 10 days of blockbuster decisions with huge implications for the future Three animals that can detect disease in humans Jordan: Authorities must release journalist Ahmad Hassan al-Zoubi imprisoned over social media post Russia: Human rights defender arrested for displaying “extremist” Facebook logo must be freed immediately PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ can be absorbed through human skin, says research South Africa’s healthcare system: eight steps that would get it on the right track Will Joe Biden step down? An expert Q&A Ecowas summit: 6 steps the leaders can take to restore stability and growth in west Africa Britain’s new prime minister has a chance to reset ties with the White House – but a range of thorny issues and the US election make it more tricky Labour landslide at UK election; Biden drops in US polls after debate View from The Hill: Labor will only harm itself by a silly attempt to discredit Payman New MPs: after learning the ropes, they might shake up the House of Commons Euro 2024: England’s squad shows the true value of football teams in the lower leagues PFAS “forever chemicals” can be absorbed through human skin, says research Keir Starmer: three warnings from history for Labour’s seventh British prime minister How to resolve friendship tension like Lorde and Charli XCX Which European leaders does prime minister Keir Starmer need to call and what will his relationship be like with each? Nigeria: Regulator must help protect human rights by ensuring no conflict of interest in assessing Shell’s proposed sale Keir Starmer: what we know about Britain’s new prime minister and how he will lead Southern Australia is freezing. How can it be so cold in a warming climate? UK election: Tory downfall is democracy rectifying its mistakes The Conservative party, 1832-2024: an obituary Keir Starmer’s Labour Party has a thumping election win – what does it mean for the UK and the rest of the world? After devastating the Caribbean, Hurricane Beryl has been downgraded, but can continue to bring ruin From banning junk food ads to a sugar tax: with diabetes on the rise, we can’t afford to ignore the evidence any longer Grieving and unheard, the British public has voted for change – in weariness more than in hope A struggling people languishing across barren lands? No, evidence shows life in ancient Saudi Arabia was complex and thriving Information notice on the processing of personal data by the ICRC's resource mobilization division Paris principles and Paris commitments to protect children Internal conflicts or other situations of violence – what is the difference for victims? Occupation and international humanitarian law: Questions and answers How is the term "armed conflict" defined in international humanitarian law? NZ’s commercial rocket industry is taking off, but national space law needs a boost How to ensure higher-density housing developments still have enough space for residents’ recreation needs Churches don’t pay taxes. Should they? Why is Amazon building a ‘top secret’ $2 billion cloud for Australia’s military intelligence? Guide to the classics: The Art of War, the ancient Chinese war manual loved by edgelords and management gurus Still fab after 60 years: how The Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night made pop cinema history Friday essay: exhilaration and fear – Dennis Altman on the global gay rights divide Ambulance ramping is getting worse in Australia. Here’s why – and what we can do about it Sick of toxic TV? Here are 7 reality shows that don’t rely on the ‘villain edit’ Why Canada must act urgently to give undocumented migrants legal status Toll roads charge too much yet we don’t have enough of them. To fix both things, NSW should buy their private owners Why electric beats hydrogen in the race to decarbonise freight vehicles in Australia A new bill is proposing a human right to housing. How would this work? Drug prohibition is fuelling the overdose crisis: Regulating drugs is the way out Nanoscopic motor proteins in the brain build the physical structures of memory Walking or running: for the same distance, which consumes more energy? Ramaphosa made practical choices for South Africa’s multi-party cabinet – how this will help him down the line Ukraine recap: Zelensky says ‘no’ to Hungary’s ceasefire proposal and ‘hurry up’ to western aid Euro 2024: Harry Kane is wrong – pundits should not be uncritical cheerleaders for England team Alaska’s top-heavy glaciers are approaching an irreversible tipping point Daydream a lot? Feel sluggish? Stare into space? You might have cognitive disengagement syndrome The Spark: summer’s biggest banger comes from a decades-old initiative helping refugee and working-class kids in Cork How an ‘always-on’ work culture can create a vicious cycle that damages workers and employers Kang Youwei: the revolutionary thinker behind modern China’s transformation Five common English words we don’t know the origins of – including ‘boy’ and ‘dog’ Our clothes generate microplastics that pollute the St. Lawrence River and other bodies of water Israel/OPT: Dutch Investor pushes for human rights safeguards to stop use of surveillance technology against Palestinians Wild swimming can expose you to many bacteria and viruses – here’s how to keep yourself safe Japan’s looming imperial crisis – why it’s time to open the succession to female heirs Britain desperately needs more family homes – a tax cut might help encourage older people to downsize With its latest Moon mission success, China’s space programme has the US in its sights How Breton folktales from France connect to traditional Irish folklore Euro 2024 in a super election year: how the Olympic Stadium is putting Germany’s past front and centre Olympics 2024: what new social media guidelines mean for athletes and their sponsors Women football players in Africa have overcome enormous barriers – new book tells the story Nigeria’s migration policy: lots of laws but no coherence and poor implementation Qatar Risks Backsliding on Critical Labor Reforms Meaningful Follow-Up Needed as China’s UN Rights Review Concludes In Georgia, a series of legal amendments are putting the country's EU aspirations on hold A year after environmental protests rocked Azerbaijan's village of Soyudlu, it is business as usual Busy soundscapes of seagrass meadows and the animals that live there revealed in new recordings – podcast I’ve been listening to seagrass meadows to understand how their underwater soundscapes reflect biodiversity Grattan on Friday: Labor’s Fatima Payman defects to crossbench as government worries about Muslim vote Six dishes that most represent Hong Kong Chinese electric vehicles are transforming Australia’s car market. Are we getting a good deal? Booktopia, Australia’s biggest online bookseller, is poised for collapse. That doesn’t mean bookshops are in trouble Italy: Abuse of migration-related detention in punitive conditions deprives people of liberty and dignity Yemen: Huthi authorities must immediately release arbitrarily detained staff from UN and civil society organizations South Sudan: Damaging Security Law Revisions Adopted Chinese Government Expands Criminalization of Taiwanese Identity New Aussie play Hits reclaims the rush of first concerts and band culture for young women Breast cancer screening in Australia may change. Here’s what we know so far Fatima Payman quits Labor with ‘heavy heart but a clear conscience’ Italy: Abuse of migration-related detention in punitive conditions deprives people of liberty and dignity The Delusion, Once Again, of a ‘Safe Zone’ in Syria African Union Conference Addresses Pregnant and Parenting Students Election night live 2024: what the experts say Why YIMBYs, NIMBYs, BIMBYs and YIGBYs all matter for democracy and our future cities Here’s how ‘microgrids’ are empowering regional and remote communities across Australia AI could revolutionise environmental planning – if we don’t get trapped in the ‘iron cage of rationality’ Our blood-brain barrier stops bugs and toxins getting to our brain. Here’s how it works Nuclear power has an advantage not reflected in its average price. 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