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Intersex children in New Zealand are routinely undergoing unnecessary surgery – that needs to change Popular climate change documentaries often privilege wealthier countries and offer unbalanced coverage How to know if a country is serious about net zero: look at its plans for extracting fossil fuels How to make fragile global supply chains stronger and more sustainable Kids with obesity need acceptance from family and friends, not just better diet tips, to succeed at managing their weight Anatomy texts should show sex as a spectrum to include intersex people China is accused of exporting authoritarian technology. But the west has done so, too, more covertly A mysterious signal looked like a sign of alien technology — but it turned out to be radio interference Liked Netflix's The Chair? Here are 4 moving, funny novels set in English departments Why the international education crisis will linger long after students return to Australia Virtual exchange: What are students signing up for? Succession: how true to life is the TV series? The climate crisis affects everyone – here's how to make sure discussions aren't dominated by white men Smart doorbells: how to use them without being fined for infringing a neighbour's privacy Tiny swimming creatures can create big currents in lake water – new research The 'Lord God Bird' might be extinct, but the story of the ivory-billed woodpecker isn't over yet Ignore debaters and denialists, Canada's treatment of Indigenous Peoples fits the definition of genocide Lawmaker charged with Brazilian journalist’s abduction and torture View from The Hill: Will Barnaby Joyce be less 'on board' with net zero when he's in the backblocks? Girls learn early that they don't have much of a place in politics Why do colleges use legacy admissions? 5 questions answered Studying political science motivates college students to register and vote – new research shows What causes ADHD and can it be cured? COVID: how worried should we be about the new AY.4.2 lineage of the coronavirus? How ethnic and religious divides in Afghanistan are contributing to violence against minorities A new way to organize cancer mutations could lead to better treatment matches for patients Musk v Bezos: real rivals or fake feud? Our research gives a clue Five plays about enslavement by Black British women playwrights Lessons from Zimbabwe's tobacco farmers for the COP26 climate change talks Nigeria has a flooding challenge: here's why and what can be done New tools to map flood risk will help bring disaster planning up to date When can Nigeria declare a state of emergency? How to turn confrontation about Africa's biggest hydropower dam to cooperation France has started withdrawing its troops from Mali: what is it leaving behind? Cats, crows and planet Earth: drawings by Belarusian political prisoners NGO says Egypt's North Sinai residents were badly abused by both military and militants Here’s how Indonesia could get to zero emission in its energy sector by 2050 Billionaires taking action on climate change are part of a long tradition The Conversation Yearbook 2021: the essays that put us on the map in our first 10 years Afghanistan: Surge in Islamic State Attacks on Shia We get there in the end: Return to the Dirt pulls back the curtain on life and death in a funeral home How to support a person with dementia as lockdowns ease Coalition drops in Newspoll; Australia "not doing enough" response on climate change falls Getting vaccinated is the act of love needed right now to support the survival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples during the pandemic Tough car emissions ceilings could get us well on the road to net-zero Australia's stumbling, last-minute dash for climate respectability doesn't negate a decade of abject failure The Morrison government is set to finally announce a 2050 net-zero commitment. Here's a 'to do' list for each sector Windows XP turns 20: Microsoft's rise and fall points to one thing — don't fix what isn't broken Away at 35: Michael Gow's masterpiece is a reflection of a grieving Australia 40% of year 12s suffer high anxiety. At exam time, here's what parents can do to help If I catch COVID-19 at work what are my rights? A law expert explains COVID doesn't need to run rampant. Here are 6 ways to keep cases low in the next year Australia's 'underclass' don't like work? Our research shows vulnerable job seekers don't get the help they need The US and China must find a way to cooperate at COP26 and beyond. Otherwise, global climate action is impossible A successful COP26 is essential for Earth's future. Here's what needs to go right Have stock exchanges become more environmentally friendly? The Nationals finally agree to a 2050 net-zero target, but the real decisions on Australia's emissions are happening elsewhere Tough carbon dioxide car emissions ceilings could get us well on the road to net-zero COP26: 4 ways rich nations can keep promises to curb emissions and fund climate adaptation Who decides what's essential? The importance of Indigenous ceremony during COVID-19 How regulatory agencies, not the courts, are imposing COVID-19 vaccine mandates Cyberattacks to critical infrastructure threaten our safety and well-being Peatland folklore lent us will-o-the-wisps and jack-o-lanterns, and can inspire climate action today Apple's iPod came out two decades ago and changed how we listen to music. Where are we headed now? The Nationals have finally agreed to a 2050 net-zero target, but the real decisions on Australia's emissions are happening elsewhere Climate change has already hit southern Africa. Here's how we know Nationals win extra cabinet position as they sign up to net zero deal Five ways in which finance for climate adaptation in Africa falls short Some young Nigerians say heavy drinking is fun: controls must keep pace with culture Community health workers can help South African women with perinatal depression News site founders, editor resign under pressure from Kazakhstan's authorities Bangladesh’s upcoming Data Protection Act may suppress, not protect, citizens rights Rapprochement between USA and Saudi Arabia Bashar al-Assad is no longer objectionable Critic of Zimbabwe’s Government Fears for His Life Hollywood's love of guns increases the risk of shootings – both on and off the set An infectious disease expert explains new federal rules on 'mix-and-match' vaccine booster shots Mali: Alleged ‘Disappearances,’ Executions by Security Forces Doomscrolling COVID news takes an emotional toll – here's how to make your social media a happier place Sudan's hard-won transition to civilian rule faces a precarious moment Plastic waste is hurting women in developing countries – but there are ways to stop it Ethereum: the transformation that could see it overtake bitcoin Environment Bill: UK government offers five principles for protecting nature – here's why they won't work Why Salvadoran farmworkers ponder migrating to the United States The son of dictator Ferdinand Marcos wants to become the Philippines’ next president Still no Justice for Killing of South African Mining Activist Israel/Palestine: Designation of Palestinian Rights Groups as Terrorists Bitcoin: why its value has rocketed once again Why Squid Game is actually a critique of meritocracy Trump wants the National Archives to keep his papers away from investigators – post-Watergate laws and executive orders may not let him Parents were fine with sweeping school vaccination mandates five decades ago – but COVID-19 may be a different story The future of work is hybrid – here's an expert's recommendations for success India’s COVID vaccine exports resume – but others must step up to vaccinate the world Southend-on-Sea: how British towns become cities Three very sick journalists denied medical care in Egyptian prisons Iranian women journalists, imprisoned journalist’s mother jailed arbitrarily Nuclear disarmament: how Africa can play a role in securing a nuclear weapons free world The supply chain crisis has a silver lining – container ships should be decarbonised faster We need ‘painless’ glucose monitors, says Mia Chichkarikj, a 16-year-old diabetes patient from North Macedonia We are filmmakers who work with firearms. This is what is important in on-set safety Politics with Michelle Grattan: Bridget McKenzie on the need for the Nationals to be noisy Cameroon’s teenage cricket star Maeva Douma takes women’s sport to greater heights Cameroon: Sham Trial for Kumba School Massacre Afghanistan: Taliban Forcibly Evict Minority Shia A new study sounds like good news about screen time and kids' health. So does it mean we can all stop worrying? VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on the Nationals' climate conundrum and the integrity deficit in federal politics Key suspect in Haitian president’s assassination held in Jamaica on immigration charges Extreme rain heads for California's wildfire burn scars, raising risk of mudslides – this is what cascading climate disasters look like ‘If you want summer, get vaccinated’ – Jacinda Ardern sets the target for re-opening New Zealand A cinema of intimacy: the enduring beauty of Wong Kar Wai Cleo Smith has been gone almost a week. Why missing children cases grip the nation When native title fails: First Nations people are turning to human rights law to keep access to cultural sites Australia's prison rates are up but crime is down. What's going on? Long read: reflections of a volcanologist as a science organisation faces charges in the wake of the 2019 Whakaari eruption With more Tokelauan speakers in New Zealand than in Tokelau, it remains a unique but endangered language Restrictions on cultural hunting practices are limiting Indigenous people's access to food during the pandemic Curious Kids: why do we see the 'sky' during the day, but the galaxy at night? A Step Toward Justice for Guantanamo Detainee How Dave Chappelle's new comedy special went over in the Caribbean Global Condemnation of Chinese Government Abuses in Xinjiang Australia's oldest dinosaur was a peaceful vegetarian, not a fierce predator Extreme rain heads for California's burn scars, raising the risk of mudslides – this is what cascading climate disasters look like The horse bit and bridle kicked off ancient empires – a new giant dataset tracks the societal factors that drove military technology Hidden women of history: how 'lady swindler' Alexandrina Askew triumphed over the convict stain Write what you know: the COVID experience is a rich resource for year 12 English exams Vital Signs: slower Chinese economic growth inevitable without internal reform Curious Kids: Why are the northern lights only spotted near the North Pole? Mateship might sound blokey, but our research shows women value it more highly than men Forgotten how to party? Safety tips from a drug and alcohol expert Glasgow showdown: Pacific Islands demand global leaders bring action, not excuses, to UN summit As Melbourne cautiously opens up today, what lies ahead? Police Continue to Crack Down on Pro-Democracy Marches in Eswatini French Dispatch: four artists whose work was shaped by mental illness Grey-area drinking: pandemic's heavy drinkers are ignoring the health risks The secret to South Korea's COVID success? Combining high technology with the human touch Rookie MPs face unique challenges in the 44th Canadian Parliament Companies operating at sea must embrace conservation and sustainability — and not wait to be forced into it 4 moves to make math visible with kids, using counters What if Tom Brady took a knee instead of Colin Kaepernick? A social species? Newly discovered fossils show early dinosaurs lived in herds What Europe's exceptionally low winds mean for the future energy grid Taiwan: what is China's long-term strategy? Podcast Breast milk companies are popping up around the globe – why haven't governments stepped in? Life extension: the five most promising methods – so far Sorry Boris Johnson, the UK will not become the Qatar of hydrogen Deportation threats for some students come from within schools Bolsonaro faces 'crimes against humanity' charge over COVID-19 mishandling: 5 essential reads The American founders didn’t believe your sacred freedom means you can do whatever you want – not even when it comes to vaccines and your own body Decades of hype turned protein into a superfood – and spawned a multibillion-dollar industry How do you spot a witch? This notorious 15th-century book gave instructions – and helped execute thousands of women Surveillance laws are failing to protect privacy rights: what we found in six African countries Why some of Ghana's private media fight corruption: reasons, rules and resources Military postings put strains on Nigerian families: here's what some told us How Zambian trade unions' good intentions hurt workers Pass rates for school leavers in South Africa are failing students and universities Armed group torches reporter’s home in eastern DRC US Records Show Physical, Sexual Abuse at Border Road to uncertainty: research reveals how Trans Papua may strip 4.5 million hectares of forest by 2036 Grattan on Friday: Can Barnaby Joyce sell his supporters the net zero he's previously trashed? ‘I wrote the book you all wish you had when you were 15,’ says Afroczech Obonete Ubam Decoding the ‘Saakashvili effect’ with two experts in Georgian politics Politics with Michelle Grattan: Phil Honeywood on the challenges of getting international students back How the hyper-violent Squid Game has crept into digital content targeting young children Sign our petition and hold Facebook to account Afghanistan: Asylum Seekers Need Pathways to Protection Germany: Include Trans People in Coalition Agreement Kenya: Pandemic Health Workers Lack Protection Taiwan: deepfake pornographic video victims call for new laws against sexual violence in cyberspace Bangladesh: Deadly Attacks on Hindu Festival Myanmar: Prisoner Releases Fall Short Mali accuses France of training the terrorists it professes to fight The term 'Anthropocene' isn't perfect – but it shows us the scale of the environmental crisis we've caused COVID tests have made pathology companies big profits, but rapid tests are set to shake up the market Fixing Australia’s shocking record of Indigenous heritage destruction: Juukan inquiry offers a way forward Facebook wants AI to find your keys and understand your conversations Why Australian unions should welcome the new Agricultural Visa New Zealand's mass vaccination event lifts uptake but highlights dangerous inequities as the country prepares to open up Despite lockdowns, 1,142 Australians, including 66 kids, died on our roads in the past year. Here's what we need to do As international students start trickling back, the new year will be crunch time Don't underestimate rabbits: these powerful pests threaten more native wildlife than cats or foxes Iran: Account of Horrific Abuse of Prominent Lawyer A global battle for low-skilled workers looms after COVID. Australia needs to be part of it Gun-toting robo-dogs look like a dystopian nightmare. That's why they offer a powerful moral lesson COVID has increased anxiety and depression rates among university students. And they were already higher than average With Devotion, Hannah Kent gives us empathically drafted portraits of love in all its forms Indigenous people cannot be aliens in their own land. Why challenging this fact (again) is so concerning Australia is undermining the Paris Agreement, no matter what Morrison says – we need new laws to stop this Why do some people delay getting vaccinated or pretend COVID doesn't exist? Paradoxically, denial of death Mining the moon's water will require a massive infrastructure investment, but should we? Three charts that show what’s wrong with the UK’s net zero plans What is COP26? Here's how global climate negotiations work and what's expected from the Glasgow summit Short-sleepers are more likely to suffer from irregular and heavy periods Microplastics are in the air we breathe and in Earth’s atmosphere, and they affect the climate Plastic, plastic everywhere – airborne microplastics are settling into the most remote corners of the globe Eden Lake and the British 'hoodie horror' genre: how they reinforced policies to demonise the working class COVID: new antibody treatment could offer up to 18 months' protection against severe disease Online abuse: banning anonymous social media accounts is not the answer Pasha 128: Why Rwanda is involved in Mozambique's security Phosphorites: mineral-rich rocks offer insight into ancient Namibian ecosystems What an irrigation project reveals about farmer-herder conflict in northern Nigeria The left behind. Climate Fight podcast part 3 transcript Six popular beliefs about colds: experts explain the facts Heat and buildings strategy: the good, bad and ugly of the UK's plan to replace gas boilers Succession: Logan Roy's hand-picked directors cover up wrongdoing, just like in real life Interest rates: why they could rise even while the UK economy remains in the recovery position How women-led companies can raise more money through crowdfunding To protect our privacy and free speech, Canada needs to overhaul its approach to regulating online harms We still stigmatize mental illness, and that needs to stop Why scholars have created global guidelines for ancient DNA research The term 'Anthropocene' isn't perfect - but it shows us the scale of the environmental crisis we've caused Germany: Put Rights At Center of Coalition Talks Iraq’s Electoral Commission Failed People with Disabilities The fossil fuel era must end – so what happens to the communities it built? Climate Fight podcast part 3 Climate crisis: How states may be held responsible for impact on children Government shuts down move to refer Christian Porter's secret funds to privileges inquiry Ending coal use blighted Scottish communities – a just transition to a green economy must support workers Péter Márki-Zay: Hungarian opposition's 'non-political' candidate may not be enough to beat Orbán Sarah Everard, police culture and the 'masculinised' workplaces we can all help change Model minority blues: The mental health consequences of being a model citizen — Don't Call Me Resilient EP 9 Model minority blues — The mental health consequences of being a model citizen: Don't Call Me Resilient EP 9 transcript How mental health issues get stigmatized in South Asian communities: Culturally diverse therapy needed Plastic, plastic everywhere - airborne microplastics are settling into the most remote corners of the globe Smells like witch spirit: How the ancient world’s scented sorceresses influence ideas about magic today Wiccans in the US military are mourning the dead in Afghanistan this year as they mark Samhain, the original Halloween Can Facebook’s smart glasses be smart about security and privacy? Trailblazing women who broke into engineering in the 1970s reflect on what's changed – and what hasn't How ideas from ancient Greek philosophy may have driven civilization toward climate change Cities worldwide aren't adapting to climate change quickly enough Future of college will involve fewer professors We unpack what some African countries are doing about tobacco control Treating a child's mental illness sometimes means getting the whole family involved After a bombshell day at ICAC, questions must be asked about integrity in Australian politics From counting birds to speaking out: how citizen science leads us to ask crucial questions 'It takes a mental toll': Indian students tell their stories of waiting out the pandemic in Australia Film festival documents stories of sustainable development in Africa Syria: Returning Refugees Face Grave Abuse The Western economic system is coming to an end, by Thierry Meyssan Home Truths review: is David Williamson a reformed 'Bad Art Friend'? Malaysian rapper Namewee breaks the hearts of mainland Chinese ‘little pinks’ Millions of people were evacuated during disasters last year – another rising cost of climate change Why we must embrace geoengineering and other technologies to stop the climate crisis Basque separatist group ETA lowered its weapons 10 years ago. Has reconciliation truly happened? Is it even possible to regulate Facebook effectively? Time and again, attempts have led to the same outcome Guide to the classics: Euripides' The Trojan Women – an unflinching look at the brutality of war How a maximum security prison offers a pathway to academic excellence and a PhD Australia ranks last out of 54 nations on its strategy to cope with climate change. The Glasgow summit is a chance to protect us all How to talk to your child about a COVID diagnosis ... and share the news with others COVID exposed our fractured national identity, but state-based loyalties were rising long before Adolescent dating violence affects 1 in 3, but murky policies mean most adults don’t know how to help Malaysian bad boy rapper Namewee breaks the hearts of mainland Chinese little pinks The antidote to Trump: how 'anti-celebrity' politicians can still thrive in a world driven by stardom Why elections matter: National child-care plan could create workplace gender equality How the new human right to a healthy environment could accelerate New Zealand's action on climate change Rwanda: Crackdown on Opposition, Media Intensifies Critical role lies ahead for South Africa's new chief justice in light of predecessor's mixed legacy How to make climate action popular What COVID-19 travel bans have done to conservation tourism in Africa Male experts outnumber females by 10 to 1 on Ghana media programmes. We found out why What makes FinTech solutions succeed? We built a model based on Ghana's experience Why Shari'a law might be better suited for state-building in Somalia than external ideas Sharks and rays are in free fall: More than one-third are threatened with extinction from overfishing Public libraries and faith-based organizations join forces to address homelessness In the face of chaos, why are we so nonchalant about climate change? Violence against women in Kenya: data provides a glimpse into a grim situation New physics: latest results from Cern further boost tantalising evidence COVID vaccines are safe during pregnancy – but catching the virus isn't We are ignoring the true cost of water-guzzling data centres Having COVID-19 or being close to others who get it may make you more charitable A century after partition, Ireland’s churches are cooperating more closely than ever Simple safety tips for trick-or-treating after Fauci greenlighted Halloween 2021 What's behind the magic of live music? Yes, we should be keeping the healthier hand-washing habits we developed at the start of the pandemic Biden calls for a big expansion of offshore wind – here's how officials decide where the turbines may go Viruses are both the villains and heroes of life as we know it Moroccan journalist’s travel ban must be lifted on humanitarian grounds, RSF says Cuba: Peaceful Protesters Systematically Detained, Abused Politics with Michelle Grattan: Mustering the government's rural rump into the 2050 tent Follow a natural health philosophy? Vaccination may have more in common with it than you think Three policy changes to ease the Indonesian middle class's housing crisis Emma is hanging up the yellow skivvy: how the 'first girl Wiggle' created a powerful legacy The easy way to rein in Facebook and Google: stop them gobbling up competitors From labyrinth, glass ceiling to roller coaster: new research shows female journalists at top level advocate gender equality in newsrooms Nigeria: A Year On, No Justice for #EndSARS Crackdown Poland: A Year On, Abortion Ruling Harms Women Community care during the pandemic in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines German Postcode Lottery Grants The critically endangered Māui dolphin is a conservation priority -- we shouldn’t let uncertainty stop action to save it Children deserve answers to their questions about climate change. Here's how universities can help OnlyFans has a split identity – it needs to declare its support for adult content creators Nature doesn't recognise borders but countries can collaborate to save species. The Escazú Agreement shows how Albanese asks finance department whether Byrne breached official rules over staff Cellphone data shows that people navigate by keeping their destinations in front of them – even when that's not the most efficient route As a patriot and Black man, Colin Powell embodied the 'two-ness' of the African American experience New research finds a growing appetite for Australian books overseas, with increased demand in China What is an ETF? And why is it driving Bitcoin back to record high prices? This is why Australia may be powerless to force tech giants to regulate harmful content Who's who in Glasgow: 5 countries that could make or break the planet's future under climate change NSW scraps home quarantine for returnees. What are the risks, and what does this mean for the rest of Australia? COVID-19 cases rise when schools open – but more so when teachers and students don't wear masks Sleep loss affects how paramedics and health-care workers respond to patients' feelings To be resilient, the Canadian Prairie needs lots of wetlands Eugene Palmer: a Black British artist you need to know about US: Press freedom coalition calls for end to Assange prosecution Australia Moves Closer to Ending Harmful Intersex Surgeries Is chewing on ice cubes bad for your teeth? How to nurture creativity in your kids Teachers must often face student attacks alone A forgotten mangrove forest around remote inland lagoons in Mexico's Yucatan tells a story of rising seas How ‘managed retreat’ from climate change could revitalize rural America: Revisiting the Homestead Act Does raising the minimum wage kill jobs? The centurylong search for the elusive answer shows why economics is so difficult – but data sure helps Ce qu'il faut faire pour mettre fin aux abus sexuels pendant les opération humanitaires Biodiversity: world leaders are negotiating new targets to protect nature by 2030 – the story so far I translated the Marquis de Sade's only gothic novel into English Thailand inmates are taking green chiretta to fight mild COVID – here's what we know about this herbal drug New government app will provide access to public services but questions around privacy and design remain How South African editor Aggrey Klaaste put himself on the line with his contrarian idea The Battle of Algiers: an iconic film whose message of hope still resonates today Nigeria's 'bandits' are not 'unknown gunmen': why the label matters Online teaching and learning is not just for pandemics and it can help solve old problems Internally displaced children in Nigeria need more protection from the state Seti: why extraterrestrial intelligence is more likely to be artificial than biological COVID-19 shows why African data is key for the continent's response to pandemics Get ready for the invasion of smart building technologies following COVID-19 Eco-art, design and architecture can be agents of environmental change in the public realm Why Facebook and other social media companies need to be reined in Our sense of wellbeing has been in decline for years – here's how to turn it around Five tips to stop your computers slowing down after updates Nigeria's police: few promises of reform have been kept a year after #EndSARS protests EuroMillions jackpot: what we know about how winning the lottery changes your life Coronavirus emergency powers: parliament must not waste its third and final chance to review them View from The Hill: A small step for everyone else is a big leap for the Nationals The kids who'd get the most out of extracurricular activities are missing out – here's how to improve access Aged care staff urgently need training to report and prevent sexual assault India’s Medical Curriculum Gets LGBTI Update What’s behind News Corp’s new spin on climate change? Experimental, energetic, bold: the Tarnanthi festival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art surprises and shocks Nepal: Police Allegedly Use Excessive Force on Protesters, Target Activists Apple intends to rummage through your smartphone ... without your knowledge The death of a reputed gangster exposes fault lines in Jamaican society Trial of Ahmaud Arbery’s accused killers will scrutinize the use – and abuse – of ‘outdated’ citizen’s arrest laws Sir David Amess, Jo Cox and the knotty problem of local constituency security There is a long history of racist and predatory advertising in Australia. This is why targeted ads could be a problem Anxiety can affect academic performance. Here are 10 things parents and teachers can do to relieve the pressure People want to use bleach and antiseptic for COVID and are calling us for advice China's global diplomatic approach is shifting, and Australia would do well to pay attention to it Between two borders: you can’t get through Ahmaud Arbery murder trial will scrutinize the use – and abuse – of 'outdated' citizen's arrest laws Éric Zemmour: the far-right polemicist’s ideas have a long history in France A test to diagnose psychopaths can help identify fish behaviours that could benefit aquaculture 'I don't have an ounce of racism in me': Jon Gruden and the NFL's whiteness problem How the puzzle of viral vector vaccines was solved, leading to today’s COVID-19 shots When parents are organizing school COVID-19 rapid tests, it’s a sign of government failure A new fossil discovery may add hundreds of millions of years to the evolutionary history of animals Joyce says Nationals don't want bigger 2030 climate target as party room frets about regional protections COP26: Africa's challenges must steer the climate change conference How Johannesburg's suburban elites maintain apartheid inequities Dental workers face particular risks: we designed a device to protect them Africa is the key to ending harmful use of polluting fuels in the home Deputy from Kazakhstan says ‘Squid Game’ mirrors everyday life in the country Barnaby Joyce has refused to support doubling Australia's 2030 emissions reduction targets – but we could get there so cheaply and easily Why Australia could halve emissions by 2030 with minimal cost and inconvenience Australia's top economists back carbon price, say benefits of net-zero outweigh cost Young Azerbaijani activist goes public about grave crime committed against her whose perpetrator remains unpunished Indigenous artist depicts the hidden history behind the creation of Bangladesh's Kaptai Lake David Amess killing: threats of violence and harassment have become commonplace for politicians Prefecture threatens to sue after being ranked one of the “least attractive” places in Japan International civil society coalition marks fourth anniversary of the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia with renewed call for justice In Belarus, subscribing to Telegram channels branded as ‘extremist’ may now get users in trouble Russian Activist Imprisoned for Peaceful Environmental Protests Peter Telfer, the Trinidadian percussionist who made African drumming a church staple, goes to his Creator Lebanon’s Tragic Cycle of Violence Has a Cause US Should Invest in Home and Community-Based Services Seven ways to save lives on the frontline of the climate crisis Death in space: here's what would happen to our bodies Thousands rally in Tbilisi demanding freedom for imprisoned former president More accurate way to predict who will develop Alzheimer's disease – new study Yes, Australia can beat its 2030 emissions target. But the Morrison government barely lifted a finger How making homes energy efficient could boost the economy and create jobs Superman's not the first hero to be portrayed as bisexual, but he'll bring hope to LGBTQ+ fans Relaxing restrictions hasn't made COVID cases spike – but this doesn't mean herd immunity has arrived Why care workers are feeling less valued and leaving the sector after the pandemic Squid Game: why you shouldn't be too hard on translators Brexit fears started hitting UK trade as early as 2015 – new research Breastfeeding is tough: new research shows how to make it more manageable Statement of the joint press freedom mission to Malta What can be done to tackle the systemic causes of poverty in South Africa Low pay, long hours, high pressure: what it's really like to be an HGV driver COVID and flu: how big could the dual threat be this winter? How many lives have coronavirus vaccines saved? We used state data on deaths and vaccination rates to find out Scandal involving World Bank's 'Doing Business' index exposes problems in using sportslike rankings to guide development goals What happens to your life stories if you delete your Facebook account? French outrage over US submarine deal will not sink a longstanding alliance Death penalty can express society's outrage – but biases often taint the verdict Tsarnaev Supreme Court appeal: Do unbiased jurors exist in an age of social media? Nasa: imminent asteroid missions could reveal our origins – and help save Earth from deadly strike Breast milk can contain COVID antibodies – good news for babies Chinese movie ‘The Battle of Lake Changjin’ turns the painful history of the Korean War into a glorious victory New Vetting Process in International Criminal Court Deputy Prosecutor Elections Turkey: Soldiers Beat, Push Afghan Asylum Seekers Back to Iran Municipalities can play a key role in South Africa's economic development. Here's how Morrison set for Glasgow but has to finish packing his bag Widespread collapse of West Antarctica's ice sheet is avoidable if we keep global warming below 2℃ How COVID-19 has increased the risk of compulsive buying behavior and online shopping addiction among young consumers VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on high noon climate negotiations, and pressure on Albanese over MP Anthony Byrne What are gender pronouns and why is it important to use the right ones? Climate wars, carbon taxes and toppled leaders: the 30-year history of Australia’s climate response, in brief Why Jacinda Ardern’s ‘clumsy’ leadership response to Delta could still be the right approach Will the Evergrande crisis doom China's grandiose, big-spending football dreams? Caring or killing: harmful gender stereotypes kick in early — and may be keeping girls away from STEM Nobel winner David Card proves immigrants don't reduce the wages of native-born workers Many of New Zealand's most popular websites use ‘dark patterns’ to manipulate users – is it time to regulate? Brown Sugar: why the Rolling Stones are right to withdraw the song from their set list Anniversary of a landslide: new research reveals what really swung New Zealand's 2020 'COVID election' Virtual reality could help treat sexual aversion and other sex-related disorders People use mental shortcuts to make difficult decisions – even highly trained doctors delivering babies International borders are about to open, but our research shows the plight of stranded Australians is not over How many days a week in the office are enough? You shouldn't need to ask Sex, drugs and TikTok: keeping young people safe needs a mature response, not a moral panic Videogames or homework? Why not both, as ACMI has 75 game lessons for you to try Friday essay: invisible no more – putting the first women archaeologists of the Pacific back on the map I live in an apartment. How can I cut my risk of getting COVID? Vital Signs: JobKeeper delivered what was needed to save the patient How a random sampling regime could help detect COVID and highlight infection hotspots Nobel winner David Card has shown that immigrants don't reduce the wages of native-born workers Steve Bannon faces criminal charges over Jan. 6 panel snub, setting up a showdown over executive privilege 3 years after legalization, we have shockingly little information about how it changed cannabis use and health harms Why we must address the colonial dimension of climate migration How the experience of Black people freed from slavery set a pattern for African Americans today A good job for robots, found – dealing with our embarrassing problems Canada is aiming for carbon neutrality and that will mean big changes to how we produce and consume energy The climate emergency warrants a strong mandate on zero-emission vehicles from the federal government French Minister’s Denial of Police Abuses Against Migrants Flies in the Face of the Facts Sweden Should Press China to Release Swedish Book Publisher The plastic recycling system is broken – here's how we can fix it More 'disease' than 'Dracula' – how the vampire myth was born E-cigarettes get FDA approval: 5 essential reads on the harms and benefits of vaping What is family estrangement? A relationship expert describes the problem and research agenda The first battle in the culture wars: The quality of diversity Workers feel most valued when their managers trust them Why banning financing for fossil fuel projects in Africa isn't a climate solution Ivermectin is a Nobel Prize-winning wonder drug – but not for COVID-19 Most businesses have already been hit by extreme weather, but still aren't preparing for future climate disruption How Netflix affects what we watch and who we are -- and it's not just the algorithm Pasha 127: Allergies vs rooibos: can this South African plant help sufferers? Ending malaria in Africa needs to focus on poverty: quick fixes won't cut it French football legend Lilian Thuram tackles the scourge of white thinking in new book Philippines: 'Bongbong' Marcos, son of reviled dictator Ferdinand, runs in what could be a race of two dynasties in 2022 election Could Miami show Trinidad and Tobago how to safely pull off Carnival in a pandemic? Biodiversity depends on pollinators: a first estimate of how many plants rely on animals The plastic recycling system is broken - here's how we can fix it Grattan on Friday: Anthony Albanese needed to walk the talk on Labor integrity issue Explaining the 2021 Nobel prizes: how touch works, a better way to make medicine and the fiction of Abdulrazak Gurnah – podcast Book sales have soared since the pandemic – but the industry must adapt to engage with new readers Canada: Stop Incarcerating Immigration Detainees in Provincial Jails New research highlights how people with disability in South Sulawesi survived the pandemic Why Sydney's COVID numbers didn't get as bad as the modelling suggested The Prestige: the real-life warring Victorian magicians who inspired the film Disabled children still face exclusion in PE – here's what needs to change Why the work of Abdulrazak Gurnah, the champion of heartbreak, stands out for me “Le Système B” – RSF’s shock documentary about Vincent Bolloré’s media Le règne de deux décennies de Bouteflika hanteront les Algériens pendant de nombreuses années “Le Système B” – RSF’s shock documentary about Vincent Bolloré’s media Kuwait: Quash Conviction Against Transgender Woman Iran's allies lose Iraqi legislative elections What is COP26 and why does the fate of Earth, and Australia's prosperity, depend on it? 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