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Photographers can fool the best experts Reviving the Cree and Ojibwe languages of Manitoba with TikTok Joe Biden might call off war against North Korea General boycott of Covid-19 Global Summit Ahmad Massoud has fled Afghanistan Another stab at the "two-state solution" Secret meeting of US and Russian chiefs of staff Haitian migrants at the border: An asylum law scholar explains how US skirts its legal and moral duties Fall is prime hurricane and wildfire season: Are your disaster kit and go-bag ready? COVID smell loss can have profound effects on your life, from weight change to intimacy barriers New York summit sees launch of the International Observatory on Information and Democracy How conservative comic Greg Gutfeld overtook Stephen Colbert in ratings to become the most popular late-night TV host Invisible lives: where are all the older women in film and TV? Do very active people really have a higher risk of heart attack – as recent headlines claimed? Uranium: what the explosion in prices means for the nuclear industry Mapping the contours of Jihadist groups in the Sahel Foundation: an introduction to five major themes in the work of science fiction writer Isaac Asimov China: #MeToo, inequality, harassment and sexual politics in the workplace Why the UK's ambitious plans for a trade deal with the US have been shelved RSF calls for rapid results from enquiry after journalists spied on in Georgia A granular look at UK's COVID-19 'red list' shows why it's deeply flawed Nevermind at 30: why the Nirvana baby lawsuit is a warning for parents How a team of musicologists and computer scientists completed Beethoven's unfinished 10th Symphony Half of unvaccinated workers say they'd rather quit than get a shot – but real-world data suggest few are following through What Harvard’s humanist chaplain shows about atheism in America How conservative comic Greg Gutfeld became America's most popular late-night TV host School year off to a rocky start? 4 ways parents can help kids get back on track Federal police reform talks have failed – but local efforts stand a better chance of success Long power outages after disasters aren't inevitable – but to avoid them, utilities need to think differently Preliminary research finds that even mild cases of COVID-19 leave a mark on the brain – but it's not yet clear how long it lasts How soon could carbon capture technology solve industry CO₂ shortages? Japan's love affair with the fax machine – a strange relic of technological fantasies Syrian migrants fall victims to “human trafficking mafia” in Libyan prisons Afghan Women Fleeing Violence Lose Vital Protection In the world's largest Muslim population, most parents support sexual health education in schools View from The Hill: Barnaby Joyce falls (sort of) into step for the 'net zero' march In Turkey, environmentalists struggle to preserve the city's remaining green spaces Farmers groups lead the way in adapting to a changing climate Life during the pandemic: An interview with former refugee, exiled cartoonist Eaten Fish The AUKUS preparing a nuclear war to sustain Taiwan, by Thierry Meyssan RSF opens a new room for Swedish-Eritrean journalist Dawit on in its digital library against censorship Building trust with migrant and refugee communities is crucial for public health measures to work Two governments claim to run Myanmar. So, who gets the country's seat at the UN? Why the Australia-France submarine deal collapse was predictable VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on AUKUS fallout and the government moving to net zero Japan’s Next Premier Should Endorse a Sanctions Law An investment in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s future: Compensating survivors of wartime sexual violence More Americans couldn't get enough to eat in 2020 – a change that hit the middle class hardest Outdoor exercise benefits new moms' mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic Angela Merkel's career shows why we need more scientists in politics Vital Signs: a simple way to cut carbon emissions — don't let polluters hide Hidden women of history: Annie Lock was a bolshie, outspoken Australian missionary, full of contradictions The sun's shining and snakes are emerging, but they're not out to get you. Here's what they're really up to German election: the race to replace Angela Merkel and why it matters to New Zealand New preliminary evidence suggests coronavirus jumped from animals to humans multiple times Tom Wills’ story is the AFL's opportunity for truth telling about its ugly history On the eve of an AFLM grand final like no other, can the shadow of the pandemic make us strive for something better? How Covid-19 upended our understanding of migration, citizenship and inequality German election: continuing popularity of far-right AfD has roots in east-west divide A new oral antiviral drug for COVID is being tested in humans – can it make a difference? German election explained: why is it always so hard to form a government? How to empower older adults to become digital citizens in our tech-dependent world Canada's exclusion from the AUKUS security pact reveals a failing national defence policy Powerful, local stories can inspire us to take action on climate change Fossil footprints prove humans populated the Americas thousands of years earlier than we thought Shooting in Kazakhstan leaves five dead after financial dispute over real estate RSF opens room for Swedish-Eritrean journalist Dawit Isaak in its Uncensored Library 20 years after 9/11, the men charged with responsibility are still waiting for trial – here's why Some rich people will love at least one sweetener in Democrats' $3.5 trillion plan Nirvana's Nevermind: an album artwork expert decodes the famous underwater baby cover Josh Frydenberg prepares ground for Scott Morrison to commit to 2050 climate target Merkel's caution has made Germany the great economic underachiever of our times Grattan on Friday: After the deal on security, Scott Morrison turns to the shift on climate Children are losing caregivers to COVID-19: they need support What the objections to COVID-19 control measures tell us about personal freedom Whistleblowers are key to fighting corruption in South Africa. It shouldn't be at their peril Tigray war antagonists are reluctant to talk peace: why and what's next Some Ghanaians hate him, some love him: the mixed legacy of Jerry John Rawlings Scrutiny by UN Rights Body on South Sudan Remains Critical As World Heats, Youth Protesters March for Climate Action Singapore’s foreign interference bill – legal monstrosity with totalitarian leanings Diabetes targets would cost more but the impact would be worth it: here's how Have climate change predictions matched reality? Podcast South Africa has advanced the use of sign language. But there are still gaps How rising wholesale electricity prices will affect the switch to electric vehicles Alexander Litvinenko: court judgment on assassinated Russian spy has cross-border implications As autumn approaches here's why we see more spiders in our houses and why wasps are desperate for sugar Changing your mind about something as important as vaccination isn't a sign of weakness – being open to new information is the smart way to make choices 21 million Americans say Biden is 'illegitimate' and Trump should be restored by violence, survey finds 20 years after 9/11, the men held responsible are still waiting for trial – here's why How the world's biggest Islamic organization drives religious reform in Indonesia – and seeks to influence the Muslim world Colleges must choose whether to let athletes wear school gear for paid promotions Eritrea : RSF demands that Swedish Prosecutors assume their responsibility for Dawit Isaak Fires review: new ABC drama helps teach important lessons about the realities of bushfires in Australia Australia is no stranger to earthquakes, yet our planning polices have not adapted When fire hits, do koalas flee or stick to their tree? Answering these and other questions is vital Afghanistan: Taliban Abuses Cause Widespread Fear Sign Language Is Key to Real Inclusion Behind Chinese Wikipedia user ban: threats, verbal attacks and election canvassing Facebook uses media to make or break politicians Joint Statement on the Phone Call between Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron France sets up a unit to fight against foreign fake news Washington against EU Directive on digital markets Afghanistan : “11 journalism rules” imposed by Taliban open way to censorship and arbitrary decisions , RSF warns Worker shortage? Or poor work conditions? Here's what's really vexing Canadian restaurants Instagram can make teens feel bad about their body, but parents can help. Here's how We may never be able to predict earthquakes – but we can already know enough to be prepared COVID-19 increases the chance of getting an autoimmune condition. Here's what the science says so far In the 19th century, a man was busted for pasting photos of women's heads on naked bodies ... sound familiar? Can animals sense when an earthquake is about to happen? After AUKUS, Russia sees a potential threat — and an opportunity to market its own submarines Beyond Zoom, Teams and video lectures — what do university students really want from online learning? Coalition still well ahead in NSW poll, Newspoll premiers' ratings, and WA upper house electoral reforms Quad Leaders Should Back Covid-19 Intellectual Property Waiver Hiding in the soil and building with urine: how cicadas survived France’s summer wildfires China’s Coal Announcement Potential Climate Game-Changer UN: Covid-19 Summit at UN Falls Short Rich kids and poor kids face different rules when it comes to bringing personal items to school Calling the latest gene technologies 'natural' is a semantic distraction — they must still be regulated Children learn science in nature play long before they get to school classrooms and labs Ivermectin shows us how hard it is to use old drugs for COVID. Here's how to do better next time From poo politics to rubbish disposal: 5 big questions about the International Space Station becoming a movie set Australia's banks got $188 billion in cheap loans from the RBA. Now they're funding share buybacks Explainer: what exactly is the Quad and what's on the agenda for their Washington summit? Worker shortage? Lack of decent work? What's really vexing Canadian restaurants National Day for Truth & Reconciliation: Universities and schools must acknowledge how colonial education has reproduced anti-Indigenous racism Another Political Detention in Mali Loss of press freedom in Algeria – the figures speak for themselves Arctic sea ice hits its minimum extent for the year – 2 NASA scientists explain what's driving the overall decline Scouse Soldiers: the organised crime gangs of Merseyside How fish can still be part of a more sustainable food future The solution to homeless encampments is making them unnecessary, not illegal Climate change is harming children’s mental health – and this is just the start Why Beethoven wasn't the original punk rocker of classical music Belarusian authorities rule to liquidate domestic violence shelter UN Development Agency Embraces Egypt’s Abusive Rulers Biden’s Best Chance to Tackle US Inequality Afghanistan : Taliban “journalism rules” open way to censorship and persecution, RSF warns RSF calls for thorough investigation into journalist’s murder in western Colombia Taliban, Islamic State arm themselves with weapons US left behind Evidence shows that, yes, masks prevent COVID-19 – and surgical masks are the way to go Study shows an abortion ban may lead to a 21% increase in pregnancy-related deaths Spreading HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is against the law in 37 states – with penalties ranging up to life in prison How the Satanic Temple is using 'abortion rituals' to claim religious liberty against the Texas' 'heartbeat bill' Your driver-assist system may be out of alignment... with your understanding of how it works Psychological 'specialness spirals' can make ordinary items feel like treasures – and may explain how clutter accumulates Therapy dogs help students cope with the stress of college life Female leaders in higher education have created more inclusive and open institutions – here are 3 key figures Combatting an invisible killer: New WHO air pollution guidelines recommend sharply lower limits Global voter turnout has been in decline since the 1960s – we wanted to find out why Harvard's decision to ditch fossil fuel investments reflects changing financial realities and its climate change stance Work-life balance: what really makes us happy might surprise you Your immune system is as unique as your fingerprint – new study Air pollution: most national limits are unsafe for human health – new WHO guidelines Plans for more distinctly 'British' TV could threaten the industry's potential for diverse brilliance Energy transitions: The role of institutions and market structures Accountants can reduce the environmental impact of mining: pointers for South Africa How multicultural churches in South Africa are breaking down race barriers Nigerians refer to violence as 'intergroup conflict': what's actually at play is xenophobia The making -- and then breaking -- of South Africa's Robben Island Museum Growing bigger prickly hedges can reduce the chance of extreme weather – and a lot more Landfill gas: how it forms and why it can be dangerous The genocide of signed languages: protecting the linguistic rights of Africa's deaf children Long COVID: double vaccination halves risk of developing long-lasting symptoms Chinese firms in Nigeria face widespread labour abuse allegations, tainting bilateral relationship Earthquakes don’t kill people; buildings do. And those lovely decorative bits are the first to fall Coup d’État en Guinée: Comment faire marche-arrière Politics with Michelle Grattan: British High Commissioner Vicki Treadell on AUKUS and climate change Cameroon: Repression Marks Crackdown Anniversary We need lithium for clean energy, but Rio Tinto's planned Serbian mine reminds us it shouldn't come at any cost If The Man from Snowy River is Indigenous, what does that mean for our national myth-making? Melbourne earthquake: what exactly happened, and what's the best way to stay safe from aftershocks? Zimbabwe: Dire Lack of Clean Water in Capital Sri Lanka: Rights Abuses Jeopardize EU Trade Benefits Washington could clear the way for French Rafale jets in Finland Remarks by Xi Jinping Before the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, by Xi Jinping Remarks by Joe Biden Before the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, by Joseph R. Biden Jr. Remarks by JoeBiden Before the 76th Session of the United Nations General Assembly, by Joseph R. Biden Jr. Joe Biden nuclear sorcerer's apprentice, by Manlio Dinucci The earthquake that rattled Melbourne was among Australia's biggest in half a century, but rock records reveal far mightier ones How Cuban medical training has helped Pacific nations face the pandemic challenge Soon you'll need to be vaccinated to enjoy shops, cafes and events — but what about the staff there? India’s Spot on World Stage Mired in Abuses at Home United States Announces Plan to Address Extreme Heat US Tech Companies Bow to Russian Government Energy crisis: creating lots of small suppliers was always a bad idea - now taxpayers will foot the bill Fall means more deer on the road: 4 ways time of day, month and year raise your risk of crashes What this collaboration between artists and health-care leaders teaches us about living through COVID-19 Early childhood educators are slaves to the demands of box-ticking regulations Curious kids: why do sloths go slow? Being bombarded with delivery and post office text scams? Here's why — and what can be done How COVID has shone a light on the ugly face of Australian antisemitism Here's what happens when you’re hospitalised with COVID What are the protests against Victoria's construction union all about? An expert explains US: Treatment of Haitian Migrants Discriminatory How clothing giants Gap and Benetton once ruled the fashion high street Why minority governments have been good — and sometimes bad — for Canada How the British navy hid the heroic voyage of crippled second world war submarine HMS Triumph Return of imperial system on cards for Brexit Britain – measurements have always been political Collateralised loan obligations: why these obscure products could cause the next global financial crisis Afghanistan: Taliban face many obstacles to governing – not least their violent methods 3 ways restaurant staff and customers can communicate to prevent food allergy reactions Angela Merkel: gentle persuasion in an age of populism Artificial intelligence can help highway departments find bats roosting under bridges Afghanistan's war rug industry distorts the reality of everyday trauma Latest parliamentary win by Putin's United Russia has been years in the manufacturing Global shortage of shipping containers highlights their importance in getting goods to Amazon warehouses, store shelves and your door in time for Christmas A pediatrician explains a spike in ear infections this summer after COVID-19 restrictions lifted You may soon be able to buy hearing aids over the counter at your local pharmacy More people are eating bugs – but is it ethical to farm insects for food? Why have Canada and Australia taken such a different approach to China? Return to play: Tips to prevent COVID-19 transmission in sport and recreation facilities Progress against a neglected tropical disease in east Africa is under threat How conflict has made COVID-19 a neglected epidemic in Ethiopia What Sudan and South Sudan stand to gain by reopening their border Corruption in state-owned companies hurts low skilled workers the most: we show how Microbiome: ‘good’ gut bacteria really could help you lose weight – new study Doherty modelling update provides the goalposts, but local insights will determine play Podcast with Michelle Grattan: The Furious French and Porter's fall The Prince – the great tradition of satirising the royal family is under threat as they become more 'human' Common pesticide may have made the Zika epidemic worse – new research COVID crisis: what kind of inquiry do we need to learn the right lessons? View from The Hill: Morrison and Macron need to talk France blasts Australia's nuclear-powered submarine deal with US and UK as ‘duplicity’ Retelling indigenous Tamang people’s torment and trauma through sacred seeds, handmade paper and slates India’s Gasoline Dilemma: Double Burden of Rising Prices and Soaring Demand Dissenting artist Ai Weiwei on Hong Kong: art would not be art if it cannot be done in the face of tyranny Want to improve our education system? Stop seeking advice from far-off gurus and encourage expertise in schools Canada's status quo election: Trudeau returned with another minority, faces uncertain future 'It's almost like grooming': how anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, and the far-right came together over COVID Global warming: Sea snot appears on Aegean Sea beaches in Chalkidiki, Greece UN Human Rights Council: Renew Libya Fact-Finding Mission’s Mandate Kenya: Survivors of Gender-Based Violence Lack Help Starting with Bali, _Pulau Plastik_ series promote less plastic habits in Indonesia France deprives Lebanon of its caregivers Personality traits may drive our ideas about fairness and sharing From 'Mädchen' to 'Mutti': as Angela Merkel departs, she leaves a great legacy of leadership If you were called by a melody, how would it sound? Communities in Ethiopia and PNG name people with unique individual tunes New Zealand cannot abandon its COVID elimination strategy while Māori and Pasifika vaccination rates are too low New Zealand has ramped up vaccination rates, but too many people remain concerned about vaccine safety Which federal MP is spending the most on Facebook advertising? (Hint: it is not Craig Kelly) Decoding the music masterpieces: Stravinsky's The Firebird Digital tech is the future, but a new report shows Australia risks being left in the past Scientists still don’t know how far melting in Antarctica will go – or the sea level rise it will unleash Climate change is testing the resilience of native plants to fire, from ash forests to gymea lilies Therapy for babies showing early signs of autism reduces the chance of clinical diagnosis at age 3 Nicki Minaj’s COVID-19 vaccine tweet about swollen testicles signals the dangers of celebrity misinformation and fandom Alzheimer's disease: measuring brain waves could diagnose dementia early – new study Rwanda: Paul Rusesabagina Convicted in Flawed Trial CO₂ shortage: why a chemical problem could mean more empty shelves 'New winter of discontent could be hard to avoid’: economic expert Q&A on the crises facing Britain More companies pledge 'net-zero' emissions to fight climate change, but what does that really mean? A sweeping spate of murders rivals COVID-19's ‘third wave’ in Jamaica Wildfire and flood disasters are causing 'climate migration' within Canada 5 ways immigrant parents support children’s home language learning Zimbabwe had a bumper harvest: what went right and what needs work Global demand for cashews is booming. How Ghana can take advantage to create jobs Rewarding academic achievement in schools creates barriers: a South African perspective Turnover is high in South Africa's higher education sector: what could turn the tide Moths use acoustic decoys to dodge bat attacks – new research China is financing infrastructure projects around the world – many could harm nature and Indigenous communities COVID vaccines for under-16s: why competent children in the UK can legally decide for themselves Jimmy Greaves: English football's top goalscorer who blazed a trail of stardom and redemption Gas price spike: how UK government failures made a global crisis worse CO₂ shortage: the chemistry behind the crisis Insulate Britain: blocking roads will alienate some people – but it's still likely to be effective A giant space rock demolished an ancient Middle Eastern city and everyone in it – possibly inspiring the Biblical story of Sodom Why the pandemic made some cats sick with stress – and how we can help them Gargling with iodine won't stop you getting COVID Five ways going vegan could change your social life -- not just your health The Supreme Court has overturned precedent dozens of times in the past 60 years, including when it struck down legal segregation New treatments for COVID-19 may stave off the worst effects of the virus Facebook's algorithms fueled massive foreign propaganda campaigns during the 2020 election – here's how algorithms can manipulate you How many stars are there in space? Louisianans' way of life on the coast is threatened by the very plans meant to save their wetlands and barrier islands from rising seas Discrimination Against Older People Pervasive Worldwide China: don't mistake Xi Jinping's crackdowns for a second Cultural Revolution Pinpointing the role of climate change in every storm is impossible – and a luxury most countries can't afford South Sudanese Officials Intimidate Sex Worker on Camera Ghana: LGBT Activists Face Hardships After Detention Police violence against reporters, media outlet, during protest in Kinshasa Why is southeast Asia so concerned about AUKUS and Australia's plans for nuclear submarines? Why you shouldn't make a habit of doing a 'just in case' wee — and don't tell your kids to either COVID will likely shift from pandemic to endemic — but what does that mean? New Zealand government takes a calculated risk to relax Auckland's lockdown while new cases continue to appear Nicaragua: Trumped-Up Charges Against Critics DR Congo: New Findings on Prison Mass Rape 'No other people popular like Franco Cozzo in Melbourne': a new film explores his colorful, hard-sell life Australia's COVID plan was designed before we knew how Delta would hit us. We need more flexibility Coalition gains a point in Newspoll, but Morrison slides back into net negative ratings Australian students say they understand global issues, but few are learning another language compared to the OECD average Whiteness in the time of COVID: Australia's health services still leaving vulnerable communities behind People dropped whisky into their noses to treat Spanish flu. Here's what else they took that would raise eyebrows today Undersea internet cables connect Pacific islands to the world. But geopolitical tension is tugging at the wires Delayed graduations, no formals — the class of 2021 has had a hell of a year. They need mental health support, and quickly Yes, Australia is buying a fleet of nuclear submarines. But nuclear-powered electricity must not come next Why unions support vaccination — but not employer mandates Former Surinamese president Dési Bouterse convicted of murder for the second time—but will he go to prison? Federal election 2021: A campaign marked by failure and frustration The mysterious optical device Jan van Eyck may have used to paint his masterpieces – new research With a post-lockdown Victoria in sight, the more we can contain transmission now, the easier the road ahead The anti-vax movement is being radicalized by far-right political extremism Federal election 2021: Why we shouldn't always trust 'good' political bots A broadcast boycott is the last chance to mount serious resistance against the Beijing Olympic Games Western University and other schools should cancel frosh week to stop rape culture View from The Hill: For Morrison AUKUS is all about the deal, never mind the niceties Christian Porter quits cabinet, refusing to find out who gave him money for legal costs How big is the Islamic threat in Mozambique? And why are Rwandan troops there? What Nigerians told us about their mental health under COVID-19 lockdown Pourquoi l'Algérie a-t-elle rompu ses relations diplomatiques avec le Maroc et quelles en sont les conséquences pour l'avenir ? Nous avons voulu savoir d’où venaient ces mystérieux chats « des forêts » de Madagascar. Voici ce que nous avons découvert Saudi's first batch of women military graduates encourages more debate on gender roles From vaxxing to doxxing: The social media power of Nicki Minaj Singapore’s The Online Citizen news website stops operating after government suspends its license FDA panel recommends limiting Pfizer booster shots to Americans 65 and older, and those at high risk of severe COVID-19 US Authorizes Sanctions in Ethiopia’s Tigray Conflict Biden urges countries to slash methane emissions 30% – here's why it's crucial for protecting climate and health, and how it can pay for itself Ten ways to cut shipping’s contribution to climate change – from a researcher Covax misses its 2021 delivery target – what's gone wrong in the fight against vaccine nationalism? How women voters could decide the Canadian federal election — again Road pricing could help drive down UK emissions – here’s how to make it work Biden, EU urge 30% methane emissions cuts – a move crucial for protecting climate and health, and it can pay for itself The Arctic Council has weathered 25 years of bumpy Russia-western relations – but can it adapt to climate change? Guinea coup has left west Africa's regional body with limited options. But there are some 'Tax the rich'? Democrats' plans to make the wealthy pay a little more will barely dent America's long slide from progressive taxation Sir Clive Sinclair: even his failures were prescient inventions Are COVID-19 boosters ethical, with half the world waiting for a first shot? A bioethicist weighs in Eritrea – 20 years of dictatorship, two decades with no independent media Andrew Cuomo’s initial refusal to resign echoes executive harassment dilemmas for employers How many satellites are orbiting Earth? How to make comparing prices of an MRI or colonoscopy as easy as shopping for a new laptop The fall armyworm invasion is fierce this year – and scientists are researching how to stop its destruction of lawns, football fields and crops Scientists at work: We use environmental DNA to monitor how human activities affect life in rivers and streams A direct recommendation from a doctor may be the final push someone needs to get vaccinated Nurses are leaving the profession, and replacing them won’t be easy Angola's president has little to show for his promise of a break with the authoritarian past Directed energy weapons shoot painful but non-lethal beams – are similar weapons behind the Havana syndrome? Ten ways to cut shipping’s contribution to climate change 3D-printed rocket engines: the technology driving the private sector space race Unpacking South Africa's excess deaths. What is known and where the gaps are State of the EU: tech and defence challenges cloud COVID success Missile tests: how North and South Korea became locked in a dangerous arms race Forgotten history: American aeronaut Jeanette Van Tassel lies buried in Dhaka Christian Cemetery Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya visits RSF: "Belarusian journalists need EU funding" We created holograms you can touch – you could soon shake a virtual colleague's hand A football World Cup every two years? An expert runs the numbers Russia's state broadcaster RT going all-out to boost legitimacy of rigged Duma election Women's police stations in Australia: would they work for 'all' women? Sustainability must start with universities if the fashion industry is to change Five of the best new crime novels to read this autumn (and one golden oldie) Investing in sport is still good business for big companies (and vital for fans too) Belarus: Free Human Rights Defenders Forget nose spray, good sex clears a stuffy nose just as effectively — and is a lot more fun South Africa's troubled power utility is being reset: CEO sets out how UN: World Leaders Should Address Rights Crises Burundi: Allegations of Killings, Disappearances, Torture RSF and 44-NGO coalition urge Chinese President Xi Jinping to release Covid-19 reporter on hunger strike VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on the Anglosphere's reassertion in the Indo-Pacific 'Bloody fool!': why Ripper the musk duck, and many other talkative Aussie birds, are exciting biologists European Parliament Calls for UN Probe into Beirut Blast India: Government Raids Targeting Critics Emirates tasked Mossad with World Expo security More than 100 Afghan journalists appeal for help through RSF C'est fini: can the Australia-France relationship be salvaged after scrapping the sub deal? On the money: Kate Sheppard and the making of a New Zealand feminist icon Why does my internet connection feel slow and jumpy, even when my internet speed is high? Do you think most people are trustworthy and helpful? How we measured 'social cohesion' and why its recent dip matters Back to the Rafters review: series reboot is full of heart and reflects changing times When COVID patients are intubated in ICU, the trauma can stay with them long after this breathing emergency Fitzgibbon is quitting politics but this doesn't mean Albanese can party Thailand: Outlaw Torture, Enforced Disappearances Electronic tracking of voters is a thorny topic in a tight federal election race Ivermectin — whether formulated for humans or horses — is not a treatment for COVID-19 Five intellectual fashion statements from history that anticipated today’s dark academia trend UK COVID plan: how will the pandemic play out this winter? Facebook has known for a year and a half that Instagram is bad for teens despite claiming otherwise – here are the harms researchers have been documenting for years ANZUS without NZ? Why the new security pact between Australia, the UK and US might not be all it seems Local, face-to-face support offers a lifeline for uni students in regional and remote Australia Friday essay: Nevermind 30 years on – how Nirvana's second album tilted the world on its axis Destroying vegetation along fences and roads could worsen our extinction crisis — yet the NSW government just allowed it Tasmania's salmon industry detonates underwater bombs to scare away seals – but at what cost? Vital Signs: we're doing well despite Delta, but 3 major economic challenges loom Chief health officers are in the spotlight like never before. Here's what goes on behind the scenes QLD police will use AI to 'predict' domestic violence before it happens. Beware the unintended consequences RSF expects progress on rules for the digital space at the Summit for Information and Democracy Two more journalists arrested in Myanmar’s continuing crackdown COVID in schools – how ventilation can help to combat spread of virus Do the northern lights make sounds that you can hear? Making economic policy in South Africa in hard times: the role of human rights Why the push led by South Africa to revoke Israel’s AU observer status is misguided New test to diagnose vaginal inflammation could help reduce risk of HIV infection Breastfeeding trends show most developing countries may miss global nutrition targets Charting the wonderful touchstones on tragedy that go beyond a Western view Is sexual abuse and exploitation rife in the music industry? Rising inflation: unless we act now, it will not be temporary Liz Truss: three areas where the new foreign secretary will have the most influence Why it makes good business sense to attract more employees from working-class backgrounds Netflix’s 'Indian Matchmaking' at the Emmys: The problems with nominating this Indian ‘reality’ Bullying, racism and being 'different': Why some families are opting for remote learning regardless of COVID-19 Federal election: How the next government can build a stronger foreign service AUKUS: is an arms race with China the price of 'Global Britain'? Coastal flooding could save atoll islands from rising seas – but only if their reefs remain healthy Cancer: getting in shape before surgery can shorten hospital stays Five intellectual fashions from history that anticipated today’s dark academia trend Five things we learned about the state of the planet at the world's biggest meeting of biodiversity experts COVID winter plan: UK blueprint doesn’t go far enough – here's a health expert's alternative What is the Moon Festival? A scholar of Chinese religions explains Paris Exhibition Puts Myanmar Junta's Repression on Display Survey analyses tweets attacking Brazil’s media Journalist released in eastern Libya, but not yet really free Grattan on Friday: Porter's funding from a 'blind trust' is an integrity test for Morrison Q+A: COVID vaccine boosters – who will receive them and why are they being given? OxyContin created the opioid crisis, but stigma and prohibition have fueled it 4 strategies for a UN breakthrough on energy and climate change How reparations can be paid through school finance reform Political orientation predicts science denial – here's what that means for getting Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 Underneath all the makeup, who was the real Tammy Faye? Pandemic prompts more teachers to consider early retirement or new career COVID in schools - how ventilation can help to combat spread of virus European Union: Member states urged to implement EU recommendations on journalists’ safety Why is Justin Trudeau so much more popular abroad than in Canada? Podcast Ahead of September elections, Russia tightens grip on remaining online freedoms EU Should Address Beijing’s Assault on Rights US Should Use Refugee Resettlement Slots Now Northern Ireland: New arrests highlight continued need for justice for Lyra McKee Biden announces COVID vaccine mandate for 100 million Americans. Australia shouldn't follow just yet How do nuclear-powered submarines work? A nuclear scientist explains COVID in Wilcannia: a national disgrace we all saw coming African leopard sighting raises hopes for their conservation in southern Cameroon Just 4.5% jobless during lockdowns? The unemployment rate is now meaningless Ethiopia: Eritrean Refugees Targeted in Tigray Iraq: People with Disabilities Face Election Barriers Wondering what to do with kids in lockdown school holidays? Ideas from a happiness expert The AUKUS pact, born in secrecy, will have huge implications for Australia and the region Hong Kong: Drop Charges Against Vigil Organizers Israel admits merits of US diplomacy vis-à-vis Iran Atomic Iran and Al Qaeda are America's New Enemies Clinton, Bush and Obama welcome Afghan refugees Biden, Morrison & Johnson Announcing the Creation of AUKUS, by Boris Johnson, Joseph R. Biden Jr., Scott Morrison Scott Morrison Statement on AUKUS, by Scott Morrison Boris Johnson Statement on AUKUS , by Boris Johnson State of the European Union Speech 2021 , by Ursula von der Leyen Russia questions Israeli and Turkish presence in Syria Probe into suspicious death of witness in Netanyahu trial Facebook's 5.8 million privileged users Why nuclear submarines are a smart military move for Australia — and could deter China further Pregnant male seahorses support up to 1,000 growing babies by forming a placenta Overlooked and undervalued, New Zealand’s community caregivers have become the ‘invisible’ essential workers A researcher's view on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy: The scientific process needs to be better explained Parents, take the school holidays pressure off yourself. 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