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Moscow invites Hezbollah to open representation in Russia Campaign to intimidate leading Russian investigative reporter Myanmar: could defecting security forces bring down the military regime? Knoxville school shooting serves as stark reminder of a familiar – but preventable – threat Plants thrive in a complex world by communicating, sharing resources and transforming their environments Trump, defying custom, hasn't given the National Archives records of his speeches at political rallies Compassionate courage moves beyond 'cancel culture' to challenge systemic racism – but it's hard work 'Deprogramming' QAnon followers ignores free will and why they adopted the beliefs in the first place Is magic immoral? It played a role in the development of early Christianity COVID-19 public health messages have been all over the place – but researchers know how to do better What is capillary leak syndrome and is it linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine? How should the British countryside look post-Brexit? We asked the public COVID-19 lockdowns improved air quality in some cities, shedding light on how to curb pollution Renovating your home could ruin your relationship ... but it doesn't have to Why converging newsroom cultures can make media houses more sustainable South Africa's efforts to tackle joblessness can be more effective: here's how Male fertility: how everyday chemicals are destroying sperm counts in humans and animals Mixture of rules makes it hard to manage pastoralist conflict in Ghana The global approach to vaccine equity is failing: additional steps that would help Largest ever flying creatures had longer necks than giraffes – we found out how these pterosaurs kept their heads up Pakistan’s ‘Father’ of Human Rights Passes Away Hong Kong: Daily newspaper The Epoch Times ransacked again RSF urges Swedish judicial authorities to reverse Dawit Isaak decision Scott Morrison won't say 'sorry' to Holgate but 'regrets' the hurt Cameroon: Wave of Arrests, Abuse Against LGBT People Mexico: Online Free Speech at Risk Australia: Act on Indigenous Deaths in Custody RSF asks French police to protect Breton reporter, investigate threat to her life Is it the adenovirus vaccine technology, used by AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, causing blood clots? There's no evidence yet The discovery of the lost city of 'the Dazzling Aten' will offer vital clues about domestic and urban life in Ancient Egypt Archaeology sheds light on the persistence of Muslim cuisine after the Catholic conquest of Granada Neuralink's monkey can play Pong with its mind. Imagine what humans could do with the same technology As India's COVID crisis worsens, leaders play the blame game while the poor suffer once again Herself a victim of cyberbullying, Lindsey Kukunda fights online violence against women in Uganda Nigeria: Seven years since Chibok, the government fails to protect children Meeting of Antony Blinken and Dmytro Kouleba NATO-Ukraine Commission addresses security situation in and around Ukraine Meeting of Jens Stoltenberg and Dmytro Kouleba The coup that didn't happen in Jordan, by Thierry Meyssan Johnson & Johnson vaccine suspension – a doctor explains what this means for you Chechen Asylum Seeker Deported to Russia Arbitrarily Detained U.S. plans September Afghan troop withdrawal Doctors do not face a greater legal risk if they give AstraZeneca to younger Australians — here's why US postpones Afghanistan troop withdrawal in hopes of sustaining peace process: 5 essential reads St. Vincent's La Soufrière blows off more steam on 42nd anniversary of last major eruption Johnson & Johnson vaccine suspension – what this means for you The EU wants a carbon tax on imports – but would it be the climate solution officials expect? Sexual misconduct, abuse of power, adultery and secrecy: What I witnessed in Canada’s military Gluten-free diet is expensive, socially challenging for those with celiac disease and wheat allergy With the trans-Tasman travel bubble about to open, how much should the tourism industry get its hopes up? Forensics and ship logs solve a 200-year mystery about where the first kiwi specimen was collected Less than half of Australian adults know how to identify misinformation online Like the ocean’s ‘gut flora’: we sailed from Antarctica to the equator to learn how bacteria affect ocean health 'Your government makes us go': the hidden history of Chinese Australian women at a time of anti-Asian immigration laws How a radical interpretation of the Great Depression became the orthodoxy behind solving the COVID economic crisis We're on the hunt for novel ways to assess the risk of type 2 diabetes Pakistan: Imran Khan, sexual violence comments and the women who are fighting back Why deaf prisoners have been in a state of lockdown since well before COVID-19 The secret to how Atlantic Canada weathered the COVID-19 storm? Political will How colonialism transformed foxgloves – and why hummingbirds might have had a role How the Supreme Court found its faith and put 'religious liberty' on a winning streak How 'complementarianism' – the belief that God assigned specific gender roles – became part of evangelical doctrine Long live the monarchy! British royals tend to survive a full three decades longer than their subjects How race-related stress could be driving educators of color away from the job One change that could help nursing homes recover from COVID-19 fears and become safer places for aging parents Why student athletes need a new playbook to stay safe in the COVID-19 era 143,518 US public library workers are keeping their communities informed, connected and engaged – but their jobs may be at risk National cabinet to meet twice weekly in Morrison's effort to get vaccination rollout 'back on track' Why words matter: The negative impacts of racial microaggressions on Indigenous and other racialized people How a radical interpretation of the Great Depression became the orthodoxy behind solving the COVID crisis Pasha 103: Insights from female breadwinners in South Africa South African graduates may be mostly employed, but skills and jobs often don't match Law protecting interests of South African communities in mining deals falls short Fifty years, five problems - and how Nigeria can work with China in future Malta: how the rule of law has been challenged by murder and corruption allegations Sadiq Khan is on course for big win – so what do Londoners want from their mayor in a second term? View from The Hill: Christine Holgate presents a compelling story of Morrison's bullying Floating solar farms could cool down lakes threatened by climate change How colonialism transformed foxgloves – and why hummingbirds might be the reason Coinbase is listing for US$100 billion on NASDAQ, but you might be better buying bitcoin instead Bring Ukrainian Women, Children Home from Syria 'A vigorous cold front': why it's been so cold this week, with more on the way What is Novavax, Australia's third COVID vaccine option? And when will we get it? Closing Camps Won’t Solve Kenya’s Refugee Problem US Defense Secretary in Israel US Defense Secretary in Israel Home prices are climbing alright, but not for the reason you might think Shoeshops, tailors, TV repairs: a photographic homage to Melbourne's vanishing small businesses is a form of time travel Nepali migrant worker goes home after spending 40 years in the Indian prison system G7 Foreign Ministers statement on Ukraine The Chat: our readers weigh in on flexible work, emergency responses and more Why China's attempts to stifle foreign media criticism are likely to fail Double trouble: floods and COVID-19 have merged to pose great danger for Timor-Leste Not wiped out. Even after the collapse of Greensill, there's time to save Whyalla The Chat: flexible work, emergency responses and more US Defense Secretary in Israel Canada's COVID-19 child-care plan must start with investing in early childhood educators NFT performance art: Corporations could capitalize on protest COVID-19 has been much harder on those who already had anxiety and financial issues ACC’s policy of not covering birth injuries is one more sign the system is overdue for reform Curious Kids: how and when did Mount Everest become the tallest mountain? And will it remain so? Resistance to raising the minimum wage reflects obsolete economic thinking We're creating 'humanized pigs' in our ultraclean lab to study human illnesses and treatments The One: could DNA tests find our soulmate? We study sex and sexuality — and think the idea is ridiculous More kids are being diagnosed with ADHD for borderline (yet challenging) behaviours. Our new research shows why that’s a worry Climate change is a security threat the government keeps ignoring. We'll show up empty handed to yet another global summit The best hope for fairly distributing COVID-19 vaccines globally is at risk of failing. Here's how to save it Especially after COVID-19, Canadians need better financial literacy and teachers can help North Korea’s Leader Warns of Famine Northern Ireland: how to understand the influence of paramilitary groups We studied the DNA of African and Asian leopards and found big differences between the two Polluting SUVs will be on roads for the next two decades – what should we do with them? A nutrition report card for Americans: Dark clouds, silver linings Poor policies, not drivers, are to blame for Ghana’s road transport miseries How climate insecurity could trigger more conflict in Somalia Nigerian icon Fela is long overdue for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame How large miners and states stifle local capital and innovation in DR Congo Will summer slow the spread of COVID-19? New research sheds light COVID-19 might encourage more people with working holiday visas to apply for Canadian permanent residency Europe must push Joe Biden’s 'alliance of democracies' Brazil: Remove Miners from Indigenous Amazon Territory Victims of Sudan Crackdown on Protests Await Justice Shopping anxiety after COVID: a simple piece of tech could help lure customers back to high streets MLB's decision to drop Atlanta highlights the economic power companies can wield over lawmakers – when they choose to What inspired digital nomads to flee America's big cities may spur legions of remote workers to do the same Write ill of the dead? Obits rarely cross that taboo as they look for the positive in people's lives Derek Chauvin trial: 3 questions America needs to ask about seeking racial justice in a court of law Northern Ireland, born of strife 100 years ago, again erupts in political violence How many states and provinces are in the world? Astrocyte cells in the fruit fly brain are an on-off switch that controls when neurons can change and grow Post-COVID recovery plans must centre around care work – here's why Northern Ireland: the politics behind the riots Generation Z: when it comes to behaviour, not all digital natives look alike Have introverts really fared better in lockdown? Care homes: why investment firms can be bad owners The ebb and flow of COVID-19 vaccine support: what social media tells us about Australians and the jab New AstraZeneca advice is a safer path, but it's damaged vaccine confidence. The government must urgently restore it If I could go anywhere: Boughton House, ‘the English Versailles’ and its shimmering treasures Samoa's stunning election result: on the verge of a new ruling party for the first time in 40 years Iran Calls Natanz Blackout ‘Nuclear Terrorism’ In Latin America, mental health can only be achieved through collective memory The truth about the Ankara “sofagate, by Thierry Meyssan Cyclone Seroja just demolished parts of WA – and our warming world will bring more of the same Iran Calls Natanz Blackout ‘Nuclear Terrorism’ Cyclone Seroja last night demolished parts of WA – and our warming world will bring more of the same Australia is failing to recognise an urgent need: recruiting more Chinese-Australians into public service New Zealand’s new housing policy is really just a new tax package — and it’s a shambles If I could go anywhere: Japanese art island Chichu, a meditation and an education Has a backlash against political correctness made sexual misbehaviour more acceptable? Yuri Gagarin's boomerang: the tale of the first person to return from space, and his brief encounter with Aussie culture More coal-fired power or 100% renewables? For the next few decades, both paths are wrong 'She's a slut': sexual bullying among girls contributes to cultural misogyny. We need to take it seriously Indigenous scholars struggle to be heard in the mainstream. Here's how journal editors and reviewers can help As Australia's vaccination bungle becomes clear, Morrison's political pain is only just beginning Jamaica's spate of femicides raises perennial questions about the influence of dancehall music How we mapped billions of trees in West Africa using satellites, supercomputers and AI Myanmar crackdown intensifies as air strikes lead to more killings and displacement Jewish scholars defend the right to academic freedom on Israel/Palestine Writing from 130 years ago shows we're still dealing with the same anti-Asian racism Fact or fiction: Debunking 4 common myths about ticks AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine FAQ: Why do the age recommendations keep changing? Does it cause VIPIT blood clots? Is it effective against variants? Blockchain could play an important role in future agriculture and food security How women are locked out of Nigeria's construction industry South African case study sheds light on how vaccine manufacturing can be developed Why girls continue to experience violence at South African schools Sexuality education in Ghana's schools: some answers to 'when' and 'what' Archaeology in West Africa could rewrite the textbooks on human evolution Housing affordability is a problem. Here's why super-for-housing isn’t a solution Ten years after Bahrain's failed ‘Spring’, political detainees are suffering Hong Kong customs raids pro-democracy retail chain, sparking sympathy Hongkong Customs raids pro-democracy retail chain, sparking sympathy Unionist riots in Northern Ireland President Biden's National Security Strategy, by Thierry Meyssan Naval war between Israel and Iran Too hot, heading south: how climate change may drive one-third of doctors out of the NT Another Woman Killed in Scourge of Kyrgyzstan ‘Bride Kidnappings’ US: Congress Advances Slavery Reparations Bill Serbian freelancers protest new taxation law that threatens to push thousands into poverty Slander campaign threatens Serbian civil society and independent media Proof of new physics from the muon's magnetic moment? Maybe not, according to a new theoretical calculation Blood clot risks: comparing the AstraZeneca vaccine and the contraceptive pill Macedonians race to buy ‘Euro 2020′ sticker album for local footballers’ collection ‘Our homeland is where the money is': pragmatic citizenship in Tajikistan Americans adopted fewer pets from shelters in 2020 as the supply of rescue animals fell Lil Nas X's dance with the devil evokes tradition of resisting, mocking religious demonization Planning the best route with multiple destinations is hard even for supercomputers – a new approach breaks a barrier that's stood for nearly half a century New research shows South Africa's levy on sugar-sweetened drinks is having an impact What is mRNA? The messenger molecule that's been in every living cell for billions of years is the key ingredient in some COVID-19 vaccines 'Our ultimate choice is desegregation or disintegration' – recovering the lost words of a jailed civil rights strategist At what age are people usually happiest? New research offers surprising clues 3 ways music educators can help students with autism develop their emotions Viking DNA and the pitfalls of genetic ancestry tests Pandemic recovery will take more than soaring growth – to fuel a more equitable economy, countries need to measure the well-being of people, too Nikola Tesla: 5G network could realise his dream of wireless electricity, a century after experiments failed Pubs are reopening but research shows contact tracing still isn't working – here's how to fix it Sheepskin was used as an anti-fraud device in British legal documents for hundreds of years Antarctica's ice shelves are trembling as global temperatures rise – what happens next is up to us Post-pandemic travel: the trends we’ll see when the world opens up again Scottish election: Alex Salmond's Alba gamble could yet tip scales on second independence referendum ‘Explosive eruption confirmed’ at St. Vincent's La Soufrière volcano Chad: Internet shutdowns impeding freedom of expression Guinea : RSF and AIPS call for release of two imprisoned journalists Three ways RNA is being used in the next generation of medical treatment Five questions that need answering in a COVID public inquiry View from The Hill: Voters could wreak vengeance if Scott Morrison can't get rollout back on track Are vegan diets good for your heart? Concern is mounting about zombie companies: why that matters for the economic recovery Prince Philip dies: old-school European aristocrat and dedicated royal consort Prince Philip dies: his marriage to the Queen and their part in 1,000 years of European royal dynastic history We found methane-eating bacteria living in a common Australian tree. It could be a game changer for curbing greenhouse gases Kenyan activists intimidated as irked citizens stage online protest against IMF loans Russian peacekeepers deny foreign reporters access to Nagorno-Karabakh There's a long and devastating history behind the proposal for a nuclear waste dump in South Australia A balancing act between benefits and risks: making sense of the latest vaccine news Design makes a place a prison or a home. Turning 'human-centred' vision for aged care into reality Australia's bungled COVID vaccine rollout suffers another setback. Here's how we can get it back on track Australian vaccine rollout needs all hands on deck after the latest AstraZeneca news, mass vaccination hubs included Hunter Biden admits what US Secret Service had denied about him US: End Misguided Public Health Border Expulsions VIDEO: Michelle Grattan on the government's vaccine headache and sexual harassment response Vaccination alone will not provide full protection. When borders open, NZ will still be managing COVID-19 Here's why the Coalition favours optional preferential voting: it would devastate Labor The coronavirus pandemic has forced parents' hands on data collection and privacy issues AstraZeneca vaccine: what now for rollout in the UK and Europe? Curious Kids: What is the sky? How scientists are restoring boreal peatlands to help keep carbon in the ground Water being pumped into Tampa Bay could cause a massive algae bloom, putting fragile manatee and fish habitats at risk Biodiversity: we can map the biggest threats to endangered species in your local area Glitchy screens, ‘cat lawyers’ and hot mics: The perils of Zoom courts Anxious about going out into the world? You're not alone, but there's help Most Australians support First Nations Voice to parliament: survey Vital signs: to fix Australia's housing affordability crisis, negative gearing must go Phone wet and won't turn on? Here's how to deal with water damage (hint: soaking it in rice won't work) Pictures of COVID injections can scare the pants off people with needle phobias. Use these instead Friday essay: truth telling, Return to Uluru and reckoning with the sins of fathers Workplace whistleblowers deserve more protection than NZ's new law will deliver In an AI world we need to teach students how to work with robot writers Kenya's COVID-19 vaccine rollout has got off to a slow start: the gaps, and how to fix them Christof Heyns: South African scholar who left his mark on the world's human rights systems ‘Sacred forests’ in West Africa capture carbon and keep soil healthy Stockpiling munitions carries risks. The basic steps that can stop catastrophic explosions Women's pain is routinely underestimated, and gender stereotypes are to blame – new research Road building is supposed to cut congestion and boost the economy – my research suggests otherwise How we found hints of new particles or forces of nature – and why it could change physics Welfare dependency of foreign nationals during the pandemic: insights from Switzerland Syria: Government Stealing Opponents’ Land Chad: Pre-Election Crackdown on Opponents Minimize Civilian Harm in Eastern Ukraine Conflict UN Chief Should Support Remote Investigation in Xinjiang Algerians’ speech freedoms strained by media laws passed under COVID-19 pretext Women of colour endure discrimination in Austria's gynecological care Stop funding Myanmar’s generals, RSF tells 10 multinationals Beverly Cleary refused to teach kids how to be good -- and generations of young readers fell in love with her rebel Ramona White supremacy is the root of all race-related violence in the US Why you should expect more Suez-like supply chain disruptions and shortages at your local grocery store Bringing 'behavioral vaccines' to school: 5 ways educators can support student well-being Faith in numbers: Trump held steady among believers at the ballot – it was the nonreligious vote he lost in 2020 India prepares for Kumbh Mela, world's largest religious gathering, amid COVID-19 fears How worried should you be about coronavirus variants? A virologist explains his concerns Why young people feel safer talking about suicide online than in real life New setback for vaccine rollout, with AstraZeneca not advised for people under 50 How children are taking European states to court over the climate crisis – and changing the law Turkish university students ‘can't breathe’ under police brutality Company directors can't serve two masters: what went wrong at Australia Post What happens when your arts minister suffers from cultural cringe? The zombie company problem and what it means for our economies – podcast Grattan on Friday: Scott Morrison finds strong women can be tough players Ukraine: rapid escalation of conflict in 2014 has lessons for today The government's 'roadmap' for dealing with sexual harassment falls short. What we need is radical change What is thrombocytopenia, the rare blood condition possibly linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine? AstraZeneca's blood clot risk is incredibly small. Australia shouldn't follow the UK's lead of offering under 30s another vaccine Madrid's central mosque was bankrolling Al Qaeda British people have unusual views on inequality – new study Marine life is fleeing the equator to cooler waters. History tells us this could trigger a mass extinction event Passive vaping: an impending threat to bystanders How The Conversation’s journalism made a difference in March As international travellers return to Melbourne, will it be third time lucky for Victoria's controversial hotel quarantine system? With the government on the ropes, Anthony Albanese has a fighting chance 'Our dad's painting is hiding, in secret place': how Aboriginal rock art can live on even when gone Clean energy? The world’s demand for copper could be catastrophic for communities and environments From fireballs in the sky to a shark in the stars: the astronomical artistry of Segar Passi Canadians should be able to access dental care with a health card instead of a credit card Medical schools need to prepare doctors for revolutionary advances in genetics Counterterrorism Police ‘Clean Up’ After Tibetan Monk’s Death New Laws Further Stifle Freedom of Speech in Belarus Sustainability rankings don't always identify sustainable companies The ocean is becoming more stable – here's why that might not be a good thing Power imbalances are at the root of sexual harassment – but statements like Andrew Cuomo’s don't acknowledge that inconvenient fact Afghanistan: UN Should Ensure Women’s Full Role in Talks Income, age and obesity: South Asia's advantages in the COVID-19 pandemic For stateless and scattered Tibetans, a new online tool helps voters make an informed choice Handshakes and hugs are good for you – it's vital they make a comeback after the pandemic How to stop psychopaths and narcissists from winning positions of power Should cyberwar be met with physical force? Moral philosophy can help us decide How organisational culture affects business performance in Nigeria How insecurity affects the lives of everyone in the Niger Delta We discovered that whale and dolphin brains produce lots of heat. Why it matters The toll and toil it took to cleave the Suez Canal through the Egyptian desert Mentorship programmes in Kenya can make graduates more employable. Here's how one works How gratitude for nature can rein in your existential angst about climate change Sustainability rankings don't always identify ethical companies COVID-19 amplifies the complexity of disability and race COVID-19: men create more antibodies after asymptomatic infections and keep them for longer – new research Lacaton and Vassal: how this year's Pritzker prize could spark an architectural revolution Shamima Begum: what the media's fixation on her ‘western’ clothing means for Muslim women British people see geographical inequalities as most pressing – not gender or race Bacteria 'shuffle' their genetics around to develop antibiotic resistance on demand Netflix’s big bet on foreign content and international viewers could upend the global mediascape – and change how people see the world Technology innovation gives government leverage to drive down emissions fast – here's how Scientists need to become better communicators, but it's hard to measure whether training works Embrace the unexpected: To teach AI how to handle new situations, change the rules of the game Misunderstanding addiction breeds despair and suffering – and, for alleged Atlanta shooter, violence For autocrats like Vladimir Putin, ruthless repression is often a winning way to stay in power There's a surprising ending to all the 2020 election conflicts over absentee ballot deadlines No, the COVID-19 vaccine is not linked to the mark of the beast – but a first-century Roman tyrant probably is Vaccine guilt is good – as long it doesn’t stop you from getting a shot Building trust among parents and teachers is key to reopening schools Here's how to help your kids break out of their pandemic bubble and transition back to being with others Climate mapping can point to danger spots where new pest threatens Africa's cycads Foreign aid can help stem the decline of democracy, if used in the right way Corporation tax: why Janet Yellen's call for a global minimum rate is a bad move RSF laureates support jailed Vietnamese journalist Pham Doan Trang Australia urgently needs mass COVID vaccination hubs. But we need more vaccines first Where did Buddhism get its reputation for peace? The common cold might protect you from coronavirus – here's how How to Chart an Equitable Exit from the Pandemic Crime is rife on farms, yet reporting remains stubbornly low. Here's how new initiatives are making progress 4 key areas of cooperation for growing Indonesia and Gulf countries partnership Politics with Michelle Grattan: Stephen Duckett on what's gone wrong with the rollout JobKeeper and JobMaker have left too many young people on the dole queue Sub-Saharan Africa: The devastating impact of conflicts compounded by COVID-19 Intervention by Charles Michel after his meeting with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, by Charles Michel China’s Xinjiang-cotton debacle unleashed fierce patriotism and ethnic policy support Perfecting self-driving cars – can it be done? Is Malcolm Turnbull the only Liberal who understands economics and climate science – or the only one who'll talk about it? Tenderness, desire and politics: William Yang's work is a portrait of a life well lived 'Potential for harm': Microsoft to make US$22 billion worth of augmented reality headsets for US Army The successor to JobKeeper can't do its job. There's an urgent need for JobMaker II Drug checking and an early warning network in Victoria could save lives: new coroner's report Defund the police? Instead, end toxic masculinity and ‘warrior cops’ On the road again: here's how the states can accelerate Australia's sputtering electric vehicle transition New research documents the severity of LGBTQA+ conversion practices — and why faith matters in recovery Targeted texts and peer support: how smarter health care can cut costs and help Australians with chronic conditions She-Oak and sunlight: 'the best feelgood show I have seen since COVID' 3D-printed organs could save lives by addressing the transplant shortage Women empowerment and peer support in the wine industry: community and resilience Vape sellers are using popular music videos to promote e-cigarettes to young people – and it's working Yes, there is structural racism in the UK – COVID-19 outcomes prove it Managing retreat: why New Zealand is drafting a new law to enable communities to move away from climate risks China’s support for Xinjiang-made cotton unleashes fierce patriotism and questions the moral position of Western brands Former opposition leader Tony Leon pushes South Africa's hot buttons in new book Horses can recognise themselves in a mirror -- new study How the gig economy finally went into retreat South Africa's higher education funding system can be more realistic without betraying ideals Social media users in Kenya and South Africa trust science, but still share COVID-19 hoaxes Cuts to UK research funding threaten critical human rights projects across the world Why domestic abuse is such a difficult subject for churches Cognitive behavioural therapy: we discovered a data gap on its effectiveness for different ethnic groups Perfecting self-driving cars - can it be done? A year into the pandemic, COVID-19 exercise slump has hit women harder How the COVID-19 pandemic may have changed university teaching and testing for good Jamaicans agonise, politicians seek solutions after another young woman is killed What a possible new breakthrough at Cern could reveal about the structure of the universe View from The Hill: Morrison to ministers: don't stir the states An interactive visual database for American Sign Language reveals how signs are organized in the mind The 17th-century cloth merchant who discovered the vast realm of tiny microbes – an appreciation of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Sports remain hostile territory for LGBTQ Americans The US is worried about its critical minerals supply chains – essential for electric vehicles, wind power and the nation's defense Sea level rise is killing trees along the Atlantic coast, creating 'ghost forests' that are visible from space Caste in India: 'blind recruitment' for the civil service won't fix the system Thierry Henry quits social media and calls for platforms to act against racist online attacks RSF decries arbitrary blocking of two CAR news websites A quarantine-free trans-Tasman bubble opens on April 19, but 'flyer beware' remains the reality of pandemic travel What's the new coronavirus variant in India and how should it change their COVID response? Lockdown mental fatigue rapidly reversed by social contact, study finds Climate explained: rising carbon emissions (probably) won't make the Earth uninhabitable Scientists invent home COVID-19 test using coffee machine capsules Wakefield — new ABC series looks at mental health and treatment from the inside out Facebook data breach: what happened and why it's hard to know if your data was leaked Drugs could soon be decriminalised in the ACT. Here's why that would be a positive step Lebanon: Refugees, Migrants Left Behind in Vaccine Rollout Cambodia: ‘Stop Covid-19’ System Raises Privacy Concerns The paradox of going contactless is that we're more in love with cash than ever 75 years after nuclear testing in the Pacific began, the fallout continues to wreak havoc A batshit experiment: bones cooked in bat poo lift the lid on how archaeological sites are formed Hostage to fortune: why Westpac could struggle to find the right buyer for its NZ subsidiary How did humans evolve, and will we evolve more? Myanmar's brutal military was once a force for freedom – but it's been waging civil war for decades New COVID variants have changed the game, and vaccines will not be enough. We need global 'maximum suppression' Half of global methane emissions come from aquatic ecosystems – much of this is human-made Please, no more questions about how we are going to pay off the COVID debt Doritos, duckies and disembodied feet: how tragedy and luck reveals the ocean's hidden highways The media is overhyping early detection tests, and this may be harming the healthy We asked two experts to watch The Father and Supernova. These new films show the fear and loss that come with dementia 'It's not about you': how to be a male ally Why cities planning to spend billions on light rail should look again at what buses can do Snooze blues? How using your favourite song as an alarm can help you wake up more alert Open science can help accelerate – and protect – high-quality research in low-income countries Ontario's ‘choice’ of fully online school would gamble on children for profit What employers can learn from the NBA about returning to work amid COVID-19 Indigenous women, transgender and Two-Spirit people need support when leaving prison Ghanaian digital activist pushes for more online visibility for the Dagbani language Open judicial season on Moroccan journalists How did humans evolve, and will they evolve more? A pandemic lesson: Older adults need to go back to their doctor and make preventive care a top priority Free college programs can enable more students to go to college, but it all depends on how the program is designed 1 in 3 college students face food insecurity – expanding SNAP benefits on campus will help stave off hunger Today's global economy runs on standardized shipping containers, as the Ever Given fiasco illustrates The US needs a macrogrid to move electricity from areas that make it to areas that need it How social media turns online arguments between teens into real-world violence Curious Kids: How are languages formed? Cameroon: Boko Haram Attacks Escalate in Far North Israeli phone hacking firm stops sales to Belarus and Russia South Africa bottom of the class for road safety? Here’s why this isn’t true Long-term care for the aged in Ghana is on the back burner. Here is how to change it Lessons from the past: protecting women and girls from violence during COVID-19 The way Nigeria selects vice-chancellors is deeply flawed. But it can be fixed The great movie scenes: Bernardo Bertolucci broke the rules to skewer fascism in The Conformist As unis eye more ‘Instagram-worthy’ campus experiences, they shouldn't treat online teaching as a cheap and easy option Curious Kids: why do people like to kiss? Do other animals kiss? Why are Australians so accepting of hotel quarantine? A long history of confining threats to the state Curbs on press freedom come with a cost, new research reveals How your doctor describes your medical condition can encourage you to say 'yes' to surgery when there are other options Floodplains aren't separate to a river — they're an extension of it. It's time to change how we connect with them Afua Cooper: My 30-year effort to bring Black studies to Canadian universities is still an upward battle Men who identify as feminists are having more — and more varied — sex Space mining is not science fiction, and Canada could figure prominently Anti-Asian violence: Mental health check-ins on your friends isn’t enough Digital resources are the key to saving the ‘definitely endangered’ Nepalbhasa language How Carla Zampatti pioneered wearable yet cosmopolitan clothes for women, and became a fashion icon ‘Aurat March’ organizers face intimidation and threats of prosecution in Pakistan Can the Eurovision Song Contest change Russia's views on migrants from Central Asia? Baseball stadiums are filling up – but an analysis of the NFL’s 2020 season holds a warning about COVID-19 case spikes US Rescinds ICC Sanctions You can fly! CDC says fully vaccinated people can travel safely within the US Bert Rose, pioneer of Jamaica’s independence-era dance movement, dies at 81 What baseball can learn about COVID-19 case spikes and crowd size from the NFL’s 2020 season You can fly! You can fly! You can fly! CDC says vaccinated people can take to the skies again, but the agency is not saying you should do so Turkey Resumes its Crackdown on Student Protesters Belarus banned from 2021 Eurovision contest for controversial song lyrics Journalists threatened with imprisonment under Turkey’s terrorism law Harsh new crackdown on journalists in Belarus Biden wants corporations to pay for his $2 trillion infrastructure plans, echoing a history of calls for companies to chip in when times are tough Latina organizer: The word we need is ‘Thrive’ not ‘Survive’ Investigative reporter’s car sabotaged in Brittany America gets a D+ for school infrastructure - but federal COVID relief could pay for many repairs 5 ways parents can help children with the 'new' math For Black cowboys – from inner-city Philly to small-town Texas – horses and riding are a way of life 60 years after Bay of Pigs, New York Times role – and myth – made clear Should there be a limit on how much debt a young person takes on? The situation at the US-Mexico border is a crisis – but is it new? Unwanted weight gain or weight loss during the pandemic? Blame your stress hormones Biden wants corporations to pay for his $2 trillion infrastructure plan Human rights groups warns European leaders before Turkey summit Moroccan authorities urged to free Sahrawi journalist on hunger strike Botched coup in Niger points to deep fissures in the country Myanmar: Hundreds Forcibly Disappeared Connecting the dots: ‘Motus’ programme uses technology to track migrating birds in the Caribbean Covid-19 : failure of the Western approach New York State Passes Important Legislation for Justice US Court Rules for Safety in Meatpacking New York States Passes Important Legislation for Justice How will our bodies be put back together? What about those eaten by cannibals? A brief history of Christian resurrection beliefs Why Johnson & Johnson throwing out 15 million COVID-19 vaccine doses shouldn't scare you CBD, marijuana and hemp: What is the difference among these cannabis products, and which are legal? Race commission report: the rights and wrongs 6 ways to teach kindergarten kids to deal with stress during COVID-19, whether learning online or at school 'Godzilla vs. Kong': Monster movies evoke adventure but also 'dangers' of tropics It is risen: the story of resurrection ferns and my late colleague who helped discover them in Australia Vital Signs: swaps, options and other derivatives aren't just for the financial elite Meet the Egyptian spiny mouse: this menstruating rodent may help us understand human pregnancy Sexuality education can counter what kids learn from porn, but some teachers fear backlash when tackling 'risky' topics We tracked antisemitic incidents in Australia over four years. This is when they are most likely to occur Is that a good egg? How chocolate makers rate on social and environmental measures What COVID-19 vaccine side effects might I expect? Britain's betting on buses – but how far will boosting services reduce carbon emissions? 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