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RCMP reveals a new uniform -- a Muslim hijab!

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by Ezra Levant

According to leaked information obtained by The Rebel, the RCMP is set to unveil a new uniform, featuring a hijab, the sharia-compliant Muslim head covering for women.

This news was leaked to us by people within the RCMP concerned about the inherent sexism of using a symbol of the oppression of Muslim women, as an official symbol of Canada’s secular police force.

There are other obvious issues besides sexism — like the religious and political meaning of the hijab. It's a symbol of political Islam, like a flag, to show that Islam inhabits once-secular offices of the state.

The RCMP now endorses sexism. The Muslim hijab suggests women must be covered in public, and that any women who aren't covered in public are haram — that is, dirty. That’s what a hijab means — unlike non-hijabbed women, they’re halal, or clean.

A hijab is about social ranking. Women are lower than men. But women without hijabs are lower than those with them. This is now part of the RCMP’s doctrine.

The Koran does not prescribe a hijab. That is a political statement, a fashion popularized by the Ayatollahs of Iran and the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia. Only white, western liberals think it’s being tolerant to accept it in a secular institution like a police force to begin with.

Separation of church and state. We’ve heard that phrase forever. But what about the separation of mosque and state?

Imagine any crime that has a sharia component — from wife-beating; to alcohol or gambling crimes, to of course terrorism recruitment. If you’re taking a political stand for political Islam, if you’re dressing in a sharia-compliant way, are you enforcing Queen Elizabeth’s laws, or Mohammed’s?

This is too far. This isn’t what Canada looks like. In Canada, we’re all equal before the law. This isn’t even a religious symbol, it’s a political symbol.

If you’re fed up, sign the petition and help us fight back.

Jan. 14, 2016

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