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Classic Aussie cinema and new twists on old classics: our picks of December streaming

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par Ari Mattes, Lecturer in Communications and Media, University of Notre Dame Australia
Emma Maguire, Lecturer in English and Writing, James Cook University
Erin Harrington, Senior Lecturer in English and Cultural Studies, University of Canterbury
Lisa French, Professor & Dean, School of Media and Communication, RMIT University
Megan Nash, Casual Academic, School of Art, Communication and English, University of Sydney
Stephen Gaunson, Associate Professor in Cinema Studies, RMIT University
Stuart Richards, Lecturer in Screen Studies, University of South Australia
At a time when it feels like it can be impossible to keep up with all the different streaming platforms – both in time and in money – the appearance of a new platform that breaks through the noise is something remarkable.

Three of our critics’ picks this month aren’t brand-new releases, but they are new to streaming on Brollie, the new platform from Umbrella Films.

Brollie is advertising supported, and so free to watch, and has an emphasis on classic Australian cinema – great to see if that one film you’ve always…The Conversation

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