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Regard sur nous et ouverture sur le monde
Indépendant et neutre par rapport à toute orientation politique ou religieuse,® vise à promouvoir les grands principes démocratiques sur lesquels repose la tolérance.

A story for every place, not jobs and growth: Revive reflects global trends in policy – cultural and otherwise

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par Justin O'Connor, Professor of Cultural Economy, University of South Australia
Federal Labor is engaged in urgent reform, making up for the “lost decade” under the Coalition. The Voice, industrial relations, climate change, universities, health, Asian-Pacific diplomacy, research and development are all undergoing significant policy review. We can now add the new National Cultural Policy, dubbed Revive.

The reference points since the launch of the policy have been Whitlam and Keating, both for their reforming energies and their love of the arts. But it…The Conversation

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