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Gig economy: ride-hailing and takeaway firms may not survive the cost of living crisis

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par John Colley, Professor of Practice, Associate Dean, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick
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They rose to great heights but have been falling back hard. The share prices of companies in the so-called gig economy have been performing abysmally, even compared to the woes of stock markets in general. This dates back some 18 months though it has intensified since last autumn.

Uber, known for ride-hailing and takeaway food delivery, is now valued at US$49 billion (£39 billion) compared to US$125 billion-plus in early 2021. DoorDash, a US takeaway delivery firm, is down to US$28 billion from nearly US$90 billion over the same period.

Just Eat, which delivers takeaway…The Conversation

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