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Turks cannot face the turth, therefore they have to accuse others to cover up the truth

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by Zareh Sahakian

There is a good reason why Reporters Without Borders are condemning the decision by the Turkish authorities to ban a program that dares to discuss the Armenian Genocide.

And since Turks who cannot bring themselves to face the reality of the Genocide they ban anything that goes against the truth thus exposing the lie in claiming their openness to discuss the shameful episode in the latter days of the Ottoman Empire. It also says a great deal in the claims of Turkish Prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan who claims with certainty that Armenian genocide is a lie, verdict that precedes his own "willingness" to deal with this issue with a so-called historic commission that would presumably have his "approval".

In the said program the mere appearance of individuals like the so-called historian Yusuf Halacoglu, a well-known and archetypical falsifier representing the Turkish government, is enough to realize the quality of the debate and with whom Mr. Nishanian has to deal with in a so-called debate. If Mr. Nishanian discarded the "proof" produced by such manipulator of history, he has a very good reason in doing so. Mr. Halacoglu has long been discredited even by his own countrymen, he was fired as the head of the Turkish Historical Society for the outrageous lengths he went to fabricate lies to deny the Armenian Genocide.

As for Mr. Kirlikovali, all one has to do is google his name to realize that this person practices what he accuses Armenians of doing. He is openly a racist anti-Armenian operator who has made his life-long mission to spew hatred and intolerance towards Armenians all over who do not share his twisted views. He has the gall to talk about tolerance.

Zareh Sahakian

The son of a survivor from the Armenian Genocide.

June 30, 2010

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