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Why The Trump Movement Won

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B.A. Sciences poliitques

Donald Trump has won this election because Americans desperately wanted change happening. This election was about a referendum on the Obama Presidency.  Republicans have been successful in criticizing the current administration reforms such as the Obamacare. Besides, Republicans condemn Obama`s foreign policies, especially in the Middle East.

Therefore, Trump reflects the anger of many towards the current economic and social direction of America. Trump supporters are fed up of politicians and they think that politicians had their chances to fix problems in Washington. As a result, they now think that professional business managers, like Trump, could be better fit to lead America to a new prosperous direction. Hence, Americans no longer believe in experienced politicians as actors of positive chance.

Besides, Americans seem to favour isolationism by no longer supporting international free trade agreements. Trump is strongly against NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Several people are against free trade deals because they feel that these treaties favour the transfer of U.S. jobs overseas. Thus, people are concerned about limited economic opportunities and they feel that they could earn more money if they could get rid of some trade deals. As a result, The Trump presidency would be a challenge for the Trudeau Government because Canada highly depends on U.S. free trade. Thus, the Trump Administration would have to work very hard to make sure that its economic policies favour both America and its economic partners.

In addition, Trump greatly benefited from media exposure which allowed him to be known by the public. Trump was making the news headlines on a daily basis which greatly increased his popularity. For that reason, Trump is a very effective communicator and his speeches have successfully convinced many electors that America needed change. On election night, Donald Trump pledged to every citizen of America that he will be president for everyone.

Finally, this election is about drastic changes moving towards conservatism and economic isolationism. Trump greatly benefited from the popular disapproval towards the establishment. Furthermore, Trump`s message that politicians could not bring positive change to society had been very well received among the Republican electors. This business person told everyone that America could dream of a brighter future by putting America`s interests first.  Consequently, Trump`s message allowed Republican to win the presidency and a majority of seats in the Congress. Nevertheless, this very unconventional election greatly divided the U.S. nation between the supporters of the Obama`s legacy and a new conservative movement, between Democrats and Republicans…

Nov. 10, 2016

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Yannick B. Vallee
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Yannick B. Vallee est diplômé en sciences politiques de l'Université Bishop's, au Québec.

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