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A new way to celebrate : eco-friendly weddings

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I’ve gone to many weddings in my life. I guess it’s normal – you reach a certain age and it becomes part of your life. A few times a year, you get dressed nicely, you try to look your best and you go into what promises to be a night of food, drink and merriment. Weddings have strong symbolic significance for many and are often rife with tradition – which is why, when I found out about eco-friendly weddings, I knew I had to investigate further. It turns out, as concern for the environment has become more prevalent, so too, have eco-friendly weddings become an option for couples worldwide. I realized that there are people out there for whom it is important to celebrate their union in the most socially and environmentally conscious manner possible. I soon discovered that there exists a whole slew of ways in which to make your wedding more environmentally friendly, such as sending email invitations in lieu of the classical paper ones in order to save paper. I found out about an attempt in Nanjing, China, to have as many eco-friendly weddings as possible by the end of 2008 so as to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.
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