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Canada. Student enrolment in schools downCanada. High school dropout rate declinesCanada. Student employment rate downCanada. Student tuition fees up20% of Canadian teenagers no longer pursue a formal educationCanada's Budget 2010 does not recognize students' needs, says major student organizationCanada. Health Minister provides funding to anti-tobacco projectCanada. Universities and affiliated teaching hospitals report $52 million as income from intellectual propertyCanada. School Enrolment DownA difficult start to the summer for Canadian studentsCanada. Student debt: Loans Exceed $ 20.000Canada. Women Graduates Outnumber MenAtlantic Canada. Dropout Rates among College Students are Overstated : StatsCanCulture of Tolerance Discussed at Dialogue of Cultures ForumEducation Dropouts. Quebec and Alberta Students Most Likely to Leave SchoolPutting an End to Indifference and RacismParis on Two WheelsWorrying About the Environment: A Passing Trend or Here To Stay?Vanier Students Discuss Issues that affect Canadian Youth : Diversity, Multiculturalism, ConsumerismMulticulturalism in the New Millennium: Does it Reinforce Unity or Exacerbate Differences ?Genocide: Never Again?Expressing Femininity in the 21st Century Means Being Beautiful and Sexy All the Time!Being Gay or Lesbian in College or University: Light and ShadowsThe War in Lebanon: Jewish and Arab Students Reflect on Their RelationsDawson College Shootings: The Experience of Two Emergency WorkersBeing Observant When It's Fashionable to be AtheistLearning to Live with Religious Diversity in QuébecGrowing Up Together in Quebec: Muslim Students Speak OutMuslim Girls Talk About Life on CampusNew Approaches to Interreligious DialogueBeing Catholic Today, or How to Resist ConformismDefusing Religious Tensions