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Yannick Vallée's Column
By Yannick B. Vallee
B.A. Political Science
Yannick B. Vallee is a political scientist who recently graduated from Bishop’s University (Quebec, Canada) in the BA program of political science. He also has a college degree of Business Administration with a specialization in marketing. Nowadays,  he specializes in American, Canadian, and Japanese Politics. He also studies Asian foreign policy with special interest on Japan and its influence in Asia. He has a keen interest in American and Canadian history.
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By Yannick B. Vallee, B.A. Political Science, Member of®
Since 1945, nuclear weapons have been used as a strategy of nuclear deterrence which has meant nuclear powers have not waged war against each other for fear of mutual assured destruction. Thus, modern peace and stability can be maintained through this concept of MAD. However, MAD is a Cold War concept of deterrence that only applies to nuclear powers, not to the non-nuclear power of Ukraine. Nowadays, the Ukrainian War challenges humankind as a whole for fear that several nuclear powers could participate in this war which could degenerate into nuclear warfare. NATO has three nuclear powers among its members and Russia is the supreme nuclear state with the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. Vladimir Putin threatens to use nuclear weapons if NATO nations dare to intervene in the Ukrainian War. This military situation is a source of concern because Russia could escalate the conflict to a nuclear war that could threaten humankind. Still, the U.S. and NATO nations can stop some of the Russian ICBM missiles, but the true effectiveness of these ICBM defence systems still remains unclear. (Full Story)
By Yannick B. Vallee, B.A. Political Science, Member of®
Nowadays, Russia is a pariah state ruled by a tyrant. Russia used to have a good economy before waging war against the free and democratic nation of Ukraine. Almost all members of the United Nations condemned Russia’s barbaric war in Ukraine. There have been several reports of war crimes and the International court currently investigates alleged crimes commited in Ukraine. However, Ukraine needs more time for the economic sanctions to work and for  NATO members to find a way to bring the Vladimir Putin regime down and prevent an other war, As a result, Ukrainian President Zelensky has to sign a peace treaty with Vladimir Putin in order to prevent an escalation of the war. For that reason, Zelensky must know what are Putin’s negotiating techniques and how to get the best possible peace treaty. There are rumours of a secret proposal between Moscow and Kyiv waiting for Zelensky’s final approval. (Full Story)
By Yannick B. Vallee, B.A. Political Science, Member of®
In 1993, the Russian Federation adopted a new constitution through a national referendum allowing democracy and capitalism for the first time in Russia. This piece of legislation was inspired by Mikhail Speransky’s constitutional project and the current French constitution. Modern Russia was created following the fall of the authoritarian Soviet Union. The 1993 Constitution defines Russia as a democratic and federative republic based on the rule of law. However, Yeltsin felt the need to strengthen the presidential powers under his first term in office in order to avoid any attempt of political coup. These super presidential powers will backfire years later with the arrival of Vladimir Putin who centralizes most of the government powers around his presidential office.  (Full Story)
By Yannick B. Vallee, B.A. Political Science, Member of®
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing the decisive test of his premiership with the management of the pandemic. Justin Trudeau defines this challenge as the ¨fight of a generation¨. The Prime Minister pleas to Canadians to actively participate in this war against COVID 19. For instance, he wants Canadians wear masks to protect themselves and others. This is a major tool because the virus spreads mainly through aerosols. Besides, the Trudeau government has secured vaccine candidates to have a national vaccination to end the pandemic in Canada and throughout the World. The Trudeau government has a strong plan to have sustainable economy to go through these tough times. No one will be left behind, thanks to changes in the unemployment insurance program improved to respond to the needs of people affected by the current events. (Full Story)
By Yannick B. Vallee, B.A. Political Science, Member of®
The Canadian nation has fought many battles like the Great War, the Spanish Flu, World War 2, and the Korean War. Canadians are fighters; they inherited this quality from the United Kingdom and France. The novel coronavirus outbreak is the greatest challenge for Canada since World War 2. This new virus is extremely infectious and it can be deadly for some people with underlying health conditions. Canada has work with other nations to contain the virus in order to slow down the contagion. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the nation: ¨this is a global challenge. To keep Canadians safe and restart our economy, we need to defeat this virus not just within our borders, but wherever it is found. That’s how we’ll beat COVID-19 for good.¨ As a result, the Trudeau government partners with other nations in order to overcome the gigantic challenges with this pandemic. The Canadian strategy is to contain and to stop the virus within Canadian borders and elsewhere. Nevertheless, there are different inconsistencies in the crisis management between different regions of the nation. Canada should invoke the National Emergencies Act to take proper actions to stop the spread of the virus in regions that could not like Quebec and Ontario. As well, the government should make a ¨war cabinet¨ made up of senior ministers, indigenous leaders, and provincial premiers to better coordinate an effective and efficient national response to COVID 19. On the other hand, the national government greatly supported financial needs of Canadians through transfer payments to people and businesses. Yet, only the widespread availability of a vaccine will solve this health crisis. For that reason, Canada needs to build more vaccine factories to increase its manufacturing capacity of vaccines. (Full Story)

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