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SLAV - Robert Lepage's Reaction Fewer than half of Canadians have Confidence in the Media Author and Editor, Victor Teboul, Ph.D., to speak at the Arab World Festival of Montreal Oslo. Anders Behring Breivik's Video manifesto Son of Hamas founder invited to speak in Montreal by Jewish organization Canadian travel to overseas countries rise Canada. New motor vehicles sales up Brief update. Paul and Rachel Chandler are finally free 29 Chinese sailors sea-jacked by alleged Somali Pirates Canada. Government revenue attributable to tourism activities down UPDATE - ANOTHER YACHT TRAGEDY IN SOMALIA Canada. Weekly earnings of non-farm payroll employees rise Canada. Consumer prices rise Immigration. Canada will crack down on illegal migrants British NGO consultant freed in Somalia Canada. Investment in non-residential building construction up Finance. Significant foreign investment in Canadian bonds Canada. Manufacturing sales up Canada's merchandise exports rise New Housing Price Index up H1N1. Only 41% of Canadians received vaccination Panama-flagged MT ASPAHALT VENTURE was seized today Canada's population up Canada. Average weekly earnings of non-farm payroll employees up Canada. Employment Insurance beneficiaries down Canada. Consumer prices rise Canada. Calgary has highest median total family income Canada. New motor vehicles sales up Canada's net foreign debt edges up Canada. Employment up GREEK BULKER ESCAPED UNHARMED PIRATE STAND-OFF ON GERMAN OWNED CONTAINER-VESSEL SOLVED WITHOUT SHOTS BY U.S. MARINES BULGARIAN TANKER FREED BY SOMALI PIRATES Canada. Market value of employer-sponsored pension funds up Canada. New Housing Price Index (NHPI) down Canada's trade deficit with the world widens GREEK CHEMICAL TANKER SEA-JACKED IN PROTECTED GULF OF ADEN CORRIDOR Hindus & Jews concerned at dismantling plan of Roma settlements in Rome Canada. Public sector employment down Canada. Net revenue from government-run gambling industry: $13.75 billion Operating profits for Canadian corporations down Italy's Interior Minister praises France's crackdown on Roma people Canada. Consumer prices rise Canada. EI Beneficiaries up I have been forced to pull out of Montreal - Sharapova PROTESTERS TO RALLY AGAINST ARRIVAL OF TAMIL MIGRANTS Iran : Hey Ayatollah, Leave those kids alone! and Pink Floyd's remake Canada. New Housing Price Index (NHPI) rises Syrian Sugar Ship Surprisingly Freed By Somali Pirates Syrian Sugar Vessel Seized by Somali Pirates from Protected Shipping Corridor in the Gulf of Aden Canada. Earnings of non-farm payroll employees up Canada. Real gross domestic product up Canada. Younger adults over-represented in criminal courts. Canada. By retirement age, 75% of households are homeowners Canadians report they are in good health Canada. Employment rate for seniors increased between 1996 and 2006 Travel to Canada by foreign residents down Police-reported crime in Canada continues to decline TWO SHIPS AND CREWS RELEASED BY SOMALI PIRATES AGAINST RANSOM Canada. New motor vehicles sales up Canada. Manufacturing sales up for 8th time Canada. Increase in the number of university graduates Canada. Student enrolment up Canada's merchandise exports rise Television. Financial picture varies across various segments of the industry Canada. Employment up David Johnston: Canada' Governor General Designate Canada. New Housing Price Index Up Rycycling available to most Canadians Canada. Building permits down Act to Establish Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 Receives Royal Assent GREEK TANKER SEA-JACKED AT STRATEGIC POSITION BY SOMALI SHIFTA Royal visit to Canada could cost taxpayers $1M or more per day Tourism spending in Canada up TANKER WITH TOXIC CHEMICAL SEA-JACKED IN PROTECTED GULF OF ADEN CORRIDOR Two-thirds of Canadian households live within five minutes of public transit Canada. Private residences most common sites for youth crime Canada. Police-reported dating violence on the rise Canada's population has surpassed the 34-million mark Canada. Workers with health problems most likely to retire before 65 Canada. Non-farm payroll employment rises Canada. Retail sales down Canada. Aboriginal people report poorer health Canada. Composite leading index up Travel to Canada by foreign residents down Finance. Non-residents resume their substantial acquisitions of Canadian securities Canada. Number of EI beneficiaries remains unchanged Canada. Wholesale sales decline Canada's net foreign debt rises Labour productivity of Canadian businesses rises Canada. Manufacturing sales up 4 million Canadians aged 12 and older suffered an activity-limiting injury in 2009 Canada. New motor vehicles sales down Canada. Hate crimes on the rise UK-Somali piracy. Flagged Vehicle-Carrier MV ASIAN GLORY Released Against Ransom Canadian industries. Production capacity on the rise Canada. Market value of employer-sponsored pension funds up Canada. New Housing Price Index (NHPI) up Canada's merchandise exports decline Canada. Number of non-permanent resident workers on the rise Canada. People in 25-44 age group most likely to leave large cities Canada. Population achieves higher ownership rates Canada. Value of builiding permits rises Canada. Employment up Piracy. MV RIM SAILS FREE AFTER SOMALI PIRATE SHOOT-OUT Flotilla attack: ''Commandos came down from helicopters and attacked the activists'' Canada. Public sector employment up Canada. Real gross domestic product up Israel shocks world: at least 10 dead in humanitarian flottila Piracy. Latest news: MSV AL BARARI freed with crew unharmed Canadians have shifted towards a diet which includes more fruits and vegetables Pleasure trips to Canada by foreign residents decline Canadian corporations mark third consecutive quarter of growth US Army attains 1 million hours of unmanned flight Canada's population to exceed 40 million by 2036 Canada. Non-farm payroll employment up The 24th Montreal Museums Day will take place on Sunday, May 30th 2010. Canada. Membership in registered pension plans on the rise Canada. Retail sales up Canada. Consumer prices rise Canada. Student enrolment down Canada. The composite leading index rises Canada. Number of EI beneficiaries down Canada. Wholesale sales up for the fourth time Canadian travel to the United States and overseas countries up Canada. Blood pressure higher among obese adolescents Canadian investment in foreign securities further strengthened in March Canada. Composite price index for non-residential building construction down Piracy. Sea-jacked British couple, Paul and Rachel Chandler, still held in Somalia. Canada. New motor vehicles sales down Canada. Manufacturing sales up Canada welcomed more than 500 000 new residents in 2009 Canada. Greenhouse gas emissions on the rise Canada. Aboriginal people experience sharp declines in employment Harper's government hands out $ 25 000 to the Gibelotte Festival Canada. New Housing Price Index (NHPI) up Canada's merchandise exports down Canada. Number of Internet users up Canadian holdings of foreign securities down Canada. Employment up Canada. Value of building permits increases Canada. Wholesale Services Price Index up Canada. Business outlook of Canadian hoteliers improves Canada. Sales for the food services and drinking places industry up Canada. Industrial Product Price Index down Canada. Real gross domestic product up Canada. Non-farm payroll employment up Canada. GDP fell in 2009 UN-backed group supports Somali Government’s peace overtures to rivals Turkey to host international donor conference on Somalia and piracy Canada. Retail sales up Canada. Consumer prices rise Canada. Mixed unions on the rise Travel to Canada from the US and overseas countries rises Obama's Pirate Executive Order Sparks Concerns With Shipping Lines NATO NAVY FORCES RELEASE OF PIRATED DHOW Canada. Manufacturing sales rise Canada. New motor vehicles sales up Canada. New Housing Price Index Up Canada's merchandise exports rise Cargo vessel captured near Seychelles is commandeered to Somalia Cargo vessel with China link captured near Seychelles by presumed Somali Pirates Canada. Retail commodity sales up Canada. Employment edges up U.S. and Oman Navy Rescue Indian Dhow from Somali Pirates - One Sailor Dead S.Korean Chemical Tanker Safely Arrives At Mombasa in Kenya Canada. Total hours worked by payroll employees on the rise Canada. Real gross domestic product up Canadian retailers' operating profits down Canada. Tourism spending up INDIAN VESSELS MUST STOP SMUGGLING FROM SOMALIA - Ecoterra Canada. Self-employment up UAE CARGO VESSEL FREED BY SOMALI PIRATES OFF SEYCHELLES Canada. 50% of tax filers participate in a private retirement savings plan Canada's population on the rise Somali Pirates capture second merchant vessel in 24h Canada. Number of EI beneficiaries down Canada. 41% of adults have a high cholesterol level FREED NORTH-KOREAN VESSEL ARRIVES IN MOMBASA Canada. Retail sales up Canada. Consumer prices rise Canada. Foreign investment in securities up Canada. Trips abroad down Canada. Wholesale sales rise Pirates Release Chemical Tanker off Somalia Canada. Market value of employer-sponsored pension funds up Labour productivity of Canadian businesses up Canada. Manufacturing sales rise Canada. National net worth edges up Basque tuna hauler escapes pirate attack in Indian Ocean Canada's net foreign debt up Canada. Employment rises Canada. New Housing Price Index Up Canada. Exports up Canada. Federal government's science and technology expenditures up Canada's population projections. Proportion of Canadians practising Christian religion on the decline Canadian assets under foreign control up Sea-jacked Norwegian Tanker arrives at coast TAIWANESE FISHING VESSEL WITH MAINLY RUSSIAN CREW FREED BY SOMALI PIRATES Strong Actions Recommended for Better Prevention of Radiological or Nuclear Attacks FREED MV NAVIOS APOLLON SAILS TO OMAN NATO says one of its destroyers has sunk a "pirate mothership" off the Somali coast Canada. Industrial Product Price Index (IPPI) and Raw Materials Price Index (RMPI) both rise Canada. Real gross domestic product (GDP) up Canada. Sales up in the food services Canada. Public sector employment up Canada. Investment in non-residential construction expected to rise Canada. Current account deficit on transactions with the rest of the world narrows Canada. Non-farm payroll employment up Canada. Wholesale Services Price Index (WSPI) up Canada. Composite leading index on the rise Canada. Number of Employment Insurance Beneficiaries downl NATO urges Russia to reverse decision to build a military base in Abkhazia Non-residents acquire $11.2 billion of Canadian securities Canada. Consumer prices rise Canada. Wholesale sales up Travel to Canada by foreign residents up Almost 5 Million Canadians suffer from hypertension “Iran attack option on the table” - U.S Army Chief Canada. Manufacturing sales up Ahmadinejad: Iran Now a ''Nuclear State'' Vancouver 2010. Canada welcomes athletes at Opening Ceremony of Olympic Winter Games Kenya’s removal of indigenous people from ancestral land ruled illegal H1N1: Absenteeisme declines Canada. New Motor Vehicle Sales Up Canada. Full-time personnel engaged in research up Canada. New Housing Price Index up TAIWANESE HORROR VESSEL FREED BY PIRATES OFF SOMALIA AFTER 10 MONTH ORDEAL Canada offers India know-how in combating terrorism Canada deeply disturbed by Iran’s decision Canada. Exports rise The Chandler Family ask that everyone respect their position at this difficult time Danish navy storms ship, frees 25 crew from Somali pirates Kenyan Seafarer From Illegal Taiwanese Vessel Dies in Tanzania Prison Sea-jacked LIBYAN VESSEL ARRIVES AT PIRATE LAIR Munich Security Conference : A "crystallization point" of security policy Canada. Employment Up Intelligence gathering : Hackers end up knowing quite a lot, warns Israeli General Canada. Building Permits Up Canadian hoteliers' business outlook less pessimistic MSV FAIZE OSAMANI FREED BY SOMALI PIRATES MV FILITSA RELEASED BY SOMALI PIRATES Chinese defense ministry lodges stern protest against U.S. arms sales to Taiwan Haiti. Unmanned Systems help earthquake aid Canada. Consumer Confidence Rises To Two-Year High Malawian leader chosen to chair AU PIRATES USE HOSTAGE SHIP FOR REFUELLING MISSION Charcoal Smuggling Ship Burns Out In Mogadishu Davos. Canada Urges Transparency and Adequate Financial Regulation Canada. Non-farm payroll employment drops Middle East : One of the World's most Robust Defense Markets Canadians face challenges of caring for an aging parent from a distance Haiti. Ministerial Preparatory Conference opens in Montreal Haiti agrees to evacuate Adopted Children to Canada Canada. Retail sales down Canada. The number of EI beneficiaries declines Haiti. U.S. Navy Second Fleet Responds Quickly Israel Taps SIGA Technologies' ST-246 to Combat Smallpox in Simulated Bioterror Attack Poland Defence Minister plans to move U.S. Patriots closer to Russian border Sweden urged to improve worsening health of its minorities Canada. Wholesale sales rise Canada. Travel to US increases Significant Decline in Fitness among Canadians Korea to Lead Multinational Naval Task Force GREEK-FLAGGED SUPERTANKER FREED IN SOMALIA Canada. 1.5 million employees absent from work as a result of the H1N1 or seasonal flu Canada. New motor vehicle sales down Malta's Catholics urged to treat all Religions Equally in Front of the Law Haiti. Carme Chacón offers Ashton Spain's help New EU mission to develop Horn of Africa coast guard Canada. Tourism spending up Solar eclipse 2010: Watch 'Ring of Fire' on Jan 15 Socialist proposes Bulgaria’s future EU commissioner to cope with Somali pirates issue Bulgaria’s future EU Collision between Japanese whaler, protest vessel creates waves in Japan and abroad Canada. The unemployment rate remains unchanged Canada to Bridge Mexico’s H1N1 Flu Vaccine Requirements Racial Profiling And Body Scanners Target Civil Liberties But Not Necessarily Terrorists No negotiations on UK-owned vessels yet Ukrainian president had ordered to bring sailors home Ukrainian sailors of Ariana finally arrive home Roma people of Europe still reportedly live in apartheid like conditions Israeli defense delegation departs for secret visit to India Canada’s 100 highest paid CEOs pocketed an average $7.3 million in 2008 Canada. The Industrial Product Price Index (IPPI) increased 1.0% Increased Security Checks raise Fears of Profiling based on Nationality Pakistan's Foreign Minister Mehmood Qureshi stresses Pakistan wants peace but no foreign pressure Church of Sweden commended for engaging youth in inter-religious dialogue Obama Condemns Terrorists U.S. Central Command Chief Puts Al-Qaida Threat in Yemen in Perspective Lithuanian troops enter standby in NATO Response Force and EU Battle Group United Arab Emirates request US sale of guided bombs Is Terrorism Returning to the United States? Hindus laud Finland national church for making inter-religious dialogue a priority US TASK FORCE LABELS TASERS ‘DEADLY WEAPONS’ Hindus urge Massachusetts schools for choice in studying of religious texts British Car Carrier Seized Off Somalia Freed Singapor-flagged Vessel en route to Mombasa GREEK BULKER SEA-JACKED BY SOMALI PIRATES OFF SEYCHELLES BRITISH CHEMICAL TANKER ABDUCTED OFF SOMALIA Singapore-flagged Boxship MV KOTA WAJAR freed in Somalia. Fate of British yacht-sailors not known 2009: Quietest year in the past decade for the area around the Gaza Strip, according to IDF TSUNAMI FIVE YEARS AGO KILLED 230,000 PEOPLE CHINESE MV DE XIN HAI FREED BY PIRATES IN SOMALIA 43 people presumed dead and 28,156 animals drown as cargo ship sinks Crew of illegal fishing vessel in safety Foreign Military Sale Opportunities in the Middle East Setting the Record Straight: No Justification for Piracy off the Coast of Somalia - U.S. State Department Somali Pirates Attack Indian Tanker Freed by Somali pirates Greek ship arrives at Mombasa Obama Signs 2010 Defense Budget Into Law Hindus urge Bosnia-Herzegovina for constitution reform Canada. Sales up in the food services and drinking places industry Canada. Real gross domestic product up Canada's population grows Canada. Non-farm payroll employment up Canada. Number of people receiving regular Employment Insurance benefits down Canada. Retail sales rise Canada. Gross domestic product (GDP) of the core non-profit sector up US General McChrystal Praises Canada’s Afghanistan Contributions Canada. Wholesale sales up Canadian household spending up Canadian securities continue to draw significant foreign investment Canada. Consumer prices rise A Somali girl participates in a beauty contest in Cairo Conflict in Somalia fuelling trafficking of girls Somali pirates and the hijacked Indian vessel Canada. Manufacturing sales up Travel by United States residents to Canada down Canada's Immigration Minister, Jason Kenney, Speaks Out Against Anti-Semitism The labour productivity of Canadian businesses down Canada. Market value of retirement savings up Canada. The composite leading index rises Canada New motor vehicle sales up Canada. Government spending on National Defence is twenty times that of federal Environment Department spending India Successfully Test Fires Nuclear-Capable 'Dhanush' Missile Police strength in Canada increases Canadian industries operate at 67.5% of their production capacity Canada's National Net Worth declines Russia successfully test launches Topol ICBM U.S. Air Force launches satellite to enhance military communications Was the Somali-Danish Citizen really the Suicide Bomber? Escalating violence in Yemen threatens regional stability MV ARIANA FINALLY TRULY FREE FROM SOMALI PIRATES Canada. The New Housing Price Index rises Canada's foreign debt rises Canada. 57% of retail establishments experience some type of fraudulent activity Canadian income per capita rises Canada's merchandise exports rise SPAIN CAN'T WAIT TO START MILITARY ACTION ON SOMALIA MODERN SLAVETRADE Amanda Lindhout and Nigel Brennan return home Russia's MiG company confirms delivery of MiG-29 naval fighters to India Canada. Operating revenue of cable and satellite television companies rose in 2008 Somalia calls for international help Russian and Coalition Task Forces Discuss Counter-Piracy Operations Seychelles and EU detain 11 suspected Somali pirates ABDIHAKIM FINALLY HOME IN CANADA Amanda Lindhout to return home eventually Piracy, an International Nightmare Canada's incarceration rate increases Canada. The Value of Building Permits rise France's Chief Rabbi, Gilles Bernheim, considers Swiss vote on banning minarets 'unfair', calls for 'dialogue and openness' United Arab Emirates to Buy 16 CH-47F Chinook Helicopters Worth $2 Billion Israel’s Rafael Launches New Spike NLOS Missile Canada. Employment rises Google and UNESCO to provide virtual visits of several World Heritage sites Three ministers, two journalist among nineteen killed in Somali bomb blast Hijacked Greek ship moored close to pirates' den in Somalia Dutch navy captures 13 suspected pirates off Oman coast MV CHARELLE FREED FROM PIRACY OFF SOMALIA EU NAVFOR CLARIFIES ALREADY REPORTED RECENT INCIDENT Romania confirms one national among crew members hijacked by Somali pirates Indian Cargo Dhow Free UK to deploy 500 extra troops to Helmand Saudi says strategic mountain recaptured from Huthis Somali-Canadian hip hop artist's song is World Cup's anthem Russian destroyer joins anti-piracy mission off Somalia SPANISH FISHING VESSEL ESCAPES ATTACK IN INDIAN OCEAN UN Extends Anti-piracy Mission off Somalia Without Somali Consent Canada. Total Funds raised by Domestic Non-financial Sectors Up Canada. The Industrial Product Price Index declined in October Canada. Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Up Somalia. AMISOM troops have not been paid since May BOXSHIP ATTACKED Canada's Current Account Deficit increases Canada's Population is getting Older Canada's International Travel Deficit widens Canada. Spending by Overnight Travellers Down Canada. Sales for Food Services and Drinking Places Industry Increase Canada. Non-farm Payroll Employment Up EU condemns stoning in Somalia while training potential henchmen FAO WORLD HUNGER SUMMIT A FAILURE Somalia in the Queen's Speech Debate 2009 China calls for cooperation against piracy as IMO opens 26th Assembly BITTER TASTE AT IMO NAVAL SHOW Canada. Profits rise for Federal Government Business Enterprises Canadian Corporations operating Profits on the Rise Hindus ask financial compensation for Czech Roma women victims of forced sterilization Canada. Unemployment Up Canada. Retail Sales rise Canada. Job stability in the Canadian Manufacturing Sector at its Lowest Canada. Immigrants are Over-Qualified and earn less than Canadian-born workers Canadian Warship to Begin Counter-Piracy Operation Iran To Receive UN Award For Combating Piracy while its Navy commits Atrocities Jews & Hindus ask new Sofia mayor to urgently improve Roma plight Canada. Composite Price Index for Apartment Construction Down Convention on the Rights of the Child - 20th Anniversary. Children still being denied their rights Spain doubles aid for UN food operation in Horn of Africa New Korean Anti-Piracy Unit to Head to Somalia TURKEY'S SOMALIA MISSION FRIGATE TO RETURN HOME U.S. Warship Rescues 3 Thrown Overboard by Pirates MYSTERY SHIP CAPTURED IN SOMALIA RELEASED AGAIN Canada. The composite leading index increased in October Foreign Demand for Canadian Securities Up Canada. Wholesale Sales Up Anti-piracy efforts must deal with its root causes, says UN envoy for Somalia Nicolas Cage Speaks With Somali Pirates Travel to Canada by US Residents increases Canada. Consumer Prices rise Pirate hostages: Sailors 'forced to stand by' Hamas and Hezbollah actively rearming Canada. New Car Sales Up Canada. Exports rise Canada. Contractors' Selling Prices rise Canada. Pension Assets Down Canada. Employment declines Canada's Prime Minister and the Prince of Wales Pay their Respects to Canada's Soldiers ISRAEL FILES CASE WITH UN ON ILLEGAL ARMS SMUGGLING WITH GERMAN SHIP European Union Naval Force meets Chinese Peoples Liberation Army in Beijing in anti piracy cooperation Chinese Oil Tanker Evades Capture In Mid-Ocean Attack Chavez calls on his country to prepare for war South Korean Navy clashes with North Korean vessel Juanes lends his voice to the world summit against anti-personnel mines Mistral warship to visit Russia Landmark US-Seychelles cooperation for anti-piracy fight Virtual Summit on H1N1 preparedness for First Nations communities Canada. Employment Down Christian Dior Shoes donated by Madonna. Entertainer should do more, says critic Canada. Traveller accommodation industry less optimistic Stephen Harper welcomes the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall Norway kills two and injures four fishermen in blotched search at Somali coast Somali pirates capture Thai vessel with Russian sailors Quebec. List of Influenza A(H1N1) Pandemic Vaccination Centers Canada. Non-farm Payroll Employment Down China - USA Relations. Meeting ''good and productive'', says the Pentagon Indian navy to deploy two warships to counter Somali pirates S/Y LYNN RIVAL has reportedly already reached the Central Somali coast Canada. Volume of Cargo Carried has declined Canada. Serious Assaults on the Rise Canada. Homicides Up Canada. EI Beneficiaries Down Russia says military cooperation with Iran to continue NATO and Morocco Sign Agreement on Non-NATO Contribution to Operation Active Endeavour Israel's New Raz Radar System to Improve Missile Detection Boeing Submits Proposals to India for Attack and Heavy-Lift Helicopters NATO members reluctant to flow more troops to Afghanistan Canada. Time parents spend on the job rises substantially Canada. Retail Sales Up Israel Aerospace Industries Unveils Robotic Platform for Ground Forces Press freedom must be defended everywhere in the world - RWB Seychelles and U.S.A. in joint UAV programme South-Korea extends mandate for its navy off Somalia Chinese company confirms crew members are held hostage Hungary. Group warns against xenophobic statements Canada. Composite Index rises Travel abroad by Canadians rises Rescue efforts under way for Chinese ship sea-jacked by Somali shifta Special African Union Summit opens in Kampala Explosion targets convey of AU troops in Mogadishu Chinese vessel sea-jacked in Indian Ocean 700 nautical miles off Somalia Canada. Cross-border portfolio investment result in sizeable inflows of funds Canadians intercept migrant ship Time for the UN Security Council to listen to Africa, and to act Sweden EU's Presidency proposes: Cooperation between civil and military maritime surveillance COMPASSION AMONG CAPTIVE CAPTAINS Madonna urged to do more than just donate shoes for Roma cause Finland will grant EUR 14 million in humanitarian aid French soldiers on tuna ships fire on Indian Ocean drifters 20 Presidents to attend special African Union Summit in Kampala Nearly five million children in Horn of Africa now hungry, UNICEF says UN Four U.S. military ships to return to San Diego Swedes Keen to Hunt Pirates Somalis sea-jack Singapore-flagged container vessel in Indian Ocean Canada. Consumer Prices Down Canada. Family violence accounts for about 23% of police-reported crime Canada. New motor vehicle sales fell in August North Korea preparing new launches of short-range missiles Canada Contractors' selling prices increased 0.1% in August China reacts Strongly to US Comments India testfires two nuclear-capabla Prithvi-II missiles Russia Starts Helicopter Deliveries to Chinese Navy Group demands probe into exclusion of Roma children from schools in England Global Cooperation Grows Among Navies, Nations Visit by Pierre Lellouche to Djibouti French marines fire at alleged Somali pirates in Indian Ocean Canada's exports and imports down Canada. Employment on the rise U.S. Navy Secretary Says Women 'Soon' Will Serve on Submarines Russian Pacific Fleet resumes anti-piracy patrols in Gulf of Aden Hunger Strikers outside White House to End their Fast and Celebrate Fulfillment of their Demand