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October 27th ruling guarantees that Scientologists in France are free to practice their religion

By Rev. Pat Felske, Church of Scientology of Toronto

I would like to respond to Dorothee Moisan's article entitled "Scientologists convicted of organized fraud in France" (27 October 2009). We are blessed to live in a country that embraces the multifaith nature of our rich Canadian society. We pride ourselves on building a pluralistic world of peace, understanding and acceptance of different religions, all united in a common goal of freedom and peace.
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Such does not exist around the world, and particularly in France. When I heard about this case, I was happy to note that the Court in France refused to bow to extremist pressure and cited the sincere religious conviction of Scientologists in France as a reason for refusing to take the draconian measures asked for by the prosecutor. He also cited the fact that for more than a decade no complaints against the Church existed.

The October 27th ruling in fact guarantees that Scientologists in France are free to practice their religion. The Church will therefore continue to expand worldwide.

In fact, in the past two weeks, two new churches -- one in Rome on October 24th and one in Washington on October 31 were opened to much fanfare and excitement. And earlier this year three other new churches celebrated their openings in Sweden, Tenessee and Texas.

Rev. Pat Felske
Church of Scientology of Toronto

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Rev.Pat Felske
By denise-helene adam on November 15,2009

congratulation,,is this sit belong to us? arc

Scientology Twists Truth
By imominous on November 9,2009

This "we are free to practice our religion in France" is a strange spin on the facts. The facts are, Scientology's belief system was not on trial. What was on trial was fraud and medical malpractice.

I have seen several other Scientologists who often post online in defence of the cult posting the same thing; that Scientologists are still free to "practice their faith" in France.

However, part of their doctrine as written by founder L. Ron Hubbard demands that fraud, medical malpractice, harassment and intimidation be practiced as directed by Hubbard. So in a sense, they are not free to practice that part of their religion that depends upon fraud and coercion.

This should be emphasized repeatedly.

By Kurt Caladonia on November 7,2009

This is a quote from L.Ron Hubbard, the cult founder:

"Now you say you have to be absolutely truthful. Sincerity is the main thing, and truthfulness is the main thing and don't lie to anybody ... and you'll get ahead. Brother you sure will. You'll get ahead right on that cycle of action, right toward zero! It's a trap not being able to prevaricate ... This makes life more colorful!"

Yes, I know it is out of context and it doesn't apply to EVERYTHING Scientology does. But I do detect more of an appearance of sincerity in Pat Felske's statement, than truth. Even calling him/herself a Reverend is used to create a sincere image. I believe their course to become a reverend can be done in less than a week.

Pat loves Canada, but neglects to mention that Canada previously criminally convicted the cult of Scientology as an organization, for breach of public trust. Even calling the cult the "Church" of Scientology is a reference to its corporate identity. In Canada, Scientology is not a religion but listed as a parareligion, just like Satanism. It doesn't get the tax breaks here that Christianity, Hinduism and others do.

I could go on and debate virtually every clause of his/her statement but I don't think I have to. The word is out.


Scientology is Godless and evil
By THE RONBOT HUNTER on November 7,2009

I thank the French people for being so wise to see the truth of this Godless Cult.

Scientology'S secret policies must be exposed by the Government now and sent around the world for all to see.

I hope other countries are a great as France and will do the same.

I am an Ex-Scientologist of 18 years and have first-hand knowledge that this Cult is evil.






Scientology Conviction in Canada
By lara on November 7,2009

Scientology itself, the corporation, was convicted in Canada of breach of the public trust for an organized conspiracy to break into government offices.

Amendments were made to the Canadain Criminal code as a direct result of Scientology's abuse of judicial process.

The cult is not recognized as a religion in Canada.  We should be tolerant of these people ... why?

Scientologist science-fiction fantasy world
By Lilly von Marcab on November 6,2009

Scientologists are grasping at straws in a futile effort to spin this crushing, humiliating and well-deserved judicial defeat in France as some sort of "win." Several other countries are presently preparing major trials of the Scientology criminal cult -- fraud, kidnapping, human trafficking, and other common Scientology practices. Scientology, your end is near.

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