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Brexit: The Buyer`s Remorse?

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Leaving the European Union might almost be impossible for Britain without facing great social and economic challenges. For instance, European law is currently enshrined in British law. As a result, British people greatly enjoy progressive legislations enacted by the E.U. Besides, the British economy is based on E.U. trade which accounts for about 50% of national trade. British universities will lose funding from the European Union. Britons will lose the freedom of movement across the continent enjoyed by E.U. members. European members can travel and work anywhere in Europe without any restriction. For that reason, British now suffer from the buyer`s remorse in this post Brexit referendum era. People worry about food shortages, economic crises, and the loss of several European advantages. Additionally, several Brexit supporters now regret voting for the British withdrawal from the Union.

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                To begin with, the European Union was created to bring social and economic cooperation between European countries after World War 2. Therefore, European cooperation helped bringing peace among former opponents. European integration was meant to put an end to extreme nationalism which devastated the continent. For that reason, the creation of an international union intended to prevent any future war in Europe from ever happening again. This organization allowed former enemies to build strong friendships which still prevail today. Nevertheless, the British were reluctant to join this international organization because they were not quite sure how such an organization could serve Britain`s national interests. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher thought that the U.K. was paying more than it should to be part of this supranational organization. Nevertheless, Thatcher believed in this union of European nations. Rob Mudge, a British scholar, reveals in the 2018 DW News that the Prime Minister`s goal was to secure as many advantages as she could for the Kingdom. Furthermore, she wanted to exploit as many loopholes as she could in the best interest of the nation. The Conservative leader believed that any E.U. membership should be for the benefit of Britain, not the opposite. In short, European membership has been very positive for Britain in terms of social and economic development.

                For that reason, a majority of British people now wants that the United Kingdom keeps its E.U. membership. Several citizens and politicians voice their concerns about the prospect of a British withdrawal from the Union. Nowadays, the U.K. might leave the E.U. without any deal on March 29th.Therefore, people worry about food and goods shortages, price increases, air traffic problems, and travelling problems, rise in unemployment, etc. As a result, Baroness Boothroyd told the House of Lords her concerns about Brexit and she voiced her fears about the future of the nation. Even though, she does not like referenda, the member of the House of Lords thinks that a referendum could settle the Brexit issue. She told the lordships in January: ¨I am not a devotee of referenda. I rather enjoy general elections, but general elections are not single-issue events—they cover a host of issues. A general election is not the way to settle the European question.¨ In addition, she told the House that the nation is now preparing for the worst case scenarios. As well, she said that Brexiteers ignored social and political realities ¨festering in our own country.¨ Therefore, the member reveals that people were not given a clear picture of the social and economic outcome of a Brexit win; she blames Brexit politicians to have lied to the British people. They promised the moon and now Britain is paying the price for it.

                Finally, there is this sense of buyer`s remorse in Britain. Voters feel that they have been told falsehood; thus, many people regret voting for Brexit. At the moment, they feel to have been told lies about the benefits of Brexit. Nowadays, several politicians voice their concerns about future generations which will have to live with the negative impacts of Brexit. Baroness Boothroyd said that young people deserve a people`s vote. They deserve to be heard through a second referendum. Moreover, the May government fails to get any withdrawal agreement ratified by Parliament. The Prime Minister cannot make people feel hopeful about Brexit. The Brexit project no longer reflects the hopes and aspirations of the nation. Besides, British travellers fear their freedom of movement be taken away once the U.K. leaves the E.U. In short, travellers will no longer enjoy E.U. citizenship once the U.K. leaves the E.U. Moreover, there is no common ground between Remainers and Brexiteers. No one knows what will be the true Brexit result on the Kingdom; people expect to pay more on daily expenses. As well, British society is still deeply divided over the Brexit debate. Consequently, Her Majesty the Queen, without precisely referring to Brexit, told the nation in January that people should come ¨together to seek out the common ground; and never losing sight of the bigger picture." This message has been well received across Britain and Northern Ireland.


January 27, 2019

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