Looking inside ourselves and out at the world
Independent and neutral with regard to all political and religious orientations, Tolerance.ca® aims to promote awareness of the major democratic principles on which tolerance is based.
Looking inside ourselves and out at the world
Independent and neutral with regard to all political and religious orientations, Tolerance.ca® aims to promote awareness of the major democratic principles on which tolerance is based.
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News Analysis
Myanmar: A New Peace Initiative
Jakarta/Brussels - After demonstrating commitment to an extraordinary series of social, economic and political reforms, Myanmar’s new government has launched a bold peace initiative with potential to resolve the devastating 60-year civil war with ethnic groups. (Full Story)

The Syrian crisis enters its most dangerous stage
The Syrian crisis has entered its most dangerous stage, requiring urgent attention to issues that the international community and Syrian opposition have largely been ignoring. (Full Story)

Syria. Every effort should be made to maximise the chances of success of the the Arab League's proposal
Brussels - Syria's acceptance of the Arab League proposal to defuse the crisis presents an eleventh-hour opportunity to seek a negotiated transition before the conflict takes an even uglier turn.  (Full Story)

Turkey: Ending the PKK Insurgency
Istanbul/Brussels - To head off a serious escalation of the armed conflict, Turkey and the Turkish Kurd nationalist movement must immediately step back from the trap of a new cycle of tit-for-tat military and terrorist attacks that have killed 110 people since June. (Full Story)

Curb Your Enthusiasm: Israel and Palestine after the UN
Ramallah/Jerusalem/Washington/Brussels - A UN resolution endorsing Palestinian statehood should produce a tangible gain for the Palestinians while providing some reassurance to Israelis, and, above all, be followed by maximum, collective restraint to prevent a cycle of mutual retaliation that would work to the detriment of all. (Full Story)

Yemen. The risk of a full-scale civil war
Sanaa/Brussels - In Yemen, political negotiations have given way to violent confrontation. Hostilities erupted on 23 May between military forces controlled by President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s son and nephews and fighters loyal to the preeminent sheikh of the powerful Hashed confederation, Sadiq al-Ahmar. (Full Story)

Tunisia's way
Tunis/Brussels, 28 April 2011: As Tunisia continues its transition to democracy, it will need to balance the urge for radical political change against the requirement of stability; integrate Islamism into the new landscape; and, with international help, tackle deep socio-economic problems. (Full Story)

What’s in store for US-Pakistan relations post-bin Laden?
by Huma Yusuf

Washington, DC - Scenes of rejoicing in Washington and New York accompanied the news that Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden had been killed by US special forces on Sunday. But in Pakistan, many remained glued to their television sets, wondering what this event means for their nation’s security and sovereignty. (Full Story)

International Women's Day. Amidst chaos, let us not forget Bahraini women
by Sana’ Mohammad Bou Hamoud

Manama - The 2014 parliamentary elections in the Kingdom of Bahrain are already being discussed as an opportunity for Bahraini women to enhance their presence in politics. In the recent 2010 elections, women ran for parliament and municipal offices, and achieved some positive results. But in order to continue this trend, any ruling government in Bahrain must actively support women’s political and civic engagement before the 2014 elections roll around. (Full Story)

Non-violence, key for change in Egypt
By Michael Nagler

Berkeley, California - The astonishing breakthrough in Egypt, when President Hosni Mubarak stepped down after weeks of protests, has rightly galvanised attention around the world. Yet as usual, there has been little commentary from the non-violence standpoint. (Full Story)

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