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Reasons to Favour a Secular Society by Arjomand, Homa
By Homa Arjomand
Contributor, resides in Toronto, Canada.
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Children must be protected against all threats, intimidation, bullying, torment, distress and sexual oppression. This is not possible under  Ontario's Catholic Board of Education. On Monday May 28th, the head of the Ontario Assembly of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Collins, expressed a strong voice against the establishment of anti-bullying groups called “gay-straight alliances”. (Full Story)
Closing down Iran's Embassy will put additional pressure on the Iranian  regime for its involvement in nuclear activities, for being a long term enemy of Israel and sustaining the conflict in the Middle East, by supporting Bashar Assad, for expanding its terrorist activities through its embassy, and most importantly, for realizing that the Iranian regime operates widely in Canada by expanding its ‘ fifth Column in this country. (Full Story)
While the international mood has turned against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and while the people of Iran, despite the regime’s constant threats, mass arrests, torture, rape and executions, are organizing themselves to overthrow the entire regime of Iran, the former First Nations Chief Terry Nelson and chiefs Frank Brown of Canupawakpa and Orville Smoke of Dakota Plains Wahpeton, as well as former Sioux Valley chief Ken Whitecloud, met with representatives of the Iranian Fascist regime in Ottawa.  (Full Story)
Since ancient times the birth of a son is preferred over that of a daughter.  As a patriarchal and patrilineal society, the sons are charged with the responsibility to carry on the family name. They have to support their parents during the old age, (son’s are the parent’s health insurance, the parent’s pension, and the parent’s security for long term care in their senior years.) And after death, sons are assigned the duty to perform funeral rites. The daughter cannot do this because after marriage, daughters live and become a part of the groom's family. It is known that the families with more sons are far off economically than the ones with no sons. (Full Story)
The Toronto District School Board (TDSB) is promoting segregation by adopting a policy that allows religious influence within the school system. TDSB recently permitted students at Valley Park Middle School on Overlea Blvd to have prayer services in the cafeteria. This is another attempt of political Islam to recruit youth. It will not take long before other religious leaders push for their own space in schools. (Full Story)
The One School System Network is hosting a conference entitled:

  (Full Story)

On March 4, 2011, shamefully, Islamic Republic of Iran became a member of the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women. This action purposely insinuates the mockery of women’s rights activists. The whole world is aware of how women’s civil liberties and freedom have been attacked by the same regime for the past 30 years. The whole world is aware of the enforcement of this regime’s vicious laws and barbaric traditions against people, particularly women. (Full Story)
Polygamy is illegal in Canada but to date no one has been arrested or faced the consequences for being in a polygamist relationship. This inaction has led to no enforcement of the law. Such policies allow polygamist families to legally enter Canada by declaring the first wife as the legal wife and the second, third and fourth “wives” as dependents along with their children. (Full Story)
Parliamentarians must be well aware by now that on Thursday October 28, 2010 a conference under the name of “Just and Sustainable Peace - A Global Challenge” will be held by a group called the Ottawa Group of Four. (Full Story)
The reality is that honour killing, polygamy, child bride, forced marriage and arranged marriage and stoning have great ties with the growth of the anti-women culture and religious movement, in particular Islamic movements in the West. As soon as the advocators of this movement find the tiniest room to penetrate into legal system, more women will be subjected to violence and brutally slaughtered for refusing to follow the traditions of their families’ culture. It is hurtful to say that Canada under the policy of multiculturalism and cultural relativism has legally provided political Islam and all other organized religious sects, lots of ground to grow. (Full Story)
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