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Gender Reveals Of Fresh Ink And Great Sorrow

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We've seen many gender reveals in our day but nothing like Kyle and Sarah Devaney's. Kyle is a tattoo artist at Drop of Ink Tattoo in Pennsylvania, so you can probably already guess where this is going. Sarah, being pregnant, can't be tattooed at the moment but she can do the tattoo. While she has never tattooed before, Kyle sets it all up for her to reveal the gender of their baby on his ankle via ink.Siblings don't always take pregnancy news in the best way but when the gender of their new sibling is revealed a second time, prepare for the worst. Marissa is pregnant and when she went to the doctor at 16 weeks she was told it was a girl but now at 20 weeks things have changed. It's time for mom and Mimi (grandma Jennifer) to break the news to her boys Jace and Canon. 

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