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Cote d'Ivoire: The queen of "garba"

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Justine YAO did not get the chance to go to school. She has transformed her sewing workshop into production site for cassava semolina called “attieke”. With her sewing business, Justine was not able to cater for the needs of her family and pay the house rent by the end of each month. Therefore, she started the business of making attieke. Very soon, she noticed that she was able to decrease her expenses as she did not have to buy food for her family elsewhere. And this encouraged her to continue with the business. According to Justine, when the attieke business is not performing well, it’s her cassava farm that supports her activities. “At the beginning, I was alone. But today, we are 15 people. I am able to pay the school fees for my brothers and sisters, and to take care of myself thanks to the attieke,” says Justine.

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