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Ray's Ride Against Asbestos

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For more news visit ☛ http://english.ntdtv.comFollow us on Twitter ☛ us on Facebook ☛ World Health Organisation states all types of asbestos cause lung cancer. But some countries are still exporting asbestos to developing nations such as India. Asbestos awareness and education has taken to the road in Australia. Our Brisbane reporter has more.The 93 mile journey from Toowoomba to Brisbane. With temperatures reaching close to 104 degrees Fahrenheit - make this hard for even an athlete to complete. For Ray Colbert this made even harder as Ray has asbestosis which is lung cancer caused by asbestos. He is confined to a wheelchair and uses oxygen twenty four hours a day. Ray is raising money and awareness for the stop of using asbestos and Asbestos related disease.[Ray Colbert, Asbestosis Sufferer]:"If we can stop asbestos exposure stop it right now this minute it would take thirty to forty years before we stopped the disease. Now that's a long time so every day past today is another day further for that disease to keep going. Nobody believe me nobody wants Asbestos disease."With Canada being one of the largest suppliers of Asbestos. Ray would like to see Canada stop producing and exporting Asbestos.[Ray Colbert, Asbestosis Sufferer]:"We are a signatory to the petition against the export of asbestos from Canada. We are very much opposed to the Canadian Asbestos situation."Ray's ride become possible through donations and the support of his team and family. There were also a lot of well wishers along the journey offering donations and support.

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