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Bhai-Dooj greetings to fellow Hindus

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président, Universal Society of Hinduism

I wish  Bhai-Dooj greetings to Hindus worldwide praying that it create stronger bond between brothers-sisters and wishing them healthy, joyful and productive lives.

I also urge fellow Hindus to take a vow of treating women with respect they deserve on the sacred occasion of Bhai-Dooj, which falls on October 28 this year.

Ancient Manusmriti  has said: “Where women are revered, there the gods are pleased; where they are not, no rite will yield any fruit.” Number of Rig-Veda (oldest existing scripture of Hinduism) hymns are said to be composed by women, and Aditi, who is sometimes referred to as “mother of the gods”, is mentionned in Rig-Veda as a goddess.

Also known as Bhau-beej, Bhai-Phota, Bhai-Bij, Bhav-Bij, Bhai-Tika, Bhatri-Ditya; sisters pray for the happy and long lives of their brothers by performing tilak ceremony and aarti on this day, which is followed by sumptuous meal. It is also believed that Lord Krishna, after slaying demon Narkasur, visited sister Subhadra and she applied tilak (vermillion mark) on his forehead, thus originating the festival. In some traditions, women who do not have a brother worship Moon God instead on this day. Basundi-Poori (Shrikhand-Poori) is the special dish associated with this festival in Maharashtra area.

Hinduism, oldest and third largest religion of the world, has about billion adherents and moksh (liberation) is its ultimate goal.

October 26, 2011

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Rajan Zed
par Rajan Zed

Rajan Zed est le président du Universal Society of Hinduism, basé au Nevada, USA

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