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Hundreds More Herders Take to the Street Today, a Dozen Injured in a Clash with Police

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On the morning of May 27, 2011, hundreds more Mongolian herders from Shuluun Huh Banner ("zheng lan qi" in Chinese) of the troubled League of Shiliin-gol, Southern (Inner) Mongolia, took to the streets and marched toward the Banner Government to demand their rights and dignity be respected.

All Mongolian schools in the Banner are heavily guarded by riot police and security personnel. Mongolian students who attempted to join the herders' protest have been stopped by the school authorities and riot police. Reportedly, thousands more herders are on their way marching toward the Banner capital.

On the news of the protest in Right Ujumchin Banner, according to QQ messages, Mongolian language Internet chat rooms, and other reliable sources, on May 26 local time, Chinese riot police intentionally drove their vehicle toward the protesters and hit four female Mongolian students. They were severely injured and one of them had her legs completely crashed under the wheels of the police vehicle. Reportedly they were taken to a hospital in the Banner Capital for emergency treatment. 10 more Mongolian students were injured in a clash with the riot police during this protest.

In an attempt to control the Southern Mongolians from communicating through the social networking tools, the Chinese authorities are intensifying their crackdown on QQ messaging, Internet chatting, and email communications. Many complained that there have been increasing difficulties communicating through QQ; police raided the residencies of several Mongolian Internet chat room administrators in Hohhot, capital city the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (IMAR), and searched for evidences of sending out materials related to the protests.

Despite the intensifying information blockage by the Chinese authorities, a rare video clip on the May 25 students' protest in the League capital of Shiliin-hot was able to make its way to be published on YouTube (see the video clip below). Showing thousands of Mongolian students marching toward the League government building and shouting the slogan of "defend our land and defend our rights", the clip was originally posted on in China, but apparently was removed immediately by the Chinese Internet police.


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May 27, 2011

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